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of the fiye diyine jewels {Olr. 7.)] from
Jd. [the insect cochineal of yarions kinds,
ireqnently mentioned in Pali books]/9.

X ^ V^' V*^ in-dta fOJa sapphiie.

t«i kaJui fii^la; \«i ni-Ai; f^m gtUhfkga


♦ %^Y^f ttMpa h*-^ «Mw xm-
wtm^ n. of an anoient Saaskxit grammar.

^9V^ tm^Ai Tibetanised Hongol term
f or a phyneian.

^ H l.srnam.90. 2. fl ^Ywcri^-^l'i
« is symbolical of the unheard (£ g,

VJ^ f^tgyan,^^^ the crown, the
head ornament ; bat y. 9^ j^' O-^gptm. ■

^•^ tMiv pef«itenoy ; wiA ftV'-
to persuade, to press , to urge, to peniat
in any matter.

X ^T'^ ITUa^iLof ananoientaaga'

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. V«^^l



X Q*9*^*^ U-ir^a^ Jk of an
andeniLidiaa kiiig ^^ dozjng GtpUnii^
Baddhft's tune jpeigned in tlie gxeat oify
.of' rlh^ 8ifr€t*9grogt. He itbs a devoted
admirer of Boddha aixd rnled hia people
with jrightemumfflw and jvatiee. In Uie
latter pa;^ of hia life ahdioating the
throne in fitToar of ^ aon he entered the
holy order of BhiUm (JST. d». f, i9S).

{J^io^9 €lom&a(a) bat in Khetan litaratoe
a bbnlooa lotua of iniinfliiae mxb (JioL).

t. ^*^*M ^-^1^-^ n. of a demon
YaUha. of Kaahmir who waa a friend of
the Yakaha called 'ftF^ JBch-ghA-ldan of
theoounticy of -Bohita w]^o had invited
'Buddha Gantama with his foDowera to
dinner and aerred the gaesta with a large
qnantitj. of grapea of gaahmir (JT. dbf.

*| u - ^ tea-kettle {8. kar. 177).

t W^f^ Ut-pa-^hn m \^mn8 i ; n. of a
eify in aneieni India {AJB^. 51y 6^ r.).

^'vn IZ-^NiJla wiirfk the learned diaoipla
of Buddha who expounded the Abhidfaa»>
ma pitaka at the diat great Buddhiat ooiw
Tooation (JT. du. \ JiST).

X^n Cr^MagoddaaiUmA^the wife
of ICahaa'Yaza (JT^Iofi.).

{iQ%*^<^ u4m ta^ n. of an inaeot^ the

toneh pf which produoea aaiual ezoitement

even )n aiieh moaki aa had heen free iiom

. all thooi^ of female oompaoy (K. du^

^'^'P^ u^Mmgv^^l^ nm-Um p«>
ei^tence. *

n. d a hiU range in Cenind India or
M^iadha wherein there waa a denae loreat
eaDed Ihmaaa (IT. dia. r, t4I ml JT. li

^fff}!^ n0^ko9 n. of a flower : 9f^fl^

$«9T%TV ZTi-AmMAaalaooaDed^^V
0$^ wM4M» n. of a aanctuary oQuftatning
Uieimageof HajigribaYiahna(lIiMM. 0).

t ^'^^^ ut^fMJm w^a abb Una
water Elj; [alotda]5.

Syn. Ct^l^i dkHikfe§ t^km^pa; ^

V^^ ui-pa^ eke ^^t^tn^ ^i^ [a inll
Uown lotua]&

W4*il^'^'4 ui-pa-h tkMT ffOifm one ol
tke eight odd heDa of the Boddhiate

V^^wei^^ M^^Ni^ 4nW 11,.«Qg [the
eaatormil piiaot]S.

«v<r|ik*Qi«HM40|dMiw theKlypI^

t V^TiTV^fl ui-jM-Ja imtu^po Ttfk^t

#«^' Av^; v^I'Bfi <p a/#yr J bV ;

(Mlww^WN-n^ (4Waii.).

W^q« [the lotua ]^ant]i9.

I^jrn. |v«^ IfoHPO-aaa; «rfl l a*a l a e ;
*«rnH fe#».efm»»; W«r*r3|a- ti#.jpa4a pi

iQI'V^iit-a^ UUpthlaliiw^ "^^SmfA n..
of one ofiheeariiaatdiaciplaaof Baddha

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^ WQ^^^tf^-^Ni-Ai^'tiMMra «f^ lotus
^ root


^*^ tii^ftf oa-lamp a (Jd.).
W4^' tiMiAtfifsqjiri^' a young monk.

-^Q^^4 Ur-Ti^ a^wann meal-pQczMge ;
f armeiiU ng cbugh C

Ht^^^ odloq. for ^-tmii (.72.).

^^*^ Ur-nan xl of a leitigioiiii seci :

9^ 1: n]i]iL»120. 2. ina. anlktor
literttkore^ an inteaogaiiYO paitialtf
nflually pot immadiatoUly before tke ^
oir tbe pnm. wUmding in the fkoe of
the Tb. : '^*il^'^ I am afraid he is not
wen, is he happj ; ^t^^t« ahaD we be
able or not (Jfi/.). '^-Rl^t-H^^Nyi
mj XEDcle who is jety giaoious why dMUld
hebejntKoable? {A. IfSS).

9^ Mt^a^Hf^ superfine, the best:
^^^%^Vs iJiia^). In the mystio
Ismgnage of Ybipftkfa the gnsidisn Mi^'
hizija of the westi we haTe : ^^ e^ne^^^

ojLpruHSionsss misery^ stn, the way and
oesBation of misesy.

^n:inBiidh.: ^^iwv^fmwfKfUr

t^m: n. of a place in Tibet (/i^. 9);
^ci E-pa a natiTe of £".

^f ^'4 J?4fta fyy«-ii-iM n. ofaseim
of the ancient Hne of Ungs who belonged
to the mfnistiy uder th,e 1st sufweign

^yW| e^iia^, ^-^-m xm a fabn-
loos Uaok antelope with short legs and
black eyes (t73.).

t ^'55'5 •-<«^«=''^*^^'W^ eating
and drinking (mystic) {K. g. % HIS).

9l'M^ 6^tha4^^'^^ has he come ; also
in S^*smr«s-s|iis'i(^^ if all are killed,
would it be liked P (Tig. 68).

^"V^ e-dcan^Yi^ dtan-nam in twr

^'*I tf-ma, ^»^ ^•«"T or imim-Ao
^^ (A. K. 1-5) interjection express-
ing compassion*

-^ ^C^ SHMmi 1. i{^ yes, ceortaii^,
to be sore (Foi. fC). 2. in Bndh. this is
gymboliesl ot^e signifying (a) ^m tkab§
Wtnw or (^) w^ fgido^Sidra; whilst 4
iMiiii=(a) '^f^or '3K^f0|-ra6 knowledge
or wisdom or (5) B^ fib^f JTan/ra or
the mystical part of Buddhism. 8. n. of
a Buddhist rsligbos work.

il*^ f-fi^s^*^^ e-ifm or ^V Jfwi-

mei the yellow colonied myrabolan
(J^mm. 109).

f m*^ 94a <yt^spomegranate.

^^"^^ jB4aH4rgpfd an epithet of
Yai^raTaga the guardian of the northern
quarter of the world.

■HA*^^ 04a ki ' 4 dah xmt, as met a the
tongue. '

^ ^*<^ B4an n. o! the empress of
tiie tenth Tartar Emperor of (Sana whose
son was the Emperor Bogto {L9(L\20).

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t^r^m $4ab xm^ ooohm in •r^fW'W'
fr*l I ^ml'^^^-t^^l^ (LoiL *, Si).

t ^T'^'^'l «tf^4Nf ma4a4Mdke'nu n.
4if « bird (JT. ib. % iQ.

i|«^- (-4. lUy ^'iM «M^=Vr<»i ;w6-
hT). ^^'^ MMVsi^'^'^ mK-woyi^ a Hide

only a little ; the Utile one (a pr. name).

V^^*^ mamm im Vi^^H'fa^ivipr
Mf: {A. lU) ; and in |*^|*1«N^-«ii^8i
ftf lw#*l*^j^"^flr^q^ {6oHff. 160).

^^ m-iVy fait^ rapid : ^^5^iwr^ ^^

^W% tm-M or IMN-ft tfffMxiW or A>« ^
MM-dAi a doctor or pbjnoian. Ace to Li^.
it 10 a Mongolian woid.

^K'*!! «r-*a a ▼. •^'^ «*^^ (JS.).

K'^T'9^ O-ikar-brag n. of a look-oaTO
under a huge white look in anoient India
where (he eage Pha Dampa 8aM§^pti§
performed aeoetioinn: ^'rf^\^'^rfl'

ihr^ {Deb. % ST).

t^y-m^ a-^OM, T. *J^ Orgpan.

K|fc.' o4bM or V'^^' »(mM wind-pipe

9r%^^^^ ihrog jug'tgar the Jungar
irad of Mongolia (ZoC \ 26).

m*4 o4o l.aa hoy, stripling in IVr
and 171 2. an earthen-ware tea-pot. 8.
Soh.: the place where two men join,
the confluence of two riyers.

9t^ Otyyan^^QS^ U-apm Oe i
conntiy of O^ii^Tina Sans, mwpm ; ate. ti
Lanipyig» tha modem Chifntw in GaboL

«k|^1|-> Or^tgptm Bmpo ck t tht
ohiflE epiUiatl^ which the BuddldilBairt
^•*!P«4taa Sambha^ ii known to ibelibe-
tarn (JT. iktmg. 9S). The
under whioh the annt Padma 1
adoredin Tibet are:— (1) ^ w^a ^ h* ';
(2) «iswvi^v^; (3) ^* r*i^ f» i; (4)
4^vUtf^«q; (5) "Swar^-^p^^^ij^; (^

•fffrrt^^*'; (7) qs-w^9fra; (8)
•f^V** ; (9) 'V"^'^ ; (10) '
*i; (ll)*iswvw; (12)-

(18) aswRt*|nn; (14)

(1«) qS-Wi^-llv^^q ; (16) i

(17) asw^'A^'; (18)

(19) aswal; (20) as-wl^:i^Tii (KOei.

BV 0» the fumn i^jiCw afllaUe
need aeparately ae well ae in Tariooa

*^ m k fM e a/ ^f^apriMtwhobeyai
reUgiooa aerrioe by aaying •m.

^yllaUe amy agnifying Boddhn,
and 8anc^ [Biahnii, Tidinm

of the aound o in diiEerent
variety of proaodial length and t
taon in the recitation of hymBa]fiL

9t^ Ofo one of the aailieat
ISbet of the dynasty el aM^
{J. Zai.).

^S «9-fWl beard; JH^ •§ fdlaig

3^*1 ny-Mtt the thioaft» nedk^ffa
Vfog^ma; ^^ og^^hg a beautiful i^ite


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Mck. ^HN^-S*^ og^daiUkar the xed

ciii4>6ar of Skkim and £ Nqt^-t^t^
oekr&cmu). 9^^m og^l^ff'^ Ikog^ma

«wiflk of • biiqp^ in a ^).

9k^ Mog the ptttmigan (Ail.).

^IfH''^ 0-4fo'6»-fi one of the fiye pro-
Tinots of the enrtcra part of Lidi% Biodem

$9fl|V^ o4«fito fw-riW M^*V^ o-dmU
{A. 9).

t M'lO-lrMB. of a ooontary whare ruled
the king oded DaMMEatha (^T^'o f^l-fia

^W-yy^O jwrfafiiiri n. of the gxeaft
Buddhirt moMaTaiy of Behar whioh floop>
idled lAer Tikiaaiainila and wae eaoked
nndBT the oiEdanof BddTar Ehiliji in 1203

tWy^yi^J f a jw phftag-rdaratnt. of

Ifori aliMiinC.thzoali,wind.^pe;
ifa^^ o^hNM the ""adam's applet in
hoynx : 'KJ • ■! Ka w^^V***^'** (^ 2^1).

MirYtfi^ «]m dnn, xeep. i^ iAa^4o.



B. 8. PMaHHM7J*l/X)0 - t9.8.190i.

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