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Q,^ bpkrc 1. progress, continuation,
process; ^f "^ in progress, in process; '^'


Pf^^ to lay ike oemtiiniatioii aside, to pat
it off; ^$*9S*Q Ipkro-ikmiipa to cantbue
again, once more. 2.ssf^, J^ remainder,
continmlj: ^I'^^r^' a remainder, the
rest, is still left

^f'l ifphro-th^ n. of a great number
{Ya^L 67).

Q,^'P bphrtHca pf. ^l'" bpbrot vb.
n. to f q fpro-i«f 1. gen. with •« from,
to proceed, issne, emanate from, to spread,
diffuse; J'*>*"^'^ ^M %er ^hnnca
a body from which rays of light proceed,
a body sending forth light ((7«.). 2. to
proceed, to go on, continue. "3J'q*S'q or
R|('4|Y<S'q to discontinue, cease from, halt:
^-q-j^^q-R^*^ discontinue evil dorngs!
^]|^-^i^«i bphro-Jt^l^i resumption of an un«
finished work: «2fir«ifyiv^y^q-svqr
Myi {A. S9), the lord having taken up
the controversy (where it was left by his
predecessor) came out victorious. ^W»r*^q
^ro-ma choif-pa^z^^'^rM^^ rgyun^ma ehai-
pa without inteiTuption, keepng the
continuity: i^-^qvq^ii-^*«^i[vasq the fire
was not put out daring seven generations
{A. »). '*9i'^ Jjp*fv.ifo/=»i*wq^
flitshamt'ishag postponement, pnting off.
^'P^yi^'i'^^^'^^'f '^^ the invitation of the
pandit was postponed {A, lfS7).

Q,^ ^hrog (fut. of $«! ace to S^.
J^ffjj pf. and imp. U^ phrog^t fut S^
dbrog to rob, run away with ; to deprive
of; appropriate, embezde: QJ^^-p-flw^j^"
i^'|(4|«*9c.- ravished the ear-ornaments
from the girl's face; ^^'^J^q to take
another man's heart, to run away with his
affections, to captivate him (Jd.). ^Jt
^i^JK^q to be lost. ^fl*5''^?h'tS'*' rab4u
iphrt^g-'byed'pa ^Mf»ft*l (A. K. I-i^).

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3K^i^ pkrog-pati-r^kat booty, stolen

^1^9S bphrog-hyei ^ as epithet ^lui**
msly applied : 1. the son, the wind-^god,
he lord of death, Indra, the skj, wind, the
^Ist oonstellation ^ravaxift. 2. mjrobalan,
xrhite-pepper, meroury. 3. lion, a hero
Jfllon.). 4. symb. num. 11 (Ythtel W).

^^*9V15« bphrog-hye^am yifK met
Jie oubkop.

^IStSSA*'^ bphrog-h^ itca^^^iixe
lion: ^Ii3^S^«5-«>^^-8v*«^^^'^'^*5^&^'^'
K^wT^V'^ to him who sits on the
sxalted throne of gems borne by seven
lions (Ff^. Hy

^W*^ IS'^^ iphrog-hyei-mig xim^ tfNft^,
as met. = the scorpion {Jf^on,) ; aoo. to 8.
Xej?.=fl^*^ the frog [also, a crab]&

^1^9Sli'< t^rog-hyei ywn an epithet
of the mother of Yishna {M^on,),

a^flf5^*vJf«^ }^phr(hhye4 sa-bon Tft^W
[yellow orpiment]51

flSJ^wwi phog, yoi ^fkM n. of a number.

^^S bP^^ offering (of present) =fS'^
resp. '^5«'; '^^S^^ (salutation) good
health {fig. *.). «^K*»t^ *> *pA;ttf Men^
pa recruiting of heaUh when oonyaleft-
cent by a ohange or by resorting to
mineral springs, eto:

Ct^^ tphroi^pa, 1. pi 5S Phr<4 vb.
n. to ^'Q ^pro4-pa to be giyoi, bestowed,
offered, delivered ^5S"^^ receipt, quit-
tance; ^^^fS'«» to recognise, know, per-

ceive, f^-^ presents :^^'^|S$S'^V
9^-^^!^ {A. 127). 2.=«M^aor«t^«iadj.
fit, proper, suitable, agreeing with, conge-
nial to: ^'^'^fs agreeing with the 'sto-
mach; ^^liv^ unwholesome food; fr^5s*«i
not actmg (when medicine has not the
desired effect) 0. ; t-^^«rc«V5s*"^ i»
this place agreeable to your reverence?

^5S q-^qjS ^>kcoi^ ner^gya4 or 1»v
S5.1|^«i -^Jsq^l^i^-Hiw n^ ^ the astxobgi-
cal terms for harmony of influence in the
destiny of a person : (1) S^'S^ kun^gai^
(2) ^t4^ duf^byig, (3) ^«i dul, (4) 1%
§kye-rgu, (6) ^l^^ g9hon, (6) ftX^ bya-rog,
(7) jrM^ rgyal-nUthan, (8) S^^ (tpal-
beiu, (9) ^Irdo-rje, {10) tmhthwa, (11)
^1«' gdugt, (12) ««^ grogt, (13) 8)^ ytV,
(14) <^T^s J(W,(15) 'wpii^i^aAm^, (16; flf^
rtM'ton, (17) ^^«IS^ hehi-idag, (18) •♦S'^
ijMfo*, (19) JP ^rttJ, (20) «^K^' Qk^il, (21)
«»^Vl^ idu4^rt9iy (22) ^W^«^' gtun^i, (23)
«^ « ^fe^^, (24) f^^« §iag-myo9, (25)
*S «i «w^:pa, (26) i«« ^j^, (27) «)?«i irtan,
{2S) '^^ ^fhel (Sim.).



^^'l ftpArof (from ^f^ q. v.)=f«|^«i
residue {Situ, IIU)^ excess of what is actu-
ally required, remainder, balance; ^^^'^^
^'^M grant me that residue, let me have
the remainder {Yig. h).

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q &i the fifteenth letter of the Tibetan
alphabet soimded Tariondy aooarding to
podtLon or from usage as b^ p or w.

^baI:l. an affix soimded as wa for
nse of which t. ante mider <i pa. 2. in
Bndh. ba is symbolical of the primordial
which is simple and absolnte, 1.0., ^^^^r^^^
eternal and unchangeable ; ba also repre-
sents iP^^S^y^^^ the ten moral powers
of Buddha (K my, % fS08)y and farther
demonstrates the doctrine of Buddha in
the Dharmirtha for the salyation of
mankind {K. d. ^, IH). 3. in mystioismy
q is held to signify -^ meat and also ^Q
to eat (JT. g. r, 179).

^ U: also v^ ba-mo ^ a cow; v^^'
ba^M a bull y '^ 6«hni (colloq.) a oow ;
9^1 ba^ ifhriv a hndsman, cow-driver ;
qrm calf; ^fi^ ba-rn»g a cow's hoofs;
^li^t the water coUeofced in the impres-
Bion of a cow's foot on the ground, to
danote a Tsry small quantity of water
(Di/.) ; «Jl"ri*1|s ba4iai nidao-groi (wfr
9S''««J-^%-«rW!S-^Tr*f «rj-q) (Tig. k.) to
idle away time doing no work; compared
with a dow which lying down chews the
cod and does nothing more.

Syn. *■! hj<Mm\ ^'^^ Mfphel
Y-l^aV.' io-mo-^sltif; wr§s kbab-bye4
%^^ /b|-i*»; ^"^^1^ $h<h9ri$Mge4 ,
vH ba-mo'j ^ff^ nu-rgsfohma; 'fectfw
yoMJom; <0(^**i ishon-ma; |W«i fru^-ma

^rj^Jt'^ baifia^l/tyi4.4Dailtqm\ alow
caste in India whose prof easion it is to
tend catUe (Fms^. 5S).

<nF V^ do-^M-^n n. of a Takshinl <rf
Bohita who, having invited Buddha with
his f dlowecs to her place, in honour of
this visit caused 500 fwAdrv to be built
miraonlously {K. du. <i, 99S).

^I'^TS bthgM'fpyi4 Mfll^4Hi^ w n. of
a fabulous continent to the west of Jambu-
dvfpa, and so called because cows feed on
the lands and form the main wealth of the
people {K. dH. ^, liSS).

+ q'|c.'ft^ ba^M>^mig 1. mm a small
opening in the wall of a house for light
and air. 2. n. of a medicinal flower and
of miflat (Ifilofi.).

44og (IWcf..).

qil^'l ba^mife=fi^'9^^ khm-^moMi.
q'^ig ba^gya «ia nw a Sfuder'a web.

:{; q*'!] &M» q« n. of a tiee (JT. ho.

:{; q*1|*a| 1. n. of a JPMa
(f . my. r, 988). 2. n. of a flower (that
of MinmmpB elengt) 'which beeomes
fnll-Uown when smelt by a womaa who
has the scent of wine in her month


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«iW^ t <*—n> / n. of ft
* q'^ipv lohtflor 1. white. 2. lime,

4*^pi Uhgam ^nr, ^ a denoe on
the top of a honee: ^^'f^^ a gotden
dome (A. K. l-i) ; q-^^S«^ ba-ifam M
Ukogt the glittering dome; ^^1^^^-^
the odeefcial ceefclo (1^. k, g). <i^ aeo;
to c/S. ia a oertain port of the timber wozk
of a roof » aomething like pumaoLey battle-
ment; ^^^ ba^am-4san^f^'^^^'
king^s polaoe abo <r|Cii ^ milch-oow

«r«^ bthcar mwf^m [a pieoe of oloth
to cover the aeoret parts ; the hem of a
lover gannent]5.

Z1*^ ba4i in SiUdm and the West: dry
grain-measure equal to four pounds.
^71 bthtuka a small long measure, one
seTentli of a barley-oom.

^*y '^ Ba4u^ n. of a oomitry men-
tioned in Bon works {Bxh, U),

P'^ ba4hag 1. oob-web, or thread
which 18 drawn from the spider's body.
2. root» stalk of fruit (cTa.).

X ^'S'^ 4flw&-»a=^c gdoU the faoe
(myrtio) (K. g. r, 26).

\ ^^'^ hanla^a jujube fruit =f^^
rggo'^ptg {Ta-^el iS).

T^ ba^ a tree: ■r^S'cigiravX'jwa-

v^%Q ha-dan iet^po a demon of the

VK^ hordan vmn {A. h. 111^28) aoc.
to Lig an ensign with pendent silk strips ;
aoo. to «/a. a kind of dergger set upright, a
semblanoe of whioh often attends appari-
tions of the gods. flS^"^*! (Beng) ^miw-
ir^ flagholder; oanier of a standaid.

^r^'fv^Ai Ba^ftd» piam'bdB&m n. of a
TiDagv in the neigUbenr-bood of 8toi4ii4

Cr^'^ A«MUin. of a tree {LaH. T%g.


Zf^khtmtk nuneral medicine: ■r(«r^'
q-yw^a^^ywiN {Med,).

^&i-flNf#V»9««, little hairs of the
body; 4'|*^ &Hp«-aui hairy, ooreved
with liair; ^f^ ba^^pu^med htld. Syn.
Vi^ lut-^g^; q^WP^-^-^ or ^pagf-paH
mgu^a; «Wfwq^*^ pagi-paii me4og
(M^on). ^'«i^«^&i-4p«MH»'dirf4hair
standing on end (out of fear). Syn. |'^'

rnam4gg^ (M^on.). ^i^WSxNi^pore;
«rii f^- iffi, joyfoL

^'5 6a-(fo (pron. *«*/«)* tflSlTW, ^
yellow arsenic; yellow orpiment : d'^^tii'
■^^Vf^r^^S ba-ikt rmen-iUm ruUpa gcod
yellow anenio is an antidote against
indolent sores and ulcers.

Syn. wK^ y^q sa^g phreH^a ; f *^
•1^ 9na49hog9 mdog; ^'S^'^ ha^iai-w;
^'i'J^ gor-gyi-itgyan; ^'^Jj^'^ ba-^pu
Ihui^a; n^'^ byi^kii'mig (M^on,).

<rRi)4| ba^bog W. dod, lump of earth.

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<r*^ &MMII im (4rili0ii.) ill* gtyal
wild-ox {Bob gawBUi). Aoa to Tibetaa
aooounta the Oafal aie indtgenoos to the
Ohittagong hiU traoU and are alao aban- ,
dant in the foresta of Femakod where it
has been with some mooeia domeBtioated
and yields good milk; bnt the Sanskrit
name giTen in Jfiim. eridently retsrs to
the yak-oattle of Tibet and Higher Asia.
In Lam, ^v^'qi^ gaMHt-tthmm k often
mentioned and is oertainlj tiie yak of

tyU ba-^no 1. a oow {fU^om.). 2. hoar-

Syn. of 2. ^9f^V^w^ nam-ifkhabi

rpkhaO'til'pa {Hion).

^'^ V^ ha-mbi bpHu ^nw [the bird
Cuculm melanoleucut, aooording to the
legend living only upon xain^rop6]iS.

Syn. l^-^ls tUm^ka-n^l •i^Hs^

A^ffi^a^S^ char-i^shon^ei; •^l cAar-r^a;
^4fRq$%qi|4( 4gab^a^ sO-fiofi; *^^9^
tihaHMboi (4f^<m.).

^ qlSi|^j|i;' ba49i ger-ffliU n. of an

island : r*^ ^^•<'"'*^H«K«rX-^*li«^'^'nn«

^'i ba-tshwa 1. deaoribed loosely as
ji^^ rgpa-fidshobi-ehH sea-water {Ya-
4el, iO), 2. impure soda inorostbg the
ground near salt lakes. ^^'^ ba^iwa-ean
=i;r«^ ^iwk; salty, briny; c*;*^*!^
ba4shia^n^gi ifMo %h:ko ot sodanMlt;
q-i^'l^t ba4ihMi fkfur-ithi muiatio
add {Os.)

t Q'<^ ba-dsra bo-dhi n. of an Indian
BuddhLt, bom in the ooontry of Malaya,
who visited China aooompanied by his

pupil Ainogha Yajra daring tlia i«^ d
Emperor Ming Hung of As Tag
dynasty (Qrub, 7).

q^^-w ba^i nu-ma 1. eow'a dog or Isit
2.^r^'^rgui^4irMm grapea («b«.).

q^^^ te-r«l».<« deecribed as^5^
)'9« a wild animal of the deer class {K. I

Q*^ Ai-ri n. of a solitary iwrwiaitur j m
the top of a hill in Tsang (2M. % SS).

^'^^ba^ru^^mflalimm a epaoHs if
myrabolan [the plant Terminalim l«t-
rieayS. if%'^^'fS'9^m^'^^^ {H^y

Syn. 9^ ta-ka; ^l ba-bka; ^t la;
T^'1^gwgkar^^hbrai4m; ^%r»«^
gi ttMMra ; 'K^ mig^^an ; *»r9s <sAmi-^

P A'^C' BtHrt-mafL n. of a plase k

Tibet {Tig, 98).

t q «(^ &a40-ilra imm a trm [£U^ cv^
Mia]8. : ir^'^^^U,'S9i's^' (jr. ^. % «(^.

J q'QT-^ Bfl4(i^ n. of a IW*
king: ^^X^nri-^l^^rtfrt^-mwjpi^

iwy. P, 6i?6).

I 2q*^*^ fto-^o-Jb i«m [ol0Q^& 1^
•iprqai ^ eail-^ 6fl4s-*« ia a fa w rlrf «
wonderful horse of India fainnns fib
Alexander's Buoephelus.

q«K* 6a-M like <ni^' also ^^, •
bullock: «^1^« a woman tsdtisf
bullocks; v^i^qg^' fo-M-4ff«4 t. «^
S^^ JT below. «riK^t»fri ^^m [bolM^
bile used as medicine by Hiate]&
q'«K'%^y« ihiQ^ cow's foot-mark hdm;
vmi'%-%^ avi, nwqta [a jo>ang *
phaut]S. ; «rii^F^ ft-' bthM ft^a-dU #•►
/w n. of a wild animal of the <

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{K. ko. %ff);'f^V^ a spotted or pard-
ooloiiiedbDUodk;«i«i^-S«»^V &^-W #iMi^
pl^ug ft herdnnan, keeper or tender of
oittle; f^Viff 4t«niT tobaooo leaf; lit. bid-
look'g nose ; f'^'^ iftft^ [a cowkeeper]flf.
ini^*T«i ift^pw [1. bullock's hoof; 2. the
plant AfieraeafUha hngifidid\8. «r«i^ii^t'«
jflw^ [oow's foot]A «i«^*^«i *^l [a cow-
ilied]A nm^f iti^m [a«per]A

A^Am n. of the son of ILW^t^i ^M m^Mh-

P*5 ha4u «i«*h( species of fragrant
tfboreeoent pXants (rhododendrons) grow-
ing in the Himalaya and Tibet the barf
and leavee of which are naed as inoense by
Tibetans'; its flowers are called V^ da4i

<r«^ te4i»4a n. of an agnatic insect

(JT. ifo. s m).

[a species of creeper] A

+ 0*4!^ 1| ha^a4M vflwi [the plant
Jfutida ganderftMM\8. Syn. ^^^^^^ r<tf-y»
,,H»fi; iK^^i^i^- ieit^geM^doi; -Vi^r^n^
^Mf cvnMmi; Wftf r*<v4M-*Aro; ^"^^^
.iti-^-mn; ^"^ kkifu-ipeh^g ; I««i5'«

q**Q tofM ?r. a TOolent boil, nicer

q*4 i^te-M» 1. alarge village in Teang

r^foi-^Mam a celebrated lama of that
plaoe. 2. ivory, tnaks of elephant: ^^
9f^ te-sMP^Aoii worker in ivory.

^ q*^'n|te.4Ua abird {E. m^. \ 18).

^'^ fo-toa; here ^ ia=«^^v«vr«i
simple, not compounded, and ^=^^**8^
hdu%-hya9 thereforo ^^^W^ transient and
nnsteady (JT. n^. % ^08).

wa carrying heavy burdens, hence it signi-
fies a BodhUattva or Mahdsattva who is
capable of carrying heavy moral responsi-
bilities, t>., the burden of the anuHara
%amyak'4kmrma on hitf shoulders (K, my.
% SOS),

t f '^'^TJ? Bha^-ra iW n. of a
town in the country of Tamal (Dtam,).

X f^9ibk0^9'hm::^'T^''<t^ a fairy,
in myvtioiam (JiT. g, T, ^^•

latiphye^ma (JT. ^. «, ^5).

J ^'^'^Site-rw-te king Bharata (from
whom the Paoravc name Bhirat Var^a
has been derived); the second step-brother
ofkingBima. f^T^T^'^-VW^S-u^i^-
dAo^nMa Ihag-par gna^fa «Aef.6yiM«i*i

I n. cl a continent {K. d. % 3iS).

i W^^^ bha^nMM an Indian Buddhist
pftQditwho with his coUeague Mfttanga
Yisited China during the reign of
Emperor Han MSngti, and first intro-
duced Buddhism there about A.D. 61.
{Grub. \ 7).

X f «M« Bha4m4ra l*f the country
VArendra (North Bengal) : -l^-i^r^^ff^'
^•|^fr)'ff^'«i^'Q'^S in the eastern quarter
in Bhalentra there were many Buddhist
images and fTmbols (A 6(f)»

t ^'^«> jBAa^tf-^ Bangala (modem
EMtem Bengal) : |^T"r«ra«tr«s-*W5|^^«

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(king Ikmk Fala) wimfniming d the
Bangalarpa into ina {A, 60.

I b^^'i^m iam mixed (mjiiio) {K.
g. r, 179).

t %\^% Brahma dmdivuoitkwaiiAaal
(vegetable) drag : 5ni[S$'^l i^^T'S^I W

Ri^^tTiC^-q^-d^-SH^-^RI^'X {K. g. », id).

^ bag I: l.^^^'f^ <mi.m4 » HtOa,
flligbt :|*i'^*^«^ pmm bagckagtptf^ little
oO.ynmoD.iHA.lSS). 2l « fnaary Bgni«
fioationoltiiiswordfleeniBtobe: ananow
ipMe; fig. ^^'fo to he straitened, in
neoewtoofl ciiloaniBtMioeB (JT. d. % SS7).
aeo. to c/dL attention, oare^ eintioB, rela-
tive to physioal and monl evib or eonta-
minafions; ^^ inattenlmneM: ^'X'^'Q-
4^^'«i the beginning of intozioation 18 the
dieappearing of attention; ae adj. or
Attribute: oarelei^ nnzestxained, fearlees;
ilq^q^q^d^ fearlenof miafartdne {Dtl.).
See also beloir under ^^^

^ip bag-tkar or mfupctn bag^tkar-^rim
astrologioal oalonLition regarding good
and bad Inok at the leleotion of a bride.

*in bag-khag briok of tea weighing
61b. (5<«Y. 70.

ekuH^ca timid, also little-minded(j|filon.).
2. aoc. to 8ch, to be afraid of.

^f^ bag-glu marriage songs, i.6., those
song on the oooasion of a marriage by

^•^ bag-ahagi *1RF, «IC0«, ^mm
habit, inclination, propensity: l(*^^'si^qi|'
*^ tj[«$ilili^i« ;• the habits or propensities
of a former life. q^ci^qK* bag-chagi-
ita^ good propensities. ^•^^fN bag-
<?^f-0mmaoo. to the Bon, the three vioea

of mind, bod^ and apeedi (B. Jfam.).
'q^a^w^tH bag-eha^^ ra&groi n. of a
reUgioq^ woi^k of Che j M J M a w sohooL

^X'Q bag'dtiHca in easy oirounstanees;
also, a oheerfol state of mind (A. U9).

^^n^ ^-jAMimodeiA, discreet, tempe-
rate, earefol ; one pdesessed of self vespeiKt :

^>TV^ f^ w)«-% behave honeat^ {Mhnm.

fibm. -^T^i bag^^', B'rts kkrtl^gai;
^^tfr«^ ib^dbli Ukd<Qn\ ^^^n U-


^1"^w bag'pkBbt^H^ §pnhma (l»wjf\ -<
I'-^ugW^^ tto W^4aa ^OHMf) with a
eheeffol mind; without oar^ anziety or
fear. Ad^.^fiovw^ssi'^ateaeeykasine-
ly, without any hniry: ^"if^'^wsii^lMq
^'^^m you genUemen sleep withoot any
r or fear, A^., being at eaas (^ 150).

^4 6a^.jMiaaaT6rb. to be afraid, to be
^ppwhensive of, to be anz&oaa; ^ %»wn
bag-Ueb^iM to drop, abandon oast sway

Ia49ha4ail§ bge4-pa 1. to be afraid, pttdo-
strook; tt> be oonynlsed oat of frighic ^
*q'inR-w j^q^qi;-^ in the meanwhile there
arose no apprehension or oaose of nneMi-
ness whatever {A. ST), 2. sbst fear, timi-
dity, amdonanen ; ^^^'Q bag4$ha mei^pa
fearlessness (</a.). ^^^ bag m ttka
intrepid, fearless; as sbst. one who doea
not beoome affeeted by threat^ Isai; or
danger ; a hero, an intrepid person.

'^T'SS &V-y«*=^*^ bag4ebm « pmdsnt
person; one who is pions, law^afaidiiig,
temperate, dntttul, discreet and oonseien-
tioos in his dealings: ffTS'^f^' ^ wi i ?
'^^^1^'S«'Sn8W%^' all the world bova to

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horn who at ill tbnes poaeoi self -rertnmt

^'^ bag-mei wst^ impioiiii dm-
MPBit, iirnnoderf., impndflnt, indiacteet^ etc

L^IOT) a diahoneet and impadent peraon
h ibe ohief of all enamieay do not be
kttaohed to anoh a man ; the immodeat goda
igain and again fall into perdition; ^^'

i^*^'^*?* H**'"''**8^*iX he who not per-
lonning worka of piety &lla into miaerj
md doea not giye np workaof ain ia oalled

[ [plaoe of miatakea]&

*f^^ hag-ifoi^ ^mn^ [abeenee of
niatake, oaielalneaB]& rererenoe, fear,
mU -«e^»eot, self -oontrol ; aa adj. ohaate,
MiefolfOonaoientiooa;^^ hag^po adj.a

^T^^* bag-paiU abst. WffK [a 8triking]i9.
18 adj. intrepid.

V^ n : meal (generally of barley, the
itaple food of the Tibetana) ^*^ bowl
ko keep barley flour; ^'% bag-phye htailey
floor ; ^'f bag'tkgo thin pi^ or porridge
of n^ral; ^^ thiek pap, doQg^; ^^^
warm porridge; ^|^ bag-tbyar paate;
^)^ bag-ibyin late, patiy, a oompoond
of mealandglae; ^^ bag-kb or ^^^
(dkf^Mf^ C'* oi^ or bread.

fl^JI &i^-0ia w^ new]^ married wife,
a bride; bag^ bridegroom; Qf^j^n
bag-gyog-ma a maid-aervant who waits
opon a bride; ^^ i«|r-*^W=^i''^
attandantB on a bride at the time of
■Hriage; ^^ bag4og the retonn of the
Wda aeomnpanied by bar hnaband for

the first time aftor marriage, q^m'ipc.*^
bag-mar tia^^wa, flmr given in marriage ;
mfm-ffi-tr hag-mar^fitaA^^pa = »«^^*w(i;q
^riff to take aa wife, to many; g^^^
lK5«'¥r'T»«S^^ a BiOman took « girl
for his wife. {K. du. \ 261).

Syn. i^^P^ bag-gwr; •^•^-yi^ dad-
pobi r«{«/-«afi; S'4S«m ikyo^danMna; ^
^Pi^lag-idtin^na; f^*)n\^^%a«»-<^|Pf«#-

ma ; %^^F^ khifim^mr; »*wgK.- q^eMhbraii

p^ bag4iam^^^ or ato, %i[ ; «
little ;1(^'^<«r^ each a little money {Ma,) ;
V^'^qif <»rq^ the appetite ia growii^ a
little better; ^"ftfrq alight^ inaignifloant,
trifling (JS.).

* ^^ ^is^Mia dowly, gradnally, one
after another, by degreea; m^I"* btigi kgi§
s^wwj^r rimf4sgi$ : ^^wJcWNifrJwMlfi
dimbed np the hill dowly, t.^., by degreea
(A. 131). q^iw^^^=«i^-

qC* &ril mivr 1. foot-raee: ^'J^d baH-
tgy^'P^ to ran a raoe. <K'«iSc^'^f« ba^
qiekoii-^ro9 or "iF^'*'*^^'9S movement or
geatore of the feet in dandng (ifion.);
alao s^q KQyrci making long atridea,
or paoea in ranning (M^on-)- 2. ooaxjcr :
^'^n deapatohing a maawmgor, abo

«l^'9 baiMri ahdf : ^^•8'^f"'*^>'P» baH-
kkri gmm^mgi a ahelf in three steps or
taera (^m. 6S).

^M baiUhm or fl^ ^^=m^«, ^wV^
[one going down, deaoending]^. swift
meeaenger, ooorier: ^J^'^^^'j'^'^'ft ft^w
■*¥*^^ (SMi.).

Syn. n-^pko^; W ««i-fwa; '^l^j<r
k^irkHkyel; ^f^^^ bad^gim {lUhn.),

^/^'^ bai^4Pa er ^'^ bai^dmd atore-
nxrni, atoa-honaa, ecn aagaiine, alao

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tMiory; 'f/^f^' balUhaH id.; ^Vi M-
pkmi ihB flnt-frait offering from the barn
(Ja.); sa^^' AMf-604 oap-board, pnH



Syn. «*>■« 9d9(4pa; mt^'K^tt f^dsoi-
SMn'-pa (4fi(C(m.).

^i^'Vi ba^Mm=%'^'^ ^^:fW the steps
of a ohorten; terraoe-steps : S^'J'T^
^•5|'»i^«i-i\<r^'^a^'^Vr«i-^|iprq^'9^'''^ from
the front of Is'wara to the first terxaoe step
of the Somera they are made to resLda
1^'%^ Theg 3S).

'^'^ btti^ or ^'Q bai'^ a tomb,
monoment, but esp. grayes of kings,
royal monnments or tombs.

qC^'2| haiif^^f^ti j^km^ wet,
moist (4fif(w.).

Q^ ba4 [1. moisture, humidity W.
2. edge, border : *»S'^i^ the edge is of
gold Seh,] Ja.

Q^*1| bai-lm 0. a ptant similar to
mustard yielding oQ (Ja.).

4 q^*'^*1| hai^i^ n. of a bird {K.

^V Bai^ n. of a tribe or dass iK.
du. », 33S).

^^^ ba4^n smm maoous, phlegm :
4S'^'Hi*w bad-i^t^kfoms that whioh re-
moves phlegm. ^'^^ba4-9nmg=^^'lp[^
bai^Mn smug-po oonTolsions, oholeraio
oramps (Mig, ch. 5).

the 8(ktra on ttie instniotion given lo
^Mar^ystftheUngof Badsala. Bnddha
peroeiTing that the time had arrived to
oonvert the king of Badsala prooeeded to
that oonntry with his attendants sad
followers. The king about this time was
proOeeding to invade the dty of ^M^^'^
Q9kan-'g$er'CaH ; and, meeting Baddha om
tiie way, became annoyed and aaked what
business that wioked man (alluding to
Buddha) had in shooting arrows at him,
the anowB rising in the air miraculously
and sounding the following verse : — ^'^'

d, 337). But listening, the king perceived
tibe truth and became converted to Bud-
SinaxL <iS'Wil9'yrQ^ia^9s*)vQ'>v^^^ the
Sfttra delivered at tiie prayer of JJchwr-^fgei
king of Badsala. In this the story is told
of the illicit connection whioh Buddha wis
said to have had with queen S'yftm&, a
story set afloat by queen AnupunA the
daughter of Madhu. When the malicious
design of the enemies of Buddha was
peroieved by the truth having been brought
to light, the king with his wife became
firm believers in the religion of Buddha
(K. ko. », 350).

\ q^*| btm-^iya (p^^^\ htm^ a
Buddhist monk or priest, |=a layman)
Vq^|'*w«^fW^^«|-urt|S«w compelled
all the priests and laymen in general to
take refuge in Buddhism {A. lOS).

+ q^*3F* bm^iaH^^-r^' oz, boIL

UtUebyUttle. 2.=:«\iT«'.

^ ^^^ban-dktot^^bkim-dAal.zz^Tf^
skull, cranium; prob. wm (a skull used
in Tanirik rites as a vevel for drinking

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wiier orirme). 2. xl of a great moontain
dtoated to the north of the anowy mountains
of Eaikiriy and filled with medicinal
planta and minerala; a kind of animal
which can at will transform itaelf into
A lion haTing eight feet livee there.
(lam. 36).

t^'\bati^ 1^ wonhipfolfVenaraUey
aBoddhiat monk or priest ^'^ bat^gan
an old or eLdady piieat ; ^*^'i|^ or ^'^'
htm^iprati and f^*^ a mendicant monk;
^'^ &0ii-«Aifil pnpil in a monastery,
q^-^^*^ &hmU» Wkhr%9^ {wr^^-
^-Ji^liti) the Ule of the farown-duok
(mystio) (MUg. tU).

jouth, n. of a red flower [^^ the plant
Termim^ tamenio§a]8.

•kit; iw^ m94d(m\ T^'^^ rha^.
Hiko; *!^^i^ fm4og4mar; «P^*«J Arlf-
Mo-^m (JT. d. a, 75).

t'^y^Al hamMu dm^whka w^ftm
B. of A red and farilliant flower [a shmb
hearing a ved flower, Fentapetes phm^

^V^ ^on4a n. of a iribe in Nepal

^i^ hm^hamim (^'^ and^^ Q) Bnddhist
priest and Bon priest (Fa-«/. 18).

^ S^ 9S^ han^wn h^^i-pa^ht^'^ also
^^>^ IS'Q to be alarmed ; to take heed.

^'V^ ban^ifmn the shawl or serge-doth
wrapper used by !Gbetan lamas or ^^'^
(Rtsii.). ^fw bofhlham shoes worn by
Boddhist priests (gtm. 51).

B. of a Urd (K. ko.%S) [one who eats
what is Tomited]/8.

qq &i^ and 4W btAi, r. wi ^ |&ii^.
babtjM:^^'^ ieihpa taking, assum-
ing; ft'^rwwQ im4u§ hab§iM {Tig. h.).

wYi bab'itoi s^'Mii want of oonsi-
deration in speaking and aoting,=vnir,
^*V gmhkm bastinessi rashness: ^^
w^ai'^'SFS'q to sin recklessly, without heed
or regard, q^tarl^nw hab-^ gmn^pa
i^mmm (A. K. 910) [soddan pKaotioe.]&
wttqf^ hoJlniol ss iriB wa^W^%'^ rdiNM-
gmttH9a speaking falsehood, also insincere
speeoh. w^' M-MM oonsidarateneaB and
discreetaees in. naaj work or proceeding;
w^^'^lfti^ having csNfolly weighed the
oaxoamstanoes; on full consideration of a
subjaot (Tig. k.).

mm hab^md^^^^}^ also called
wf^ as-Mtr^ which really signiftes a
halting stage alter a day's march, lodging
for one night, place of one day's halt;
Hi|-^-ij^^qqi«-qJ^r«i^iw at a place
calculated for staying at after one day's
or two days' jomney (A. 16Y).

Cn*9iat-mo or otH in ik^. soft, mild;
also chaste, modest (t/iL).

m^ bab^ia irfninr sulphate of arsenic.

mmbab^ ^mm Lmding place; also
settlement, colony (Jd.). mm^I^i bab$-
sfe^|8s%aa'mf&0&.s0aplaoe of landings a

vm^^ bab94bni^l^'^lfl, joint,
combined ; conjointly, in connection ; also
in harmony with, in accordance with :
i^i^»i5^-^%evrtR^^wr^V«*S''N except, ,
but for that, we shoold require an order
according to the droomstances (Stba. 18) ;

an official authority (jointly) from the
Church goyemment (*^'^^ and' the

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