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1. The first are those, who assume Seikhism for the
sake of mingling in the society and to be saved from the
censure of being called " Be-goora," or without spiritual


2. Those who assume Seikhism for the sake of wealth,
that is seeing that other men have risen to greatness by
becoming a Seikh. Such persons are only fond of money
and do not love Gooroo.

3. Those, who assume Seikhism by imitation, that is
seeing a large crowd following that way and not learn-
ing about themselves, and the customs and manners of
Seikhism and not knowing the mysteries of the Gooroo

4. Those, who assume Seikhism through faith.

5. Those, who assume Seikhism through the sacred
love, Baba Nanuk's saying is, " Whoever has sought
and found the true and complete Gooroo, can obtain
his desires. Repeat the Name of God every day, bro-
ther, and remember Him in breathing and eating." Here
ends the 12th Sakhee.


After this the Sungat asked O Gooroo, what is the
sacred origin of " Pahool ?" What are the advantages of
it ? The Gooroo replied and said brother there are 3
sciences by which supernatural powers are exercised, viz,,

( 30 )

1 Munter, 2 Junter, 3 Tunter. So our Munter is the "Sut
Nam" or "True Name." Our Junter the letters of "Wah
Gooroo" and our Tunter is water, sugar and iron. Water
is given by Burmah God, Sugar by Inder God and iron
by Yama. By means of these, mind is greatly put to rest,
desire of worldly enjoyments is quenched by sugar and
the sight of arms encourages the heart and creates a desire
of becoming a hero of the field. " Churn Pahool," which
was formerly in use, imparted faith and desire of serving
Gooroo, but now as I was anxious to take field against
Mahammedans, I appointed this Pahool of sword and
ordered the wearing of Kes and the fixing of mind on
Devi goddess and the reading of ten "Nirban" " Saw-
ayas" with love and emotion, and the reading of Anund
Sahib, and that of a section of "Jupjee" for salvation. By
this Pahool a person will obtain " Dhurm " or religion,
" Dhun" or wealth, " Kam" or desired objects, "Mokh'*
or salvation. A man wearing Kes without the Pahool
ceremony is like a woman. The Gooroo then continued to
say that his mother " Goojree" had asked a similar ques-
tion and the same reply was given to her. The Seikh further
asked Gooroo, should we believe in God's power or De-
vi's power. The Gooroo replied that it is not proper to
explain the mysteries of God, and kindness flows from
mere pleasure. However, when a pupil of a true faith
asks, it becomes necessary for the Gooroo to explain it,
brother, Unity is the principal of Gooroo's religion,
Man should not entertain idea of difference even by inad-
vertence. I had in some previous age devoted myself to-
prayer and adorations in a forest of "Bindhachul" moun-
tain. In the same forest and at the same time, " Ooma"
had also been engaged in devotions, when at the request
of Burmah, Devtas had taken her to heavens. The power
of demons had in those days prevailed throughout the
world. The Uuma or Brahmanee fought with the demons
for many years and tried to kill "Kukt Beej" by whose

( 31 )

blood so many demons flourished as its drops fell on the '
ground. These demons increased to such a great number
as would be represented by the figure of one (1) with hun-
dred dots after it. All these were killed by Devi. The
blood flowed like the waters of the great flood on the earth.
The world became vacant and was hidden like stones in a
river. Devi's army fled, some with and some without fight-
ing. Devi then vanished and made herself an image of
stone at " Bindhachul" mountain. The demons were also
reduced to much difficulty and pain. Two of these demons
named Sobel and Bel went to the above-mentioned devotee
and exclaimed, Ah ! Ah ! who has taken away the woman.
The devotee said, do not prate foolishly. God's power is
always complete. Hearing this the wanton, stubborn and
stupid demons ran to beat the " Samoond" devotee with the
shouts of kill ! kill ! The devotee thought that it was
neither his nor his pupil's business to fight, they being
Brahmans devoted to God. The devotee had a floor of
lion's skin under him, which he pushed a little with
his hand and uttered the sound Hoon ! By the effect of
this a glorious person sprung out and fought with the
demons for 10,05,000 years. The Devi was then enraged
and came out of the image and after destroying all the
demons spoke to the person, who had sprung from the
lion skin spread under the devotee and said, you have as-
sisted me in the fighting, in lieu of which 1 promise that
I will appear to you whenever you will call for my assis-
tance. I am pleased, ask whatever you desire from me.
You will be henceforth called " Doosht Durnan." I
make all the persons now existing, your followers. You
should fix your attention on my image. The devotee
asked that I may be called by the name of Singh" and
be allowed to wear long hairs, and may be allowed to>
keep my loins without thread and the glory of arms, po-
etical genius, success of words, worldly enjoyments and
salvation be granted to me. In addition to this I may get

( 32 )

an opportunity of fighting with the enemies of Devtas,
Devi hearing this, spoke that in the first part of 4th Yog y
Kooder will appear in the world and will be called by the
name of "Shunker." Vishnoo will come down and ap-
pear as his sister's son. 1 will also at that time being
called by you, will appear to you. You should adopt
my dress, i. e. red cloth dress, should not beautify your
eyes with the antimony and should not enslave yourself
to the love of your family. Saying this, the goddess be-
gan to lick the person and becoming extremely pleased
with him f gave a knife, a wrist-ring and Pranda 1 and
said as you have sprung up from the " Khul" or lion-skin
of the devotee, your name will be called " Khalsa" and
your glory will at first be as great as that of a lion, but
will be followed by decrease as the effect of intoxicating
drugs. Your body will undergo troubles. Saying this
the goddess went away and that person went to his father,
the devotee, who told him, my son I will be your
father in that world also, but will not see you fighting
in your boyhood. You have saved me and obtained De-
vis' favors, go on the bank of Godaveree river and apply
yourself to hard devotions. As you have sprung up like
a plant of " Gobhee" (cabbage) I give you the name of
Gobind and the degree of " Singh" (lion) has already
been given to you by the Devi. Hearing this and pay-
Ing respects to the devotee by falling prostrate before
him, the person went away and going on the bank of
river, engaged himself in the devotions, and while immers-
ed in contemplation, lo ! it so happened that his spirit
imperceptibly escaped from that body and was born as
Gooroo Gobind Singh from the womb of " Bhagun" the
wife of Tegh Bahadur, who was the incarnation of that
devotee. Gooroo Gobind Singh was yet a child when both
liis father and mother left their worldly bodies and went

1 A thing made of long silken threads, which Indian women tie at the end of
their interwoven hairs.

( 33 )

to heaven. I am that person, the destroyer of the wick-
ed, called here by the name of Gobind Singh. I possess
all the qualities of a devotee, and all my Sungat is Khal-
sa and the power I possess is the fruit of Devi's favors
and my hard devotions.

Bhai Boodha then said, write down, writer ! I re-
late to you what I have heard. The story of the great Goo-
roo is such that its mysteries cannot be perceived. The
Gooroo, then, finishing this account, went upstairs of his
house, I followed him, the Gooroo was pleased and told
me, O Boodha, May you live long ! Your house is
beyond, and ours on this side of the river. This phrase
the Gooroo repeated three times and looked at me and
granted me a shield, a dagger, and a knife. Here ends
the 13th Sakhee.


Once the Gooroo was sitting on the banks of a river
and was attended by other Seikhs. He was silent and
one Chouree-walla 1 named Soonak Singh was very near.
The Gooroo began to pelt the Sungat with stones and to
read the verse, which means, " The old men, women and
the young persons are pressed by young demons, they
could neither sleep nor wake nor cry out, to complain."
All the Sungat fled, but Choureedar remained fearless.
Nine hours after this, the Gooroo recovered his senses and
was addressed by the " Surbundee " 2 Soonak Singh, who
said tell me Gooroo, how is to happen in the future.
A man should offer his body, mind, and wealth to the
true Gooroo, so I have found such a Gooroo, but we are
cultivators of Bunjara Got, explain to us the meaning of
the verse. The Gooroo replied O brother, Sungat has

1 A servant whose duty it is to wave a fly-brush over his master's head.
1 A native of Surbund between Loodiana and Umballa.

( 34 )

become faithless, therefore such faithless -will die and shall
be born again in the house of Seikhs and will suffer ; then
they will know that the Gooroo had told them the truth-
O Bhai at the time of Devi's war the demons fled to their
spiritual guide, Bhargav Moundee, who said, do not fear I
will secure you the kingdom through my devotions. He
passed the whole of Dawaper Yuga in devotions, at the
end of which demons reflourished under the name of Toorj !
and began to give rich feasts and to perform hard devo-
tional exercises. The Devtas were deprived of their vir-
tues and being accompanied by Brahma, complained be-
fore Vishnu, and cried out, Save us and make the de-
mons give up their good actions, Vishnu treated the Dev-
tas with respect and permitted them to go. Afterwards
Vishnu descended on earth and was known as incarna-
tion of Budh. In this body he made impure appearance,
separate from Devtas, and dispraised the doctrines of Veda
and the ceremonies of the world. By sweet and charm-
ing words reduced the Toorj to his subjection, and this
made them leave their good actions. The Toorj were thus
weakened and the Devtas began to beat them. Their
Gooroo Bhargav, fled and betook himself to the country
of women who were panting for a man. There were two
queens in that country, whom the refugee enjoyed and
made pregnant. He then wanted to depart from that
country, when the two queens told him, " how will these
children be nourished? Give them some name and show them
your own country. The refugee said one born from Ees
woman shall be called " Eesa " and the other born of
Moos woman shall be called "Moosa." I give them every
kind of power. I belong to Munoo country, where the
descendants of these children will go and enjoy the life of
a man. They will come " Phirke" that is by round way,
and shall hence be called " Phirungee " or Englishmen and
Phurasees or French. Here ends the 14th Sakhee.

1 i. e. Toorka or Mahammedana.

( 35 )

Before 5000 years of the Kuliyuga will pass i. e.
before 1899 A. D., the following things will happen. This
account is given correctly. I explain to my Seikh accord-
ing to Vedas. My followers may not disperse. Arda-
sia hear the nice word ! We will conquer Patul Nager in
the morning. The rulers of Seikhs and Englishmen will
join. My weak Seikhs will become powerful and my
powerful Seikhs will become weak. Some things are fore-
told by Astrology, those you should also consider to be
according to my belief. I have given to my Khalsa full
glory for as long as they obey my following orders :

1st. They should not be entangled in the love of
wife and son.

2nd. They should not drive out their daughters like
a herd of cows.

3rd. They should not sell their daughters in mar-
riage and again pretend to be so respectable as to sit on
carpets to distribute justice.

4th. They shoud not read Veda's words and give up
the Gooroo.

5th. They should nob follow Brahman's religion, and
live as head-shaved devotees.

6th. They should not bring Mahammedan women
in their houses.

7th. They should not be such as enslaved to prosti-
tute for ever.

8th. They should not seek for Peers and leave the
Gooroo far distant.

The woman shall do full justice, hear, Seikh of
Gooroo ! the force of Ssikhs and martyrs will remain till
1 000 years. All the Seikh women will love their servants

( 36 )

The wives of Princes will become disobedient and un-
faithful to their husbands. Fifty-nine years of the age
of Ganges will remain to pass at that time. I will show
displeasure till eight years, after which one of my martyr
Seikhs will be born on earth and will reign over the kings
up to Calcutta. The light of his glory will spread in the
world and assuming the appearance of a Singh and being
accompanied with his army he, the Daleep Singh will
drive his elephant through the world. The Englishmen
will first reign in Loodiana and will press his glory.
Anxiety will prevail on the minds of all kings. All will
pray for death. The beautiful women will fly to obtain
wealth. The Khalsa will be much in distress at that time.
The lamp (i. e. Daleep Singh) will shine in Khalsa. Da-
leep Singh will be the Emperor over all the kings. 1 will
first explain to you the Bhimishut 1 Purb as detailed by
Bias Eikh. A Brahmachari 2 of previous birth assumed
the body of Akbar and well discharged his duties towards
God, An Englishman had made himself servant of " Shah-
jahan," the son of Jahangeer. His power increased day
by day and all the people felt it in their mind. At that
time " Aurungzeb," who falsely pretended to be a retired
man, began to serve Meeran Shah with a view of raising
himself by that means. He left this service afterwards
and killed his brother. He did not resign throne, but
cutting off the head of Dara Shukoh his brother damaged
the empire. Aurungzeb then began to reign and became
our enemy without cause. He will use his force to wound
the Khalsa in heart and killing Hindoos would like to
spread the Mahammedan religion. He used to fly to
Mukka on every Friday and there prayed for being chosen
by God. One night, a voice was heard that a powerful
man will rise over all. In the morning the dream became
true. He saw Mahanmiedans far reduced and Hindoos

1 Book of Prophecies in Hindoo religion.
8 A retired Brahman.

( 37 )

increased to millions. He then ordered that he will make
all of one religion, having proclaimed his order he wanted
us to show him the miracles and on that pretence be-
gan enmities with us and did not consider what was or-
dained by God. He will make friendship with all the
Rajahs and will draw his forces against us. By Gooroo's
favor we will kill all, who have embraced Mahamme-
danism in battle. The Mahammedans will live without
glory and will earn their bread by labor and will no longer
be rulers. I will leave my body at the age of 43 years.
After that all the Seikhs will leave their bodies by and by
and will come Kings and Chiefs in the next brith. The
Seikhs will die while engaged in killing, and plundering.
There shall be no end of the number of heads cut off. One
Bheen Singh will conquer the city, the villages and the
streets will be plundered. I will also put on a body about
40 years after the Hindoo Sal 1800. The Mahammedans of
Kandhar will come and return and will desolate the coun-
try with all the villages. In the 19th year, after this, a
King named " Bung Tees" will flourish in city. This King
will come from the east, beating and killing as he comes.
The foot-army of Jesus Christ will come. Khalsa will be
divided. There will be quarrels and dissentions between
men and women in all families. They will leave the arms
and will become like Brahmins. Such things will remain


till 33 years. My Seikhs will flourish 7 years earlier.
The women will die in a way opposite to the virtue. No
one of the Seikh rulers will be allowed to remain. If in that
time a Seikh trader will arise and will go about in aston-
ishment in the search of religion. Dissentions will arise
in Calcutta, there will be quarrels and distress in each
house. Nothing will be known for 12 years. Daleep
Singh, the Master, will be born. I will then assist him
secretly and will fight for 21 years. The Englishmen will
also come to the Seikhism and making friendship with the
people will establish themselves. A Mahamtnedan named

( 38 )

Bundan will arise, who will distress the people and destroy
their castes. He will be tyrant for the world as lion for a
cow. His reign will exist for 1000 years. There is no
doubt in this. In the village " Rilpoor" * there will flour-
ish a carpenter's son, who will reign by force. In the Pun-
jab country there had born a man of Sood caste, who had
been this path of death. There will be a King of Delhie,
reigning over the east, north and south of India. He
shall be a man possessed of supernatural power. Some-
thing has been revealed, but much remains unrevealed.
The story of the creator is very extensive.

When the Mahammedans will distress the people of
Kashmeer, a son will be born in the house of Bishen Dutt
Brahman. He will be an incarnation of Deity and shall
be called "Kulgee Awtar." He will establish good cus-
toms in the world. He will be born in the " Sunbhul"
village. At that time 10,000 years of the Kuliyuga will
pass away. He will thus be a Seikh of the Gooroo, in
whom he shall believe and to whom he will make offer-
ings of Karah Prashad. He will not eat Sheernee. When
he will become 12 years old, he will marry a woman
named "Trikota." He will kill Maleches or Mahamme-
dans and will establish a strong religion. He will live for
55 years in the world. When they would like to snatch
the wife of that Brahman, then he will show power. He
will be like Parasram, who lived in " Tretayuga," He will
possess Brahma-glory, by the effect of which he will exe-
cute all his works. After this, the result of the devotions
of Vishnu Shurnia 1 will come to light. I have related
the story before you in detail, my Seikh ! I will also be
born in the house of a Brahman. Till that time my Sun-
gat will be engaged in the service of Baital and assem-
bly of Shaheeds or martyrs. They will take offerings

* The Cookas call this Rilpore by the name of RyavtCndi and this carpenter's son
is said to be one Ram Sing the leader of the Cookas.
1 *. e. Vishnoo Dutt Brahman above said.

( 39 )

from the brother of " Ravan " and will not take notice of
Brahrnans and Seikhs. I have revealed this secret about
the future, whoever will read or hear it, will come to me.
Sakhee 15th finished.


Once the Gooroo had dressed himself in white
clothes and was sitting near a wall, which was being plas-
tered by a seikh ; a drop of mud fell upon the Gooroo's
clothes. The Gooroo then ordered his Sungat to give
the plastering seikh a slap. Hearing this all the Sungat
ran and began to beat the soikh with slaps. Gooroo felt
that the fault has been light but the punishment heavy.
Thinking this he said, the Sungat of the Gooroo is, of
course, obedient, but my seikhs this man was also a
seikh of the Gooroo and you have given him a slap of
his " Kases, 1 ' this you have done bad. Kases are a
sign of Seikhism, whosoever will commit fault against
these, will be an enemy of the Gooroo. You have com-
mitted a great sin. If you make an excuse that you
have done this by the Gooroo's order, the answer is that
Gooroo has only passed order for one slap and not for
many. This Seikh is your religious brother, therefore, as
an atonement of your fault against him, you should better
give him your daughter in marriage. Hearing this all the
Sungat remained silent. The Gooroo then said a true
Seikh is that who obeys all the orders of the Gooroo.
Seikhism is very far, brothers you are all nominal Seikhs.
In the meantime -a Kundharee seikh brought his daughter
and made her stand before the Gooroo, who blessed her
and said, be happy ! seikh, you have shown your true,
faith to the Gooroo, who has guarded your Seikhism. The
plastering seikh spoke out that this girl is to me like sister,
I will not marry her. The girl spoke out "that my father

( 40 )

lias given me away by the Gooroo's order, I will now re-
main in the presence of the Gooroo." The Gooroo then
said Kanaits 1 were born from a girl. In the territory of
Raja Bulubh Chund people used to sell their daughters
for they were reduced to poverty. "Nund Raj" notwith-
standing of his being called a Maharaja had extracted all
the money from his subjects and had buried it in the
ground. The number of his subjects was therefore greatly
reduced. Rajah Bulubh ordered his men to take girls
from the subjects in lieu of tax. According to this order
all the Rajah's servants jumped and fell over the girls,
who all conceived. Those who were born from these girls
were called Kanaits. The Rajah then gave these daugh-
ters in marriage to all his servants in certain cases grant-
ing three girls to one man and in some cases one to two.
The old custom was broken and a new one observed.
What does it matter, continued the Gooroo, O Bhai Kahn
Singh, you also accept the daughter of this Seikh in mar-
riage. From the womb of this girl you shall have five
sons. He (the Seikh of Malwa country) then married this
girl by "Anund ceremony" and took her to his house,
five villages were peopled by the descendants of the issues
of this marriage.

Bhai Boodha, then, said, this Sakhee was recited to
me by Soojan Singh Lahouree, I have not seen this with
my own eyes. His son Baisakha Singh still knows it.
Here ends the ] 6th Sakhee.


Once Gooroo Gobind Singh's mother said, to him,
my son, 1 am a light minded woman and my heart fails
on account of love I have towards you, as I have not

1 A family of Raj pots.

( 41 )

seen your face since a long time. Your father also de-
parted early to the next world. I have to-day come
alone to you. my son! ! you are Gooroo of Gooroos and
my powerful son. See in what condition I am ! Nei-
ther you speak with me nor does the intensity of my love
towards you leave me alone. Our fellow kinsmen say
that you had applied yourself to hard devotions in order to
make the Devi appear before you, hence you became deaf
and dumb. Some say you failed in that, as the Brahman,
who directed you in your worship fled aw r ay from you, as
he felt afraid from " Kuliyug." Now explain to me these
things. The Gooroo thinking that Father and Mother are
the real Gooroos took her aside and made her sit on a flat
piece of stone and addressed her saying it is not good to re-
veal the secrets of a Devta, but as you insist, I am obliged
to say. When I left " Pawla" village, it came to my mind,
to what god I should worship, in order that my religion
be reverenced in the world. For this purpose I searched
all the places. I then called Kesho Dass Brahman, who
was a resident of Kanshee and was like a lamp in all the
" Sarsoot" Brahmans of that a^e. He was in constant


habit of worshipping the sun and always repeated his
(sun's) Munter. Then 1 went to battle in '* Kapal Mo-
chun Tank" and was thinking day and night as long as I
lived there. The army of Mahammedans searching after
me arrived. God is the protection of all. When I be-
took to a jungle near Narainpoor and lost my senses be-
ing fully absorbed in the sacred love of God. I then went
to live in a small garden of mangoe trees, situated near
Munee Majra 1 under which a fine canal flowed day and
night. In that place Muthra Misser met me like Seikhs
and looked at me as a Gooroo. He was a good poet and
knowing ine as a Gooroo, he paid reverence to me. I
put 2 my hand on his head, and told him that he was like

1 A town in the district of Loodiana.

2 Signs by which devotees bless.

( 42 )

Krishna to the followers of Gooroo Nanuk. I then de-
parted from Munee Majra and crossing "Dhunki" field
passed by a village of B rah mans. There lived a girl,
who made compliments to me. Seeing her faith I went
to live in her house. I had a Koomait horse with me, to
which the girl served very much. In lieu of this I grant-
ed salvation to her. I had Mohur Singh and the follow-
ing Seikhs are in my attendance in those days, viz., Nund
Singh and Sahib Zemindars, Boodh Singh Barbour, Sud-
da Singh Bhut, 1 Muthra Brahman, Lohta Jheewur, Mul-
wa the cooker, the son of Mumoo. Seven days after that
I thought it in my mind that I should worship and please
Naina Devi and thus obtain her assistance in destroying
Maharnmedans. I was induced to execute this plan by
Dhunna Brahman. I gave leave to all my attendants to
depart and myself accompanied with the Brahman went

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