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troubled in mind, body, or estate. Grant them repent-
ance and resignation, and grace to make a right use of
their afflictions.

Finally, we beseech thee, O Lord! to hear the
prayers, and accept the praises, which have this day
been offered up unto thee ; and give us, we pray thee,
a due sense of all thy mercies, that we may show forth
thy praise, not only with our lips, but in our lives ; by
giving up ourselves to thy service, and by walking before
the€#ri holiness and righteousness all our days ; through
Jesus Christ our Lord, to whom, with thee and the Holy
Ghost, be all honour and glory, world without end. Amen.

T HE Lord bless you and keep you. The Lord make
his face to shine upon you, and be gracious unto
you. The Lord lift up his countenance upon you, and
give you peace. Amen. Numbers, vi., 24, 25,26.

T HE grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God,
and the communion of the Holy Ghost, be with us
all evermore. Amen. II. Cor., xiU., 14.

IV/r Y brethren ! the end of all things is at hand. Be
ye therefore sober, and watch unto prayer. /. Feter,
iv., 7.

The Lord be with you. Almighty God, the Father,
the Son, and the Holy Ghost, bless and protect you.



^k^m fur ItntA (iDrminns.


For the Day of the Nativity.

A ALMIGHTY God ! merciful Father ! it is our duty
to bless thee, and to give thee thanks at all times,
but more especially on this day, when we commemorate
the blessed nativity of Jesus Christ, our Redeemer.

Thou hadst promised to our first parents in Paradise,
to send thy Son into the world. Thou hadst ordained
his coming to be announced by the prophets ; and thou
didst cause him to be born in the fulness of time.
Thine eternal Son, who, from the beginning, was with
thee, vouchsafed to take upon him our nature, and to
become man ; so that he is very God and very man,
our Immanuel, God with us. He who was in the form
of God, took upon him the form of a servant. He par-


took, as children do, of our nature, even of flesh and
blood. He was made like unto his brethren in all
things, yet without sin, to the end that he might be a
merciful high priest, to make reconcihation for our sins.
How great is this mystery of godliness ! God mani-
fest in the flesh, justified in the spirit, seen of angels,
preached unto the Gentiles, believed on in the world,
and received up into glory !

O God ! we believe and confess, to the praise of thy
mercy, that it is through the coming of thy Son into
the world that we do not perish eternally. May our
prayers and thanksgivings, on this solemn occasion, be
acceptable unto thee ! Favourably look upon thy peo-
ple, who ofler unto thee their supplications. Preserve
thy church, which this day commemorates the Advent
of the Redeemer, and celebrates thy praises.

O God ! heavenly Father ! who didst send the angel
Gabriel to announce the birth of thy Son, Jesus Christ,
and didst cause him to be born of the holy Virgin,
through the power of the Holy Spirit ; sanctify us by
the same Spirit, that Christ may be formed in us, that
he may live in us and dwell in us by faith, and that we
may live only in him, and for him.

O Lord ! who didst cause a miraculous splendour to
shine around the shepherds, on the night in which thy
Son came into the world, illumine our minds, we beseech
thee, with thy celestial light. So assist us by thy grace,
heavenly Father ! that we may live henceforth, even
unto the end, as becometh those who believe that thy
Son came to save them ; and may await with joy and


in peace, the glorious appearing of Jesus Christ; to
whom, with thee and the Holy Ghost, be rendered
! honour and glory, for ever and ever. Amen.

For the two Sundays during the Holy Days of the

A GOD ! Creator of the world, Father of our Lord
Jesus Christ, we lift up our hearts unto thee, we
adore thy Majesty, w^e offer the humble sacrifice of praise
and thanksgiving, more especially at this time, when so
many of thy servants commemorate the nativity of
their Redeemer.

Through thy great love towards mankind, thou didst
send thine only Son into the world. Thou didst ordain
that he should be born on earth ; that there he should
be subject to the infirmities of our nature ; and that he
should oflfer up, on the cross, for the salvation of men,
that same body with which he had come into the world.

O Lord ! we acknowledge, with joy and thanksgiving,
that by his birth, and by his sacrifice, all who serve thee
faithfully are raised from death into life, and made heirs
of thy kingdom. We therefore magnify thy name, and
adore thy mercy. Let all the angels extol thy glory
and thy goodness ! Let the sons of men proclaim thy
great praise, and say. Glory be to God in the highest,
on earth peace, good will towards men !


Jesus ! Son of God ! we bless thee that thou madest
thyself man to redeem us ; and we beseech thee to make
us truly sensible of the efiScacy of this redemption.
Thou, who art the Son of the blessed God, the joy and
glory of mankind, the Lamb of God which takest away
the sins of the world, have mercy upon us. Thou, who
wast upon earth, subject to infirmity as we are ; who
didst lay down thy life, and having taken it up again,
art returned into the bosom and into the glory of thy
Father in heaven, where thou sittest at his right hand,
where the angels are subject unto thee, and where thou
art preparing for us eternal habitations, favourably hear
our prayers and receive our praises. Thou, who didst
come to destroy the works of Satan, turn us from our
iniquities. Thou, who ^vast born and didst live in lowU-
ness, renouncing the pleasures and glory of the world,
and submitting thyself even to the death of the cross,
grant that we may despise the vanities and the deceitful
riches of this mortal life, and may aspire only to that
heavenly glory, and those everlasting treasures, which
thou hast purchased for us. As thou hast so loved us,
may we in like manner love thee, with all our heart, and
may nothing ever separate us from thy love.

God ! we beheve that thy dear Son was born to
raise us to life eternal. Make us rightly to comprehend
that, having this faith and this hope, we ought to purify
ourselves, even as he is pure. Enable us worthily to
celebrate thy praise, and to rejoice in the expectation of
the glory to be revealed in us. And when this mighty
Saviour shall again appear, with power and glory, for
the sake of those who await his coming unto salva-


tion, may we be made like unto him in thy kingdom,
where he liveth, adored and glorified, through all eter-
nity. Anien,

For the First Day of the Tear,

A ETERNAL and Almighty God ! we humble our-
selves in thy presence, to dedicate unto thee the
beginning of this year, by adoration, prayer and praise.
We bow down before thy Supreme Majesty, and acknow-
ledge with gratitude, the manifold blessings which thou
hast freely bestowed upon us, through the whole course
of our lives. We thank thee, that having preserved us
to the present time, thou hast permitted us to enter
upon a new year.

Thou hast not ceased, O most gracious God ! to
vouchsafe to us the abundance of thy loving kindness.
But thou hast especially enriched us with thy spiritual
blessings, by keeping in the midst of us the light of tliy
Gospel. Thou hast invited us to repentance, through
thy mighty help, through thy great goodness, and
through the warnings of thy word and of thy Spirit ;
and hast mercifully granted unto all of us favourable
opportunities to grow in grace, and to attain unto salva-
tion. Receive, God ! our praises and our thanksgiv-
ings ; and, notwithstanding our unworthiness, for the



love of Jesus Christ, take not away from ns thy protec-
tion and thy favour.

O Lord ! we would devote ourselves to thee, at the
beginning* of this year, desiring to employ it better than
we have done the years which are past ; and to this end,
we ask thy grace and thy blessing.

AxD, since this day warns us, merciful God ! that
our years pass away, give us grace seriously to consider
that our end draweth nigh. Teach us so to discern the
vanity of this hfe, that we may have an undei-standing
heart; that we may aspire to that better life, when days,
and months, and years, shall be counted no more for-
ever ; and that whilst we continue in the flesh, we may
live no longer according to the desires thereof, but ac-
cording to thy will. And grant, O God ! that when
our years shall come to an end, and the day of our
death shall arrive, we may depart in thy peace, and in
the hope of life everlasting. Favourably hear us, and
receive our thanksgivings and supplications; through
Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

For Palm Sunday.


LESSED Lord ! who, of thy tender mercy towards
mankind, didst offer thyself upon the cross, a sacri-
fice for sin ; grant that, through thy grace, we may offer


uato thee our souls and bodies a living sacrifice, holy
and acceptable unto thee, Avhich is our reasonable service.

Lord Jesus ! who didst enter into the city of Jerusa-
lem amidst the acclamations and praises of the multi-
tude and of thy disciples ; who spread their garments in
the way, and accompanied thee bearing in their hands
branches of palm trees ; give us grace to prepare thy
way by all manner of good works, to bear before thee
the fruits of righteousness, and to rejoice without ceasing
in thy salvation. O Lord ! who wast well pleased to be
praised by the children in the temple, crying aloud,
Hosannah to the Son of David ! grant that, by imita-
ting their innocence and simplicity, we ma}- celebrate
thy praises acceptably. And when thou shalt descend
from heaven, at the last day, may we enter with thee
into the heavenly Jerusalem, into the temple of thy
glory, to praise thee and to bless thee forever. Amen.

For the Day of the Crucifixion.

A LMIGHTY God! we beseech thee to look favoura-
bly upon thy people, for whom our Lord Jesus
Christ was willing to be delivered into the hands
of wicked men, and to suffer death upon the cross.
Grant that, as thy blessed Son shed his blood an
atonement for our sins, we may thereby obtain par-


don tbroug]i thy mercy ; and that thus we may draw
near unto thee with a true heart, in full assurance of
faith, and be enabled to serve thee, tbe living God ;
through the same Jesus Christ, our Lord.

O GRACIOUS and merciful God ! who hast created all
men, and hatest nothing which thou hast made ; we
offer unto thee our humble and fervent prayei's for the
ignorant and unbelieving. May it please thee especially,
in thy great mercy, to look upon the children of Israel,
once thy chosen people, now rejected because of unbe-
lief, but not forever ; and who still belong to thine elec-
tion, for the sake of their fathers. Graciously hear the ^
supplications of thy Church for their conversion, and j
remove from their hearts the veil of spiritual blindness
and unbelief. O Lord Jesus ! who didst come to save
the lost sheep of the house of Israel ; compassionate
Redeemer! who didst pray for those who crucified thee; \
have f)ity on thine ancient people who still reject thee.
Convert and bring back the remnant of Jacob ; to the
end that, looking upon him whom they pierced, all
Israel, according to thy promises, may be saved.

Almighty God ! we implore thy great mercy in favour
of the heathen. Give them the light of thy Gospel, that
foi-saking their unbelief, they may know and serve thee,
the living and true God, and Jesus Christ whom thou
hast sent. Turn all Mahometans and Infidels from the
error of their ways. Lord Jesus Christ ! the Great
Shepherd of the flock, and Redeemer of the world, who
didst lay down thy life for the salvation of all men ;
bring home thy sheep which are not as yet in thy fold ;


to the end that there may be but one fold and one Shep-
herd ; and that the fulness of the nations having come
into thy Church, every mouth may praise thee, and every
tongue acknowledge thee to be Lord, to the glory of
God, the Father.

Favourably hear us, O Lord ! Lamb of God !
who takest away the sins of the world, have mercy upon
us, and receive our supplications and praises ; thou, who
reignest with the Father and the Holy Ghost, One God,
blessed forever. Amen.

For the Day of the Resurrection,

A GOD ! we thank thee for the privilege of commemo-
rating, this day, the fulfilment of the work of our
redemption. We bless thee for thy mercy towards
mankind, in yielding to the death of the cross thy well
beloved Son, in whom was no sin ; who was delivered
up for our transgressions, and suffered for our iniquities;
who gave his life an offering for sin, and who rose from
the dead on the third day, as the great Shepherd of the

Christ, our Passover, hath been sacrificed for us ;
Christ is risen from the dead ; he hath come forth from
the tomb ; he hath conquered death, and liveth for ever
and ever. The Stone which the builders rejected, hath


become the head of the corner. This is the Lord's
doing, and it is marvellous in our eyes. This is the day
which the Lord hath made. Blessed be the God and
Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who, according to his
abundant mercy, hath begotten us again unto a lively
hope, by the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead;
to an inheritance incorruptible and undefiled, and that
fadeth not away, reserved in heaven for us. Accept, O
Almighty God ! the sacrifice of praise and thanksgiving
which thy servants offer unto thee, on this day of the
resurrection of their Redeemer.

O Lord ! who hast opened unto us the way to a bet-
ter life, by this resurrection of thy blessed Son ; give us
grace, that being risen with Christ, we may seek those
things which are above, and not those which are on
earth. May we live no more to ourselves, but to him
who died and rose again for us ; to the end that, in the
day of his last coming, we may be partakers of the
resurrection of the just ; that our mortal bodies may
put on immortality, and that we may be found worthy
to obtain the happiness of the world to come, and life
eternal ; through the same Jesus Christ, who liveth and
reigneth with thee, God blessed and glorified for ever.


For the Day of the Ascetision.

C\ LORD God Almighty! we would now, especially,
rejoice in tliy holy i>resei}ce, and bless thee for the
ascension of Jesus Christ, our Saviour, who was taken
up from earth into heaven. After thy Son had hum-
bled himself, even to the death of the cross, thou didst
highly exalt him, and hast given him a name which is
above every name. Thou hast crowned him with glory
and honour. Thou hast put all things under his feet,
and hast made him to sit at the right hand of the Ma-
jesty on high.

O Lord Jesus Christ! thou hast entered into heaven.
Prince of Peace! the everlasting gates have opened
unto thee. Thy kingdom is an everlasting kingdom.
Thou art the King of Glory. Thou art supreme in
power, both in heaven and on earth. Thou art ascend-
ed to thy Father and our Father, to thy God and our
God. Thou livest and reignest for ever and ever ; and
thou art able to save to the uttermost them who come
unto God by thee. Thou hast entered into heaven as
our forerunner^ It is thy pleasure, that where thou art,
there we should also be ; and we believe that thou wilt
come again, in like manner as thy Apostles saw thee
ascend into heaven. We rejoice in thy triumph and
thy glory. We beseech thee to make us partakers of
the fruits of thine ascension, and to send down upon us
from on high, thy Holy Spirit Through thy death and
ascension, thou hast opened heaven unto us. Suffer us
not, by our ingratitude and our sins, to close it against
us. Dispose us to seek the things which are above,


where thou sittest at the right hand of God ; and by
holy meditations and fervent desires, to raise our affec-
tions towards heaven, thy dwelling place.

O Lord Jesus Christ I who didst promise to thy dis-
ciples, Before thine ascension, that thou wouldst be with
them, even unto the end of the world ; dwell with us
according to thy promise, whilst we are in this body
deprived of thy presence ; to the end that, on the day of
judgment, the day of thy last coming, we may hear with
joy the voice of the Archangel ; that when raised from
the dead, we may be taken up to meet thee in the air ;
and may come to the heavenly Jerusalem, to the assem-
bly of the first born, and of the just made perfect, to
thee, the mediator of the new covenant, and to God,
thy Father and our Father; to whom belong glory and
blessing, for ever and ever. Ame)K

For the Day of Pentecost.

A LMIGHTY God, Eternal Father T we praise thee
and thank thee for all thy benefits, and, es|>ecially,
for those which we commemorate at this time. We
bless thee that thou hast redeemed us by thy Son, and
that, after having exalted him to thy right hand, thou
didst send down thy Iloly S|)irit upon the Apostles, and
afterwaixls upon thy whole Church. May it please thee,
O Lord ! graciously to receive our thanksgivings and our


praises for a gift so precious. Make us more and more
sensible, of the efficacy of the blood which thy Son hath
shed for us, and of the all-prevaiUng power of the Holy
Spirit ; to the end, that we may persevere in the holy
calling- wherewith thou hast honoured us, and that we
may glorify thee all the days of our lives.

Spirit of Light and of Truth! lead us into all truth,
enlighten our understandings, and dispel more and more
the darkness thereof. Spirit of Prayer and of Suppli-
cation ! teach us to pray a > we ought, and create in us
such holy desires as we cannot express. Spirit of Pow-
er ! sustain us always by thine influence, be with us in
temptations, direct us by thy grace without ceasing, and
lead us continually unto well doing. Spirit of Holiness !
sanctify our understandings and our hearts, purify our
affections, and prepare us to do our duty, each in the
vocation to which he is called. Spirit of Consolation !
dwell with us always, comfort us in affliction, fill us at
all times with joy unspeakable and full of glory. Spirit
of Peace ! give us gentle and charitable dispositions
towards one another; give us that peace which the
world can neither give nor take away.

O Holy and Divine Spirit ! thou who didst descend
upon the Apostles in cloven tongues, like as of fire, and
didst bestow on them the gift of divers tongues ; kindle
in our hearts a heavenly flame; inspire us with such fer-
vent zeal as will lead us to glorify thee, and to edify
our neighbour, by all holy conversation, and pious

God ! cast us not away from thy presence, and



take not thy Holy Spirit from ns. Suffer its not to
grieve or to quench this Holy Spirit. May he dwell
continually in us, as in his Temple ! May he guide us
during our sojourn on earth, and may we rejoice with-
out ceasing in his divine consolations ! May we thus
finish our course with joy ! May our mortal bodies be
one day quickened by the Spirit ; and may we, at the
last, be accounted worthy to enter into thy glory, there
to render eternally praise and honour to the Father, to
the Son, and to the Holy Ghost. A7nen,

For the Preparatory Service hefore Communion Day.

r\ OUR God, and our Saviour ! we humble ourselves
before thee, and thank thee for all thy mercies. We
bless thee also, that thou dost graciously call us, though
miserable sinners, to thy holy table, and to a participa-
tion in the benefits which Jesus Christ hath purchased
for us, by his death and resurrection.

O Lord ! sanctify us, we beseech thee, by thy Spirit;
for we are of ourselves unw^orthy to appear at thy holy
communion. Give us grace so to comprehend tliis lioly
and venerable sacrament, and, above all, thine exceeding
love, that we may come to thy table with dispositions
acceptable unto thee.

Produce in us, O God ! a deep conviction and a sin-


cere repentance of our sins, a humble dependence on thy
mercy, fervent gratitude for thine infinite love, and per-
fect confidence in the merits of tliy Son, our only conso-
lation in life and death. Grant unto us, O God, a firm
resolution to serve thee according to thy will, and so to
order our lives as becometh those who renew their bap-
tismal vow, and again bind themselves to thy service.
Give us also grace to love one another, even as thou
hast loved us ; and to forgive one another, in like man-
ner as thou hast forgiven us.

Lord Jesus I supply in our hearts whatever is wanting
to our preparation ; preserve us from the danger of eat-
ing this bread and drinking this cup unworthily, and of
thus rendering ourselves guilty of thy body and blood.

O Lord God ! vouchsafe so to assist us by thy grace,
that, now and at all times, we and thy whole church
may commemorate, as we ought, the passion and love of
thy Son. May Jesus Christ henceforth live in us ; and
may we live in him, walking in newness of life, even to
the end of our days, to the glory of thy holy name, and
to our eternal salvation ; through the same Jesus Christ,
our Lord. Amen,


A Prayer after CommuniGn.

A OUR God, and our Fatlier! Sovereign Lord and
Kuler of all things, -who art blessed in the heavens,
who art seated between the cherubim ; thousands of
thousands of angels continually worship before thee,
celebrating thy glory and thy majesty, which fill the
heavens and the earth. We praise thee, we magnify
thy great mercy, and glorify thy name : for thy name is
holy and glorious, greatly to be feared, and worthy tabe
exalted, now and forever, through Jesus Christ thy Son.

We offer unto thee, O Lord ! our thanksgivings and
our praises, with humility and joy, for as much as thou
hast vouchsafed to receive us, miserable sinners, at thy
table, and to number us among thy servants, and the
heirs of thy kingdom. We beseech thee, through the
merits of thy Son and faith in his blood, that we may
be partakers of the fruits of his sacrifice, which we have
this day commemorated. Grant that we may obtain,
through thy mercy, remission of our sins, a sense of thy
love, that peace which the world neither giveth nor
taketh away, and an entrance into thine everlasting

Send down upon us from heaven, thy Holy Spirit, to
enlighten, to sanctify, to gladden our souls. May we,
through the same Spirit quickening us more and more,
serve thee with a pure conscience, love one another with
sincerity of heart, walk in innocence, and keep ourselves
unspotted from the world.

So assist us, that whilst we are here in the body.


we may keep tlie covenant wbicli we have this day
renewed, and may be faithful to thee even unto death.
May this heavenly food which hath been provided for
us at thy table, preserve and increase in us spiritual
life, and destroy sin more and more in us. May we
derive from this communion in the death of thy Son,
victory over temptation, perseverance in faith, a sure
defence against our spiritual enemies, and a continual
growth in charity, humility and patience, that being
enabled to lead a holy life, we may die the death of the

Finally, we beseech thee, O most gracious God!
that as thou hast received us at this heavenly feast,
prepared for us in thy church, we may be admitted,
after our departure from this world, to the marriage
feast of the Lamb, with all thy saints and all thine
elect, in thy heavenly kingdom ; where thou wilt be all
in all, where we shall be conformed to thy glorious
image, and shall eternally praise the Father, the Son,
and the Holy Ghost. Amen.


CnllrrtH fnr ItntBi (DrraHintis.




For the Nativity.

n ALMIGHTY God ! who didst give thine only Son,
to take upon him our nature, and be born of a
virgin ; we implore thee to accept the praises which thy
church offers unto thee, for this blessed nativity. Give

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