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us grace, that by a true faith, we may be partakers of
the salvation which thy Son .Jesus Christ brought into
the world; and that, being ourselves regenerate and
made thy children by adoption, we may serve thee in
holiness and righteousness, all the days of our lives ;
through the same Jesus Christ, thy beloved Son. Amen.


For the Day of the Nativity.

r\ ALMIGHTY God ! we thank thee that thou didst
send thy Son, to be born of the Virgin, to the end,
that becoming man, he might redeem us ; and that thou
wilt send him a second time from heaven, to judge the
world. Give us grace, that as we joyfully celebrate
this day, the remembrance of the first coming of Jesus
Christ, our Saviour, we may also appear before him,
with gladness and a pure conscience, at the day of his
second and last advent, when he will come in his glory,
to judge the living and the dead. This we ask through
the same Jesus Christ, thy Son, our Lord. Amen.

For the Last Day of the Year, and for New- Years'

A LMIGHTY and most gracious God ! since we are to
close the year with this day, {since we are this day
beginning a neio year^ we thank thee for all the mercies
vouchsafed to us during the whole course of our lives,
and especially during the year now ending (just
closed.) We offer unto thee, O Lord ! the sacrifice of
our praises, and we acknowledge, that through thy great
goodness and help, we are enabled to pass our years in
peace, although we have offended thee in various ways.
Pardon, O merciful God ! all who sincerely repent of


their sins, and grant that, while our years are pass-
ing away, we may employ, in the work of our salvation,
the time thou mayest vouchsafe unto us ; pressing al-
ways towards the end of our heavenly calling, even that
blessed eternity, which Jesus Christ thy Son, our Lord,
hath prepared for us. Amen.

For the Day of the Crucifixion.

A LMIGHTY and everlasting God ! who, of thy tender
love towards mankind, didst not spare thine only
Son, but didst dehver him up to death, that he might
ransom us from our sins ; give us grace, we beseech thee,
so to keep in mind the sufferings and death of our Saviour,
that, receiving this inestimable benefit with lively faith and
sincere gratitude, we may obtain remission of all our
sins. We pray thee also, that through the efficacy of
his death, we may die unto sin, and live unto righteous-
ness ; that we may be led to love one another, and to
follow the example of patience which our blessed Re-
deemer hath set before us ; to the end that we may be
made partakers of his resurrection ; through the same
Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.


For the Day of the Resurrection.

C\ GOD ! who didst ordain that tliine only Son should
suffer death, should be buried and remain in the
tomb until the third day ; grant that we, who have been
baptized into his death, may be likewise buried with
him, by continually mortifying our corrupt affections.
And as he rose from the dead, may we also rise in new-
ness of life ; so that, by death and the grave, we may
pass to a joyful resurrection, through the merits of hira
who died for our offences, and rose again for our justifi-
cation. Amen.

For the Day of the Ascension.

C\ ALMIGHTY God ! since Jesus Christ, thine only
Son, hath ascended into heaven, we beseech thee,
to give us grace to ascend thither in mind and in
heart. We pray thee, likewise, not to leave us com-
fortless, but that thou wouldst be pleased to send us thy
Holy Spirit, to sanctify and to bless us, to lead and
exalt us unto the place whither our Saviour Christ is
gone before; who livoth aiul reigneth with thee and the
Holy Ghost, One God, blessed forcNcr. Amen.


For the Day of Pentecost.

r\ GOD ! who didst send thy Holy Spirit, on the day
of Pentecost, to thy faithful people ; grant us the
help of the same Spirit, to lead us into the way of truth
and godliness, and to inspire us with sentiments of peace
and charity ; to the end that we may evermore rejoice
in thy holy consolations ; through the merits of Jesus
Christ our Lord, who liveth and reigneth with thee, in
the unity of the same Spirit, One God, olessed forever.

A Prayer before Communion.

INTERNAL and Almighty God ! since we commemo-
rate at this time the death of thy Son, in the
celebration of the holy Supper, which he himself or-
dained as a pledge of his love and a memorial of his
sufferings, to ransom us from our sins; we pray thee,
favourably to look upon us, miserable sinners, who are
un worth}' to be ])artakers of these holy mysteries.
Sanctify us, O Lord ! that we may serve thee accepta-
bly, in showing forth with faith and joy the death of our
Saviour ; and may glorify thee by holy and useful lives ;
throuffh the same Jesus Christ. Amen,


A Prayer after Communion.

A ALMIGHTY God ! we praise and thank thee, that
in thine abundant mercy, thou didst dehver up thy
Son to the death of the cross; and that we have this
day had the consolation of commemorating that death,
in the holy Supper. O God ! we thank thee for a gift so
precious. We extol thy mercy, and we pray to thee,
that all of us, who have partaken of these holy myste-
ries, may profit by the sufferings of our Redeemer ; and
may obtain, through thy goodness, the pardon of our offen-
ces, the graces of thy Spirit, the comfort of thy love, the
light of thy peace, and, after this life, the glory of thy
kingdom. Hear us, we beseech thee, in the name and
for the sake of our mefciful Redeemer, Jesus Christ.


(DrrnsinnEl ^'rniirrs nni f jjanksgiiiings.


For a Person or Persons to he Ordained.

A GOD! viho Last established a visible church upon
earth, and hast ordained a holy ministry and sa-
craments therein ; we pray to thee, at this time especially,
for light and help to our pastors. May they admit to
the sacred charge of preaching the Gospel, such persons
only as are blameless in life, and pure, meek and fervent
in spirit ! May they be deei)ly sensible how solemn the
duty is, to choose wisely and discreetly, those whom
they shall receive into that holy ministry. More espe-
cially do we pray thee, at this time, to endue with thy
Holy Spirit, and with heavenly gifts, our brother who is
now to be ordained and dedicated to thy service. Sane-


tify him, to the end that, in purity of doctrine and ho-
liness of life, he may serve thee faithfully, to the glory
of thy holy name, and to the edification of thy church.
Hear our prayer, O merciful Father ! in the name and
for the sake of our compassionate High Priest and ado-
rable Redeemer, Jesus Christ. Amen.

For Pastors.

A LMIGHTY God ! we pray thee for all the pastors
of thy church. May they preach thy word with
fidelity, firmness and humility. May they labour not in
vain, to establish the indispensable obligation of the du-
ties enjoined by our holy religion, and to make mani-
fest their beauty and excellence. Enable them to set
forth the motives which bind us to obey thee ; the helps
which are offered ; and the rewards which await us.
May they, as well by their example as by their preach-
ing, prepare for thee a peculiar people, zealous of good
works. Defend them, O Lord ! under the shadow of
thy wings ; and guard them from the temptations of the
world, and the de\ices of their spiritual enemies. Grant
that they shun not to declare all the counsel of God;
and that, having testified the Gospel of thy grace, they
may finish their course with joy, and the ministry which
they have received of the Lord Jesus. Hear us, O God !
we beseech thee, for the sake of thy Son, our Saviour.


For Missionaries.

A ALMIGHTY God ! who art the Father of all na-
tions, and from whom cometh every good and per-
fect gift; who, in thy divine providence, hast appointed
a ministry for thy church, with the command to teach
all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father,
and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost ; we ask thy
blessing on all missionaries throughout the world. Fill
them, we pray thee, with zeal for thy church ; and ena-
ble them to gather many lost sheep into the fold of the
Redeemer. Endue them with innocence of hfe, and
meekness of spirit.* Grant them a strong faith, lively
hopes, and above all, godly love. Give them grace to
declare the whole counsel of God ; to the glory of thy
name ; to the salvation of many, ready to perish ; and
to the advancement of thy Holy Church Universal.
Hear us, we beseech thee, in the name and for the sake
of the Lamb of God, who taketh away the sins of the
world. Amen.

For Rain.

A GOD ! heavenly Father ! who, by thy Son, Jesus
Christ, hast promised to those who seek thy king-
dom and its righteousness, all things necessary for their


bodily subsistence ; we beseech thee to hear our suppli-
cations. Graciously send us rains and favourable sea-
sons, that our hearts may be filled with joy, and that
the earth may bring forth the fruits which are needful
for US. O God ! who didst provide for thy people, du-
ring forty years, in a barren and thirsty wilderness*, com-
mand, we pray thee, the clouds to drop fatness through
all thy heritage ; and banish the drought from our bor-
ders. Overwhelm us not, merciful Father, with thy
chastisements, but spare us, good Lord ! and give us
grace to praise and adore thee, through Jesas Christ,
our Saviour. Ainen.

Or this.

f\ GOD ! heavenly Father ! who, by thy Son Jesus
Christ, hast promised to those who seek thy king-
dom all things needful to their temporal comfort; grant,
we beseech thee, that our land may be speedily refreshed
with rain, to the relief of our necessities, and to thy
glory ; through our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.


For Fair Weather.

A LORD God Almighty ! we acknowledge that,tlirough
our transgressions, we are justly exposed to thy dis-
pleasure. But we beseech thee to restrain thy righteous
indignation, and to remember us in mercy. Withdraw
from us the unusual rains wherewith we are visited.
Vouchsafe to us favourable times for the growth and
ingathering of the fruits of the earth, in their due sea-
son. Give us grace so to profit by thy chastisements,
that we may love and fear thee more, through all the
residue of our sojourn upon earth. Hear us, O most
merciful Father ! for Christ's sake. Amen.

In Times of Dearth and Famine.

i\ GOD! heavenly Father ! who givest the former and
^ the latter rain ; through whom the earth is fertile,
the beasts of the field are nourished, and the fishes of
the sea are multiplied ; who boldest in thy hand the
season appointed for harvest ; amidst the abundance of
all things, which thy loving kindness has provided, we
have neglected to serve thee, and thou dost now recall
us to repentance and obedience by dearth and famine.
We acknowledge, O God ! that our sins have drawn
upon us tliine indignation. We cry unto thee, because
the fountains of water fail. O Lord ! grant in mercy.


that the heavens may answer to the earth. Give unto
all things their due increase, that we, receiving at thy
bounteous hand the blessings which thou hast withheld,
may devote them to the comfort of the destitute, to our
own benefit, and to thy glory. These favours we hum-
bly ask, O gracious Father ! in the name of our com-
passionate Redeemer, Jesus Christ. Ameii,

In Time of War.

r\ GOD ! the Lord of Hosts ! vengeance belongeth
unto thee ; thy power no creature can resist ; but
in wrath thou rememberest mercy. O gracious Father !
restrain, we humbly beseech thee, the efforts of our ene-
mies, and save us from the perils and evils of war. In-
spire all who are high in authority over the nations, with
dispositions to peace ; and grant that the whole earth
may become as one family. May glory to God and good
will to men prevail upon ' earth, that w^e and all people
may praise and serve thee, in all quietness. Hear, we
beseech thee, our prayer, for the Kedeemer's sake.


In Time of great Sickness and Mortality.

LORD I we are consumed by thine anger, and by
thy wrath are we troubled. Thou hast set our
iniquities before thee, our seeret sins in the light of thy
countenance. Our days are passed in thy displeasure,
and we spend our years as a tale that is told. Thou
hast dealt justly with us, O Lord ! in all things, for we
have not obeyed thee. Thon hast seen that our wick-
edness was great, that the thoughts of our hearts were
evil continually, and thou hast sent forth sickness and
tribulation among us. The king of terrors is in the
midst of us. O God ! remember mercy, and withdraw
from our land this awful scourge. O I say to this angel
of death, it is enough, and of thy mercy spare us. But
whatever the future may have in store for us, whether
of good or of evil, give us grace to praise thy compas-
sion with humility and fear, and to bless thy name for
ever and ever ; through Jesus Christ our Saviour. Amen.

For a Person expecting, or under, Sentence of Death.

TO" E implore thy mercy, O most gracious God ! for
the mihappy man in whose behalf our prayers
are offered. O God ! who desirest that the greatest of
sinners should turn from his wickedness and live ; we
pray thee to seek this unfortunate prisoner, who, having


forsaken thee, liatli been surprised in his iniquities, and
is about to suffer the punishment of the law, and to
appear before thee.

Lord Jesus ! Saviour and Redeemer of men, who
didst graciously hear the prayers of a malefactor cruci-
fied with thee ; have pity on this convict, now cast down
in thy holy and awful presence ; give him repentance
unto life ; and grant that the punishment which awaits
him may be sanctified to the salvation of his soul.

Hear, O God ! hear from heaven, thy dwelling place,
the prayers he may ofler to thee in his distress. Fa-
vourably hear those who may intercede with thee, for
him. If his body must suflfer, may his spirit be saved
in the day of the Lord. Although he may not escape
the judgment of men, grant that he fall not under that
awful condemnation, which destroyeth both soul and

These mercies, O Lord ! we ask in the name, and for
the sake of thy compassionate Son, Jesus Christ, our
Redeemer. Anien.

For a Sick Person.

"PAVOURxVBLY hear us,0 Father of mercies! while

we implore thy compassion in behalf of the sick

person, for whom our prayers are desired. Visit hiin

with thine infinite goodness, and sanctify unto him thy



fatherly correction. May the sense of his danger
strengthen Ms faith, and make his repentance the more
sincere. Restore hiin^ we humbly beseech thee, to the
prayers of his ftimily and of thy servants, who ask thy
assistance, for the restoration of his health ; and grant
that the residue of his life may be devoted to his salva-
tion, and to thy glory. But if it shall seem to thee good
to order otherwise, give him grace to end his days in
faith and hope, that he may dwell with thee in life ever-
lasting ; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

For a Sick Child.

A LMIGHTY and most merciful Father ! in whose
hands are the issues of life and death ; look down,
we beseech thee, in compassion, upon the sick child, for
whom our prayers are desired. If it be thy good plea-
sure, deliver him from his bodily sickness, prolong his
days upon earth, enable him to live in thy fear and to
thy glory, and visit him with thy salvation. But if it
please thee, gracious God ! in thy wise providence, to
take his soul at this time out of the world, receive him,
we entreat thee, into those heavenly habitations, where
the spirits of all who are in the Lord Jesus enjoy per-
petual rest and felicity. Grant this, Lord ! for the
love of thy Son, our Saviour, Jesus Christ. Amen.


For a Person under Affliction.

A MERCIFUL God and heavenly Father ! who hast
taught lis, in thy holy word, that thou dost not
willingly afl3ict the children of men ; look with pity, we
beseech thee, on the sorrows of thy servant, for whom
our prayers are desired. In thy wisdom, thou hast
visited him with trouble, and hast brought distress upon
him. Remember him, O Lord! in mercy. Sanctify
thy fatherly correction to him. Endue his soul with
patience under his affliction, and with resignation to thy
blessed will. Comfort him with a sense of thy good-
ness, and give him peace ; through Jesus Christ our
Lord. Amen.

For a Person, or Persons, at Sea, or going to Sea.

A ETERNAL God ! who alone spreadest out the
heavens, and rulest the raging of the sea ; we com-
mend to thy almighty protection, thy servant, for whose
preservation on the great deep our prayers are desired.
Guard him, we beseech thee, from the dangers of the
sea, from sickness, from the violence of enemies, and
from every evil to which he may be exposed. Conduct
him in safety to the haven where he would be, with a
grateful sense of thy mercies ; through Jesus Christ our
Lord. Amen.



For Rain.

C\ GOD ! our heavenly Father ! who, by thy provi-
dence, dost cause the former and the latter rain to
descend upon the earth, that it may bring forth fruit for
the use of man; we give thee humble thanks that it hath
pleased thee favourably to hear our prayers ; and in our
great necessity, to send us rain for the dry and thirsty
earth. For this thy mercy, we bless thee, O God ! be-
seeching thee to give us grace to receive all thy gifts
with thankfulness, and to use them according to thy
will ; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

For Fail' Weather.

A LORD God ! we return thee our thanks, that thou
hast been graciously pleased to hear our supplica-
tions, and to withdraw from us the unusual rains, with
which thou didst visit us. We thank thee that thou


hast comforted us in our calamity, by a change so ac-
ceptable, and hast relieved oar necessities. We praise
thee, and we glorify thy holy name, for this testimony
of thy fatherly love ; desiring thy grace, always to re-
member thy goodness, and always to show forth our
thankfulness, by obedience to thy iioly will ; through
Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

For Abundance,

A MOST merciful Father ! who hast graciously heard
our prayers, and hast given us plenty instead of
dearth ; we give thee our humble thanks for this thy
bounty. We beseech thee to continue thy loving kind-
ness unto us, that the earth may bring forth abundantly
its fruits in their season. We bless thee, O Lord ! for
these thy gifts, desiring to use them in thy fear, and in
obedience to thy commandments; through Jesus Christ
our Lord. Amen,

For Peace,

\ LMIGHTY Godl who art a tower of defence to all

who i)ut their trust in thee; we bless thee and give

thee thanks, for our deliverance from the dangers which


threatened us. O God I throngh whom men live in
peace and concord ; who onl}^ art able to calm the storms
which disturb the tranquillity of our race ; we return
thee most humble thanks, that thou hast been pleased
favourably to hear our supplications, and to give us
peace. We praise thee, O Lord ! for this thy mercy.
Grant that the blessing thus graciously vouchsafed to us
may be permanent. Above all, we beseech thee to give
us that peace which the world cannot give, even thy
peace ; which passeth all understanding, and which
keepeth our hearts and minds in Jesus Christ; in whose
name, we offer up our sacrifice of praise and thanksgiv-
ino;. Ainen^

For Deliverance from great Sickness and Mortality.

A FATHER of Mercies T we humbly acknowledge that,
through the multitude of our transgressions, and
the hardness of our hearts, we might have been justly
visited with all the judgments which thou hast de-
nounced against sinners. But thou hast been graciously
pleased, in thine infinite compassion, favourably to hear
our prayers, and regard our imperfect humiliation. Thou
hast withdrawn from us the grievous sickness which
afifiicted us. For this thy mercy, O Lord ! we bless
thee, and desire to present unto thee our bodies and our
souls, a li.ving sacrifice. Accept our thanksgivings ; and
enable us to live in love and fear of thee, and in obe-


dience to thy commandments. Hear us, O compassion-
ate Father ! in the name and for the sake of thy Son,
Jesus Christ. Amen.

For Recovery from Sickness.

r\ GOD of all compassion ! receive our humble thanks
for thy mercy, vouchsafed to thy servant, who now
desires to praise and bless thee for the restoration of 7iis
health. Thou knowest our frame, and rememberest
that we are dust ; and thou hast manifested towards him
thy loving kindness and tender mercies. We beseech,
thee, O gracious God ! to impress his heart with a grate-
ful sense of thy goodness ; that he may, henceforth, love
thee more and more purely, and serve thee more and
more faithfully ; so that, having lived acceptably to thee
in this life, he may be partaker of thy glory in the life
to come ; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

For Recover ij of a Sick Child.

GOD ! who art the giver of life, and the author of

health unto all mankind ; to thy providence we owe



our preservation from day to day. It is of thy merciful
goodness that the sick child, in whose behalf we ap-
proach thee, hath been graciously spared and restored.
We unite -with those whom thou hast ordained to be
his guardians and friends, in returning our humble and
hearty thanks for this manifestation of thy loving kind-
ness. May they be deeply sensible of thy great com-
passion ; and may the child thou hast given back to
them be a subject of thy grace, and an example of god-
liness and virtue, so long as he may live ; thiough Jesus
Christ our Lord. Amen.

For a Safe Return from Sea.

M OST gracious God ! whose mercy is over all thy
works ; we praise thy holy name, that thou hast
been pleased to conduct in safety, through the perils of
the great deep, thy servant^ in whose behalf we desire
to return our thanks unto thee. Grant that he may be
duly sensible of thy merciful providence towards him ;
and that he may also express his thankfulness by a holy
trust in thee, and by a willing obedience to thy laws ;
through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


For Deliverance in Time of Anxiety and Danger.

A ALMIGHTY God ! thou hast been graciously pleased
to preserve, amidst the anxiety and danger to which
he hath been exposed, thy servant, in whose behalf we
now desire to offer our praises unto thee. For this thy
gracious deliverance, most merciful Father! we give
thee humble thanks. And we beseech thee to grant
that, through thy help, he may live according to thy
holy will in this life, and may be partaker of everlasting
glory, in the life to come ; through Jesus Christ our
Lord. Ainen,


(JbDnrluiing l^rntttrs.

For Purity of Heart and Life.

A LMIGHTY Father ! who hast given thine only Son
to die for our sins, and to rise again for our justifi-
cation ; cleanse us, we beseech thee, from the old leaven
of malice, and of uncharitableness, that we may serve
thee with singleness of heart and purity of life ; through
Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen,

For Divine Compassion and Blessing.

ALMIGHTY God! the fountain of all wisdom, who
knowest our necessities before we ask, and our ig-
norance in' asking ; we beseech thee to have compassion


on our infirmities ; and those things which, for our
unworthiness we dare not, and for our blindness we
cannot ask, vouchsafe to give us ; through the merits of
thy Son, Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.

For Grace, Mercy and Direction.

A GOD ! the protector of all who trust in thee, with-
out whom we have neither strength, nor faith, nor
holiness of life ; we beseech thee to increase thy grace

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