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Lewis, Dauphin of France, who departed this
life, April 14th, 1711. *. 1. et a. 4

LOVE. God's Jove to mankind. Manifested, by
dis-prooving his absolute decree for their dam-
nation. [By Samuel HOARD.]

s. I, 1633. 4

Another edition. London, 1673. 12
LOVE (B.). Records of Wesleyan life. 2d ed.

London, 1843. 8

LOVE (CHRISTOPHER), Minister of St Laurence
Jury, London. The select works of the Rev.
C. L. 2 vol. Glasgow, 1806, 7. 8

The zealous Christian taking heaven by holy
violence : in severall sermons tending to direct
men how to heare with zeale, and to pray with
importunity. London, 1653. 8

Another edition. London, 1657. 4

Grace : the truth and growth, and different
degrees thereof. The surnm and substance of
the last xv. sermons, preached by... Mr C. L.
To which is added a funerall sermon, being the
very last sermon he ever preached.

London, 1657. 4

The penitent pardoned. A treatise : wherein
is handled the duty of confession of sin, and
the priviledge of the pardon of sin. Together
with a discourse of Christ's ascension into hea-
ven, and of his coming again from heaven.
Wherein the opinion of the Chiliasts is consi-
dered, and solidly confuted. Being the sum
and substance of several sermons preached by
...C. L. London, 1657. 4

Another copy. [Wants title.]

The dejected soules cure : tending to support
poor drooping sinners. With rules, comforts,
and cautions in severall cases. In divers ser-
mons. To which is added, I. The ministry of
the angels to the heirs of salvation. II. God'a
omnipresence. III. The sinners legacy to
their posterity. London, 1657. 4

The combate between the flesh and spirit. As
also the wofull with-drawing of the Spirit of
God, with the causes thereof : and walking in,



and after the spirit, together with the blessed-
nesse thereof. Being the sum and substance
of xxvii. sermons. To which is added The
Christians directory... in xv. sermons.

London, 1658. 4

A treatise of effectual calling and election. In
xvi. sermons on 2 Peter, i. 10. Wherein a
Christian may discern whether yet he be ef-
fectually called and elected. And what course
he ought to take that he may attain the as-
surance thereof. London, 1658. 4

Heavens glory, Hells terror. Or, two trea-
tises : the one concerning the glory of the
saints with Jesus Christ, as a spur to duty :
the other, of the torments of the damned, as
a preservative against security.

London, 1658. 4'

LOVE (JOHN), D.D., Minister of the Gospel atAn-
derston. The best counsel, and the best in-
heritance. A sermon, [on Prov. viii. 20, 21].
Glasgow, 1818. 8

Communion with saints in heaven. A ser-
mon, [on Heb. xii. 23]. Glasgow, 1819. 8

A serious call respecting a mission from Glas-
gow to the river Indus. Addressed to Chris-
tians in Glasgow. Glasgoiv, 1820. 8

The character of the wise teachers of righteous-
ness, and their future glory. A sermon [on
Dan. xii. 3] preached at Greenock on the 22d
April 1821, on occasion of the death of the
Rev. Mr Kenneth Bayne.

Glasgow, 1821. 8

Another copy.

Sermons preached on public occasions ; with
fifteen addresses to the people of Otaheite ;
and a serious call respecting a mission to the
river Indus. [With a memoir of the author's
life prefixed.] Glasgow, 1826. 12

Addresses to the people of Otaheite.

s. I. et a. 12

Discourses on select passages of Scripture.
2vol. Edin., 1829. 12

Sermons preached in the West church, Green-
ock, during the years 1784-85.

Glasgow, 1853. 12

Letters of J. L. Glasgow, 1838. 12

* Some notices of the character of the late
Rev. J. L., D.D., as a preacher of the Gospel :
including a short address to the unconverted,
and to the true Christians, who were his hear-
ers, in verse. By one who attended his mi-
nistry for several years. Glasgow, 1827. 12

Memorials of the Rev. J. L. : consisting of

diary, reminiscences, and original papers.

Edited by the committee entrusted with the

charge of his unpublished manuscripts. 2 vol.

Glasgow, 1857, 58. 8

Another copy. Vol. i.

LOVEDAY (SAMUEL). An alarm to slumbring
Christians, or the parable of the wise and fool-
ish virgins, and of the talents, sheep and goats ;
being a plain and practical exposition of the
whole xxv. chapter of St Matthew's Gospel...
London, 1675. 8

- Personal reprobation reprobated : being a plain
exposition upon the nineth chapter to the Ro-

mans, shewing that there is neither little nor
much of any such doctrine as personal election
or reprobation, asserted by the Apostle in that
chapter : but that his great designe is to main-
tain justification by faith in Christ Jesus, with-
out the works of the law. London, 1676. 8

LOVELESS (Mrs). * The missionary's wife : or,
a brief account of Mrs Loveless, of Madras ;
the first American missionary to foreign lands.
By Richard Knill. [Presb. Tracts, vol. ii.]

Philadelphia, 1840. 12

LOVELL (ROBERT). Two soveraigne salves for
the soule's sickenesse. [A sermon on John,
v. 14.] [London, 1621.] 4

LOW (DAVID), LL.D. , Bishop of Ross and Argyll.
A charge delivered on 18th June 1823, to
the clergy of the Episcopal communion of Ross
and Argyll. Edin., 1823. 8

LOW (DAVID), Professor of agriculture in the uni-
versity of Edinburgh. An inquiry into the na-
ture of the simple bodies of chemistry.

London, 1844. 8

LOWE (ANDREW). A vindication of the Church
of Scotland from the malicious and groundless
aspersions of Mr William Dugud. With an
introductory epistle in defence of the Church
of Scotland, from the charge of persecution :
and the behaviour of the dissenters in Eng-
land. London, 1714. 8

LOWE ( JOSIAH B. ), D. D. , Incumbent of St Jude's,
Liverpool. Inspiration a reality ; or, A vindi-
cation of the plenary inspiration and infallible
authority of holy Scripture. In reply to a
book lately published by the Rev. J. Mac-
naught, entitled, "The doctrine of inspira-
tion." London, 1856. 8

The doctrine of the atonement, considered
especially in reference to recent objections.

Londoit, 1857. 8
LOWMAN (MosEs), Dissenting minister at Clap-
ham. A defence of the Protestant dissenters ;
in answer to the misrepresentations of Dr Sher-
lock, in his vindication of the Corporation and
Test Acts. London, 1718. 8

Remarks on Dr Sherlock's answer to the Lord
Bishop of Bangor's late book, &c. In further
vindication of the true meaning of the Corpo-
ration and Test Acts. London, 1719. 8

The principles of an occasional CONFORMIST,
stated and defended. 1718

The principles of Popery schismatical. A ser-
mon preached at Salters-Hall, April 3, 1735.
2d ed. London, 1735. 8

A paraphrase and notes on the Revelation of
St John. Dublin, 1740. 8

Second edition. London, 1745. 4

Third edition. London, 1773. 8

A dissertation on the civil government of the
Hebrews. In which the true designs, and na-
ture of their government are explained. The
justice, wisdom and goodness of the Mosaical
constitutions, are vindicated : in particular,
from some late unfair and false representations
of them in the Moral Philosopher. To which
is added, an appendix, in which some parts of
that government are farther explain'd and



vindicated ; and some more unfair ami f;
representations of it by the Moral Philo.sopli, -r
are detected. And considerations on the Rev.
Mr Foster's Discourse of the Jewish theocracy,
vol. iii., serm. xv. 2ded. London, 1745. 8

A rational of the ritual of the Hebrew wor-
ship ; in which the wise designs and useful-
ness of that ritual are explained, and vindi-
cated from objections. Londvn, 1748. 8

LOWNDES (ISAAC). English-Greek Lexicon.

<',-,/, 1827. 8

A modern Greek and English lexicon. To
which is prefixed, an epitome of modern Greek
grammar. Corfu, 1837. 8

- Lexicon Hebraico-Neohellenicon of the Old
Testament. Malta, 1842. 8

Another copy.

LOWRIE (JOHN C.). Travels in North India...

including a sketch of missionary undertakings.

Philadelphia, 1842. 12

LOWRIE (LouiSA A.).* Memoir of Mrs L. A.
L. of the Northern India mission by the Rev.
Ashbel G. Fairchild. 2d ed.

Philadelphia, 1837. 12

LOWRIE ( ), Lander. The whole question

of ecclesiastical ESTABLISHMENTS stated and
considered. 1833

LOWTH (ROBERT), D.D., Bishop of London.
The popular works of R. L. 3 vol.

London, 1843. 8

A sermon [on Deut. iv. 7-9] preached at the
assizes held at Durham, August 15, 1764.
2d ed. Newcastle, 1764. 4

A sermon [on Prov. xxiv. 21] preached before
the Lords spiritual and temporal in Westmin-
ster, Jan. 30, 1767. London, 1767. 4

- Isaiah. A new translation. 1779. See BIBLES

De sacra poesi Hebrjeorum pnelectiones aca-
demies Oxonii habitfe. Subjicitur metrica)
Harianse brevis confutatio et oratio Crewiana.
Cum notis et epimetris Joa. Dav. Michaelis,
suis animadversionibus adjectis, edidit Ern.
Frid. Car. Rosenmuller. Insunt Car. Frid.
RICHTERI de setate Libri Jobi definienda, at-
que Clirist. WKISII de metro Hariano commen-
tationes. Lipsice, 1815. 8

Another edition. Oyonii, 1821. 8

- Lectures on the sacred poetry of the Hebrews ;
translated from the Latin by G. Gregory,
F.A.S. To which are added, the principal
notes of Professor Michaelis, and notes by the
translator and others. 2 vol.

London, 1787. 8

Fourth edition. To which are added, the
principal notes of Professor Michaelis, and
notes by the translator and others.

London, 1839. 8

- A new edition, with notes by Calvin E. Stowe,
A.M. Andorer, 1829. 8

LOWTH (SIMON), D.D., Hector of Cosmus Blene.
On the subject of Church-power, in whom it
resides. Its force, extent, and execution, that
it opposes not civil government in any one in-
stance of it. London, 1685. 8

Another copy.

A letter to Edward Stillingfleet, D.D., in an-
swer to the epistle dedicatory before his ser-
mon, preached at a publick ordination at St
Peters-Cornhil, March 15, 168|. Together
\\ itli some reflections upon certain letters which
Dr Burnet wrote on the same occasion.

London, 1687. 4

A letter to a friend in answer to a letter writ-
ten against Mr Lowth, in defence of Dr Stil-
lingfleet. London, 1688. 4

* The independent power of the Church not Ro-
mish, but primitive and Catholic. A treatise
pursuing the distinction between the ecclesias-
tical and civil powers ; with particular regard
to the Reformation of the Church of England,
and to the statutes of K. Henry VIII. and Q.
Elizabeth ; against Erastians of all sorts : by
way of supplement to a book entitxiled, Of the
subject of Church power, &c. published in
1685, by Simon Lowth, D.D. And in vindi-
cation of that work, and its author, from the
charge of Popery. By a Presbyter of the
Church of England. London, 1716. 8

LOWTH (WILLIAM), B.D., Prebendary of Win-
chester. A vindication of the divine authority
of the writings of the Old and New Testament.
In answer to a treatise [by J. Le Clerc] lately
translated out of French, intituled, Five let-
ters concerning the inspiration of the holy
Scriptures. Oxford, 1692. 8 J

Another copy.

Second edition. With amendments and a new
preface, wherein the antiquity of the Penta-
teuch is asserted, and vindicated from some
late objections. London, 1699. 8

The third edition. [An exact reprint of the
second.] To which are added, two sermons,
preached in the cathedral church of Winches-
ter, at the assizes in 1714. London, 1821. 12

Directions for the profitable reading of the
holy Scriptures. Together with some obser-
vations for the confirming their divine autho-
rity, and illustrating the difficulties thereof.
2d ed. London, 1712. 12

Third edition. London, 1726. 12

A commentary upon the larger and lesser Pro-
phets : being a continuation of Bishop Patrick.
3d ed. London, 1730. fol.

Another edition. [Wants title.] 4

Another edition. London, 1809. 4

New edition : corrected by the Rev. J. R. Pit-
man, M.A. London, 1822. 4

A commentary upon the prophecy and Lamen-
tations of Jeremiah. London, 1718. 4

tOWTHER (G.). Protestant and Popish mis-
sionaries contrasted ; being the substance of
a speech delivered at . . . Wareham . . . September
3d, 1827, containing strictures on the Bishop
of Siga's sermon, and an exposition of the
errors of modern Popery.

Dorchester, [1827]. 8

LOWTHION (S.). The reasonableness and ad-
vantage of allowing ministers to deliver their
sentiments with freedom. A sermon [on Acts,
ii. 29] preached at Kendal, August 26th, 1756.
London, 1758. 8



LOYALTY. The Presbyterians loyalty and zeal j
for religion, briefly demonstrated : in a letter,
by way of reply to a late fanatical pamphlet,
intituled, The knave xincloak'd ; or The Jesuit
in its colours. Shewing how industriously our
modern Rumpers endeavour, under the name
of Protestants, to promote the good old cause, i
Also proving Presbyterians to be schismaticks, '
and Bishops jure divino superior to Presbj 7 -
ters. Together with a serious and seasonable
advertisement to all true and loyal Protestants. '

s. I, 1680. 4 |

An instance of the Church of England's loyalty. I

London, 1687. 4 |

A reply to the New test of the Church of Eng-
land's loyalty. London, 1687. 4

A new test of the Church of England's loy-
alty : or, Whiggish loyalty and Church loyalty
compar'd. [By Daniel DEFOE.]

a. Z., 1702. 4

[And in a collection of writings by the author

of the True-born Englishman.] 1703


LUBBERTUS (SIBRANDUS), Professor of divinity

at Franeker. De Jesu Christo Servatore, hoc

est, Cur, et qua ratione Jesus Christus noster

Servator sit. Contra Faustum Socinum.

In acad. Franeker. , 1611. 4

Bona fides S. L. demonstrata ex libro quern
inscripsit, Responsionem ad pietatem Hugonis
Grotii. Lwjd. Satav., 1614. 4

Commentarius in catechesin Palatino-Belgi-
cam. Franicw, 1618. 8

LAUS). Historia reformations Polonise, in
qua turn Reformatorum, turn anti-Trinitario-
rum origo et progressus in Polonia et fmitimis
provinciis narrantur. Freistadii, 1685. 8

historica, historo-politica, variique discursus,
epistolse, et aliquot orationes. Edita ab exe-
cutoribus testamenti. Vita auctoris reperitur
a pagina 389, &c. Antverpice, 1643. fol.

LUC (J. A. DE), Professor of philosophy and geo-
logy at Gottingen. Recherches sur les modifi-
cations de 1'atmosphere. Contenant 1'histoire
critique du barometre et du thermometre, un
traitd sur la construction de ces instrumens,
des experiences relatives a leur usages, et prin- j
cipalement a la mesure des hauteurs et a la
correction des refractions moyennes : avec fi-
gures. 2 torn. Geneve, 1772. 4
- An elementary treatise on geology : determin-
ing fundamental points in that science, and
containing an examination of some modern
geological systems, and particularly of the
Huttonian theory of the earth. Translated '
from the French manuscript, by the Rev. j
Henry de La Fite, M.A. London, 1809. 8

Letters on the physical history of the earth, j
addressed to Professor Blumenbach : contain- i
ing geological and historical proofs of the di-
vine mission of Moses. To which are prefixed
introductory remarks and illustrations ; to-
gether with a vindication of the author's claims
to original views respecting fundamental points

in geology. By the Rev. Henry de La Fite,
A.M. London, 1831. 8

LUC ANUS (MARCUS ANN^US). Pharsalia sive
de bello civili libri x., eidemque adscriptum
carmen ad Pisonem. Gottlieb Cortius recen-
suit et plurimis locis emendavit.

LipsifB, 1726. 8

Another edition, [of Pharsalia only]. Cum
notis Hugonis Grotii, et Richardi Bentleii.

GlasgucK, 1816. 8

Translated into English verse by Nicholas

Rowe, Esq. 2vol. 3ded. London, 1753. 12
LUCAS (RICHARD), D.D., Vicar of St Stephen
Coleman- street, and Prebendary of Westminster.
Practical Christianity : or, an account of the
holiness which the Gospel enjoins, with the
motives to it, and the remedies it proposes
against temptations. With a prayer conclud-
ing each distinct head. 4th ed.

London, 1693. 8

Twelve sermons preached on several occasions.

London, 1699. 8

Twelve sermons preached on several occasions,
never before published. The second volume.

London, 1702. 8

An inquiry after happiness. 2 vol.

London, 1818. 8

LUCAS (ROBERT), D.D., Rector of Ripple, Wor-
cestershire. Occasional sermons. 2 vol.

Tewkesbury, 1809. 8

LUCCA (GAUDENTIO DI). The adventures of
Signer G. di L. Being the substance of his
examination before the Fathers of the inquisi-
tion at Bologna, in Italy. Giving an account
of an unknown country in the midst of the
deserts of Africa. Copied from the original
MS. in St Mark's library, at Venice. "With
critical notes by the learned Signer Rhedi.
Translated from the Italian. [By Simon BE-
RINGTON.] [Phoenix lib.] London, 1850. 12

LUCERNA. The exiles of Lucerna ; or, the suf-
ferings of the Waldenses during the persecu-
tion of 1686. [By J. R. MACDUFF.]

.Edin., 1841. 8

LUCIANUS, of Samosata. Opera omnia qvae ex-
tant. Cum Latina doctiss. virorum interpre-
tatione. I. Bovrdelotivs cum regiis Codd.
aliisque MSS. cpntulit, emendauit, suppleuit.
Adiectse sunt eiusdem Bovrdelotii, Theodori
Marcilii, eloquentise professoris regij, Gilbert!
Cognati, notse. [Gr. et Lat.]

Lvtet. Paris., 1615. fol.

Another edition. Tom. i. Basilece, s. a. 8

Another edition. Ex recensione Guilielmi
Dindorfii. Greece et Latine cum indicibus.

Parisiis, 1840. 8

Colloquia selecta, et Timon. Cebetis Thebani
Tabula. MENANDRI Sententire morales. [Gr.
et Lat.] Coloquia Luciani et Tiinonem notis
illustravit Tiberius Hemsterhuis.

Amstel, 1708. 12

Dialogi. [Gr. et Lat.] Edin., 1747. 8
LUCIFERUS, Bishop of Carali, now Cagliari.

Opera omnia quse extant, curantibus Joanne
Dominico et Jacobo Coletis Sebastiani filiis.

iis, 1778. fol.



LUCIUS. A letter to the Rev. Andrew Thom-
son, minister of St George's church, on the
respect due to national feeling. By Lucius.

Edin., 1817. 8

Second edition. With an additional postscript.

/:</m., 1817. 8

Third edition. /:.//., 1817. 8 C
LUCIUS (Luoovicus). De gravissima qutes-

tione ; num Christus pro peccatis nostris jus-

titise divinse satisfecerit, necne ?...scholastica epistolica disceptatio. Basilia>, 1612. 12

LUCKE (FRIEDRICH), Professor of theology at Gb't-

tingen. Commentar uber die Schrif ten des

Evangelisten Johannes. Theil. i.-iv., !**

Band. Zweyte Auflage. [Theil. iii., iv., !*

Aufl.] Bonn, 1825-34. 8^

Commentary on the Epistles of St John.
Translated from the German, with additional
notes, by Thorleif Gudmunson Repp. [Bib.
Cab., vol. 15.] Edin., 1837. 8

LUCRETIUS CARUS (TITUS). De rerum natura

libri sex. Una cum paraphrastica explana-

tione, et animadversionibus Joannis Nardii.

Florentine, 1647. 4

Another edition. Quibus additae sunt conjec-
turze et emendationes Tan. Fabri cum notulis
perpetuis. Et praeterea Oberti Gifani vita Lu-
cretii, et de gente Memmia ejusdem prolego-
mena. Item D. Lambini index perquam ne-
cessarius. Cantabrigice, 1675. 12

Another edition. Ex editione Thomae Creech.

Glasguce, 1749. 8

Another edition. [Ibid.] Glasgiue, 1759. 8
Translated from the Latin. Accompanied

with the original text, and illustrated with
notes philological and explanatory, by John
Mason Good. 2 vol. London, 1805. 4

LUDLAM (WILLIAM), B.D., Rector of Cockfield,
Suffolk. Essays on Scripture metaphors, di-
vine justice, divine mercy, and the doctrine of
satisfaction. London, 1785. 8

LUDLOW (EDMUND), Lieut. -Gen., Commander in
chief of the forces in Ireland. Memoirs of E.
L. With a collection of original papers, serv-
ing to confirm and illustrate many important
passages contained in the memoirs. [Written
by himself.] To which is now added, The
case of King Charles the First. [By John
Cook.] London, 1751. fol.

LUDOLPHUS (Jos). A new history of Ethio-
pia. Being a full and accurate description of
the kingdom of Abessinia, vulgarly, though
erroneously, called the empire of Prester John.
In four books... The 2d ed. To which is add-
ed, A new and exact map of the country ; as
also, a preface, shewing the usefulness of this
history ; with the life of Gregorius Abba ; and
the author's opinion of some other writers con-
cerning Ethiopia. Translated out of his learn-
ed manuscript commentary on this history.
Made English by J. P., Gent.

London, 1684. fol.


LUFFMAN (JOHN). Elements of history and
chronology : shewing the origin of states and

the revolutions of empires, from the creation
of the world to the close of the year 1804.
\V i t h complete regal tables and illustrated with
maps. Intended principally for the use of
..youth. 2vol. London, s. a. 8

LUFT (Jon. BAPT.). Liturgik, oder Wissen-
Bchaftliche Darstellung des Catholischen Cul-
tus. Erster Band : AJlgemeine Liturgik.

Mainz, 1844. 8


LI' K K. S:iint. A critical examination of the holy
Gospels according to St MATTHEW and St Luke.


LULLIUS (RAYMCNDUS). Codicillvs sev vade
mecvm, in qvo fontes alchemicee artis ac phi-
losophise reconditioris vberrime traduntur. Se-
cunda editio in qua innumerabiles loci multo-
rum exemplarium collatione restituuntur, et
multa prius omissa supplentur.

Colonice, 1572. 8

LUMPER (GOTTFRIDUS). Historia theologico-
critica de vita, scriptis, atque doctrina sancto-
rum Patrum, aliorumque scriptorum ecclesias-
ticorum trium primorum saeculorum ex viro-
rum doctissimorum literariis monumentis col-
lecta. 13 vol.

Augusta Vindelicorum, 1783-99. 8

LUMSDEN (JAMES), Principal of the Free Church
college, Aberdeen. Sweden : its religious state
and prospects : with some notices of the revi-
vals and persecutions which are at present
taking place in that country.

London, 1855. 16

Infant baptism, its nature and objects.

Edin., 1856. 12

Second edition. Edin., 1856. 12

The difference in principle between the Free
Church and the Establishment. [Lect. on the
distinct, princip. of the Free Church, No. iv.]

Aberdeen, 1858. 8*

LUNACY. Report by Her Majesty's commis-
sioners [appointed to inquire into the state of
lunatic asylums in Scotland... With an appen-
dix. 2vol. Edin., 1857. 8

LUNAN (ALEXANDER). The office of the holy
communion. By A. L. 2 parts.

Edin., 1711. 8

LUNDIE (ARCHIBALD), Minister of Saltoun. A
sermon [on Matt. v. 13] preached at the open-
ing of the Synod of Lothian and Tweeddale,
Nov. 1st, 1726. Edin., 1727. 8

Sleidani de statu religionis ac reipublicae con-
tinuatio. [Ab anno 1556 ad nostra usque tem-
pora.] Non ex superior! editione Alemanni-
co, sed prsesenti stylo historico-politico ex op-
timis et selectissimis sevi scriptoribus et fide
dignissimis manuscriptis historicis summa fide
ac labore collecta atque concinnata. 3 torn.

Francofurti, 1614-19. 8

LUNN (JAMES). Essays and sermons on various
subjects relative to the DEISTICAL CONTRO-
VERSY. 1790

A dissertation on the conversion and restora-
tion of the Jews. Edin., ISM. 8

LUPUS (CHRISTIAXUS), Professor of divinity at



Louvain. Epistolse et vita Divi Thomse
[CRANMER], Archiepiscopi Cantuariensis. 1682

LUPUS (SERVATUS), Abbot 'of Ferriers. Opera.
In unum collegit, epistolas ad fidem vetustis-
simi codicis emendavit, notisque illustravit
Stephanus Baluzius. Editio secunda.

Antwerpice, 1710. 8

LUQUET (J.-F.-O.), Bishop of Hesebon, Lettfes
au clerge* Protestant d'Allemagne sur les causes
de desordres politiques, moraux et intellectuels
renfermes dans les principes de la Re'forme et
sur les eftets que ces causes produisent de nos
jours. 2 torn. Paris, 1847. 12

LUSHINGTON (S.), D.C.L. * Report of the de-
bate in the House of Commons, June 16, 1825,
on Dr Lushington's motion respecting the de-
portation of Messrs L. C. Lecesne and J. Es-
coffery, two persons of colour, from Jamaica .
London, 1825. 8

LUTHER (MARTIN). Opera. 4 torn.

Jence, 1556-58. fol.

Samtliche Schriften ; welche er so wol in
deutscher, als lateinischer Sprache verfertiget,
herausgegeben von Johann Georg Walch. 24
Theile. Halle im Magdeb., 1740-53. 4

Select works of M. L Translated by the Rev.

Henry Cole. 4 vol. London, 1824, 26. 8

Resolutiones Lutheriane super propositioibus
suis Lipsie disputatis.

Vuittemberge, M.D.XIX. 4

In Epistolam Pavli ad Galatas, commentarius.

Vuittenbergce, 1519. 4

- Another edition. [Wants title, two leaves of
the preface, and two leaves after the preface. ]


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