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imagines that the miraculous gifts of the Holy
Ghost are revived among the Seceders.

London, 1834. 8

Another copy.

The Lord's Supper : the obligations of Chris-
tians to receive it. The nature of it. Objec-
tions answered. London, 1834. 12

The character of the Church of Rome. A ser-
mon preached at St Andrew's church, Liver-
pool, 27th January, 1836.

Liverpool, 1836. 8

The scriptural position of the Christian minis- I
try, relatively with the civil ruler : and the con- '
nexion between a national establishment of the
Christian Church and the permanence of that <
scriptural position. . . A sermon addressed to the j
Liverpool Young men's Established Church j
society, 15th April, 1841. London, 1841. 8 I

Sermons on the second advent of the Lord I
Jesus Christ. 5th ed. London, 1842. 12 1

Speech of the Rev. H. M. [on non-intrusion],
at the great meeting in Exeter Hall, 10th May,
1844. Edin., [1&44]. 8

Another copy.

The characteristics of Romanism and of Pro-
testantism, as developed in their respective
teaching and worship. A lecture delivered in

Exeter Hall, London, Nov. 21, 1848.

London, [1848]. 8

The canon law of the Church of Rome : a lec-
ture, delivered... Dec. 10, 1850.

London, [1850]. 12

The decline of Quakerism : an inquiry into the
causes which have led to the present moral
and numerical weakness of the Society of
Friends. London, 1860. 8

The Christian Sabbath ; or, rest in Jesus.

London, s. a. 12

M'NEIL (NiEL), Minister of the Independent
Church, Elgin. An appeal to the friends of
pure Bible circulation, in Elgin and ita vici-
nity, respecting the origin, constitution, and
operations of the British and Foreign Bible
society ; with a concise view of some of the
charges laid against them, and the claims
which they still have upon the confidence and
co-operation of the British public.

Elgin, 1828. 8

* The trustworthiness of the Earl-Street com-
mittee examined and disproved ; in reply to
the misrepresentations of Mr M'Neil in his
Appeal to the friends of pure Bible circulation
in Elgin and its vicinity. By a member of the
Edinburgh Bible society. Edin., 1828. 8

Another copy.


M'PHERSON ( ). Oran do dh' Eoin breac

MacLeoid na Hearadh. [Inverary ballad.]

Inverary, s. a. 16

MACPHERSON (DONALD). Melodies from the
Gaelic, and original poems, with notes on the
superstition of the Highlanders, &c.

London, 1824. 12

MACPHERSON (JAMES). An introduction to
the history of Great Britain and Ireland.

London, 1771. 4

Third edition. London, 1773. 4

Original papers ; containing the secret history
of Great Britain, from the Restoration, to the
accession of the House of Hannover. To which
are prefixed extracts from the life of James II.
as written by himself. The whole arranged
and published by J. M. 2 vol.

London, 1775. 4

Another copy.

A short history of the opposition during the
last session of PARLIAMENT. 1779

MACPHERSON (JOHN), D.D., Minister of Slate,
in the isle of Skye. Critical dissertations on
the origin, antiquities, language, government,
manners, and religion, of the ancient Caledo-
nians, their posterity the Picts, and the Bri-
tish and Irish Scots. London, 1768. 4

MACPHERSON (JOHN), Minister at Lairg.A
philological system delineated : or, the Japhe-
tic languages derived from the Hebrew.

Edin., 1859. 8

songs shewn to be constructed on architectural
principles. Edin., 1856. 8

Another copy.



M'QUEEN (DANIEL), D.D., one of the ministers
of Edinburgh. Letters on Mr HUME'S History
of Great Britain. 1756

M'QUEEN (JAMES). A geographical and com-
mercial view of Northern Central Africa : con-
taining a particular account of the course and
termination of the great river Niger in the
Atlantic ocean. Edin., 1821. 8

MACQUER (PHILIPPE). Abre'ge chronologique
de 1'HisTOiRE ECCLESIASTIQUE. 1757. [See

MACRAE (JOHN). The Scripture law of mar-
riage with reference to the prohibited degrees.

Edin., 1861. 8

nium Scipionis, Lib. ii. Saturnaliorum Lib.
vii. Ex variis ac vetustissimis codicibus re-
cogniti et aucti. Lugduni, 1585. 8

M'URE (JOHN), alias Campbel, Clerk to the Re-
gistration of seisins, Glasgow. A view of the
city of Glasgow : or, an account of its origin,
rise and progress, with a more particular de-
scription thereof than has hitherto been known
...Collected from many ancient records, char-
ters, and other ancient vouchers, and from the
best historians and private manuscripts.

Glasgow, 1736. 8

MACVICAR (JOHN G.), A.M. Elements of the
economy of nature, or the principles of phy-
sics, chemistry, and physiology : founded on
the recently discovered phenomena of light,
electro-magnetism, and atomic chemistry.

Edin., 1830. 8

Inquiries concerning the medium of light and
the form of its molecules. Edin., 1833. 8

M'VICAR ( ). The catholic spirit of true


M'WARD (ROBERT), Minister of the Outer High
church, Glasgow, and afterwards of the Scotch
Church, Rotterdam. The case of the ACCOMO-
DATION lately proposed by the BISHOP OF DUM-
BLANE [Robert LEIGHTON], examined. 1671

The true NON-CONFORMIST in answere to the
Modest and free conference betwixt a conform-
ist and a non-conformist. 1671

The poor mans cup of cold water, ministred to
the saints and sufferers for Christ in SCOTLAND.


The BANDERS disbanded. 1681

E^etyuvfaf^oi : or, earnest contendings for the
- faith. Being the answers written to Mr Ro-
bert Fleming's first and second papers of pro-
posals, for union with the indulged ; the first
paper printed anno 1681...Whereunto some
of the author's letters, relative to the sins and
duties of the day, are annexed.

s. I, 1723. 8

Another copy.

A collection of tracts. Containing, I. Banders
disbanded. II. The poor man's cup of cold
water. III. A testimony against paying of
cess to the persecutors, in a letter to a friend.

Dairy, 1805. 12
- Another copy.

M'WATT (ALEXANDER), Minister of tlw Free
Church, Rothes, The jealousy of the king-

doms of this world towards the kingdom of
Christ, and their opposition to its progress.

Elgin, 1844. 8

MAD AN (SPENSER), M.A., Canon residentiary of

Lichfield. Letters to Joseph Priestley, LL.D.,

occasioned by his late controversial writings.

London, 1787. 8

MADDEN (R. R.), M.D. The infirmities of ge-
nius illustrated by referring the anomalies in
the literary character to the habits and consti-
tutional peculiarities of men of genius. 2 vol.
London, 1833. 12

MADDER (Captain JOHN). The last speeches
and dying words of Captain Thomas GREEN
and J. M. 1705

MADRAS. Medical topography and statistics of
the presidency of Madras. Compiled from the
records of the Medical Board office. Publish-
ed by order of government. 2 vol.

Madras, 1843, 44. 8

Notices of Madras and Cuddalore, in the last
century, from the journals and letters of the
earlier missionaries of the Society for promot-
ing Christian knowledge. London, 1858. 8

mentum (Greece). 1711. See BIBLES GREEK.

Latink scripta. Nunc primum in unum cor-
pus collecta, variisque illustrationibus exorna-
ta. Accedit Maffeii vita Petro Antonio Seras-
sio autore. 2 torn. Bergomi, 1747. 4

MAGAZINE. The anti-patronage and Church
of Scotland magazine. Nos. i.-iii.

Edin., 1841. 8

Armenian penny magazine. Vol. iii.-vi.

s. L, 1841-46. 8

The cheap magazine ; or, poor man's fireside
companion. Nos. i.-iv.

Haddington, 1813. 12

The Christian magazine ; or, evangelical repo-
sitory. A periodical monthly publication, by
a society of ministers... 10 vol.

Edin., 1797-1806. 8

New series. Vol. i.-iii., iv., v.

Edin., 1807-11. 8

The Christian lady's magazine. Edited by
Charlotte Elizabeth. 4 vol.

London, 1834, 35. 12

The Church of Scotland magazine. 5 vol.

Glasgow, 1834-38. 8

Vol. iii.-v. Glasgow, 1836-38. 8

Nos. i.-iv., ix., x., xxxii.

Glasgow, 1834, 36. 8

For November 1834. Glasgow, [1834]. 8

The Connecticut evangelical magazine. Nos.
i.-vii. Edin., 1801. 12

The Edinburgh magazine and review. By a
society of gentlemen. 5 vol.

Edin., [1773-76]. 8

The Edinburgh magazine and literary miscel-
lany. For March and April, 1820.

Edin., 1820. 8

Lowe's Edinburgh magazine. 4 vol.

Edin., 1846-48. 8

The Edinburgh quarterly magazine, intended



to promote the knowledge, belief, and influence
of divine revelation. Vol. i., ii.

Edin., 1798-1800. 12

Another copy.

The evangelical magazine. 30 vol.

London, 1793-1822. 8

New series. Vol. i.-xix.

London, 1823-41. 8

The Free Church magazine. 10 vol.

Edin., 1844-53. 8

Another copy.

The Gospel magazine and theological review.
10 vol. London, 1796-1805. 8

New series. Vol. L, ii.

London, 1806, 7. 8

The literary and statistical magazine for Scot-
land. Vol. ii., iii. Edin., 1818, 19. 8

The new monthly magazine and literary jour-
nal. Vol. i.-vi. London, 1821, 22. 8 C

The penny magazine of the Society for the dif-
fusion of useful knowledge. Vol. i.-iv.

London, 1832-35. 8

The Presbyterian magazine. Nos. i., iii.-
viii., x. Dundee, 1832. 12

New series. 4 vol. Edin., 1833-36. 8

The Protestant penny magazine. A collection
of original essays and anecdotes, illustrating
the doctrines and spirit of the Church of
Rome. Vol. i., ii. Dublin, 1836. 8

Another copy.

The Scots magazine, containing a general view
of the religion, politicks, entertainment, &c.
in Great Britain ; and a succinct account of
publick affairs foreign and domestic. 97 vol.

Edin., 1739-1826. 8

The United Secession magazine for June, 1838.

Edin., 1838. 8

For July, 1839. Edin., 1839. 8

The Wesleyan Methodist magazine, for July,
1841. London, 1841. 8

The j'outh's magazine : or, evangelical miscel-
lany. December, 1818. London, 1818. 12

MAGDEBURG. Ecclesiastica liistoria, integram
Ecclesije Christi ideam, quantum ad locum,
propagationem, persecutionem, tranquillita-
tem, doctrinam, hsereses, ceremonias, guber-
nationem, schismata, synodos, personas, mi-
racula, martyria, religiones extra Ecclesiam.
et statum imperil politicum attinet, secundum
singulas centurias, perspicuo ordine complec-
tens : singulari diligentia et fide ex uetustis-
simis et optimis historicis, patribus, et aliis
scriptoribtis congestse : per aliquot studiosos
et pios uiros in urbe Magdeburgica : [vid.
Matthias Flacius Illyricus, Joannes Wigandus,
Matthseus Judex, Basilius Faber]. 8 vol.

Basiled:, 1560-74. fol.

Another copy. Vol. L-iv.

MAGEE (WILLIAM), D.D., Archbishop of Dublin.
The works of W. M., now first collected and
printed from the author's corrected copies :
comprising, Discourses and dissertations on
the scriptural doctrines of atonement and sacri-
fice ; his published sermons, and visitation

charges. With a memoir of his life, by the
Rev. A. H. Kenney, D.D. 2 vol.

London, 1842. 8

Another copy.
* Another copy.

Discourses and dissertations on the scriptural
doctrines of atonement and sacrifice : and on
the principal arguments advanced, and the
mode of reasoning employed, by the opponents
of those doctrines as held by the Established
Church : with an appendix, containing some
strictures on Mr Belsham's account of the Uni-
tarian scheme, in his review of Mr Wilber-
force's treatise ; together with remarks on the
version of the New Testament lately published
by the Unitarians. 5th ed. 3 vol.

London, 1832. 8

Another copy.

Another edition. Edin., 1841. 8
MAGEIRUS (JOHANNES). Griindtliche Wider-

legungdes unwarhafftigenZwinglischen Buchs,
wolches M. Ambrosius Vuolsius under dem
Tittel (historia der Augspurgischen Confes-
sion, &c.) in offentlichem Truck aussgeben las-
sen. GestelltdurchJ.M. Tiibingen, 1580. 4

MAGILL (ROBERT), Presbytwian minister of Mill-
row congregation, Antrim. Poems on various
subjects, chiefly religious ; and particularly
designed for the young. Belfast, 1834. 12

MAGISTRACY. Magistracy settled upon its
only true scriptural basis. [Wants title, and
otherwise imperfect.] 8"

The principal difference between the religious
principles of those commonly called the Anti-
government party, and of other Presbyterians,
especially those of the Secession in Scotland,
on the head of magistracy, briefly stated. By
a member of the General Associate Synod.

Edin., 1797. 8

MAGISTRATE. Of resisting the lawfull magis-
trate under colour of religion : and appendant
to it, of the word xg/^a, rendered damnation,
Rom. 13. reprinted. Also, of the zelots among
the Jewes. Of taking up the crosse. A vin-
dication of Christ's reprehending St Peter,
from the exceptions of Mr Marshall. [By
Henry HAMMOND.] Oxford, 1644. 4

An essay, upon the following questions :
1. What power has the magistrate, about sa-
cred things ? 2. Do the faults of rulers ren-
der their authority void and null 1 3. Are we
to be obedient to magistrates of a different re-
ligion from ourselves I And if so, what obe-
dience is to be given unto them ? By a well-
wisher of the country's peace.

Dumfries, 1715. 4

A friendly expostulation with the ministers
and members of the new secession of Free
Presbyterians, on the province and duty of the
civil magistrate in reference to religion. By
an observer. Edin., 1843. 12

MAGNA CHARTA. The new Magna Charta, or
historical record of the debates and proceed-
ings in both houses of Parliament on the set-
tlement of the Catholic claims in 1829.

s. 1. et a. fol.



MAGNIN (L'abbe' C. M.). La Papaute* consi-
ddree dans son origine, dans son de"veloppe-
ment au moyen age, et dans son e"tat actuel,
aux prises avec le Protestantisme, ou rdponses
aux allegations de M. Merle D'Aubigne", dans
son Histoire de la Reformation an xvi e siecle,
et a 1'ecrit de M. Bost... intitule Appel a la
conscience de tous les Catholiques Remains.

Paris, 1841. 8

MAGUIRE (THOMAS). Authenticated report of
the discussion which took place between the
Rev. R. T. P. POPE and the Rev. T. M. 1827

Authenticated report of the discussion which
took place between the Rev. T. D. GREGG, and
the Rev. T. M. 1839

MAHABHARATUS. Nalus Maha-Bharati epi-
sodium. Textus Sanscritus cum interpreta-
tione Latina et annotationibus criticis curante
Francisco BOPP. Altera emendata editio.

Berolini, 1832. 4

Selections from the Mahabharata. Edited by
Francis Johnson. London, 1842. 8

MAHOMET. Machumetis...ej usque successo-
rum vitse, doctrina, ac ipse Alcoran... in unum
volumen redacta, opera et studio Theodori

L' Alcoran de Mahomet. Translate 1 d'Arabe
en Franois. Par le Sieur Du Ryer, Sieur de
la Garde Malezair. Paris, 1647. 4

Alcorani textus universus, ex correctioribus
Arabum exemplaribus summa fide, atque pul-
cherrimis characteribus descriptus. Eademque
fide, ac pari diligentia e Arabico idiomate in
Latinum translatus ; appositis unicuique ca-
piti notis, atque refutatione : His omnibus
prsemissus est Prodromus...Auctore Ludovico
Marraccio. 2 torn. Patavii, 1698. fol.

The Koran ; commonly called the Alcoran of
Mohammed : translated into English imme-
diately from the original Arabic, with expla-
natory notes, taken from the most approved
commentators. To which is prefixed, a preli-
minary discourse. By George Sale, Gent.

London, 1734. 4

A new edition. 2 vol. London, 1801. 8

Another copy.

- New edition. London, s. a. 8

The true nature of imposture fully displayed
in the life of Mahomet. By Humphrey PRI-
DEAUX. 1723

MAIE (EDWARD), Chaplain to the honorable So-
ciety of Lincoln's Inn. A sermon of the com-
munion of saints ; [on 1 John, i. 3].

London, 1621. 4

MAILLY (JOANNES DE). Disputatio physica, de
aqua. Ultrajecti, 1651. 4

MAIMBOURG (Louis). Histoire du Luther-
anisme. Seconde e'dition. 2 torn.

Paris, 1681. 12

Histoire du Calvinisme. Derniere edition.

Parts, 1682. 12

* Critique generale de 1'Histoire du Calvinisme
de M. M. [Par Pierre BAYLE.] Troisieme
e'dition. 2 torn. Ville-Franche, 1684. 12

Histoire de 1'Arianisme depuis sa naissance
jusqu a la fin : avec 1'origine et le progres de

1'heresie des Sociniens. Quatrieme Edition.
3 torn. Paris, 1682. 12
Translated. To which are added, two in-
troductory discourses, I. Concerning the na-
ture of error in doctrines merely speculative,
shewing that the belief of such doctrines may
be required of us as necessary terms of salva-
tion ; wherein also the case of positive insti-
tutions is particularly considered. II. Shew-
ing that the doctrine of the Trinity is not
merely speculative. With an appendix con-
taining an account of the English writers in
the Socinian and Arian controversies. By
William Webster, M.A. 2 vol.

London, 1728, 29. 4

A peaceable method for the re-uniting Protest-
ants and Catholics in matters of faith : prin-
cipally in the subject of the holy eucharist.
[Translated into English.] s. L, 1686. 4

Another copy.


MAIN (JOHN), Minister of Newton. Sermons.

Edin., 1797. 8

de). Memoirs of the history of Madame de
M. and of the last age. Translated from the
French, by the author of the Female Quixotte ;
[Cha. Lennox.] Vol. ii.-v. London, 1757. 12

MAINZER (JOSEPH). The Gaelic Psalm tunes
of Ross-shire and the neighbouring counties.
The harmony and introductory dissertation by
J. M. Edin., 1844. 4

Second letter to the Rev. A. W. Brown, and
the directors of the Northern district school.

Edin., 1847. 8

MAIR (ALEXANDER), A.M..,Ministerofthe Gospel
at Forteviot. A brief explication of the As-
sembly's shorter catechism. A new edition,
to which is added, prayers by the Rev. James
Brewster, minister of Craig, and an introduc-
tory essay, by the Rev. William Nixon, mi-
nister of St John's, Montrose.

Montrose, 1837. 12

MAIR (JOHN), A.M. The tyro's dictionary, La-
tin and English. 10th ed. Edin., 1822. 12

MAIR (THOMAS), Orwell. The proceedings of the
Associate Synod, at Edinburgh, in March and
August, 1755 ; concerning the Rev. Mr T. M.
. . .In the case of his dissenting from the act of
Synod, April 18, 1754, containing an assertion
of some Gospel-truths, in opposition to Armi-
nian errors upon the head of universal re-
demption. [With the Act of Synod.]

.Edin., 1755. 8

MAIR (WILLIAM), Minister of the Gospel at Muck-
art. Twenty-eight lectures on the first three
chapters of the Gospel of Matthew, and part
of the fourth. To which are added, two ser-
mons ; [on Mic. vii. 18, and Ezek. xxv. 10].
Glasgow, 1781. 8

MAISTRE (Le Comte JOSEPH DE). Du Pape.
Huitifeme e'dition seule confonne' a celle de
1821, augmented de lettres ine'dites de 1'au-
teur, de notes et d'un table analytique.

Lyon, 1845. 8



De 1'Egliae Gallicane duns son rapport avec le
souverain Pontife, pour servir do suite a 1'ou-
vrage intitule" Du Pape. Lyon, 1845. 8

.MAITLAND (('HAIM.KS). M.D. The Church in
the catacombs : a description of the primitive
Church of Rome, illustrated by its sepulchral
remains. London, 1846. 8

The Apostles' school of prophetic interpreta-
tion : with its history down to the present
time. London, 1849. 8

citrate of St James 1 , Brighton. Two discourses
preached at Brighton, Nov. 8, 1829 : apostolic
comfort under bereavement, being an investi-
gation of 1 Thess. iv. 13-18 : the submission
of the will to God, Luke xi. 2.

Brighton, 1829. 8

Two discourses preached at Brighton, with a
view to elucidate the object and period of the
conflagration predicted by St Peter.

Brighton, 1829. 8 C

A discourse on Christian assurance, shewing
its nature and foundation. Preached at Brigh-
ton, March 6, 1831, and since considerably en-
larged. Brighton, 1831. 8

MAITLAND (JAMES), Sth Earl of Lauderdak.
Letters to the peers of Scotland.

London, 1794. 8

An inquiry into the nature and origin of pub-
lic wealth, and into the means and causes of
its increase. Edin., 1804. 8

An inquiry into the practical merits of the
system for the government of India, under the
superintendence of the Board of Controul.

Edin., 1809. 8

MAITLAND (JOHN), Duke of Lauderdale, and
Earl of Guilford. * An accompt of Scotland's
grievances by reason of the D. of Lauderdale's
ministrie, humbly rendered to his sacred Ma-
jesty, s. I. et a. 4
documents illustrative of the history, doctrine,
and rites, of the ancient Albigenses and Wal-
denses. London, 1832. 8

The dark ages ; a series of essays intended to
illustrate the state of religion and literature
in the ninth, tenth, eleventh, and twelfth cen-
turies. Reprinted from " the British maga-
zine," with corrections and some additions.

London, 1844. 8

MAITLAND (WILLIAM), F.R.S. The history of
Edinburgh from its foundation to the present
time. Containing a faithful relation of the
publick transactions of the citizens ; accounts
of the several parishes ; its governments, civil,
ecclesiastical, and military ; incorporations of
trades and manufactures ; courts of justice ;
state of learning ; charitable foundations, &c.
...Together with the ancient and present state
of the town of Leith ; and a perambulation of
divers miles round the city. In nine books.

Edin., 1753. fol.

of Rankeillour. Report of the debate between
the Rev. R. S. JOHNSTON, and D. M. M. C.


Speech on patronage, Assembly 1842.

. {.,[1842]. 8

To the Christian people of Inverness, Kilmar-
nock, Culsalmond, Kettle, Cupar, and other
parishes similarly situated. Cupar, 1842. 8

Another copy.

Refutation of " Reasons of adherence to the
Church of Scotland ; addressed by a clergyman
(late member of the Presbytery of Cupar) to
his parishioners." Cupar, 1843. 12

A few plain words to the Protestant electors
of Scotland, especially those in connection with
the Free Church. Edin., 1840. b

Quicksands avoided and breakers a-head : or,
the dangers to the Free Church of centralisa-
tion. Edin., 1847. 8

* Memoir of D. M. M. C. By the Rev. J.
W.Taylor. 2d ed. Edin., 1853. 8

MAITTAIRE (MICHAEL). Stephanorum histo-

ria, vitas ipsonuu ac libros complectens. 2 torn.

Londini, 1709. 8

Historia typographorum aliquot Parisiensium,
vitas et libros complectens. 2 torn.

Londini, 1717. 8

Annales typographici, ab artis invent* origine
ad ann. 1557 (cum appendice ad aim. 1604).
3 torn, in 5 vol. [With the new edition of
vol. i., in 2 parts, Amstel., 1733, and the in-
dex, in 2 parts, 1 vol., Londini, 1741.] 5 torn,
in 9 vol.

Hag. Comit., Amstel, et Londini, 1719-1741.


MAIUS (ANGELUS), Cardinal. Vetus et Novum
Testamentum. 1857. See BIBLES GREEK.

ental languages at Giessen. Synopsis theolo-
giae symbolic* Ecclesiarum Lutheranarum,
ex omnibus libris symbolicis, eorundemque
verbis propriis, ordine systematico adornata,
per Thesin, 'Ex.6tatv ejusque confirmationem,
et Antithesin hujusque rejectionem, in priva-
te collegio explicata, et publick ventilata in
academia Gissensi a J. H. M.

Gissce Hassorum, 1694. 4

Praxis pietatis in cognitione veritatis, sive sy-
nopsis theologi* moralis, per omnes locos theo-
logicos, ad normam Scriptur* sacne et ductum
librorum symbolicorum adornata, in privato
collegio explicata atque publicia disputationi-
bus ventilata, in academia Giessensi A. MDCXCVI.
a J. H. M. GisscE-Hassorum, 1697. 4

Synopsis theologi* Judaic*, veteris et novse,
in qua illius veritas hujusque falsitas ex S.
Hebrseo Codice et ipsis Judaic* gentis scrip-
toribus, antiquis et novis, per omnes locos
theologicos solide juxta ac perspicue ostendi-
tur, in privato collegio explicata atque publi-
cis disputationibus ventilata a J. H. M.

Gissce-Hassorum, 1698. 4

Synopsis theologi* Christian* ex solis verbis
Christi relatis ab Evangelistis, eruta atque
monstrata. Franco/, ad Mcen. , 1708. 4

Historia reformationis ex B. D. Martini Lu-
theri aliorumque fide dignorum scriptorum
monumentis eruta ac digesta et supplementa



ad theologiam Lutheri nuper editam.

Franco/, ad Mcen. , 1710. 4

MAIUS (JOHANNES HENRICUS), son of the preced-
ing. Manipulus positionum et problematum,
ex philologia et philosophia collectorum, quas
. . .pro licentia publice prsesidendi, et collegia
aperiendi...submittet J. H. M.

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