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GisscE Hassorum, [1707]. 4

MAJOR (GEORGIUS), Professor in the university
of Wittemberg. Vitse Patrum, in usuni niinis-
tromm verbi quoad ejus fieri potuit repurga-
tae. Cum prsefatione Martini Lutheri.

Witembergtv, 1544. 8

MAJOR (JOANNES). Historia Majoris Britan-

nise, tarn Angliae quam Scotiae, per J. M e

veterum monumentis concinnata. Editio no-
va, mendis quamplurimis in antiqua Jodoci
Badii Ascensii editione Parisiis edita MDXXI.
extantibus repurgata. Edimbiirgi, 1740. 4
Another copy.

MALAN (CAESAR), D.D., Minister of the Church
of Testimony, Geneva. Theogenes ; or, a plain
and scriptural answer to the solemn question,
Am I, or am I not, a child of God ?

London, 1828. 12

The weathercock ; or, the difference between
faith and sight. With a preface on personal
assurance, by the translator.

London, 1830. 12

The Church of Rome examined : or, Can I
ever enter the Church of Rome, so long as I
believe the whole Bible ? A question submit-
ted to the conscience of every Christian reader.
Translated from the French, by the Rev. John
Cormack, D.D. London, 1840. 8

Another copy.

A visit to Scotland, in October, 1843.

Edin., 1843. 12

MALAN (EMILE CHAVIN DE). Histoire de Ma-
billon et de la congregation de Saint-Maur.

Paris, 1843. 12

MALCOLM (Sir JOHN), K.C.B. The history of
Persia, from the most early period to the pre-
sent time : containing an account of the reli-
gion, government, usages, and character of the
inhabitants of that kingdom. 2 vol.

London, 1815. 4

in quatuor Evangelistas : ex duobus in unum
tomum redacti. Hac quarta editione omnia
diligentius recognita, ac emendata.

Lugduni, 1602. fol.

pletes de M. Ouvrage publie" par MM. de
Genoude et de Lourdoueix. 2 torn.

Paris, 1837. 4

Traite" de la nature et de la grace.

- Amsterdam, 1680. 12

De la recherche de la verite", ou 1'on traite de
la nature de 1'esprit de 1'homme, et de 1'usage
qu'il en doit faire pour eviter 1'erreur dans les
sciences. Septieme Edition. 3 torn.

Paris, 1721. 12

Treatise concerning the search after truth... To
which is added the author's Treatise of nature
and grace ; being a consequence of the prin-

ciples contained in the Search. Together with
his answer to the animadversions upon the
first volume : his defence against the accusa-
tions of Monsieur De la Ville, &c. relating to
the same subject. Translated by T. Taylor,
M.A. The 2d ed. With the addition of a
short discourse upon light and colours, by the
same author. Communicated in manuscript
to a person of quality in England : and never
before printed in any language.

London, 1700. fol.

from the earliest times to its final subjection
to Rome. 1829


MALLET (CHARLES).* De la lecture de 1'Ecri-
ture sainte, centre les paradoxes extravagana
et impies de M. Mallet, dans son livre entitule',
De la lecture de 1'Ecriture sainte en langue
vulgaire. [Par Antoine ARNAULD.]

Anvers, 1680. 8

MALLING (OvE), Councillor of conferences to the
King of Denmark and Nonvay. Great and
good deeds of Danes, Norwegians, and Hol-
steinians. Collected by O. M., and translated
into English by the author of A tour in Zea-
land, with an historical sketch of the battle of
Copenhagen. London, 1807. 4


MALOU (JEAN-BAPTISTE), Bishop of Bruges.
La lecture de la sainte Bible en langue vul-
gaire juge"e d'apres 1'Ecriture, la tradition et
la saine raison. Ouvrage dirig^ centre lea
principes, les tendances et les defenseurs les
plus re'cents des societes bibliques ; comprenant
une histoire critique du canon des livres sainta
du Vieux Testament, des versions Protestantea
de la Bible et des missions Protestantes parmi
la paiens ; suivi des documents relatifs a la lec-
ture de la Ste. Bible en langue vulgaire ; e'ma-
nds du St Sie'ge depuis Innocent III. jusqu' a
Gregoire XVI. 2 torn. Louvain, 1846. 8


English and Maltese reading book, for the use of
government primary schools. Malta, 1839. 8

MALTBY (EDWARD), D.D., Bishop of Ihirham.
Illustrations of the truth of the Christian re-
ligion. 2d ed. Cambridge, 1803. 8

MALTE-BRUN (CONRAD). Principles of mathe-
matical, physical, and political geography.
2ded. Edin., ISM. 8

history and political economy in the East India
college, Hertfordshire. An essay on the prin-
ciple of population ; or, a view of its past and
present effects on human happiness ; with an
inquiry into our prospects respecting the future
removal or mitigation of the evils which it oc-
casions. 3 vol. 5th ed. London, 1817. 8

Definitions in political economy, preceded by
an inquiry into the rules which ought to guide
political economists in the definition and use
of their terms ; with remarks on the deviation
from these rules in their writings.

London, 1827. 8"



Principles of political economy considered with
a view to their practical application. Second
edition, with considerable additions from the
author's own manuscript, and an original me-
moir. London, 1836. 8

* A clear, fair, and candid investigation of the
population, commerce, and agriculture of this
kingdom; with a full refutation of all Mr
Malthus's principles, proving, from infallible
documents, that our population is rapidly de-
creasing, from the high price of grain, and the
long and unfortunate war ; and if not remedied,
England may fall. Also shewing the great
impolicy of the late corn bill, and that the high
price of grain has been the cause of the late
blights. London, 1810. 8

MAN. A comparative view of the state and fa-
culties of man, with those of the animal world.
[By John GREGORY.] 2d ed.

London, 1766. 16

Thoughts on man in his relations to God and
to external nature, with minor poems. [By
John MONTGOMERY.] London, 1852. 8

MANCHESTER. The Manchester Socinian con-
troversy; with introductory remarks, and an
appendix. London, 1825. 8


thoughts on religion, the Church, and national
happiness. By B. M. London, 1720. 8

The fable of the bees : OE, private vices, public
benefits. With an essay on charity and charity
schools. And a search into the nature of so-
ciety. 5th ed. To which is added, a vindica-
tion of the book from the aspersions contain'd
in a presentment of the grand- jury of Middle-
sex, and an abusive letter to Lord C.

London, 1728. 8

Another edition. [Wants title. ] 8
An enquiry into the origin of HONOUR. 1732

MANERICKE (RADFORD). The grieving of
God's Spirit. Contayning the summe of a
sermon [on Ephes. iv. 30J.

London, 1620. 4

MANGEY (THOMAS), D.D., Hector of St Mil-
dred's, Bread Street, and prebendary of Durham.
Plain notions of our Lord's divinity : set
forth in a sermon preached upon Christmass-
day, at the royal chapel of Whitehall. 3d ed.
London, 1719. 8

MANGLES (JAMES), Commander, R.N. Travels
in Egypt. By the Hon. C. L. IRBY and J. M.


MANGLES (Ross D.). Christian reasons of a
member of the Church of England for being a
reformer. London, 1840. 8

MANKIND. A dissertation on the numbers of
mankind in ancient and modern times. [By
Robert WALLACE.] Edin., 1753. 8

Essay on the progressive improvement of
mankind. An oration delivered... Dec. 17,
1798. [By the Hon. W. LAMB.]

London, 1799. 4

MANN (ISAAC), D.D., Bishop of Cork and JRosse.
A familiar exposition of the Church cate-

chism, in five parts. To which are
prayers, for the use of parents, children, ami
servants. 19th ed. London, 1812. 12

MANNERS. An account of the societies for tho
reformation of manners, in England and Ire-
land. With a persuasive to persons of all
ranks, to be zealous and diligent in promoting
the execution of the laws against prophaneness
and debauchery, for the effecting a national
reformation. [By J. WOODWARD.]

London, 1699. 8

A brief account of the nature, rise, and pro-
gress, of the societies for reformation of nuui-
ners, &c. in England and Ireland : with a pre-
face exhorting to the use of such societies in
Scotland. [By Sir Francis GRANT.]

, 1700. 4

A letter from *** a magistrate in the countrey,
to *** his friend : giving a new historical ac-
count of designs, through the Christian world,
for reforming manners therein ; discovering,
how it's not the publick's fault that the laws
against immoralities are not execute in Scot-
land ; removing difficulties which seem to im-
pede those, at whom this glorious work appears
to stick, here ; and thereupon rousing up such
from their lethargie, which otherwise will be
fatal, both to themselves, the Church, and
the kingdom. With which are intermixed
some directions for the orderly and successful
carrying on of this blessed enterprise : and
there is added an abbreviate of some acts of
the Assembly, Commission, town council of
Edinburgh, &c. to this purpose.

Edin., 1701. 4

Reformation of manners. A satyr. [In a col-
lection of the writings of the author of The
true-born English- man, i. e. Daniel DEFOE.]

London, 1703. 8?

The poor man's plea, concerning reformation
of manners. [In a collection of writings by
the author of The True-born English-man, i. e.
Daniel DEFOE.] London, 1703. 8

Estimate of the manners and principles of the
times. By the author of Essays on the Cha-
racteristics ; [John BROWN]. 6th ed. 2 vol.

London, 1757. 8

religion and literature. By various writers,
[Cardinal Wiseman, H. E. Manning, D.D.,
Daniel Rock, D.D., J. Cashel Hoey, Frede-
rick Oakeley, Francis Henry Laing, and Ed-
ward Lucas]. Edited by H. E. M.

London, 1865. 8

MANNIUS (DANIEL). De nonnullis S. Scriptu-
Kfi affectionibus, occasione dicti, 1 Pet. iv. 11.
Bostochii, [1714]. 4

MANSE. The manse garden. By a clergyman.
[Nathaniel PATERSON.] Glasgow, 1836. 12

in moral and metaphysical philosophy at Mag-
dalen college, Oxford. Artis logicse rudimenta,
from the text of ALDRICH, with notes and mar-
ginal references. 1856

The limits of religious thought examined in
eight lectures, preached before the University



of Oxford, in the year 1858, on the foundation

of the late Rev. John Bampton, M.A. 2d ed.

London, 1858. 8

Another copy.

- Fourth edition. London, 1859. 8
An examination of the Rev. F. D. Maurice's

Strictures on the Bampton lectures of 1858.

London, 1859. 8

- Metaphysics, or the philosophy of conscious-
ness phenomenal and real. Edin., 1860.

Phenomena logica. An inquiry into the psy-
chological character of logical processes. 2d ed.

Oxford, 1860. 8

MANSEL (S. P.). Sermon on the Apocrypha.

2 parts. Shrewsbury, 1851. 8



trine moralis et canonicte ex constitutionibus
aliisque operibus felicis recordationis Bene-
dicti XIV. Pontificis Maximiexcerptse. Secun-
dum exemplar Romanum. Lovanii, 1777. 8

MANSON (THOMAS), Minister of the Associate Sy-
nod of Original Seceders, Perth. Question of
the return of Original Seceders to the fellow-
ship of the Established Church of Scotland
considered : with an appendix.

.Edin., 1835. 8

MANT (RICHARD), D.D., Bislwp of Doivn and
Connor. An appeal to the Gospel, or an in-
quiry into the justice of the charge, alleged
by Methodists and other objectors, that the
Gospel is not preached by the national clergy :
in a series of discourses delivered before the
University of Oxford, in the year 1812, at the
lecture founded by the late Rev. John Bamp-
ton, M.A. 2d ed. Oxford, 1812. 8

* A brief statement of the scriptural doctrine
of regeneration, in reference to the late con-
troversy occasioned by Dr Mant's and other

' tracts on that subject. By an impartial ob-
server. London, 1816. 8

The Holy Bible... With notes... by the Rev.
George D'OYLY, and the Rev. R. M. 1830.

- The happiness of the blessed, considered as to
the particulars of their state ; their recognition
of each other in that state ; and its difference
of degrees. To which are added, musings on
the Church and her services. 2d ed.

London, 1833. 12

Romanism and holy Scripture compared :
wherein is shown the disagreement of the
Church of Rome with the revealed word of
God, no less than with the Church of Eng-
land, on many of the fundamental articles of
Christianity ; being a continuation of " The
Churches of Rome and England compared."

London, 1836. 16

History of the Church of Ireland, from the
Reformation to the Revolution ; with a preli-
minary survey, from the papal usurpation, in
the twelfth century, to its legal abolition in
the sixteenth. London, 1840. 8

MANTELL (GIDEON). The fossils of the South
Downs ; or, illustrations of the geology of

Sussex. The engravings executed by Mrs
Mantell, from drawings by the author.

London, 1822. 4

medals of creation ; or, first lessons in geology,
and in the study of organic remains. 2 vol.

London, 1844. 8

The wonders of geology ; or, a familiar expo-
sition of geological phenomena. 2 vol. 6th ed. ,

London, 1848. 8

MANTON (THOMAS), Minister of Stoke- Newing-
ton. Meate out of the eater, or, Hopes of
unity in and by divided and distracted times.
Discovered in a sermon [on Zech. xiv. 9] preach-
ed before the Hon. House of Commons at Mar-
garets Westminster on their solemne day of
fast, June 30, 1647. London, 1647. 4

Another copy.

A practical commentary, or an exposition with
notes on the Epistle of James. Delivered in
sundry weekly lectures at Stoke- Newington,
in Middlesex, neer London. 2d ed.

London, 1653. 4

Another copy.

Another edition. London, 1842. 8

The blessed estate of them that die in the
Lord, opened in a sermon [on Rev. xiv. 13] at
the funerals of Mistress Jane Blackwel, wife
of Master Elidad Blackwel, pastor of Andrew
Undershaft, London. London, 1656. 4

A practical commentary, or, an exposition with
notes on the Epistle of St Jude. Delivered
(for the most part) in sundry weekly lectures,
at Stoke -Newington in Middlesex. 2d ed.

London, 1662. 4

One hundred and ninety sermons on the hun-
dred and nineteenth Psalm...

London, 1681. fol.

Another copy.

A second volume of Sermons. In two parts.
The first containing xxvii. sermons on the
twenty fifth chapter of St Matthew, xiv. on
the seventeenth chapter of St John, and xxiv.
on the sixth chapter of the Epistle to the Ro-
mans. Part II. Containing xiv. sermons on
the eighth chapter of the Epistle to the Ro-
mans, and xl. on the fifth chapter of the se-
cond Epistle to the Corinthians...

London, 1684. fol.

A third volume of Sermons. In two parts.
The first containing Ixvi. sermons on the ele-
venth chapter of the Hebrews. With a trea-
tise of the life of faith. Part the second. A
treatise of self denial. With several sermons
on the sacrament of the Lord's Supper, and
other occasions. London, 1689. fol.

A fourth volume, containing one hundred and
fifty sermons on several texts of Scripture. In
two parts... London, 1693. fol.

A fifth volume of Sermons. In two parts.
The first containing thirty one sermons on the
fifth chapter of the Ephesians, to the 27th
verse. Seventeen sermons on the third chap-
ter of the Philippians, beginning at the 7th
verse. Sixteen sermons on the first chapter
of the 2d Epistle to the Thessalonians, begin-




ning at the 4th verse. And ten scnuona on
particular texts of Scripture. The second part
containing thirty two sermons on the third
chapter of the first Epistle of St John. And
thirty five sermons on particular texts of Scrip-
ture. To which is added, a funeral sermon
upon the death of Dr Manton, preach'd by the
Rev. Dr William Bates. London, 1701. fol.

A practical exposition of the Lord's Prayer.

London, 1684. 8

Eighteen sermons on the second chapter of the
second Epistle to the Thessalonians.

,1 ,-hill, 1842. 8

MANUAL. The manual and platoon exercises,
&c. &c. London, 1804. 8

MANUFACTURERS. A few thoughts on poli-
tical subjects, submitted to the consideration
of the manufacturers and others in the West
of Scotland. Edin., 1792. 8

Another copy.

- A word in season to the traders and manufac-
turers in Great Britain. 6th ed. [By Wil-
liam COMBE.] Reprinted, Edin., 1792. 8 C

- Another copy.

MANUMISSION. The petition and memorial
of the planters of Demerara and Berbice, on
the subject of manumission, examined : being
an exposure of the inaccuracy of the state-
ments, and the fallacy of the views, on which
they have proceeded in their recent applica-
tion to His Majesty in Council.

London, 1827. 8

MANUTIUS (PAULtrs). Epistolse Ciceroniano
stylo scriptse ; [una cum Epistolis Petri Bu-
NKLLI]. 1581

Aliorum Gallorum pariter et Italorum episto-
lae eodem [Ciceroniano] stylo scriptse : [cum
Epistt. Ciceroniano stylo scriptis, per Petrum

MANZONI (ALESSAXDRO). I promessi sposi, sto-

ria Milanese del secolo xvii. Ediziune fatta

su quella riveduta dalT autore.

Paiigi, 1845. 8'
MAPES (WALTER). The Latin poems commonly

attributed to W. M. ; collected and edited [for

the Carnden Society] by Thomas Wright, Esq.

M.A. London, 1841. 4

Gualteri Mapes de nugis curialium distincti-
ones quinque. Edited [for the Carnden So-
ciety] from the unique manuscript in the Bod-
leian Library at Oxford, by Thomas Wright.

London, 1850. 4

MAR-BURY (EDWARD), B. A., Rector of St Peter's,
Paul's wharf, London. A commentarie, or ex-
position upon the prophecie of Habakkuk. By
E. M. London, 1652. 4 r

Another edition. [Nichol's series of commen-
taries.] Edin., 1865. 4

A commentary or exposition upon the prophe-
cy of Obadiah. [Nichol's series of commenta-
ries.] Edin., 1865. 4 C

MARCA (PETRUS DE), Archbishop of Paris. Dis-
sertationum de concordia sacerdotii et imperii
seu de libertatibus Ecclesife Gallicanse libri
octo. Quibus accesserunt ejusdem auctoris

dissertationes ecclesiasticse varii argumenti.
Justi Henningii Bouhmuri Helectse observa-
tiones libros de concordia illustrantes. Nee non
Carmini Fimiani adnotationes in Petri de M ar-
ea concordiam et opuscula, atque animadver-
siones in selectas B<ehmeri observationes.
6 torn. Bambtrgct, 1788, 89. 4

angelo Accursio mendis quinque millibus pur-
gatus, et libris quinque auctus ultimis, nunc
primum ab eodem inventis.
August. Vindelic. in aed. Silcani Otmar, 1533.


Ammiani Marcellini quse supersunt. Cum no-
tis integris Frid. Lindenbrogii, Henr. et Hadr.
Valesiorum et Jac. Gronovii, quibus Thorn.
Reinesii quasdam et suas adjecit Jo. Angus-
tin. Wagner. Editionem absolvit Car. Gott-
lob Aug. Erfurdt. 3 torn. Lipsice, 1808. 8

MARCET (JANE). Conversations on natural
philosophy. 6th ed. London, 1831. 12

Conversations on chemistry. 2 vol.

London, 1832. 12

MARCH (HENRY). The early life of Christ an
example to the young. London, 1827. 12
fessor of law in the university of Linga. Lec-
tiones academicae, quibus selecta philosophise
practices jurisque naturae capita et pnecipue
officia erga Deum pertractantur.

GroningcK, 1771. 8

Tomus secundus, quo prsecipua juris eccle-

siastici Protestantium universalis capita per-
tractantur. Tres fasciculi.

Groningce et Lingce, 1772-76/ 8


MARCKIUS (JOHANNES), Professor of divinity
and ecclesiastical history at Leyden. Disquisi-
tio historico-theologica de Pauli Apostoli vita
conjugata an ccelibe ? Quam...prseside D. J.
a M. publicse ventilationi subjecit Abrahamus
Weinmannus... Franequerce, 1678. 4

Disputatio theologica de promisso Elise adven-
tu, quam...prseside D. J. a M. publice venti-
landum proponit Adamus Wolk...

Franequerce, 1680. 4

Disputatio theologica, de promisso Eliae adven-
tu posterior quam... publice ventilandum pro-
ponit Johannes ab Utrecht...

Franequerce, 1680. 4

Disputatio theologica de poena excidii. Quam
...praeside D. J. a M. publice ventilandum
proponit, Petrus Roldanus...

Franequerce, 1680. 4

Disputatio theologica de poena excidii. Poste-
rior. Quam... publice ventilandum proponit,
Hennannus Friesenborch...

Franequerce, 1680. 4

Disputatio theologica de Sybillis et Sibyllinis
carminibus. Prima. Quam...pra;side D. J.
a M. publice ventilandum proponit, Lollius
Lollides... Franequeroz, 1680. 4

Secunda. Quam... publice ventilandum pro-
ponit Joannes Lely-blom...

Franequfrf*, 1680. 4



Tertia. Quam... publice ventilandum pro-
ponit Julius Abrah. Sterringa...

Franequerce, 1680. 4

Quarta. Quam... publice ventilandum pro-
ponit Tarquinius a Velsen...

Franequerce, 1681. 4

Quinta. Quam... publice ventilandum pro-
ponit Jacobus Juckama...

Franequerce, 1681. 4

Sexta. Quam... publice ventilandum pro-
ponit, Gajus Hajonides...

Franequerce, 1681. 4

Septima. Quam... publice ventilandum pro-
ponit Ato Aatzma... Franequerce, 1681. 4

Octava. Quam... publice ventilandum pro-
ponit, Nicolaua Jonghedyck...

Franequerce, 1681. 4

Nona. Quam... publice ventilandum pro-
ponit, Johannes Feickius...

Franequerce, 1681. 4

Decima. Quam... publice ventilandum pro-
ponit, Johannes Winckler...

Franequerce, 1681. 4

Undecima. Quam ... publice ventilandum
proponit Lollius Algora...

Franequerce, 1681. 4

Duodecima et ultima. Quam... publice ven-
tilandum proponit, Petrus Curtenius...

Franequerce, 1681. 4

Compendium theologies Christianae didactico-
elencticum. Immixtis problematibus plurimis,
et quaestionibus recentioribus adauctum. Edi-
tio secunda. Accedunt positionum theologi-
carum centuriae decem. Amstel., 1690. 4
Another copy.

Christianas theologies medulla didactico-elenc-
tica. Ex major! opere, secundum ejus capita
et paragraphos, expressa...Editio tertia, emen-
data et expressis Scripturee textibus aucta.

Amstel., 1705. 8

Editio quints. Amstel., 1721. 8

Another copy.
Editio septima.

Trajecti ad Ehenum, 1772. 8
Exercitationes textuales ad quinquaginta se-
lecta loca Veteris et Novi Testamenti. Argu-
menta quaedam praecipua, de unctionibus, po-
lygamia, cultu Molech, miraculosa custodia
vestium Israelitarum, capillitio Abhshalomi,
Damasco capite Syriae, dyemoniacis, &c. paulo
latius tractantur. Accedit oratio inauguralis,
de debita sacrarum Scripturarum veneratione.
Amstel., 1694. 4

- Another copy. [Wants title.]

- Exegeticse exercitationes ad quinquaginta se-
lecta loca Veteris et Novi Testamenti. Argu-
menta quaedam praecipua, de diluvii universa-
lis modo, transitu Jisraelitarum per mare mira-
culoso, teraphim, propinquitate judicii tern-
pore Apostolorum, dominio angelorum et ho-
minum in Ecclesiam V. T. &c. paulo plenius
exponuntur, et quorundam textuum analyses
exegeticae miscentur. Accedit oratio acade-
mica, de expectanda adhuc in terris Ecclesiae
felicitate. Amstel., 1697. 4

- Biblicae exercitationes ad quinquaginta selecta

loca Veteris et Novi Testamenti. Arguments
quaedam praecipua, de ordine nativitatis filio-
rum Noachi, anno nativitatis Abrahami, hu-
jus nomine mutato, columna nubis et ignis
aliisque pluribus deserti miraculis, descensu
Spiritus in forma columbae super Christum,
nomine Aoyow huic dato, peccato in Spiritum
sanctum, fundamento unico, &c. paulo plenius
exponuntur, et quorundam textuum analyses
exegeticae miscentur. Accedit oratio funebria
in obitum Jacobi Triglandii, J. F. J. N.

Amstel., 1707. 4

In praecipuas quasdam partes Pentateuchi eom-
mentarius ; seu ultimorum Jacobi, reliquorum
Bilhami, et novissimorum Mosis, quae legun-
tur Genes, xlvii.-xlix., Numer. xxii.-xxiv. et
Deuter. xxix.-xxxiii. analysis exegetica.

Lugd. Batav., 1713. 4

In Canticum Shelomonis commentarius seu
analysis exegetica... Annexa est etiam analysis
exegetica Psalmi xlv. Amstel. , 1703. 4

In Hoseam commentarius seu analysis exege-
tica... Diatribe annexa est singularis de acci-
pienda uxore et liberis fornicationum.

Amstel, 1696. 4

In Joelem, Hamosum, Hobhadjam, et Jonam,
commentarius seu analysis exegetica...

Amstel, 1698. 4

In Micham, Nahumum, Habhakkukum, et
Tsephanjam commentarius seu analysis exege-
tica... Amstel, 1700. 4
In Haggaeum, Zecharjam, et Malachiam, com-
mentarius seu analysis exegetica. 2 partt.

Amstel, 1701. 4

In Apocalypsin Johannis commentarius, seu

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