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tions towards them in those respective periods.

London, 1758. 8

Self-knowledge. A treatise, shewing the na-
ture and benefit of that important science, and
the way to attain to it. Intermixed with va-
rious reflections and observations on human
nature. 12th ed. London, 1791. 12

Fifteenth edition. London, 1809. 12

Another edition. New York, s. a. 12

The student and pastor ; or directions how to
attain to eminence and usefulness in those re-
spective characters. To which are added, a
letter to a friend, upon his entrance on the
ministerial office ; and an essay on elocution
and pronunciation. New editions, with addi-



tions, and an essay on catecliising, by Joshua
TOULMIN, D.D. London, 1807. 12

Another copy.

A dialogue on death. With memoirs of the
author, by John Evans, LL.D.

London, 1826. 12

MASON (JOHN MITCHEL), D.D., Pastor of the
Associate Reformed Church, New York. The
writings of the late J. M. M. Consisting of
sermons, essays, and miscellanies, including
essays already published in the " Christian
magazine. " 4 vol. Selected and arranged by
Rev. Ebenezer Mason. New York, 1832. 8

A sermon [on Habak. ii. 3] preached Sept. 20,
1793, a day set apart in the city of New York,
for public fasting, humiliation and prayer, on
account of a malignant and mortal fever pre-
vailing in Philadelphia. New York, 1793. 8

Letters upon frequent communion.

Edin., 1798. 8

First ripe fruits : being a collection of tracts,
to which are added two sermons. "With a short
memoir of the author. London, 1803. 12

A plea for sacramental communion on catholic
principles. New York, 1816. 8

The evangelical ministry exemplified in the
Apostle Paul : a sermon [on Acts, xx. 17-27]
preached in Murray-street church, Dec. 2,
1821, on the occasion of resigning the charge
of his congregation. New York, 1822. 8

Reprinted. Glasgow, 1822. 8

The claims of Episcopacy refuted, in a review
of the Essays of the Right Rev. Bishop Ho-
bart, and other advocates of diocesan Episco-
pacy. With an introduction and appendix, by
the Rev. John Blackburn. London, 1838. 12~

Another copy.

Essays on the Church of God ; in which the
doctrines of Church membership and infant
baptism are fully discussed.

Philadelphia, 1843. 12

Another copy.

- Essays on Episcopacy, and the apology for the
apostolic order and its advocates, reviewed.
Edited by the Rev. Ebenezer Mason.

New York, 1844. 8

enthusiasm detected. 1769

The Christian communicant : or a suitable
companion to the Lord's Supper. Containing
meditations upon every part of the liturgy
which is used by the Church of England, at the
celebration of that divine ordinance. With a
recommendatory preface, by the Rev. W. Ro-
maine, M.A. 2d ed. London, 1770. 8

Third edition. London, 1782. 12 C

Scriptural prayers for every morning and even-
ing throughout the week. A new edition.

Gainsborough, 1814. 8

A spiritual treasury for the children of God :
consisting of a meditation for each morning in
the year upon select texts of Scripture... A new
edition. Revised and corrected by the Rev.
Henry Cox Mason, M.A. 2 vol.

London, 1819. 8

Another edition. New York, s. a. 12

MASS. Speculum curatorum una cum cofessio-
nali ac tractatu de mysterio misse et his que
cocernut earn. Videlicet de sacramenti altaris
dignitate, utilitate et processione : necno de
sacerdotibus vestimetis ad Dei laude, status-
que ecclesiastici decore.

Rothontagi, impesa Ricardi Mace, s. a. 8

Decisio questionis de audientia missaj in paro-
chiali Ecclesia dominicis et festivis diebus.
Cum ceteris annexis. B. L. s. 1. et a. 4

MASSACHUSETTS. Reports on the fishes, rep-
tiles and birds of Massachusetts. Published
agreeably to an order of the legislature, by
the commissioners on the zoological and bota-
nical survey of the State. Boston, 1839. 8

Reports on the herbaceous plants and on the
quadrupeds of Massachusetts...

Cambridge, 1840. 8

A report on the insects of Massachusetts, inju-
rious to vegetation... Cambridge, 1841. 8

Another copy.

Report on the invertebrata of Massachusetts,
comprising the mollusca, Crustacea, annelida,
and radiata... Cambridge, 1841. 8

Another copy.

MASSIE (J. W.), D.D. The Christian in civil
society : the use of religious epithets for secu-
lar purposes : fake pretences in religion. The
first of a series of lectures delivered in Edin-
burgh, at the request of the Young men's Vo-
luntary Church association, 8th Dec. 1836.

Edin., 1836. 12

mont. Conferences et discours synaudaux sur
les principaux devoirs des ecclesiastiques, avec
un recueil de mandemens sur diflerens sujets.
3 torn. Paris, 1765, 76. 8

Pensees sur differens sxijets de morale et de
pie'te', tire'es des ouvrages de feu M. M.

Paris, 1766. 8

Sermons. Petit-careme. Paris, 1768. 8

Another edition. Paris, 1802. 12

Edition stereotype, d'apres le precede' de Fir-
min Didot. Paris, 1813. 12

Sermons. Carenie. 3 torn.

Paris, 1769. 8

Sermons. Panegyriques. Paris, 1769. 8

Sermons. Mysteres. Paris, 1769. 8

Sermons. Avent. Pans, 1769. 8

Sentimens d'une ame touched de Dieu, tire's
des Pseaumes de David ; ou paraphrase mo-
rale de plusieurs Pseaumes en forme de prieres.

Pan's, 1769. 8

Sermons. Oraisons funebres et professions
religieuses. Paris, 1769. 8

Sermons. To which is prefixed, the life of
the author. Complete in one volume.

London, 1826. 8

Another edition. London, 1837. 8
MASSON (EDWARD). An apology for the Greek

Church ; or, hints on the means of promoting
the religious improvement of the Greek na-
tion. Edited, with an introduction and notes,
by J. S. Howson, M.A. London, 1844. 8

Another copy.

MASSON (JOANXES), M.A. Jani ten) plum



Christo nascente rcseratuin, sen tractatus chro-
nologico-historicus, vulg;uvm ivtViK-ns oj.inio-
nem existiinaiitiuin, ]-;i-cni toto ten-arum > -\-\n-
sub tempus Srrv;ii<>ris N. natalc, stabilitam
fuissc. Quo opere iiiulta Iloinanam historian]
apectantia illustrantur. Adduntur et ininiis-
inatum, quee passim in hoc opero elucidantur,
effigies : ac synopsis chronologica : indicesque
necessarii. Rotcrodami, 1700. 8

MASTERS (THOMAS), B.D. A sermon [on Ps.
1. 23] preached Jan. 20, 1714, being day of
public thanksgiving for His Majesty's peace-
able accession. London, 1715. 8

MASTRICHT (GERH. VON), Proffer f hixtnnj
at Duisburg. Historia juris ecclesiastici et
pontificii, seu de ortu, progressu, incrementis,
collectionibus, auctoribusque juris ecclesiastici
et pontificii tractatio. Cum prsefatione Chris-
tiaui Thoraasii, de neglectu studii juris cano-
iiici, ej usque usu frequente et methodo.

Halce, 1719. 8

MASTRICHT (PETRUS VAN), Professor of theo-
logy in the university of Utrecht. Theoretico-
practica theologia, qua per singula theologica
capita, pars exegetica, dogmatica, elenchtica
et practica perpetua successione conjugantur.
Editio nova. Accedunt : historia ecclesiastica
plena fere quanquam compendiosa, idea theo-
logite moralis ; hypotyposis theologize asceticae
&c. proin opus quasi novum descripta. Huic
novfe edition! adjecta est auctoris vita, a Cl.
Pontano. Trajecti ad Rhenum, 1715. 4

Editio nova. 2 torn.

Trajecti ad Khenum, 1724. 4


MATHER (COTTON), D. D. , son of Increase Mather,
and. minister at Boston. Magnalia Christi
Americana : or, the ecclesiastical history of
New-England, from its first planting in the
year 1620 unto the year of our Lord, 1698. In
seven books. London, 1702. fol.

Another copy.

India Christiana. A discourse delivered unto
the commissioners, for the propagation of the
Gospel among the American Indians. Which
is accompanied with several instruments re-
lating to the glorious design of propagating our
holy religion, in the Eastern as well as the
Western, Indies. An entertainment which
they that are waiting for the kingdom of God
will receive as good news from a far country.

Boston in Neiv-England, 1721. 8

The Christian philosopher : a collection of the
best discoveries in nature, with religious im-
provements. London, 1721. 8

Essays to do good ; addressed to all Chris-
tians, whether in public or private capacities.
Revised and improved by the Rev. George
Burder. New edition. Glasgow; 1821. 12

Another edition. With an introductory essay
by Andrew Thomson, D.D.

Glasgow, 1825. 12

Another copy.

Another edition. New York, s. a. 12
MATHER (INCREASE), D.D., President of Har-

vard college. The order of the <!-.>|n-l, pro-
fessed and practised by thrChun In* of Cliu.a
in New-Englaml, justitinl l.y tin- Sn-iptuiv,
and by the writings of many Irani. .1 nun,
both ancient and modem divines. In ans\si-r
to several questions relating to Church dis-
cipline. London, 1700. 8

Remarkable providences illustrative of the rar-
liur days of American colonisation. With in-
troductory preface by George Ofl'or.

London, 1856. 8

MATHER (JAMES). The constitutions of Great
Britain, France, and the United States of
America. London, 1834. 8

MATHER (SAMUEL), M.A., brother of Increase
Mitthcr, and tinnivr Fellow of Trinity college,
Dublin. The figures or types of the Old Tes-
tament, by which Christ and the heavenly
things of the Gospel were preached and sha-
dowed to the people of God of old. Explain'd
and improv'd in sundry sermons. 2d ed. To
which is annex'd...a scheme and table of the
whole. London, 1705. 4

An apology for the liberties of the Churches
in New England : To which is prefix'd, a dis-
course concerning Congregational Churches.

Boston, 1738. 8

Another copy.

MATHER (SAMUEL), A.M., so?i of Increase Ma-
ther, minister of a dissenting congregation at
Witney. A vindication of the holy Bible,
wherein the arguments for, and objections
against, the divine original, purity and inte-
grity of the Scripture, are proposed and con-
sidered. London, 1723. 8

MATHER (WILLIAM W.), Professor of natural
history in the Ohio university. Geology of New
York. Part i. Comprising the geology of the
first geological district. [Natural history of
New York. Part iv.] Albany, 1843. 4

MATHESON (JAMES), Minister of the Gospel,
Durham. Advice to religious inquirers, re-
specting some of the difficulties arising from
the present state of society. Edin., 1828. 12

MATHESON (JAMES), D.D. A narrative of the
visit to the American Churches. By Andrew
REID, D.D., and J. M. 1836

The duty and ability of the Church speedily
to evangelize the heathen world. A sermon,
preached at Bradford, June 6th, 1836.

Bradford, 1836. 8

MATHETES. Religious reform of the Episcopal
communion impracticable, while it remains
united with the state : an earnest appeal to
pious members of the Established Church. By
Mathetes. 2d ed. London, 1834. 8

MATHIAS (B. W.), A.M., Chaplain of Betliesda,
Dublin. An inquiry into the doctrines of the
Reformation, and of the united Church of Eng-
land and Ireland, respecting the ruin and re-
covery of mankind. In two parts.

Dublin, 1814. 8

Popery and Catholicism. In two parts. Part
I. Six lectures on infallibility. Part II. Vin-
clicise laicae ; or, the right of the laity to the
unrestricted reading of the sacred Scriptures



vindicated. Edited by the Rev. W. B. Stewart
Mathias, B.A. London, 1851. 12

MATHIAS (T. G.). The pursuitsof LITERATURE.


MATHO. Matho : or, the cosmotheoria puerilis,
a dialogue. In which the first principles of
philosophy and astronomy are accommodated
to the capacity of young persons, or such as
have yet no tincture of these sciences. Hence
the principles of natural religion are deduced.
Translated, and enlarged by the author ; [An-
drew BAXTER]. 2 vol. 2d ed.

London, 1745. 8

MATTER. An introduction to a system of the
laws and principles of matter, proceeding upon
an inquiry into the relations of heat and at-
traction : illustrating the existence of a prin-
ciple calculated to account for the various phe-
nomena of nature. Edin. , 1821. 8 C

MATTER (JACQUES), Professor of ecclesiastical
history in the academy of St rasbourg. Histoire
universelle de 1'Eglise Chretienne, conside"ree
principalement dans ses institutions et dans
sea doctrines. 4 torn.

Strasbourg, 1829-35. 8

Histoire des doctrines morales et politiques
des trois derniers siecles. 3 torn.

Paris, 1836, 37. 8

- Histoire de I'dcole d'Alexandrie compared aux
principales e"coles contemporaines. 2e Edition,
entierement refondue. 2 torn.

Paris, 1840, 44. 8

- Histoire critique du Gnosticisme, et de son in-
fluence sur les sectes religieuses et philoso-
phiques des six premiers siecles de 1'ere Chre'-
tienne. 2 e edition. 3 torn.

Strasbourg, 1843, 44. 8

- Histoire de la philosophic dans ses rapports
avec la religion depuis 1'ere Chretienne.

Parts, 1854. 12

fessor of classical literature at Moscoiv. Novum
Testamentum Greece. 1803, 7. See BIBLES

MATTH^EUS (JOANNES). Speculum miseria-
rum ; cum synopsi mendaciorum, duorum prse-
dicantium, Davidis Parei, Calviniani, et Jo-
annis Mulmanni adhuc Lutherani. Pro licen-
tise gradu ad publicam disputationem, inter
csetera, propositum, ab J. M. : Prseside verb R.
P. Joanne Mulhusino. Moguntice, 1605. 4

MATTHEW, Saint. A critical examination of
the holy Gospels according to St Matthew and
St LUKE, with regard to the history of the
birth and infancy of otir Lord Jesus Christ.
By the author of the Vindication of the history
of the Septuagint ; [C. HAYES].

London, 1738. 8

MATTHEWS (JOHN), D.D. The divine purpose
displayed in the works of providence and grace ;
in a series of letters to an inquiring friend.

Philadelphia, 1843. 12
Another copy.

MATTHLE (AUGUSTUS), Director of tlie gymna-
sium at Altenburg. A copious Greek gram-
mar. Translated from the German by Ed-

ward Valentine Blomfield, A.M. 2 vol. 2d ed.
Cambridge, 1820. 8

Fifth edition, thoroughly revised, and greatly
enlarged from the last edition of the original,
by John Kenrick, M.A. 2 vol.

London, 1832. 8

Another copy.

A manual of the history of Greek and Roman
literature. Translated from the third and last
edition. Oxford, 1841. 8

MATTHIJ3 (CHRISTIANUS). Theatrum histori-
cum theoretico-practicum. In quo quatuor
monarchies, nempe prima, quaa est Babylonio-
rum et Assyriorum ; secunda, Medorum et
Persarum ; tertia, Grsecorum ; quarta, Roma-
norum. Omnesque reges et imperatores, qui
in illis regnarunt, nova et artificiosa methodo
describuntur, omniaque ad usum oeconomi-
cum, politicum et ecclesiasticum accomodan-
tur. . .Editio secunda. Amstel., 1656. 4

MAUGU1N (GILBERTUS), pseud, i. e. Jo. Rob.


MAULE (Fox), Earl of Dallwusie.* A full and
impartial report of the important debate in the
House of Commons, on Mr Fox Maule's mo-
tion regarding the Church of Scotland... 7th
and 8th March, 1843. Edin., 1843. 8

Another copy.

Speeches delivered by the Hon. F. M. and
Andrew RUTHERFURD, in the House of Com-
mons, 7th March, 1843, in reference to the
Church of Scotland. Edin., 1843. 8

jugemens rendus en France centre le SCHISME.


MAUNDER (SAMUEL). The scientific and litera-
ry treasury ; a new and popiilar encyclopaedia of
the belles lettres. 3d ed. London, 1843. 12

The treasury of history ; comprising a general
introductory outline of universal history, an-
cient and modern ; and a series of separate
histories of every principal nation that exists ;
their rise, progress, present condition, &c.
2d ed, London, 1844. 12

The treasury of knowledge, and library of re-
ference. 16th ed. London, 1845. 12

The biographical treasury ; a dictionary of
universal biography. 5th ed., with a " sup-
plement" from the accession of Queen Victoria
to the present time. London, 1845. 12

MAUNDRELL (HENRY), M.A., Chaplain to the
factory at Aleppo. A journey from Aleppo to
Jerusalem, at Easter, A. D. 1697. 6th ed., to
which is now added an account of the author's
journey to the banks of Euphrates at Beer ;
and to the country of Mesopotamia. With an
index to the whole work, not in any former
edition. Oxford, 1740. 8

Another edition. Also a journal from Grand
Cairo to Mount Sinai, and back again. Trans-
lated from a manuscript written by the Prefetto
of Egypt, by the Right Rev. Robert Clayton. . .
Bishop of Clogher. London, 1810. 8

Les O3iivres de Mr de M. 2 torn.

Berlin, 1753. 8



MAlkKLLE (Don ANTONIO). A voyage from
Manilla to California ; [with A voyage round
the world, by J.-Fr. Galaup de LA PEYROUHE.]


Commentarius gramiuaticus criticua in Vetus
Testamentum in usum maxime gymnasiorum
et academiarum adornatus. 4 vol.

LipsvK, 1836-47. 8

lain of Lincoln's Inn, and professor of divinity,
King's college, London. Three letters to the
Rev. W. Palmer, Fellow and tutor of Magda-
len college, Oxford, on the name " Protestant";
on the seemingly double character of the Eng-
lish Church ; and on the Bishopric at Jerusa-
lem. With an appendix, containing some re-
marks on a pamphlet of J. R. Hope, Esq. en-
titled, " The Bishopric of the united Church
of England and Ireland, at Jerusalem, con-
sidered in a letter to a friend." 2d ed. To
which are added some farther remarks on Ger-
man Protestantism, and a notice of the post-
script to the second edition of Mr Hope's
letter. London, 1842. 8

Christmas day and other sermons.

Cambridge, 1843. 8

The Epistle to the Hebrews ; being the sub-
stance of three lectures delivered in the chapel
of the honourable Society of Lincoln's Inn, on
the foundation of Bishop Warburton. With
a preface containing a review of Mr Newman's
Theory of development. London, 1846. 8

The religions of the world, and their relations
to Christianity, considered in eight lectures
founded by the Hon. Robert Boyle. 2d ed.

London, 1848. 8

The Church a family : twelve sermons on
the occasional services of the Prayer-Book.
Preached in the chapel of Lincoln's Inn.

Cambridge, 1850. 8

The Lord's Prayer. Nine sermons preached
in the chapel of Lincoln's Inn. 3d ed.

Cambridge, 1851. 8

The Prayer-Book, considered especially in re-
ference to the Romish system. Nineteen ser-
mons preached in the chapel of Lincoln's Inn.
2d ed. London, 1852. 8

Sermons on the Sabbath-day, on the character
of the warrior, and on the interpretation of
history. Cambridge, 1853. 8

Theological essays. 2d ed. With a new pre-
face, and other additions.

Cambridge, 1853. 8

The doctrine of sacrifice deduced from the
Scriptures. A series of sermons.

Cambridge, 1854. 8

The word " eternal," and the punishment of
the wicked : a letter to the Rev. Dr Jelf , Ca-
non of Christ Church, and principal of King's
College. Fifth thousand, with a new preface.

Cambridge, 1854. 8

The unity of the New Testament : a synopsis
of the first three Gospels and of the Epistles of
St. James, St. Jude, St. Peter, and St Paul.

Cambridge, 1854. 8

Lectures on the ecclesiastical history of tin-
first and second centuries.

Cambridge, 1854. 8

- The patriarchs and lawgivers of the Old Testa-
ment. A series of sermons preached in the
chapel of Lincoln's Inn. 2d ed., revised, with
a new preface. Cambridge, 1855. 8

The Prophets and Kings of the Old Testament.
A series of sermons preached in the chapel of
Lincoln's Inn. 2d ed. Cambridge, 1855. 8

The Gospel of the Kingdom of Heaven : a
course of lectures on the Gospel of St Luke.

London and Cambridge, 1864. 8

MAURICE (HENRY), D.D., Margaret professor

of divinity. A vindication of the primitive

Church and diocesan EPISCOPACY. 1682

A defence of diocesan Episcopacy, in answer
to a book of Mr David Clarkson's lately pub-
lished, entituled, Primitive Episcopacy.

London, 1691. 8

MAURICE (MATTHIAS). Faith encouraged, in a
plain, consistent, scriptural exposition of Heb.
vi. 4, 5, 6, Heb. x. 26, 1 John, v. 16. Mani-
festing that the sinners therein mentioned are
not to be look'd upon as in a desperate condi-
tion, but as partakers of everlasting salvation
in the Lord. And in an impartial scriptural
consideration of the unpardonable blasphemy
against the Holy Spirit, demonstrating the im-
possibility of committing such a transgression
under the Gospel dispensation.

London, 1726. 8

Monuments of mercy, or some of the distin-
guishing favours of Christ to his Congregational
Church at Rowel. London, 1729. 8

- Another copy.

MAURICE (THOMAS), M.A., Vicar of Cudham,
and assistant librarian in tJie British Museum.
The history of Hindostan ; its arts and its
sciences, as connected with the history of the
other great empires of Asia, during the most
ancient periods of the world. With numerous
illustrative engravings. 2 vol. 3 parts.

London, 1795, 98. 4

Westminster abbey ; with other occasional
poems ; and a free translation of the CEdipus
Tyrannus of Sophocles. Illustrated with en-
gravings. , London, 1813. 8

MAUVILLON (ELEAZAR). Cours complet de la
langue Fran9oise...2 torn. Dresde, 1754. 12

MA WE (JOHN). Travels in the interior of Bra-
zil, particularly in the gold and diamond dis-
tricts of that country, by authority of the
Prince Regent of Portugal ; including a voyage
to the Rio de la Plata, and an historical sketch
of the revolution of Buenos Ayres. Illustrated
with engravings. London, 1812. 4

MAXCY (JONATHAN), D. D. Collegiate ad-
dresses ; being counsels to students on their
literary pursuits and future life. With a bio-
graphical introduction, by Romeo Elton, D.D.

London, s. a. 16

MAXIMUS, Bishop of Turin. Opera. Jussu
Pii Sixti P. M. aucta, atque adnotationibus
illustrata, et Yictorio Amedeo Sardinise Regi
D.D. Ernncp, 1784. fol.




MAXWELL (GEORGE). [Two] Letters to the
people of Canobie. By a parishioner.

Edin., [1845]. 8

MAXWELL (JAMES), S.D.P. A new version of
the whole Book of Psalms in metre. 1773.

MAXWELL (Sir JOHN), Bart. True reform : or,
character a qualification for the franchise.

Edin., 1860. 8

MAXWELL (WILLIELMA), Viscountess Glenorchy.
* The life of the Right Hon. Willielma, Vis-
countess Glenorchy ; containing extracts from
her diary and correspondence. By T. S. Jones,
D.D. 2ded. Edin., 1824. 8

MAY (THOMAS), Secretary for the parliament.
The history of the parliament of England,
which began November the Third, M.DC.XL. ;
with a short and necessary view of some pre-
cedent years. [Reprinted] London, 1812. 4

MAYER (BRANTZ), Secretary of the U. S. legation
to Mexico. Mexico as it was and as it is.

New- York, 1844. 8

MAYER (JOHN), D.D., Pastor of the church of
JReydon, Suffolk. Ecclesiastica interpretatio :
or the expositions vpon the difncvlt and dovt-
f vl passages of the seuen Epistles called Catho-
like, and the Revelation. Collected out of the
best esteemed, both old and new writers, to-
gether with the author's examinations, deter-
minations, and short annotations... Hereunto
is also annexed an antidot against Popery.

London, 1627. 4

- Praxis theologica, or, the Epistle of the Apos-
tle James resolved, expounded, and preached
upon, by way of doctrine and use. [Wants
title, and otherwise imperfect.]

London, 1629. 4

A commentarie vpon the New Testament. Re-
presenting the divers expositions thereof, out
of the workes of the most learned, both an-
cient Fathers, and moderne writers... 2 vol.

London, 1631. fol.

MAYHEW (RICHARD). "Ea^ecro; 'txfyos. Or the
death of death in the death of Christ. Being
a narrative of the first death, as the mistress
of mortals, and empress of the universe...

London, 1679. 8

Poema mortuale : or, an elegy upon death,
the law of nature, and tribute of mortals. By
R. M. s. I, 1679. 8

MAYNARD (L'abbe'), Honorary canon of Poitiers.
Les provinciales ou les lettres dcrites par
Louis de Montalte a un provincial de ses amis
et aux re've'rends Peres Je'suites : publie'es sur
la derniere Edition revue par Pascal, avec les
variantes des Editions pr^dentes ; et Jeur re"-
futation consistant en introductions et nom-
breuses notes historiques, litte'raires, philoso-
phiques et the'ologiques. 2 torn.

Paris, 1851. 8

MAYNARD (JOHN). A sermon [on Prov. xxii.
23] preached to the Hon. House of Commons,
at their late solemn fast, Feb. 26, 1644...

London, 1645. 4 :

MA YNOOTH. Roman Catholic morality, as in- ;

culcated in the theological class books used in

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