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Maynooth college. Dublin, 1836. 8

Proceedings of the Anti-Maynooth Conference
of 1845. With an historical introduction, by
the Rev. A. S. THELWALL. 1845

Maynooth tried and convicted. The Irish
parliament v. the Maynooth grant.

London, 1852. 8

The Maynooth endowment : facts and reasons.

London, s. a. 8

MAYN WARING (ARTHUR). The life and post-
humous works of A. M., containing several
original pieces and translations, in prose and
verse, never before printed. To which are
added, several political tracts written by him,
before and after the change of the ministry.
London, 1715. 8

MAYNWARING (ROGER), D.D., Bishop of St
Davids. Religion and allegiance : in two ser-
mons [on Eccles. viii. 2] preached before the
Kings Majesty... in 1627. 2d ed.

London, 1710. 8

The proceedings of the Lords and Commons
in the year 1628, against R. M. (the Sache-
verell of those days) for two seditious high-
flying sermons, intitled, Religion and alle-
giance. London, 1709. 8

MAYO (RICHARD). Two letters from a merchant
in London to his friend in Amsterdam. Let-
ter I. containing an account of a conference
between a Papist and a Jew. Letter II. con-
taining an account of a conference between a
Protestant and a Jew. By N. H.

London, 1819. 12

MAZZINI (JOSEPH). Le Pape au dix-neuvieme
siecle. Deuxieme Edition. Paris, 1850. 8

MEAD (MATTHEW), Pastor of a Church of Christ
at Stepney. The good of early obedience : or
the advantage of bearing the yoke of Christ
betimes. Discovered in part, in two anniver-
sary sermons... and afterwards enlarged, and
now published for common benefit.

London, 1683. 8

The vision of the wheels seen by the Prophet
Ezekiel ; opened and applied : partly at tho
Merchant's lecture in Broad Street ; and part-
ly at Stepney, on January 31, 168f, being the
day of solemn thanksgiving to God for the
great deliverance of this kingdom from Popery
and slavery, by His then Highness the most
illustrious Prince of Orange...

London, 1689. 4

Another edition. London, 1789. 8

Another edition. Edin., 1799. 12

The almost Christian discovered : or, the false
professor tried and cast. Being the substance
of seven sermons, first preached at Sepulchre's,
London, 1661, and now at the importunity of
friends made public. Glasgow, 1736. 12

Another edition. With an introductory essay,
by the Rev. David Young. Glasgow, 1825. 12

Original sermons on the Jews ; and on falling
into the hands of the living God. Edited from
MSS. preserved in the family of Sir Thomas
W. Bloomefield, Bart. With a memoir by the
editor, and a brief preface by the Rev. E.




Bickersteth. Also hia farewell sermon as an
ejected minister. London, 1836. 12

MEAD (RICHARD), M.D., son of the preceding.
A discourse on the plague. 9th ed.

London, 1744. 8

M I ] ADO WCOURT (RICHARD), M.A., Prebendary
of Worcester. The sinful causes, and fatal
effects of the practice of calumny and defama-
tion in religious controversy, exemplified, and
describ'd. In a sermon [on Acts, vi. 10, 11].
London, 1722. 8

The rise and progress... of Papal power, traced
through a series of historical facts. In a ser-
mon preached at Worcester, Nov. 6, 1746.

London, 1746. 8

MEARNS (DUNCAN), D.D., Professor of theology
in King's college, Aberdeen. Principles of
Christian evidence illustrated, by an examina-
tion of arguments subversive of natural theo-
logy and the internal evidence of Christianity,
advanced by Dr T. Chalmers, in his " Evi-
dences and authority of the Christian revela-
tion." Edin., 1818. 12

Another copy.

Another copy.

Report of Dr M.'s speech, in the Synod of
Aberdeen, on the 9th April, 1834 ; on the
overtures to the General Assembly, regarding
the settlement of ministers.

Aberdeen, 1834. 8

Third edition. Aberdeen, 1840. 8
- Another copy.

MEAUX (Monsieur DE). See Jacques Benigne

MECKLENBURG (J. M.). Grundziige der
Chemie in Tabellen-Form. Zunachst als Re-
pertorium fur angehende Aerzte und Pharma-
ceuten bearbeitet von Dr J. M. M. und J.
Franz SIMON. Berlin, 1835. 4

MEDALS. The knowledge of medals : or, in-
structions for those who apply themselves to
the study of medals... Writ ten by a nobleman
of France ; [L. JOBERT]. Made English by
an eminent hand ; [Roger Gale]. 2d ed. To
which is added, An essay concerning the error
in distributing modern medals. By Joseph
ADDISON. London, 1715. 12

MEDE (JOSEPH), B.D. , Reader of Greek in Christ's
college, Cambridge. The works of J. M. Cor-
rected and enlarged according to the author's
own manuscripts. 2 vol. London, 1664. fol.

Third edition. . London, 1672. fol.

Fourth edition. London, 1677. fol.

MEDIATOR. Jesus Christ the Mediator be-
tween God and men ; an advocate for us with the
Father ; and a propitiation for the sins of the
world. [ByM. TOMKINS.] London, 1732. 8

Another copy.

MEDICAL EDUCATION. Report from the se-
lect committee on medical education : with the
minutes of evidence, and appendix. [3 parts.]
[London, 1834.] fol.

MEDICUS. Internal evidences of Christianity
deduced from phrenology. By Medicus.

''/;., 1827. 12

MEDITATION. Devout meditations : or, a col-
lection of thoughts upon religious and philo-
sophical subjects. By a person of honour ;
[Charles HOWE]. ;., 1751. 12

Meditations on the twenty-fifth Psalm. Ex-
emplifying how beneficial it is to have the soul
continually placed upon divine objects. Wrote
in the year 1651-2. By a lady ; [Anne MUR-
RAY]. MH., 1771. 8

Divine meditations upon several occasions,
with a daily directory. By a person of honour.
4th ed. Edin., 1794. 12

Morning meditations, or a series of reflections
on various passages of holy Scripture and scrip-
tural poetry for every day in the year. By
the author of The retrospect ; [R. MARKS].
2d ed. London, 1825. 12

Hints for meditation, on acquaintance with
God. Qreenock, 1831. 12

MEDLEY (SAMUEL), Minister of the Baptist
Church, Liverpool. * Memoirs of the late Rev.
S. M. , compiled by his son : To which are added
two sermons, and a variety of miscellaneous
pieces in prose and verse. London, 1800. 8

MEEK (JAMES), Minister of the Free Church, Car-
noustie. Scripture emblems ; or, gleanings in
the field of sacred imagery. Edin., 1850. 12

MEERLANDT (CORNELIUS A). Disputatio phi-
losophica, continens positiones miscellaneas
ethicas, ceconomicas, et politicas.

Ultrajecti, 1640. 4

MEERMAN (GERARDUS), J. C., Rotterdam.
Origines typographic. 2 torn.

Hagce Comitum, 1765. 4

MEGGET (JOHN). An address, containing lead-
ing principles of elocution, some strictures on
the eloquence of the pulpit, and a suggestion
for its improvement. Aberdeen, 1819. 8 J

MEIKLE (JAMES), Surgeon in Carnwath. The
select remains of Mr J. M., or, extracts from
manuscripts found among his papers ; entitled
I. The montlily memorial ; or, a periodical
interview with the king of terrors. II. A se-
cret survey into the state of the soul. III. The
house of mourning ; or, poems on melancholy
subjects. IV. The tomb. 5th ed.

Edin., 1815. 8

Metaphysical maxims : or, thoughts on the
nature of the soul, free will, and the divine
prescience. Edin., 1797. 12

Solitude sweetened : or, miscellaneous medi-
tations on various religious subjects. With a
memoir of the author. 9th ed.

Edin., 1841. 8

MEIKLE (JAMES), D.D., Minister of the United
Presbyterian Church, Beith. The Edenic dis-
pensation ; with strictures on certain opinions
of the late Rev. George Payne, LL.D., as
stated in his Lectures on original sin.

Edin., 1850. 8

Another copy.

I The nature of the mediatorial dispensation.

London, 1853. 8

Another copy.

The administration of the mediatorial dispen-
sation. E>Un., 1859. 8



nes de vero Deo omnium rerum auctore atque
rectore. [2 partt.] Lemgovice, 1780. 8

Another copy.

MEIRLEACH. A' Meirleach agus an Sla-
nuighear a 'Fulang le Cheile.

Glasgow, s. a. 12

MEISNER (BALTHASAR), Professor of divinity at
Wittemberg. Brevis consideratio theologise
Photinianae, prout earn Faustus Socinus de-
scripsit in libello suasorio, cui titulus, Qubd
Evangelici deberent seillorumcoetuiadjungere,
qui falso Ariani atque Ebionitse vocentur.

Wittebergce, 1623. 8

braica, olim a Cliristiano Reineccio edita. 1793.


epistolaris qua questionem : num concionator,

Biblia in fontibus non diligenter legens, agat

contra conscientiam ] brevibus persequitur. . .

Eostochii, [1744]. 4

MEISSNER (P. T.), Professor of chemistry at
Wien. Justus Liebig analysirt.

Frankfurt a: M., 1844. 8

MEJANEL (PIERRE), Minister of the Gospel.
Essai sur les dernieres convulsions du monde
perissant ; 1'avenement tres prochain de notre
Seigneur Jesus-Christ, et son regne sur la terre
renouvelee. Livre premier.

Edimbourg, 1831. 8

MELA (POMPONIUS). De situ orbis libri iii.
Cum notis integris Hermolai Barbari, Petri
Joannis Olivarii, Fredenandi Nonnii Pintiani,
Petri Ciacconii, Andrese Schotti, Isaaci Vossii,
et Jacobi Gronovii. Accedunt Petri Joannis
Nunnesii epistola de patria Pomponii Melse,
et adnotata in proremium, atque duo priora
capita libri i. Et Jacobi Perizonii adnotata ad
libri i. capita septemdecim, curante Abrahamo
Gronovio. Editio altera.

Lugd. Batav., 1748. 8

4 torn. Witebergce, 1580-1601. fol.

Opera quae supersunt omnia. Edidit Carolus
Gottlieb Bretschneider [et Henricus Ernestus
Bindseil]. [Corpus Reformatorum, torn, i.-
xxviii.] 28 torn.

Halis Saxonum et Brunsvigce, 1834-60. 4

Loci commvnes sev hypotyposes theologicse.
Recognitae ab auctore.

Argentorati, apvd lohanmm Hervagivm,


Another edition. Ad fidem editionis primse
1521. In memoriam jubilsei hujus libri ter-
tii, denuo editi et dissertationibus aliquot his-
toricis et litterariis illustrati a Jo. Christ. Guil.
Augusti. Lipsice, 1821. 8

Another edition. Item appendix disputationis
de conjugio ad editiouem per Joan. Oporinum
Basilese an. MDLXI. factam denuo editi ab
Joan. Andrea Detzer. 2 partt.

Erlangce, 1828. 8

Elementorum rhetorices libri duo.
Vitebergw, apvd Georgivm Bhav., M.D.XXXVI.


De dialectica libri quatuor, ab authore postre-
mo recogniti, et in plerisq ; locis de integro
coscripti, id quod intelliget lector, si ea quaa
de Relatioe in hoc libro scripta sunt, conferet
cum omnibus iis, quae in aliis seditionibus con-
tinentur. Argentorati,

apvd Cratonem Mylivm, M.D.XXXVIII. 8

De Ecclesise avtoritate, et de ueterum scriptis
libellus. Cum indice.

Argentorati, per VuendelinumRihelium, [1539].


De officio principvm, qvod mandatum Dei
prsecipiat eis tollere abusus ecclesiasticos.

Vitebergw, apud losephum dug, M.D.XL. 8

Defensio conivgii sacerdotvm pia et erudita,
missa ad regem Anglise, collecta a P. M.
A^iavorec. Refvtatio abvswm Ccenae Domini.
Ervdita et vtilis dispvtatio de potestate ponti-

Argentorati ex officina, Cratonis My Hi, M.D.XL.


Doctrina de poenitentia, ideo repetita ut pr^-
stigise de satisfactionibus recens excogitatae a
quibusdam sophistis refutarentur. Epistola
ad lectorem in qua respondetur Flacio IlLyrico.
Vitebergce,apudIosephiimKlug. M.D.XLIX. 8

Consilia siue Ivdicia theologica, itemque re-
sponsiones ad qvaestiones de rebus variis ac
multiplicibus secundum seriem annorum di-
gestae. Una cum fragmentis narrationvm his-
toricarum pertinentium ad acta plurimorum
conuentuum theologicorum, aliarumq ; tracta-
tionum publicarum in caussa religionis. Ad
refvtandas calvmnias plaerasque (fn^iTs-^ofceca-
nyuv : et ad formanda iudicia discentium : et
ad memoriam conseruandam eorum, quse su-
perioribus annis in Ecclesiis Germaniae accide-
runt. Collecta, et nvnc primum edita studio
et opera Christophori Pezelii theologiae Doc-
toris. Nevstadii, M.DC. 8

* De Philippi Melanchthonis ortv, totivs vitae
cvrricvlo et morte, implicata rervm memorabi-
livm temporis illivs hominumque mentione at-
que indicio, cum expositionis serie cohaeren-
tium : narratio diligens et accvrata loachimi

Lipsice, excudebat Ernestiis Voegelin, 1566. 8

Another edition. Hagee-Comitum, 1655. 12

Another edition. Recensuit,notas,documenta,
bibliothecam librorum Melanchthonis aliaque
addidit Ge. Theodor. Strobelius. Prsefatus
est Joannes Aug. Noesselt. Hake, 1777. 8

Another edition. [Cum P. Melanchthonis de
vita Martini Lutheri narratione. Edita et
studiosae juventutis usibus accomodata a D.
Jo. Christ. Guil. Augusti.]

VratislavieE, 1819. 8

De vita Martini LUTHERI narratio. Edita a
D. Jo. Christ. Guil. Augusti.

Vratislavice, 1819. 8

MELANGES. Nouveaux melanges philoso-
phiques, historiques, critiques, &c. Part, i.-
iv., ix. *. I, 1765-70. 8

MELDRUM (GEORGE), one of the ministers of
Edinburgh. A sermon preached in the New
church of Edinburgh, on May 16, 1703, before



His Grace James Duke of Queensberry :i-i<l
many others of the nobility, te. on Psalm
122. 6. Edin., 1703. 12

Another copy.

A vindication and defence of Mr George Mel-
drum's sermon, preached May 16, 1703, against
the reflections and censures of [John Sage] the
author of the examination of some things in
the sermon, and the author of Toleration de-
fended. Edin., 1703. 4

A defence of the vindication of Mr Meldrum's
sermon against a second assault of the exami-
nator [John Sage] in a treatise intituled, The
reasonableness of a toleration, &c. set forth
in the form of 4 letters. By the author of the
sennon. Edin., 1704. 4

Another copy.

A sermon [on 1 Pet. v. 1-4] preached before
Lord Ross, Her Majestie's Commissioner, and
the General Assembly of the Church of Scot-
land ; in the New church of Edinburgh, on
the 16. of March, 1704, which was the day of
the conveening of the General Assembly.

Edin., 1704. 4

* Mene Tekel, or prelatick Church principles
weighed in the ballance of the sanctuary, and
found wanting. In a few remarks on a late
book [by John Sage] entituled, The reason-
ableness of toleration to those of the Episcopal
perswasion. In four letters to Mr Meldrum,
inquired into, purely on Church principles :
wherein the author's gross errors are briefly
detected, his raw and undigested notions in
some measure exposed, and his self contradic-
tions and inconsistencies are shortly pointed
out, s. L, 1705. 4

Another copy.

MELDRUM (JOHN). The state of religion a call
for humiliation. Together with the duty and
blessing of contrition ; and a practical improve-
ment. In two parts. With a dissertation on
the duties of the Lord's day.

Stoctyort, 1796. 8

MELETIUS, Patriarch of Alexandria. Opuscu-
la, Greece et Latine de sacramento Eucharis-
tiee ; [cum Homm. GENNADII, interprete Eu-
sebio RENAUDOTIO]. 1709

MELETIUS SYKIGUS. Opuscula, Greece et La-
tine, de sacramento Eucharistise ; [cum Homm.
GENNADII, interprete Eusebio RENAUDOTIO].



MELLIS (JAMES). Remarks on the wine ques-
tion. Edin., 1841. 12

MELLIS (JAMES), Minister of Hude chapel, Mid-
dleton-in-Teesdale. Lectures on the principal
points of the Unitarian controversy.

London, 1845. 12

MELMOTH (WILLIAM). The letters of Sir
Thomas FITZOSBORNE, [Pseud.] on several sub-
jects. To which is prefixed a memoir of the
author, William Melmoth. 14th ed.

London, 1814. 8

MELROSE. Case Robert Grierson, George Lau-
rie, William Mabone, and James Pringle, el-
ders of the parish of Melrose, appellants. Mi-

Frederick M'Laggan, minister of Melrose, re-
spondent. The appellants case. Tobuhrunl
at the bar of the Venerable Assembly in May
1784. s. 1. et a. 4

MELVIL (Sir JAMES), of Hal-hill. The memoires
of Sir J. M. : containing an impartial account
of the most remarkable affairs of Stntr during
the last age, not mention'd by other histo-
rians ; more particularly relating to the king-
doms of England and Scotland, during the
reigns of Queen Elizabeth, Mary Queen of
Scots, and King James. In all which trans-
actions the author was personally and pub-
lickly concerned. Now published from the
original manuscript. By George Scott, Gent.
London, 1683. fol.

Third edition. Glasgow, 1751. 12
MELVILL (HENRY), B.D., Principal of the East

India college, Haileybury. A sermon at Long
Acre Episcopal chapel, Nov. 25, 1832, on occa-
sion of the death of the Rev. William Howels.
3d ed. London, 1832. 8

Sermons. London, 1833. 8

Second edition. London. 1834. 8

The heavenly temple. [A sermon on Rev.
xxi. 22, preached at] Percy chapel... May 31,
1835. [London, 1835.J 8

The divine patience exhausted through the
making void the divine law. A sermon [on
Psalm, cxix. 126, 127] preached at Camden
chapel, Camberwell, 26th April, 1835.

London, 1835. 8

Another copy.

Speech at a meeting for the relief of the suf-
fering Irish Protestant clergy, held in London,
Dec. 3, 1835. London, [1835]. 12

Miscellaneous sermons selected from the Pul-
pit. London, 1836. 8

On the power of religion to strengthen the hu-
man intellect. A sermon. Edin. , 1855. 8

Bible thoughts of H. M. Selected from his
published discourses. New York, 8. a. 12

MELVILL (JAMES), Minister of Kilrenny, and
professor of theology in the university of St An-
drews. The autobiography and diary of Mr
J. M. With a continuation of the diary.
Edited [for the Wodrow Society] from manu-
scripts in the libraries of the Faculty of Ad-
vocates and university of Edinburgh, by Ro-
bert Pitcairn. Edin., 1842. 8

MELVILL (PHILIP), Lieutenant governor of Pen-
dennis castle, in Cornwall. Brief memoir of
P. M. Edin., 1825. 12


MELVILLE (ANDREW), Principal of St Mary's
college, St Andrews, and afterwards professor in
the university of Sedan. Viri clarissimi A.
Melvini musse et P. ADAMSONI vita et palino-
dia et celsse commission is ceu delegates potes-
tatis regies in causis ecclesiasticis brevis et
aperta descriptio. s. I. , 1620. 4

A logical analysis "of the Epistle of Paul to the
Romans, by Charles FERME ; and a commen-
tary on the same Epistle, by A. M. 1850

*Life of A. M. : containing illustrations of



the ecclesiastical and literary history of Scot-
land, during the latter part of the sixteenth
and beginning of the seventeenth century.
With an appendix, consisting of original pa-
pers. By Thomas M'CuiE, D.D. 2 vol.

Edin., 1819. 8

Second edition. Edin., 1824. 8

Another copy.

Another copy.

Another copy.

Another copy.

Another copy.

MELVILLE (A. G.). The Dodo and its kindred.
By H. E. STRICKLAND and A. G. M. 1848


MEMOIRS. Memoirs of what passed in Chris-
tendom from the war begun 1(572 to the peace
concluded 1679. [By Sir William TEMPLE.]
2d ed. London, 1692. 8 d

Secret memoirs and manners of several persons
of quality, of both sexes. From the New Ata-
lantis, an island in the Mediterranean. Writ-
ten originally in Italian. 2 vol. [Vol. i., 2d
ed.] [By Mrs MANLEY.] London, 1709. 8

The Georgian era : memoirs of the most emi-
nent persons who have nourished in Great
Britain from the accession of George I. to the
demise of George IV. Vol. i.

London, 1832. 8

MEMORY. The new art of memory, founded
upon the principles taught by M. Gregor von
Feinagle : to which is prefixed, some account
of the principal systems of artificial memory,
from the earliest period to the present time.
[By John MILLARD.] London, 1812. 12

MENAHEM BEN SARUK, Babbi. The first
Hebrew and Chaldaic Lexicon to the Old Tes-
tament, compiled in the tenth century by Me-
nahem Ben Saruk the Spaniard, selected and
translated from the original Hebrew by Her-
schell Filipowski, accompanied by a biography
of the author as collected from a recent He-
brew work of S. D. Luzzatto, professor at Pa-
dua. [Hebrew antiquarian Society.]

London, 1854. 8

MENANDER. Sententise morales ; [cum Collo-
quiis selectis LUCIANI]. 1708

braica. 1630. See BIBLES HEBREW. A.

MENDELSSOHN (MOSES). Philosophische
Schriften. 2 Theile. Verbesserte AuHage.

Berlin, 1777. 8

- Biblia Hebraica. 1833-37. See BIBLES HE-

Jerusalem : a treatise on ecclesiastical autho-
rity and Judaism. 2 vol. Translated from the
German by M. Samuels. London, 1838. 8

Another copy.

MENDHAM (JOSEPH), M.A. An exposition of
the Lord's Prayer. In which are comprehend-
ed an account of the origin of the prayer ; an
explanation of its several petitions ; and a de-
monstration that, according to its natural in-
terpretation, it contains a complete summary
of Christian doctrine. With notes critical and
illustrative. London, 1803. 8

The literary policy of the Church of Rome ex-
hibited, in an account of her damnatory cata-
logues or indexes both prohibitory and expur-
gatory. With various illustrative extracts,
anecdotes, and remarks. 2d ed.

London, 1830. 8

Memoirs of the council of Trent ; principally
derived from manuscript and unpublished re-
cords, namely, histories, diaries, letters, and
other documents, of the leading actors in that
assembly. With plates. London, 1834. 8

Supplement to memoirs of the council of Trent,
principally derived from manuscript and un-
published records, &c. 1834.

London, 1836. 8

The spiritual venality of Rome Taxe sacre
penitentiarie apostolice ; preceded by a his-
torical and critical account of the Taxae can-
cellarise apostolicse, and Taxse sacrse pceniten-
tiarise apostolicee of the united Church and
court of modern Rome. By EMANCIPATUS.
[Pseud.] 2d ed. London, 1836. 8

MENDS (HERBERT). The baptism of infants,
authorized by Scripture, and the practice of
the Church of Christ in every age. In reply
to Mr Birt's pamphlet, entitled, A defence of
Scripture baptism. Plymouth, 1797. 8

MENIN (A. DE), Counsellor to the parliament of
Metz. An historical and chronological trea-
tise of the anointing and coronation of the
Kings and Queens of France, from Clovis I.
to the present King ; and of all the sovereign
princes of Europe. To which is added, an
exact relation of the ceremony of the corona-
tion of Louis XV. Faithfully done from the
original French. London, 1723. 8

Ceremonial du sacre et du couronnement des
Rois et Reines de France, pre'ce'de' d'un dis-
cours preliminaire demontrant I'anciennete" et
les motifs de cet act de religion et le majes-
tueux appareil avec lequel il est ce'le'bre' ; suivi
de la traduction de toutes les prieres de cette
auguste ce're'monie ; et d'une table chronolo-
gique et historique du sacre et du couronne-
ment des Rois de France de la deuxieme et de
la troisieme race. Par M. A. de M. Deuxieme
Edition. v Paris, 1825. 12

con Arabico-Persico-Turcicum, adjecta ad sin-
gulas voces et phrases significatione Latina ad
usitatiores etiam Italica...Nunc secundis curia
recognitum et auctum. 4 vol.

Vienna, 1780. fol.

MENTEITH (Mrs STUART). PEDEN at the grave
of Cameron. 1843

MENU. Institutes of Hindu laws, or, the ordi-
nances of Menu, according to the gloss of Cul-
luca. Comprising the Indian system of duties,
religious and civil. Verbally translated from
the original Sanscrit, with a preface by Sir
William Jones. London, 1796. 8

MENZEL (WOLFGANG). German literature.
Translated from the German, with notes by
Thomas Gordon. 4 vol. Oxford, 1840. b

MENZIES (WILLIAM), A. M. , Minister of the East
church, Grecnock.A lecture, introductory to


a series, on the principles and institutions of
the Church of Rome, delivered in the new
parish church, 12th May, 1830.

Greenock, 1830. 8

Another copy.

MERCATOR (JOANNES). Theses physic de
loco et vacuo. Lugd. Batav., 1621. 4

MERCATOR (MARIUS). Opera qu;rcuin<|ue ex-
tant. Prodeunt nunc primum studio Joannis
Garnerii, Societatis Jesu Presbyteri, qui notas
etiam, ac dissertationes addidit. 2 partt.

Parisiis, 1673. fol.

MERCERUS (JOANNES), Professor of Hebrew in
</t university of Paris. Commentarii locuple-
tiss. in Prophetas quinque priores inter eos
qui minores vocantur. Quibus adjuncti sunt
aliorum etiam et veterum (in quibus sunt He-
braei) et recentium commeiitarii ab eodem ex-
cerpti. Geneva, 1595. fol.

Commentarii in Jobum, et Salomonis Prover-
bia, Ecclesiasten, Canticum Canticorum. Opus
antehac in duobus voluminibus cdituin ; nunc
in unuin corpus redactum, et a niendis Ebrai-
cis, quibus scatebat, purgatum.

Ainsterodami, 1651. fol.

MERCURY. The present state of Europe : or,
the historical and political monthly mercury,

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