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world, the graces, abilities, and consolations
in Christ, attending the Christian in this life.

Edin., 1722. 8

MONSERRATE. Compendio historial, o rela-
cion breve, y veridica del portentoso santuario,
y camara angelical de nuestra Seiiora de Mon-
serrate. Dirigido a los piadosos devotos afec-
tos de aquellas personas, que desean verle, y
no se les proporcion a la fortuna de conse-
guirlo. Barcelona, s. a. 8



MONTAGU (M). The Psalms in a new version.
With notes. 1851. See BIBLES ENGLISH. C.

MONTAGUE (GEORGE), Duke of Manchester.
The finished mystery. To which is added, an
examination of Mr Brown on the second ad-
vent. London, 1847. 8

MONTAGUE (Lady MAT-.Y W..KTI.EV). Letters

of the Ili-Jil H"i>. M...\ NV...v M :

written during her travels in Europe, Asia,
and Africa, to persons of distinction, im-n <>f
letters, &c. in ditU-ruiit parts of Europe. Which
contain, among other curious relations, ac-
counts of the policy ;in<l manners of the Turks ;
drawn from sources that have been inaccessible
to other travellers. A new edition. 3 vol.

London, 1769. 8

The poetical works of the Right Hon. Lady
M...y \V...y M o. A new edition.

London, 1785. 8

MONTAIGNE (MICHEL, Seigneur de). The es-
says of M. M. Translated into English. The
eighth edition with very considerable amend-
ments and improvements, from the most accu-
rate and elegant French edition of Peter Coste.
3 vol. London, 1776. 8

de). The monks of the West from St Bene-
dict to St Bernard. Authorised translation.
2vol. /:</.'/!., 1861. 8

MONTALTE (Louis DE), pseud., i. e. Blaise PAS-

MONTANISM. The history of Montanisra, by
a lay-gentleman [F. LEE] ; [with The spirit of
enthusiasm exorcised, by G. HICKES]. 1709

txis, sive compendium instructionum historico-
theologicamm. 1663

MONTBELIARD. Precis historique de la Re'-
formation et des Eglises Protestantes dans
1'ancien comte' de Montbeliard et ses de*pen-
dances, suivi de la vie de Guillaume Farel.

Paris, 1841. 12

MONTE (ROBERTUS DE). Accessiones atque ap-
pendix germana ad Sigibertum ; [cum opp.

MONTEATH (ROBERT). The forester's guide
and profitable planter : containing a practical
treatise on planting moss, rocky, waste, and
other lands ; also a new, easy, and safe plan
of transplanting large trees, and of valuing
growing wood and trees of all descriptions.
To which is added, the prevention and cure of
dry rot. 2d ed. Edin., 1824. 8

ron de la Brede et de). De 1'esprit des Loix.

1750, 51

Translated from the French, llth ed. 2vol.

London, 1777. 12

Considerations sur les causes de la grandeur
des Remains, et de leur de'cadence. Edition
stere'otype, d'apres le proce'de de Firmin Didot.

Paris, 1802. 12

MONTETH (ROBERT), of Salmonet. The history
of the troubles of Great Britain : containing a
particular account of the most remarkable pas-
sages in Scotland, from the year 1633 to 1650.
With an exact relation of the wars carried on,
and the battles fought by the Marquis of Mont-
rose. (All which are omitted in the Earl of
Clarendon's History.) Also, a full account of
all the transactions in England during that
time. Written in French by R. M. To which



is added, The true causes and favourable con-
junctures which contributed to the restoration
of King Charles II. Written in French by
D. Riordan de Muscry. Translated into Eng-
lish by Captain James Ogilvie.

London, 1735. fol.

MONTFAUCON (BERNARD DE), Benedictine monk
of the congregation of St Maur. Palseographia
Grseca, sive de ortu et progressu literarum
Grsecarum, et de variis omnium sseculorum
scriptionis Greece generibus : itemque de ab-
breviationibus et de notis variarum artium ac
disciplinarum. Additis figuris et schematibus
ad fidem manuscriptorum codicum. Opera et
studio D. B. de M. Parisiis, 1708. fol.

A. M. : with biographical notices, by David
Irving, LL.D. Edin., 1821. 8

MONTGOMERY (JAMES). The poetical works
of J. M. Collected by himself. 4 vol.

London, 1841. 8

The abolition of the slave trade, a poem, in
four parts. London, 1814. 4

- The Christian poet : or, selections in verse on
sacred subjects. With an introductory essay.
2d ed. Glasgow, 1827. 12

The Christian psalmist : or, hymns, selected
and original. With an introductory essay.

Glasgow, 1829. 12

The Christian correspondent : letters, private
and confidential, by eminent persons of both
sexes ; exemplifying the fruits of holy living,
and the blessedness of holy dying. With a
preliminary essay by J. M. 3 vol.

London, 1837. 8

MONTGOMERY (JOHN), A.M., Minister of the
Free Church, Innerleithen. Marriage with a
deceased wife's sister or niece, considered in
reference to the law of God and the interests
of society. Edin. , 1850. 8

An inquiry into the doctrinal part of the Rev.
J. Law's " Brief statement and explanation
of the principles of the United Presbyterian
Church." Edin., s. a. 8

Thoughts on MAN. 1852

- Popery as it exists in Great Britain and Ire-
land, its doctrines, practices, and arguments ;
exhibited from the writings of its advocates,
and from its most popular books of instruction
and devotion. Edin., 1854. b

Another copy.

Baptism a sign and seal of the covenant of
grace. With strictures on the recent pamph-
lets of Mr Lumsden and Mr Hislop.

Edin., 1857. 8

MONTGOMERY (ROBERT), A.M., Minister of
Percy chapel, London. Woman : with other
poems. 5th ed. London, 1841. 12

The omnipresence of the Deity : with other
poems. 21st ed. London, 1841. 12

The Messiah : a poem, in six books. 8th ed.

London, 1842. 12

Satan : or, intellect without God. A poem.
10th ed. London, 1842. 12

Oxford : with biographical notes. And other
poems. Oth ed. London, 1843. 12

Luther : or, the spirit of the Reformation.
3d ed. London, 1843. 12

Reflective discourses : being eight sermons on
some important texts. 2d ed.

London, 1844. 8

The Gospel before the age : or, Christ with
Nicodemus. Being an exposition for the times.

London, 1844. 8

Caroline de Lichtfield, ou me'moires d'une fa-
mille Prussienne. Troisieme edition originale,
revue et corrigee par 1'auteur, ornee de jolies
figures et de la musique des Romances. 3 torn.

Paris, 1815. 12



MONYPENNY (DAVID), ofPitmilly, formerly one
of the senators of the College of justice. Re-
marks on the poor laws, and on the method of
providing for the poor, in Scotland. 2d ed.

Edin., 1836. 8

The claims of the Established Church of Scot-
land on the country, to promote its extension,
in the present crisis, considered and enforced
on legal and constitutional principles.

Edin., [1837]. 8

Another copy.

Second edition. Edin., s. a. 8

Proposed alteration of the Scottish poor laws,
and of the administration thereof, as stated by
Dr Alison, in his " Observations on the ma-
nagement of the poor in Scotland," considered
and commented on. Edin., 1840. 8

Another copy.

MOODIE (J.). Principles, changes, and im-
provements in the law of marriage, in convey-
ancing, and various important branches of the
law, and on the appeal judicature of the House
of Lords. Edin., 1849. 8

MOODIE (JOHN), M.D. The Church of Scot-
land and endowments : the Free Church of
Scotland, the English and the Roman Catholic
Churches. Edin., 1848. 8

A new strict entail, of 1500 a-year or less,
for one hundred years, and the evils of na-
tional loans. Edin., 1850. 12

MOODIE (WILLIAM), D.D, Professor of Hebrew
and Oriental languages in the university of Edin-
burgh. Sermons. To which is prefixed a short
account of the life and character of the author.

Edin., 1813. 8

Another copy.

The duty of beneficence recommended. A ser-
mon [on Job, xxix. 15, 1C] preached in St
Andrew's church, Edinburgh, Feb. 18, 1794.

Edin., 1794. 8

MOODY (ROBERT). State of church accommoda-
tion in Glasgow, from 1780 to 1836.

Glasgow, 1836. 8

St Luke's church, Edinburgh. A pastoral let-
ter on the present position of the Church of
Scotland. Edin., 1840. 8

Another copy.

Another copy.



Letter to the elders and members of St I.
church, Edinburgh. 7;./,.., l.s-rj. i-j

Connection between the principles ah
proved, and tlie real eiiiuiency of the Churcli.

'/:-/;/.., 1842. 12'

The Song of Songs. An exposition of the
Song of Solom n. London, 1867. 8

MOOR(BERNHARDINUSDE). Coinmentariiis per-
petuus in Johannis Marckii Compendium thc-o-
logite Christiana). 7 vol.

Lugd. Batav., 1761-74. 4

Another copy.

Another copy. [Wanting vol. vii., the sup-

MOOR (EDWARD), Lieut, on the Bombay Estab-
li*hnient. A narrative of the operations of
Captain Little's detachment, and of the Mah-
ratta army, commanded by Purseram Bhow ;
during the late confederacy in India, against
the Nawab Tippoo Sultan Bahadur.

London, 1794. 4

MOOR (JACOBUS), LL.D., Professor of Greek in

the university of Glasgow. Elementa lingua:

Graecse ; novis, plerumque regulis, tradita...

Glasyiue, 1795. 8

Another copy.

MOORE (Mrs). Evidences for heaven ; [with
The godly man's ark, by Edmund CALAMY].


MOORE (GEORGE), M.D. The power of the soul
over the body, considered in relation to health
and morals. 3d ed. London, 1846. 12



A view of the causes and progress of the French
Revolution. 2 vol. Dublin, 1795. 12

MOORE (THOMAS). The universality of God's
free-grace in Christ to mankind. Proclaimed
and displayed from 1 Tim. 2. 6. and Heb. 2.
9. according to their genuine sense. That all
might be comforted, encouraged ; every one
confirmed and assured of the propitiation and
death of Christ for the whole race of mankind,
and so for himself in particular.

London, 1646. 4

An explicite declaration of the testimony of
Christ, according to the plain sayings of the
Gospel ; and therein, of the purposes, pro-
mises, and commands of God, as by Gospel
declared. With a consideration of a question
stated about faith. London, 1656. 4

MOORE (THOMAS). Lallah Rookh, an Oriental
romance. 4th ed. London, 1817. 8

The Fudge family in Paris. Edited by Thomas
BROWN, the younger. [Pseud.] 3d ed.

London, 1818. 8

The loves of the angels, a poem.

London, 1823. 8

MOORE (W. KENNEDY), M.A., Minister of the

English Presbyterian Church, Liverpool. Life's

everlasting victory. London, 1866. 8"

MOORE (WILLIAM). The millennium ; or latter

day glory : a sermon [on Num. xiv. 21].

London, 1796. 8 I

MORAL OBLIGATION. An essay on moral '
obligation : with a view towards settling the

controversy, concerning moral and positive du-
In answer U> two late pamphlets. [By

Thomas .JollNSdX. ] /.'/(/' ;i, 17:;l. 8

MORAL PHDJOBOFEOOL The moral philoso-
pher. In a dialogue between 1'liilaletlies a
Christian deist, and Theophanes a Christian
Jew. In which the grounds and reasons of
religion in general, and particularly of Chris-
tianity, are distinguish'd from the religion of
nature; the different methods of conve\in^
and proposing moral truths to the mind, and
the necessary marks or criteria on which they
must all equally depend ; the nature of posi-
tive laws, rites and ceremonies, and how far
they are capable of proof as of standing perpe-
tual obligation ; with many other matters of
the utmost consequence in religion, are fairly
considered, and debated, and the arguments on
both sides impartially represented. [By Tho-
mas MORGAN.] 2d ed. London, 1738. 8

Vol. ii. Being a farther vindication of mo-
ral truth and reason ; occasioned by two books
lately published : one intitled, The divine au-
thority of the Old and New Testaments assert-
ed. With a particular vindication of Moses
and the Prophets, our Saviour Jesus Christ,
and his Apostles, against the unjust assertions,
and false reasonings of a book intitled, the
Moral philosopher. By the Rev. Mr Leland.
The other intitled, Eusebius : or, The true
Christians defence, &c. By the Rev. Mr Chap-
man. By Philalethes, [i. e. Thomas MORGAN J.

London, 1739. 8

Vol. iii. Superstition and tyranny incon-
sistent with theocracy. Occasioned by the
Rev. Dr Leland's second volume of The divine
authority of the Old and New Testament as-
serted : and the Rev. Mr Lowman's Disserta-
tion on the civil government of the Hebrews.
By Philalethes. London, 1740. 8

MORALITY. Essays on the principles of mo-
rality and natural religion. In two parts. [By
Henry HOME, Lord Kames.] Edin., 1751. 8

A delineation of the nature and obligation of
morality. With reflections upon Mr Hume's
book, intitled, An inquiry concerning the prin-
ciples of morals. 2d ed. Edin. , 1763. 12

The morality of the New Testament digested
under various heads... With an introduction
addressed to deists. ; in which the character of
Jesus Christ is vindicated against the asper-
sions of modern unbelievers ; and also an at-
tempt is made to prove, that the religion
taught by Jesus Christ was the pure religion
of nature and of reason. The whole conclud-
ing with observations on a late treatise, in-
titled, The doctrine of grace, written by Dr
Warburton, Bishop of Gloucester ; together
with an inquiry how far the belief of any doc-
trine may be necessary to salvation ; and some
observations on the arguments of Mr Locke
and Dr Leland. By a rational Christian.

London, 1765. 4

foeminae doctissimse ac plane divkue orationes,
dialogi, epistolae, carmina, tarn Latina quam



: cum ernditoru do ea testimonija et
laudibua. Hippolitse Taurellse elogia elegan-
tissima. Ad sereniss. Anglise Reginam D.
Basilece, apud Petrum Pernam, M.D.LXII. 8

* O. M. her timea, life and writings, arranged
from contemporary and other authoritiea. By
the author of " Selwyn"...&c. 2d ed.

London, 1834. 8

* Vie d'O. M. e"pisode de la renaissance et de
la Rdforme en Italic par Julea Bonnet. Troi-
sieme e'dition. Paris, 1856. 8

A new translation. To which is prefixed a

historical sketch of the Reformation in Italy.

Edin., 1854. 8

MORAVIANS. A brief view of the mission of
the Moravians, or United Brethren, respect-
fully submitted to the Christian public by some
friends of the Brethren. Edin., 1816. 8

The Moravians in Labrador. 2d ed.

Edin., 1835. 12

- The Moravians in Greenland. 3d ed.

Edin., 1839. 12


MORDAUNT (Sir JOHN).* The proceedings of
a general court-martial held... at Whitehall,
December 1757, upon the trial of Lieutenant
Sir J. M. London, 1758. 8

Ben Mordecai.

MORE (GEORGE), Baptist minister in Edinburgh.
Sermons on the leading doctrinea of the
Gospel. Edin., 1821. 12

MORE (HANNAH). An estimate of the RELIGION
of the fashionable world. 1791

- Fifth edition. London, 1793. 8

Strictures on the modern syatem of female
education. With a view of the principlea and
conduct prevalent among women of rank and
fortune. 2 vol. 5th ed. London, 1799. 8

Remarka on the present mode of educating
females ; being a copious abridgment of Miss
H. M.'s Strictures on female education.

London, 1799. 12

- Practical piety ; or, the influence of the reli-
gion of the heart on the conduct of the life.
5th ed. 2 vol. London, 1811. 12

Another edition. New York, s. a. 12

An essay on the character and practical writ-
ings of St Paul. 4th ed. 2 vol.

London, 1815. 12

Another edition. [Phoenix lib.] 2 vol.

London, 1850. 12

- Moral sketches of prevailing opiniona and man-
nera, foreign and domestic : with reflections
on prayer. 3d ed. London, 1819. 12

- Cliristian morals. 8th ed.

London, 1828. 8

The spirit of prayer. Selected and compiled
by herself, from various portions exclusively
on that subject, in her published volumes.
7th ed. London, 1828. 8

Letters of H. M. to Zachary Macaulay, Esq.
containing notices of Lord Macaulay's youth.
Now first published. Edited and arranged by
Arthur Roberts, M.A. London, I860. 8

* Memoirs of the life and correspondence of
Mrs H. M. By William Roberts. 4 vol.

London, 1834. 12

MORE (HENRY), D.D., Fellow of Christ's college,
Cambridge. An exposition of the seven Epis-
tlea to the seven Churches ; together with a
brief discourse of idolatry ; with application
to the Church of Rome. London, 1669. 8

A brief discourse of the real presence of the
body and blood of Christ in the celebration of
the holy Eucharist. Wherein the witty arti-
fices of the Bishop of Meaux and of M. Maim-
bourg are obviated. 1686
[See also under BOSSUET.]

Enchiridion ethicum, prsecipua moralis philo-
sophise rudimenta complectens, illustrata ut
plurimum veterum monumentis, et ad probi-
tatem vitae perpetuo accomodata. Editio quar-
ta : cui accesserunt scholia, una cum autoris
epistola ad V. C. Londini, 1711. 8

Divine dialogues, containing disquisitions con-
cerning the attributes and providence of God.
In three volumes. Glasgow, 1743. 12

Another copy.

MORE (JOHN SCHANK), Professor of Scots law in
the university of Edinburgh. Substance of a
speech, at a public meeting held in the Assem-
bly rooms, Edinburgh, 22d May 1840, to con-
sider the bill lately brought into Parliament
by the Earl of Aberdeen, in regard to the set-
tlement of parish ministers in Scotland.

Edin., 1840. 12"
- Second edition. Ediu., 1840. 12

MORE (Sir THOMAS), Lord Chancellor of Eng-
land. Lvcubrationes, ab innumeris mendis
repurgatse. Vtopias libri ii. Progymnasma-
ta. Epigrammata. Ex Lvciano conuersa
qusedam. Declamatio Lucianicre respondens.
Epistolse. Quibus additse suiit dufe aliorum
epistolae [Desid. Erasmi et G. Courini Nuce-
rini] de uita, moribus et morte Mori. , adiunc-
to rerum notabilium indice.

Basil., 1563. 8

Utopia : or, the happy republic. A philoao-
phical romance. To which is added, The new
Atlantis, by Lord BACON. With a preliminary
discourse, containing an analysis of Plato's
Republic, &c. ; and copious notes, by J. A.
St John. London, 1838. 8

Another edition [of Utopia only]. [Phoanix
lib.] London, 1850. 12

* The life of Sir T. M. By his great-grandson
Cresacre More. With a biographical preface,
notes, and other illustrations, by the Rev. Jo-
seph Hunter. London, 1828. 8

MOREAU (JEAN VICTOR), General.* Some de-
tails concerning General Moreau, and his last
moments. Followed by a short biographical
memoir. By Paul Svinine. 2d ed.

London, 1814. 12

L. Moreau de MAUPERTUIS.

MORELL (J. D.), A.M. An historical and cri-
tical view of the speculative philosophy of Eu-
rope in tho nineteenth century. 2 vol.

London, 1846. 8



Second edition, revised and enlarged.

London, 1847. 8

Another copy.

On tho philosophical tendencies of the age ;
being four lectures delivered at Edinburgh and
Glasgow, in January 1848.

London, 1848. 8
- The philosophy of religion.

London, 1849. 8
Another copy.

MORELL (THOMAS). Thesaurus Gnccte poesews ;
sive, Lexicon Grajco-Prosodiacum ; versus, et
synonynia, (tarn ad explicationem vocabulo-
rum, quani ad compositionein poeticara perti-
neutia) epitheta, phrases, descriptiones, &c.
(ad moduiu Latiui Gradus ad Parnassum) coin-
plectens...Cui prsefigitur, de poesi, sui proso-
dia Gnecoruin tractatus. 2 partt.

Etoiia, 1762. 4

Editio altera. Typis denuo mandavit, per-
multis in locis correxit, exemplis a se allatis
et animadversionibus illustravit, verbis, a Mo-
rello omissis, quaniphiriiuis auxit, et Grtecis
vocibus Latinam versiouem subjecit Edv.
Maltby, S. T. P. Londini, 1824. 4

Another copy.

MORELL (THOMAS). Studies in history ; con-
taining the history of Rome, from its earliest
records to the death of Constantino ; in a se-
ries of essays, accompanied with reflections,
references to original authorities, and histori-
cal questions. Vol. ii. St Neots, 1815. 8
[Vol. ii. contains the whole of the history of
Rome. Vol. i. contains the history of Greece.]

MORELL (THOMAS). For whom is Christian
baptism designed ? A new dissertation on an
old controversy, with an especial reference to
the reasoning contained in Dr Halley's seventh
lecture on the sacraments ; to which is added
a brief inquiry into the mode of administering
the ordinance. Edin., 1848. 8

MORELLIUS (ANDREAS). Thesaurus Morellia-
nus, sive familiarum Romanarum numismata
omnia, diligentissime undique conquisita, ad
ipsorum nummorum fidein accuratissime deli-
neata, et juxta ordinem Fulvii Orsini et Ca-
roli Patini disposita, a celeberrimo antiquario
A. M. Accedunt innnmi miscellanei, urbis
Romae, Hispanici, et Goltziani dubice fidei
omnes. Nunc primum edidit et commentario
perpetuo illustravit Sigebertus Havercampus.
Amstel., 1734. fol.

MORER (THOMAS). An account of the present
persecution of the [EPISCOPAL] CHTRCH in
SCOTLAND. In several letters. [By T. M.,
J. SAGE, and A. MONRO.] 1690

MORER (THOMAS), Rector of the united parishes
of St Ann and St Agnes, London. KvpuxJi
'Hfti^et. A discourse in six dialogues on the
name, notion, and observation of the Lord's
Day. With an account of several canons, de-
crees, and laws, foreign and English, for the
keeping it holy. The way of worship in the
Church of England, vindicated. And, an of-
fice, or collection of devotions, proper for the
day. London, 1701. 8

MORERI (Louis). Le grand dictionnaire histo-
ri<(ue, on le melange nnii ux de I'hiatoire sa-
et profane, qui contient en abre'ge' 1'his-
toire des dieux et des hc'ros de 1'an-
tiquite' Paienne : les vies et les actions re-
uinniualiles des Patriarches ; des empereurs ;
des mis ; des princes illustres ; des grands ca-
j lit nines ; des Papes ; des saints martyrs et con-
fesseurs ; des Peres de 1'Eglise ; des Eveques ;
des Cardinaux et autres Prelats celebres ; des
heresiarques et des schismatiques : 1'histoire
des religions et sectes des Chretiens, des Juifs
et des Paiens : des conciles ge'ne'raux et parti-
culiers : des auteurs anciens et modernes ; des
philosophes ; des inventeurs des arts, et de
ceux qui se sont rendus recommendables en
toute sorte de professions, par leur science,
par leurs ouvrages, et par quelque action ecl.a-
tante : I'e'tablissement et le progres des ordrea
religieux et militaires ; et la vie de leurs fon-
dateurs : les genealogies des families illustres
de France, et des autres pays de 1'Europe : la
description des empires, royaumes, repub-
liques, provinces, villes, isles, montagnes,
fleuves et autres lie\ix considerables de 1'an-
cienne et de la nonvelle geographic, ou 1'on
remarque la situation, I'dtendue et la qualite'
du pays ; la religion, le gouvernement, les
moeurs et les coutumes des peuples. Noxivello
edition, dans laquelle on a refondu les supple-
mens de M. 1'abbe Goujet. Le tout revu, cor-
rigd et augment^ par M. Drouet. 10 torn.

Paris, 1769. fol.

MORESINTJS (THOMAS), Aberdonanus, M.D.
Papatus, seu depravataj religionis origo et in-
crementum. Summa fide diligentiaque e gen-
tilitatis sure fontibus, eruta : ut fere nihil sit
in hoc genus cultu, quod non sit promptum,
ex hisce, meis reddere suis authoribus : ut
restitutae evangelicse religionis, quam profite-
mur, simplicitas, fucis amotis, suam aliquando
integritatem apud omnes testatam faciat.
Edinburgi, excudebat Robertus Walde-graue,

MORGAN (ANDREW), Principal of the parental
academy and Doveton college, Calcutta. * Bio-
graphical sketch of the late Rev. A. M.

Calcutta, 1855. 8

Another copy.

MORGAN (HECTOR DA VIES), M.A., Minister of
Castle Hedingham, Essex. A compressed view
of the religious principles and practices of the
age ; or, a trial of the chief spirits that are in
the world, by the standard of the Scriptures ;
attempted in eight sermons preached before
the University of Oxford, in the year 1819, at
the lecture founded by the late Rev. John
Bampton, A.M. Oxford, 1819. 8

MORGAN (JAMES), Minister in the Irish Presby-
terian Church. The Church of Christ a spi-
ritual kingdom. A discourse, delivered in...
Belfast, March 22d, 1841, on the present posi-
tion and troubles of the Church of Scotland.
Belfast, 1841. 8

Another copy.

MORGAN (JoiiN MJNTEK). Letters to a clergy-



man : during a tour through Switzerland and
Italy, in the years 1846-1847. [Phoenix lib.
London, 1849. 12

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