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Lipsice, 1799. 8

Recitationes in Evangelium Joannis. Edidit
Theoph. Imman. Dindorf. Editio secunda.

Lipsice, 1808. 8

Another edition. [A reprint of the second
edition, without the editor's dedication.]

Lipsice, 1821. 8

Praelectiones exegeticse in tres Joannis Epis-
tolas, cum nova earundem periphrasi Latina.

Lipsia', 1810. 8

MOSCHUS, Syracusanus. Idyllia, Grsece et La-
tine... opera et studio Thomas Martin; [una
cum Idyll. THEOCRITI]. 1760

Translated from the Greek, by the Rev. R.

Polwhele ; [with the Idylls of THEOCRITUS].


Another edition. Accedunt... animadversiones,
scholia, indices, et M. ^Emilii Porti Lexicon
Doricum ; [una cum Idyll. THEOCRITI]. 1829

BIONIS et Moschi fragmenta. [Gr.] 1795
MOSES (Rabbi) Alscheich. D. J. ABRABANIELIS

et R. M. A. comment, in Esaias Prophetiam
30. 1631

MOSES (Rabbi) MAIMONIDES. Book of the pre-
cepts, or the affirmative and prohibitory pre-
cepts compiled by M. M. out of the Books of
Moses, with a life of the author.

Edin., s. a. 16

Porta Mosis sive dissertationes aliquot a R.
M. M., suis in varias Mishnaioth, sive textug
Talmudici partea, commentariis prsemissae,
quae ad universam fere Judseonim disciplinam
aditum aperiunt. Nunc primum Arabice prout
ab ipso autore conscriptae sunt, et Latinfe edi-
tae. Una cum appendice notarum miscellanea,
opera et studio Edvardi Pocockii.

Oxonice, 1655. 4

Tractatus de vacca rufa Latinitate donatus et
subjuncta ampliore hujus ritus explicatione
quoad singulas circumstantias, illustratus ab
Andrea Christophoro Zellero, A.M. Adnexa
in fine brevis hujus vaccae ad Christum adpli-
cationis dissertatiuncula. Accedunt virorum
celeberrimorum ad auctorem epistolse.

Amstel., 1711. 8

divinity at Gottingen. Vindicise antiquaj
Christianorunx disciplinoe advcrsus celeberrimi



Johannia Tolandi, Hiberni, Nazarenum.

Kilonii, 1720. 4

Do autoritato concilii Dorclraceni paci sacne
nuxia consultatio ; [cum Historia concilii I)>r-
draceni per J. 1 1 A M J. 1724

Editio tertia. Helmstadii, 1727. 4

Dissertationum ad historian! ecclesiasticam
pertiiH'Mtiuni volumen. Accedit Mich. GED-
DESII Hartyrologium Protestantium Hispano-
rum Latine versuin ex Anglico.

Altonavice, 1733. 8

Institutiones historise Christianie Majorca.
Soiculum primuiu. Helmstadii, 1739. 4

Another copy.

Historia Tartarorum Ecclesiastica. Adjecta
est Tartariae Asiatictc secundum recentiores
geographos in iiiappa delineatio.

Helmstadii, 1741. 4

[The above work is also ascribed to Herman-
nus Christianas PAULSEN.]

Another copy.

Sitten-Lehre der heiligen Schrift. 9 Theile.
[1 terTh., 5* Avifl. ; 2^ u : 3* r Th., 3<* Aufl. ;
4terTh., 2* Aufl.]

Leipzig, Helmsttidt, Halle, u: Gottingcn,
1752-1773. 4

De rebus Christianorum ante Constantinum
Magnum commentarii. Helmstadii, 1753. 4

Another copy.
Another copy.

Another copy.

Translated by Robert Studley Vidal. Vol.

i., ii. London, 1813. 8

Another copy.

Elements theologise dogmaticae, in academicis
quondam praelectionibus proposita et demon-
strata. Editio altera revisa, emendata, et in-
signiter aucta a Chr. Ern. de Windheim.
2 torn. Norimberga, 1764. 8

Another copy.

Institutionum historiao ecclesiasticse antiquae
et recentioris libri quatuor, ex ipsis fontibus
insigniter emendati, plurimis accessionibus lu-
cupletati, variis observationibusillustrati. Edi-
tio altera. Helmstadii, 1764. 4

Another copy.

Another copy.

Translated from the original Latin, and ac-
companied with notes and chronological tables,
by Archibald Maclaine, D.D. New edition.
6 vol. London, 1810. 8

Another edition. London, 1825. 8

A new edition. 2 vol. London, 1842. 8

Another copy.

Traduite en Francois, sur la seconde Edition

Anglaise. 5 torn. Yverdon, 1776. 8

A new and literal translation from the original
Latin, with copious additional notes, original
and selected, by James Murdock, D.D. Edit-
ed, with additions by Henry Soames, M. A. A
new edition. 4 vol. London, 1845. 8

Another edition. Revised, and supplementary
notes added, by James Seaton Reid, D.D.

London, 1848. 8

Another copy.

Sarnmtliche heilige Reden iiber wichtige Wahr-

dcr Lchro Jesu Christi. Band, i.-iii.

MOSS (CHARLES), D.D., Bishop of Bath and
Wells. The evidence of the RESU ERECTION
rlrjircd. 1744

MOSS (ROBERT), D.D., Dean of Ely. A sermon
[on Lament, v. 7] preach 'd before the House
of Commons at St Margaret's, Westminster,
Jan 30, 170f. London, 1707. 8 J

A sermon [on 2 Cor. iv. 5] preach'd at the
parish-church of St Laurence-Jewry, London,
October 5, 1708. London, 1708. 8

MOTLEY (JOHN LOTH ROP). The rise of tho
Dutch republic. A history. 3 vol.

London, 1858. 8.

History of the United Netherlands from tho
death of William the Silent to the Synod of
Dort. With a full view of the English- Dutch
struggle against Spain, and of the origin and
destruction of the Spanish Armada. Vol. i. , ii.

London, 1860. 8

MOULE (THOMAS). Bibliotheca heraldica Mag-
nse Britannije. An analytical catalogue of
books on genealogy, heraldry, nobility, knight-
hood, and ceremonies : with a list of provin-
cial visitations, pedigrees, collections of arms,
and other manuscripts ; and a supplement,
enumerating the principal foreign genealogical
works. London, 1822. 8

Bishop of Norwich: A gagg for the new Gos-
pell ? No : a new gagg for an old goose.
Who would needes vndertake to stop all Pro-
testants mouths for euer, with 276 places out
of their owne English Bibles. Or an answere
to a late abridger of controuersies, and belyar
of the Protestants doctrine.

London, 1624. 4

Immediate addresse unto God alone. First
deliuered in a sermon before his Maiestie at
Windsore. Since reuised and inlarged to a
just treatise of invocation of saints. Occa-
sioned by a false imputation of M. Antonius
de Dominis vpon the authour.

London, 1624. 4

Appello Cjesarem. A jvst appeale from two
vniust informers. London, 1625. 4

The acts and monuments of the Church before
Christ incarnate. [Wants title.]

London, 1642. fol.

MOUNTAGUE (WALTER), second son of the first
Earl of Manchester. Miscellanea spiritualia :
or, devout essays. London, 1648. 4

A letter concerning the changing his religion ;
[with a discourse of infallibility, by Viscount

MOURNERS. The mock mourners. A satyr.
[In a collection of the writings of the author
of the True-born English-man, i. e. Daniel DE-
FOE.] London, 1703. 8

The mourner's companion. With an introduc-
tory essay, by Robert Gordon, D.D. [Imper-
fect.] Glasgow, 1824. 12

MOURNING. Qenvoixo?. The house of mourn-
ing; furnished with directions for, prepara-
tions to, meditations of, consolations at, the



houre of death. Delivered in xlvii. sermons,
preached at the fnneralls of divers f aithf ull ser-
vants of Christ. By Daniel Featly, Martin
Day, Richard Sibbs, Thomas Taylor, doctors
in divinitie, and other Rev. divines.

London, 1640. fol.
Another copy.

MOWES (HENRY). The minister of Andouse.
From the German. By Samuel Jackson.

Edin., 1839. 8

M'Queen, Esq. of Corryburgh, and others,
heritors, James M'Intosh inGarbil, and others,
elders, and of sixty-one heads of families in
the united parishes of Moy and Dalarossie,
pursuers ; against Mr James M'Intosh, late
minister of the said united parishes, defender.
To be heard at the bar of the Venerable As-
sembly, May 1784. The pursuer's case.

s. I. et a. 4

Case of Donald M'Queen, Esq. of Corryburgh,
and others, heritors... James M'Intosh inGar-
bil, and others, elders, and of sixty-one heads
of families in the united parishes of Moy and
Dalarossie, pursuers ; against Mr James M'In-
tosh, late minister of the said united parishes,
defender. To be heard at the bar of the Ve-
nerable Assembly, May 1786. The pursuer's
case. s. I. et a. 4

MOVES (L.), Minister of Forgkn.A letter to
the Earl of Liverpool, on the necessity of
amending the excise system, for the purpose
of promoting the comforts and morals of the
inhabitants of the Northern districts of Scot-
land. Aberdeen, 1821. 8

MOYLE (WALTER). Works of W. M. ; none of
which were ever before published. 2 vol.

London, 1726. 8

The whole works of W. M. that were publish-
ed by himself. [Forming a third volume. ] To
which is prefixed, some account of his life and
writings ; [by Anthony Hammond].

London, 1727. 8

A select collection of tracts, containing, I. An
essay upon the Roman government. II. Re-
marks upon Dr Prideaux's Connection of the
Old and New Testament. III. An essay upon
the Lacedaemonian government. IV. An ar-
gument against a standing army.

Glasgoio, 1750. 12

MOYSANT (FRANCOIS). Bibliotheque portative
des ecrivains Frangois, ou choix des meilleurs
morceaux extraits de leurs ouvrages, en prose,
par MM. M., et de LEVIZAC. Seconde Edi-
tion. 3 torn. Londres, 1803. 8
MOYSES (DAVID). Memoirs of the affairs of
Scotland ; containing an impartial account
of the most remarkable transactions in that
kingdom, from K. James VI. his taking up
the government in 1577, till his accession to
the crown of England in 1603. Together with
a discourse of the conspiracy of the Earl of
Gowry. Now first published from an original
manuscript. Edin., 1755. 12
MOYSEY (CHARLES ABEL), D.D., Archdeacon of
Bath. The doctrines of Unitarians examined,

as opposed to the Church of England. In
eight sermons preached before the University
of Oxford, in the year 1818, at the lecture
founded by the late Rev. John Bampton, M. A.
Oxford, 1818. 8
MOZLEY (JAMES B.), B.D., Vicar of Old Shore-
ham, Sussex. A treatise on the Augustinian
doctrine of predestination. London, 1855. 8

Another copy.

The primitive doctrine of baptismal regenera-
tion. London, 1856. 8

Another copy.

MUCKARSIE (JOHN), KinML Truth and peace
recommended : or, Some examination of, and
observations upon a pamphlet entitled, Peace
and unity recommended : or, a method pro-
posed for compromising the difference, and
coalescing the two respective bodies of Se-
ceders. Glasgow, s. a. 8

Truth and peace vindicated ; or, a sober reply
to a railing pamphlet, intitled, Peace and unity
defended, by William Smith.

Edin., 1767. 8

The children's CATECHISM : or, an help to the
more easy understanding of the doctrine ta\ight
in our confession of faith, and catechisms, larger
and shorter. 10th ed. Glasgow, 1783. 8

New edition. Edin., 1819. 12
MUDENUS (ANTONIUS). Disputatio physica,

continens theses aliquot illustriores.

Ultrajecti, 1638. 4

troductory lecture delivered in the university
of London... 1828. London, 1828. 8

MUELDER (G. J.), Professor of chemistry in the
university of Utrecht. The chemistry of vege-
table and animal physiology. Translated from
the Dutch by Dr Fromberg. With an intro-
duction and notes, by James F. W. Johnston.
Parts i.-iv. Edin., [1845-49]. 8

Scheikundige Onderzoekingen, gedaan in het
Laboratorium der Utrechtsche Hoogeschool.
5 Deel. Rotterdam, 1842-51. 8

Versuch einer allgemeinen physiologischen
Chemie... 11-14 Lieferung.

Braunschweig, 1857. 8

the university of Gottingen. Dissertations on
the Eumenides of ./Eschylus : with the Greek
text and critical remarks. From the German
of C. O. M. Cambridge, 1835. 8

The history and antiquities of the Doric race.
Translated from the German by Henry Tuf-
nell, and George Cornewall Lewis. 2d ed.
2 vol. London, 1839. 8

MUELLER (FRIEDRICH VON). Characteristics of
Goethe. From the German of FAXK, von M.,
&c. 1833

MUELLER (GEORGE). A narrative of some of
the Lord's dealings with G. M. Written by
himself. 2d ed. London, 1840. 12

Second part. London, 1841. 12
MUELLER (JuLius), Professor of theology in the

a n ii-ersity of Halle- Wittemberg. Disputationis
de miraculorum Jesu Christi natura et necessi-
tate particula ii. Ilalis Saxonum, 1841. 4



The Christian doctrine of sin. Translated
from the original German, of the third im-
proved and enlarged edition, by William Puls-
ford. 2vol. [Clark's For. Theol. Lib.]

/i./m., 1852. 8

Lutheri et Calvini sententioe de sacra Coena
inter so comparatae. . - , 1853. 4

sugelse af Saxos Histories syv sidste Bdgcr.

Kio-benhavn, 1830. 4

maxinie utilitatem etiam hac ;i-t ate offerre pos-
sint libri nostraj Ecclesite symbolici ? deinde :
qua ratione mos introductus et paulatim pro-
pagatus fuerit, horum librorum subscriptio-
nera a doctoribus religionis exigendi J'inquirit
J. C. A. M. Gasttingai, 1797. 8

MUENSCHER (WILHELM), Professor of theology
at Marburg. Handbuch der christlichen Dog-
mengeschichte. 3 Bande.

Marburg, 1797-1802. 8

Lehrbuch der christlichen Dogmengeschichte.
Zweyte, mit literarischen Zusiitzen vennehrte
Auflage. Marburg und Cassel, 1819. 8

Elements of dogmatic theology. Translated
from the second edition of the original Ger-
man. By James Murdock, D.D.

New-Haven, 1830. 12

MUENTER (BALTHASAR), D.D. A narrative of
the conversion and death of Count STRCENSEE.


MUENTER (FRIEDRICH), son- of the preceding,
Bishop of Seeland. Religion der Karthager.
Zweite Auflage. Kopenhagen, 1821. 4

MUIR (ADAM STUART), Minister of Junction Street
Free church, Leith. Glimpses of prophet life.
Lessons from the history of Jonah. 2d ed.

Edin., 1857. 8

MTJIR (GEORGE), Minister in Paisley. The ex-
cision ; or, troublers of the Church character-
ized and cut off. A sermon preached April
8th, 1762, at the ordination of the Rev. Alex.
Hoodie, to the parish of Riccarton.

Glasgow, 1762. 8

The Synod of Jerusalem : or, courts of review
in the Christian Church considered. A ser-
mon [on Acts, xv. 31] preached at the opening
of the Synod of Glasgow and Ayr, Oct. 13th,
1767. Being an attempt to vindicate Presby-
terian Church government, in opposition to
the Independent scheme. Glasgow, 1768. 16

Another copy.

Another copy.

* The Synod of Jerusalem considered : or, re-
marks upon a sermon, preached by the Rev.
Mr George Muir, at the opening of the Synod
of Glasgow and Ayr, October, 1767.

Glasgow, 1768. 12

An essay on Christ's cross and crown. To
which are subjoined, six sermons.

Paisky, 1769. 12

The parable of the tares : in twenty-one ser-
mons. To which are added, two sermons from
Luke, xii. 16-21, and Matt. xxv. 31.

Paisley, 1771. 8

Another copy.

The substance of four table services ; deliver-
ed in the Tolbooth church of Edinburgh, liitli
March, 1760. ,, , 17'.':;. 1-

Another copy.

MUIR (JAMES). Some observations on a book
called Marshall on sanctification, the Marrow
of modern divinity, with Boston's notes, and
the Marrow queries : and an act concern in-,'
the doctrine of grace. '//..<./-/, -, l,->ol. 1:T

MUIR (JAMES), D.D. Ten sermons.

Alexandria., 1812. 12

MUIR (JOHN), D. D., Minister of St Jamet's
churcJi, Glasgow. Popery makes void the law
of God. Glasgmo, 1836. 8

* Vital Christianity co-extensive with the prac-
tical maintenance of the integrity of divine
tnith, in the doctrine, worship, discipline, and
government of the Church, in a letter to the
Rev. J. M., with a refutation of three anti-
Free Church pamphlets circulated by him, by
a member of St James's Free Church, Glasgow.

Glasgow, 1838. 8

MUIR (JOHN), D.C.L. Original Sanskrit texts
on the origin and progress of the religion and
institutions of India ; collected, translated
into English, and illustrated by notes... Part
first. The mythical and legendary accounts
of caste. London, 1858. 8

MUIR (ROBERT), A.M. The preacher's assist-
ant : being an index to the texts of the most
approved sermons and lectures, ancient and
modern. Glasgow, 1813. 8

MUIR (WILLIAM), D.D., Minister of St Stephen's
church, Edinburgh. The value of a good name
among men, with necessary limitations to the
desire of it : a sermon delivered on Nov. 29,
1818. Gl-asgmo, 1818. 8

An arrangement of the parables, attempted in
a lecture delivered in... Edinburgh on the llth
Dec. 1836. Edin., 1836. 12

* [Letter] to the Rev. W. M. By a layman.

Edin., 1838. 8

Report of the speech of Dr M. in the General
Assembly, in the Auchterarder case, on Wed-
nesday, May 22, 1839. Revised by himself.
With the resolutions moved by him, and his
reasons of dissent. Edin., 1839. 8

Another copy.

Another copy.

A letter to the congregation of St Stephen's,
Edinburgh, on the present Church question.

Edin., 1839. 8

Another copy.

Third edition. With a postscript.

Edin., 1840. 8

The whole service as conducted in the High
Church of Glasgow, on 20th Dec., 1838, at the
commemoration of the General Assembly of
1638. 3d ed. Glasgow, 1839. 8

MUIRHEAD (GEORGE), D.D., Minister of the
Free Church, Cramond. The divine authority
of the Scriptures confirmed by the miracles of
the Apostles : a sermon [on Acts, v. 12-16]
preached before the Society in Scotland for
propagating Christian knowledge... June 1,
1820. Edin., 1821. 8



Death gain to Christians : a sermon preached
in the Tolbooth church of Edinburgh, Nov.
11, 1827, occasioned by the death of the Rev.
Thomas Davidson, D.D. With some account
of his life and character. Edin. , 1827.

The nature, excellence, and issue of a life of
communion with God : a sermon preached on
the occasion of the death of the Rev. George
Wright, D.D., Stirling. Stirling, 1827. 8

MUIRHEAD (JOHN), Minister of the Gospel,
Kelso. Dissertations on the foederal transac-
tions between God and his Church, both be-
fore and since the canon of Scripture was com-
pleted. Kelso, 1782. 8

MUIRHEAD (W.), Teacher in Edinburgh. A
key to Mair's introduction... Edin., 1.810. 16

MULFAIL (ANTONIUS). Theses theologicse de
justitia et jure...defendent A. M. et Andreas
DALTON. Lovanii, 1679. 4

Theses theologicse de contractibus et judiciis
publicis. Lovanii, 1680. 4

MULLENS (JOSEPH), D.D., Missionary of the
London missionary society in Calcutta. Mis-
sions in South India visited and described.

London, 1854. 8

A brief review of ten years' missionary labour
in India between 1852 and 1861. Prepared
from local reports and original letters.

London, 1864. 8

Another copy.

MULLERUS (ANDREAS). Disquisitio historica
et geographica de Chataja ; [ad calc. Marci
PAULI de regionibus Orientalibus]. 1671

MULLION (MORDECAI). Some illustrations of
Mr M'Culloch's principles of political economy.

Edin., 1826. 8

MULSO (HESTER), afterwards Hester CHAPONE.

MUNRO (ALEXANDER), D. D., Minister of the
English Presbyterian Church, Mancliester.
Speech of the Rev. Thomas DUNCAN on the
use of instrumental music in public worship ;
and statement of the Rev. A. M. on the same
occasion. 1857

MUNRO (CATHERINE). An essay on death.

Edin., [1838]. 12

MUNRO (INNES), Capt. in the 73d Highlanders.
A narrative of the military operations on the
Coromandel coast, against the combined forces
of the French, Dutch, and Hyder Ally Cawn,
from the year 1780 to the peace in 1784 ; in a
series of letters... London, 1789. 4

MUNRO (JAMES). A Gaelic primer, containing
rules for pronouncing the language. With
numerous examples... Glasgow, 1828. 12

Another copy.

An T-Aillegan ; comh-chruinneachadh Dhan-
Oran, agus Dhuanag. Glasghu, 1832. 12

Am Filidh : Co-thional ur de Dh-Orain 's de
Dhuanagan. Dun-Eidin, 1840. 12

MUNRO (ROBERT). Poems, and translations in
verse, from admired compositions of the an-
cient Celtic bards ; with the Gaelic originals,
and copious illustrative notes.

Edin., 1843. 12

MUNSTER (SEBASTIANUS), Professor of Hebrew
at Basil. Hebraica Biblia, latina planeq ;

nova Sebast. Munsteri tralatione. 1546. See

MUNTINGHE (HERMANNS), Professor of theo-
logy at Groningen. Pars theologian Christiana?
theoretica. In compendium redegit H. M.
Editio secunda. 2 torn.

Groninga, 1818, 22. 8

Brevis expositio critices Veteris Foederia. Edi-
derunt B. Nieuwold et C. H. van Herwerden.

Groningce, 1827. 8

MUNTON (ANTHONY), M.A., Curate of St An-
drew's church, Newcastle. Several sermons
preached in Newcastle upon Tyne.

Newcastle, 1756. 8

MURALTO (EDUARDUS DE). Novum Testamen-
tum Greece. 1860. See BIBLES GREEK. F.

MURCH (W. H.), D.D. Essays on the Christian
ministry. Selected from American publica-
tions. With a preface by W. H. M. [Ward's
Lib. of stand, div.] London, s. a. 8

lurian system, founded on geological researches
in the counties of Salop, Hereford, Radnor,
Montgomery, Caermarthen, Brecon, Pem-
broke, Monmouth, Gloucester, Worcester, and
Stafford ; with descriptions of the coal-fields,
and overlying formations. In two parts.

London, 1839. 4

MURDOCH (J.), D.D., E. C. Bishop of Castabala.
A sermon preached at the opening of the
chapel of St Margaret's convent.

Edin., 1835. 8

MURDOCK (JAMES), D.D. Sketches of modem
philosophy, especially among the Germans.

Hartford, 1842. 16

MURE (WILLIAM), of Caldwell. Journal of a
tour in Greece and the Ionian Islands, with
remarks on the recent history, present state,
and classical antiquities of those countries.
2vol. Edin., 1842. 8 J

MURPHY (ARTHUR). The citizen. A farce.

Edin., 1763. 12

MURPHY (JAMES G.), LL.D., Professor of He-
brew, Belfast. A critical and exegetical com-
mentary on the Book of Genesis. 1863. See

MURRAY (ALEXANDER), D.D., Professor of Ori-
ental languages in the university of Edinburgh.
Copy of documents in favour of the Rev. A.
M. , minister of Urr, as candidate for the pro-
fessorship of Oriental languages.

Edin., 1812. 8

History of the European languages ; or, re-
searches into the affinities of the Teutonic,
Greek, Celtic, Sclavonic, and Indian nations.
With a life of the author. 2 vol.

Edin., 1823. 8

* Life of A. M., D.D. s. 1. et a. 8
MURRAY (ANNE), afterwards Lady Halket of

Pitfirrane. MEDITATIONS on the twenty-fifth
Psalm. 1771

MURRAY (DANIEL), D.D., R. C. Archbishop of
Dublin. A letter, in refutation of a statement
attributed to the Right Hon. Robert Peel,
charging Roman Catholics with suppressing
the second commandment. Dublin, 1827. 12




MURRAY (GEOROE), Minuter of North Berwick.
Evidence of MIRACLES. 1H"2

Sermons and treatises. Edin., 1823. 8
- Another copy.

MURRAY (JAMES), Dissenting minister, Newcas-
tle. Sermons to doctors in divinity, being the
second volume of sermons to asses.

London, 1771. 12

Another edition. To which are subjoined,
lectures to Lords spiritual, or, an advice to the
Bishops. And sermon on self-defence, &c.

Glasgow, 1798. 12
[The first edition was published anonymously.]

MURRAY (JOHN), M.D., Lecturer on chemistry,
Edinburgh. A system of chemistry. 2d ed.
4 vol. Edin., 1809. 8

MURRAY (JOHN), F.S.A. A descriptive account
of the Palo de Vaca ; or, Cow tree of the Ca-
racas : with a chemical analysis of the milk
and bark. 2d ed. London, 1838. 8

MURRAY (LINDLEY). English grammar, adapt-
ed to different classes of learners. ICth ed.

York, 1807. 12

English exercises, adapted to Murray's Eng-
. lish grammar. 12th ed. York, 1808. 12

The fourth American, from the last English
edition [of both the Grammar and the Exer-
cises]. Corrected and much enlarged. 2 vol.

New York, 1819. 8

The power of religion on the mind, in retire-
ment, affliction, and at the approach of death ;
exemplified in the testimonies and experience
of persons distinguished by their greatness,
learning, or virtue. 15th ed. York, 1810. 8

MURRAY (NICHOLAS), D.D. Letters to a Ro-
mish Bishop [John Hughes, Bishop of New
York] on the character, tendency and influence
of the Papacy. By KIBWAN. [Pseud.] With
an introduction and an affectionate address to
Roman Catholics. By Octavius Winslow, A. M.

Edin., 3847. 8

MURRAY (RICHARD), D.D., Dean of Armagh.
Outlines of the history of the Catholic Church
in Ireland. London, 1840. 8

Ireland and her Church : in three parts. 2d ed.

London, 1845. 8

at Port Philip. Edin., 1843. 8

MURRAY (T. A.). Remarks on the situation of
the poor in the metropolis as contributing to
the progress of contagious diseases ; with a
plan for the institution of houses of recovery,
for persons infected by fever.

London, 1801. 8

MURRAY (THOMAS), A.M. The literary history
of Galloway, from the earliest period to the
present time : with an appendix, containing,
with other illustrations, notices of the civil
history of Galloway till the end of the thir-

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