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NELSON (DAVID), ofQuincy, Illinois. The cause
and cure of infidelity : with an account of the
author's conversion. New York, 1837. 12

Another edition. New York, 1841. 12

Another copy.

NELSON (HORATIO), Lord Viscount Nelson.

* The life of Lord Viscount Nelson, Duke of
Bronte", &c. By T. O. Churchhill. Illustrated
by engravings of its most striking and memo-
rable incidents. London, 1808. 4

NELSON (ISAAC), Belfast. Slavery supported
by the American Churches, and countenanced
by recent proceedings in the Free Church of
Scotland. A lecture, delivered at the request
of the Free Church Anti-slavery society.

Edin., 1847. 8

NELSON (ROBERT). A letter to an English

Priest of the Roman communion at Rome ;
with Several letters which passed between Dr
George HICKES and a Popish priest]. 1705

An address to persons of quality and estate.
To which is added, an appendix of some ori-
ginal and valuable papers. London, 1715. 8

A companion for the fasts and festivals of the
Church of England : with collects and prayers
for each solemnity. 25th ed.

London, 1773. 12

The great duty of frequenting the Christian
sacrifice, and the nature of the preparation re-
quired, with suitable devotions, partly collect-
ed from the ancient liturgies. 16th ed.

Edin., 1795. 12

NELSON (S.), D.D. The history of our blessed
Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. With the
lives of his Apostles and Evangelists, and other
eminent persons and martyrs... Containing the
whole doctrine of Christianity, the evidences
on which it is founded, and the manner of its
establishment in different parts of the world.
Together with satisfactory answers to the ob-
jections made against our holy religion by tho
Jew, the gentile, and the deist or free-thinker,
of the present age. London, 1759. 4

NELSON (THOMAS), Minister of Auchtergaven.

* A report of the proceedings of the General
Assembly of the Church of Scotland, 24th May,
1825, relative to the presentation of the Rev.
Thomas Nelson, to the parish of Little Dun-
keld. 2d ed. Edin., 1825. 8

NELSON (THOMAS). A classical ATLAS. *. a.

NELSON (W.), of the Middle Temple. The rights
of the clergy of that part of Great Britain,
call'd England ; as established by the canons,
the common law, and the statutes of the realm.



Being a methodical collection, under alphabeti-
cal heads, of all things relating to the clergy,
which lie dispersed in the volumes of these
laws... 3d ed. In the Savoy, 1732. 8

NELUS, or NEALE (THOMAS). Dialogus inter
Reginam Elizabethan! et Robertum Dudloimn ;
[ad calc. dissert, de parma equestri Woodward.

NEMESIUS, Bishop of Emesa.De natura homi-
nis liber \inus, denuo recognitus, et manuscrip-
torum codicum collatione in integrum restitu-
tus, annotationibusque insuper illustratus.
[Or. et Lat.l Oxonii, 1671. 8

NEO-C^ESAREA. Catalogus collegii Neo-Csesa-
riensis. Tridenti, 1821. 8

NEPOS (CORNELIUS). Vitae excellentium impe-
ratorum. Editio tertia. Glasgua, 1777. 16

Another edition.

Parisiis, anno reip. mi. [1799]. 12

Another edition. Interpretatione et notis il-
lustravit Nicolaua Courtin. In usum Delphi-
ni. Undevicesimam hanc editionem curavit
Joannes Carey, LL.D. Londini, 1820. 8

NERI (ST PHILIP).* The life of St Philip Neri,
Apostle of Rome, and founder of the Congre-
gation of the Oratory. 2 vol.

London, 1847. 8

NESSE (CHRISTOPHER), Minister in Fleet Street,
London. A Christian's walk and work on
earth, until he attain to heaven. "Which may
serve as a practical guide, and a plain direc-
tion in his pilgrimage thither,' through his per-
sonal and relative duties. Marvelously use-
ful to all persons, and families of all ranks
and qualities, both in city and country.

[London], 1678. 8

An historical narrative of the devil's plots
against the Church, all defeated by God.
[Wants title.] 8

NETHERLANDS. Formulieren van eenigheid
der Christelijk gereformeerde Kerk in Neder-
land. Met eene voorrede uitgegeven door H.
P. Scholte. Amsterdam, 1836. 8

Tij dschrif t der Christelij ke gereformeerde Kerk
in Nederland. 8 Deel.

Amsterdam, 1837-40. 8

Tijdschrift ter bevordering van Gods Koning-
rijk in Nederland. Deel. i.-vi. [Nos. 1, 3,
and 4 of Deel vi. are wanting.]

Amsterdam, 1841, 44. 8

Fudge family in Edinburgh, in a series of poe-
tical epistles : collected and arranged by N. N.

Edin., 1820. 12

NETTLETON (ASAHEL). * Nettleton and his
labours : being the memoir of Dr N. by Ben-
net Tyler, D.D. Remodelled... By Rev. An-
drew A. Bonar. Edin., 1854. 8
NETTLETON (THOMAS), M.D. Some thoughts
concerning VIRTUE and happiness. 1729

Seventh edition. Edin., 1774. 12
NEUHUSIUS (REINERUS). Tyrocinium elo-

quentise. Sive orationes publicse habitse in
illustri gymnasio Alcmariano decennio proxi-
mo. Cum miscellaneis poeticis.

Amstel, 1648. 12

NEUMANN (W ILHj aM). Jeremias von Ana-
thoth. Die Weissagungen und Klagelieder
des Propheten, nach dem Masorethischeu
Texte ausgelegt von W. N. 2 Biinde.

Leipzig, 1856, 58. 8

NEVE (TIMOTHY), D.D., Marget professor of dim-
it it <i at Oxford. Eight sermons preached be-
fore the University of Oxford, in the year
1781, at the lecture founded by the late Rev.
J. Bampton, M.A. Oxford, 1781. 8

NEVIN (JOHN W.), D.D. A summary of bibli-
cal antiquities ; compiled for the use of Sun-
day-school teachers, and for the benefit of fa-
milies. 2 vol. Philadelphia, [1829]. 12

The mystical presence. A vindication of the
Reformed or Calvinistic doctrine of the holy
Eucharist. Philadelphia, 1846. 12

NEVINS (WILLIAM), D.D., Pastor of a church in
Baltimore. Thoughts on Popery.

New York, s. a. 12

Another copy.

Another edition. Edin., 1851. 12

Practical thoughts. New York, s. a. 12

Select remains of the Rev. W. N. With a
memoir. New York, 1836. 12

Another edition. With an introductory essay,
by the Rev. Octavius Winslow.

London, 1839. 8

NEW-BIRTH. A discourse concerning the new-
birth : To which are added two poems ; the
one on salvation in Christ, by free-grace, for
the chief of sinners : the other on a believer's
safety and duty. With an epistle recommen-
datory, by the Rev. Mr Jacob Rogers.

London, 1740. 8

Another copy.

NEWBURGH. Case, the magistrates and town-
council of Newburgh...(and others) appellants
from two sentences of the Synod of Fife, dated
13th April 1785 ;... against John Hay of Leys,
Esq. , pretended patron of the parish of New-
burgh, and Mr Thomas Stewart, preacher of
the Gospel, respondents. The appellants and
complainers case. To be heard at the bar of
the Venerable Assembly, in May 1785.

*. 1. et a. 4


NEW COLLEGE. Inauguration of the New Col-
lege of the Free Church, Edinburgh : Novem-
ber, 1850. With introductory lectures on theo-
logy, philosophy, and natural science.

London and Edin., 1851. 8

Another copy.

NEWCOME (PETER), M.A., Vicar of Aldenham,
Hertfordshire. A catechetical course of ser-
mons for the whole year. Being an explana-
tion of the Church catechism... 2 vol.

London, 1700. 8

Second edition. London, 1702. 8

A sermon [on Matt. xxiv. 12] preach'd to the
societies for reformation of manners, at St
Mary-le-Bow, Dec. 26, 1709.

London, 1710. 8

NEWCOME (WILLIAM), Archbishop of Armagh.
An harmony of the Gospels ; in which the



original text 13 disposed after Le Clerc's gene-
ral manner ; with such various readings at the
foot of the page as have received Wetstein's
sanction in his folio edition of the Greek Tes-
tament. Observations are subjoined, tending
to settle the time and place of every transac-
tion, to establish the series of facts, and to re-
concile seeming inconsistencies.

Dublin, 1778. fol.

Another copy.

The duration of our Lord's ministry particu-
larly considered ; in reply to a letter from Dr
Priestley on that subject, prefixed to his Eng-
lish Harmony of the Evangelists.

Dublin, 1780. 12

An attempt towards an improved version of
the twelve minor Prophets. 1785. See BIBLES

An attempt towards an improved version... of
the Prophet Ezekiel. 1788. See BIBLES

An historical view of the English biblical trans-
lations : the expediency of revising by autho-
rity our present translation : and the means
of executing such a revision.

Dublin, 1792. 8

Another copy.

Observations on our Lord's conduct as a di-
vine instructor, and on the excellence of his
moral character. 2d ed. London, 1795. 8

- Third edition. London, 1820. 8

NEWCOMEN (MATTHEW), M.A., Minister of the
Gospel at Dedham in Essex. The craft and
cruelty of the Churches adversaries, discovered
in a sermon [on Neh. 4. 11] preached at St
Margarets in Westminster, before the Hon.
House of Commons assembled in Parliament,
Nov. 5, 1642. London, 1643. 4

Jerusalem's watch-men, the Lord's remem-
brancers : a sermon [on Is. 62. 6, 7] preached
at the Abbie at Westminster, before both
Houses of Parliament, and the Assembly of
divines, upon their solemn fast, July 7, 1643.

London, 1643. 4

NEWELL (HARRIET). * Memoirs of Mrs H. N.
...Also a sermon on occasion of her death, by
Leonard Woods, D.D. New edition, with
additional letters, revised and corrected, by
the Rev. S. Newell. London, 1823. 12

NEWELL (SAMUEL). The conversion of the
world, by the Rev. Gordon HALL, and the Rev.
S. N. s. a.

NEW-ENGLAND. The banners of grace and
love displayed in the farther conversion of the
Indians in New-England : held forth in sun-
dry letters from divers ministers to the corpo-
ration established by Parliament for promot-
ing the Gospel among the heathen in New-
England... London, 1657. 4

Congregational order. The ancient platforms
of the Congregational Churches of New Eng-
land ; with a digest of rules and xisages in
Connecticut, and an appendix, containing no-
tices of Congregational bodies in other states.
Published by direction of the General Associa-
tion of Connecticut. Middktoivn, 1843. 12

NEW HAVEN. Letters on the origin and pro-
gress of the New Haven theology. [By G. B.
TYLER.] New York, 1837. 12

NEW- JERSEY. The charter of incorporation of
the trustees of the college of New-Jersey.

Trenton, 1819. 8

Laws of the college of New -Jersey ; revised,
amended and adopted by the Board of Trus-
tees, April 14th, 1819. Trenton, 1819. 8

NEWLAND (THOMAS), A.B., of Trinity college,
Dublin. An analysis of Bishop Burnet's Ex-
position of the thirty-nine articles, with notes.
Dublin, 1829. 8

NEWLANDS (W.), A.M. A philosophical essay
on education. London, 1824. 8

college. Phases of faith; or, passages from
the history of my creed. London, 1850. 12

NEWMAN (JOHN), Dissenting minister at Salters-
Hall. The Popish doctrine of merit and jus-
tification considered. A sermon [on Rom. iv.
4] preached at Salters-Hall, March 20, 1734-5.
London, 1735. 8

NEWMAN (JOHN HENRY), D.D., formerly vicar
of St Mary the Virgin's, Oxford ; now a Roman
Catholic priest. The Arians of the fourth cen-
tury, their doctrine, temper, and conduct,
chiefly as exhibited , in the councils of tho
Church between A.D. 325, and A.D. 381.

London, 1833. 8

Lectures on justification. 2d ed.

London, 1840. 8

The CHURCH of the Fathers. 1842

An essay on the miracles recorded in the eccle-
siastical history of the early ages.

Oxford, 1843. 8

Sermons, bearing on subjects of the day. 2d ed.

London, 1844. 8

An essay on the development of Christian doc-
trine. London, 1845. 8

The life of Apollonius Tyaneus : with a com-
parison between the miracles of Scripture and
those elsewhere related, as regards their re-
spective object, nature, and evidence. [From
the Encyclop. Metropol.] London, 1860. 8

Lectures on the present position of Catholicism
in England. Lect. vii. Assumed principles
the intellectual instrument of the Protestant
view. [London, 1861.] 8

Apologia pro vita sua : being a reply to a
pamphlet entitled ' ' What, then, does Mr New-
man mean?" London, 1864. 8

NEWMAN (SsLio). A grammar of the Hebrew
language, with points : together with a short
sketch of the Chaldee grammar.

London, 1827. 8

NEWMAN (THOMAS), Presbyterian minister at
Carter Lane, London. Sermons on happiness
[and on miscellaneous subjects]. 2 vol.

London, 1760. 8

NEWNHAM (WILLIAM). The reciprocal in-
fluence of body and mind considered ; as it
affects the great questions of education, phre-
nology, materialism, moral advancement and
responsibility, man's free agency, the theory
of life, the peculiarities of mental property,




mental diseases, tho agency of mind upon the
body, of physical temperament upon the ma-
nifestations of mind, and upon the expression
of religious feelings. London, 1842. 8


NEWPORT (Sir JOHN), Bart.* A letter to Sir
J. N., on the embarrassing situation and pro-
spects of the present ministry : with particular
reflections on the distressed state of Ireland.
By an Irishman. Dublin, 1806. 8

NEWS. Good news. Edin., *. o. 12

NEW SOUTH WALES. The history of New

South Wales. [By O'HARA.] 2d ed.

London, 1818. 8

Report of the committee appointed by the
Commission of the General Assembly, with re-
ference to the Presbyterian Church of New
South Wales. [With documents.]

[jg**., 1839.1 8

NEW TESTAMENT. An illustration of the
New Testament, by notes and explications :
in which the useful observations of former
commentators are made use of ; the writings
of the most learned men upon it applied ; and
such new notes added, as greatly explain the
true nature and spirit of the Testament of our
Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. [By Robert
GOADBY.] London, 1759. fol.

NEWTON (ANDREW), Dunse. A voice to Sece-
ders. Being a letter sent to Mr Turnbull, An-
tiburgher minister in Ayton, the supposed au-
thor of an anonymous pamphlet, called, A re-
view of the Antigovernment scheme... Also,
the Seceder's catechism. Edin., 1783. 8
NEWTON (B. W.). Thoughts on the Apoca-
lypse. London, 1844. 32

Aids to prophetic enquiry. London, 1848. 12
NEWTON (H.), B.A., of St Cuthberfs, York.

The resurrection of Israel. A poem. To which
is added, Death and the sculptors ; or, art
against art. And other poems.

London, s. a. 8

NEWTON (Sir ISAAC). Philosophise naturalis
principia mathematica : 2 libb.

Londini, 1687. 4

Editio tertia. Londini, 1726. 4

Perpetuis commentariis illustrata, communi

studio PP. Thomae Le Seur et Francisci Jac-
quier. 3 torn. Colon. Allobrog., 1760. 4

Translated into English by Andrew Motte :

to which are added, Newton's System of the
world ; a short comment on, and defence of,
the Principia, by William Emerson ; with the
laws of the moon's motion according to gravi-
ty, by John Machin. A new edition, (with
the life of the author...) carefully revised and
corrected by William Davis. 3 vol.

London, 1819. 8

The first three sections of Newton's Principia,
with an appendix ; and the ninth and eleventh
sections. Edited by John H. Evans, M.A.
2d ed. ^ Cambridge, 1837. 8

Optice : sive de reflexionibus, refractionibus,
inflexionibus et coloribus lucis libri tres. La-
tine reddidit Samuel Clarke, A.M. Accedunt
tractatus duo ejusdem authoria de speciebus

ot magnitudino figurarum curvilinoarum, La-
tine scripti. Londini, 1706. 4

Tho chronology of ancient kingdoms amended.
To which is prefix'd, a short chronicle from
the first memory of things in Europe, to tho
conquest of Persia by Alexander the Great.

London, 1728. 4

The system of the world, demonstrated in an
easy and popular manner. Being a proper in-
troduction to the most sublime philosophy.
Translated into English. 2d ed.

London, 1740. 8

Observations upon the prophecies of Daniel,
and the Apocalypse of St John. In two parts.

London, 1733. 4

Observations upon the prophecies of Daniel.
A new edition, with the citations translated,
and notes by P. Borthwick.

London, 1831. 8

* The life of Sir I. N. By David Brewster,
LL.D. [Fam. Lib., No. xxiv.]

London, 1831. 8

* Memoirs of the life, writings, and discoveries
of Sir I. N. By Sir David Brewster. 2 vol.

Edin., 1865. 8

NEWTON (JOHN), Rector of St Mary Woolnoth,
London. The works of the Rev. J. N. 2d ed.
6 vol. London, 1816. 8

Third edition. With memoir of the author,
and general remarks on his life, connections,
and character, by the Rev. Richard Cecil,
M.A. 6 vol. London, 1824. 8

Another edition. Complete in one volume.

Edin., 1832. 8

Another edition. Complete in one volume.

Edin., 1841. 8

Ebenezer. A poem. Edin., 1775. 12

Small tracts, and occasional sermons, collected
and republished. London, 1798. 12

Cardiphonia : or, the utterance of the heart,
in the course of a real correspondence. With
an introductory essay, by David Russell, D.D.

Edin., 1839. 8

Forty-one letters on religious subjects, origi-
nally published under the signatures, Omicron,
and Vigil. London, a. o. 12

Twenty -five letters, hitherto unpublished.
From the year 1757 to 1779. Edin. , 1840. 12

* Memoirs of the Rev. J. N. ; with general
remarks on his life, connexions, and charac-
ter. 2d ed. By Richard Cecil, A.M.

London, 1808. 12

Another edition. New York, s. a. 12

Eachdraidh Beatha Eoin Newton, agus Eliza
Cuningham, air an tarruing o'n Bheurla chum
Gaelic. [Translated by Donald M'Gillivray,
A.M.] Edin., 1817. 18

* Memoirs of the Rev. J. N. With selections
from his correspondence. London, 1835. 12

NEWTON (ROBERT), D.D. * The life of the
Rev. R. N. By Thomas Jackson.

London, 1855. 8

NEWTON (S.), of Noncich.The leading senti-
ments of the people called Quakers examined,
as they are stated in Mr Robert Barclay's Apo-
logy ; with an answer to what Mr Phipps has



advanced for the defence of them in his Ob-
servations jupon an epistle to the author of a
letter t<5 Dr Formey. London, 1771. 8

NEWTON (THOMAS), D.D., Bishop of Bristol.
The works of T. N. With some account of
his life, and anecdotes of several of his friends.
Written by himself. 2d ed. 6 vol.

London, 1787. 8

[The above does not include the Dissertations
on the prophecies.]

Dissertations on the prophecies, which have
remarkably been fulfilled, and at this time are
fulfilling in the world. 3 vol.

Edin., 1802. 12

Eighteenth edition. 2 vol. Edin., 1818. 8

Thirteenth edition. 2 vol. London, 1824. 8

Fourteenth edition. London, 1827. 8
Another copy.

Life of Dr T. N. [with Lives of Dr Edward
POCOCK, Dr Zachary PEAKCB, and the Rev. P.
SKELTON]. 1816

NEWTON (WILLIAM), Pennsylvania. Lectures

on the first two visions of the Book of Daniel.

Philadelphia, 1859. 12

NEW YORK. An address from the clergy of
New York and New Jersey to the Episcopa-
lians in Virginia ; occasioned by some late
transactions in that colony relative to an Ame-
rican Episcopate. New York, 1771. 8

Natural history of New York. Parts iii., iv.,
v., vi. vol. i. 8 vol. [Geology, 4 vol., Agri-
culture, 2 vol. , Palaeontology, 1 vol. , Minera-
logy, 1 vol.] ' Albany, 1842-49. 4
[See a fuller entry under authors' names.]

Minutes of the twelfth annual session of the
Hartwick Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran
Church in the State of New- York. Convened
in Stone Arabia, Montgomery Co., Sept. 3,

1842. Baltimore, 1842. 8

Minutes of the thirteenth annual session of
the Hartwick Synod of the Evangelical Lu-
theran Church, in the State of New York,
convened in St Paul's Church, Johnstown, on
the second and following days of September,

1843. Baltimore, 1843. 8

Minutes of the forty-eighth Synod of the Evan-
gelical Lutheran Ministerium of the State of
New York, and adjacent States and countries.
Convened in the Lutheran Church at Living-
ston's Manor on the 16th and following days
of September, 1843. Baltimore, 1843. 8



and Esther ; or, the Saviour and his Church ;
affectionately presented to the ancient people
of God. London, 1837. 12

NICANOR (LYSIMACHUS), pseud., i. e. John COR-

NICE. Canones alii concilii Nicaeni nuper re-
perti ; [ad finem Summse Conciliorum per
Barth. CARRANZAM]. 1000

Analecta Nictena : fragments relating to the
council of Nice. The Syriac text from an an-
cient MS. in the British Museum. With a

translation, notes, &c. By B. Harris Cowper.
London and Edin., 1857. 4

'EXA>jwxj? yXarrwf, %rot tx. ru 2TNASAPIHN
(tfTotQwiadtinis. 1621

NICETAb COLOSSENSIS. See Nicetas Acominatus

NICHOL (J. P.), LL.D., Professor of practical
astronomy in the university of Glasgow. The
phenomena and order of the solar system.

Edin., 1838. 8

Views of the architecture of the heavens.
5th ed. .EcKw.,1845. 8

Thoughts on some important points relating
to the system of the world. Edin. , 1846. 8

NICHOLAS (THOMAS), Professor of biblical litera-
ture and mental and moral science, in the Pres-
byterian college, Carmarthen. Dr Davidson's
removal from the professorship of biblical
literature in the Lancashire Independent col-
lege, Manchester, on account of alleged error
in doctrine. A statement of facts, with docu-
ments, together with remarks and criticisms.
London, 1860. 8

NICHOLL (Sir JOHN), LL.D. * A letter to Sir

J. N. on his late decision in the ecclesiastical

court, against a clergyman, for refusing to

bury the child of a dissenter... By a clergyman.

London, 1818. 8

of St John's, Walthamstow. Help to the read-
ing of the Bible. London, 1847. 12

NICHOLLS (WILLIAM), D.D., Rector of Selsey,
Sussex. A conference with a Theist. Contain-
ing an answer to all the most usual objections
of the infidels against the Christian religion.
In four parts. London, 1697-99. 8

Defensio Ecclesise Anglicanae ...Prsemittitur
apparatus, qui historiam turbarum e secessione
ab Ecclesia Anglicana, exortarum continet.

Londini, 1707. 12

Translated into English by himself in his

lifetime. London, 1715. 12

NICHOLS (JAMES). Calvinism and Arminian-
ism compared in their principles and tendency :
or, the doctrines of general redemption, as
held by the members of the Church of Eng-
land, and by the early Dutch Arminians, ex-
hibited in the scriptural evidence, and in their
connection with the civil and religious liber-
ties of mankind. London, 1824. 8
NICHOLS (JOHN). A collection of all the wills,
now known to be extant, of the kings and
queens of England, prince and princesses of
Wales, and every branch of the blood royal,
from the reign of William the Conqueror, to
that of Henry VH. inclusive. With explana-
tory notes, and a glossary. London, 1780. 4

The progresses and public processions of Queen
Elizabeth. Among which are interspersed,
other solemnities, public expenditures, and re-
markable events, during the reign of that
illustrious princess. Now first printed from
original MSS. of the times ; or collected from
scarce pamphlets, &c. Illustrated with histo-
rical notes. 2 vol. London, 1788. 4


NICHOLS (JonN GOUGII). A descriptive cata-
logue of the works of the Camdeh Society :
stating the nature of their principal contents,
the periods of time to which they relate, the
dates of their composition, their manuscript
sources, authors, and editors. Accompanied by
a classified arrangement and an index, and by
some illustrative particulars that have arisen
since their publication. Westminster, 1802. 4



NICHOLSON (THOMAS D.). The desolation of
Jerusalem ; or, Israel's cry for help.

Perth, 1844. 8

NICHOLSON (WILLIAM). A journal of natural

philosophy, chemistry, and the arts. 36 vol.

London, 1802-13. 8

NICOL (JAMES), Minister of Traquair. An essay
on the nature and design of Scripture sacri-
fices : in which the theory of Archbishop Ma-
gee is controverted. London, 1823. 8

NICOL (JAMES). Guide to the geology of Scot-
land ; containing an account of the character,
distribution, and more interesting appearances
of its rocks and minerals. With a geological
map and plates. Edin., 1844. 8

NICOL (WALTER). The villa garden directory...
with hints on the treatment of shrubs and
flowers, usually kept in the greenroom, the
lobby, and the drawing room. 3d ed.

Edin., 1814. 8

NICOLAIDES(THEOPHiLUs),_psew<i, t. e. Valent.

logy of history.. Containing tables, calcula-
tions, and statements, indispensable for ascer-
taining the dates of historical events, and of

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