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Church who were baptiz'd in their infancy.

London, 1701. 4

BEAN (JAMES), M. A. Family worship ; a course
of morning and evening prayers for every day
in the month. To which is prefixed, a dis-
course on family prayer. 17th ed.

London, 1829. 8

BEARBLOCK (JAMES), A.M. Observations on
a pamphlet, written by Richard Flower, re-
commending the abolition of tithes.

London, 1809. 8

BEARD (JOHN R.), D.D. Voices of the Church,
in reply to Dr D. T. Strauss, author of " Das
Leben Jesu ;" comprising essays in defence of
Christianity, by divines of various commu-
nions. Collected and composed by J. R. B. ,
D.D. London, 1845. 8

A biblical atlas ; with a brief geographical in-
troduction, and a complete scriptural gazet-
teer. London, 1849. 8

BEARD (THOMAS), D.D. The theatre of God's
judgments.... Collected out of sacred, ecclesi-
asticall, and pagan histories... by T. B., and
Thomas TAYLOR. 4th ed. London, 1648. foi.

BE ART (JOHN). Truth defended : or, a vindica-
tion of the eternal law and everlasting gospel.
3d ed. 2 parts. London, 1779. 12

Another edition. London, 1813. 12

Another copy.



BEATHE (MORGAN). The praise of patronage ;

a satire. Glasgow, 1834. 12

BEATSON (ROBERT). A political index to the

histories of Great Britain and Ireland.

Edin., 1786. 8

Naval and military memoirs of Great Britain
from 1727 to the present time. 3 vol.

London, 1790. 8

BEATTIE (JAMES), LL.D., Professor of moral
philosophy, Aberdeen. Essays. On the nature
and immutability of truth, in opposition to
sophistry and scepticism. On poetry and mu-
sic. On laughter and ludicrous composition.
On the utility of classical learning.

Edam,., 1776. 4

- Another copy.

- Essays on poetry and music. 3d ed.

London, 1779. 8

- SCOTICISMS, arranged in alphabetical order.


- The Minstrel ; or, the progress of genius ; with

some other poems To which are now added,

Miscellanies, by James Hay BEATTIE, A.M.
2 vol. London, 1799. 16

- Evidences of the Christian religion ; briefly
and plainly stated. 5th ed.

London, 1806. 8

Another copy.

An essay on the nature and immutability of
truth. 8th ed. Edin., 1807. 8

- Elements of moral science. 2 vol. 2d ed.

Edin., 1807. 8

- The poetical works of Beattie, COLLINS, and
GRAY. London, 1826. 12

- *An account of the life and writings of J. B.
...Including many of his original letters. By
Sir William Forbes, of Pitsligo, Bart. 2d ed.
3vol. Edin., 1807. 8

BEATTIE (JAMES), Minister of Balmullo. His-
tory of the Church of Scotland during the
Commonwealth. Edin., 1842. 8

Another copy.

Another copy.

BEATTIE (JAMES HAY). Miscellanies ; [with
The Minstrel, by James BEATTIE, LL.D.] 1799

BEAUMONT (ARTHUR J.). An American's de-
fence of his government, in an appeal to the
common sense of the nations of Europe.

London, 1831. 8

BEAUMONT (JOHN). English statesmanship
and Indian policy. s. I. et a. 8

BEAUSOBRE (ISAAC DE). Defense de la doc-
trine des Reformes sur la providence... la pre-
destination...^ grace, et sur 1'eucharistie.

Magdebourg, 1693. 8

- Histoire critique de Manichee et du Mani-
chdisme. 2 torn. Amsterdam, 1734-39. 4

- Le Nouveau Testament... avec des notes. Par
Mrs. de B. et LENFANT. 1736. See BIBLES

- Remarques histofiques, critiques et philolo-
giques sur le Nouveau Testament ; avec la
vie de 1'auteur. 2 torn. La Haye, 1742. 4

- Sermons. 4 torn. Lausanne, 1755. 8

- Histoire de la Reformation, o\i origine et pro-
gves du Luthe'ranisme, dans 1'empire et les

etats de la confession d'Augsbourg, depuis
1517 jusqu' en 1530. Ouvrage posthume.
4 torn. Berlin, 1785, 86. 8

Another copy.

BEAVER (PHILIP), Captain, E.N.The life and
services of Capt. P. B....By Capt. W. H.
Smyth, R.N. London, 1829. 8

BEBELIUS (BALTASAR) Disputatio theologica
de auctoritate Scripturse sacrae, Atheis potis-
simum opposita, et imprimis ex octo Origenis
contra Celsum Philosophastrum libris illustra-
ta, quam sub prsesidio D. B. B. ...defenden-
dam submittit Johann. Daniel Gukkelen.

Argentorati, [1669]. 4

EEC ANUS (MARTINUS). Dissidium Anglicanum
de prinaatu regis, cum brevi pref atione ad Catho-
licos in Anglia degentes. Moguntice, 1612. 8

Manuale controversiarum hujus temporis, in
v. libros distributum. Herbipoli, 1626. 4

Summa theologise scholasticse. Duobus trac-
tatibus pernecessariis aucta ; uno de natura
theologise, altero de gratise auxiliis. Authore
Gervasio BIJONIO. Editio novissima.

Lugduni, 1683. fol.

An essay on crimes and punishments, trans-
lated from the Italian ; with a commentary,
attributed to M. de Voltaire, translated from
the French. A new edition. Edin. , 1778. 12

BECIUS (JOHANNES). Problemata qusedam,
e philosophia desumpta. Ultrajecti, 1651. 4

BECK (LEWIS C.), M.D. Mineralogy of New
York ; comprising detailed descriptions of the
minerals hitherto found in the State of New
York, and notices of their use in the arts and
agriculture. Published by authority.

Albany, 1842. 4

BECKER (ABRAHAMUS). Disputatio" philosophi-
ca, ad historian! creationis.

Ultrajecti, 1653. 4

BECKER (CLEMENS). Dissertationes theologi-
cae. Editio secunda. 2 torn.

Monasterii Westphalice, 1802. 8

zu der Kirkengeschichte der evangelisch Lu-
therischen Gemeinde zu Frankfurt am Main,
mit besonderer Beziehung auf Liturgie.

Frankfurt am Main, 1852. 8

BECKET (THOMAS A), Archbishop of Canterbury.
*Becket...A biography. By James Craigie
Robertson, M.A., Canon of Canterbury.

London, 1859. 8

BECKHAUS (M. J. H.), D.D. Remarks on the
interpretation of the tropioal language of the
New Testament. Translated by C. H. Terrot.
[Bib. Cab., vol. 2.] Edin., 1833. 8

rii historic! decretorum religionis Christianas
et formulae Lutherise. Lipsice, 1801. 8

- Another copy.

Monagrammata hermeneutices libroriun Novi
Foederis. Pars prima hermeneutice N. T.
imiversa. Lipsice, 1803. 8 C

- Another copy.

ecclesiastica, de convocatoribus, ac directori-


bus, qiiatuur ]>rii>niiii ci-iicilionini (Kcunu-ni-
o.nini, a<l\rrMis Ban-ilium, Bellai mimim, Bi-
niiiin, i-t sequaoes. ''/' <' /':/", [1692. ] 4

BECKMANN (.1 >n \ N \ ). A history of inventions
ami ilisciivi-rirs. Translated from the German,
l>v William Johnston. 2d ed. 4vol.

London, 1814. 8

BECON, or BEACON (THOMAS). The early works
of T. B. ; being the treatises published by him
in the reign of King Henry \ III. Edited for
the Parker Society by the Rev. John Ayre,
A.M. Cambridge, 1843. 8 6

Another copy.

- The booke of matrimony, both profitable and
comfortable for all them that intende quietly
and g*bdly to lyve in the holy state of honor-
able wedlocke : newly made, and now firste of
all published. [B. L.] London, 1564. fol.

The sicke man's salve ; wherein al faithful
Christians may learne both how to behave
themselves patientlye and thankfully in the
time of sickenesse, and also virtuoushe to dis-
pose their temporall goods, and finally to pre-
pare themselves gladly and godly to die. [B. L. ]

London, 1597. 8 6

- - The catechism of T. B. With other pieces writ-
ten by him in the reign of King Edward the
Sixth. Edited, for the Parker Society, by the
Rev. John Ayre, M.A. Cambridge, 1844. 8

Another copy.

Prayers and other pieces of T. B. Edited, for
the Parker Society, by the Rev. John Ayre,
A.M. Cambridge, 1844. 8

- Another copy.

BEDA, Venerabilis. Opera quotquot reperiri po-
tuerunt omnia. 8 torn. Col. Agripp. 1688

Opera qusedam theologica nunc primum edita,
necnon historica antea semel edita. Accesse-
runt EGBERT: archiepiscopi Eboracensis Dia-
logus de ecclesiastica institutione, et ALDHEL-
MI episcopi Scireburnensis, Liber de virgiui-
tate, ex codice antiquissimo emendatus.

Loudini, 1693. 4

- Martyrologium, quod heroico carmine compo-
suit ; [Specilegium L. d'AcHEKii, torn ii., p.
23.] . 1723

- Acta Sancti Cuthberti, Lindisfamensis epis-
copi, heroico carmine conscripta ; [CANISII
Antiq. Lectiones, torn ii. , part. 1, p. 1.] 1725

- Epistola ad Egbertum ; [GALLANDII Bibl.
Patr., torn xiii., p. 261.] 1788

Ratio computandi per digitos et utramque
manum ; [Thesaur. Antiqq. Roman, per J. G.
GRJEVIUM., torn xi., coll. 1699.] 1732-37

Libri quatuor in principium Genesis usque ad
nativitatem Isaac et ejectionem Ismaelis ; [The-
saur. Anecdott. per MARTENE et DURAND, torn
v., p. 111.] 1717

Liber in canticum Habacuc ; [ibid., p. 295.]

Homilise undecim ; [ibid., p. 315.]

Liber precum ; [ibid., p. 381.]

Libellus annalis ; [Vett. Scriptt., per MAR-
TENE et DVRAND, torn vi. , p. 637.] 1724-1733

- Historia Ecclesiastica gentis Anglorum...Re-
censuit Josephus Stevenson. Vol. i. [Eng-
lish Hist, Soc.] Londini, 1838. 8

liKUDu.MK (IJ:x.iAMi.N). M

at Bourton-on-tli' - II //. Slmi-i

8 vi. 1. L",',l", t , 1H10-20. 12"

BEDDOME (P. A.). State- of iiatinn.s, past ami
presL-ut Lomlon, ls-14. 12

BKDKl.L ;KEOORYT.), D.D., Jfr,-f..i -../Nf. An-
drews, Philadelphia. * Memoir <>f the Rev. G.
T. B., D.D....By Sti-phm If. Tyng. 2d ed.
;/.;/../. '/./'.;.. 1836. 12

BEDELL (WILLIAM), Bishop of Kilmore.The
copies of certain letters which have passed...
between Master J. WADESWOUTH and W. B.


A letter to Mr. James Waddesworth in reply
to several letters from him upon the principal
points of controversy between Papists and
Protestants. London, 1827. 8

The Old Testament translated into Irish. See

BEDFORD (ARTHUR), M.A. The temple mu-
sick : or, an essay concerning the method of
singing the psalms of David, in the temple,
before the Babylonish captivity.

Bristol, 1706. 8

A defence of the doctrine of the holy Trinity,
and the incarnation of the Son of God, from
the testimony of the most ancient Jews. In
eight sermons, preached at the Lady Moyer's
lecture, 1739 and 1740. London, 1741. 8

BEDFORD (HILKIAH). A vindication of the
Church of England from the aspersions of a
late libel, entituled "PRIESTCRAFT in perfec-
tion." 1710

BEDFORD (JAMES), B.D. The perusal of an

old statute concerning death and judgment as

it was lately delivered in a sermon [on Heb.

ix. 27] at the funeral of Mrs Francis Bedford.

London, 1657. 4

BEE. The Bee, or literary weekly intelligencer
for July 27, 1791. s. I. et a. 8

BEECHAM (JOHN). Ashantee and the Gold
coast. London, 1841. 12

Another copy.

BEECHER (CATHARINE E.). Letters on the
difficulties of religion. Hartford, 1836. 12

BEECHER (EDWARD), D.D. Baptism, with re-
ference to its import and modes.

New. York, 1849. 12

The conflict of ages ; or, the great debate on
the moral relations of God and man.

London, 1853. 12

Another copy.

The papal conspiracy exposed ; or, the Romish
corporation dangerous to the political liberty
and social interests of man. With a preface
by Rev. James Begg, D.D. Edin., 1856. 8

Another copy.

The concord of ages ; or, the individual and
organic harmony of God and man.

New York, 1860. 12

BEECHER (LYMAN), D.D. The works of L. B.
3 vol. Boston, 1852, 3. 8

The government of God desirable. A sermon.
7th ed. Boston, 1827. 8

Views in theology. 2d ed.

Cincinnati, 1836. 12



Six sermons on the nature, occasions, signs,
evils, and remedy of intemperance. 10th ed.

New York, 1838. 12

- On the remedy of intemperance. (Extracted
from Dr Beecher's sermons on intemperance.)

Glasgow, s. a. 8

Grsecitatis Novi Testamenti.

Lovanii, 1857. 8

BEGG (JAMES), D.D., Minister of New Monkland.
A treatise on the use of the communion
table, in celebrating the sacrament of the
Lord's Supper. Glasgow, 1824. 8

- Another copy.

BEGG (JAMES), D. D. , Minister of the Free Church,
Edinburgh. The antiquity of church exten-
sion ; with the methods by which it was pro-
moted by the Church of Scotland, nearly two
hundred years ago ; interspersed with remarks
adapted to the present time. With an appen-
dix. Edin., 1838. 8

- Seat-rents brought to the test of Scripture,
law, reason, and experience ; or, the spiritual
rights of the people of Scotland vindicated
against modern usurpations. ...With a special
explanation of the case of Edinburgh, and ap-
pendix. Second thousand. Edin. , 1838. 8

The seat-rent question. The duty of the
friends of the Church of Scotland, in conse-
quence of the judgment of the Lord Ordinary
in the case of the Tolbooth kirk-session v. the
magistrates of Edinburgh. Edin., 1839. 8

- Another copy.

- Reasons why no seat-rents should be in the
Free Church, with practical directions for get-
ting on better .without them. Edin. , [1843. ] 8

- The history of the statute 10 Anne, c. 12, re-
storing Church patronage in Scotland.

Edin., 1842. 12

- Reply to Sir James Graham's letter ; being the
substance of an address delivered in Roxburgh
church,... 19th January 1843. Edin., 1813. 8

Another copy.

National education for Scotland practically
considered ; with notices of certain recent pro-
posals on that subject. Edin., 1850.

A handbook of Popery ; or, text-book of mis-
sions for the conversion of Romanists ; being
Papal Rome tested by Scripture, history, and
its recent workings. With an appendix of
documents. Edin., 1852.

Another copy.

- Reform in the Free Church ; or, the true ori-
gin of our recent debates. Edin. , 1855.

No. II. ; or, practical questions of immediate

interest briefly discussed. Being suggestions
respectfully addressed to members of the ap-
proaching Assembly. Edin. , 1856.

- Another copy.

- The headship of Christ over the visible Church :
a correspondence between the Rev. William
HANNA, LL.D., and the Rev. J. B., D.D.


BEGG (JAMES A.). A connected view of some
of the scriptural evidence of the Redeemer's
speedy personal return, and reign on earth

with his glorified saints, during the millen-
nium ; Israel's restoration to Palestine ; and
the destruction of antichristian nations.

Paisley, 1829. 12

Fourth edition. Paisley, 1831. 12

Letters to a minister of the gospel, on his and
other interpretations of our Saviour's predic-
tions of his return, recorded Matt, xxiii. , xxiv. ,
xxv. Paisley, 1831. 12

The heresy of Hymeneus and Philetus, con-
cerning the first resurrection.

London, 1832. 12

*Millenarianism indefensible : being a reply
to Mr James A. Begg's defence of that system.

Paisley, 1832. 12

BEGG (JOHN). A letter to the Rev. A. Syming-
ton, D.D., containing extracts from the testi-
mony of the Reformed Presbyterian Church,
and reasons for relinquishing that communion.
Glasgmv, 1834. 12

BEGGING. Report of the Committee appointed
by the Commissioners of Police, to inquire into
the practicability of suppressing the practice
of common begging, and relieving the indus-
trious and destitute poor. Edin., 1812. 8
Another copy.

BEHMEN (JACOB). Signatura rerum : or the
signature of all things : shewing the sign, and
signification of the several forms and shapes in
the creation : and what the beginning, ruin,
and cure of everything is.... Written in high
Dutch, 1622. By J. B. , alias Teutonicus Phy-
losophus. [Translated by J. Ellistone.]

London, 1651. 4

*Memoirs of the life, death, burial, and won-
derful writings of ,J. B. Now first done at
large into English. With an introductory
preface of the translator, Francis Okely.

Northampton, 1780. 12

Lord Belhaven.

BEITH (ALEXANDER), D.D., Minister of the Free
Church, Stirling. Dearbhaidhean an aghaidh
Teagasg nan Anabaisteach : a' nochdadh gur
coir Naoidheana a Bhaisteadh.

Glaschu, 1824. 12

The essential and special kingdom of God.
[Stirling tracts, No. i.] Stirling, 1841. 8

Another copy.

Does not the Church of Scotland, in her pre-
sent position, occupy ground new as well as
unwarranted ? [Ibid., No. v.]

Stirling, 1842. 8

The " Two witnesses" of the Apocalypse traced
in history. Edin., 1846. 12

Letter to Patrick Arkley, Esq., in reply to a
letter addressed by him to Rev. A. B., Stir-
ling, on the recent decision of the committee
of the Gaelic School Society. Edin. , 1846. 8

Christ our life ; or, expository discourses on
the Gospel by John. 2 vol.

London, 1856-58. 8

BELCHER (JOSEPH). Interesting narratives
from the sacred volume, ilhistrated and im-
proved. 2d ed. London, 1840. 12
BELFAST. Minutes of an inquiry taken before

r.KU'oi i: i.:

a coniinitttv df the joint hoard of managers

ami \UiiMi-s ..i" i!u- II", .il llelt'ast Ai-:idemieal
Instituti respecting the im.ral philosophy

olMM. Betfad, is:;;,

Minutes of a general Synod, held at Belfast,

Belfast, [1835.] 8 6

IU-:U-'<H U (Jons).- A new history of Scotland :

t'r.iin the earliest accounts to tin- present tinii-.

London, 1770. 12

IJELFRAGE (HENRY), D.D., Mi.tlst. / f the 1st
Associtit'' i-nii-irt /K//O/I, Fiilkirk. Sacramental
addresses and meditations. 2d ed.

-., 1815. 12

- A monitor to families ; or, discourses on some
of the duties and scenes of domestic life.
2ded. /;.//..., IS-.M. *

- Counsels for the sanctuary and for civil life ;
or, discourses to various classes in the Church
and in society. K<lin. t 1829. 12

A practical exposition of the Assembly's
shorter catechism : exhibiting a system of
theology in a popular form, and particularly
adapted for family instruction. 2d ed. 2 vol.

., 1834. 12

- Another copy.

BELIDOR (BERNARD). Architecture hydrau-
lique ; ou, 1'art de conduire, d'elever, et de
iiienager les eaux pour les differens besoins de
la vie. 4 torn. Para, 1737-53. 4

BELL (ANDREW), D.D., LL.D. Elements of tui-
tion. Three parts. London, 1813-15. 8

BELL (Sir CHARLES), K.G.H. The hand, its
mechanism and vital endowments, as evincing
design. [Bridgewater treatise.] 4th ed.

London, 1837. 8

- Another copy.

BELL (GEORGE), M.D. Day and night in the
wynds of Edinburgh. 2d ed. Edin., 1849. 8

BELL (GEORGE JOSEPH). Principles of the law
of Scotland, for the use of students in the Uni-
versity of Edinburgh. 3ded. Edin., 1833. 8

BELL (JAMES), D.D., Minister of Coldstream.
Sermons preached before the University of
Glasgow. To which is added, a sermon preach-
ed before the provincial Synod of Merse and
Teviotdale...27th April, 1790.

London, 1790. 8 C

BELL (JAMES). A new and comprehensive ga-
zetteer of England and Wales. 4 vol.

Glasgow, 1834. 8

BELL (JAMES), Minister of Haddington. The
mystery unveiled : or, Popery as its dogmas
and pretensions appear in the light of reason,
the Bible, and history. Edin., 1854. 12

BELL (JOHN), of Antermony. Travels from St
Petersburg!! in Russia, to various parts of
Asia. 2vol. ,!',., 1788. 8

BELL (ROBERT), Advocate. A dictionary of the
law of Scotland. 2ded. 2vol. Edin., 1815. 8

BELL (ROBERT), Procurator for the Church of
Scotland. Observations on the conference of
Thomas Chalmers, D.D., with certain minis-
ters and elders of the Church of Scotland.

Edin., 1837. 8

Second edition. K'H;,., 1837. 8

- Substance of a speech in the case of the Prcs-

l.ytrry f Str.ithl>o^ie, drliveiv.1 in tin -('
n "I' tin- < l<-ii'T;iI A-iseiniih, <.n August
!_', islo. With an appendix on the bond of
union lor the abolition oi' patronage.

1840. 8

Another copy.

BELL(THOMAH). T.B.'s motives : concerniir.

misli faith and religion. Cambridge, 1593. 4

BELL (TiioM nor of philnlmjii. i'.<r,,,

lun-'ih. Roma nstimta; sive
Romanarum compendium absolutum.

Gla*<i", Ki74. 8

Nehemiah the Tirshatha : or, the character of
a good commissioner. To which is added,
Grapes in the wilderness. K<lin., H>!)2. 8

BELL (THOMAS), Minister at Glasgow. The
standard of the Spirit lifted up against the
enemy coming in like a flood. Being the sub-
stance of several sermons, preached from Isaiah
lix. 19, on. the alarming progress of Popery.
Glasgow, 1780. 8

- Sermons. Glasgow, 1803. 8

- A view of the covenants of works and grace ;
and a treatise on the nature and effects of sav-
ing faith. To which are added, several dis-
courses on the supreme Deity of Jesus Christ.

Glasgoio, 1814. 8

- Another copy.

BELL (THOMAS B.), Minister of the Free Chinrlt,
Leswalt. Notes on the revival at Newton-
Ards. A letter to James Douglas, Esq. yr. of
Cavers. Edin., 1839. 8

BELL (WILLIAM), D.D. An enquiry into the
divine missions of John the Baptist and Jesus
Christ. London, 1761. 8

An attempt to ascertain and illustrate the au-
thority, nature, and design of the... Lord's
Supper. London, 1780. 8

BELLAMY (JOSEPH), D.D. The works of the
Rv.J.B.,D.D. 3vol. New York, 1811, 12. 8

The great evil of sin, as it is committed against
God. A sermon [on Ps. li. 4] preached May
30th, 1753. Boston, 1753. 8

True religion delineated ; or, experimental re-
ligion, distinguished from formality on the one
hand, and enthusiasm on the other, set in a
scriptural and rational light. In two dis-
courses. 2ded. Edin., 1788. 12

Another copy.

Third edition, with a recommendatory preface
by Andrew Fuller. London, 1809. 8

With a preface by the Rev. Jonathan Ed-
wards. 4th ed. Glasgoio, 1828. 12

- Letters and dialogues. . .on the nature of love
to God, faith in Christ, and assurance of sal-
vation. With an introductory essay, by Ro-
bert Burns, D.D. Glasgow, 1830. 12

Another copy.


lis. Opera omnia, mine postremo ab ipso au-

tliore recognita, cum indicibus S. Scriptures

rerum item et verborum locupletissimis. 7 torn .

Colonice Agrippince, 1617-20. fol.

- Responsio [sub nomine Matthad TORTI] ad
librum inscriptum, Triplici nodo, triplex cu-
neiiR, sive. Apologia pro jiiramcnto fidelitatis



contra duo brevia Pauli V., et literas Card.
Bellarmini ad G. Blackvellura.

Colon. Agrip., 1610. 8

Apologia pro responsione sua ad librum Jaco-
bi, Magnae Britannias regis, cujus titulus est,
Triplici nodo triplex cuneus ; in qua Apologia
refellitur praefatio monitoria regis ejusdem.
Accessit eadem ipsa responsio, iteruni recusa,
quoe sub nomine Matthsei TORTI anno siiperiore
prodierat. Colon. Agrip., 1610. 8

- Trac.tatus de potestate summi Pontificis in re-
bus temporalibus, adversus Gulielmum Bar-
claium. Colon. Agrip., 1611. 8

- Disputationes de controversiis Christianas fi-
dei ; adversus hujus temporis hsereticos. 4 torn.

Colon. Agrip., 1615. fol.

Explicatio symboli Apostolici.

Colon. Agrip., 1617. 12

- De septem verbis a Christo in cruce prolatis.

Colon. Agrip., 1634. 8

- De ascensione mentis in Deum per scalas re-
rum creatarum opusculum.

Colon. Agrip., 1634. 8

- De aeterna felicitate sanctorum.

Colonice, 1634. 8

- De gemitu columbae, sive de bono lacrymarum,
libri tres. Colonial, 1634. 16

De arte bene moriendi.

Colon. Agrip., 1634. 8

Uberior explicatio doctrines Christianas. ...In
Illp-icam linguam....per Joannam Tomcum
Marnavitium versa. Romce, 1805. 8

- * Notes of the Church, as laid down by Cardi-
nal Bellarmine, examined and confuted, in a
series of tracts, written severally by Arch-

London, 1839. 8

- *La vie de R. B. ...compose'e en Italien par le
P. Jacques Fuligati, et traduicte en Francois
par Pierre Morin. Paris, 1626. 8

Reflexions sur le ridicule, et sur les moyens
de Feviter. Huitieme Edition.

La Haye, 1720. 12

BELLENGER (W.). Nouvelles conversations
Frangaises et Anglaises. Trentieme e'dition.

Paris, 1840. 12

SELLERS (FETTIPLACE). A delineation of uni-
versal law : being an abstract of an essay to-
wards deducing the elements of universal law,
from the first principles of knowledge, and the
nature of things : in a methodical and con-
nected series. In five books. London, 1750. 4

BELLICARD (JER.-CH.). Observations sur les
antiquites d'Herculaneum, par J. C. B. et Ch.
Nic. COCHIN. Seconde e'dition.

Paris, 1755. 8

BELSHAM (THOMAS). Dishonest shame the
primary source of the corruptions of the Chris-
tian doctrine. A sermon [on Rom. i. 16]
preached April 6, 1794. London, 1794. 8

- Elements of the philosophy of the mind and
of moral philosophy. London, 1801. 8 r

- Letters upon Arianism, and other topics in
metaphysics and theology, in reply to the let-
ters of the Rev. Benjamin Carpenter.

London, 1808. 8

A calm inquiry into the Scripture doctrine
concerning the person of Christ ; including a
brief review of the controversy between Dr
Horsley and Dr Priestley. London, 1811. 8

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