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NOTT (SAMUEL). Slavery, and the remedy ; or,
principles and suggestions for a remedial code.
6th ed. ; with a reply and appeal to European
advisers. Boston, 1859. 8

Another copy.




NOTTINGHAM-GALLEY. A true account of
the voyage of the Nottingham-galley of Lon-
don, John Dean commander, from the river
Thames to New-England. London, 1711. 8

NOVATIANUS, a Presbyter of the Church of

Home. Opera quse extant omnia, correctius

longe quam unquam antehac edita notisque

illustrata. Per Edvardum Welchman, A.M.

Oxonii, 1724. 8

NOVELISTS. The British novelists ; with an

essay, and prefaces biographical and critical,

by Mrs BARBAULD. A new edition. 40 vol.

London, 1820. 12


NO WELL (ALEXANDER), Dean of St Paul's.
CATECHISMUS, sive prima institutio disciplina-
que pietatia Christianas, Latine explicata.

Oxonii, 1835. 8

A catechism written in Latin by A. N., Dean
of St Paul's : together with the same catechism
translated into English by Thomas Norton.
Appended is a sermon preached by Dean
Nowell before Queen Elizabeth at the opening
of the Parliament which met January 11, 1563.
Edited for the Parker Society by G. E. Corrie,
D.D. Cambridge, 1853. 8

- Another copy.

- * The life of A. N. , chiefly compiled from re-
gisters, letters, and other authentic evidences.
By Ralph Churton, M.A. Oxford, 1&09. 8

NUCIUS (NICANDER). The second book of the
travels of N. N. , of Corcyra. Edited [for the
Camden Society] from the original Greek MS.
in the Bodleian library, with an English trans-
lation, by the Rev. J. A. Cramer, Principal of
New Inn Hall, and public orator in the uni-
..versity of Oxford. London, 1841. 4

NUREMBERG. Reformacion der Stat Nurem-
berg. s . L, 1522. fol.

NYE (PHILIP). An apologetical narration hum-
bly submitted to the Hon. Houses of Parlia-
ment by Thomas GOODWIN, P. N., S. SIMP-

NYE (STEPHEN), Rector of Hormead, Herts. An
historical account and defence of the CANON
of the New Testament. 1700

The doctrine of the holy Trinity, and the man-
ner of our Saviour's divinity ; as they are held
in the Catholic Church, and the Church of
England. With a discussion of two (late) fa-
mous books on those subjects ; The judgment
of the Jewish Church, by Dr P. Afllix], and
Bilibra, by Guil. Vorstius. To which is add-
ed, an account of the opinions and books of
Philo Judeus, more especially, concerning the
Aoyof, or Word. In several letters to a peer.

London, 1701. 8

Another copy.


Ultrajecti, 1645. 12


O. (R.), i. e. Richard OVERTON.

OAKELEY (FREDERICK), M. A., formerly Preben-
dary of Lich/ield ; now a Priest in tlie Church of
Home. Remarks upon Aristotelian and Plato-
nic ethics, as a branch of the studies pursued in
the university of Oxford. Oxford, 1837. 8

GATES (TiTUs), D.D. The discovery of the Pop-
ish plot, being the several examinations of
T. O. before the high court of Parliament, the
Lord Chief Justice, Sir Edmund-Bury Godfry,
and several other of His Majesty's Justices of
the peace. London, 1079. 4

A true narrative of the horrid plot and con-
spiracy of the Popish party, against the life of
His sacred Majesty, the government, and the
Protestant religion : with a list of such noble-
men, gentlemen, and others that were the con-
spirators. London, 1679. 4

The cabinet of the Jesuits secrets opened. In
which there are many things relating to the
Church and clergy of England... In part began
by Dr Oats from an Italian copy ; but now
more largely discovered, from a French copy,
printed at Colon, 1678. Made English by a
person of quality. London, 1679. 4

OATHS. A copy of the oaths required by the
laws of England. s. I. et a. 4

OATS (TiTus). See Titus GATES.

OBEDIENCE. The bounds and bonds of pub-
lique obedience. Or, A vindication of our law-
full submission to the present government, or
to a government supposed unlawfull, but com-
manding lawfull things. Likewise how such
an obedience is consistent with our solemne
league and covenant. In all which a reply is
made to the three answers of the two Demur-
rers, and to the author of the grand case of
conscience, who professe themselves impas-
sionate Presbyterians. [By Francis Rous.]

London, 1649. 4

The grand problem briefly discussed ; or, con-
siderations on the true nature and limits of
obedience and submission to governours. With
respect to the different forms of an absolute
and limited monarchy. By a divine of the
Church of England. ' 'London, 1690. 4

O'BEIRNE (EUGENE FRANCIS), late student at
Maynooth college. Maynooth college.

DuMin, 1834. 12

bach, in the Ban de La Roche. Memoirs of
J. F. O. 4th ed. London, 1833. 12

Ninth edition. With a short notice of Louisa
Schepler. London, 1838. 12

OBERTHUR (FRANCISCUS). Idea biblica Eccle-
siaj Dei. 6vol. [Vol. i.-iii., ed. alt.]

Solislad, 1817-28. 8

O'BRIEN (J.). -Focalair Gaoidhilge-sags-bhear-
la ; or, an Irish-English dictionary : whereof
the Irish part hath been compiled not only
from various Irish vocabularies, particularly
that of Mr Edward Lhuyd, but also from a
great variety of the best Irish manuscripts now
extant ; especially those that have been com-
posed from the ninth and tenth centuries,
down to the sixteenth ; besides those of the
lives of Saint Patrick and Saint Bridget, writ-
ten in the sixth and seventh centuries. 2d ed.
Dublin, 1832. 8

O'BRIEN (JAMES THOMAS), D.D., BisJiop of Os-
sory, Ferns, and Leiyhlin. An attempt to ex-
plain and establish the doctrine of justification
by faith only, in ten sermons upon the nature
and the effects of faith, preached in the chapel
of Trinity college, Dublin. London, 1833. 8

Second edition. London, . o. 8 U

A charge delivered to the clergy of the united
dioceses of Ossory, Ferns, and Leighlin, at his
primary visitation in September 1842. 3d ed.

London, 1843. 8

At his ordinary visitation in September 1845.

London, 1846. 8

OBSERVATIONS. Observations on a wolf in a
sheep-skin. Or, Remarks on a paper from so-
cieties in and about Edinburgh, wherein pre-
tending to be true sheep, yet appear as wolves
to tear and devour others, who see remarkable
danger to follow them... By a lover of the good
old way. s. I, 1753. 8

OBSERVER. The Christian observer. 22 vol.
London, 1802-22. 8

New series. 3 vol. London, 1838-40. 8

The Calcutta Christian observer. Nos. 69,
71, 73. Calcutta, [1838]. 8

ca scholiis illustrata. 1600

0'CALLA.GHAN (E. B.), M.D. The documen-
tary history of the State of New York ; ar-
ranged under the direction of the Hon. Chris-
topher Morgan, Secretary of State. 2 vol.

Albany, 1849. 8

OCCASIONAL PAPERS. A collection of the
Occasional papers for the year 1716. With a

Preface. London, 1716. 8

The authors of the Occasional papers were the
Rev. Joshua Barnes, Benjamin Avery, LL. D. ,
Benjamin Grosvenor, D.D., Samuel Wright,
D.D., John Evans, D.D., Mr Eames, and the
Rev. Moses Lowman.]

MUS DE), Provincial of the Friars in England.
Tractatus venerabilis inceptoris G. O. de sa-
cramento altaris. B. L.
Impressum Parisiis per Pctmm Leuet, s. a. 8



OCHINO (BERNARDINO). Dialogue tou chant le

Eurgatoire. s. I., M.DLXIII. 8

iber de corporis Christ! praesentia in Coenae
sacramento. In quo acuta est tractatio de
missae origine atque erroribus : itemque, altera
de conciliatione controversise inter reformatas
Ecclesias. Cui adjunximus ejusdem authoris
Labyrinthus de divina praenotione, et libero
seu servo hominis arbitrio. Omnia nunc pri-
mum ex Italico in Latinum sermonem trans-
lata. Basilece, s. a. 8

Prediche. Nouellamente ristampate et con
grande diligentia riuedute e corrette. [4 partie. ]

s. 1. et a. 8

Some memoirs and testimonies of the life and
writings of B. O. [with his two dialogues ; one
on polygamy, and the other on divorce, trans-
lated into English]. [Wants title.] 12

O'CONNELL (DANIEL). A full report of the
proceedings of the great meeting of the Catho-
lics of London, held... July 15th, 1839. Edit-
ed by D. O'C. With an address to the Eng-
lish people, and the Letters to the Wesleyan
Methodists. By Mr O'C. London, 1839. 8

O'CONNOR. Chronicles of Eri : being the his-
tory of the Gaal Sciot Iber ; or the Irish peo-
ple ; translated from the original manuscripts
in the Phoenician dialect of the Scythian lan-
guage. 2 vol. London, 1822. 8

O'CROLY (DAVID). An address to the lower
orders of the Roman Catholics of Ireland.
With an appendix, containing two letters on
the union of the two Churches.

Cork, 1835. 12

A farewell address to the Roman Catholics of
the diocese of Cork. To which is appended, a
statement of the Right Rev. Dr Murphy's
charges against the author, together with his
replies to the same. Dublin, 1836. 12

ODE (JACOBUS), Professor of divinity at Utrecht.
Dissertatio theologica de anno Hebrseorum
jubilaeo. Trajecti ad Rhenum, 1736. 4

Commentarius de angelis.

Trajecti ad Ehenum, 1739. 4

ODELEBEN (Baron D'). Relation circonstanci^e
de la campagne de 1813, en Saxe. Traduit
de 1'Allemand sur la seconde Edition, par M.
Aubert de Vitry. 2 torn. Paris, 1817. 8

1690. See BIBLES IRISH. B.

O'DONNOGHUE (H. C.), A.M. The history of
the Church and court of Rome : from the
establishment of Christianity under Constan-
tino to the present time. An improved and
enlarged edition. 2 vol. London, 1846. 8

Doctore Martino Luthero. Item responsum
illust. principis Frederici, dm- is Saxonie, da-
tum legatis Roma : Pontificis apud Colonia
Agrippina. s. I., M.D.XXI. 4

De genvina verborum Domini, Hoc est corpus
meum, iuxta uetustissimos authores, exposi-
tione liber. Basilece, 1525. 8

Commctarii omnes in Libros Prophetarum.
[6 torn, in one.]

Genevce, apud Jo. Crispinum, 1558, 1567. fol.

In Ezechielem Prophetam commentatii : opera
Wolphgagi Capitonis in lucem editi.

Genevce, 1558. fol.

In Librum Job exegemata. Ejusdem in Da-
nielem Prophetam libri duo.

Genevce, 1553. fol.

In minores, quos vocant, Prophetas lucubra-
tiones quaecunque ab ipso editae, et post deces-
sum ex ipsius praelectionibus collectee et pub-
licae factae extant. Geneva, 1558. fol.

(ECONOMY. The Christian ceconomy. Trans-
lated from the original Greek of an old manu-
script found in the island of Patmos.

Edin., 1767. 12

(EDERUS (GEO. LUDOVICUS). Catechesis Ra-
coviensis, seu, liber Socinianorum primarius,
ad fidem editionis anno M.DCIX. recensuit, So-
cinianam vero impietatem et hoc libro tradi-
tam et a recentioribus assutam accurate profli-
gavit G. L. O.

Francofurti et Lipsice, 1739. 8

OEHLER (FRANZ). Bibliothek der Kirchenvater
Eine Auswahl aus deren Werken. Urschrift
mit deutcher Uebersetzung. Begriindet und
unter Mitwerkung anderer herausgegeben von
Dr F. O. Gregor von Nyssa. Band, i.-iv.
Leipzig, 1858, 59. 8

menti sententia de rebus post mortem futuris
illustrata. Commentatio biblico-theologica.

Stuttgartice., 1846. 8

OELRICHS (JOANNES). Collectio opusculorum
historico-philologico-theologicorum, selecti ar-
gumenti imprimis in Germania et Belgio sepa-
ratim editorum curante J. O. 2 torn.

Bremce, 1768-70. 4

rii de scrip toribus Ecclesiae Latinse priorum vi.
saeculorum ad Bibliothecam Fabricii Latinam
accomodati. Pritfatus est et editionem cura-
vit A. H. L. Heeren. Lipsice, 1791. 8


Christologie. 2 Half ten. a. L, 1792. 8

phic biographique ou dictionnaire de 26,000
ouvrages, tant anciens que modernes, relatifs
a 1'histoire de la vie publique et prive'e des
hommes celebres de tons les temps et de toutes
les nations, depuis le commencement du monde
a nos jours ;... formant 1'indispensable supple"-
ment a la "Biographie universelle" de G. L.
Michaud et a tous les dictionnaires historiques.
Leipzic, 1850. 4


OFFICIUM. Officium Beataa Mariee VirginiB,
nuper reformatum, et Pii V. Pontificis Maxi-
mi iussu edit uni : ad instar Breviarii Roman!
sub Urbano VIII. recogniti.

Antverpice, 1652. 4

L'Office divin pour les dimanches et les festes
de 1'ann^e, a 1'usage des Laiques qui fr^-
quentent leurs paroisses. [4 partt.]

Paris, 1728. 8

Proposed reform of the Office for the visita-
tion of the sick, and adoption of the American



burial sen-ice. By the author of An inquiry

into the true principle of infant baptism, Ac.

Brighton, 1852. 8

OTLAHERTY (PHILIP). * Philip O'Flaherty,
the young soldier. Containing interesting par-
ticulars of the war in the Crimea.

/;./;., s. a. 12

OFFOR (GEORGE). Memoir of the life and writ-
ings of William Tyndale ; [prefixed to the New
Testament published in 1520. Reprinted ver-
batim, 1830]. 1830

OGDEN (SAMUEL), D.D., Woodwardian professor
in the university of Cambridge. Sermons, on
the efficacy of prayer and intercession : on the
articles of the Christian faith : on the ten com-
mandments : and on the Lord's Supper. To
which is prefixed an account of the author's
life, together with a vindication of his writ-
ings against some late objections. By S. Hal-
lifax. 4th ed. London, 1805. 8

Another copy.

OGDEN (UzAL), Rector of Trinity church, New-
ark, New-Jersey. Antidote to Deism. The
deist unmasked ; or, an ample refutation of
all the objections of Thomas Paine against the
Christian religion ; as contained in a pamph-
let, entitled, The age of reason. To which is
prefixed, remarks on Boulanger's Christianity
unveiled. And to The deist unmasked, is an-
nexed, A short method with the deists. By
the Rev. Charles Leslie. 2 vol.

Glasgow, 1807. 12

fessor of pastoral theology, Oxford. The divine
glory manifested in the conduct and discourses
of our Lord. Eight sermons preached before
the University of Oxford, in the year 1830, at
the lecture founded by the late Rev. J. Bamp-
ton, M.A. Oxford, 1830. 8

OGILVIE (JOHN), D.D., Minister of Midmar.
An inquiry into the causes of the infidelity and
scepticism of the times : with occasional ob-
servations on the writings of Herbert, Shaftes-
bury, Bolingbroke, Hume, Gibbon, Toulmin,
&c. &c. London, 1783. 8

Britannia : a national epic poem, in twenty
books. To which is prefixed, a critical disser-
tation on epic machinery.

Aberdeen, 1801. 4

OGILVY (GEORGE), of tlie Cove. Popular objec-
tions to the premillennial advent and to the
study of the prophetic Scriptures, considered.
2d ed. London, 1847. 8

OGILVY (SKENE). [Letter] to the heritors and
gentlemen of the parish of Old Machar. [On
the management of the poor.]

Aberdeen, 1817. 8

O'HARA ( ). The history of NEW SOUTH

WALES. 1818

OHIO. Minutes of the eighth session of the Eng-
lish evang. Lutheran Synod of Ohio and adja-
cent parts, convened in Canton, Stark Co.,
Ohio, from the 14th to the 19th October, 1843.
Baltimore, 1843. 8

OKEN (LORENZ), M.D., Professor of natural his-
tory at the university of Zurich. Elements of

physio philosophy. From the German l>v Al
fn-'.lTulk. [Ilsiy Society.] London, 18-T

OLDECASTELL (Syr JOUAN). * A brefe chn-
nycle concernynge the examinacyon ;m<l <lt .ith
of the blessed martyr of Christ Syr J. O. the
Lorde Cobham. Collected togyther by Johan
Bale. To which is added, an appendix of ori-
ginal instruments. London, 1729. 8

and complete history... of the BOROUGHS of
Great BRITAIN. 1794

OLD HUMPHREY, pseud., i. e. George Moo-


OLDMIXON (JpHN). The history of England,
during the reigns of King William and Queen
Mary, Queen Anne, King George I. , being the
sequel of the reigns of the Stuarts... To which
is prefix'd, a large vindication of the author
against the groundless charge of partiality.
Proving, that the reverend Doctors, and others
who charg'd him with it, are themselves, of all
men, the most partial. London, 1735. fol.

OLDRIGHT (PAUL). Tythes no oppression ;
shewn in a letter to the lord of Abbots-glebe
manor. London, 1810. 8

Another copy.

OLD TESTAMENT. The proper names of the
Old Testament arranged alphabetically from
the original text, with historical and geogra-
phical illustrations... With an appendix of the
Hebrew and Aramaic names in the New Tes-
tament. London, 1859. 8

Another copy.

OLEARIUS (JOANNES), Professor at Leipsic.De
stilo Novi Testamenti liber philologico-theolo-
gicus, post multas editiones Gennanicas et Bel-
gicas longe plurimis mendis purgatus, animad-
versionibus et notis, illustratus, necessariis
quibusdam capitibus auctus, et indice accura-
tiore instructus, a Jo. Conrado Schwartz. Ac-
cedit Jo. Henrici BOECLERI de lingua Novi
Testamenti originali dissertatio.

Coburgi, 1721. 8

O'LEARY (ARTHUR). Miscellaneous tracts : con-
taining, I. A defence of the divinity of Christ,
and the immortality of the soul : in answer to
the author of a work, lately published in Cork,
entitled, " Thoughts on nature and religion."
II. Loyalty asserted ; or, a vindication of the
oath of allegiance ; with an impartial enquiry
into the Pope's temporal power, and the pre-
sent claims of the Stuarts to the English
throne ; proving that both are equally ground-
less. III. An address to the common people
of Ireland on occasion of an apprehended in-
vasion by the French and Spaniards, in July,
1779. IV. Remarks on a letter written by
Mr Wesley, and a defence of the Protestant
associations ; including the said letter, and de-
fence. V. Rejoinder to Mr Wesley's Reply
to the above Remarks. VI. Essay on tolera-
tion : tending to prove that a man's specula-
tive opinions ought not to deprive him of the
rights of civil society. To which is added, an
Apology ; occasioned by Thunderstruck's re-
marks on the mode of giving absolution to



Popish criminals under sentence of death.
3d ed. London, 1782. 8

OLE VI ANUS (GASPAR). In Epistolam D. Pauli
Apostoli ad Homanos notse ex G. O. concioni-
bvs excerptse, et a Theodore Beza editae : cum
prsefatione eiusdem Bezse. Germanicas sen-
tentias, quae hisce commentarijs inspersse oc-
currunt, Latine expositas ad calcem operis
reiecimus. Editio secunda ab ipso authore
recognita. Geneva, M.D.LXXXIIII. 8

Expositio symboli Apostolici, sive articulorum
fidei : in qua summa gratuiti foederis seterni
inter Deum et fideles breuiter et perspicuk
tractatur : desumpta ex concionibus cateche-
ticis G. O. Francofurti, M.D.LXXXIIII. 8

- De svbstantia foederis gratviti inter Deum et
electos, itemque de mediis quibvs ea ipsa svb-
stantia nobis commvnicatur, libri duo e prae-
lectionibus G. O. excerpti.

Genevce, M.D.LXXXV. 8

OL1ER (JEAN-JACQUES), Abbot of Pebrac, in Au-
vergne. Cours d instruction religieuse...par le
directeur des CATECHISMES de la paroisse de
Saint-Sulpice. 1846

OLIPHANT (JAMES), A.M., Minister at Dumbar-
ton. A sacramental catechism, designed for
communicants old and young... To which is
subjoined, an abstract of that solemn mode of
public admission of young communicants to
the Lord's Table, which is practised in the
parish of Kilmarnock. 9th ed.

Edin., 1805. 12

Tenth edition. Edin., 1817. 12
OLIPHANT (LAURENCE). The Russian shores

of the Black Sea in the autumn of 1852, with
a voyage down the Volga, and a tour through
the country of the Don Cossacks. 3d ed.

Edin., 1854. 8

OLIVEBRANCH (SIMON), pseud., i. e. William

OLIVER (ALEXANDER). A defence of the uni-
versality and perpetuity of the Sabbath, with
a statement of the principles of the Sabbath
law, and their application to the cases of the
railway and post-office. Edin., 1852. 12

OLIVER (H.). The banished : a fragment.

London, 1842. 8

OLIVER (PETER), LL.D., Chief Justice of Massa-
chusetts bay, New-England. The Scripture
lexicon ; or, a dictionary of above four thou-
sand proper names of persons and places men-
tioned in the Bible, divided into syllables with
their proper accents, with the description of
the greater part of them. Also the explana-
tion of many words and things in the Bible
which are not generally understood. 4th ed.
London, 1797. 8

OLLIVANT (ALFRED), D.D., Bishop of Llandaff.
An analysis of the text of the history of
Joseph. For the use of students in St David's
college, Lampeter. 4th ed. Enlarged and
adapted to the third edition of the grammar.
London, 1842. 8

OLSHAUSEN (HERMANN), D.D., Professor of
theology in tlie university of Erkingcn. Opus-
cula theologica ad criain ct intcrprututioiium

Novi Testament! pertinentia.

Berolini, 1834. 8

Proof of the genuineness of the writings of the
New Testament. Translated from the Ger-
man, with notes, by David Fosdick, Jun.

Andover, 1838. 12

De 1'interpretation biblique d'apres 1'exemple
des auteurs sacre's, ou du sens profond des
Ecritures. Suivi d'un extrait de 1'ouvrage de
Duguet : Regies pour 1'intelligence de 1'Ecri-
ture. Neiichatel, 1841. 8

Biblical commentary on the Gospels [and on
the Acts of the Apostles] adapted especially
for preachers and students. Translated from
the German with additional notes. [Vol. i.
by Dr Sergius Loewe ; vol. ii. by Rev. Thomas
Brown ; vol. iii. by Rev. Thomas Brown, and
Rev. John Gill ; vol. iv. by Rev. John Gill,
and the Rev. Richard Garvey, and (on the
Acts) by the Rev. William Lindsay, D.D.]
4 vol. [Clark's For. Theol. Lib.] [To vol. i.
is prefixed the same author's Proof of the
genuineness of the New Testament writings.]

Edin., 1847-1850. 8*

Commentary on the Gospels. Translated from
the German, with additional notes, by the
Rev. H. B. Creak, M.A. To which is pre-
fixed the same author's Proofs of the genuine-
ness of the writings of the New Testament.
Translated from the German, with notes, by
David Fosdick. Vol. i. [Continent. Transl.
Soc.] ' Edin., 1847. 8

Biblical commentary on the New Testament...
Translated from the German. Containing the
Epistle of St Paul to the Romans. [Clark's
For. Theol. Lib.] Edin., 1849. 8

Another copy.

Biblical commentary on St Paul's First and
Second Epistles to the Corinthians. Trans-
lated from the German, with additional notes,
by John Edmund Cox, M.A. [Ibid.]

Edin., 1851. 8

Biblischer Commentar iiber sammtliche Schrif-
ten des Neuen Testaments ... Vierter Band.
Die Briefe Pauli an die Galater, Ephesier, Ko-
losser und Thessalonicher enthaltend. Neuo
unveranderte Auflage. Konigsberg, 1844. 8

Biblical commentary on St Paul's Epistles to
theGalatians, Ephesians, Colossians, and Thes-
salonians. Translated from the German by a
clergyman of the Church of England. [Clark's
For. Theol. Lib.] Edin., 1851. 8

OLSHAUSEN (JUSTUS). Die Psalmen. Erklart
von J. O. [Exeget. Handb. zum Alt. Test.
Vierzehnte Lieferung.] Leipzig, 1863. 8

Lehrbuch der Hebraischen Sprache. Buch
I. Laut-und Schrift-Lehre. Buch II. Formen-
Lehre. Braunschweig, 1861. 8

OMICRON. The Free Church of Scotland ; its
doctrine and practice. Being a letter from
Liverpool, by Omicron, to his countrymen in
Scotland. Edin., 1843. 8

OMICRON. The millennium ; or the doctrines
of the second advent, and personal reign of
the Lord Jesus Christ on the earth ; as held
and taught by the students of prophecy, in the



united kingdom of Great Britain and ;
together with the opinions of the ancient Jews
and primitive Christians on these subjects. In
a letter to a friend. By Omicron. 3d ed.

London, 1844. 12

ONDERDONK (HENRY U.), D.D., Bistop of
J'' iDtsylvania. Episcopacy examined and re-
examined, comprising the tract, " Episcopacy
examined by Scripture," and the controversy
concerning that publication.

New-York, 1835. 12

O'NEILL (FELIX). Theses theologize de fide,
spe, et charitate. Lovanii, 1680. 4

of the Free Church ; or, a scriptural examina-
tion of the question, Ought females to have a
voice in the calling of pastors in the Church of
Christ? considered with special reference to
the constitution of the Free Church of Scot-
land. By Onesimus and Adelphos, lay mem-
bers of the Free Church. JSdin., 1843. 8

Another copy.

OOSTERZEE (J. J. VAN), D.D. Theological
and homiletical commentary on the Gospel of
St Luke. Specially designed and adapted for
the use of ministers and students. From the

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