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German of J. J. van O. Edited by J. P.
LANCE, D.D. Translated by Sophia Taylor.
2 vol. [Clark's For. Theol. Lib.]

Edin., 18G2, 63. 8

OPITIUS (HENRICUS), Professor of divinity at
Kiel. Novum lexicon Hebneo-Chaldseo-Bib-
licum...Editio secunda.

Lipsice et Francofurti, 1705. 4

OPITIUS (MARTINUS). Weltliche poemata.

Franckfurt am Mayn, 1644. 12

OPSTRAET (JOHANNES), R. G. Priest at Lou-
vain. Id^e de la conversion du pecheur, ou
explication des qualites d'une vraie penitence,
tire'e des saintes Ecritures et de la tradition
de 1'Eglise. [Traduit du Latin d'Opstraet par
Francois Denattes.] s. I, 1731. 12

Traite' de la confiance Chre'tienne, ou de 1'usage
legitime des vdritez de la grace. Nouvelle
Edition, plus ample et plus correcte que la pre-
ce'dente, et pour servir de supplement a 1'Idee
de la conversion du pecheur. [Traduit du La-
tin d'Opstraet parFran9ois Denattes.]

s I 1731 12

OPTATUS, Saint, Bishop of Milan. De schis-
mate Donatistarum libri septem : ad manu-
scriptos codices et veteres editiones collati ; et
innumeris in locis emendati. Quibus acces-
sere historia Donatistarum una cum monu-
mentis veteribus ad earn spectantibus : nee non
geographia episcopalis Africa?. Opera et stu-
dio M. Lud. Ell. Dupin. Cum ejusdem notis,
ut et Gab. Albaspinaei, Mir. Casauboni, Gasp.
Barthii, et aliorum singulis paginis in hac
nova editione subjectis.

Antverpice, 1711. fol.

Another copy.

ORACULA. Sibyllinorum oraculorum libri viii.
Addita Sebastiani Castalionis interpretatione
Latina, quee Grseco e regione respondeat. Cum
annotationib. Xysti Betuleij in Gneca Sibyl-

lina oracula, ct Sebastian! Ca.stuliiiiii.s in tnins-
latiniicm suain ; qu.-i- annotationes nuiuem
marginalibus signantur.
Basilece, per loannem Oporinum, M.D.LV. 8

ORANGE, PRINCB OF. * A memorial from tho
English Protetsants (sic) for their Highnesses
the Prince and Princes (sic) of Orange.

. I., 1689. 4

ORATORES. Oratores Attici, et quos sic vocant
Sophistoe. Opera et studio Guilielmi Str(>li.tni
Dobson, A.M. 16 torn. London, 1828. 8

ORDINANCES. Report of the committee on
interim supplies and ordinances, given in to
the General Assembly, on 30th May, 1843.

/;./;/.; 1843. 8

ORDINATION. A serious review of Presbyter's
re-ordination by Bishops. London, s. a. 4

The case of ordination considered... By a Ca-
tholick. London, 1712. 8

Episcopal the only apostolical ordination : or
the case of ordination truly consider'd, in re-
lation to these questions, viz. I. What is a
minister of the Gospel ? II. Whence do the
ministers of Christ receive their power and
authority ? III. What are the qualifications

freviously necessary to a Gospel minister I
V. What is ordination? V. Who are tho
regular ordainers ? VI. In what capacity doth
a Bishop ordain ? VII. Whether an uninter-
rupted succession of regular ordainers, who-
ever they be, be necessary to the true being of
the ministry ? To which is prefixed, a letter
from the Rev. George Hickes, D.D.

London, 1713. 8

A vindication of Presbyterian ordination, from
Scripture and antiquity, the judgment of the
Reformed Churches, and particularly of the
Church of England. With a brief reflection
upon the arguments offer'd by Mr Cantrell of
Derby against it. By a lover of all hearty and
charitable Protestants. To which is added, a
postscript relating to Mr Harris's defence of
his letter to Mr Cantrell.

Nottingham, 1714. 8

A defence of the Vindication of Presbyterian
ordination, &c. Containing a reply to I. A
Lay-man's Reflections, relating to the Vindi-
cation, in a letter to the Rev. Mr Shaw. And
also to II. Mr Sturge's sermons, intitled, The
divine right of Episcopacy asserted. By the
author of the Vindication. London, 1716. 8

The doctrine of the Church of England on
Non-Episcopal ordinations ; or, the question
between the Primate and the Tractarians fully
discussed. London, 1851. 8

O'REID (JOHN CHARLES), pseud., i. e. Josiah

O'REILLY (EDWARD). Sanas Gaoidhilge-sags-
bhearla. An Irish-English dictionary, con-
taining upwards of twenty thousand words
that have never appeared in any former Irish
lexicon. With copious quotations from the
most esteemed ancient and modern writers, to
elucidate the meaning of obscure words ; and
numerous comparisons of the Irish words with
those of similar orthography, sense or sound,



in the Welsh and Hebrew languages. In their
proper places in the dictionary, are inserted,
the Irish names of our indigenous plants, with
the names by which they are commonly known
in English and Latin... To which is annexed,
a compendious Irish grammar.

Dublin, 1817. 4

ORGANS. An essay upon the sacred use of or-
gans, in Christian assemblies. Proving that
it was peculiar to the Jewish Church ; is no-
where enjoyned in the New Testament ; nor
received into the primitive Church ; but first
introduced by Pope Vitalian : and is therefore
deservedly banished the most part of Protest-
ant Churches, and condemned by the current
of orthodox divines. And answering the ar-
guments usually adduced by Papists and for-
malists for its defence. s. I., 1713. 4

A statement of the proceedings of the Presby-
tery of Glasgow, relative to the use of an or-
gan in St Andrew's church, in the public wor-
ship of God, on the 23d August, 1807.

Glasgow, 1808. 12

Answers to a Statement of the proceedings of
the Presbytery of Glasgow, relative to the use
of an organ, in St Andrew's church, in the
public worship of God. By the author of the
two letters to the Lord Provost of Glasgow.

Glasgow, 1808. 8

The organ question : statements by Dr Ritchie
and Dr Porteous for and against the use of the
organ in public worship, in the proceedings of
the Presbytery of Glasgow, 1807-8. With an
introductory notice, by R. S. Candlish, D.D.

Edin., 1856. 12

Narrative of further proceedings in connection
with the introduction of an organ into St
George's Presbyterian church, Liverpool. By
the Session. Liverpool, 1857. 8

ORGER (WILLIAM), M. A. , Incumbent of St James,
Shirley. The ministerial witness to the Gos-
pel : a sermon, preached at Holy- Rood Church,
Southampton, at the visitation of the Vene-
rable C. J. Hoare, M.A., April 25, 1837.

London, 1837. 8

ORIENTAL LANGUAGES. Two letters on the
subject of the present vacancy in the profes-
sorship of Oriental languages. [By Thomas
BROWN.] Edin., 1813. 8

ORIGENES, ADAMANTIUS. Opera omnia quae
Grsece vel Latine tantum extant et ejus no-
mine circumferuntur, ex variis editionibus, et
codicibus manu exaratis, Gallicanis, Italicis,
Gennanicis et Anglicis collecta, recensita, La-
tin& versa, atque annotationibus illustrata,
cum copiosis indicibus, vita auctoris, et multis
dissertationibus. Opera et studio Domni Ca-
roli Delarue, [et Caroli-Vincentii Delarue]
Presbyteri et Monachi Benedictini e congrega-
tione S. Mauri. 4 torn.

Parisiis, 1733-59. fol.
Another copy. L. P.

Contra Celsum libri octo. Ejusdem Philoca-
lia. Gulielmus Spencerus utriusque opens ver-
sionem recognovit et annotationes adjecit. [Gr.
et Lat.] Cantubrirjia; 1058. 4

Editio altera. AcceduntitemnotfeD. Hoesche-
lii in octo libros Origenis, una cum notis Job..
Tarini in Philocaliam. Cantabrigue, 1677. 4

Origen against Celsus. Translated from the
original into English. By James Bellamy,
Gent. London, s. a. 8

Libellus de oratione. [Gr. et Lat.]

Oxonice, 1685. 12

Another copy.

Hexaplorum Origenis quse supersunt. 1713.

De principiis. [Rufino interprete.] Primum
separatim edidit, et annotatione in usum aca-
demicum instruxit Ern. Rud. Redepenning.
[Gr. et Lat.] Lipsice, 1836. 8

ORKNEY. Institution, rules, and catalogue of
the Orkney library. Edin., 1816. 8

The Church in Orkney. Address of a minister
to the members of the Established Church on
the late secession. Edin., 1844. 8


ORME (WILLIAM), Minister of an Independent
congregation at Camberwell. A vindication of
the deity of Christ, from reason and Scripture.

Perth, 1808. 8

Remarks on Christian liberality opposed to
bigotry : a sermon, &c. [with A word to the
wise ; or, a summary essay in vindication of
the PRESBYTERIAN form of Church govern-
ment]. 1818

Bibliotheca biblica ; a select list of books on
sacred literature, with notices biographical,
critical, and bibliographical. Edin., 1824. 8

Another copy.

Memoir of the controversy respecting the three
heavenly witnesses, 1 John, v. 7, including
critical notices of the principal writers on both
sides of the discussion. ByCRmctrs. [Pseud.]

London, 1830. 12

The ordinance of the Lord's Supper illustrat-
ed : with a view to explain its nature, to point
out its practical influence, and to establish its
obligation. London, 1832. 12

OROS1US (PAULUS), a priest of Tarragona. His-
toriarum [adversus Paganos libri septem].
Venetiis, Christof. de Pesis de Mddetta,


Errors of the Irish Bible. The first part of
Dr Charles Orpen's proofs of a few of those
errors ; in reply to a letter of H. M. M. on
that subject. *. I., 1834. 8

ORRANN. An original collection of the poems
of OSSIAN, Orrann, and ULIN. 181G


ORTHODOXY. Orthodoxy : being objections to
the pamphlet, entitled, " Proofs that the com-
mon theories and modes of reasoning respect-
ing the depravity of mankind, exhibit it as a
physical attribute, with a view," &c.

Philadelphia, 1824. 8

ORTON (Jos), D. D., Dissenting minister at
Shrewsbury. The Christian's triumph over
death. A sermon [on 1 Cor. xv. 24] occasion-
ed by the death of the Rv. Philip Doddridge;
D.D. London, 1752. b



Religious exercises recommended : or dis-
courses on secret and family worship, and the
religious observation of the Lord's day. With
two discourses on the heavenly state, consider-
ed under the idea of a sabbath. 2d ed.

,s/i/rir.s/, (//, 1772. 12

Discourses on practical subjects. 2 vol.

Shreivsbury, 1776. 12

Sacramental meditations : or devout directions,
on various passages of Scripture ; designed to
assist Christians in their attendance on the
Lord's Supper and their improvement of it.
2d ed. Printed from the author's corrected
copy. Shrewsbury, 1787. 12

Another copy.

Letters to a young clergyman.

fitaMMftwy, 1791. 12

Another copy.

Letters from the Rev. Mr J. O. ; and the Rev.
Sir James STONHOUSE, Bart., M.D., to the
Rev. Thomas Stedinan, M.A., Vicar of St
Chad's, Shrewsbury. 2 vol. 2d ed.

Shrewsbury, 1805. 12

An exposition of the Old Testament, with de-
votional and practical reflections, for the use
of families. Published from the author's ma-
nuscripts by Robert Gentleman. A new edi-
tion : with the life of the author, by Andrew
Kippis, D.D. 6 vol. London, 1822. 8

OSBORN (FRANCIS). The works of F. O. ; di-
vine, moral, historical, political. In four se-
veral tracts, viz. 1. Advice to a son, in two
parts. 2. Political reflections on the govern-
ment of the Turks, &c. 3. Memoires on Q.
Elizabeth and K. James. 4. A miscellany of
essays, paradoxes, problematical discourses,
letters, characters, &c. 9th ed.

London, 1689. 8

OSBURN (WILLIAM), Jnn. Doctrinal errors of
the apostolical and early Fathers.

London, 1835. 8

Another copy.

OSIANDER (ANDREAS). Papa non Papa, hoc
cat, Papae et papicolarum de prsecipuis Chris-
tianae doctrinse partibus, ijsque inter euange-
licae religionis, et Romance fidei homines coii-
trouersis, Lutherana confessio. Ex iure ca-
nonico, sive papali, ac eruditoribus nonnullis
authoribus Pontificiis collecta, et in enchiridii
formam congesta. Francofurti, 1600. 8

OSIANDER (LUCAS). Epitomes historise eccle-
siasticse. [Cent, i.-xvi.] 7 partt.

Tubings, 1592-1602. 4 C

OSIANDER (LUCAS), son of the preceding. En-
chiridion controversial-urn religionis, quse ho-
die inter Augustanae confessionis theologos, et
pontificios habentur. In quo utriusque partis
argumenta breuiter et candide proponuntur :
adversariorum autem paralogismi, solide refu-
tantur. Tubingce, 1602. 8


OSMONT DU SELLIER, known under the name
of TRANQTJILLE de Bayeux. Instruction theo-
logique en forme de CATECHISME. 1733

Eclaircissements de plusieurs difficulty's touch-
ant les CONCHIES generaux. 1734

Justification dcs discours et do I'histoirc ccc-K -
siastiquo de M. l'Abb<5 FI.KI KI. 1737

OSSIAN. The poems of Oasian, in the original
Gaelic, with a liUTiil translation into Latin,
by the late Robert Macfarlan, A.M. Together
with a dissertation on the authenticity of the
poems, by Sir John Sinclair, Bart., and a
translation from the Italian of the Abbe Ce-
sarotti's dissertation on the controversy re-
specting the authenticity of Ossian, with notes
and a supplemental essay, by John .M 'Arthur,
LL.D. Published under the sanction of tho
Highland Society of London. 3 vol.

London, 1807. 8

The poems of Ossian. Translated by James
Macpherson. 2 vol. A new edition. [With
a dissertation on the cera of Ossian.]

Edin., 1792. 12

A new edition. /;<>//<(.>., 1804. 8 J

Ancient Erse poems, collected among the Scot-
tish highlands, in order to illustrate the Ossian
of Mr Macpherson. . I. et a. 8

Poesie di Ossian antico poeta Celtico. [Trans-
lated by the Abbe" Melchior Cesarotti.] 4 torn.

use, 1707-1710. 8

Fingal, an ancient Epic poem, in six books :
together with several other poems, composed
by Ossian the son of Fingal. Translated from
the Galic language, by James Macpherson.

London, 1762. 4

Translated into English heroic rhyme. By

John Wodrow, M.A. 2 vol.

Edin., 1771. 16

Translated from the original Galic lan-
guage, by Mr James Macpherson ; and now
rendered into heroic verse, by Ewen Cameron.

Warrington, 1776. 4

Translated from the original Gaelic, by the

Rev. Thomas Ross, A.M. With the old trans-
lation, by James Macpherson.

jftftn.,1807. 8

E Celtico sermone conversum, tribus pree-

missis disputationibus, et subsequentibus no-
tis...Ab Alexandro Macdonald.

Edinburgi, 1820. 8

Carthon, the death of Cuchullin, and Dar-
Thula. Attempted in English verse, from Mr
Macpherson 's translation. [By John Wodrow. ]

Edin., 1769. 16

Temora, an ancient Epic poem, in eight books :
together with several other poems, composed
by Ossian, the son of Fingal. Translated from
the Galic language, by James Macpherson.

London, 1763. 4

Temora ; an epic poem of Ossian, in eight
cantos, translated into English verse. By
Thomas Travers Burke. Perth, 1818. 8

Dana Oisein Mhic Fhinn, air an cur amach
airson maith coitcheannta muinntir na Gael-
tachd. Dun-Eidin, 1818. 8

Another copy.

Some of Ossian's lesser poems, rendered into
verse ; with a preliminary discourse, in answer
to Mr Laing's Critical and historical disserta-
tion on the antiquity of Ossian's poems. By
Archibald M'Donald. Liverpool, 1805. 8



An original collection of the poems of Ossian,
ORRANN, ULIN, and other bards, who flourish-
ed in the same age. Collected and edited by
Hugh and John M'Callum.

Montrose, 1816. 8
Another copy.

- * Report of the committee of the Highland
Society of Scotland ; appointed to inquire into
the nature and authenticity of the poems of
Ossian. Drawn up, according to the directions
of the committee, by Henry Mackenzie, its
convener or chairman. With a copious ap-
pendix, containing some of the principal docu-
ments on which the report is founded.

Edin., 1805. 8

* A description of the paintings in the hall of
Ossian, at Pennycuik, near Edinburgh.

Edin., 1773. 8


OSTERMANNUS (PETRUS). Rationalia ad qua-
tuor Institutionum imperialium libros. Pars
prima xxvi. disputationibus distincta, qua la-
boriosa leguin textura, axiomatum et aitiolo-
giarum iuridicarum centone, singulorum titu-
lorum paragraph!, et versiculi fere singuli, iux-
ta textum, per rationes oppugnandi et propug-
nandi explanantur, vafiisque discursibus...
historicis et politicis, contextis...Accessit pro-
dromus ita.^a.rn'h.uv juris canonici, et synopsis
methodica totius juris feudalis.

Colon. Agripp., 1625. 4

Pars altera, decem disputationibus distincta
...Accessit theoretico-practica disputatio eius-
dem auctoris, de restitutionibus in integrum
secundum theses Hieronymi Treutleri ador-
nata. Colon. Agripp., 1628. 4

church of Neufchatd. Douze sermons sur di-
vers textes de 1'Ecriture sainte.

Geneve, 1722. 8

La Sainte Bible. . . Avec les nouveaux argumens
et les nouvelles reflexions sur chaque chapitre.

Ethicae Christianas compendium, quod olim in
usTia domesticos destinatum, discipulis auctor
exscribendum tradidit. Nunc vero ex optimo
apographo recensendum curavere et edidere li-
brarii. Londini, 1727. 8

Theologies Christianas compendium. Editio
secunda. Glasguce, 1757. 12

Another copy.

The arguments of the books and chapters of
the Old and New Testament, with practical
observations. Written originally in French...
Translated by John Chamberlayne. 2 vol.
6th ed. London, 1799. 8

- An abridgment of the history of the Bible.
New edition. London, 1819. 12

- Essay on the composition and delivery of a
sermon. Translated from the French, and
illustrated with notes, by Joseph Sutclifie,
A.M. First American, from the last London
edition. Baltimore, 1840. 12

The want of discipline shewn to be a great
cause of the present corruption of Christians.
Being a chapter of a celebrated treatise con-

cerning the causes of the present corruption of
Christians, and the remedies thereof. [An ex-
tract from the third English edition of the trea-
tise, printed at London in 1711.] s. 1. et a. 8
O'SULLIVAN (MORTIMER), D.D., Rector of Kil-
lyman. A guide to an Irish gentleman in his
search for a religion. Dublin, 1833. 8

Another copy.

Report of the speech of the Rev. M. O'S. at
the Protestant meeting. . .in Greenock, 10th
October, 1835. Greenock, 1835. 8

Doctrines of the Church of Rome, and disor-
ders of Ireland. An address to the Protestants
of Great Britain. London, 1836. 8

Romanism as it rules in Ireland. By M. O'S.
and the Rev. Robert J. M'GnEE. 2 vol.

London, 1840. 8

OSWALD (JAMES), D.D., Minister of Methven.
A sermon [on Ps. xvi. 6] preached at the open-
ing of the General Assembly of the Church of
Scotland, May 22, 1766. To which are an-
nexed, letters on some points of importance
contained in the sermon. Edin. , 1766. 8

HYPOCRISY detestable and dangerous. 1791
OSWALD (JAMES), of Dunnikier. * Memorials

of the public life and character of the Right
Hon. J. O. Contained in a correspondence
with some of the most distinguished men of
the last century. Edin., 1825. 8


OTTHEYNRICH, Count Palatine of tit* Rhine..
Gebot on Ermannung an seyne Geystlichen,
zu annehmung Gottliches wortz und verlassung
falcher und in heyliger Schrifft ungegrundter
leer. s. 1, 1542. 4

OTWAY (C.). Sketches in IRELAND. 1827

OTWAY (THOMAS). The poetical works of T. O.

With the life of the author. Cooke's edition.

London, s. a. 12

The cheats of Scapin. A farce.

Glasgow, 1760. 12

OUDIN (CASIMIR), Under-Librarian to the uni-
versity of Leyden. Commentarius de scriptori-
bus Ecclesise antiquis illorumque scriptis tarn
impressis quam manuscriptis adhuc extanti-
bus in celebrioribus Europae bibliothecis a Bel-
larmino, Possevino, Philippe Labbeo, Guiliel-
mo Caveo, Ludovico Ellia Du Pin, et aliis
omissis, ad annum MCCCCLX., vel ad artern
typographicam inventam, cum multis disserta-
tionibus, in quibus insigniorum EcclesitB au-
torum opuscula atque alia argumenta notabi-
liora accurate et prolixe examinantur. 3 vol.
Lipsice, 1722. fol.

OUDNEY (WALTER). Narrative of travels in
Northern Africa, by Major DENHAM, Capt.
CLAPPERTON and Dr O. 1826

* A memoir of the late Dr W. O., and Capt.
Hugh CLAPPERTON, and Major Alexander Gor-
don LAINO. By the Rev. Thomas Nelson.

Edin., 1830. 12

OUSELEY (GIDEON). The substance of a letter
to the Rev. Mr Fitzsimmons, Roman Catholic
priest of Ballymena in Ireland, on some...
prime articles of his faith. 2d ed.

Leeds, 1816. 12



Old Christianity against Papal novelties. 6th
ed., enlarged and improved, including a re-
view of Dr Milner's " End of controversy."

Dublin, 1827. 12

OUSELEY (Sir WILLIAM), Knight, LL.D. Tra-
vels in various countries of the East ; more
particularly Persia. A work wherein the au-
thor has described, as far as hia own observa-
tions extended, the state of those countries in
1810, 1811, and 1812 ; and has endeavoured
to illustrate many subjects of antiquarian re-
search, history, geography, philology and mis-
cellaneous literature, with extracts from rare
and valuable Oriental manuscripts. 3 vol.

London, 1819-23. 4

OUSELEY (WILLIAM G.), Attache to His Majes-
ty's legation at Washington. Remarks on the
statistics and political institutions of the Unit-
ed States, with some observations on the eccle-
siastical system of America, her sources of
revenue, &c. To which are added statistical
tables, &c. Philadelphia, 1832. 8

OUTRAM (WILLIAM), D.D., Prebendary of West-
minster. De sacrificiis libri duo ; quorum al-
tero explicantur omnia Judseorum, nonnulla
gentium profanarum sacrificia : altero sacrifi-
cium Christi. Utroque Ecclesise Catholicie
his de rebus sententia contra Faustum Soci-
num, ejusque sectatores defenditur.

Londini, 1677. 4

Translated from the original Latin, with ad-
ditional notes and indexes. By John Allen.
London, 1817. 8

Second edition. London, 1828. 8
OVERALL (JOHN), D.D., Bishop of Norwich.

Bishop Overall's Convocation-book, MDCVI.,

concerning the government of God's Catholic

Church, and the Kingdoms of the whole world.

London, 1690. 4

Another edition. [Lib. of Anglo-Cath. Theol.]

Oxford, 1844. 8*

OVERBECK (J. JOSEPHUS), S.T.D., Professor at
Sandhurst. S. EPHR/EMI Syri, RABULE Epis-
copi Edesseni, BAL^I aliorumque opera selecta,
e codicibus Syriacis manuscriptis in Museo
Britannico et bibliotheca Bodleiana asservatis
primus edidit J. J. O. Oxonii, 1866. 8

OVERTON (JOHN), M.A., Rector of St Margaret
and St Crux, York. The true Churchman as-
certained : or, an apology for those of the
regular clergy of the Establishment, who are
sometimes called evangelical ministers : occa-
sioned by the publications of Drs Paley, Hay,
Croft ; Messrs Daubeny, Ludlam, Polwhele,
Fellowes ; the reviewers, &c. &c. 2d ed.

York, 1802. 8

Another copy.

Another copy.

OVERTON (RICHARD). Mans mortalitie : or, a
treatise wherein 'tis proved, both theologically
and philosophically, that whole man (as a ra-
tional creature) is a compound wholly mortall,
contrary to that common distinction of soule
and body : and that the present going of the
soule into heaven or hell is a meer fiction : and
that at the resurrection is the beginning of our

immortality, and then actuall condemn/it ii.n,
and salvation, and n.t IK Ton-. With all doubts
and objections answered, and resolved, both
by Scripture and reason ; discovering the mul-
titude of blasphemies and absurdities that
arise from the fancie of the soule. Also divers
other mysteries, as, of heaven, hell, Christ's
humane residence, the extent of the resurrec-
tion, the new creation, Af. opened, and pre-
sented to the tryall of better judgments. By
R. O. Amsterdam, 1644. 4

OVERTURES. Report of the committee for
classing returns to overtures, 1836.

[Edin., 1835.] 8

OVIDIUS NASO (PUBLICS). Opera omnia, cum
integris Nicolai Heinsii, D. F. , lectissimisquo
variorum notis : quibus non pauca, ad suos
quaeque antiquitatis fontes diligenti compa-
ratione reducta, accesserunt, studio Borchardi
Cnippingii. 3 torn. Amstel, 1683. 8

Opera. Editio nova, accurante N. Heinsio.

Amstel, 1686. 8

Another edition. Tom. i. London, 1715. 12

Metamorphoseon libri xv. [Wants title, and
16 pages at the beginning.] 8

Les Metamorphoses d'Ouide, de nouueau
traduites en Fra^ois, et enrichies de figures
chacune selon son subiect. Avec xv. discovrs,
contenans 1'explication morale des fables.

Paris, 1622. fol.

In English blank verse. Translated by J. J.

Howard. 2 vol. London, 1807. 8

Tristium, libri v., et de Ponto, libri iv., et
Consolatio ad Liviam, &c. Cum notis selec-
tiss. variorum. Accurante Corn. Schrevelio.

Lugd. Batav., 1666. 8

Epistles, translated by several hands. [Pre-
face signed J. Dryden. ] London, 1680. 8

Fastomm libri sex. Interpretatione et notis
illustravit Daniel Crispinus, Helvetius ... in

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