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usum Delphini. Londini, 1720. 8

Electa ex Ovidio et TIBULLO, in usum regi?o
scholae Etonensis. Editio nova, recensita, et
discipulorum ergo notis aucta.

Etonce, 1831. 12

OWEN (HENRY), D.D., Vicar of Edmonton, Mid-
dlesex. The intent and propriety of the Scrip-
ture miracles considered and explained, in a
series of sermons, preached. . .in the years 1769,
1770, and 1771 ; for the lecture founded by
the Hon. Robert Boyle, Esq. 2 vol.

London, 1773. 8

The modes of quotation used by the evangeli-
cal writers explained and vindicated.

London, 1789. 4

Another copy.

OWEN (JAMES), Dissenting minister at Swiney,
EfftrofMm. A further vindication of the dis-
senters from [the Rev. Thomas Gipps] the
Rector of Bury's unjust accusations, wherein
his charge of their being corrupters of the
word of God, is demonstrated to be false and
malicious. His pretended justification and
confirmation of it to be groundless, weak, and
self-condemning. The titles of the Psalms to
be divinely inspired. The purity of the He-



brew copies is asserted. The Scotch Church
and Bible defended. The Rector convicted of
corrupting the word of God, by adding to it,
and diminishing from it, in several instances.
And his unworthy calumnies of St Jerom and
other good men, detected and confuted.

London, 1699. 4

The history of images, and of image-worship ;
shewing the original and progress of idolatry
among Pagans, Jews, and Christians. With
a refutation of the second council of Nice, and
of other advocates for idolatry.

London, 1709. 8

The validity of the dissenting ministry : or,
the ordinary powers of Presbyters evinced
from the New Testament and Church history.
In four parts. Publish'd by Charles Owen.

London, 1716. 8
Another copy.

Another copy.

- * Some account of the life and writings of J. O.

London, 1709. 12

OWEN (JOANNES), Fellow of New college, Oxford.
Epigrammata. Editio postrema correctissi-
ma, et posthumis quibusdam adaucta.

Amsterdam, 1647. 16

OWEN (JOHN), D.D., Vice-Chancellor of Oxford.
The works of J. O. , containing several scarce
and valuable discourses... With a display of
Arminianism. First published in the Doctors
life time ; and now collected together in one
volume... London, 1721. fol.

The works of J. O., D.D. Edited by Thomas
Russell, M.A. With memoirs of his life and
writings, by William Orme. 21 vol.

London, 1826. 8

Another edition. Edited by the Rev. William
H. Goold, D.D. 24vol. Edin., 1850-55. 8

Another copy. Vol. i.-xvi.

Qiofcct^iet etvn^ovaixaTix,^ : or, a display of Ar-
minianisme... London, 1643. 4

A new edition, revised and corrected by the
Rev. S. Burder, A.M. London, 1809. 12

Salus electorum, sanguis Jesu : or the death
of death in the death of Christ. A treatise of
the redemption and reconciliation that is in
the blood of Christ with the merit thereof,
and the satisfaction wrought thereby. Where-
in the proper end of the death of Christ is
asserted : the immediate effects and fruits
thereof assigned, with their extent in respect
of its object ; and the whole controversie about
universal redemption fully discussed. In foure
parts... London, 1648. 4

Another copy.

Another copy.

Another copy.

Another edition. To which is added, a vindi-
cation from the exceptions and objections of
Mr Richard Baxter. Edin., 1845. 8

The advantage of the kingdom of Christ in the
shaking of the kingdoms of the world, opened
in a sermon [on Ezek. xvii. 24] preached to the
Parliament, Oct. 28, 1651. Leith, 1652. 4

The doctrine of the saints' perseverance ex-
plained and confirmed... And vindicated in a

full answer to the discourse of Mr John Good-
win against it in his book intituled, Redemp-
tion redeemed... Also a preface manifesting the
judgement of the antients concerning the truth
contended for : with a discourse touching the
Epistles of Ignatius, the Episcopacy in them
asserted : and some animadversions on Dr
H[enry] H[ammondJ his Dissertations on that
subject. Oxford, 1654. fol.

- Vindiciae evangelicae, or the mystery of the
Gospell vindicated, and Socinianisme examin-
ed, in the consideration, and confutation of a
catechisme, called A Scripture catechisme,
written by J. Biddle, M.A. And the cate-
chisme of Valentinus Smalcius, commonly
called the Racovian catechisme... Also an ap-
pendix, in vindication of some things formerly
written about the death of Christ, and the
fruits thereof, from the animadversions of Mr
R[ichard] B[axter], Oxford, 1655. 4

- Another copy.

- God's presence with a people, the spring of
their prosperity ; with their speciall interest
in abiding with him. A sermon [on 2 Chron.
xv. 2] preached to the Parliament of the Com-
monwealth of England, Scotland and Ireland,
at Westminster, Octob. 30, 1656 : a day of
solemn humiliation. London, 1656. 4
God's work in founding Zion, and his peoples
duty thereupon. A sermon [on Is. xiv. 32]
preached in the Abby church at Westminster,
at the opening of the Parliament, Septemb.
17th, 1656. Oxford, 1656. 4
A review of the Annotations of Hugo Grotius,
in reference unto the doctrine of the deity and
satisfaction of Christ. With a defence of the
charge formerly laid against them.

Oxford, 1656. 4

Of schism e, the true nature of it discovered
and considered, with reference to the present
differences in religion. Oxford, 1657. 8

A review of the true nature of schisme, with a
vindication of the Congregational! Churches in
England, from the imputation thereof unjustly
charged on them by Mr D. Cawdrey, preacher
of the Word at Billing in Northampton-shire.

Oxford, 1657. 8
Another copy.

An answer to a late treatise of Mr Cawdrey
about the nature of schisme ; [prefixed to A
defence of Mr John COTTON from the imputa-
tion of self e contradiction charged on him by
Mr Dan. Cawdrey]. 1658

Of the mortification of sinne in believers : the,
1. necessity, 2. nature, and 3. meanes of it.
With a resolution of sundry cases of conscience,
thereunto belonging. 2d ed.

Oxford, 1658. 8

Another edition. Glasgow, 1758. 8

Of temptation, the nature and power of it.
The danger of entering into it. And the
meanes of preventing that danger. With a
resolution of sundry cases thereunto belonging.

Oxford, 1658. 8
Another copy.
Another edition. Glasgow, 1758. 8



Of tho divino original!, authority, self-evi-
dencing light, and power of the Scriptures.
With an answer to that enquiry, How we
know tho Scriptures to bo tho word of God.
Also a \ iiitlic.-itimi of the purity and integrity
of the Hebrew and Greek texts of the Old and
New Testaments ; in some considerations on
the prolegomena, and appi-ndix to tho late
Bibha polyglotta. Whereunto are subjoyned
some exercitations about the nature and per-
fection of the Scripture, the right of interpre-
tation, internall light, Revelation, Arc.

Oxford, 1659. 8
[The Exercitations are in Latin, bear the date

1G58, and are very imperfect.]
Animadversions on a treatise [by John Vin-
cent CANE] intituled, Fiat Lux. 1662
A discourse concerning LITURGIES and their
imposition. 1662
A brief instruction in the WORSHIP of God,
and discipline of the Churches of the New
Testament. 1667
INDULGENCE and toleration considered. 1667
A peace-offering in an apology and humble
plea for INDULGENCE and liberty of conscience.


The nature, power, deceit, and prevalency of the
remainders of indwelling-sin in believers. To-
gether with the ways of its working, and means
of prevention. Opened, evinced and applyed,
with a resolution of sundry cases of conscience
thereunto appertaining. London, 166 S. 8
Another edition. London, 1675. 8

Another edition. Glasgotv, 1758. 8

Exercitations on the Epistle to the Hebrews.
Also concerning the Messiah... With an expo-
sition and discourses on the two first chapters
of the said Epistle to the Hebrews.

London, 1668. fol.
Another copy.
Another copy.

An exposition on the third, fourth, and fifth
chapters of the Epistle of Paul the Apostle to
the Hebrews... London, 1674. fol.

A continuation of the Exposition of the Epis-
tle of Paul the Apostle to the Hebrews, viz.
on the sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, and tenth
chapters... London, 1680. fol.

A continuation of the Exposition of the Epis-
tle of Paul the Apostle to the Hebrews : viz.
on the eleventh, twelfth and thirteenth chap-
ters, compleating that elaborate work...

London, 1684. fol.

An exposition of the Epistle to the Hebrews,

with preliminary exercitations. 7 vol. 2d ed.

Win., 1812, 14. 8 C

A new edition. 4 vol. London, 1840. 8
A practical exposition on the 130th Psalm.
Wherein the nature of the forgiveness of sin
is declared, the truth and reality of it asserted.
And, the case of a soul distressed with the
guilt of sin, and relieved by a discovery of the
forgiveness of God, is at large discoursed.

London, 1669. 4

Another edition. Edin., 1798. 12

- A new edition. Edin., 1819. 12

A brief declaration and vindication of tho doc-
trine of the Trinity : aa also of the person and
satisfaction of Christ. London, 1669. 8

Third edition. London, 1670. 8

Eighth edition. Glasgow, 1798. 12

A discourse concerning evangelical love,
Church-peace and UNITY. 1672

Another edition. London, 1673. 8

IIi>ftY*ToXoy/*: or, a discourse concerning the
Holy Spirit. Wherein an account is given of
his name, nature, personality, dispensation,
operations, and effects. His whole work in
the old and new creation is explained ; tho
doctrine concerning it vindicated from opposi-
tions and reproaches. The nature also and
necessity of Gospel-holiness ; the difference
between grace and morality, or a spiritual life
unto God in evangelical obedience and a course
of moral vertues, are stated and declared.

London, 1674. fol.
Another copy.
Another copy.

Another edition. 2 vol. Glasgow, 1791. 8
The nature of apostasie from the profession of
the Gospel, and the punishment of apostates
declared, in an exposition of Heb. 6. 4, 5, 6.
With an enquiry into the causes and reasons
of the decay of the power of religion in tho
world ; or the present general defection from
the truth, holiness, and worship of the Gospel.
Also, of the proneness of Clmrches and per-
sons of all sorts unto apostasie. With reme-
dies and means of prevention.

London, 1676. 8

The reason of faith. Or an answer unto that
enquiry, Wherefore we believe the Scripture
to be the word of God. With the causes and
nature of that faith wherewith we do so.
Wherein the grounds whereon the holy Scrip-
ture is believed to be the word of God with
faith divine and supernatural, are declared
and vindicated. London, 1677. 8

Another edition. Glasgow, 1801. 8

The doctrine of justification by faith through
the imputation of the righteousness of Christ,
explained, confirmed, and vindicated.

London, 1677. 4

Another copy. [Title supplied in manuscript. ]
Another edition. Glasgow, 1760. 8

'Svvwis wiv[ATix.Yi : or the causes, waies, and
means of understanding the mind of God as
revealed in his word, with assurance therein.
And a declaration of the perspicuity of the
Scriptures, with the external means of the
interpretation of them. London, 1678. 8
The Church of Rome no safe guide : or, rea-
sons to prove that no rational man, who takes
due care of his own eternal salvation, can give
himself up unto the conduct of that Church in
matters of religion. London, 1679. 4

Xj/<rro>oy;, or, a declaration of the glorious
mystery of the person of Christ, God and man.
With the infinite wisdom, love and power of
God in the contrivance and constitution there-
of. As also of the grounds and reasons of his
incarnation, the nature of his ministry in hea-



ven, the present state of the Church above
thereon, and the use of his person in religion.
With an account and vindication of the ho-
nour, worship, faith, love and obedience due
unto him, in and from the Church.

London, 1679. 4
Another copy.

An enquiry into the original, nature, institu-
tion, power, order and communion of evange-
lical Churches. The first part. With an an-
swer to the discourse of the Unreasonableness
of separation written by Dr Edward Stilling-
fleet, Dean of Pauls ; and in defence of the
vindication of Non-conformists from the guilt
of schisme. London, 1681. 4

Ogo'i/fl^ot TOV TIvtvp-ctTOf, or, the grace and duty
of being spiritually minded, declared and
practically improved. London, 1681. 4

Another copy.

Another edition. London, 1717. 4

An humble testimony unto the goodness and
severity of God in his dealing with sinful
Churches and nations. Or, The only way to
deliver a sinfiil nation from utter ruine. By
independent judgements, in a discourse on the
words of our Lord Jesus Christ, Luke, 13. 1,
2, 3, 4, 5. London, 1681. 8

Another copy.

Second edition. Edin., 1737. 8

A brief and impartial account of the nature of

Another edition.

[Reprinted] Carmarthen, 1822. 12
A discourse of the work of the Holy Spirit in
prayer. With a brief enquiry into the nature
and use of mental prayer and forms.

London, 1682. 8

Another edition. With introductory observa-
tions by the Rev. George Wright, D.D.

Edin., 1824. 12

A treatise of the . dominion of sin and grace.
Wherein sin's reign is discovered, in whom it is,
and in whom it is not : how the law supports
it : how grace delivers from it, by setting up its
dominion in the heart. London, 1688. 8
Another copy.

The true nature of a Gospel Church and its
government... London, 1689. 4

Another edition. Glasgow, 1801. 12

A guide to Church-fellowship and order, ac-
cording to the Gospel institution : wherein
these following particulars are distinctly
handled : I. The necessity of believers to joyn
themselves in Church-order. II. The subject
matter of the Church. III. The continuance
of a Church-state, and of the administration
of evangelical ordinances of worship, briefly
vindicated. IV. What sort of Churches the
disciples of Christ may, and ought to joyn
themselves unto, as unto entire communion.

London, 1692. 12

A dissertation on divine justice ; or, the claims
of vindicatory justice asserted ... Now first
translated from the original Latin. With a
recommendatory preface, by John Stafford,
D.D., and others. London, s. a. 12

., sive de natura, ortu,

progressu, et studio verse theologiae libri sex.
Quibus etiam origines et processus veri et falsi
cultus religiosi, casus et instaurationes Eccle-
sise illustriores ab ipsis rerum primordiis enar-
rantur. Accedunt quoque digressiones, de
gratia universal!. Scientiarum ortu. Eccle-
sise Romanes notis. Literarum origine. An-
tiquis literis Hebraicis. Punctatione Hebrai-
ca. Versionibus SS. Ritibus Judaicis. Aliis-
que. Editio novissima.

Franequera, 1700. 4

Another copy.

Evangelical theology : being a translation of
the sixth book of Dr Owen's Latin wqrk, en-
titled, Theologoumena, or discourses on theo-
logy. By the Rev. John Craig. With notes
by the translator, and a life of the author.

Edin., 1837. 8

Gospel grounds and evidences of the faith of
God's elect... London, 1709. 8

Twenty five discourses suitable to the Lord's
Supper, delivered just before the administra-
tion of that sacred ordinance. 2d ed.

Glasgow, 1775. 16

Another edition. With a recommendatory
preface by W. Lindsay Alexander, D.D.

Edin., 1841. 12

Posthumous sermons. Published from the
original edition by John Thomas Dobney.

London, 1819. 8

Two questions concerning the power of the
supreme magistrate about religion and the
worship of God, with one about tithes, pro-
posed and resolved.

[Reprinted] Glasgow, 1833. 8

The glory of Christ in his person, office, and
grace. Edin., s. a. 8

OWEN (JOHN), A.M., Rector of Paglesham, Es-
sex. The history of the origin and first ten
years of the British and Foreign Bible society.
3 vol. [Vol. iii. brings the history down to
1818-1819.] London, 1816, 20. 8

OWEN (R. J.). -The Scripture directory : or, a
key to the treasures of the holy Bible...

Edin., 1852. 8

OWEN (RICHAKD), Hunterian professor to the Col-
lege of Surgeons. Monograph on the fossil
Reptilia of the London clay. Part ii. Cro-
codilia, Ophidia. [Palseontographical Society.]
London, 1850. 4

Monograph on the fossil Reptilia of the creta-
ceous formations. [Ibid.] London, 1851. 4

Monograph on the fossil Reptilia of the Weal-
den formations. Part ii. Dinosauria. [Ibid.]

London, 1854. 4

OWEN (ROBERT), of New Lanark. Two memo-
rials on behalf of the working classes ; the first
presented to the governments of Europe and
America, the second to the allied powers as-
sembled in congress at Aix-la-Chapelle.

Lanark, 1818. 8

* Observations on the critique contained in the
Edinburgh review for October, 1819, of Mi-
Owen's plans for relieving the national dis-
tress. By a lover of truth. Edin., 1819. 8



* A letter to the moderator of the General As-
sembly, requesting his attention to the com-
plexion of the times, and to the late attacks
of the Christian Instructor upon Mr Owui,
and to the manner in which religious contro-
versies are generally conducts I.

./;., 1823. 8

Report to the county of Lanark, of a plan for
relieving public distress, and removing discon-
tent, by giving permanent, productive employ-
ment to the poor and working classes ; under
arrangements which will essentially improve
their character, and ameliorate their condi-
tion ; diminish the expences of production and
consumption, and create markets co-extensive
with production. Glasgow, 1821. 4

An outline of the system of education at New
Lanark. Glasgow, 1824. 8

< > X FORD. Pietas Oxoniensis ; or, a full and
impartial account of the expulsion of six stu-
dents from St Edmund Hall, Oxford. With
a dedication to the Right Hon. the Earl of
Litchfield, Chancellor of that university. By
a Master of Arts of the university of Oxford.
[Generally understood to be Sir Richard Hill.]
London, 1768. 8 d

Goliath slain : being a reply to the Rev. Dr
Nowell's Answer to Pietas Oxoniensis. Where-
in the false glosses of that gentleman's pamph-
let are removed, his great misrepresentations
detected, the ancient doctrines of the Refor-
mation and of the Church of England defend-
ed, and the sentence against the expelled
young men proved from his own words to be
far more severe, arbitrary and illegal, than it
hath hitherto been represented. With a de-
dication to every particular member of the

university. By tho author of Pietas Oxoni-
ensis. Loml,,.

Judicium universitatis Oxoniensis do solrmii
liga et fi-dt -iv. 1082
[See under COVENANT.]

A reply to the reasons of the Oxford clergy
against addressing. London, 1087. 4 J

Oxoniana. [By John WALKER.] 4 vol.

London, t. a. 12

Oxford prize poems. 8th ed. Oxford, 1834. 12

The Oxford university calendar. 1850.

Oxford, 1859. 8

Oxford university commission. Report of Her
Majesty's commissioners appointed to inquire
into the state, discipline, studies, and reve-
nues of the university and colleges of Oxford :
together with the evidence, and an appendix.

London, 1852. fol.





OZANAM (JACQUES). Recreations in mathema-
tics and natural philosophy... First composed
by M. O. Lately recomposed, and greatly
enlarged, in a new edition, by the celebrated
M. Montucla. And now translated into Eng-
lish, and improved with many additions and
observations, by Charles Button, LL.D. 4 vol.
London, 1803. 8


P. (L'Abb D. L.), i. e. L'AbW Joa. de LAPORTE.

P. (H.), i. e. Hugh PETERS.

P. (I. I. S.). Sceleton histories ttniversalis civilis
et ecclesiasticse. Res pnecipuas, ab urbe con-
dito ad annum M.DC.XXXIII. gestas, brevissime
exhibens, concinnatum. In usum gymnasii
comitatus Lesznensia.

Lugd. Batav., 1633. 12

P. (B.), i. e. Robert PARSONS.

P. (R.). A just rebuke to our perfidious and
false brethren. Containing just and useful
remarks on a late pamphlet, falsely called, A
supplement to the sermons lately preached at
Salter's Hall against Popery, &c. 2d ed.

London, 1736. 8

P. (T.), i. e. Thomas PAYBODY.

P. (T.), the final letters of Vincent ALSOP.

PACENIUS (BARTHOLUS). E^iratats, Epistola?
nomine regis Magnae Britanniae, ad omnes
Christianos rnonarchos, principes, et ordines,
scriptae. Montibus, 1610. 8

PACIFICATOR. The pacificator. Address to
the Protestants and Roman Catholics in Great
Britain. By a Christian, not a member of the
Church of Rome. No. 1. Edin., 1819. 8

PACIFICATOR. The Scottish Church ques-
tion ; the law and the facts : with an appeal
to the Non-intrusionists and Sir Robert Peel.
By Pacificator. * London, 1843. 8

Another copy.

rum juris feudalis Longobardici origine pro-
lusio. GottingcK, s. a. 4

PAEZ DE CASTRO (JUAN). Para secretaries de
senores, y todo genero. Toledo, 1664. 16

PAGE (DAVID). Rudiments of geology. For
use in schools and for private inst^ction.
[Chambers's educational course.]

Edin., 1844. 12

PAGE (FREDERICK). The principle of the Eng-
lish poor laws illustrated and defended, by an
historical view of indigence in civil society ;
with observations and suggestions relative to
their improved administration.

Bath, 1822. 8

Another copy.

PAGE (HARLAN). * Memoir of H. P., or, the

power of prayer and personal effort for the

souls of individuals. By William A. Hallock.

New York, s. a. 12

PAGE (JAMES ROBERT), Minister of Carlisle cha-
pel, Lambeth. Ireland : its evils traced to
their source. London, 1836. 12

PAGET (JOHN), Pastor of the Reformed English
Church in Amsterdam. A defence of Church-
government, exercised in Presbyteriall, Clas-
sicall, and Synodal! assemblies ; according to

the practice of the Reformed Churches : touch-
ing I. The power of a particular Eldership,
against those that plead for a meere popular
government, specially Mr Ainsworth in his
Animadversion to Mr Clyft, &c. II. The au-
thority of Classes and Synods, against the pa-
trons of Independencie : answering on this
poynt to Mr Davenport his Apologeticall re-
ply, &c. , and Mr Canne his Church's plea, &c.
sent forth first by W. Best, and afterwards for
this part of it, under the title of Syon's prero-
gative royall. Hereunto is prefixed, an ad-
vertisement to the Parliament, wherein are
inserted some animadversions on the Cheshire
Remonstrance against Presbytery : by T. P.
London, 1641. 4

PAGI (ANTONITJS), a Franciscan monk of the order
of Cordeliers. Dissertatio hypatica seu de con-
sulibus Caesareis. Ex occasione inscriptionis
Forojuliensis Aureliani Augusti ... Accedunt
quaestiones selectse de consulatibus designatis,
suffectis, honorariis, dimidiatis ; postconsulati-
bus, imperio Aurelianeo, aliisque chronolo-
giam Caesaream, ab Augusto ad Constantinum
usque Porphyrogenitam, non parum illustran-
tibus. Lugduni, 1682. 4

PAGIT (EusEBius), Rector of St Anne, Aldersgate
Street, London. The historic of the Bible,
briefely collected by way of question and an-
swer. London, 1623. 12

PAGITT (EPHRAIM), Son of the preceding, and
parson of the church of St Edmonds the King in
Lombard street, London. Christianographie,
or the description of the multitude and sun-
dry sorts of Christians in the world, not sub-
iect to the Pope. With their vnitie, and how
they agree with the Protestants in the princi-
pal! points of difference betweene them and the
Church of Rome. 2d ed. London, 1636. 4

PAGNINUS (SANCTES). Hebraicarum institu-
tionum libri iiii. Lutet. Paris., 1549. 4

Epitome thesauri linguae sanctse.

Lugd. Batav., 1699. 8

Thesaurus linguae sanctse, sive Lexicon He-
braicum, ordine et copia caeteris antehac editis
anteferendum, auctore S. P. Nunc demum,
cum doctissimis quibusque Hebraeorum scrip-
tis quam accuratissime collatum, et ex iisdeni
auctum ac recognitum, opera JoannisMerceri. . .

Colon. Allobrog., 1614. fol.

Biblia universa et Hebraica cum Latina inter-
pretatione. 1657. (See BIBLES HEBREW. C.

PAINE (THOMAS). Rights of man : being an an-
swer to Mr Burke's attack on the French re-
volution. 2 parts. 7th ed.

London, 1793. 8

Another edition. London, 1819. 8



Letter to tho Right Hon. Mr Secretary Dun-
das. To which is now added, :i K tti r to Mr

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