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Church by Robert Hill, B.D. The 3d ed.,
reuised and enlarged after a more perfect copie Thomas Pierson... [Wants part of the se-
cond table.] London, 1607. fol.

A clovd of faithfull witnesses, leading to the
heavenly Canaan : or a commentarie vpon the
11. chapter to the Hebrewes, preached in Cam-
bridge... published at the request of his execu-
tours by Will. Crashawe, and Tho. Pierson...

London, 1608. 4

A discovrse of the damned art of witchcraft,
so farre forth as it is revealed in the Scrip-



tures, and manifest by true experience... Pub-
lished by Thomas Pickering, B.D. [Imper-
fect.] Cambridge, 1608. 8

The whole treatise of the cases of conscience,
distinguished into three bookes . . . Published
for the common good, by T. Pickering, B.D.

London, 1611. 4

An exposition of the symbole or creede of the
Apostles, according to the tenour of the Scrip-
tures, and the consent of orthodoxe Fathers
of the Church. Reuiewed and corrected, by
W. P. London, 1631. 4

PEROTTUS (NICOLAUS), Archbishop of Siponto.
In hoc volumine habentur hsec. Cornuco-
pise, siue linguae latinse cometarii diligentissime
recogniti : atq; ex archetypo emendati...Sy-
pontini libellus, quo Plynii epistola ad Titum
Vespasianum corrigitur...Cornelii Vitellij in
eum ipsum libellum Sypontini Annotationes.
M. Terentii Varronis de lingua latina libri tres.
Quartus, Quintus, Sextus. Eiusdem de Ana-
logia libri tres. Sexti Pompeij Festi undeui-
ginti librorum fragmenta. Nonij Marcelli
Compendia, in quibus tertia fere pars addita
est : non ante impressa, idq ; labore et diligen-
tia iucundi nostri Veronensis : qui in Gallia
Nonium cum antiquis contulit exemplaribus.
Additus prseterea est longus tractatus de gene-

Venetiis in cedibus Aldi, et Andrew soceri,

M.D.XIII. fol.

PEROWNE (J. J. STEWART), B.D., Vice Princi-
pal of St David's college, Lampeter. The Book
of Psalms. A new translation. 1865. See

PERRIN (JEAN PAUL). Histoire des Vaudois.
Divise'e en trois parties. La premiere est de
leur origine, pure croyance, et persecutions,
qu'ils ont soufFert par toute 1'Europe, par
1'espace de plus de quatre cens cinquante ans.
La seconde contient 1'histoire des Vaudois ap-
pelle's Albigeois. La troisiesme est touchant
la doctrine et discipline qu'ils ont eu commune
entre eux, et la refutation de la doctrine de
leurs aduersaires. Geneve, 1619. 8

The blovdy rage of that great Antichrist of
Rome and his superstitious adherents, against
the true Church of Christ and the faithfull
professors of his Gospell. Declared at large
in the Historic of the Waldenses and Albi-
genses, apparently manifesting vnto the world
the visibilitie of our Church of England and
of all the reformed Churches throughout
Christendome for about foure hundred and
fif tie yeares . Diuided into three parts . . . Trans-
lated out of French by Samson Lennard.

London, 1624. 4

PERRONE (JEAN), Professor of theology in the
college at Rome. Preelectiones theologicse quas
in collegio Romano Societatis Jesu habebat
J. P. Editio, post secundam Romanam, dili-
gentius emendata, novis accessionibus ab ipso
auctore locupletata, et omnium in tota Europa
hucusque excusarum, duodecima. Accurante
Migne...2tom. Par isiis, 1842. 8

Another copy.

Histories theologiae cum philosophia compara-
tae synopsis. Romas,, 1845. 8

Le Protestantisme et la regie de foi ; ouvrage
traduit de l'Italien...par M. 1'Abbe A.-C. Pel-
tier ; avec une notice historique sur la vie et
les ouvrages du R. P. Perrone, par M. 1'Abbe
F.-E. Chassay. 3 torn. Paris, 1854. 8

PERRY (CHARLES), D.D., Bishop of Melbourne.

Five sermons preached before the university

of Cambridge in the month of November, 1855.

Cambridge, 1856. 8

PERRY (GEORGE GRESLEY), M.A., Prebendary of
Lincoln, and Rector of Waddington. The his-
tory of the Church of England. From the
death of Elizabeth to the present time. 3 vol.
2d ed. London, 1863, 64. 8

PERRY (WALTER C.), Ph. Dr. of the university
of Gottingen. German university education ;
or, the professors and students of Germany.

London, 1845. 12

PERSECUTION. Ka mee and I'le ca thee : or,
a dialogue ; wherein is showne the indecency,
and unreasonablenesse of persecuting and af-
flicting tender consciences, for differences in
matters of religion. Especially in England,
where no one religion is long in fashion.

s. I, 1649. 4

Another copy.

Persecution sanctioned by the Westminster
confession : a letter, addressed to the clergy,
eldership, and laity of the Synod of Ulster.
By a member of the Synod.

Belfast, 1836. 8

PERSE VERANS. A letter to the English Is-
raelite, in answer to his observations on the
mission of C. F. Frey for the conversion of the
Jews. By Perseverans. London, 1809. 8
PERSIUS FLACCUS (AtJLUs). Satyrse sex.

Parisiis ex officina Roberti Stephani e regione
scholce decretorum. M.D.XXVII. 8

Commentaria .^Elii Antonii Nebrissensis gram-
matici, in sex A. Persii Satyras.

Parisiis ex officina Roberti Stephani, M.D.XXVII.


Satyrae vi. Recensitse...a G. L. Koenig.

GoUinyce, 1803. 8

Another edition. [Cum Satyris D. Junii Ju-
VENALIS.] 1830

Translated, with notes on the original. By

the Rev. F. Howes, A.M. [Lat. and Engl.]
London, 1809. 8


PERSOZ (J.), Professor of chemistry at Strasbourg.
Introduction a l'e"tude de la chimie mole'-
culaire. Paris, 1839. 8

PERSUASIVE. A persuasive to a holy life.
[Wants title.] 12

PERTH. Copy of a letter to a member of the
new (or pretended) Synod, from a member of
the Associate Kirk-Session of Perth.

Edin., 1747. 8

Report of a debate in the town council of
Perth, on the election of a commissioner to the
General Assembly, 4th April, 1842.

Dundee, 1842. 8

Another copy.




PERTH ASSEMBLY. - Perth Assembly. C< m-
taining 1. The proceedings thereof. 2. The
proofe of the nullitie thereof. 3. Reasons
presented thereto against the receiving the
fiue new Articles imposed. 4. The opposite-
nesse of it to the proceedings and oath of the
whole state of the Land. An. 1581. 5. Proofes
of the unlawfulnesse of the said fiue Articles,
vizt. 1. Kneeling in the act of receiving the
Lord's Supper. 2. Holy daies. 3. Bishop-
ping. 4. Private baptisme. 6. Private com-
munion. [By David CALDERWOOD.]

s. 1., 1G19. 4

A re-examination of the five articles enacted
at Perth anno 1618. To wit. Concerning the
communicants gesture in the act of receaving.
The observation of festivall dayes. Episcopall
confirmation or bishopping. The administra-
tion of baptisme and the supper of the Lord
in privat places. . I. , 1G36. 4

PERTHES (FREDERICK). * Memoirs of F. P.,
or literary, religious, and political life in Ger-
many, from 1789 to 1843. From the German
of Clement Theodore Perthes. 2 vol.

Edin., 1856. 8

PESCHEL (C. F.), Principal of tlie royal military
college at Dresden. Elements of physics.
Translated from the German, with notes, by
E. West. Illustrated with diagrams and wood-
cuts. Part i. Ponderable bodies.

London, 1845. 8

PESTALOZZI (HENRY). Letters on early edu-
cation. Addressed to J. P. Greaves, Esq.
by H. P. Translated from the German MS.
With a memoir of Pestalozzi. Originally
printed in 1827. [Phoenix Lib.]

London, 1850. 12

PETAVIUS (DiONYSius), Professor of theology at
Paris. Opus de theologicis dogmatibus, auc-
tus in hac nova editione libro de Tridentini
concilii interpretatione, libris ii. dissertatio-
num ecclesiasticarum, diatriba de potestate
consecrandi, libris viii.. de poanitentia publica,
et notulis Theophili Alethini S. J. A. E. 6 torn.
Antwerpice, 1700. fol.

Rationarium temporum, in partes duas, libros
tredecim, distributum. In quo fetatum om-
nium sacra profanaque historia chronologicis
probationibusniunita summatim traditur. Edi-
tio ultima. Juxta exemplar Parisinum.

Franequercc, 1700. 8

Editio novissima diligenter a mciidis priorum
editionum expurgatum. Accedunt supplemen-
tum historia; ad hanc usque astatem continua-
tee, tabulae genealogies veteris recentiorisque
jevi, et indices nova cura multo locupletiores.
Item tertia pars imperatorurn, regum, magis-
tratuumque successiones complexa.

Lwjd. Batav., 1745. 8

PETER, Saint. A modest enquiry whether St

Peter were ever at Rome, and Bishop of that

Church. [By Henry CARE.] [Wants title.]

London, 1GS7. 4 d

A godly sermon on Peter's repentance.

L\lin., 1749 8

PETER [ALEXOWITZ] the First, Emjtcror of Rus-
sia. *Tho history <>f the life <>f Peter tho
First. Containing ;i description <>f Russia or
Muscovy, Siberia, Grim Tartary, A<-. With
an account of the government, religion, ct- re-
monies and superstitions, customs, manners
and dress of the inhabitants. Also, the birth
and rise of the Empress Catharine, with tho
crimes and trial of the Czarewitz, son to
Peter I. London, 1739. fol.

PETER (H.). Church-government and Church-
covenant discussed, in an answer of the Elders
of the several Churches in New-England to
two and thirty questions, sent over to them by
divers ministers in England, to declare their
judgments therein. Together with an apolo-
gie of the said Elders in New-England for
Church-covenant, sent over in answer to Mas-
ter Bernard in the year 1639. As also in an
answer to nine positions about Church-govern-
ment. London, 1643. 4

PETERBOROUGH. Chronicon Petroburgense.
Nunc primum typis mandatum, curante Tho-
ma Stapleton. [Camden Society.]

Londini, 1849. 4








PETERKIN (ALEXANDEK). Supplement to the

compendium of the laws of the Church of

Scotland. Edin., 1836. 12

Records of the Kirk of Scotland, containing
the Acts and proceedings of the General As-
semblies from the year 1638 downwards, as
authenticated by the clerks of Assembly ; with
notes and historical illustrations. Vol. i.

Edin., 1838. 8

Another edition. Edin., 1843. 8

The booke of the universall KIRK OF SCOTLAND.
Edited by A. P. 1839

A layman's letters to the Rev. W. CUNNING-
HAM. 1839

The constitution of the Church of Scotland, as
established at the Revolution, 1689-90 ; ex-
emplified in the acts of the Estates of Parlia-
ment and the proceedings of the Church.

Edin., 1841. 8

Another copy.

PETERKIN (W.). The excuses urged by the
absentees from public WORSHIP examined.


disciple ; or, a memoir of A. R. P. By Rev.
John A. Clark. 4th ed.

New-York, 1843. 12

PETERS (CHARLES), A.M., Rector of St Mabyn,
Cornwall. A critical dissertation on the Book
of Job. Wherein the account given of that
Book by the author of The divine legation of



Moses demonstrated, &c. is particularly con-
sidered ; the antiquity of the Book vindicated ;
the great text (chap. xix. 25-) explained ; and
a future state shewn to have been the popular
belief of the ancient Jews or Hebrews.

London, 1751. 4

PETERS (HUGH). Milke for babes, and meat
for men, or, principles necessary to be knowne,
and learned, of such as would know Christ
here, or be knowne of him hereafter.

London, 1641. 8

Good work for a good magistrate. Or, a short
cut to great quiet. By honest, homely plain
English hints given from Scripture, reason,
and experience, for the regulating of most
cases in this common-wealth. Concerning re-
ligion ; mercie ; justice. By H. P.

London, 1651. 12

PETERSEN (C.). Ansichten und Baurisse der
neuen Gebiiude fur Hamburgs offentliche Bil-
dungsanstalten, kurz beschrieben und in Ver-
binding mit dem Plan f iir die kiinf tige Anstel-
lung der Stadtbibliothek herausgegeben von
den Bibliothekaren J. G. C. LEHMANN und
C. P. 1840


PETIT-DIDIER (MATHIEU), Abbot of Senones.
Traite" theologique sur I'autorite* et 1'infaillibi-
lite' des Papes. Avignon, 1726. 8

plete des mdmoires relatifs a 1'histoire de
FRANCE, depuis la regne de Philippe- Auguste,
jusqu' au commencement du dix-septieme
siecle ; avec des notices sur chaque auteur, et
des observations sur chaque ouvrage par M. P.
(Taine*, et M. A. Petitot, et quelques-uns par
M. MONMERQUE']. 52 torn.

Paris, 1819-1827. 8

- Collection des memoires relatifs a 1'histoire de
FRANCE, depuis I'ave'nement de Henri IV.
jusqu' a la paix de Paris, conclue en 1763 ;
avec des notices sur chaque auteur, et des ob-
servations sur chaque ouvrage, par MM. P. et
MONMERQUE'. [Seconde sdrie.j 79 torn.

Paris, 1820-1829. 8

PETITPIED (L'Abb<$ NIC.). Nouveau memoire
sur les appels des jugemens ecclesiastiques, ou
1'on examine : 1. La justice... des appels aux
conciles en general, et en particulier de celui
qui a e'te' interjette de la Constitution UNI-


PETRARCA (FRANCESCO). View of human life.
Translated from the Latin, by Mrs Dobson.
New edition. London, 1797. 8

* The life of Petrarch. Collected from Me-
moires pour la vie de Petrarch. By Mrs Dob-
son. 3d ed. 2 vol. London, 1797. 8

PETRE (ROBERT-EDWARD), 9th Lord Petre.
Letter [on the rights of English Catholics]
from the Right Hon. Lord P. to the Right
Rev. Dr Horsley, Bishop of St Davids.

London, 1790. 8

PETRI (JOHANNES). Disputationum metaphysi-
carum tertia, de principiis primoc philosophise,
ot entia all'ectionibua in genere.

Ultrajccti, 1641. 4

Dissertatio philosopliica de philosophia in ge-
nere. Ultrajecti, 1643. 4

PETRIE (ADAM). Rules of good deportment for
Church-officers ; or, friendly advices to them.

Edin., 1730. 8

PETRIE (ALEXANDER), Minister of the Scots con-
gregation at Rotterdam. A compendious his-
tory of the Catholick Church, from the year
600 untill the year 1600. Shewing the defor-
mation and reformation. Together with the
rise, reign, rage, and begin-fall of the Roman
Anti-Christ. With many other profitable in-
structions. Gathered out of divers writers of
the several times, and other histories.

Hague, 1662. fol.

Another copy.

Another copy.

PETRIE (ROBERT). The reasonableness and ne-
cessity of publick worship. A sermon [on
Heb. xiii. 15-17] preached before the Synod
of Dumfries, October 11, 1743.

Edin., 1744. 8

PETRONJ (STEFANO EGIDIO). Geste navali del-
la monarchia Inglese dal Grande Alfredo sino
a questi ultimi tempi, poema. Con prefazioni
e note istorico-politiche in Francese di Joseph
LavaUe'e. 2 torn. Londra, 1814. 4

PETRUS, LAODICENSIS. Expositio in Orationem
Dominicam ; [cum NICETY Colossensis vita.]


rian to the Duke of Sussex. Bibliotheca Sus-
sexiana. A descriptive catalogue, accompanied
by historical and biographical notices, of tho
manuscripts and printed books contained in
the library of His R. H. the Duke of" Sussex,
in Kensington palace. 2 vol. 3 parts.

London, 3827, 39. 8

PETTY (Sir WILLIAM). Political arithmetic ;
or, a discourse concerning the extent and value
of lands, people, buildings ; husbandry, manu-
facture, commerce, fishery, artisans, seamen,
soldiers ; publick revenues, interest, taxes,
superlucration, registries, banks ; valuation of
men, increasing of seamen, of militias, har-
bours, situation, shipping, power at sea, &c.
As the same relates to every country in gene-
ral, but more particularly to the territories of
his Majesty of Great Britain, and his neigh-
bours of Holland, Zealand, and France.

Glasgow, 1751. 16

PEW (RICHARD). Twenty minutes observations
on a better mode of providing for the poor ;
in which it is rendered probable that they may
be effectually relieved, in a manner more agree-
able to the general feelings of mankind, at tho
same time that two millions sterling, or more,
may be annually saved to the nation.

London, 1783. 8

PEY (L'abbe"). De I'AUTORITE' des deux puis-
sances. 1780

PEYRAN (JEAN RODOLPHE), Pastor ofPomaret.
An historical defence of the Waldenses or Vau-
dois, inhabitants of the valleys of Piedmont.
With an introduction and appendixes, by the
Rev. Thomas Sims, M. A. London, 1826. 8



I'EYRAT (NAPOLEON). Histoire des pasteurs du
(Icst-rt depuis la revocation de 1'Edit de N.-mtr.s
jusqu' a la Revolution Franchise 1686-1789.
2 torn. Paris, 1842. 8

PEYRERIUS (ISAAC). A theological system
upon that supposition that men were before
ADAM. 1655

Men before ADAM. , 1G56
PEZRON(PAUL). L'ANTiQCiTBdes terns rrftablie

et defendue contre les Juifs et les nouveaux
chronologistes. 1G87

Antiquite de la nation et de la langue des
Celtes, autrement appellez Gaulois.

Paris, 1703. 8

The antiquities of nations ; more particularly
of the Celtte or Gauls. . .Englished by Mr Jones.

London, 1706. 8

of divinity at Tubingen. Primitise Tubingen-
ses, quarum pars prior orationem auspicalem
de ofticio professoris theologi dissertationesque
inaugurales de Evangeliis sub Anastasio impe-
ratore non corruptis et de litibus in articulo
de gratia et prsedestinatione ab initio Eccle-
siffi usque ad nostra tempera obortis cum co-
rollariis de integritate Scriptune sacrae sub in-
cudem orthodox ise revocatis funereque Maso-
rse ej usque cenotaphio, pars vero posterior
nobilissimum de prjejudiciis theologicis argu-
mentum prolixius nunc evolutum novaque dis-
sertatione illustratum duasque apologias viris
clarissimis Scipioni Matfejo et Jo. Alphonso
Turrettino oppositas exhibet.

Tubingce, 1718. 4

Syntagma dissertationum theologicarum I. De
genuinis Novi Testamenti lectionibus, II. De
oblatione et III. De consecratione veterum
eucharistica. Adsperguntur liturgia Grabiana
et fragmenta Irenaei anecdota cum adjunctis
in editione Belgica annotationibus, itemque
oratio in nativitatem Domini A.MDCCXVIII. ab
auctore Tubingee recitata.

Stutgardice, 1720. 8

Acta publica Constitutionis Unigenitus a Cle-
mente XI. Pontifice Romano contra Pascha-
sium Quesnellum conditte, usque ad declara-
tionem regiam Parisiensem, quse silentium
disceptantibus imposuit. In unum fasciculum
omnia magno studio heic congregata fudit,
dissertatione preliminari . . . auxit, atque ... ad
confirmandos in fide sanctiore Protestantes
edidit lucique exposuit C. M. P.

Tubingce, 1721. 4

Introductio in historian! theologize literariam
notis amplissimis, quae novum opus conficiunt,
illustrata. 3 partt. Tubingce, 1724-26. 4

Another copy.

Institutiones historite ecclesiasticse, juxta or-
dinem seculorum brevissimo penicillo delinea-
te... Editio secunda. Tubingce, If 21. 8

Biblia. 1729. See BIBLES GERMAN. A.

Juris ecclesiastic! libri quinque. Accedunt
dissertationes de successionis episcopalis, maxi-
me in Ecclesiis Anglicana et Fratrum Bohemo-
rum adhuc vigentis pretio, ubi et controversia
Courayeriana et sententia cuiu Cartesianorum

turn Anglorum de S. Co;na simul pnnditur, et
de crimine hicretiticii, nova item dissertatio de
jure sacrorum absolute et collegia! i, ubi dis-
sentientibus eel. maxime Buehmero responde-
tur, denique dissertatio de editione Aug. Conf.
Germanica ex archive Moguntino pronuper
eruta, quse itidem heic contra dissentientes de-
fenditur. Editio secunda.

Francofurti ad Mcenum, 1732. 8

Origines juris ecclesiastici, una cum disserta-
tionibus rarioribus jus ecclesiasticum illustran-
tibus, quse emendation huic edition! accesse-
runt , ruvisu-, auctiu, suppletae.

Tubingae, 1756. 4

On the language of Palestine in the age of
Christ and the Apostles. By J. B. DK Rossi
and H. F. P. 1833

guae Grsecse Novi Testamenti puritate.

Amstel., 1629. 8

PJELEDRUS, Augusti libertus. Fabularum ^Eso-
picarum libri v. Londini, 1750. 12

Another edition. Ex recensione Petri Bur-
manni fideliter expressa. Glasgtuz, 1800. 12

Fabularum ^Esopiarum quas occulis puerorum
subjici fas est libros quinque, cum indice ver-
bomm phrasiumque difficiliorum Anglico red-
ditorum, edidit A. R. Carson. Editio altera.

Edinburgi, 1813. 12

PHARMACY. Annalen der Pharmacie. Band,
i.-xcii., [wanting Heft 2], xciii.-xcv., [wantuig
Heft 3] [with index to Band i.-lxxvi. in
ii. Band.] Heidelberg, 1832-1855. 8

PHELAN (\VILLIAM), D.D., Rector of A rdtrea.
The remains of W. P. With a biographical
memoir, by John [Jebb], Bishop of Limerick.
2 vol. London, 1832. 8

PHELIPEAUX (L'Abbd JEA*), Canon of Troyes.
Relation de 1'origine du QUIETISME. 1732

PHELPES (CHARLES). Needful counsel forluke-
warm Christians ; being a consideration of
some part of the message sent to the angel of
the Church of Laodicea. London, 1672. 4

PHELPS (ROBERT), B.A., Trinity college, Cam-
bridge. An elementary treatise on optics : in-
tended chiefly to elucidate the principles of
the construction of telescopes, and some other
optical instruments. Cambridge, 1835. 8

PHENIX. The Phenix ; or, a collection of
choice, scarce, and valuable tracts being taken
from manuscripts and printed books, very un-
common, and not to be found but in the libra-
ries of the curious, by a gentleman who has
searched after them for twenty years. 2 vol.
London, 1707, 8. 8

Another edition. London, 1708, 21. 8

A phenix ; or, the solemn league and covenant.
Whereunto is annexed, I. The form and man-
ner of His Majesty's coronation in Scotland.
With a sermon then preached on that occasion,
by Robert DOUGLAS of Edinburgh. II. A de-
claration of the Kings Majesty [CHARLES II.]
to all his loving subjects of the kingdom of
Scotland, &c. in the year 1650. III. The great
danger of covenant-breaking, &c. Being the



substance of a sermon [on 2 Tim. 3. 3] preach-
ed by Edm. CALAMY the 14. of Jan. 1645, be-
fore the then Lord Mayor of the city of Lon-
don, Sir Tho. Adams, together with the shie-
rift's, aldermen, and common-councell of the
said city : being the day of their taking the
solemn league and covenant at Michael Basen-
shaw, London. Edin., s. a. 12

PHILADELPHE (EUSEBE). Le re'veiUe-matin
des Fran9ois et de leurs voisins, compost par
Ensebe Philadelphe, cosmopolite. [Attributed
to Beza ; and also to Nicolas Barnaud.]

Edim., 1574. 8

PHILADELPHIA. The work of God in Phila-
delphia, A.I>. 1858. Prepared by the commit-
tee of the Young men's Christian association
of that city. With an introduction by Henry
Groves. London, 1859. 12

PHILALETHES, pseud., i. e. Charles LESLIE.
PHILALETHES. Protestant POPERY. 1718
A congratulatory epistle from His Holiness
the Pope, to the Rev. Dr Snape. Faithfully
translated from the Latin original into Eng-
lish verse. By the author of Protestant Po-
pery. London, 1718. 8
PHILALETHES, pseud., i. e. Thomas MORGAN.
PHILALETHES. Remarks on Philanthropes'
answer to the question, " What must I do to
be saved ?" By Philalethes.

Glasgoiv, 1840. 12

PHILALETHES, pseud., i. e. Thomas RANDALL.
PHILALETHES (EUGENIUS), pseud., i. e. A. A.



PHILANTHROPOS. Remarks uponDr Butler's
sixth chapter of the Analogy of religion, &c.
concerning necessity ; and also upon the dis-
sertation of the nature of virtue.

London, 1737. 8

PHILANTHROPOS. The question, " What
must I do to be saved ?" answered. By Phil-
anthropes. Edin., 1840. 12
Another copy.

PHILE (MANUEL). De animalium proprietate,
ex prima editione Arsenii et libro Oxoniensi
restitutus a Joanne Cornelio de Pauw, cum
ejusdem animadversionibus et versione Latina
Gregorii Bersmanni. Accedunt ex eodem libro
Oxoniensi non pauca hactenus inedita. [Gr.
et Lat.] Trajecti ad Hhenum, 1730. 4

PHILELEUTHERUS. An appeal to equity,
showing the unreasonableness and injustice of
obliging dissenters to contribute towards the
support of the Church of England : with some
remarks on tythes. By Phileleutherus.

London, 1817. 8'

Richard BENTLEY.
PHILIATROS (EUONYMUS), pseud., i. e. Conra-

to the history and study of Chess ; with copious
descriptions, etymological and practical ; to-
gether with a system of elementary rules for
playing : to which is added, the Analysis of

chess of A. D. P. The whole simplifyed, and
arranged in a manner entirely new, by an ama-
teur. Cheltenham, 1804. 8

PHILIP ( ), D.D. * Case of the Rev. Dr P.,

superintendent of the missions of the London
missionary society in South Africa.

London, 1830. 8

Another copy.

PHILIP (ROBERT), of Maberly chapel, London.

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