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of many years in that country.

London, 1833. 8

PINNERS - HALL. Peace at Pinners -Hall
wish'd, and attempted in a pacifick paper
touching the universality of redemption, the
conditionally of the covenant of grace, and
our freedom from the law of works : upon oc-
casion of a sermon, wherein something was
spoken upon those points, with reference to
the preachers of that Lecture there, for the
healing of peoples minds, and preventing of-
fence about them. By a lover of truth and
accomodation. London, 1692. 4

PINNOCK (W.). Catechisms of the arts and
sciences : forming a complete juvenile Ency-
clopredia of general knowledge. 10 vol.

London, 1822. 12

PIPER (FERDINANDUS). De externa vitas Jesu
clironologia recte constituenda. Dissertatio
inauguralis academia Georgia Au-
gusta... publice defendet F. P.

Gottingce, [1835]. 4

PIPPINGIUS (HENRICUS). De triplici corona
Roman! Pontificis... Lipsice, 1692. 4

PIPES (ToM). A letter to the PUJV. Robert S.
Candlish, D.D., touching what passeth in his
household on the Sabbath, and how far he
obeys the injunction, Ye shall kindle no fire
throughout all your habitations upon the Sab-
bath-day. Exodiis, xxxv. 3. Slave money.
Is the sustentation fund the cause of God ?
Riglxt of women to vote in the election of Free
ministers, &c. A'./m., 1847. 8

PIRIE (ALEXANDER). Three letters to the au-
thor of a pamphlet, entitled, Reasons by a lay
member of the Presbytery of Relief, which in-
duced him to join the majority, in refusing to
concur with a call from the congregation at
Blair-Logie, to Mr A. P. Edin., 1776. 8

PIRIE (ALEXANDER), Inde-pendenl minister at
Neicbnrgh, Fife. The miscellaneous and post-
humous works of the Rev. A. P. Vol. i.,
iv.-vi. Ji'/Jii.,1805, 6. 12-

Critical and practical observations on Scrip-
ture texts. /'-'/.. 1786. i-

A dissertation on baptism, intni'lnl t<> illus-
trate the origin, history, design, mode and sub-
jects of that sacred institution : wherein the
mistakes of the Quakers and Baptists on that
subject are pointed out, and their obj.
refuted : to which is added an inquiry into the
lawfulness <>f eating bluml. Perth, 17H;. \-

Appendix to A dissertation on baptism, in-
tended to expose the fallacy and absurdity of
the ideas of the Baptists concerning circumci-
sion and baptism ; the two Churches of the
Old and New Testaments ; the two covenants
and two seeds of Abraham ; containing a full
answer to all that Messrs M'Lean and Booth
have advanced on these subjects : in a series
of letters addressed to Mr M'Lean, of Edin-
burgh, /'.if /i, 1787. 12

The duties and qualifications of a Gospel mis-
sionary : a sermon [on Matt, xxviii. 19, 20]
preached before the Glasgow missionary so-
ciety, 1797. Glasgow, 1797. 8

PIRIE (WILLIAM R.), D.D., Professor o/dtVi >'/./
and Church history in the university of Aberdeen.
Letter in explanation of the present posi-
tion of parties in the Church. By the Rev.
James PAULL and W. R. P. 1840

Some notice taken of the Rev. Andrew Gray
by Messrs PAULL and Pirie. 1840

PIRRET (DAVID). The ethics of the Sabbath.

Edin., 1855. 8

PISCATOR (JOHANNES), Professor of divinity at
Herborn. Aphorism! doctrime Cliristianaj, ex
Institutione Calvini excerpti : hactenus in scho-
la Herbornensi publice ad disputandum propo-
siti, et deinceps (si Deus voluerit) proponendi.
Herborna, 1589. 8

Responsio ad dictata Danielis Hofmanni : qui-
bus quaistiones illius rhetoricas de tropo in
verbis sacrae Ccense oppugnavit. Ad calcem
quiestiones illse rhetoricte Piscatoris adjecUe
sunt. Herbonue Nassoviorum, 1592. 8

Commentarii in omnes Libros Novi Testamen-
ti...Quibus continentur 1. Analysis logica sin-
gulorum librorum et capitum. 2. Scholia in
singula capita. 3. Observationes locorum doc-
triiife e singulis capitibus. Omnia ha-c ab au-
thore recognita. Editio secunda.

HerborncK Nassoviorum, 1621. 4

Editio tertia.

Herbornce Nassoviorum, 1638. fol.

Another copy.

Commentarii in omnes Libros Veteris Testa-
menti...4 torn.

Herbonue Nassoviorum, 1643-6. fol.
Another copy.


j PISTOIA, BISHOP or. See Scipio de RICCI.
P1STOIA, or PISTORIA. Acta et decreta Sy-

nodi dioocesanse Pistoriensis an. MDCCLXXXVI.

[2partt.] Ticini, 1789. 8

1 PITCARNE (ALEXANDER), Minister of the Gosjtel

at Drn. The spiritual sacrifice: or, a treatise,

wherein several weighty questions and cases,



concerning the saints communion with God in
prayer, are propounded ; and practically im-
proved. [In four parts.] Edin., 1604. 4
Compendiaria et perfacilis physiologic idea,
Aristotelicse forte conformior, physical practi-
ce ac chymicis experimentis accommodatior et
aptior, quam quse vulgo in scholis obtinuit, et
in amplis Jesuitarum monumentis conspicitur.
Una cum anatome Cartesianismi, in qua Car-
tesii speculationes metaphysics examini sub-
jiciuntur. Londini, 1676. 8

- Harmonia evangelica Apostolorum Pauli et Ja-
cobi in doctrina de justilicatione ; cum eno-
datione priecipuarum difficultatum super hoc
fundamental! articulo, vindicatione doctrina)
orthodox*, et confutatione errorum ab anti-
quis et modernis propriae justitia? praBconibus
assertorum. Adversus Socinianos, Pontificios,
Arminianos, Curcella3um, Morum, Bullum,
Sherlockum, et alios novaturientes instituta.
Una cum inquisitione in constitutionem con-
troversies inter nos et Romanenses a D. le
Blanc exhibitam ; in secundam justificatio-
nem, cum Pontificiam, turn Baxterianam a mo-
dernis Conditionalistis propugnatam ; et in
alia istius commatis Neotericorum placita.

Eoterodami, 1685. 8

- Another copy.

poemata Archibald! Pitcarnii Med. Doctoris,
Gulielmi SCOT a Thirlestane, Equitis, Thomse
KINCADII, civis Edinburgensis, et aliorum.

Edinburgi, 1727. 12

PITISCUS (SAMUEL). Lexicon antiquitatum
Romanarum : in quo ritus et antiquitates cum
Graacis ac Romanis communes, turn Romanis
peculiares, sacrse et profanaj, publicae et pri-
vatae, civiles ac militares exponuntur. Acce-
dit his auctorum notatorum, emendatorum, et
explicatorum index copiosissimus. Cum figu-
ris in a;s incisis. 2 torn.

Leovardice, 1713. fol.

PITMAN (JOHN ROGERS), M.A., Perpetual curate
of St Barnabas' church, Kensington. A course
of sermons on some of the chief subjects in the
Book of Psalms... Abridged from eminent di-
vines of the Established Church...

London, 1846. 8

PITRA (DoM ). Etudes sur la collection des

actes des saints par les RR. PP. Jesuites Bol-
landistes ; precedees d'une dissertation sur les
anciennes collections hagiographiques, et sui-
vies d'un recueil de pieces inedites.

Paris, 1850. 8


PITT (WILLIAM), Earl of Chatham.* The his-
tory of the life of W. P. London, 1783. 8

PITT (Right Hon. WILLIAM). The necessity of
reform inculcated, and its propriety and con-
stitutional legality asserted. To which is add-
ed an exposition of anti-Jacobinism ; two let-
ters on reform, addressed to the Right Hon.
Charles Yorke, and an article illustrating that
gentleman's political conduct, by his recent
acceptance of a lucrative sinecure.

London, s. a. 8"

* A letter to the Right Hon. W. P., on the
present alarming crisis of public affairs.

London, 1796. 8

Speech in the House of Commons, 10th Nov.
1797, relative to the negotiation for peace.

Lomlon, 1797. 8

PITT (WILLIAM MORTON), M.P. An address to
the landed interest, on the deficiency of habi-
tations and fuel for the use of the poor.

London, 1797. 8

PITTILLOH (ROBERT), Advocate. Oppression
under the colour of law, or, my Lord Hercarse
his new Praticks. London, 1689. 4

Epistole et varii tractatus Pii secudi potiti-
cis maximi : ad diuersos in quadruplici vite
eius statu trasmisse noviter impresse feliciter
incipiunt. Lugduni, M.CCCCC.XVIII. 8

Commentariorum historicorum libri iii. de con-
cilio Basiliensi. Cattopoli, 1667. 4


* Pope Pius his profession of faith vindicated
from novelty in additional articles.

London, 1C87. 4

The additional articles in Pope Pius's creed,
no articles of the Christian faith. Being an
answer to a late pamphlet, intituled, Pope
Pius his profession of faith vindicated from
novelty in additional articles. And the pro-
spect of Popery, taken from that authentic
record, with short notes thereupon [by A. Al-
tham] defended. London, 1688. 4

and pontificate of Saint Pius the fifth. Sub-
joined is a reimpression of a historic deduction
of the Episcopal oath of allegiance to the Pope,
in the Church of Rome. By the Rev. Joseph
Mendham, M.A. London, 1832. 8


* Memoires historiques et philosophiques sur
Pie VI. et son pontificat, jusqu'a sa retraite
en Toscane ; ou Ton trouve des details curieux
sur sa vie privee, sur les querelles avec les di-
verses puissances de 1'Europe, sur les causes
qui ont amend le renversement du trone pon-
tifical, et sur la Revolution de Rome : tirees
des sources les pins authentiques. [Par Jean-
Franois BOURGOING.] 2 torn.

Paris, an 7 de la repiMique [1799]. 8

Translated from the French. 2 vol.

London, 1799. 8

A letter from the late Pope Pius VI. With
other recommendations to Catholics to read
the holy Scriptures. London, s. a. 12

MONTI], Pope. * Histoire du Pape Pie VII.
Par M. le Chevalier ARTAUD. 1837

Pope. Lettre encyclique de Pie IX. a tous les
Patriarches, Priniats, Archeveques et Eveques.
[Fr. et Lat.] Paris, 1846. 8

PLAC^EUS ( JOSUA), Professor of tJwology at Sau-
mur. Opera omnia ; in uiium corpus mine
primum collecta, in quo Gallice ab auctore
scripta Latinitate donata comparent. Editio
novissima. 2 torn. Franc qucra:, 1702, 3. 4


Disputationes de argumentis, quibus eflicitur,
Christum prius fuissc, quain in ntero Beat<u
Virginia secundum carnum conciperetur, in
academia variia temporibus habi-
ki), sub pnesidio J. P. N" I'-'. 4

Disputationes de testimouiis et argumentis e
Veteri Testainenti petitis, quibus probatur,
Dominum nostrum lesum Christum esse I Mini
pr.i'ditum essentia divina, in academia Salmu-
riensi, variis temporibus habitte, sub pra-sidio
J. P. Salmurii, 1051. 4

De imputatione primi peccati Adanii disputa-
tio. In qua Synodi Ecclesianim in Gallia re-
formatarum nationalis, Carentoni propfe Lute-
tiani anno 1045, habitue, de illo argumento
docretum explicatur et defenditur. Ac Pla-
cu-i cum illo decreto summus per omnia con-
sensus demonstratur. Salmurii, 1055. 4

PLACCIUS (ViNCENTius), Professor of morals and
eloquence at Hamburg. De scrip toribus occul-
tis detectis tractatus duo, quorum prior anony-
mos detectos, in capita, pro argumentorum
varietate distinctus, posterior pseudonymos
detectos catalogo alphabetico, exhibet.

Hamburgi, 1674. 4

Another edition. Summa beati auctoris re-
clusum, et benignis auspiciis Dn. Matthue
Dreyeri, cujus et commentatio, de summa et
scopo hujus operis accedit, luci publicae reddi-
tnm. Pnemissa eat prrefatio et vita auctoris,
scriptore Jo. Alberto Fabricio. Cum indici-
bus necessariis. [2 vol.]

Hamburgi, 1708. fol.

PLACES. Remarkable places mentioned in the
holy Scriptures. Prepared for the Presbyte-
rian Board of publication.

Philadelphia, 1844. 12


PLAIFERE (JOHN), B.D., Margaret professor of
divinity at Cambridge. Appello Evangeliuin
for the true doctrine of the divine predestina-
tion concorded with the orthodox doctrine of
God's free-grace, and man's free-will. Here-
unto is added Dr Chr. POTTER his owne vindi-
cation in a letter to Mr V[icars] touching the
same points. London, 1652. 8

Another edition. [With Tracts on PREDESTI-
NATION.] 1719

PLAIN (TIMOTHY). A letter to the Right Hon.
William Pitt, on the late arrangements in ad-
ministration. London, 1804. 8

PLAIN ENGLISH. Plain English : humbly
offered to the consideration of His Majesty and
his great council. London, 1690. 4

PLANCK (GOTTLIEB JACOB), Professor of theology
at Gottingen. Geschichte der Entstehung der
Veranderungen und der Bildung unsers pro-
testantischen Lehrbegriffs vom Anfang der Re-
formation bis zu der Einfiihrung der Concor-
dienformel. Bande. [l ter u: 2<*r Band,
2teAufL, 3 ter Baiid, neue Aufl.]

Leipzig, 1791-1800. 8

Geschichte der Christlich-Kirchlichen Gesell-
schafts-Verfassung. 5 Bande.

Hannover, 1803-9. 8

GruiidririH dor llicologischcn Encyclopedic /.inn

tranche bey sciiu-n \ nrlcHungcn.

Viitthwn, 1813. 8

Geschichte der protestantisclit-M Th. ..I- u'ic- vn
dur Konkonlii'iifunnel an bis in die Mittu dc.s
acht-zehnten Jalirhunderts.

d'ittingen, 1831. 8

Introduction to sacred philology and interpre-
tation. Translated from the original German,
and enlarged with notes, by Samuel H. Turner,
D.D. [Bib. Cab., vol. vii.] Edin., 1834. 8

PLANCK (HENRIUUS), Hector of the university f
Gottingen. Dissertation on the tme nature
and genius of the Greek diction of the New
Testament. [Translated by A. S. Patterson.]
[Bib. Cab., vol. ii.] /;.//., 1833. 8

PLAT (Juuoous LE). See Jud. LE PLAT.

PLATINA (BAPTISTA) [or Bartolomeo SA<THI],
Librarian to the Vatican. Platine historic!
liber de vita Christi : ac pontificum omniu :
qui li act en us ducenti et viginti duo fuere.
Nurenberge, Antonius Koburger, M.CCCCLXXXI.


[The above rare edition contains the suppress-
ed passages in the lives of the Popes.]

Another edition. s. 1., 1645. 12 J

Another copy.

Another edition. s. I. , 1664. 12"

Translated into English. And the same

history continued from the year 1471, to this
present time ; wherein the most remarkable
passages of Christendom both in Church and
State are treated of and described. By Paul
RYCAUT. London, 1685. fol.

PLATO. Platonis et quae vel Platonis esse ferun-
tur vel Platonica solent comitari scripta Greece
omnia ad codices manuscriptos recensuit vari-
asque inde lectiones diligenter enotavit Im-
manuel Bekker. Annotationibus integris Ste-
phani, Heindorfii, Heusdii, Wyttenbachii, Lin-
davii Boeckhiique. Adjiciuntur modo non in-
tegrfe Serrani, Cornarii, Thompsoni, Fischeri,
Gottleberi, Astii, Butmanni, et Stalbaumi,
nee non ex commentariis aliorum curiose ex-
cerpta. [Cum interjiretatione Latina, juxta
interpretationem Ficini aliorumque.] 11 vol.
Londini, 1826. 8

Opera omnia ad fidem optimorum librorum
deiiuo recognovit et una cum scholiis Graecis
emendatius edidit Godofredus Stallbaumius.
Nova editio stereotypa. 8 torn.

Lipsue, 1850. 8

The works of Plato. A new and literal ver-
sion, chiefly from the text of Stallbaum. Vol. i.
Containing the Apology of Socrates, Crito,
Phajdo, Gorgias, Protagoras, Phsedrus, Theas-
tetus, Euthyphron, and Lysis. By Henry
Gary, M.A. [Bohn's class, lib.]

London, 1848. 8

Vol. ii. Containing the Republic, Timaeus

and Critias. By Henry Davis, M.A. [Ibid.]

London, 1849. 8

Vol. iii. Containing Meno, Euthydemus,

the Sophist, the Statesman, Cratylus, Par-
menides, and the Banquet. By George Burges,
M.A. [Ibid.J London, 1850. 8 U



Dialog! v. Recensuit, notisque illustravit
Nath. Forster, A.M. Editio secunda. [Gr.
et Lat.j Oxonii, 1752. 8

- Respublica. Ad codicum fidem recensuit et
commentariis criticis illustravit Immanuel Bek-
kerus. Annotationes Stephani et Astii adji-
ciuntur integral, necnon Mureti et Feehsii se-
lectee. Londini, 1825. 8

- The Republic of Plato. In ten books. Trans-
lated from the Greek by H. Spens, D.D. With
a preliminary discourse concerning the philo-
sophy of the ancients by the translator.

Glasgow, 1763. 4

Another copy.

- Plato's Apology of Socrates, translated into
English by Rev. Joseph Mills, A.B. With
notes and an appendix by the translator.

Canfbridge, 1775. 8

- The Phaedrus of Plato ; a dialogue concerning
beauty and love. Translated from the Greek
by Thomas Taylor. London, 1792. 4

PLATON (PIERKE), Metropolitan of Moscow.
The present state of the Greek Church in Rus-
sia, or a summary of Christian divinity. Trans-
lated from the Slavonian. With a preliminary
memoir on the ecclesiastical establishment in
Russia, and an appendix, containing an ac-
count of the origin, and different sects of Rus-
sian dissenters. By Robert PINKERTON.

Edin., 1814. 8

PL ATONISME. Defense des SS. Peres accusez
de Platonisme. [Par Jean Francois BALTUS.]

Paris, 1711. 4

PLATT (THOMAS PELL), M.A., Honorary libra-
rian to the British and Foreign Bible society.
Facts respecting certain versions of holy Scrip-
ture published by the British and Foreign
Bible society : in reply to an article in the
seventy-first number of the Quarterly review.
London, 1827. 8

A letter to Dr Wardlaw of Glasgow. With
preface and notes by Dr Wardlaw.

Glasgow, 1827. 8
- Another copy.

- * Review of Mr Platt's Letter to Dr Ward-
law ; with remarks on Mr M'Gavin's pamphlet.

Edin., 1827. 8

- A second letter to Dr Wardlaw, of Glasgow.
Containing explanations of former statements,
in reply to an article in the Edinburgh Chris-
tian Instructor for February. With a preface
by Dr Wardlaw. Glasgoiv, 1827. 8

- Novum Testamentum. 1829. See BIBLES

PLATTER (THOMAS), Schoolmaster. Autobio-
graphy of T. P. Translated from the German.
London, 1839. 12

kunst mit dem Lothrohre, oder Anleitung Mi-
neralien, Erze, Hiittenproducte und verschie-
dene Metallverbindungen vor dem Lothrohre,
mit theilweiser Anwendung des nassen Weges,
qualitativ fast auf alle Bestandtheile, und
quantitativ auf Silber, Gold, Kupfer, Blei und
Zinn in Kurzer Zeit zu untersuchen. Mit
3 Kupfertafelu. /.< '/-.';/, 1835. 8 l

PLATTS (JOHN). Eight discourses upon the
mystery of godliness, from 1 Tim. 3. 16.

London, 1721. 8

PLAUTUS (M. Accius). Comoedise xx. super-
stites, nunc denuo, post omnium editiones, ad
fidem meliorum codd. et imprimis vetustiss.
MSS. Camerarii, seu Camerario-Palatinorum,
ut et doctiss. vironim curas accuratius exact*,
et no vis commentariis illustratae . . . Plautina
autem fragmenta ad similem faciem concin-
nata, et Platito denique supposita : omnia
studio et industria Frid. Taubmanni.

Wittebergce, 1612. 4

Another edition. Amsterodami, 1629. 16

Querolus sive Aulularia. [Wants title.] 12

The comedies of Plautus, Amphitryon, Epidi-
cus, and Rudens, made English : by Laurence
Echard, M.A. 2d ed. London, 1716. 12

PLAYFAIR (JAMES), D.D. , Principal of the Unit-
ed college, St Andreivs. A system of chrono-
logy... Edin., 1784. fol.

A system of geography, ancient and modern...
6vol. Edin., 1808-14. 4

PLAYFAIR (JOHN), Professor of natural philoso-
phy in the university of Edinburgh. Illustra-
tions of the Huttonian theory of the earth.

Edin., 1802. 8

Letter to the author of the Examination of
Professor Stewart's Short statement of facts.
With an appendix. Edin., 1806. 8

Another copy.

Outlines of natural philosophy, being heads
of lectures delivered in the university of Edin-
burgh. 2 vol. [Vol. ii. 2d ed.]

Edin., 1814, 16. 8

Elements of geometry ; containing the first six
books of EUCLID, with a supplement on the
quadrature of the circle and the geometry of
solids ; to which are added, elements of plane
and spherical trigonometry. 8th ed., with
additions by William Wallace, A.M.

Edin., 1831. 8

Another copy.

PLAYFERUS (THOMAS), D.D. Sufficit. Sire,
de misericordia Dei in diflerenda ira.

Londini, 1607. 4

PLAYS. Old plays. Vol. ix. and x. [Contain-
ing Albumazar : a comedy ; the Gamester, by
James Shirley ; the Bird in a cage, by J. Shir-
ley ; the City night-cap, by Robert Davenport ;
the Parson's wedding, by Thomas Killigrew ;
the City-match, by Jasper Maine ; the Lt>st
lady, by Sir William Barclay ; the Ordinary,
by William Cartwright ; the Queen of Arragoii,
by William Habington ; and the Marriage-
night [imperfect], by Henry, Lord Viscount
Falkland.] [General title wanting.] 12

PLEA. The Christian's plea for his God and
Saviour Jesus Christ. London, 1719. 8

PLINIUS SECUNDUS (CAius), Senior. Historia
mundi libri xxxvii., a Sigismundo Gelenio
diligenter castigati...Acces8erunt ad marginem
variae lectiones ac notse ex Fer. Pintiani, Adr.
Turnebi, Jos Scaligeri, Justi Lipsii, et aliorum
doctissimorum virorum scriptis diligenter ex-
ccrpta?... Lwjduni, 1582. fol.



- llistoria naturalo, tradntta par M. Lodovico
Dmnriiichi... I inn/in, 15(51. 4

I'l.l.MI S Si:.TM>rs C.rcii.irs (L'Airs), Junior.
Epiatolu) et panegyricus, notis illustrate.

Oxunii, 1677. 8

Another edition. Ex recensione et cum adno-
tationibus perpetuis Jo. Matthitu Gesneri, qui-
bus Jo. Michaelis Hensingeri, Jo. Christ. Theo-
I'liil. Erncsti, suasque notas addidit Godfr.
Hour. Scluufer. Lipsict, 1805. 8

Another edition. Ad optimor. exemplar, fi-
iloni recognovit et passim emendavit J. A.
Amar. 2 torn. Parisiw, 1822. 8

- Epistolarum libri x. Lugduni, 1547. 8

- Another edition. Londini, 1790. 8

An address of thanks to a good prince, pre-
sented in the panegyrick of Pliny upon Trajan
the best of Roman emperors. [Translated by
White Kennet.] London, 1686. 8

- Another edition. Faithfully rendred into
English from the original, by George Smith.

London, 1702. 8

Correspondence between Pliny the consul and
the Emperor Trajan, respecting the early
Christians. From the translation by William
Melmoth. [From the Encyclopaedia Metropo-
litana.] London, 1850. 8

PLOTINUS. An essay on the beautiful. From
the Greek of Plotinus. [By J. Taylor.]

London, 1792. 8

PLUCHE (NOEL ANTOINE), Professor of rhetoric
in tJte college of Rheims. The history of the
heavens, considered according to the notions
of the poets and philosophers, compar'd with
the doctrines of Moses. Being an enquiry
into the origine of idolatry. And the mistakes
of philosophers, upon the formation and in-
fluences of the celestial bodies. Translated
from the French, by J. B. De Freval. 2 vol.
3d ed. London, 1752. 12

PLUNKETT (W. C.). * A review of a celebrated

speech on the Catholic claims ; delivered in

the House of Commons, in the session of 1813 ;

in a letter addressed to the Right Hon. W. C. P.

London, 1820. 8

of history in the college of France. Dictionnaire
des heresies des erreurs et des schismes, on
memoires pour servir a 1'histoire des dgare-
ments de 1'esprit humain par rapport a la reli-
gion Chre'tienne ; pre'ce'de' d'un discours dans
lequel on recherche quelle a e'te' la religion pri-
mitive des homines, les changements qu'elle a
soufferts jusqu'a la naissance du Christianisme,
les causes generates, les filiations et les effets
das heresies qui ont divise' les Chretiens ; par
Pluquet. Ouvrage augment^ de plus de 400
articles... par M. 1'abbe J. Jh. Claris... suivi
1 d'un dictionnaire nouveau des Jansenistes
...par M. Tabbe" **** ; 2 de 1'Index des livres
de'fendus par la sacree congregation de ce nom,
depuis sa creation jusqu' a nos jours ; 3 des
propositions condamnees par 1'Eglise depuis
1'an 411 jusqu' a present ; 4 de la liste com-
plete des ouvrages condamnes par les tribu-
naux Fran9ais, avec le texte des jugements et

tinfcs du Mnniteur. Publie\j par M.
1 al.l : Migne. 2 torn. /', -. is 17. ;,;;. s'
PLURALITIES. A defence of pluralitirH, or,
holding two benefices with cure of HI mis, as
now practised in the Church of England. | My
Henry WHARTON.] London, I '.!'_'. H'

The necessity of the abolition of pluralities and
non-residence with the employment of substi-
tutes by the benenced clergy: dcinon.strati-d
in an enquiry into the principles and conse-
ipu-ncca of the establishment of curates.

l.'.ndtm, 1802. 8

Report of the debate in the General Assembly
of the Church of Scotland, on the overtures
anent the union of offices, May, 1825.

Edin., 1825. 8

Another copy.

Report of the debate in the General Assembly
of the Church of Scotland, on the overtures
anent the union of offices, May, 1820.

Edin., 1826. 8

Review of the debate in the General Assembly
of the Church of Scotland, May 1826, on the
overtures anent the union of offices. [By Ro-
bert BURNS.] Edin., 1826. 8

ronensis quse extant omnia, cum Latina inter-
pretatione Hermanni Cruserii, Gulielmi Xy-
landri. Accedit nvnc primvm libellus eivsdem
de fluuiorum montiumque nominibus, cum
versione Maussaci, et doctorum virorum notb,

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