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the call of the Jews, and the glory that shall
be in the latter days. Begun by the industri-
ous labours of V. P. , late deceased ; and finish-
ed by N. P. and J. F., &c. London, 1671. 12

POWELL (BADEN), M.A., Savilian professor of
geometry at Oxford. The present state and
future prospects of mathematical and physical
studies in the university of Oxford, considered
in a public lecture, introductory to his usual
course, in Easter term, 1832.

Oxford, 1832. 8



The connexion of natural and divine truth ;
or, the study of the inductive philosophy con-
sidered as subservient to theology.

London, 1838. 8

A general and elementary view of the undula-
tory theory, as applied to the dispersion of
light, and some other subjects. Including the
substance of several papers, printed in the
Philosophical transactions, and other journals.

London, 1841. 8

Christianity without Judaism.

London, 1857. 8

POWELL (GABRIEL). A refutation of an epistle
apologeticall written by a Puritan-Papist to
perswade the permission of the promiscuous
use and profession of all sects and hreresies.

London, 1605. 4

POWELL (THOMAS), Wesleyan minister. An
essay on apostolical succession : Being a de-
fence of a genuine Protestant ministry, against
the exclusive and intolerant schemes of Pa-
pists and high Churchmen ; and supplying a
general antidote to Popery. Also, a critique
on the Apology for apostolical succession by
the Hon. and Rev. A. P. Perceval ; and a re-
view of Dr W. F. Hook's sermon on "Hear
the Church." 2d ed. London, 1840. 8

Another copy.

cellor of the university of Canibridge. A defence
of the subscriptions required in the Church of
England. A sermon [on 1 Cor. i. 10] preach-
ed before the university of Cambridge, on the
Commencement Sunday, 1757. 2d ed.

London, 1758. 4

Discourses on various subjects. Published by
Thomas Balguy, D.D. London, 1776. 8

POWER. Strictures on the idea of power ; with
special reference to the views of Dr Brown, in
his " Inquiry into the relation of cause and
effect." [By William LYALL.]

Edin., 1842. 8

Another copy.


POYNDER (JOHN). Popery in alliance with
heathenism : letters proving that where the
Bible is wholly unknown, as in the heathen
world, or only partially known, as in the Ro-
mish Church, idolatry and superstition are in-
evitable. 2d ed. London, 1835. 8

POZZO (Count FERDINAND DAL), First president
of the imperial court of Genoa. Catholicism in
Austria ; or, an epitome of the Austrian eccle-
siastical law ; with a dissertation on the rights
and duties of the English government, with
respect to the Catholics of Ireland.

London, 1827. 8

POZZY ( ), Pastor of the evangelical church of

Bergerac. Discours prononce's par MM. P. ,
Aug. BOST, et Jn. MONOD, pasteurs, dans les
assemblies de 1'Alliance evangelique de Lyon,
les 4 et 5 Novembre 1857 : De 1'impuissance
des Chretiens de nos jours et de ses causes.
Le declin de la foi. De 1'etude pratique des
saintes Ecritures. Lyon, 1858. 8

PRADO (HiERONYMUs), S.J., Professor of

i' it'/ (it Cordova. H. P. et loannis Baptist.-e
VILLALPANDI e Societate lesv in Ezechirlrm
explanationes et apparatvs vrbis, ac tcmpli
Hierosolymitani commentariis et iinaginil*vH
illustratvs. 3 torn. AMMO, 1M6, 1606. foL

M alines. Les quatre concordat*, suivis de
considerations sur le gouvernement de 1'Eglise
en ge'ne'ral, et sur 1'Eglise de France en parti-
oilier, depuis 1515. 3 torn. Paris, 1818. 8

Du Jcsuitisme ancien et moderne.

Paris, 1825. 8


PRAT (DANIEL), M.A. An answer to the Rev.
Dr Snape's Second letter to the Lord Bishop
of Bangor : with occasional observations on
three other the most celebrated treatises against
His Lordship ; viz. Dr Sherlock's, Mr Law's,
and the Remarks. In a letter to Dr Snape.
2d ed. London, 1717. 8

Christ church, Macclesfald. Holy Scripture
the true rule of faith, and last standard of ap-
peal. The right of private judgment vindi-
cated : A sermon preached... Dec. 4th, 1851.
Being a reply to a sermon preached... Nov.
30th, 1851, by the Rev. Dr Cahill.

Macclesfield, [1851]. 8

PRATT (JOHN), M. A., Archdeacon of Calcutta.
Scripture and science not at variance ; with
remarks on the historical character, plenary
inspiration, and surpassing importance, of the
earlier chapters of Genesis. 2d ed., with new
matter. London, 1858. 8

Third edition. London, 1859. 8
PRATT (JOHN TIDD), of the Inner Temple, bar-

rister-at-law. The property tax act, (5 and 6
Viet. cap. 35,) with a full analysis of its pro-
visions, explanatory notes, forms of proceed-
ing, cases of illustration, a copious index, and
tables of calculation. London, 1842. 12

PRATT (JOSEPH S.), B.C.L., Prebendary of Pe-
terborough. Short and plain sermons for read-
ing in families. London, 1834. 12

PRATT (O.). An interesting account of several
remarkable visions, and of the late discovery
of ancient American records.

Edin., 1840. 12

PRATT (SAMUEL JACKSON). Sympathy, a poem.
6th ed. London, 1782. 4

Gleanings through Wales, Holland and West-
phalia, with views of peace and war at home
and abroad. To which is added Humanity ;
or the rights of nature. A poem, revised and
corrected. 2 vol. London, 1795. 8

PRAYER. Some choise places taken out of the
singing Psalmes : digested into a method of
prayer, and praises. London, 1634. 12

A rational inquiry concerning prayer, wherein
is shewn the insufficiency of human reason, to
prove that mankind ought to invoke or thank
their Creator. Humbly offered to the consi-
deration of the modern Deists.

. I, 1742. 8

Memorial from several ministers in Scotland,



to their brethren in different places for con-
tinuing a concert for prayer, first entered into
in the year 1744. s. L, 1746. 8

Family prayers for every day in the week,
selected from various portions of the holy
Bible, with references. To which are added,
a few prayers for persons in private ; and
fourteen original hymns. 2d ed.

London, 1827. 12

The afflicted's refuge ; or, prayers adapted to
various circumstances of distress.

Edin., 1840. 16

An address by the prayer meetings formed in
Edinburgh in connection with the Church of
Scotland... on the duty and necessity of spe-
cial and social prayer for the outpouring of the
Holy Spirit. Edin., [1842]. 12

Another copy.

A call to social prayer. An invitation from
the prayer meetings formed in Edinburgh in
connection with the Church of Scotland, to
their Christian brethren in Church fellowship,
to form meetings for special and social prayer
for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

Edin., s. a. 12

A form of prayer, to be used in all churches
and chapels throughout those parts of the
United Kingdom called England and Ire-
land, on Wednesday the twenty-fourth day
of March, 1847, being the day appointed by
proclamation for a general fast and humilia-
tion before Almighty God...

Edin., 1847. 4

Private prayers put forth by authority during
the reign of Queen Elizabeth. The Primer of
1559. The Orarium of 1560. The Preces pri-
vatae of 1564. The Book of Christian prayers
of 1578. With an appendix, containing the
Litany of 1554. Edited for the Parker So-
ciety, by the Rev. William Keatinge Clay,
B.D. Cambridge, 1851. 8

- Proposal of perpetual, special, and united
prayer for the coming of Christ's kingdom.
Respectfully addressed to the office bearers and
members of the Evangelical alliance. By a
member. Edin., 1858. 8

- Short prayers for every day in the week, by a
clergyman of the Church of England.

London, s. a. 12

- Eight forms of private prayer.

London, s. a. 12

PREACHER. The fashionable preacher ; or,
modern pulpit eloquence displayed.

London, 1792. 8

The evangelical preacher, or, a select collection
of doctrinal and practical sermons, chiefly by
English divines of the 18th century. 3 vol.

Edin., 1802. 12

The Scotch preacher ; or, a collection of ser-
mons, by some of the most eminent clergymen
of the Church of Scotland. 4 vol. 3d ed.

Edin., 1806. 12

The preacher's manual : containing I. Two
essays ; on lay-preaching, and on the ministe-
rial character : II. Simplicity recommended to
ministers of the Gospel ; 3d ed. : III. Letters

on preaching : by Sheva, from the Evangelical
magazine : IV. Appendix ; being various im-
portant extracts from Claude, Doddridge, Ma-
ther, Watts, Newton, Cowper, Cecil, &c.

London, 1820. 12

The preacher, or sketches of original sermons,
chiefly selected from the manuscripts of two
eminent divines of the last century, for the
use of lay preachers and young ministers. To
which is prefixed, a familiar essay on the com-
position of a sermon. 8 vol. [Vol. i., ii.,
2d ed.] London, 1822, 24. 12

The Irish preacher : a collection of original
sermons. By evangelical ministers.

Dublin, 1836. 8

PREACHING. An essay upon Gospel and legal
preaching. By a minister of the Church of
Scotland. Edin., 1723. 8

A review of An essay upon Gospel and legal
preaching, in several letters to a friend.

Edin., 1723. 8

Reading no preaching : or, a letter to a young
clergyman, from a friend in London, concern-
ing the unwarrantable practice of reading the
Gospel instead of preaching it.

London, 1744. 8

Reading no preaching ; or, the fashionable
mode of delivering sermons considered, as op-
posite to Scripture, the practice of the primi-
tive Church and common sense.

London, 1788. 8

Smooth preaching : being an illustration of the
Rev. Dr Wardlaw's assertion, " That in the
bosom of every son and daughter of Adam
there exists a predisposition against the Gos-
pel, against the truth of God, and the God
of truth, against the Lord, and against his
Christ." By an American. To which is an-
nexed, a prayer by the Emperor of Germany.

Glasgow, 1825. 12

Methodus concionandi. [Wants title.] 12
PREACHING-DAYS. A brief inquiry into the

origin and tendency of sacramental preaching-
days. Glasgow, s. a. 12
PRECEPTOR. The small preceptor ; or, a new
set of lessons for children.

Glasgow, 1833. 12

PREDESTINATION. Doctrina de gratia et
praedestinatione tradita novo methodo.

Amstel, 1661. 12

A collection of tracts concerning predestina-
tion and providence, and the other points de-
pending on them. [By John PLAIFERE, B. D. ,
Chr. POTTER, D.D., Laurence WOMOCK, D.D.,
and Thomas GOAD, D.D.]

Cambridge, 1719. 8

Another copy.

Another copy.

The predestinated thief ; or a dialogue between
a Calvinistic preacher and a thief condemned
to the gallows : in which is represented, in
a copy drawn as it were from life, the in-
fluence of Calvinistic principles in producing
crimes and impieties of every sort, and the
impediments placed by those principles in the
way of the sinner's repentance and amend-


ment of life. Translated from the original
Latin. London, 1814. 8

| Tliis work has been generally ascribed to
Archbishop Bancroft. By others it is said to
have been written in Dutch by Slatius, pub-
lished at Dort in 1042, translated into Latin,
and published at London in 1651.]
PRELACY, PRELATE. A breviate of the Pre-
lates intollerable usurpations, both upon the
King's prerogative royall, and the subjects li-
U'l-ties. Published by W. HUNTLEY, Esquier,
[i. e. William PRYNNE]. Edition 3.

s. 1., 1G37. 4

The unlawfullnes and danger of limited Prela-
cie or perpetuall presidensie in the Church,
briefly discovered. [By Robert BAILLIB.]

s. I., 1641. 4

A modest advertisement concerning the pre-
sent controversie about Church-Government ;
wherein the maine grounds of that booke, in-
tituled, The unlawfulnesse and danger of li-
mited Prelacie, are calmly examined. [By
George MORLEY.] London, 1641. 4

The funeral of Prelacy, or the modern Pre-
lates claim to the office of an Apostle or Evan-
gelist discust ; where also its demonstrated by
several arguments, that Presbyterian (and not
Prelatick) government is that unalterable form
of Church government instituted by Christ :
in answer to a late pamphlet intituled, Impa-
rity among pastors the government of the
Church by divine institution, as maintained in
an extemporary debate &c. There is also add-
ed a postscript, and an appendix ; the first
containing a few remarks on a late pamphlet
intitled (Self condemnation), and the last a
fc\v reflections on the Essay for peace by union
in judgment about Church government, also
lately published. [By WHITE.]

s. L, 1704. 4

Another copy.

Fable of the sacred Phenix. Or, of Prelacy
revived from the ashes of its funerals. Briefly
examin'd and refuted, by the author of The
funeral of Prelacy ; [ WHITE].

s. L, 1704. 4

Another copy.

A stone upon the grave of Prelacy, or Prelats
not Apostles. In some few remarks on a late
print bearing this title, The moral of the Phoe-
nix justified, &c. Wherein the author's self
contradictions and false glosses upon Scripture
are discovered, and his much boasted of argu-
ments and answers are briefly refuted. By the
author of The funeral of Prelacy ; [ WHITE].

s. L, 1705. 4

Another copy.

An appeal to parliament : or, Zion's plea
against Prelacy. The sum whereof is deliver-
ed in a decade of positions ; in the handling
whereof, the Lord Bishops, and their ap-
purtenances, are manifestly proved, both by
divine and human laws, to be intruders upon
the privileges of Christ, of the King, and of
the common weal, and therefore, upon good
evidence given, she heartily deserveth a judg-

ment and execution. [By Alexander
TO.V.] Rife., 1842. 12

[The republication by John Lawson, Portionor
in Penicook.]

Another copy.

Another copy.

PRELLER (L.). Historia Philosophise Gnecro.
Per H. HITTER et L. P. lxr.7

PRE-MILLENNIALISM. Pre-Millennialism
a delusion. By a member of the Presbytery
of Northumberland. Edin., 1851. 8

PRESBUTERION. A plain appi-al to the
Church in Scotland... as to the character and
station of ministers in the Church ; with a
scheme for their induction into parishes ; and
some remarks on the late conduct of certain
ministers in the Church upon that subject.
By Presbuterion. Edin., 1840. 8

Another copy.

- Another edition. /.'<> /'//., 1842. 8

severall ordinances, directions, and votes of
the Lords and Commons assembled in parlia-
ment, for the speedy establishing of the Pres-
byteriall government. London, 1646. 4

An ordinance of the Lords and Commons as-
sembled in parliament, for the present settling
...of the Presbyteriall government in the
Chxirch of England. London, 1646. 4

Vindication of the Presbyterians of the king-
dom of Scotland from the false aspersions laid
upon them...anent the taking away of the life
of King CHARLES the FIRST. 1649

A vindication of the Presbyteriall-government,
and ministry : together with an exhortation
to all the ministers, elders, and people, within
the boiinds of the province of London, whether
joyning with us, or separating from us. Pub-
lished by the ministers and elders, met toge-
ther in a provincial assembly, November 2d,
1649. London, 1650. 4

The grand debate concerning Presbytery and
Independency by the Assembly of Divines con-
vened at Westminter by authority of Parlia-
ment : containing, first, the Assembly's Pro-
positions, (with the proof of them from Scrip-
ture) concerning the Presbyteriall government.
Secondly, the dissenting brethrens Reasons
against the said Propositions. Thirdly, the
answer of the Assemblies to those Reasons of
dissent. London, 1652. 4

The Presbyterian's loyalty, and zeal for reli-
gion, briefly demonstrated : in a letter, by way
of reply to a late fanatical pamphlet, intituled,
The Knave uncloak'd ; or, The Jesuit in its
colours. s. L, 1680. 4

A short memorial of the sufferings and griev-
ances, past and present, of the Presbyterians
in Scotland. [By Alexander SHIELDS.]

s. L, 1690. 4

Some questions resolved concerning Episcopal
and Presbyterian government in Scotland.
[By CUNNINGHAM.] London, 1690. 4

Another copy.

Presbyterian inquisition ; as it was lately prac-
tised against the professors of the colledge of



Edinburgh, Aug. and Sept. MDCXC. ; in which
the spirit of Presbytery... is plainly discovered.
[By Alex. MONRO.] London, 1691. 4

A counter-essay, or, a vindication and asser-
tion of Calvin and Beza's Presbyterian judg-
ment and principles. By a minister of the
true Presbyterian Church of Scotland, estab-
lished by law ; [Thomas FORRESTER.]

Edin., 1692. 4

Scotch Presbyterian eloquence ; or, the fool-
ishness of their teaching discovered from their
books, sermons and prayers ; and some re-
marks on Mr Rule's late Vindication of the
Kirk. London, 1692. 4

[Entered also under Robert CALDER, who is

supposed to have published the work under

the name of Jacob CURATE.]
Another edition. London, 1847. 12

A just and modest reproof of a pamphlet, call-
ed, The Scotch Presbyterian eloquence. [By
Gilbert RULE.] .Edin,., 1693. 4

An account of the late establishment of Pres-
byterian-Government by the Parliament of
Scotland Anno 1690. Together with the me-
thods by which it was settled, and the conse-
quences of it : as also several publick acts,
speeches, pleadings, and other matters of im-
portance relating to the Church in that king-
dom. To which is added a summary of the
visitation of the universities there ; in a fifth
letter from a gentleman at Edinburgh, to his
friend in London. [By John SAGE,]

London, 1693. 4

Remarks on a paper sent by some eminent
Presbyterians to the congregational, as an ex-
pedient for peace. London, 1697. 8
Queries to the Presbyterians of Scotland. By
a gentleman of that country. [Robert CALDER. ]
London, 1702. 12

A sample of true-blue Presbyterian loyalty.
[Wants title.] 4

An historical essay upon the loyalty of Pres-
byterians in Great Britain and Ireland, from
the Reformation to this present year 1713. In
three parts. Wherein... an answer is given to
the calumnies of their accusers, and particu-
larly to two late pamphlets, viz. 1. A sample
of true blue Presbyterian loyalty, &c. 2. The
conduct of the dissenters in Ireland, &c. [By
James KIRKPA TRICK.] s. I., 1713. 4

Another copy.

Presbyterial government as now established
and practised in the Church of Scotland, me-
thodically described. Gathered out of the au-
thentic records and approveii institutions of
that Church. 3d ed., revised by the author,
a Presbyter of the Church of Scotland.

s. I, 1717. 8

A preservative against Presbytery. [The first
page is supplied in MS.] s. I., 1748. 8

A peaceable declaration of the sentiments of a
number of Presbyterians in Scotland, relative
to the war between France and Great Britain.

s. I., 1797. 8

Hints for an argument against the reception
of a petition by either House of Parliament

from the Presbyteries of Scotland, unless sanc-
tioned by the approbation of the General As-
sembly. By a barrister ; [John Joseph DILLON].

[Edin., ISIS.] 8

A word to the wise ; or, a summary essay in
vindication of the Presbyterian form of Church
government stated in contrast with the promi-
nent peculiarities of Tabernacle Independents.
By a Presbyterian. To which is added, Re-
marks on Christian liberality opposed to bigot-
ry : a sermon, &c. [By William ORME.]

Edin., 1818. 8'

The orthodox Presbyterian. Nos. 7-12, 52-
75. Belfast, 1830-35. 12

The orthodox Presbyterian, theological review,
and missionary recorder. Conducted by Sa-
muel Davidson, LL.D. New series. Vol. i.

Belfast, 1838. 8

The Presbyterian reformer : or, hints on Scot-
tish Church reform, addressed both to Church-
men and dissenters. By an advocate of the
principle of Establishments. Edin., 1833. 8
Presbyteriaiiism defended, and the arguments
of modern advocates of Prelacy examined and
refuted, in four discourses, by ministers of the
Synod of Ulster. Glasgow, 1839. 12

Another copy.
Another copy.

Report of ihe committee of the General As-
sembly of the Church of Scotland, for promot-
ing the religious interests of Scottish Presby-
terians in the British colonies, 23d May 1840,
and deliverance of the Assembly. With an
appendix, and a state of accounts, &c.

Edin., 1840. 8

The plea of Presbytery in behalf of the ordi-
nation, government, discipline, and worship
of the Christian Church, as opposed to the
unscriptural character and claims of Prelacy,
in a reply to the Rev. Archibald Boyd, A.M.,
on Episcopacy. By ministers of the general
Synod of Ulster. Glasgow, 1840. 12

Another copy.

Third edition, sixth thousand. This edition
contains a reply to the last work of Mr Boyd,
entitled, " Episcopacy and Presbytery. " Also,
a reprint of Mene, Tekel ; or the answer to
"Misrepresentation refuted."

Belfast, 1843. 8
Another copy.

Manual of Presbytery : comprising, I. Pres-
byterianism the truly primitive and apostolic
constitution of the Church of Christ ; or, a
view of the history, doctrine, government, and
worship of the Presbyterian Church. By
Samuel MILLER, D.D. II. The character and
advantages of Presbyteriaiiism ascertained by
facts. With an appendix on the pretensions
of the new Anglican school commonly called
Puseyites, the testimony of the Fathers and
reformers to Presbytery, the moral tendency
of Calvinism, &c. By the Rev. John G. Lo-
RIMER. Edin., 1842. 8

Another copy.

Second edition. Edin., 1847. 8

I am a Presbyterian : or, reasons for belong-



ing to the Presbyterian Church in England.
Intended chiefly for tho younger members of
that Church. London, 1846. 12

PRESCOTT (BENJAMIN), A.M., Pastor of a
Church of Chrwt in Salem, N. E. A letter to
the Rev. Mr George Whitefield, an itinerant
preacher, within the dominions of His most
excellent Majesty George II.

Boston, 1745. 4

PRESENTATIONS. The case of accepting pre-
sentations considered ; the sin and scandal of
that practice demonstrated ; and the perni-
cious consequences thereof, to the peace and
purity of the Church, exposed. By a minis-
ter of the Church of Scotland.

Edin., 1732. 8

PRESENTEES. A collection of the various
objections made to presentees to parishes in
Scotland, since the passing of Lord Aber-
deen's Act on 17th August 1843.

Edin., 1844. 8 1

PRESSENSE' (EDMOND DE), D.D., Pastor of the
French Evangelical Church. Le Re'dempteur.

Paris, 1854. 8

Histoire des trois premiers siecles de 1'Eglise
Chretienne. Le premier siecle. 2 torn.

Paris, 1858. 8

Deuxieme serie. Le grande lutte du Chris-

tianisme centre le Paganisme. Les martyrs
et les apologistes. 2 torn. Paris, 1861. 8

L'Individualisme Chretien. Discours pour 1'ou-
verture du Synode du Vigan le 26 Aout 1858.

Paris, 1858. 8

Another copy.

Le Christianisme au quatrieme siecle. Se'ances
historiques donne'es par MM. de GASPARIN,
BUNOENER, et de P. 1858

The religions before Christ : being an intro-
duction to the history of the first three cen-
turies of the Church. Translated by L. Cork-
ran. With preface by the author.

Edin., 1862. 8

The critical school and Jesus Christ : a reply
to M. Renan's Life of Jesus. Translated by
L. Corkran. London, s. a. 8

Jesus Christ : his times, life, and work. [Trans-
lated from the French by Annie Harwood.]

London, 1866. 8

PRESTON (JOHN), D.D. , Master of Emamiel col-
lege, Cambridge. The breast-plate of faith and
love. A treatise, wherein the ground and
exercise of faith and love, as they are set upon
Christ their object, and as they are expressed
in good workes, is explained. Delivered in 18
sermons upon three severall texts. 2d ed.

London, 1630. 4

Another copy. [Wanting the general title,
and the first six sermons.]

Fifth edition. London, 1634. 4

Life eternall ; or a treatise of the knowledge
of the divine essence and attributes. Delivered
in xviii. sermons. London, 1631. 4

Fourth edition. [Imperfect.]

London, 1634. 4

The saints daily exercise. A treatise \infold-
ing the whole duty of prayer. Delivered in

five sermons, upon 1 Thess. v. 17. 8th nl.

London, 1634. 4

Another copy. [Wants title.]

Ninth edition. London, 1635. 4

Another copy.

Sermons preached before his Maiestie, and
upon other speciall occasions. Fourth impres-
sion. London, 1634. 4

Another edition. London, 1637. 4

The new covenant, or the saints portion. A
treatise vnfolding the all-sufficiencie of God,

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