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mans uprightnes, and the covenant of grace.
Delivered in fourteen sermons upon Gen. 17.
1, 2. Whereunto are adioyned foure sermons
upon Eccles. 9. 1, 2, 11, 12. 8th ed.

London, 1634. 4

Another edition. London, 1639. 4

Remaines of J. P. Containing three excellent
treatises, namely, ludas's repentance, the
saints spiritual strength, Paul's conversion.
2d ed. London, 1637. 4

The doctrine of the saints' infirmities, in seve-
ral sermons [on 2 Chron. 30. 18, 19, 20, and
Matt. 12. 18, 19, 20]. [Wants title.]

[London, 1638.] 4

A heavenly treatise of the divine love of
Christ. Shewing 1. The motives, 2. The
meanes, 3. The markes, 4. The kindes there-
of. Delivered in five sermons [on 1 Cor. xvi.
22.] London, 1640. 4

The fulnesse of Christ for us. A sermon [on
John, i. 16] preached at the court before King
James of blessed memory.

London, 1640. 4

Two treatises, viz. The Christian freedome,
and the deformed forme of a formall profes-
sion. London, 1641. 4

Cheshunt. Sermons, addressed chiefly to
young persons. With a sermon, and appen-
dix, on the benefit of scriptural instruction.

London, 1837. 8



PRETYMAN (J. R.), M.A., Vicar of Ayksbury,
Bucks. The Church of England and Erastian-
ism since the Reformation.

London, 1854. 12

PREUSS(J. D. E.). AlemanniaoderSammlung
der schonsten und erhabensten Stellen aus
den Werken der vorzuglichsten Schriftsteller
Deutschlands zur Bildung und Erhaltung ed-
ler Gefuhle...Herausgegeben von J. D. E. P.
3 Theil. [l*r Theil., 4<* Aufl ; 2*r Theil.,
2te Aufl.] Berlin, 1826, 27. 12

PRIC^EUS, or PRICE (JOANNES), Professor of
Greek at Pisa. Commentarii in varios Novi
Testamenti Libros ; in quibus Vulgatae ver-
sionis, quamplurimis locis, prse quavis alia re-
centiore sermo purus Latinusque ostenditur ;
contextus Graeci litera explicatur ; ejusdem
phraseologia cum auctorum ethnicorum locu-
tionibus amosne comparatur ; multorum diffi-
cilium locorum expositiones novte afleruntur,
sensusque non solum ex Christianis Ecclesue



antiquissimae doctoribus, sed et ex Graecis La-
tinisque gentium scriptoribus ubique illustra-
tor. His accesserunt annotationes in Psalmo-
rum Librum, item in aliquot sparsa capita
Novi Testament!. Londini, 1660. fol.

PRICE (BONAMY), M.A. The Anglo-Catholic
theory. Reprinted from " The Edinburgh
review," No. cxcii. Oct. 1851.

London, 1852. 8

Venetia. Reprinted from the "Army and
navy gazette," of December 1st and 29th, 1860,
and Feb. 2d and 23d, and March 9th, 1861.
With additions. London, 1861. 8

PRICE (Sir JOHN). A description of Wales ;
[with The history of Wales by CARADOC].


PRICE (RICHARD), D.D., Dissenting minister at
Poor Jewry, London. Four dissertations.
1. On providence. 2. On prayer. 3. On the
reasons for expecting that virtuous men shall
meet after death in a state of happiness. 4. On
the importance of Christianity, the nature of
historical evidence, and miracles. 2d ed.

London, 1768. 8

Third edition. London, 1772. 8

A review of the principal questions and diffi-
culties in morals. Particularly those relating
to the original of our ideas of virtue, its na-
ture, foundation, reference to the Deity, obli-
gation, subject-matter, and sanctions. 2d ed.

London, 1769. 8

- Observations on the nature of civil liberty, the
principles of government, and the justice and
policy of the war with America... 6th ed.

London, 1776. 8

A discourse addressed to a congregation at
Hackney, Feb. 21, 1781.

London, [1781]. 8

A discourse on the love of our country, de-
livered on Nov. 4, 1789, to the Society for
commemorating the Revolution in Great Bri-
tain. With an appendix, containing the re-
port of the committee of the Society ; an ac-
count of the population of France ; and the
Declaration of rights by the National assembly
of France. 2d ed. London, 1789. 8

Sermon* on the Christian doctrine as received
by the different denominations of Christians.
To which are added, sermons on the security
and happiness of a virtuous course, on the
goodness of God, and the resurrection of La-
zarus. London, 1787. 8

PRICE (THOMAS), D.D. The history of Protest-
ant nonconformity in England, from the Re-
formation under Henry VIII. 2 vol.

London, 1836, 38. 8

ral history of man ; comprising inquiries into
the modifying influence of physical and moral
agencies on the different tribes of the human
family. 3d ed. London, 1848. 8

PRICQUIUS (JACOBUS). Disputatio philosophi-
ca de materia corporum naturalium.

Ultrajecti, 1643. 4

Disputatio problematica octava, de mistione.

Rlieno-Trajecti, 1643. 4

PRIDE. Pride : a poem. Inscribed to John
Wilkes, Esq. By an Englishman.

London, 1766. 4

PRIDE AUX (HUMPHREY), D.D., Dean of Nor-
wich. The Old and New Testament connect-
ed in the history of the Jews and neighbouring
nations, from the declension of the kingdoms
of Judah and Israel to the time of Christ.
5th ed. 2 vol. London, 1718. fol.

Tenth edition. 4 vol. London, 1729. 8

The original and right of tithes, for the main-
tenance of the ministry in a Christian Church,
truly stated. To which is annex'd the draught
of a bill prepared to have been offered to the
parliament, in the reign of King William and
Queen Mary, anno 1691, for the restraining of
pluralities of benefices with cure of souls.
With reasons for the said bill. 2d ed.

London, 1736. 8

The true nature of imposture fully display'd
in the life of MAHOMET. With a discourse
annex'd for the vindication of Christianity
from this charge. Offered to the consideration
of the Deists of the present age. 8th ed.

London, 1723. 8

* The life of the Rev. H. P. With several
tracts. and letters of his, upon various subjects,
never before published. London, 1748. 8

PRIDEAUX (JOHN), D.D., Bishop of Worcester.
Lectiones decem, de totidem religionis capi-
tibus prsecipufe hoc tempore controversis pro\it
publicfe habebantur Oxoniae in Vesperijs. Edi-
tio secunda. Oxonim, 1626. 4

Concio habita Oxoniae ad artium Baccalaureos
in die Cinerum Feb. 22 1626.

Oxonice, 1626. 4

Orationes novem inaugurates, de totidem theo-
logiae apicibus, scitu non indignis, prout in
promotione Doctorum, Oxoniae publice pro-
ponebantur in comitiis. Accedit de Mosis in-
stitrtione concio. Oxonice, 1626. 4

Viginti-duae lectiones de totidem religionis ca-
pitibus prsecipue hoc tempore controversis,
prout publice habebantur Oxoniae in Vesperiis.
Quibus accesserunt tredecim orationes inau-
gurales de totidem theologiae apicibus scitu
non indignis, prout in promotione Doctorum
in comitiis habebantur. Subnectuntur sex
conciones pro more habitae, ad artium Bacca-
laureos in die Cinerum. Editio tertia.

Ozorwa?, 1643. fol.

Fasciculus controversiarum theologicarum, ad
juniorum, aut occupatomm captum sic colli-
gatus, ut in praecipuis fidei apicibus compen-
diose informentur, aut sparsim alias lecta vel
audita, facilius recolant et expendant.

Oxonice, 1649. 4

Editio secunda emendatior et auctior binis li-
bellis posthumis ejusdem reverendissimi prae-
sulis, 1. Theologiae scholasticae syntagmati.
2. Conciliorum synopsi. Oxonice, 1652. 4

A synopsis of councils ; [with An introduction
for reading all sorts of histories. By M. PRI-
DEAUX]. 1682

Tractatus de Sabbato ; [cum HEIDANI dispu-
tat. de Sabbato]. 1658



The doctrine of the Sabbath. Delivered in
the Act at Oxon. anno, 1622. And now trans-
lated into English for the benefit of the com-
mon people. 2d ed. Lomlon, 1(534. 4

PRIDKAl X (MATHIAS), M.A., Fellow / Infer
college, Oxford. An easy and compendious in-
troduction for reading all sorts of histories.
Contrived in a more facile way than heretofore
hath been published ; out of the papers of
M. P. Gth ed. , corrected and augmented with
an exact continuation of all the Popes, Empe-
rors, and our Kings of England to this present
time. To which is added, a synopsis of coun-
cils, by John PKIDEAUX. Oxford, 1082. 4

PRIESTCRAFT. Priestcraft defended ; a ser-
mon occasioned by the expulsion of six young
gentlemen from Oxford university, for pray-
ing, reading, and expounding the Scriptures ;
humbly dedicated to Mr V c r and the
Heads of Houses, by their humble servant the
Shaver; [J. MACGOWAN]. llth ed.

London, 1679. 8

Priestcraft in perfection : or, A detection of the
fraud of inserting and continuing this clause
(The Church hath power to decree rites and
ceremonys, and authority in controversy's of
faith) in the twentieth article of the Articles
of the Church of England. [By Anthony COL-
LINS.] 3d ed. London, 1710. 8
[The above has also been ascribed to Matthew


Reflections on a late pamphlet, intitled, Priest-
craft in perfection. [By Anthony COLLINS.]

London, 1710. 8*

A vindication of the Church of England from
the aspersions of a late libel [by A. Collins]
intituled Priestcraft in perfection, &c. Where-
in the controverted clause of the Church's
power in the xxth article is shewn to be of
equal authority with all the rest of the arti-
cles ; and the fraud and forgery, charged upon
the clergy on the account of that clause, are
retorted upon their accusers. With a preface
containing some remarks upon the Reflections
on that pamphlet. By a priest of the Church
of England ; [Hilkiah BEDFORD].

London, 1710. 8

Another copy.

Another copy.

PRIESTLEY (JOSEPH), LL.D. An address to
Protestant dissenters, on the subject of giving
the Lord's Supper to children.

London, 1773. 8

Additions to the Address to Protestant dis-
senters, on the subject of the Lord's Supper,
with some corrections of it ; and a letter to
the author of the Protestant dissenter's answer
to it. London, 1770. 8

An examination of Dr Reid's Inquiry into the
human mind on the principles of common
sense, Dr Beattie's Essay on the nature and
immutability of truth, and Dr Oswald's Ap-
peal to common sense in behalf of religion.

London, 1774. 8

HARTLEY'S theory of the human mind ; with
essays relating to the subject of it. 1775

The doctrine of philosophical necessity illus-
trated ; being an appendix t.i the Disquisitions
relating to matter and spirit. To which is
added, an answer to the letters on mau rial-
iam, and on Hartley's theory of the mind.

London, 1777. 8
Another copy.

Experiments and observations on dilfereiit
kinds of air. 3vol. [Vol. i., 3d ed. ; vol.
ii., 2d ed.] London, 1777-84. 8

A free discussion of the doctrines of material-
ism, and philosophical necessity, in a corre-
spondence between Dr Price, and Dr Priestley.
To which are added, by Dr Priestley, An in-
troduction, explaining the nature of the con-
troversy, and letters to several writers who
have animadverted on his Disquisitions relat-
ing to matter and spirit, or his treatise on ne-
cessity. London, 1778. 8
Experiments and observations relating to va-
rious branches of natural philosophy ; with a
continuation of the Observations on air. 3
vol. London, 1779-86. 8
Institutes of natural and revealed religion. To
which is prefixed, an essay on the best method
of communicating religious knowledge to the
members of Christian societies. 2d ed. 2 vol.

Birmingham, 1782. 8
Another copy.

A reply to the animadversions on the history
of the corruptions of Christianity, in the
monthly review for June, 1783 ; with addi-
tional observations relating to the doctrine of
the primitive Church, concerning the person
of Christ. Birmingham, 1783. 8

Discourses on various subjects, including seve-
ral on particular occasions.

Birmingham, 1787. 8

Familiar letters, addressed to the inhabitants
of Birmingham, in refutation of several charges
advanced against the dissenters and Unitarians.
By the Rev. Mr Madan. Also letters to the
Rev. Edward Burn, in answer to his on the in-
fallibility of the apostolic testimony concerning
the person of Christ. And considerations on the
difterences of opinion among Christians, which
originally accompanied the reply to the Rev.
Mr Venn. 2d ed. BirmiiigJiam, 1790. 8
A general history of the Christian Church, to
the fall of the Western empire. 2 vol.

Birmingham, 1790. 8

A general history of the Christian Church, from
the fall of the Western empire to the present
time. 4 vol. Northumberland, 1802, 3. 8
An history of the corruptions of Christianity.
2 vol. 2d ed. Birmingham, 1793. 8

The history and present state of electricity,
with original experiments. 5th ed.

London, 1794. 4

Discourses relating to the evidences of reveal-
ed religion. 3 vol. London, 1794-99. 8
Notes on all the Books of Scripture, for the
use of the pulpit and private families. 4 vol.
Northumberland, 1803, 4. 8
Memoirs of the Rev. Dr J. P. to the year
1795. Written by himself. With a continua-



tion to the time of his decease, by his son,
Joseph Priestley. London, 1809. 12

Tracts in controversy with Bishop Horsley.
With notes by the editor. To which is an-
nexed, an appendix, containing a review of
the controversy, in four letters to the Bishops,
by the same author ; never before published.

London, 1815. 8

Views of Christian truth, piety, and morality,
selected from the writings of Dr Priestley.
With a memoir of his life by Henry Ware,
Jun. Cambridge, 1834. 8

- * A small whole-length of Dr Priestley, from
his printed works ; or, a free account in con-
sequence of a free inquiry, of his style, poli-
tics, feelings, logic, religion, philosophy. [By i
William JONES.] London, 1792. 8 '

- * To the great and learned among Christians,
the humble petition of a number of poor, loyal,
unlearned Christians. Together with plain
questions, stated for direct and unequivocal j
answers, to J. P., LL.D. London, 3793. 8

PRIMATT (HUMPHREY), D.D. The duty of
mercy and the sin of cruelty to brute animals.

Edin., 1834. 8

PRINCE (THOMAS), M.A., one of the pastors of
the Smith church, Boston, N. E. Extraordi-
nary events the doings of God, and marvellous
in pious eyes. Illustrated in a sermon [on Ps.
cxviii. 23]... at Boston, N. E., on the general
thanksgiving July 18, 1745. Occasioned by
taking the city of Louisbourg, on the Isle of
Cape- Breton, by New England soldiers, assist-
ed by a British squadron. Edin., 1746. 8

PRINCES. Interets et maximes des Princes et
des etata souverains. [Par Henri Due de RO-
HAN.] Cologne, 1666. 12

PRINCETON. A brief history of the theologi-
cal seminary of the Presbyterian Church at
Princeton, New Jersey ; together with its con-
stitution, bye-laws, &c. Princeton, 1838. 8

Theological essays : reprinted from the Prince-
ton review. [First series.]

New York, 1846. 8

Another copy.

Another copy.

Another edition. With a preface by the Rev.
P. Fairbairn, D.D. Edin., 1856. 8

Second series. Including the contributions

of the late Rev. A. B. Dod, D.D.

New-York and London, 1847. 8
PRINGLE (ALEXANDER). A practical view of
Christ's divine and mediatory characters : with
a candid examination of some new and dan-
gerous opinions vented by Mr Robert Imrie.

Perth, 1812. 8

PRINGLE (JAMES), United Presbyterian minis-
ter, Newcastle. A vindication of Voluntary
Churches, compared with civil Establishments.
Reply to Anglo- Scotus, supposed to be the
Rev. J. Lockhart ; with an appendix, contain-
ing remarks on Mr Lockhart's letters.

Newcastle, 1835. 12

PRINGLE (WALTER), of Greenknow. Memoirs
of W. P. Written by himself. 2d ed.

Edin., 1751. 12

PRINSEP (H. T.). Note on the historical re-
sults, deducible from recent discoveries in Af-
fhanistan. London, 1844. 8

NTERS. Report from the select committee
on King's printers' patent (Scotland) ; with
minutes of evidence, and appendix.

[London], 1837. fol.

PRIOR (MATTHEW). Poems on several occa-
sions. London, 1718. fol.

Another edition. London, 1766. 12

Another edition. 2 vol. [British poets, vol.
17, 18.] Edin., 1773. 12

ministere du Cardinal Mazarin. Traduite de
I'ltalien du Comte G. G. P. 2 torn.

Paris, 1672. 12

PRISONERS. l ter Bericht des Vereins fur die
Besserung des Strafgefangenen.

Berlin, 1830. 8

PRITCHARD (CHARLES), M. A. A treatise on the
theory of statical couples, to which is added, a
simple method of investigating the ellipticity
of the earth, considered as a heterogeneous
spheroid. 2d ed. Cambridge, 1837. 8

PRITIUS (Jo. GEORGIUS), Minister at Frankfort
on the Maine. Introductio in lectionem Novi
Testamenti, in qua, quse ad rem criticam, his-
toriam, chronologiam, geographiam, varias an-
tiquitates, tarn sacras quam profanas, perti-
nent, breviter et perspicue exponuntur. Cu-
jus primus lineas olim duxit J. G. P., nunc
autem uberius earn digessit, singulis fere pa-
ginis auxit, novis dissertationibus passim ad-
ditis, Carl Gottlob Hofmann.

Lipsice, 1764. 8

PRIVY COUNCIL. A collection of the judg-
ments of the judicial committee of the Privy
Council in ecclesiastical cases relating to doc-
trine and discipline : with a preface by the
Lord Bishop of London, and an historical in-
troduction. Edited... by the Hon. George C.
London, 1865. 8

PROBATIONERS. The second annual report
of the Society of probationers of the Church of
Scotland. Edin., 1835. 8

An address to the ministers of the Church of
Scotland, on the occasional employment of
probationers. Edin., ,1840. 8

Declaration of probationers adhering to the
principles of the Convocation.

Glasgoiv, 1843. 8

PROCLAMATION. A proclamation anent a so-
lemn national fast and humiliation.

Edin., 1690. 4

PROCTER (FRANCIS), M.A., Vicar of Witton,
Norfolk. A history of the Book of Common
Prayer, with a rationale of its offices.

Cambridge, 1855. 8

PROCTER (J.), D.D. A plain statement of
facts, addressed to the members of the Senate ;
in reply to..." An examination of calumnies,"
&c. Cambridge, 1810. 8

PROCTER (WILLIAM), Jun. M.A., Felloioof Ca-
tharine Hall, Cambridge, and lecturer of Ber-
wick. Five discourses on the personal office



of Christ, and of the Holy Ghost : on the doc-
trine of the Trinity : on faith : and on regene-
ration, preached in the parish church of Ber-
wick upon Tweed, at the commencement of
his Thursday lectures. /-'./< u., 1824. 12

PROFANENESS. A discourse concerning the
execution of the laws made against prophane-
ness, &c. /;./;/(., 1700. 8

PROFESSION. Profession is not principle ; or,
the name of Christian is not Christianity. By
the author of " The decision;" [Grace KEN-
NEDY]. 2d ed. AVm., 1823. 12

PROGRESSION. The theory of human progres-
sion, and natural probability of a reign of jus-
tice. [By Patrick Edward DOVE.]

London, 1850. 8

TIBULLUS, Propertius. 1686

PROPERTY TAX. An act (5 and 6 Viet. Cap.
35) for granting duties on profits arising from
property, professions, trades, and offices, until
the sixth day of April, 1845. Passed 22d June
1842. [With index.] London, 1842. 8

A guide to the property and income act, 5 and 6
Viet. Cap. 35. London, 1842. 8

PROPHECY. A French prophecy : or, an ad-
monition to the English, concerning their near
approaching danger, and the means to escape
it. Translated from the French.

London, 1690. 8

A collection of prophetical warnings of the
Eternal Spirit, pronounc'd by the following
persons, viz. Mary Aspinal, Mary Beer, aged
13, Thorn. Dutton, Thorn. Ernes, John Glover,
Ann Good, aged 11, Elizab. Grey, Mary Kee-
mer, Anna Maria King, aged 13, John Lacy,
John Moor, John Moult, aged 15, John Pot-
ter, Mary Turner, Ann Watts.

London, 1708. 8

The scheme of literal prophecy considered ; in
a view of the controversy, occasion'd by a late
book, entitled, A discourse of the grounds and
reasons of the Christian religion. [By An-
thony COLLINS.] 2 vol. London, 1726. 8

Another copy.

Another copy.

The whole prophecies of Scotland, England,
Ireland, France and Denmark. Prophecied
by Thomas RYMER, marvellous MERLING,
Beid, Berlington, Waldhave, Eltrain, Ban-
nester, and Sybilla...To which are now added,
Bishop USHER'S wonderful prophecies of the
times, with several others.

Glasgow, 1806. 8

Extracts on prophecy, chiefly the approaching
advent and kingdom of Christ, from the writ-
ings of Burgh, Anderson, Noel, Irving, Cu-
ninghame, Begg, Mede, &c.

Glasgow, 1835. 12

The coming struggle among the nations of
the earth : or, the political events of the next
fifteen years described in accordance with the
prophecies in Ezekiel, Daniel, and the Apo-
calypse. Seventh thousand. [By David PAE. ]

London, 1853. 8*

Tracts on prophecy. Edlti., s. a. 12

PROSPER, AQUITANUS, Saint. Opera omnia ad
inamiBcriptos codices, nee non ad editions
aiitiquiorus et castigatiores emendata, nunc
primmu Sfcundum ordinem temporum dispo-
sita, et Chronico integro ejusdem, ab *ortu
rerum, usque ad obitum Valcntiniani tertii,
et Romam a Vandalis captam pertinente
locupletata. Quibus pnefigitur ejusdem S. P.
vita ex operibus ipsius, et Bcriptorum eccle-
siasticorum concinnata. Editio secunda Ve-
neta juxta Parisiensem accuratissimam anno
MDCCXI. Additis nunc primum S. ASTERII
Episcopi Amasece Homiliis. 2 torn.

Bassani, 1782. 4

Poeme centre les ingrats, traduit en vers et en
prose. Nouvelle Edition en laquelle on a ajoute*
1'excellente lettre du meme Saint a Ruffin ; avec
un abbrege* de toute sa doctrine touchant la
grace, et le libre arbitre, tire" de ses autres
ouvrages. Le tout en Latin et en Francois.

Paris, 1698. 12

De gratia Dei, et libero arbitrio hominis et prae-
destinatione sanctorum opera omnia. [Form-
ing the appendix to the works of AUGUSTINE
on the same subject.] Parisiis, 1760. 12

PROTEST. Difficulties about the " Protest,"
laid on the table of the last General Assembly ;
and the claim of the Free Church to spiritual
independence within the Establishment. By
a member of the Established Church.

Edin., 1844. 8

Another copy.

An answer to the Protest of the Free Church,
prepared in consequence of a challenge from
an elder of that Church. By a minister of the
Establishment ; [Laurence LOCKHART].

Edin., 1846. 8

The claim, declaration, and protest, of the Ge-
neral Assembly of 1842, subversive of the au-
thority of Christ, as respects the Church of
Scotland, and of the spiritual rights of its mem-
bers. Edin., 1846. 8

lionis : Or, an enquiry into the most proper
ways to prevent the persecution of the Pro-
testants in France. [In a collection of the
writings of the author of The true-born Eng-
lishman, i. e. Daniel DEFOE.]

London, 1703. 8

A short view of the present state of the Pro-
testant religion in Britain. Edin., 1707. 8

A view of the management of the late Scotch
ministry, with respect to the Protestant suc-
cession, union, &c. London, 1709. 4

The Protestant packet, or, British monitor :
designed for the use and entertainment of
every denomination of Protestants in Great
Britain. 2 vol.

Newcastle upon Tyne, 1780, 81. 8

Muse'e des Protestans celebres, ou portraits et
notices biographiques et litte"raires des person-
nages les plus eminens dans 1'histoire de la
Reformation et du Protestantisme. Re'dige
par une societe* de gens de lettres, et publie
par Mr. G. T. Doin. 5 torn. 10 partt.

Paris, 1821-24. 8



Betrachtungen iiber den Protestantismus.

Heidelberg, 1826. 8

- Another copy.

Authentic report of the great Protestant
meeting held at Liverpool, the 29th of Oc-
tober, 1835, for the purpose of communi-
1 eating important documents, and of forming
a Protestant association.

Liverpool, 1835. 12

Report of the speeches delivered at a meeting
held in Edinburgh on Wednesday, Dec. 23,
1835, for the purpose of forming a Protestant
association for that city and its vicinity.

Edin.,[l835]. 8

- An appeal to Scottish Christians on the sub-
ject of Protestant associations.

Glasgow, 1836. 8

- Some thoughts on the present crisis of Pro-
testant Churches, particularly of the Episcopal
Church in Ireland. Addressed to the very
reverend the moderator, and other members
of the General Assembly of the Church of
Scotland. By a Presbyterian layman.

Edin., 1836. 8

- The truths of Protestantism contrasted with
the errors of Popery, and the character of Po-
pery as illustrated in the history of past and
present times. In a series of lectures by mem-
bers of the city and Presbytery of Glasgow.
1836-1837. Glasgow, 1837. 12

Principles of Protestantism, considered with

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