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a view to unity. [By E. S. APPLEYARD.]

London, 1848. 12

- The Scottish Protestant. Edited by James
Gibson, A.M. Vol. i. Glasgow, 1852. 8

- List of foreign Protestants and aliens resident
in England, 1618-1688. From returns in the
State Paper office. Edited [for the Camden
Society] by Wm. Durrant Cooper.

London, 1862. 4

The Protestant's doom in Popish times.

s. I. et a. 4

- The Protestant mask taken off from the jesu-
ited English-man ; being an answer to a book
[by Sir James Montgomery] entituled, Great
Britain's just complaint. [By Thomas COM-
BER, D.D., Dean of Durham.] [Wants title.]

London, 169|. 4

- The Protestant's trial on controverted points
of faith, by the written word.

London, s. a. 12

PROTESTANT-PLOT. No Protestant-plot: or,
the present pretended conspiracy of the Pro-
testants against the King and government dis-
covered to be a conspiracy of the Papists
against the King and his Protestant subjects.
[By Anthony Ashley COOPER, 1st Earl of
Shaftesbury.j London, 1682. 4

- The third part of no Protestant plot : with
observations on the proceedings upon the bill
of indictment against the E. of Shaftsbury :
and a brief account of the case of the Earl of
Argyle. London, 1682. 4

partial account of the nature of the Protest-
ant religion : its present state in the world,

its strength and weakness, with the wayes
and indications of the ruine or continuance
of its public national profession. By a
Protestant ; [John OWEN.]

London, 1682. 4

PROTESTERS. Protesters vindicated ; or, a
just and necessary defence of protesting against,
and withdrawing from this national Church of
Scotland; on account of her many gross and
continued defections. s. I., 1716. 4

PROUT (WILLIAM), M.D. Chemistry, meteoro-
logy, and the function of digestion, considered
with reference to natural theology. [Bridge-
water Treatises, viii.] London, 1834. 8

PROUDFOOT (WILLIAM), Minister of Avondale.
Exhortation to my people not to secede. A
discourse, preached in the parish church of
Avondale, on May 14th, 1843.

JEdin., 1843. 8

Another copy.

PROVIDENCES. A serious view of the remark-
able providences of the times, and a warning
as to the public sins, dangers, and duty of
British Protestants. First read to an Asso-
ciate congregation in Scotland at the begin-
ning of the French war ; now published with
an introduction relating to the present alarm-
ing state of Great Britain.

Glasgow, 1795. 8

Another copy.

PRUDE (JoHN), Curate of St Clements Danes,
Middlesex. A sermon [on Eccles. ii. 11] at the
funeral of the learned and ingenious Mrs Ann
Baynard ... Together with some remarkable
passages in her life. Preached at the parish
church of Barnes in the county of Surry, June
the 16th, 1697. London, 1697. 4

noviter ad MSC. fidem recensita, interpolata,
innumeris a mendis purgata, notisq ; et indice
accurate illustrata a M. Johanne Weitzio. Ac-
cesserunt omnium doctorum virorum, quot-
quot in Prudentium scripserunt, notse, scholia,
atque observationes, cum glossis veteribus.

Hanovice, 1613. 8

Another edition. Recensuit et adnotationibus
illustravit Christophorus Cellarius.

Halce Magdeburgicce, 1703. 8

Another edition. Nunc primum cum codd.
Vaticanis collata, praefatione, variantibus-lec-
tionibus, notis, ac rerum verborumque indice
locupletissimo aucta et illustrata. 2 vol.

Parmce, 1788. 4' J
PRUSSIA. Report on the state of public in-
struction in Prussia ... Translated by Sarah
Austin. London, 1834. 8

PRYNNE (WILLIAM). Histrio-Mastix. The
players scourge, or actors tragsedie, divided
into two parts. Wherein it is largely evi-
denced, by divers arguments, by the concur-
ring authorities and resolutions of sundry texts
of Scripture ; of the whole primitive Church,
both under the law and Gospell ; of 55 Sy-
nodes and Councils ; of 71 Fathers and Chris-
tian writers, both before the yeare of our Lord
1200 ; of above 150 foraigne and domestique



Protestant and Popish authors, since ; of 40
heathen philosophers, historians, poets ; of
many heathen, many Christian nations, repub-
liques, emperors, princes, magistrates ; of sun-
dry apostolicall, canonical!, imperiall constitu-
tions ; and of our owne English statutes, ma-
gistrates, vniversities, writers, preachers. That
popular stage-playes (the very pompes of the
divell which we renounce in baptisme v if we
believe the Fathers) are sinfull, heathenish,
lewde, ungodly spectacles, and most pernicious
corruptions ; condemned in all ages, as into-
lerable mischiefes to Churches, to republickes,
to the manners, mimics, and soules of men.
And that the profession of play-poets, of stage-
players ; together with the penning, acting,
and frequenting of stage-playes, are unlawful!,
infamous, and misbecoming Christians...

London, 1622. 4

The perpetvitie of a regenerate mans estate.
Wherein it is manifestly proued by sundry ar-
guments, reasons and authorities, that such as
are once truly regenerated and ingrafted into
Christ by a liuely faith, can neither finally nor
totally fall from grace. It is also proved,
that this hath beene the receiued and resolued
doctrine of all the ancient Fathers, of all the
Protestant Churches and writers beyond the
seas, and of the Church of England...

London, 1626. 4

God, no impostor, nor delvdor. Or, an an-
swer to a Popish and Arminian cavill, in the
defence of free-will, and vniversall grace ;
wherein God's tender of grace by the outward
ministry of the Gospell, to reprobates, who
neither doe, nor can receive it ; is vindicated
from those aspersions of equivocation, falsitie,
and collusion, which some by way of obiection,
cast upon it. s. I., 1630. 4

Anti-Arminianisme. Or, the Church of Eng-
land's old antithesis to new Arminianisme.
Wherein seven Anti- Arminian orthodox tenets
are evidently proved ; their seven opposite Ar-
minian (once Popish and Pelagian) errours are
manifestly disproved, to be the ancient, estab-
lished, vndoubted doctrine of the primitive
and moderne Church of England ; (as also of
the primitive and present Churches of Scot-
land and Ireland :) by the concurrent testimo-
ny of sundry ancient Brittish, English, Scot-
tish, Irish authours and records, from the
yeare of our Lord 430, till about the yeare
1440 : and by the severall records and writers
of these Cluirches, from the beginning of re-
formation to this present. 2d ed.

. I., 1630. 4

The unbishoping of Timothy and Titus, and
of the Angel of the Church of Ephesus : or, a
brief elaborate discourse, proving Timothy and
the Angel to be no first, sole, diocesan Bishop
of Ephesus, nor Titus of Crete ; and that the
power of ordination, or imposition of hands,
belongs jure divino to Presbyters, as well as
to Bishops, and not to Bishops only, as Bishops ;
who by divine institution are evidenced to be
one and the same with Presbyters, and many

over one city, church, not one over many cities
or churches... [Title in MS.]

London, 1636. 4'
Reprinted, London, 1660. 4
A breviate of the Prelates intolerable usurj>;i-
tions, both upon the Kings prerogative royall,
and on the subjects liberties. 3d ed. By W.
HUNTLBY. [Pseud.] s. I., 1637. 4

The antipathic of the English lordly Prelacie,
both to regall monarchy, and civill unity : or,
an historicall collection of the severall exe-
crable treasons, conspiracies, rebellions, sedi-
tions, state-schismes, contumacies, anti-mo-
narchicall practices, and oppressions of our
English, Brittish, French, Scottish, and Irish
lordly Prelates, against our kingdomes, lawes,
liberties ; and of the severall warres, and civil
dissentions occasioned by them in, or against
our realm, in former and latter ages. Together
with the judgementof our owne ancient writers,
and most judicious authors, touching the pre-
tended divine jurisdiction, the calling, lordli-
nesse, temporalities, wealth, secular imploy-
ments, trayterous practices, unprofitablenesse,
and mischievousnesse, of lordly Prelates, both
to King, State, Church, with an answer to the
chiefe objections made for the divinity, or con-
tinuance of their lordly function. 2 parts.

London, 1641. 4

A new discovery of the Prelates tyranny, in
their late prosecutions of Mr William Pryn, an
eminent lawyer ; Dr John Bastwick, a learned
physitian ; and Mr Henry Burton, a reverent
divine... London, 1641. 4

A soveraign antidote to prevent, appease, and
determine our unnaturall and destructive ci-
vill warres and- dissentions. Wherein divers
serious considerations tending to this purpose
are propounded both to the King and subjects,
the parliaments and Sir John Hotham's pro-
ceedings at Hull and in the militia justified,
Sir John Hotham's actions proved to be nei-
ther treason, felony, nor trespas, by the laws
of the land, nor any just ground or cause at
all for his Majestie to rayse an army, or a most
unnaturall civill warre in his kingdome. With
a most serious exhortation both to the King
and subjects to embrace and preserve peace
and abandon civill warres, with other matters
worthy of consideration. Second impression.

London, 1642. 4

An humble remonstrance against the tax of
ship-money lately imposed : laying open the
illegality, injustice, abuses, and inconveniences
thereof. W T ritten by W. P. An. 1636, during
his imprisonment in the tower of London, to
free his country from that heavy tax ; and then
communicated to some speciall friends in writ-
ing... Together with some brief e observations
touching the Great Scale of England.

London, 1643. 4
Another copy.

The soveraigne power of parliaments and king-
doms : divided into foure parts. Together
with an appendix : wherein the superiority of
our owne, and most other foraine parliaments,



states, kingdomes, magistrates, (collectively
considered,) over and above their lawfull em-
perours, kings, princes, is abundantly evi-
denced, confirmed by pregnant reasons, reso-
lutions, precedents, histories, authorities of all
sorts ; the contrary objections re-felled ; the
treachery and disloyalty of Papists to their
soveraignes, with their present plots, to extir-
pate the Protestant religion demonstrated ;
and all the material objections, calumnies, of
the King, his counsell, royallists, malignaiits,
delinquents, Papists, against the present par-
liaments proceedings... satisfactorily answered,
refuted, dissipated in all particulars.

London, 1643. 4
Another copy.

The Popish royall favourite : or, a full disco-
very of His Majesties extraordinary favours
to, and protections of notorious Papists, priests,
Jesuits, against all prosecutions and penalties
of the laws enacted against them ; notwith-
standing his many royall proclamations, de-
clarations, and protestations to the contrary.
As likewise of a most desperate long prosecuted
designe to set up Popery, and extirpate the
Protestant religion by degrees, in this our
realme of England, and all His Majesties do-
minions... Collected and published by authori-
ty of Parliament : by W. P.

London, 1643. 4
Another copy.

* A catalogue of the printed books written by
W. P. before, during, since his imprisonment.

London, 1643. 4

The doome of cowardisze and treachery ; or,
a looking-glasse for cowardly or corrupt gover-
nours, and souldiers, who through pusillani-
mity or bribery, betray their trusts, to the
publick prejudice. Containing certaine do-
mestick lawes, heretofore, lately made, and
judgements given against such timorous and
treacherous persons ; fit to be known in these
unhappy times of warre. London, 1643. 4
Another copy.

Homes master-peece : or, the grand conspiracy
of the Pope and his lesuited instruments, to
extirpate the Protestant religion, to re-estab-
lish Popery, subvert lawes, liberties, peace,
parliaments, by kindling a civill war in Scot-
land, and all his Majesties realmes, and to
poyson the King himselfe in case hee comply
not with them in these their execrable de-
signes... Published by authority of parliament.
By W. P. 2d ed. ' London, 1644. 4

Another copy.

A true and full relation of the prosecution,
arraignment, tryal, and condemnation of Na-
thaniel Fiennes, late colonel and governor of
the city and castle of Bristoll, before a coun-
cill of war held at St Albans during nine dayes
space, in December, 1643, touching his coward-
ly and traytorly surrendering of this city and
castle... to the ineffable losse, danger, and pre-
judice of the whole kingdom... By W. P. and
Clement WALKER. London, 1644. 4

A vindication of Psalme 105. 15, (Touch not

mine Anoynted, and doe my Prophets no
harme) from some false glosses lately obtruded
on it by Royallists : proving that this divine
inhibition was given to kings, not subjects ;
to restrain them from injuring and oppressing
God's servants and their subiects, who are
God's Anoynted, as well as kings : and that it
is more unlawfull for kings to plunder and
make war upon their subiects, by way of of-
fence, than for subiects to take up arms against
kings, in such cases, by way of defence. With
a brief e exhortation to peace and unity. 3d ed.

London, 1644. 4

A moderate apology against a pretended ca-
lumny. In answer to some passages in The
preheminence of parliament. Newly publish-
ed by James Howell Esq. one of the clerks of
his Majesties most honourable Privy Councell.
Wherein a reason is rendered, why the Popish
royal favourite stiled him no friend to parlia-
ments, and a malignant. And the copy of a
letter written by George Gage from Rome to
King lames, inserted, to manifest an agency
between him and Rome, to procure the Popes
dispensation for the Spanish match.

London, 1644. 4

The falsities and forgeries of the anonymous
author of a late pamphlet, (supposed to be
printed at Oxford but in truth at London)
1644, intituled The fallacies of Mr William
Prynne, discovered and confuted, in a short
view of his books intituled, The sovereignty
of parliaments, the opening of the Great Seal,
&c. Wherein the calumnies, and forgeries of
this unknown author in charging Mr Prynne
with false quotations, calumniating falshoods,
wresting of the Scriptures, points of Popery,
grosse absurdityes, meer contradictions, hai-
nous treasons and plain betraying of the cause,
(not one of which is in the least degree made
good by the calumniator) are succinctly an-
swered, refuted. London, 1644. 4
A vindication of foure serious questions of
grand importance, concerning excommunica-
tion, and suspention from the sacrament of
the Lord's Supper, from some misprisions and
unjust exceptions lately taken against them ;
both in the pulpit, by a reverend brother of
Scotland [George Gillespie] in a sermon at
Margarets church in Westminster, before the
Hon. House of Commons, at a publike fast
there held for Scotland, on the 5th of Septem-
ber last : and in the presse, by three new-
printed pamphlets, by way of answer to and
censure of them. Wherein some Scripture
texts (commonly produced for excommunica-
tion, and bare suspention from the Lord's
Supper onely) are cleared from false glosses,
inferences, conclusions wrested from them ;
the grounds of sole suspention from the sacra-
ment, of unmixt communions, Independency,
separations from our Churches, sacraments,
examined, refuted, subverted ; Judas his re-
ception of the Lords Supper, cleared ; it ma-
nifested to be a converting, as well as a con-
firming ordinance ; a meens to beget, as well



as increase grace : with other particulars tend-
ing to the advancement of verity, unity, and
the better, speedier settlement of a Church-
discipline, according to God's word, so much
desired. London, 1645. 4

A gagge for long-hair'd Rattle-Heads who re-
vile all civill Round-heads.

[London, 1646.] 4

Canterburies doome. Or the first part of a
compleat history of the commitment, charge,
tryall, condemnation, execution of William
Laud late Arch-Bishop of Canterbury... Where-
in this Arch-Prelates manifold trayterous arti-
fices to usher in Popery by degrees, are cleerly
detected, and the ecclesiasticall history of our
Church-affaires, during his pontiticall domina-
tion, faithfully presented to the publike view
of the world. London, 1646. fol.

PSALMODY. Proposed additions to the psal-
mody. Printed for the inspection of Presby-
teries, 1814. [Edin., 1814.] 12

Our Scottish psalmody : with hints for its im-
provement. Addressed to the congregation of
Free St George's by its sacred music associa-
tion. Edin., 1852. 8

PSALMS. Die Sieben Busspsalmen ausgelegt.
B. L. Leyptzek, 1520. 4

A selection of psalms and hymns, for the use
of the parish church of Peterborough.

Peterborough, 1819. 12

A collection of psalms and hymns from various
authors. Chiefly designed for the use of pub-
lic worship. 13th ed. Cambridge, 1824. 12

A selection of psalms and hymns, for public
worship. 8th ed. London, 1824. 12

A selection of psalms and hymns for public
worship. 3d ed. London, 1834. 12

Three hundred and fifty portions of the Book
of Psalms : selected from various versions :
with six hundred hymns adapted for public
worship. Thirtieth thousand.

London, 1836. 12

Psalms and hymns adapted to social, private,
and public worship in the Presbyterian Church
in the United States of America. Authorized
by the General Assembly.

Philadelphia, 1843. 12

Gesangbuch fur die evangelische Kirche in
Wurttemberg. Stuttgart, 1843. 8
[For the prose and poetical versions of the

Book of Psalms, see BIBLES.]

PTOLEMyEUS (CLAUDIUS). Theatrum geogra-
phise veteris, Grace et Latine. Grseca ad co-
dices Palatinos collata aucta et emendata sunt,
Latina infinitis locis correcta opera P. Bertii.
2 torn. Amstel., 1618, 19. fol.

PUAUX (F.) Histoire de la Reformation Fran-
aise. Tome premier. Paris, 1859. 12

PUBLIC HOUSES. Observations and facts re-
lative to public houses. By a magistrate ;
[John WETLAND]. 2d ed. London, s. a. 8

Report from the select committee on public
houses, &c. ; together with the proceedings of
the committee, minutes of evidence, appendix,
and index. [London, 1853.] fol.

Public-houses' act conference. Testimonies

and statistics in reference to the working of
the Public-houses' act, from magistrates, su-
perintendents of police, clergymen, city mis-
sionaries, employers of labour, working men,
&c. A Glasgow, 1855. 8

PUBLISHING. The present system of publish-
ing ; being an examination of a proposed plan
for superseding it ; contained in a pamphlet
entitled, "Reasons for establishing an authors'
publication society, by which literary labour
would receive a more adequate reward, and
the price of all new books be much reduced."

.-/on, 1844. 8

physiologicarum quarta, de hominis procrea-
tione. Lugd. Batav., 1610. 4

Professor of the law of nature and nations at
Heidelberg. De jure naturae et gentium libri
octo. Editio ultima. Amstel., 1688. 4

Another copy.

Translated into English. The 2d ed. care-
fully corrected, and compared with Mr. Bar-
beyrac's French translation.

Oxford, 1710. fol.

Abridg'd from the original. In which the au-
thor's entire treatise (De officio hominis et
civis) that was by himself design'd as the epi-
tome of his larger work, is taken. The whole
compar'd with the respective last editions of
Mr. Barbeyrac's French translations, and il-
lustrated with his notes. By J. Spavan, M.A.
2 vol. London, 1716. 8

Another copy.

Another copy.

De officio hominis et civis juxta legem natu-
ralem libri duo. Editio sexta.

Ultrajecti, 1705. 12

Supplementis et observationibus in acade-

micse juventutis usum auxit et illustravit
Gerschomus Carmichael. Editio secunda.

Edinburgi, 1724. 8

Translated. [Wants title.] 12

Introductio ad historian! Europneam, Latino
reddita a Jo. Frid. Cramero. Editio secunda.

Ultrajecti, 1692. 8 J

Made English from the original High Dutch.

The 9th ed. With an appendix, containing an
introduction to the history of the principal
sovereign states of Italy, particularly Venice,
Modena, Mantua, Florence, and Savoy.

London, 1728. 8

Another copy.

Introduction a 1'histoire generale et politique
de 1'univers. Ou 1'on voit 1'origine, les re"vo-
lutions, 1'etat present, et les interets des souve-
rains. Nouvelle Edition, oil 1'on a continue'
tous les anciens chapitres jusqu' a present, et
aj outs' 1'histoire des principaux souverains de
1'Italie, de 1'Allemagiie, &c. Le tout dans un
ordre plus naturel. Avec des notes histo-
riques, geographiques, et critiques, et des
cartes necessaires. Tom. i.-iii. , v., vi.

Amsterdam, 1721. 12

[The above is a translation of Puffendorf's
Introduction a 1'histoire des principaux etats



de 1'Europe, re-arranged and supplemented,
by Estienne de la Chambre.]

- De monarchia Pontificis Romani. Liber sin-
gularis. [Ultrajecti, 3692.] 8

- Jus feciale divinum, sive de consensu et dis-
sensu Protestantium exercitatio posthuma.

Francofurti, 1716. 8

PUGH (H.) The true nature of religious zeal
stated, as it concerns both Church and Dis-
senters. A sermon preached at St Catherine-
Creed-church, London, Sep. 17th, 1710. And
dedicated to Dr Henry Sacheverell.

London, 1710. 8

address to the inhabitants of Ramsgate.

London, 1850. 8

PULLER (TIMOTHY), D.D., Rector of St Mary-
le-Bow, London. The moderation of the
Church of England, considered as useful for
allaying the present distempers which the in-
disposition of the time hath contracted.

London, 1679. 8

- A new edition, thoroughly revised ; the re-
ferences being verified and corrected ; and the
passages cited, printed at length ; with an in-
troductory preface : by the Rev. Robert Eden,
M.A. London, 1843. 8

PULLIN (GREG). Henry, the recluse of Devon :
or, his first visit. A tale from life. 3 vol.

London, 1835. 8

PULLING (JOHN). A tour in Southern Europe
and the Crimea. London, 1858. 8

PULPIT. The pulpit guarded ; with arguments
proving the unlawfulness, sinfulness and dan-
ger of suffering private persons to take upon
them public preaching, and expounding the
Scriptures without a call... Composed and com-
piled by a friend to truth and peace.

Edin., 1748. 8

- The Scottish pulpit ; a collection of sermons
by eminent clergymen of the Church of Scot-
land. Edited by the Rev. Robert Gillan.

Edin., 1823. 8

The pulpit. [A single volume containing odd
numbers.] London, 1830-37. 8

- The Scottish pulpit, containing sermons by
eminent Scottish divines. 4 vol.

Edin., 1833-35. 8
. The Church of Scotland pulpit. 2 vol.

Edin., 1845, 46. 8

The Free Church pulpit. 3 vol.

Perth, 1845-47. 8

- The eloquence of the pulpit. A discourse on
Acts, xiii. 24. [Wants title.] 8

detected by the evidence of facts. 1743

PUNCHARD (GEORGE). History of Congrega-
tionalism from about A.D. 250 to 1616.

Salem, 1841. 12

A view of Congregationalism, its principles and
doctrines, the testimony of ecclesiastical history
in its favour, its practice and its advantages.
With an introductory essay by R. S. Storrs,
D.D. 2d ed. Andover, 1844. 8

Another copy.

PUNISHING. The Deity's delay in punishing

the guilty, considered on the principles of rea-
son. [By Robert BOLTON.]

London, 1751. 8

PURGATORY. Two discourses : of purgatory,

and prayers for the dead. [By William WAKE . ]

London, 1687. 4*

Anglicanus, sive prsecipua dogmata eorum qui
inter vulgo dictos Puritanos in Anglia, rigi-
diores habentur. [Written in English by Wil-
liam BRADSHAW, and translated into Latin,
with a preface, by W. AMES.]

Francofurti, 1610. 8

Patronus bonse fidei in causa Puritanorum,
contra Hierarchicos Anglos : ut disceptatur in
specimine confutationis vindiciarum clarissi-
mi viri Johannis Durelli, cujus periculum fit,
cum passim in ejus opere, turn maxime in ca-
pite primo, in quo agitur de authoribus nuper-
orum motuum in Anglia. [By Louis Du
MOULIN.] s. I., 1672. 8

Puritanism revived : or, methodism as old as
the great rebellion. In a series of letters
from a curate to his rector. [By Richard
MANT.] London, 1808. 8

- Another copy.

PURVES (JAMES). A treatise on civil govern-
ment. Shewing that the Scripture plan is the
best for promoting human happiness. With
a few observations on some ancient and mo-
dern governments. Edin. , 1791. 12

Review of The age of reason, with remarks on

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