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some other deistical writings. Part i.

Edin., 1795. 12

PURVES (JOHN), Minister of the Free Church,
Jedburgh. Sermons touching some points
much controverted at present.

Edin., 1846. 8

Happiness, its elements and means simple and
common : being an address, delivered at the
Mechanics institute, Jedburgh, December 17,
1851. Edin., 1852. 8

The sustentation fund. A speech delivered in
the Free Synod of Merse and Teviotdale, on
Tuesday the 24th of April 1855.

Edin., 1855. 8

Another copy.

Another copy.

Clerical despotism and Synod justice, or, true
state of the case between the Rev. J. A. Wal-
lace, Hawick, and David D. Scott.

Jedburgh, 1856. 8

SIN put away by Christ. s. a.

fessor of Hebrew, Oxford. An historical en-
quiry into the probable causes of the rational-
ist character lately predominant in the theo-
logy of Germany. To which is prefixed, a
letter from Professor Sack, upon the Rev.
H. J. Rose's Discourses on German Protest-
antism: translated from the German. [2 parts.]

London, 1828, 30. 8*

A letter to Richard [Bagot] Lord Bishop of
Oxford, on the tendency to Romanism imput-



ed to doctrines held of old, as now, in the
English Church. Oxford, 1839. 8

Preface to the fourth edition of the "Letter
to Richard, Lord Bishop of Oxford, on the
tendency to Romanism imputed to doctrines
held of old, as now, in the English Church : "
on the doctrine of justification.

Oxford, 1840. 8

A letter to His Grace the Archbishop of Can-
terbury [William Howley], on some circum-
stances connected with the present crisis in
the English Church. 3d ed.

Oxford, 1842. 8

Marriage with a deceased wife's sister prohi-
bited by holy Scripture, as understood by the
Church for 1500 years. Evidence given be-
fore the commission appointed to inquire into
the state and operation of the law of marriage
as relating to the prohibited degrees of affi-
nity, with a preface by E. B. P. To which
is appended, a speech... in the case of the
Queen v. the parish of St Giles in the fields,
by Edward BADELEY, Esq., M.A.

Oxford, 1849. 8

The royal supremacy not an arbitrary autho-
rity, but limited by the laws of the Church,
of which kings are members. Part i. An-
cient precedents. Oxford, 1850. 8

The doctrine of the Real Presence, as contain-
ed in the Fathers from the death of St John
the Evangelist to the fourth general council,
vindicated, in notes on a sermon, ' ' The pre-
sence of Christ in the holy eucharist," preach-
ed A.D. 1853, before the university of Oxford.

Oxford, 1855. 8

The Real Presence of the body and blood of
our Lord Jesus Christ, the doctrine of the
English Church, with a vindication of the re-
ception by the wicked, and of the adoration of
our Lord Jesus Christ truly present.

Oxford, 1857. 8

The councils of the Church from the council
of Jerusalem A.D. 51, to the council of Con-
stantinople A.D. 381, chiefly as to their consti-
tution, but also as to their objects and history.

Oxford, 1857. 8

The minor Prophets, with a commentary.

The Church of England a portion of Christ's
one holy Catholic Church, and a means of re-
storing visible unity. An Eirenicon, in a let-
ter to the author of "The Christian year."
Fourth thousand. London, 1865. 8

PUTTER (JOHN STEPHEN), Professor of laws in
the university of Gb'ttingen. An historical de-
velopement of the present political constitution
of the Germanic empire. Translated from the
German, with notes, and a comparative view
of the revenue, population, forces, &c. of the
respective territories, from the statistical tables
lately published at Berlin, by Josiah Dorn-
ford, LL.D. 3 vol. London, 1790. 8

PYE (HENBY JAMES), Poet Laureate. Sketches

on various subjects. 2d ed.

London, 1797. 8*

PYKE (JOSEPH). An impartial view of the prin-
cipal difficulties that affect the Trinitarian, or
clog the Arian scheme. Win-rein, among other
things, that important qua-re, whether our
Lord is to be worship'd as Mediator, is fairly
discussed... Containing an answer to Mr For-
ster's Appendix, <tc. and to a pamphlet, en-
tituled, The unity of God not inconsistent with
the divinity of Christ. As also some remarks
on the Reply to Dr Waterland. With an in-
troduction concerning the true state of the
controversy. In a letter to a friend.

London, 1721. 8

PYLE (PHILIP), M.A., Rector of Castle Rising,
Norfolk. One hundred and twenty popular
sermons. 4 vol. Norwich, 1789. 8

Twenty four popular sermons. [Forming
vol. v.J Nonoich, 1795. 8*

PYLE (THOMAS), M.A., Rector of Watlington.
An answer to Mr Stebbings's Miscellaneous
observations upon some passages in the Bishop
of Bangor's [Hoadly's] Answer to the Repre-
sentation. Being the conclusion of the vindi-
cation of His Lordship against the first head
of the charge of the committee.

London, 1719. 8

An answer to Mr Stebbings's Remarks con-
cerning religious sincerity, and Church-autho-
rity. Being a further vindication of the Lord
Bishop of Bangor. With a preface in answer
to that of the Reverend the Dean of Chiches-
ter. London, 1719. 8

A farther vindication of the Bishop of Bangor,
with respect to the doctrine of religious sin-
cerity, as available to the salvation of men : in
answer to Mr Stebbing's Remarks upon His
Lordship's position concerning it. In a third
letter to a member of the university of Cam-
bridge, s. I. et a. 8

A farther vindication of the Bishop of Bangor,
with respect to Church authority : in answer
to Mr Stebbing's Defence of the first head of
the charge of the committee of the Lower-
House of convocation against His Lordship.
In a fourth letter to a member of the univer-
sity of Cambridge. s. I. et a. 8

A paraphrase, with notes, on the Acts of the.
Apostles, and upon all the Epistles of the New
Testament. Being a compleat supplement to
Dr Clarke's Paraphrase on the four Gospels.
2 vol. 4th ed. London, 1780. 8

PYM (WILLIAM W.), A.M., Vicar of Willian,
Herts. A word of warning in the last days.
3d ed. London, 1839. 12

Another copy.

The restitution of all things.

London, 1843. 12

PYPER (DAVID), Minister of Pencaitland. A
sermon [on Phil. ii. 20, 21] preached at the
opening of the Synod of Lothian and Tweed-
dale, Nov. 10th, 1812. Ed in., 1813. 8 C


QUAKERS. A faithful discovery of a treacherous
design of mystical antichrist displaying Christ's
banners, but attempting to lay waste Scriptures,
Churches, Christ, faith, hope, &c. and establish
Paganism in England. Seasonably given in a
letter to the faithful in and near to Beverley.
Containing an examination of many doctrines
of the people called Quakers in Yorkshire, to-
gether with a censure of their way, and several
items concerning the designs of God, Satan,
and men, in those things, recommended to the
consideration of them who are in good earnest
for Christ. London, 1653. 4

A most true and faithful accompt of a dispute
betwixt the students of divinity and Quakers
after -named, holden in Alexander Harpers
closs, at Aberdene, April 14, 1675. years, before
some hundreds of witnesses ; Andrew Thom-
son advocat being Prseses. [Wants title. The
dedication to Lord Mackenzie and Kentail,
&c. is signed by three of the students of divi-
nity, viz. A. S. i. e. Alexander Shireff, J. L.
i. e. John Leslie, and P. G. i. e. Paul Gellie.
It was probably published in 1676.] 4

Quakers disarmed. Or, a short survey of some
queries lately emitted by the Quakers. [Wants
title.] 4

- Epistles from the yearly meeting of the people
called Quakers, held in London, to the quar-
terly and monthly meetings in Great Britain,
Ireland, and elsewhere, from the year 1675,
to 1759, inclusive. London, 1760. fol.

- A narrative of events, that have lately taken
place in Ireland among the Society called
Quakers ; with corresponding documents, and
occasional observations. [By William RATH-
BONE.] London, 1804. 8

Rules of discipline of the religious Society of
Friends, with advices : being extracts from the
minutes and epistles of their yearly meeting,
held in London, from its first institution.
3d ed. London, 1834. 4

Another copy.

The Quakers, or Friends : their rise and de-
cline. London, 1859. 8

QUARLES (FRANCIS). Divine fancies : digested
into epigrammes, meditations, and observa-


Another edition.

Argalus and Parthenia.

Another edition.

Divine poems, containiiij
nah, Esther, Job [and]

with Sion's sonnets [and] elegies. Newly il-
lustrated with sculptures to the several his-
tories, not in the former editions.

London, 1706. 12

London, 1633. 4'
London, 1636. 4
London, s. a. 4
London, s. a. 16
the history of Jo-
Sampson. Together

Emblems divine and moral : together with
hieroglyphics of the life of man.

London, 1777. 12

Another edition. Bristol, 1808. 8

The school of the heart, (of itself gone away
from God) brought back again to him, and in-
structed by him. In 47 emblems. To which
is added, The learning of the heart, by the
same author. Bristol, 1808. 8

Enchiridion. Reprinted, London, 1822. 8
- Another edition. Edin. , 1844. 12

QUARRY (JOHN), A.M., Rector of Midleton, and
Prebendary of Cloyne. Genesis and its author-
ship. Two dissertations. I. On the import
of the introductory chapters of the Book of
Genesis. II. On the use of the names of God
in the Book of Genesis, and on the unity of
its authorship. London, 1866. 8

QUATREMAIRE (Jo. ROB.). Veterum aucto-
rum qui ix. saeculo de praedestinatione et gratia
scripserunt opera et fragmenta plurima nunc
primum in lucem edita, cura et studio Gilberti
MAUOUIN. [Pseud.] Cum ejusdem chronica
et historica synopsi, genuina dissertatione et
pacifica operis coronide. 2 torn.

Lutet. Paris., 1650. 4

Another copy. Tom. ii.

QUATREMERE (ETIENNE). Recherches cri-
tiques et historiques sur la langue et la littera-
ture de 1'Egypte. Paris, 1808. 8

divinity in the university of Wittemberg. Theo-
logia didactico-polemica, sive systema theolo-
gicum, in duas sectiones, didacticarum et po-
lemicarum, divisum...[4 partt.]

Wittebergce, 1685. fol.

QUERIES. Three queries [concerning liberty of
conscience] and answers to them. [Wants
title.] 4

QUERIMONIA. Querimonia Europse, divisa in
libros duos. Londini, 1625. 4

QUERIST. The querist. Not Bishop Berkeley.
(From the Glasgow Courier.)

Glasgow, 1843. 8

Fourth thousand. Edin., s. a. 8
QUESNEL (PASQUIER), Member of the Congrega-
tion of the Oratory. Histoire de la vie et des
ouvrages de M. ARNAULD. 1697

Memoires [sept] for servir a 1'examen de la
Constitution [UNIGENITUS]. 1713-16

Plainte et protestation du Pere Quesnel centre
la condamnation des cent-une propositions :
avec un ample expose de ses vrais sentimens,
opposes aux sens errone"s qui lui sont fausse-
ment imputes dans 1'Instruction pastorale des
xl. Eveques. Troisi^me Edition.

s. I, 1718. 12


R^ponse a unc religieuse, au sujet de I'instruc-
tion pastorale dus quarante Eveques.

[Paris, 1718.] 8

Le bonheur de la MORT Chretienne. 1750

The four Gospels ; with a comment, and re-
flections both spiritual and moral. Translated
from the French. Revised, corrected, and
the Popish errors expunged, by a Presbyter of
the Church of England. 2 vol.

Bath, 1790. 8

Another edition. With an introductory essay
by the Rev. Daniel Wilson, M.A. 3 vol.

Glasgmo, 1830. 12

QUESTIONS. The two great questions consi-
dered. I. What the French King will do with
respect to the Spanish monarchy. II. What
measures the English ought to take. [By
Daniel DEFOE.] London, 1700. 4

Fifty questions concerning the leading doc-
trines and duties of the Gospel, with Scrip-
ture answers and parallel texts.

Edin., 1812. 8

The great question answered : or, F reagradh
na Ceiste Moire, ciod a ni mi chum bhi tea-
ruinte ? 'Na Dha Earrainn. Edin., s. a. 12

To the question "What should the people
do?" Answer Nothing ! [Edin., 1843.] 8

tique et raisonne'e des tableaux de la Suisse,
ou Voyage pittoresque fait dans les treize-
cantons et dtats allies du corps Helvetique,
repre'sentant les divers phe'nomenes que la na-
ture y rassemble, avec la description topogra-
phyque, physique, historique, morale, poli-
tique, litte"raire, et les antiquite's du pays.
[Forming a fifth volume of the work on Swit-
zerland published by MM. le Baron Zurlau-
ben and De LABORDE.] Paris, 1788. fol.

QUICK (JOHN). Synodicon in Gallia reformata :
or, the acts, decisions, decrees, and canons of
those famous national councils of the Reform-
ed Churches in France... The whole collected

and composed oxit of original manuscript acts
of those renowned Synods. 2 vol.

London, 1692. fol.

Another copy.

Another copy.

QUIETISM. Relation de I'origine, du progre's
et de la condamnation du Quietisme re*pandu
en France ; avec plusieurs anecdotes curieuses.
[Par Jean PHELIPPEAUX.] [2 part.]

s. I., 1732. 8

QUILLET (CLAUDIUS). Callipsedia : or the art
of getting beautiful children. A poem, in fmir
books. Written in Latin by C. Q. Made Eng-
lish by N. Rowe. 3d ed. London, 1733. 12

QUIN (MICHAEL J.), Barrister at law. A visit
to Spain ; detailing the transactions which oc-
curred during a residence in that country, in
the latter part of 1822, and the first four
months of 1823. With an account of the re-
moval of the court from Madrid to Seville ;
and general notices of the manners, customs,
costume, and music of the country.

London, 1823. 8

QUINCY (JosiAH), LL.D., President of Howard
university. The history of Harvard univer-
sity. 2 vol. Cambridge, 1840. 8

onum oratoriarum libri duodecim. Ad usum
scholarum accommodati, recisis quse minus ne-
cessaria visa sunt, et brevibus notis illustrati,
a Carolo Rollin. Londini, 1758. 8

QUINTON (JOHN ALLAN). Heaven's antidote
to the curse of labour ; or, the temporal ad-
vantages of the Sabbath considered in relation
to the working classes. Sixth thousand.

London, 1849. 12

omnes Novi Testamenti Libros.

Francofurti, 1648. 4

QUIVER. The quiver. Nos. i.-xi. [Consisting
of reprints of articles by various divines on the
person of Christ.] Edin., s. a. 12


R. (FRA.). Manuductio apographica or the muses
alphabet. Containing copies and pieces alpha-
betically in verse, under several subjects di-
vine and moral : published for the use of all
teachers of the art of writing. By F. R. Phi-
lo-graphus. London, 1680. 4

R. (H.), i. e. Hugh Ross.

R. (J.), M.A. Tempora mutantur. A treatise
theological, moral, and historical. Represent-
ing (as in a scene) the vicissitudes of humane
things, with their causes and uses.

London, 1666. 16

R. (J.), i. e. John RUSSEL.

R. (M. D. L.), i. e. Michel de LA ROCHE.

R. (Le Sieur N. F. D. B.). Description de 1'isle
Formosa en Asie. Amsterdam, 1708. 12

R. (R.), Preacher of the Gospel. Episcopal go-
vernment instituted by Christ, and confirmed
by cleere evidence of Scripture, and invincible
reason. London, [1641]. 4

R. (W. S.), i. e. William Stewart ROSE.

RABANUS, Maurus, Archbishop of Mentz. Li-
ber adversus Judseos ; [cum Scriptt. vet. de
fide Catholica quinque opusculis quse P. F.
CHIFFLETIUS e MSS. cod. eruit]. 1656

RABELAIS (FRANgois). Les oeuvres de F. R.,
augmente"es de la vie de 1'auteur, et de quelques
remarques sur sa vie et sur 1'histoire. 2 torn.

s. L, 1666. 12

RABEN (GOTTFRIED). Predigt vom Gebet.
B. L. Niirnberg, 1601. 4

RABULAS, Bishop of Edessa. Opera selecta.
E codicibus Syriacis manuscriptis in Museo
Britannico et bibliotheca Bodleiana asservatis
primus edidit J. Josephus OVERBECK.

Oxonii, 1865. 8

RACINE (JEAN). CEuvres. Nouvelle Edition.
2 torn. Amsterdam, 1722. 12

- Another edition. 2 torn. Londres, 1723. 4
Another edition. 3 torn.

Paris, Van ix. 1800. 12

- Abrege' de 1'histoire de Port- Royal. Ouvrage
servant de supplement aux trois volumes des
oeuvres de cet auteur. Vienne, 1767. 12

- Theatre cornplet de J. R. Paris, 1841. 12
CEuvres dramatiques. 2 torn.

Leipzig, 1845. 8

- Chef-d'oeuvres dramatiques ; [avec les Chef-
d'ceuvres dramatiques de CORNEILLE]. 1782

RACINE (Louis), second son of the preceding.
CEuvres de L. R. 6 torn.

Paris, 1808. 8

Abbot of Corbey. Opera. Quorum pars multo
maxima mine primum prodit ex bibliotheca
monasterii Corbeiensis.

Lutetitx Parisiorum, 1618. fol.

RADCLIFFE (MARY ANNE). The memoirs of
Mrs M. A. R. ; in familiar letters to her fe-
male friend. [Containing also The female ad-
vocate ; or, an attempt to recover the rights of
women from male usurpation.]

Edin., 1810. 8

RADFORDUS (I.). A directorie teaching the
way to the trvth in a briefe and plaine dis-
covrse against the heresies of this time. Where-
unto is added, a short treatise against Adia-
phorists, Nevters, and such as say they may
be saued in any sect or religion, and would
make of many diuers sects one Church.

s. I, 1605. 8

RADIUS (J. S. C. DE). Abridged history of
Christianity, civil and ecclesiastical, from the
earliest period to the present time.

London, 1850. 12

RAE (JOHN). Statement of some new principles
on the subject of political economy, exposing
the fallacies of the system of free trade, and
of some other doctrines maintained in the
" Wealth of nations." Boston, 1834. 8

RAE (PETER). Gospel ministers Christ's ambas-
sadors. A sermon [on 2 Cor. v. 20] preached
at the opening of the provincial Synod of Dum-
fries, April 10th, 1733. Edin., 1733. 8

RAFFLES (THOMAS), LL.D. Lectures on some
important branches of Christian faith and prac-
tice. 2vol. 2ded. London, 1825. 12

of the life and public services of Sir T. S. R. ,
particularly in the government of Java, 1811-
1816, Bencoolen and its dependencies, 1817-
1824 ; with details of the commerce and re-
sources of the Eastern Archipelago, and selec-
tions from his correspondence. By his widow.
A new edition. 2 vol. London, 1835. 8

RAGG (THOMAS). The Deity. A poem. In
twelve books. With an introductory essay by
Isaac Taylor. London, 1834. 12

RAGGED SCHOOLS. Report of a discussion
regarding ragged schools ; with the speeches
of Lord Murray, Sheriff Spiers, Prof. Gre-
gory, Rev. Thomas Guthrie, James Simpson,
Esq., Rev. Dr Alexander, Rev. Mr Drum-
mond, and James Tytler, Esq. , held in Edin-
burgh, July 2, 1847. Edin., 1847. 8

RAIKES (ROBERT).* Sketch of the life of R. R. ,
and of the history of Sunday schools. By
W. F. Lloyd. London, 1826. 12

RAINBOW. The Rainbow. No. ii. July 14,
1821. s. L, 1821. 12

(JOHN), D.D., President of Corpus Christi col-
lege. Sex theses de sacra Scriptura et Eccle-
sia, publicis in academia Oxoniensi disputati-



onibus propositte, explicate, defensse...

Lmulini, 1580. 8

Another edition. Recognita), et apologia con-
tra Pontificios Elymas, Stapletonum, Mar-
i iiniiii, Bollarminuni, Barouium, Jiistum Cal-
v in n in Veteracastreiisem auctce.

Londini, 1602. 8

De Romanae Ecclesiao idololatria, in cultu
sanctorum, reliquiarum, imnginum, ;n|ii.i-, sa-
lis, olei, aliarumq ; rcrum consecratarum, et
sacramenti Eucharisttae, operia inchoati libri
duo. In quibus cum alia inulta variorum Pa-
pismi patronomm errata pateJiunt : turn im-
primis Bellannini, Gregoriique de Valentia,
c:il iininhi' in Calvinum ac ceteros Protestantes,
argutiaeque pro Papistico idolorum cultu dis-
cutiuntur et ventilantur. OxonicK, 1596. 4

The Bumme of the conference betweene I. R.
and lohn HART : touching the head and the
faith of the Church. Wherein by the way are
handled sundry points, of the sufficiencie and
right expounding of the Scriptures, the minis-
terie of the Church, the function of the priest-
hood, the sacrifice of the Masse, with other
controuersies of religion : but chiefly and pur-
posely the point of Church-gouernment, open-
ed in the branches of Christs supreme soue-
raintie, of Peter's pretended, the Popes vsurp-
ed, the Princes lawfull supremacie. Penned
by I. R. , according to the notes set downe in
writing by them both : perused by lohn Hart,
and (after things supplied, and altered, as he
thought good) allowed for the faithfull report
of that which past in conference between them.
Whereunto is annexed a treatise intitled, Six
conclusions touching the holy Scripture, and
the Church. With a defence of such things as
Thomas Stapleton and Gregorie Martin haue
carped at therein. London, 1609. 4

The originall of Bishops and Metropolitans ;
brief ely laid downe by Martin BUCER, J. R.,
and James USSHER. 1641

The prophecy of Obadiah opened and applied.
In suiidrie sermons. [Nichol's series of Com-
mentaries.] Edin., 1864. 4

The prophecy of Haggai interpreted and ap-
plied. In sundrie sermons. [Ibid.]

Edin., 1864. 4

RAJAHGOPAUL (P.), Free Church missionary,
Madras. Madras : a field for evangelistic la-
bour. An address delivered at the united
monthly missionary prayer meeting held on
the 4th July, 1861. ' Madras, 1861. 8

RALEIGH (SAMUEL). The principles of the sus-
tentation fund of the Free Church practically
considered. Edin., 1856. 8

RALEIGH (Sir WALTER). Remains of Sir
W. R. : Maxims of state. Advice to his son :
his son's advice to his father. His sceptick.
Observations concerning the causes of the mag-
nificency and opulency of cities. Observations
touching trade and commerce with the Hol-
lander and other nations ; proving that our
sea and land commodities inrich and strengthen
other countries against our own. His letters
to divers persons of quality. The prerogative

of parliaments in England, proved in a dia-
logue between a counsellor of state and a
justice of peace. With the addition of some
letters never printed before.

London, 1726. 12

The historic of the world, hi five books. [From
the creation to the conquest of Asia and Mace-
don by the Romans. ] London, 1606. fol.

General history of the world, being an abridg-
ment of Sir W. R., with continuation from the
best historians to the present times. 4 vol.

London, 1708. 8

A new history of England, ecclesiastical and
civil, from the establishment of King Egbert,
the first monarch of England, to the end of
the rebellion in the year 1746. Begun by Sir
W. R. First printed in the year 1693, and
brought down to the year 1746. By Walter
Raleigh, Esq. 2 vol. Dublin, 1753. 12

Another edition. London, 1756. 12
RALLIUS (ANDREAS). Halcyonia Ecclesiarum

evangelicarum, sive de regno Christi glorioso
in terris. Genevce, 1659. 8

RALPH (JAMES). The use and abuse of PARLIA-
MENTS. 1744

RAMBACH (JOANNES JACOBUS), Professor of theo-
logy in the university of Geissen. Note uberi-
ores in libellum Ruthse ; [cum Uberioribus
adnotatt. in Hagiographos V. T. Libros, per
J. H. MICHAELEM]. 1720, 45

Uberiores adnotationes ad posteriorem Librum
Chronicorum. [Ibid.]

Uberiores adnotationes in Librum Nehemise.

Notae uberiores in Librum Estherae. [Ibid.

Notae uberiores in Ecclesiasten Salomonis.

Institutiones hermeneuticse sacrae variis obser-
vationibus copiosissimisque exemplis biblicis
illustrates. Cum prsefatione Joannis Francisci
Buddei. Jena, 1752. 8

Meditations and contemplations on the suffer-
ings of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, in
which the history of the passion, as given by
the four Evangelists, is connected, harmonised,
and explained. With suitable prayers and
offices of devotion... Translated from the last
edition of the German. In three parts...
2 vol. London, 1763. 8

RAMBLER. The evangelical rambler. [By Ti-
mothy EAST.] 2 vol. London, 1836. 12

RAMMELSBERG (C. F.), Ph. D., Teacher of
chemistry in the university of Berlin. Hand-
worterbuch des chemischen Theils der Mine-
ralogie. 2 Abtheilungen. Berlin, 1841. 8

Lehrbuch der Stochiometrie und der allge-
meinen theoretischen Chemie.

Berlin, 1842. 8

RAMSAY (ALLAN). The poetical works of A. R.
To which is prefixed the life of the author by
William Tennant, A.M. Edin., 1819. 12
RAMSAY (ANDREW), M.A., Preacher of the Gos-
pel. Sennons. To which is prefixed, a short
memoir of the author. Edin., 1821. 8

called the Chevalier Ramsay. Les voyages de



Cyrus, avec un discours sur la mythologie.
2 toin. Amsterdam, 1732. 12

In English. 3d ed. 2 vol.

London, 1728. 8

Another edition. Edin., 1800. 12

The philosophical principles of natural and

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