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revealed religion, unfolded in a geometrical
order. 2 vol. Glasgow, 1748, 49. 4

of Edinburgh. A biographical notice of the
late Thomas CHALMERS, D.D. (Read before
the Royal Society of Edinburgh, and printed
in their Transactions, vol. xvi.)

Edin., 1850. 8

ter of the Gospel in Glasgow. Objections to the
abolition of the slave trade, with answers. To
which are prefixed, strictures on a late publi-
cation, entitled, " Considerations on the eman-
cipation of negroes, and the abolition of the
slave trade, by a West India planter." 2d ed.
London, 1788. 8

A review of a late publication, intitled, A com-
pendious view of the religious system main-
tained by the Synod of Relief, &c. by Patrick
Hutchison, A.M. 2d ed.

Glasgow, 1779. 8

A clear, scriptural detection of Satan trans-
formed into an angel of light ; or the Socinian
creed, as held by Drs M'Gill and Dairy mple,
ministers of Ayr, exhibited in distinct articles,
illustrated by extracts from their own works,
and contrasted with the holy Scriptures, and
with the subordinate standards of the Church
of Scotland. For the use of the unlearned.

Glasgow, 1790. 8

Another copy.

Peter's fall and recovery. A sermon from
Luke, xxi. 61, 62. Glasgoiv, 1825. 8

* State of the process, commenced by the very
Reverend the Associate Presbytery of Glas-
gow against the Rev. J. R. Jan. 7th, 1801.

Glasgow, 1801. 12 C

RAMSAY (JOHN), Rector of Langdon, Kent: A
sermon preach'd to the Protestants of Ireland,
now in London, October 23, 1713, being the
day appointed... for an anniversary thanksgiv-
ing for the deliverance... from the bloody mas-
sacre. 4th ed. London, 1714. 8

RAMSAY (JOHN), A.M., Minister of Ormiston.
An inquiry into the infidelity of the present
times. Edin., 1821. 8

the life of M. L. R. ...With an appendix, con-
taining extracts from her diary, letters, and
other private papers, and also, from letters
written to her, by her father Henry Laurens,
1771, 1776. By David Ramsay, M.D.

Glasgow, 1818. 12

RAMSAY (W.), Crieff. Correspondence between
the Rev. Dr Heugh, Dr Beattie, and H. M.
Macgill, Glasgow, and the Rev. W. R., Crieft'.

Perth, 1846. 8

RAMSAY (WILLIAM), M.A., Professor of Huma-
nity in the university of Glasgoiv. An elemen-
tary treatise on Lathi prosody : illustrated by

copious examples, and critical remarks, toge-
ther with the rules for the composition of
the different kinds of verse.

Glasgow, 1837. 8


RAMSEY (SEPTIMUS), B.A., Minister of St Mi-
chael's chapel, London. Drunkenness. A ser-
mon [on 1 Cor. vi. 9, 10] delivered in St Mi-
chael's chapel, on the third of August, 1834.
London, [1834]. 8

RAMUS (PETRTJS). Dialectic* libri duo, scho-
liis G. Tempelli Cantabrigiensis illustrati.
Quibus accessit, eodem authore, De Porphy-
rianis praedicabilibus disputatio. Item epis-
tolse de P. Rami dialectica contra J. Piscato-
ris responsionem defensio, in capita viginti
novem redacta. Cantabrigicc, 1584. 8

* Ramus ... sa vie, ses ecrits, et ses opinions,
par Charles WADDINGTON. Paris, 1855. 8


RANDALL (THOMAS). Observations on the let-
ters published by the Rev. Mr James Baine,
entitled, Memoirs of modern Church reforma-
tion : or, the history of the General Assembly
1766. In three letters to him. By PHILA-
LETHES. [Pseud.] Glasgow, 1767. 8

Christian benevolence. A sermon [on 1 Cor.
x. 33, and xi. 1] preached... in the High church
of Edinburgh, Jan. 3, 1763. 2d ed.

Edin., 1786. 8

RANDOLPH (FRANCIS), D.D., Prebendary of
Bristol. Scriptural revision of Socinian argu-
ments, in a letter to the Rev. Dr Priestley.

Bath, 1792. 8

RANDOLPH (JOHN), D.D., Bishop of London.

A charge delivered to the clergy of the diocese

of London, at his primary visitation in 1810.

Oxford, 1810. 8

Enchiridion theologicum, or, a manual for the
use of students in divinity. [Edited by Dr
Randolph.] 3d ed. 2 vol.

Oxford, 1825. 8

RANDOLPH (THOMAS), D. D., President of
C. C. C., Oxford. A vindication of the doc-
trine of the TRINITY. 1753

An appendix to the Vindication of the doc-
trine of the Trinity, &c. Containing some
remarks on the dedication prefix'd to the Essay
on spirit. Oxford, 1764. 8

Another copy.

The prophecies, and other texts, cited in the
New Testament, compared with the Hebrew
original, and with the Septuagint version. To
which are added notes. Oxford, 1782. 4

RANKE' (LEOPOLD), Professor extraordinary of
history in the university of Berlin. The history
of the Popes, their Church and State, in the
sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Trans-
lated from the last edition of the German, by
Walter Keating Kelly, B.A.

London, 1843. 8

Another copy.

Another edition. With an introductory essay,
by the Rev. J. H. Merle D'Aubigne", D.D.
2 vol. Glasgow, 1863. 8



History of the Reformation in (itnnony. 2d
ed. Translated by Sarah Austin. :> vol.

London, 1845, 47. *

Histoire de Franco, principalement pendant
le xvi e et le xvii siecle. Traduction de J.-
Jacques Porchat. 3 torn.

Paris, 1864, 56. 8

RANKEN (ALEXANDER), D.D., Minister of the
N. W. Church, GlasgoM-. The exhortation
and character of Barnabas. A sermon [on
Acts, xi. 23, 24] preached... at Glasgow, 25th
Oct. 1818, on the death of the Rev. Robert
Balfour, D.D. Glasgow, 1818. 8

Another copy.

Another copy.

Institutes of theology ; or, a concise system of
divinity. With a reference under each article
to some of the principal authors who have
treated of the subjects particularly and fully.

Glasgow, 1822. 8
- Another copy.

RANKEN (ANDREW). A letter addressed to the
Rev. Dr Chalmers, occasioned by his frequent
allusions to the " impregnable minds of cer-
tain conveners and councilmen," on the sub-
ject of pauperism in the city of Glasgow ; ac-
companied with official documents.

Glasgow, 1830. 8

RANKING (JOHN). Historical researches on
the wars and sports of the Mongols and Ro-
mans ; in which elephants and wild beasts were
employed or slain. London, 1826. 4

Historical researches on the conquest of Peni,
Mexico, Bogota, Natchez, and Talomeco, in
the thirteenth century, by the Mongols, ac-
companied with elephants ; and the local agree-
ment of history and tradition, with the remains
of elephants and mastodontes, found in the
New world... London, 1827. 8

RANN (JOHN). * The life and trial of J. R,,
alias sixteen-string Jack, for robbery ; to which
is added, a narrative of the life and trial of
William Cox, for robbery. London, s. a. 12

RANSFORD (CHARLES), M.D. The battle of
the doctors : or, homoeopathy and allceopathy
in 1851. A letter addressed to former medical
friends. London, 1851. 8

RANSOM (SAMUEL), Classical and Hebrew tutor
in Hackney theological seminary. Biblical to- j
pography : lectures on the position and cha-
racter of the places mentioned in the holy
Scriptures. With maps. With a preface by
John Harris, D.D. London, [1840]. 12

' A Hebrew grammar, containing a copious and
systematic development of the etymology and
punctuation of that language.

London, 1843. 8

Another copy.

RAPHALL (MORRIS J.), M. A. The sacred Scrip-
tures in Hebrew and English. 1844. See

RAPHELIUS (GEORGIUS), Superintendent of the
Churches of Lunenberg. Annotationes in sa-
cram Scripturam, historicse in Vetus, philolo-
gica; in Novum Testamentum, ex Xenophonte,
Poly bio, Arriano et Herodoto collects;... Pra>

fatus est Brandanus Ludolphhs Raphclius
G. F. Editio nova. 2 t<>m.

Lwj.i. /;,i/,i ,-., 1747. 8

RAPIN (RENE). Hortorum Lib. iv. cum dispu-
tatione de cultura hortensi. Joan. MKUKMI
Fil. Arboretum sacrum. An^i'li I'"\M
Rusticus. Adh.fc Lirsn leges hortenses, et
Lazari BONAMICI carmen de vita rustica.

Ultrajecti, 1672. 8

L'esprit du CHRISTIANISME. 1672

La perfection du CHRISTIANISME. Tiree de la
morale de Jesus- Christ. !'>7.;

The whole critical works of Monsieur R. 2 vol.
Newly translated into English, by Basil Ken-
net, D.D. [and several hands]. [Vol. i., 2ded.l

London, 1706, 16. 8*

RAPIN THOYRAS (PAUL DE). The history of
England. Written in French. Translated
into English with additional notes by N. Tin-
dal, M.A. 2d ed. 2 vol.

London, 1732. fol.
[For Continuation, see TINDAL.]

Acta regia ; being the account which Mr. Ra-
pin de Thoyras publish'd of the history of
England, by authority of the lords the States
General of the United Provinces of the Ne-
therlands, printed by their printer, and ground-
ed upon those records which are collected in
Mr Rymer's Fcedera. Containing not only a
succinct relation of the treaties, negotiations,
battles, revolutions, and other important
events which are treated of in Mr. Rapin's
History of England : but an account of the
several grants from the Crown to the nobility,
&c. through all the reigns. Of the summons's
to parliament and convocation. Of royal man-
dates to the clergy and laity. Dispensations
for marriages. Patents for offices : and nume-
rous other publick acts relating to particular
families and our own domestick affairs. [Trans-
lated by Stephen Whatley.]

London, 1732. fol.

RATHBAND (WILLIAM), Minister of the Gospel.
A most grave and modest confutation of the
errors of the sect, commonly called Brownists,
or Seperatists. Agreed upon long since by the
joynt consent of sundry godly and learned mi-
nisters of this kingdome, then standing out
and suffering in the cause of inconformity ;
and now published in a time of need, for the
good of God's Church, and the better setling
of mens unstable mindes in the truth against
the subtile insinuations, and plausible pre-
tences of that pernicious evill.

London, 1644. 4

RATHBONE (WILLIAM). A narrative of events,
that have lately taken place in Ireland among
the society called QUAKERS. 1804

A memoir of the proceedings of the society
called Quakers, belonging to the monthly meet-
ing of Hardshaw, in Lancashire, in the case
of the author of a publication, entitled, A nar-
rative of events which have lately taken place
in Ireland, &c. Liverpool, 1805. 8 J


KAUCH (FREUEKKK A.), President of Marshall



college, Penn. Psychology : or, a view of the
human soul : including anthropology, adapted
for the use of colleges. 2d ed.

New York, 1841. 8

RAULIN (JOHANNES), Ordinis Cluniacensis.
Itinerarium paradisi : complectens sermones
de penitentia et ejus partibus, contritione vi-
delicet confessione : satisfactione : ac oration e
...Cui adjuncti sunt... sermones ejusdem gra-
vissimi patris de matrimonio ac viduitate.
B. L. Parisiis, M.D.XIX. 8

RAUMER (FREDERICK VON), Professor of history
in the university of Berlin. The political his-
tory of England during the 16th, 17th, and
18th centuries. [From the accession of Henry
VII. to the restoration of Charles II.] 2 vol.
London, 1837. 8

RAVANELLUS (PETRUS) Bibliotheca sacra,
seu thesaurus Scriptune canonicse amplissi-
mus. [Cum additamentis novis.] 3 torn.

Geneva, 1650, 63. fol.

Another copy.

RAVENHILL (WILLIAM). A short account of
the company of grocers, from their original.
Together with their case and condition (in
their present circumstances) truly stated. As
also, how their revenue is settled, for payment
of their charters ; and provision made for the
well-governing their members and mystery, to
preserve a succession in their society...

London, 1689. 4

RAVESTEYN (luoocus), Professor of divinity in
the university of Louvain. Apologise, seu de-
fensionis decretorum sacrosancti concilii Tri-
dentini, quaj quidem ad religionem et doctri-
nam Christianam pertinent, aduersus censuras
et Examen Martini Kemnitii, ministri Eccle-
siae Brunuicensis, pars prima.

Lovanii, 1568. 8

RAVIUS (SEBALDUS). Oratio de eloquentia et
sublimitate dictionis Hebraic* scriptorum An-
tiqui Foederis. Trajecti ad Ehenum, 1752. 4

RAWDON (MARMADUKE). *The life of M. R.
of York, or, M. R. the second of that name.
Now first printed from the original MS. in the
possession of Robert Cooke, Esq. F.R.G.S.
Edited [for the Camden Society] by Robert
Davies, Esq. F.S.A. London, 1863. 4

RAWLET (JOHN), B.D., Preacher of Newcastle
upon Tyne. A dialogue betwixt two Protest-
ants (in answer to a Popish catechism, called,
a short CATECHISM against all sectaries). 1685

RAWLIN (RICHARD), Independent minister of a
congregation in Fetter Lane, London. Christ
the righteousness of his people ; or, the doc-
trine of justification by faith in him. Repre-
sented in several sermons, [on Is. xlv. 24]
preached at the Merchants Lecture at Pinners-
Hall. London, 1741. 8

Another copy.

Another edition. London, 1797. 12
RAWLINSON (GEORGE), M.A., Camden profes-
sor of ancient history, Oxford. The historical
evidences of the truth of the Scripture records,
stated anew, with special reference to the
doubts and discoveries of modern times ; in

eight lectures delivered in the Oxford Univer-
sity pulpit, at the Bampton lecture for 1859.
London, 1859. 8

The contrasts of Christianity with Heathen
and Jewish systems : or nine sermons preached
before the university of Oxford on various oc-
casions. London, 1861. 8

RAY (JAMES), of Whitehaven. A compleat his-
tory of the Rebellion, from its first rise, in
1745, to its total suppression, at the glorious
battle of Culloden, in April 1746...

London, 1758. 12

RAY (JOHN), M.A., F.R.S. Three physico-theo-
logical discourses, concerning I. The primitive
chaos, and creation of the world. II. The
general deluge, its causes and effects. III. The
dissolution of the world, and future conflagra-
tion. Wherein are largely discussed, the pro-
duction and use of mountains ; the original of
fountains, of formed stones, and sea-fishes
bones and shells found in the earth ; the effects
of particular floods, and inundations of the
sea ; the eruption of volcano's ; the nature and
causes of earthquakes. Also an historical ac-
count of those two late remarkable ones in Ja-
maica and England. With practical inferences.
4th ed. London, 1732. 8

A compleat collection of English proverbs ;
also the most celebrated proverbs of the Scotch,
Italian, French, Spanish, and other languages.
The whole methodically digested and illustrat-
ed with annotations, and proper explications.
To which is added, (written by the same au-
thor) a collection of English words not gene-
rally used, with their significations and ori-
ginal in two alphabetical catalogues ; the one
of such as are proper to the Northern, the
other to the Southern counties. With an ac-
count of the preparing and refining such metals
and minerals as are gotten in England. 3d ed.

.London, 1737. 8

The wisdom of God manifested in the works
of the creation. In two parts. Viz. The hea-
venly bodies, elements, meteors, fossils, vege-
tables, animals, (beasts, birds, fishes, and in-
sects) more particularly in the body of the
earth, its figure, motion, and consistency ; and
in the admirable structure of the bodies of
man and other animals ; as also in their gene-
ration, &c. With answers to some objections,
llth ed. London, 1743. 8

Another edition. London, 1826. 12

* Memorials of J. R. , consisting of his life by
Dr Derham ; biographical and critical notices
by Sir J. E. Smith, and Cuvier and Dupetit
Thouars. With his itineraries, &c. Edited
[for the Ray Society] by Edwin Lankester,
M.D. London, 1846. 8

The correspondence of J. R. : consisting of
selections from the philosophical letters pub-

lished by Dr Derham, and original letters of
J. R., in the collection of the British Museum.
Edited [for the Ray Society] by Edwin Lan-
kester, M.D. London, 1848. 8



RAY (T.). A vindication of the miracles of our
Saviour. Or a cornpleat answer to all Mr
Woolston's discourses. With an appendix for
Scripture revelation. Humbly addressed to
the Right Rev. the Bishops of London, Litch-
field, St Davids, St Asaph, Bangor, Oxford.
2d ed. To which is annexed an expository
letter to Mr Woolston ; with his tryal, and
sentence passed upon him for publishing the
said books. London, 1731, 8

toire phUosophique et politique des e*tablisse-
mens et du commerce des Europeans dans les
deux Indus. [Avec un atlas.] 6 torn.

Geneve, 1780. 4

Translated from the French by J. O. Justa-

mond. 8 vol. London, 1788. 8

RAYNALDUS (OooRicus), Priest of the Oratory
at Rome. Annales ecclesiastic! ab anno
MCXCVIII. ubi desunt Cardinalis Baronius.
Accedimt in hac editione notae chronologicse,
criticse, historicae, quibus Raynaldi annales
illustrantur, supplentur, emendantur, auctore
Joanne Dominico Maiisi. 15 torn.

Lucce, 1747-56. fol.

READE (T. S. B.). Christian experience as dis-
played in the life and writings of Saint Paul.
In two parts. 4th ed. : with the author's last
corrections. London, s. a. 12

Christian retirement ; or, spiritual exercises of
the heart. 13th ed. Kirby Lonsdale, 1843. 12

Christian meditations ; or the believer's com-
panion in solitude. 2d ed.

London, 1843. 12

READING (WILLIAM), M.A., Keeper of the li-
brary at Sion-college. One hundred and six-
teen sermons preached out of the first lessons
at morning and evening prayer, for all the
Sundays in the year. 4 vol. 2d ed.

London, 1836. 8

REASON. An essay concerning the use of rea-
son in propositions, the evidence whereof de-
pends upon human testimony. [By Anthony
COLLINS.] 2d ed. London, 1709. 8

The harmony of reason and Christianity. In
two essays : viz. I. On natural reason ; II. On
reveal'd religion. Being a seasonable antidote
against infidelity. London, 1736. 8

Les veritables caracteres de la raison.

Glasgow, 1763. 12

REASONING. Easy lessons on reasoning. Re-
printed from " The Saturday magazine." [By
Richard WHATELY.] 2d ed.

London, 1844. 12

REBELLION. A short history of the late re-
bellion, and of the conduct of divine provi-
dence ; together with the consequences if it
had succeeded : in a letter from Edinburgh
to a gentleman in Dumfries.

Edin., [1716]. 4

REBUFFUS (PETRUS). Tractatus de decimis ;
[ad calc. op. F. DUARENI De sacris Ecclesije
ministeriis]. 1585

REBUKE. A faithful rebuke to a false report :
lately dispersed in a letter to a friend in the
country. Concerning certain differences in

doctrinals, between some dissenting ministers
in London. [By Vincent ALSOP.]

CoMbn, 1697. 8

A vindication of the Faithful n-l.uke to a false
report, against the rude cavils of the pi-
ed defence. [By Vincent ALUOP.]

K/W, 1698. 8

Another copy.

RECOLLECTIONS. Recollections of an event-
ful life chiefly passed in the army. By a sol-
dier. 2d ed. Glasgow, 1825. 12

The war in the Peninsula. A continuation of
the Recollections of the eventful life of a sol-
dier. Glasgow, 1825. 12

College recollections. London, 1825. 8
RECONCILER. The Protestant reconciler,

humbly pleading for condescention to dissent-
ing brethren, in things indifferent and unne-
cessary, for the sake of peace : and shewing
how unreasonable it is to make such things
the necessary conditions of communion. By
a Wellwisher to the Church's peace, and a la-
menter of her sad divisions ; [Daniel WHITBY].
2d ed. London, 1683. 8

Part ii. Earnestly perswading the dissent-
ing laity to joyn in full communion with the
Church of England : and answering all the
objections of the Non-Conformists against the
lawfulness of their submission unto the rites
and constitutions of that Church.

London, 1683. 8

RECORD. Home and foreign missionary record
for the Church of Scotland. Vol. i.-iii.

Edin., ,1838-43. 8 et 4

The home and foreign missionary record for
the Free Church of Scotland. Vol. i.-xx.

Edin., 1843-66. 4 et 8

RECTITUDE. Divine rectitude ; or, a brief in-
quiry concerning the moral perfections of the
Deity ; particularly in respect of creation and
providence. [By John BALOUY.]

London, 1730. 8

Second edition. London, 1733. 8
RECUEIL. Recueil de pieces choisies, tant en

prose qu' en vers. 2 torn.

La Haye, 1714. 12

The see of Rome : its claims to supremacy
examined. An extract and translation from
the " Recueil Catholique."

London, 1852. 8

REDEMPTION. The covenants of redemption
and grace displayed. In some questions sent
by a gentleman to a... minister of this Church,
with his answers returned to them. [By James
HOG.] Edin., 1707. 4

The Scripture doctrine of redemption, or of
reconciliation, through our Lord Jesus Christ.

London, 1836. 8

REDFORD (GEORGE), A.M. A defence of ex-
tempore prayer, and of the mode of preaching
generally adopted by the Calvinistic dissent-
ers ; in reply to a sermon preached by the
Dean of Chester, before the Vice-chancellor
and the Heads of the Houses in the university
of Cambridge. London, [1816]. 8

Another copy.



The pastor's sketch-book : or, authentic nar-
ratives of real characters. Edited by G. R.

London, 1826. 12

REDFORD (GEORGE), D.D., LL.D. Holy Scrip-
ture verified ; or, the divine authority of the
Bible confirmed by an appeal to facts of science,
history, and common consciousness. [Con-
gregational lecture.] London, 1837. 8

Another edition. London, 1853. 8
REDHEAD (T. W.). The French revolutions

from 1789 to 1848. 3 vol.

Edin., 1848, 49. 8

REDING (AUGUSTINUS), Abbot of the Monastery
of Einsidlen. Vindex veritatis annalium ec-
clesiasticamm C. Baronii adversus arrogatum
J. H. Ottii examen.

Typis monast. Einsidlen., 1680. fol.

CEcumenici Tridentini concilii veritas inex-
tincta, ne apice quidem laesa ex prsesumptuosa
Joannis Henrici Heideggeri Tigurini Anatome
historico-theologica, authore reverendissimo et
illustrissimo S. R. I. principe, ac domino, do-
mino AUGUSTINO...5 torn.

Typis monast. Einsidlen., 1684. fol.
REED (ANDREW), D.D., Minister of Wydiffe In-
dependent chapel, Commercial Road, London.
The case of the Dissenters, in a letter address-
ed to the Lord Chancellor. 5th ed. With a
postscript, addressed to the editor of "The
Times." London, 1834. 8

A narrative of the visit to the American
Churches, by the deputation from the Congre-
gational Union of England and Wales. By
A. R., D.D., and James MATHESON, D.D.
2 vol. 2d ed. London, 1836. 8

The day of Pentecost. A sermon [on Acts,
ii. 1, 2] preached at Leeds, June 6, 1839, be-
fore the West Riding auxiliary missionary so-
ciety. London, 1839. 8

Address to the associated pastors and minis-
ters of the Congregational order in the county
of Lancaster. Glasgow, 1839. 12

REED (MARTHA). * Martha ; a memorial of an
only and beloved sister. By Andrew Reed.
2 vol. London, 1823. 8

REED (REBECCA THERESA). Six months in a
convent. Boston, 1835. 12

REES (ABRAHAM), D.D., Unitarian minister at
the Old Jewry, London. Practical sermons.
2 vol. London, 1809. 8

REES (DANIEL), Incumbent of Aberystruth, Mon-
mouthshire. Sermons. London, 1860. 8

REES (DAVID). Infant-baptism no institution
of Christ ; and the rejection of it justified
from Scripture and antiquity. In answer to
Mr Fowler Walker's book, entituled, A de-
fence of infant-baptism, &c. To which are
annex'd, Animadversions on the Rev. Dr
Thomas Ridgley's Dissertation on infant-bap-
tism. London, 1734. 8

REES (THOMAS), LL.D. The Racovian CATE-
CHISM, translated from the Latin. 1818

A sketch of the history of the Regium Donum,
and parliamentary grant to poor dissenting
ministers of England and Wales.

London, 1834. 8

REEVE (EDMUND), B.D. The communion book
catechisme expounded, according to God's holy
word, and the established doctrine of the
Church... Wherein, besides the continued ex-
planation of the points expressed in the cate-
chisme, there are delivered sundry matters
very profitable to be considered.

London, 1636. 4

REEVE (J. W.), M.A., Minister of Portman cha-
pel, London. The titles of Jehovah : a series
of lectures preached in Portman chapel, Baker
Street, during Lent, 1858. To which are add-
ed, six lectures on the Christian race, preached
during Lent, 1857. London, 1858. 8

Lectures on the thirty-second Psalm preached
...during Lent 1859. London, 1859. 8

REEVE (JOSEPH). The history of the Christian
Church, from its first establishment to the pre-
sent century. New and revised edition.

Dublin, 1844. 12

REEVES (JOHN). A collection of the Hebrew
and Greek texts of the Psalms : in order to
account for the variances between them, and
thereby establish the authenticity of the one,

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