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1'Eglise Gallicane en forme de lettres e'crites a
M. de Meaux, pour servir de reponse, parvoie
de recrimination, k son livre des variations
des Protestants ; ouvrage ou 1'on fait voir les
principaux changements qui sont arrives en
France, en matiere de la religion, depuis S.
Ir^ne'e, Eveque de Lyon dans le 2 e siecle,
jusq'au regne de Louis XIV. Nouvelle e'di-
tion publie'e par le soins de C.-L. Trivier.

Paris, 1847. 12

Another copy.

RENWICK (JAMES). The testimony of some
persecuted Presbyterian ministers of the Gos-
pel, unto the covenanted Reformation of the
Church of Scotland, and to the present expe-
diencie of continuing to preach the Gospel in
the fields, and against the present antichris-
tian toleration in its nature and design, &c.
Given in to the ministei's at Edinburgh by Mr
J. R. upon the 17. Janwarii 1688.

s. I, 1688. 4

Another copy.

Another edition. s. I, 1723. 8

Some notes or heads of a sermon [on Ps. xlv.
10] preached in Fyfe [Jan. 24, 1688] by that
faithful watchman and minister of the Gospel

Mr J. R. who crowned his service to his Mas-
ter by martyrdome. t. I. et a. 4

The Church's choice or a sermon on Canticles,
ch. 1. v. 7. s. I., 1705. 4

The saint's duty in evil times : in two sermons
preached from Isaiah, xxvi. 20.

Edin., 1745. 8

A prophecy concerning the Lord's return to
Scotland, by a plentiful outpouring of tho
Spirit upon his Church and land ; in three pro-
phetical sermons. Edin., 1746. 8

A choice collection of very valuable prefaces,
lectures, and sermons, preached upon the
mountains and muirs of Scotland, in the hot-
test time of the late persecution. Carefully
collected, and faithfully transcribed from se-
veral manuscripts ; and now published at the
earnest desire of the owners of that cause,
which the famous author sealed with his blood.
The 4th ed. To which are added, the form
and order of the admission of ruling elders : a
reply to Mr Langlan's Letter to Gavin Wother-
spoon ; and a testimony to the truths of God
and to his cause, as it is stated by the true
Presbyterians of the Church of Scotland,
against all its adversaries. By the same au-
thor. Glasgow, 1777. 8

Sermons. [Wants title, and otherwise imper-
fect.] 8

* The life and death of that eminently pious,
free and faithful minister and martyr of Jesus
Christ, Mr J. R. ; with a vindication of the
heads of his dying testimony. Written by...
Mr Alexander Shields, then preacher of the
Gospel in the fields. Whereunto is subjoined,
the manner of admission, or ordaining of rul-
ing-Elders, by Mr J. R. ; and some few of his
many religious letters. Diligently compared
with the original, never before published.

Edin., 1724. 16

* Life of the Rev. J. R., the last of the Scot-
tish martyrs. By the Rev. Robert Simpson,
Sanquhar. Edin., 1843. 12

REPENTANCE. Of a late, or a death-bed re-
pentance. [By Henry HAMMOND.]

Oxford, 1646. 4

REPERTORY. The repertory of arts and manu-
factures: consisting of original communications,
specifications of patent inventions and selec-
tions of useful practical papers from the transac-
tions of the philosophical societies of all nations,
&c. &c. Vol. i.-viii. London, 1794-98. 8

Vol. xxiii.-xxxiii. Second series.

London, 1813-18. 8

AUgemeines Repertorium der neueaten in- und
auslandischen Literatur fur 1828. Herausge-
geben von einer Gesellschaft Gelehrter und
besorgt von Christian Daniel Beck. 3 Band.

Leipzig, 1828. 8

Biblical repertory. A collection of tracts on
biblical literature by Charles Hodge. Vol.
ii.-iv. New York, [1826-28]. 8

The biblical repertory and theological review.
Edited by an association of gentlemen in
Princeton and its vicinity. Vol. iii.-vii.

Philadelphia, 1831-35. 8



The biblical repertory and Princeton review.
Vol. ix.-xv. Philadelphia, [1837-43]. 8

REPORT. A report of the present state of the
differences in doctrinals, between some dis-
senting ministers in London, in a letter to a
friend in the country. [By Stephen LOBB.]

London, 1697. 8

- A defence of the Report, concerning the pre-
sent state of the differences in doctrinals, be-
tween some dissenting ministers in London,
in reply to a book [by Vincent Alsop], en-
tituled, A faithful rebuke of that Report. [By
Stephen LOBB.] London, 1698. 8

A further defence of the Report. Vindicating
it from Mr Alsop's cavils, and shewing the
difference between Mr W.'s and myself to be
real, and the charge in my Appeal to be true.
[By Stephen LOBB.] London, 1698. 8

REPOSITORY. The theological repository ;
consisting of original essays, hints, queries,
&c. calculated to promote religious knowledge.
[Edited by Dr Priestley.] Vol. i.-iii. [Vol. i.,
2d ed.] ' London, 1770-73. 8

- The theological repository. New series ; de-
signed to illustrate the evidences, excellencj r ,
and doctrines of Christianity. 5 vol.

Liverpool, [1806-1808]. 8

The Chinese repository. Vol. iii.-vii.

Canton, 1835-39. 8

REPP (THORL. GUDM). A historical treatise on
trial by jury, wager of law, and other co-ordi-
nate forensic institutions formerly in use in
Scandinavia and Iceland. Edin., 1832. 8

REPTON (HUMPHRY). The landscape garden-
ing and landscape architecture of the late
H. R., being his entire works on these sub-
jects. A new edition : with an historical and
scientific introduction, a systematic analysis,
a biographical notice, notes, and a copious al-
phabetical index. By J. C. Loudon, F.L.S.,
&c. Originally published in one folio and
three quarto volumes, and now comprised in
one volume octavo. Illustrated by upwards
of two hundred and fifty engravings.

London, 1840. 8

RESBURIE (RICHARD), Minister of the Gospel in
Oundle, Northamptonshire. Some stop to the
gangrene of Arminianism, lately promoted by
Mr John Goodwin, in his book entituled, Re-
demption redeemed. Or, the doctrine of elec-
tion and reprobation in six sermons opened
and cleared from the old Pelagian and late
Arminian errors. London, 1651. 8

RESBURY (NATHAN AEL), D.D., Rector of St
Pauls, Shadwell. The eleventh note of the
Church examined ; viz. The glory of miracles ;
[Notes of the Church, as laid down by Card.
BELLARMINE, examined and confuted, p. 259].


REST. The day of rest, and other poems.

Dublin, 1830. 12

RESURRECTION. The evidence for our Sa-
viour's resurrection considered ; with the im-
provement of this important doctrine. [By
Henry GROVE.] London, 1730. 8

Another copy. [Wants title.]

The resurrection of Jesus considered ; in an-
swer to The tryal of the witnesses, [by Thomas
Sherlock]. By a moral philosopher ; [Peter
ANNET]. 3d ed. London, 1744. 8

Another copy.

The evidence of the resurrection cleared from
the exceptions of a late pamphlet, entitled,
The resurrection of Jesus considered by a
moral philosopher ; in answer to The tryal of
the witnesses, &c. [By Charles Moss.]

London, 1744. 8


REUCHLIN (JOHN). * The life and times of
J. R., or Capnion, the father of the German
Reformation. By Francis Barham.

London, 1843. 12

Martyris extantiorum doctrinae momentorum
portionem primam divina adspirante gratia,
prseside Dn. F. J. R. solenni theologorum
censurae subjicit M. P. F. Kohl.

Argentorati, [1742]. 4

REUSS (EDOUARD), Professor to the faculty of

theology at Strasbourg. Histoire de la the"olo-

gie Chretienne au siecle apostolique. 2 torn.

Strasbourg, 1852. 8

REUTER (ADAMUS). Libertatis Anglicanse de-
fensio, sive, demonstratio : regnum Angliaa
non esse feudum Pontificis, in Oxon. academia
opposita M. Becano. Londini, 1613. 4

REUTTHER (SYMON). Bin Sermon auff das
Evangeliu Matt. xvi. [5-12]. B. L.

s. I, 1523. 4

RE VEAU (GEORGIUS). Gregorii VELLEI [Pseud. ]
ad Pamphilum Centinium de specimine ani-
madversionum Mosis Amyraldi adversus exer-
citationes Friderici Spanhemii de gratia uni-
versal! judicium. Lugd. Batav., 1669. 8

Another copy.

REVELATION. The philosophy of divine reve-
lation no argument of imposture.

Edin., 1734. 8

Revelation examined with candorr. Or, a
fair enquiry into the sense and use of the
several revelations, expressly declared, or suf-
ficiently implied, to be given to mankind from
the creation, as they are found in the Bible.
By a professed friend to an honest freedom of
thought in religious inquiries ; [Patrick DE-
LANY]. 4th ed. 3 vol.

London, 1745, 63. 8

Another copy.

An attempt to shew that the knowledge of God
has, in all ages, been derived from revelation
or tradition, not from nature. [By James
PATON.] Glasgow, 1773. 8

Revelation, the best foundation for morals.
Being an investigation of the true and fabu-
lous in the age of reason. By a lover of truth ;
[ CURTIS]. Edin., 1798. 8

The truths of revelation demonstrated by an
appeal to existing monuments, sculptures,
gems, coins and medals. By a Fellow of se-
veral learned societies. London, 1831. 12

Another copy.



REVENGE. God's revenge against the break-
ers of the ten commandments. Illustrated by
a great variety of melancholy examples, as
well modern as antient. London, 1760. 12

REVIEW. The annual review, and history of
literature. Arthur Aikin, editor. 7 vol.

London, 1803-9. 8

The biblical review, and congregational maga-
zine. Vol. i.-iv. London, [1846-48]. 8

Bibliotheca sacra, or tracts and essays on
topics connected with biblical literature and
theology. Editor, Edward Robinson, D.D.

New York, 1843. 8

Bibliotheca sacra and theological review. Con-
ducted by B. B. Edwards, and E. A. Park.
With the special co-operation of Dr Robinson
and Professor Stuart. Vol. iii.-vi.

London, 1846-49. 8

The British review, and London critical jour-
nal. Vol. i. -xx. London, 1811-22. 8

The British and Foreign evangelical review.
Vol. i.-xv. Edin., 1852-66. 8

The British quarterly review. Vol. i.-xliv.

London, [1845-66]. 8

The Calcutta review. Nos. 1-5, 7-12, 14-23,
25-37, 42-44. Calcutta, 1844-54. 8

Revue Chretienne. Recueil mensuel. Tom.
i., ii. Paris, 1854, 55. 8

The Church of England quarterly review.
Vol. i., ii. London, 1837. 8 C

The Church review, and Scottish ecclesiastical
magazine. May [June and July] 1838.

Edin., 1838. 8

The contemporary review. Vol. i.-iv.

London, 1866, 67. 8

The Dublin review. Vol. i.-lxi.

London, 1836-66. 8

The Eclectic review. 10 vol. [Wanting part
2 of vol. iii. ; and part 1 of vol. iv.]

London, 1805-13. 8

New series. Vol. ii.-xiv.

London, 1814-20. 8

Third series. Vol. x. London, 1834. 8

New series. Vol. x.-xxiv.

London, 1844-48. 8

The Edinburgh review, and critical journal.
Vol. i.-cxxiv. Edin., 1814-66. 8

General index from vol. i.-xx.

Edin., 1813. 8

General index from vol. XX.-L.

Edin., 1832. 8

General index from vol. L.-LXXX.

Edin., 1850. 8

The Edinburgh monthly review. June 1820.

.Edin., 1820. 8

The English review, or quarterly journal of
ecclesiastical and general literature. Vol. i.-x.

London, 1844-48. 8

The monthly review. A periodical work... by
several hands. 81 vol. London, 1749-89. 8

A general index to the monthly review, from
its commencement to the end of the seven-
teenth volume. By the Rev. S. Ayscough.
2 vol. London, 1786. 8

Enlarged. Vol. i.-xxx.

London, 1790-99. 8





The North British review. Vol. i.-xlvi.

Klin., 1844-4iC,. s

The Presbyterian review ami nli;_'i< .us journal.
21 vol.

Vol. xi. &*., IK;'.. ,s

January, 1840, July, 1841, October, 1842,

January, April, and July, 1843, and January,
1844. ' /;.//., 1840-44.

The quarterly review. Vol. i.-civ.

London, 1817-456.

December, 1840. London, 1840.

The Westminster review. Vol. i.-lxxxvi.

London, 1824-66.

January, 1829. London, 1829.

General index to vol. i.-xiii.

London, 1832.

Theologische Studien und Kritiken [with re-
gister]. 39 Bande.

Hamburg und Gotha, 1828-66. 8
REVIUS (JACOBUS), Principal, and professor of
theology at Leyden. Examen dissertation is D.
Nicolai Vedelii de Episcopatu Constantini
Magni, seu de potestate magistratuum refor-
matorum circa res ecclesiasticas.

Amstel, 1642. 8

Another copy.

* Thekel, hoc est levitas defensionis Cartesia-
nse quam lohannes Claubergiiis considerationi
et staterse Jacobi Revii opposuit.

Brielce, 1653. 12

Disputationes theologicse miscellaneie . . . pub-
licfe habitse in collegio theologico per-illustrium
et prsepotentum D.D. ordinum Hollandise et
West-Frisise. Auctore ac preside J. R. [2 vol. ]

Lugd. Batav., 1657. 4

REVIVALS. A brief account of the late revivals
of religion among the Congregationalists and
Baptists, in a number of towns in the New-
England States, and also in Nova-Scotia. Ex-
tracted chiefly from letters written by several
gentlemen of unquestionable veracity. 4th ed.
Boston, 1800. 12

History of revivals of religion in the British
Isles, especially in Scotland. By the author
of the " Memoir of the Rev. M. Bruen."

</;/(., 1836. 8

Revivals of religion. No. 7. Ulster, 1623-
1641. [Wants title.] 12

Another copy.

REVOLUTION. A collection of State tracts,
publish'd on occasion of the late Revolution in
1688. And during the reign of Bang WIL-
LIAM III. 1705-1707

tion settlement, considered in reference to the
independence and present position of the
Church of Scotland. With remarks on certain
statements of the Rev. Andrew Gray and other
writers on the Church controversy. By a mi-
nister of the Reformed Presbyterian Church.
Glasgow, 1840. b

Another copy.

REYNER (EDWARD), Minuter of the Gospel in
Lincoln. Precepts for Christian practice, or
the rule of the new creature, new model'd.
[Title in MS.] London, 1655. 8



Rules for the government of the tongue : to-
gether with directions in six particular cases.
1. Confession of our faults to men. 2. Con-
fession of Christ before men. 3. Reprehen-
sion of faults in others. 4. Christian commu-
nication, urbanity and eloquence. 5. Conso-
lation of the afflicted. Self-commendation,
and a disproof of perfection in this life. Add-
ed, as a supplement, to the rules for govern-
ing, 1. The thoiights, 2. The affections, in the
Precepts for Christian practice, or, the rule of
the new creature, new modeld. 3d ed.

London, 1658. 8 e

Considerations concerning marriage, the ho-
nours, duties, benefits, troubles of it. Whereto
are added, I. Directions in two particulars,

I. How they that have wives may be as if they
had none. 2. How to prepare for parting
with a dear yoke-fellow by death, or otherwise.

II. Resolution of this case of conscience, whe-
ther a man may lawfully marry his wife's sister.

London, 1657. 8

REYNESSIUS (ARNOLDUS). Judicium de exer-

citationibus sacris Martini Schookii philosophi.

Ultrajecti, 1658. 8

REYNOLDE (WILLIAM), Priest. A treatise con-
teyning the true Catholike and apostolike faith
of the holy sacrifice and sacrament ordeyned
by Christ at his last Supper : with a declara-
tion of the Berengarian heresie renewed in our
age : and an answere to certain sermons made
by M. Robert Bruce, minister of Edinburgh,
concerning this matter.

Antwerpe, M.D.XCIII. 8

Bishop of Norwich. The works of E. R. , D.D.
Containing three treatises, of the vanity of the
creature. The sinfulness of sin. The life of
Christ. An explication of Psalm ex. Medi-
tations on the sacrament of the Lord's Supper.
An explication of the xiv. chapter of Hosea.
A treatise of the passions and faculties of the
soul. [London], 1658. fol.

Another edition. With a collection of thirty
sermons preached on several solemn occasions.

[London], 1679. fol.

An explication of the hundreth and tenth
Psalme : wherein the severall heads of Chris-
tian religion therein contained ; touching the
exaltation of Christ, the scepter of his king-
dome, the character of his subjects, his priest-
hood, victories, sufferings, and resurrection,
are largely explained and applied. Being the
substance of severall sermons preached at Lin-
coins Inne. London, 1632. 4

Three treatises of the vanity of the creature.
The sinfulnesse of sinne. The life of Christ.
Being the substance of severall sermons preach-
ed at Lincolns Inne. 3d ed.

London, 1634. 4

A sermon [on Rom. 14. 19] touching the peace
and edification of the Church. Preached at
the second triennial visitation of ... Francis
Lord Bishop of Peterborough, at Daventry in
Northamptonshire, July 12, 1637.

London, 1638. 4

Israel's petition in time of trouble. A sermon
[on Hosea, 14. 2] preached... before the Ho-
nourable House of Commons now assembled
in parliament, at the late publique and solemn
fast, July 27, 1642. London, 1642. 4

Self-deniall : opened and applied in a sermon
[on Matt. 16. 24] before the Reverend Assem-
bly of Divines : on a day of their private hu-
miliation. London, 1646. 4

Meditations on the holy sacrament of the Lord's
last Supper. 2d ed. London, 1647. 4

Israel's prayer in time of trouble, with God's
gracious answer thereunto : or an explication
of the 14th chapter of the prophet Hosea, in
seven sermons, preached upon so many days
of solemn humiliation. London, 1649. 4

A treatise of the passions and faculties of the
soul of man. With the severall dignities and
corruptions thereunto belonging.

London, 1650. 4

The peace of Jerusalem ; a sermon [on Ps.
cxxii. 6, 7, 8, 9] preached in the Parliament
House, Jan. 9, 1656. Being a day of private
humiliation kept by the members thereof.

London, 1657. 4

A commentary on the Book of Ecclesiastes.
Never before published separately. Revised
and corrected by the Rev. Daniel Washbourne.

London, 1811. 8

Another copy.

REYNOLDS (EDWARD), M.D. Hints to students
on the use of the eyes. [Stud. Cab. Lib. , vol. i.]

Edin., 1835. 8 s

The necessity of physical culture to literary
men, and especially to clergymen. [Ibid.]

Edin., 1835. 8

REYNOLDS (JOHN). Inquiries concerning the
state and oeconomy of the angelical worlds.

London, 1723. 8

Three letters to the deist. I. Demanding his
warrant for eating of flesh. II. Representing
his want of much useful knowledge. III. Ar-
guing the unexceptionable integrity of the
great founder of the Christian institution, and
his immediate accomplices.

London, 1725. 8

A practical discourse of reconciliation between
God and man... Together with a serious and
penetrating conviction of the enmity of man
against God in the present fallen state ; and a
pathetick and practical address to sinners to
be reconciled. To which are subjoined, some
solemn and awful discotirses concerning the
glorious appearance of Christ to judge the
world. London, 1729. 8

A confirming CATECHISM : shewing the rea-
sons of the Christian religion. Prepar'd for
the use of adult catechumens. 5th ed.

London, 1734. 12

A view of death : or the soul's departure from
the world. A philosophical poem. With a
copious body of explanatory notes, and some
additional composures. 3d ed. To which is
added, some account of the life of the author.
Chiefly extracted from his manuscripts.

London, 1735. 8



REYNOLDS (J. N.). Voyage of the Unit,.!
States frigate Potomac, under the command
of Commodore John Downes, during the cir-
cumnavigation of the globe, in the years 1831,
1832, 1833, and 1834 ; including a particular
account of the engagement at Quallah-Balloo,
on the coast of Sumatra ; with all the official
documents relating to the same.

New- York, 1835. 8

REYNOLDS (Sir JOSHUA), First president of the
Royal Academy. The literary works of Sir
J. R. To which is prefixed, a memoir of the
author ; with remarks on his professional cha-
racter, illustrative of his principles and prac-
tice. By Henry William Beechey. 2 vol.

London, 1835. 8

Discourses delivered to the students of the
Royal Academy. [Stud. Cab. Lib., vol. v.]

.,1837. 8

REYNOLDS (THOMAS). An answer to the Rev.
Mr Simon Browne's letter to Mr T. R.

London, 1723. 8

REYNOLDS (WILLIAM), M.A., Minister of the
Gospel at St Mary's in Nottingham. The va-
nitie of man in his best estate ; a sermon [on
Ps. 39. 5] preached at St Maries in Notting-
ham, March 18, 1657, at the funeral of the
Hon. Francis Pierrepont, Esq.

London, 1658. 4

Another copy.

REYNVAEN (GULIELMUS). Disputationis phi-
losophies;, de materia corporum naturalium,
pars altera. Ultrajecti, 1643. 4



RHEGIUS (W. URBANUS). Ein Sermon aus
Math : am ix. Cap. B. L.

Wittemberg, 1539. 4

RHEINWALD (G. F. H.). De Pseudodoctori-
bus Colossensibus commentatio exegetico-his-
torica. Veronce RhenanoR, 1834. 4

Holy Bible in Tamil. The Old Testament
translated by the Rev. J. P. FABRICIUS ; the
New Testament, by the Rev. C. T. E. R. 1844.

* Memoir of the Rev. C. T. E. R., comprising
extracts from his journal and correspondence,
with details of missionary proceedings in South
India. By his son. London, 1841. 8



RHIND (ALEXANDER), Minister of the Free
Church, Knockando. The essential principles
of the Free Church, as distinguishing it from
the Establishment. Elgin, 1844. 8

RHIND (THOMAS). An apology for Mr T. R.
Or, an account of the manner how, and the :
reasons for which he separated from the Pres-
byterian party, and embraced the communion i
of the Church. Edin., 1712. 8

RHIND (WILLIAM). Studies in natural history; !
exhibiting a popular view of the most striking !
and interesting objects of the material world, i
2ded. Edin., 1833. 12 j

Excursions illustrative of the geology and na-

tural history of the environs of Edinburgh.
2ded. /:-/; . ls:;<;. 8

A history of the vegetable kingdom ; un-
bracing the physiology, classification, and cul-
ture of plants, with their various uses to man
and the lower animals, and their application
in the arts, manufactures, and domestic eco-
nomy. Glasgow, s. a. 8

RHODES (WILLIAM).* Power in weakness:
memorials of the Rev. W. R. By Charles
Stanford. London, 1858. 8

RHODIUS (JOANNES). Auctorum supposititio-
rum catalogus, ad autographum ejusdem fide-
liter expressus, in quo scriptores anonymi et
pseudonymi comphires manifestantur, opuscu-
lum posthumum ex musso Vincentii Placcii,
cujus etiam notse sparsim adjectee sunt ; [ad
calc. op. Placcii de script, occult. detectis.J

Hamburgi, [1674]. 4 U

RHYMES. Homely rhymes. Edin., 1858. 8

scriptorum Societatis lesv, post excusum anno
M. DC. vin. catalogum R. P. P. R. ; nunc hoc
noxio apparatu librorum ad annum reparatse
salutis M.DC.XLII. edit orum concinnata, et il-
lustrium virorum elogiis adornata, a Philippo
Alegambe. Accedit catalogus religiosorum So-
cietatis lesu, qui hactenus pro Catholica fide
et pietate in variis mundi plagis interempti
sunt. Antverpice, 1643. fol.

RIBBECK (FERDINAND). Donatus und Augus-
tinus oder der erste entscheidende Kampf
zwischen Separatismus und Kirche. Ein kirch-
enhistorischer Versuch von F. R. [Erste
Halfte.] Elberfeld, 1857. 8

RIBERA (FRANCISCUS), S. J. In sacram beati
loannis Apostoli et Euangelistse Apocalypsin
commentarij...His adivncti svnt quinque libri
de Templo, et de iis quaj ad Templum perti-
nent. Antverpice, 1603. 8

ent of the diocese of Gottingen. Institutions
theologue dogmaticae methodo demonstrativa
traditae. Gottingce, 1740. 8

RICAUT, or RYCAUT (Sir PAUL). The present
state of the Ottoman empire. Containing the
maxims of the Turkish politic, the most mate-
rial points of the Mahometan religion, their
sects and heresies, their convents and religious
votaries, their military discipline. With an ex-
act computation of their forces both by land
and sea. Illustrated with divers pieces of
sculpture, representing the variety of habits
among the Turks. In three books.

London, 1668. fol.

The present state of the Greek and Armenian
Churches. Anno Christi, 1678.

London, 1679. 8

Another copy.

The history of the Turkish empire from the
year 1623, to the year 1677. Containing the
reigns of the three last emperours, viz. Sultan
Morat or Amurat IV., Sultan Ibrahim, and
Sxiltan Mahomet IV. his son, the xiii. empe-
rour now reigning. London, 1680. fol.

The history of the Turks. Beginning with the



year 1679. Being a full relation of the last
troubles in Hungary, with the sieges of Vien-
na, and Buda, and all the several battles both
by sea and land, between the Christians and

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