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cseteris emendatior. Frnnfof'iiii, 1606. 4

BERQUIN (ARNAUD). Balmitra, vol. i. Trans-
lated from the English translation of Berquin's
Ami des enfans by Sadashiev Kashinath
Chliatreh, reprint of the original work newly
revised by Narayen Vishwanath Shastrf , Head
master Government Marathi school, Lochar-
chal. Bombay, 1859. 8

BERRIDGE (JOHN), A.M., Vicar of Everton,

Bedfordshire. The works of J. B. ; with an

enlarged memoir of his life, by the Rev.

Richard Whittingham. London, 1838. 8

- The Christian world unmasked. To which is

prefixed, the life of the author. New edition.

To which is now added, by the same author,

Cheerful piety, or religion without gloom.

Also his farewell sermon [on Psalm Ixii. 8.]

London, 1822. 12

BERRIMAN (WILLIAM), D.D., Rector of St An-
drew's, Undershaft. An historical account of
the controversies that have been in the Church,
concerning the doctrine of the Trinity. In
eight sermons [on Deut. xxxii. 7] preached...
in the years 1723, and 1724, at the lecture
founded by Lady Moyer. London, 1725. 8

The gradual revelation of the gospel ; from the
time of man's apostacy : set forth and explained
in twenty-four sermons, preached... at the lec-
ture founded by the Hon. Robert Boyle ; in
1730, 31, 32. 2 vol. London, 1833. 8 i

[Ami in ;i r'>U,-<-rii.n i sinuous preach'

the Hon. Robert J>YU.'S Lecture.] 17.;'.'

BERKY (\\II.I.I\M). (. ;i:itii|ii;i : .r,

mythological and classical tables, compiled
from the best authors on fabulous and ancient
history. London, 1810. fol.

BERRY-STREET. Faith and practice repre-
sented in fifty-four sermons on the principal
heads of the Christian religion ; pread
Berry-Street, 1733. By J. Watts, D.D., D.
Neal, M.A., J. Guyse, D.D., S. Price., D.
Jennings, J. Hubbard. 3d ed. 2 vol.

Edin., 1792. 8

BERTHEAU (ERNST). Das Buch der Richtc-r
und Rut. Erklart von E. B. [Exeg. Handb.
zum Alt. Test. Sechste Lieferung.]

Leipzig, 1845. 8

Die Spriiche Salomo's. Erklart von E. B.
[Exeget. Handb. zum Alt. Test. Siebente
Lieferung.] />zig, 1847. 8

- Die Biicher der Chronik. Erklart von E. B.
[Exeget. Handb. zum Alt. Test. Funfzehnte
Lieferung.] Leipzig, 1854. 8

Commentary on the books of Chronicles. [Sup-
plement to commentary on the books of Kings,
by K. F. KEIL.] 1857

Die Biicher Esra, Nehemia, und Ester. Erk-
lart von E. B. [Exeget. Handb. zum Alt.
Test. Siebenzehnte Lieferung.]

Leipzig, 1862. 8

BERTHEAU (CHARLES). Sermons sur divers
textes de 1'Ecriture sainte. Seconde e'dition.
2 torn. Amsterdam, 1730. 8

monk, Professor of ecclesiastical history at Pisa.
Augustinianum systema de gratia ab iniqua
Bajani, et Janseniani erroris insimulatione
vindicatum ; sive refutatio librorum, quorum
titulus Bajanismus, et Jansenismus redivivi
in scriptis PP. FF. Bellelli, et Berti. 2 torn.

Eomce, 1747. 4

Historia ecclesiastica sive Dissertationes his-
toricae. 4 torn.

Augusta Vindeliforum, 1761. 8

BERTIUS (PETRUS). Hymenseus desertor, sive

de sanctorum apostasia problemata duo. I. An

fieri possit ut Justus deserat suam justitiam 1

II. An quse deseritur fuerit vera justitia.

Francofurti ad Mcenum, 1612. 4

Scripta adversaria collationis Hagiensis habi-
ta3 anno 1611, inter quosdam Ecclesiarum pas-
tores de divina prsedestinatione, et capitibus
ei adnexis, una cum pressiore declaratione,
sive narratione processus omnis observati a
pastoribus Ecclesiarum, qui Remonstrantes
dicuntur, in dissidiis ecclesiasticis ad annum
1612. Quse ex Belgicis autoritate 111. Hollan-
diae et West-Frisite ordinum jampridem editis,
Latine fecit Petrus Bertius.

Liigd. Batav., 1616. 4

corps' et du sang du Seigneur. Avec une dis-
sertation preliminaire sur Ratramne, et une
aiitre dissertation liistorique sur la vie et les
ouvrages de cet auteur. Traduite de 1'Anglois.
Am*(erdam, 1717. 12



ANT.-FR. DE). Annals of the French Revolu-
tion.... Translated byR. C. Dallas, Esq. [First
Series.] 4 vol. London, 1800. 8

[Second Series.] 5 vol. London, 1813. 8
BERVILLE (SAINT-ALBIN). Collection des me'-

moires relatifs a la Revolution Frangaise. 53
torn. [Edited by S.-A. B. and J.-Fr. BAR-
RIERE.] Paris, 1821-27. 8

BERZELIUS (Joxs JACOB). Aflrandling om
Galvanismen. Stockholm, 1802. 8

Arsberattelse oni Framstegen i Physic och
Cheinie [och Mineralogie]. 1821-1847. 14 Del.

Stockholm, 1822-28. 8

- Untersuchungen ; [aus den Annalen der Phy-
sik. 1824-27.] s. I, 1824-27. 8

- Undersokningar : Beitrage [Tillhor K. Vet.
Acad. Handl.] By Berzelius, Mosander, and
Gmelin. Stocklwlm, 1825-33. 8

- Larbok i organiska Kemien. 3 Afdelningen.

Stockholm, 1827-30. 8

- Die Anwendung des Lothrohrs in der Chemie
und Mineralogie. Zweite Auflage.

Niirnberg, 1828. 8

- Traite* de Chiniie. Traduit par A. J. L. Jour-
dan [et Me. Esslinger] sur les manuscrits in-
e*dits de 1'auteur, et sur la derniere Edition Al-
lemande. 8 torn. Paris, 1829-33. 8

Chemische Operationen und Gerathschaften.
Aus dem Schwedischen tibersetzt von F. Woh-
ler. Dresden, 1831. 8

- Thedrie des proportions chimiques. Deuxieme
Edition. Paris, 1835. 8

- Neues chemisches Mineralsystem...Herausge-
geben von C. F. Ranrmelsberg.

Niirnberg, 1847. 8

BESSARION (JOA^XES), Cardinal. Bessarionis
Cardinalis ad Italos de periculis imminentibus
oratio. B. L. s. 1. et a. 4

- Bessario Cardinalis de discordiis sedandis, et
bello in Turcum decernendo. B. L.

s. 1. et a. 4

BEST (THOMAS), M.A., Incumbent of St James',
Sheffield. Theatrical amusements. A sermon
preached at St James's Church, September 26,
1830. Sheffield, 1830. 8

- A sermon, delivered at Saint James's Church,
Sheffield. Sheffield, 1832. 8

- A sermon. Sheffield, 1833. 8
- The lawfulness and necessity of a national ec-
clesiastical establishment. A sermon, preached
at Sheffield, Feb. 9, 1834.

Sheffield, 1834. 8

BETAGH (WILLIAM). A voyage round the
world ; being an account of a remarkable en-
terprize, begun in the year 1719, chiefly to
cruise on the Spaniards in the great South
ocean ; relating the true histoiical facts of that
whole affair. London, 1728. 8

BETHEL (SLINGSBY). The interest of the princes
and states of Europe. 2d ed.

London, 1681. 8

15ETHELL (CHRISTOPHER), D.D., Bishop of Ban-
yor. A general view of the doctrine of regene-
ration in baptism. 5th ed. London, 1850. 8

BETHUNE (GEO. W.), D.D., Philadelphia. The

fruit of the Spirit. 2d ed.

Philadelphia, 1839. 12

Memoires du Due de Sully, mis en ordre ; avec
des remarques [par I'Abbe' de 1'Ecluse des
Loges.] 6 torn. Paris, 1827. 8

Translated from the French edition of M.

del'Ecluse. 5vol. Edin., 1805. 12

Asaph. The works of W. B. : with a preface
[by Is. Kimber] giving some account of the
author and his writings. 2 vol. 2d ed.

London, 1729. fol.

2t/vo;xov, sive, Pandectse canonum SS Apos-
tolorum, et conciliorum ab Ecclesia Grseca re-
ceptorum ; necnon canonicarum SS Patruni
epistolarum : una cum scholiis antiquorum
singulis eorum annexis, et scriptis aliis hue
spectantibus. 2 torn. Oxonii, 1672. fol.

Codex canonum Ecclesise primitivse vindicatus
ac illustratus. Londini, 1678. 4

Et [ad calc. vol. ii. opp. SS Patrum...per


A sermon [on 1 Cor. xiv. 16] concerning the
excellency and usefulness of the common-
prayer. 12th ed. London, 1708. 8

Good-Friday to be kept by all Christians, and
the manner of keeping it. [On Zech. xii. 10.]

London, 1709. 8

Thesaurus theologicus : or, a compleat system
of divinity summ'd up in brief notes upon se-
lect places of the Old and New Testament.
4 vol. 2d ed. London, 1711. 8

Another copy.

The great necessity and advantage of publick
prayer and frequent communion. 8th ed.

London, 1740. 12

Sixteen discourses, (abridged from the works
of W. B.) by the Rev. G. H. Glasse, M.A.
With a supplement. London, 1805. 8

Private thoughts upon religion, and a Chris-
tian life. London, 1822. 12

- Another edition. With an introductory essay,
by Thomas Chalmers, D.D.

Glasgow, 1836. 12

Ecclesia Anglicana Ecclesia catholica ; or, The
doctrine of the Church of England consonant
to Scripture, reason, and the Fathers ; in a
discourse upon the 39 articles. 2 vol.

Oxford, 1840. 8

BEVERIDGE (HENRY). A comprehensive his-
tory of India, civil, military, and social, from
the first landing of the English, to the sup-
pression of the Sepoy revolt ; including an out-
line of the early history of Hindoostan. 3 vol.
London, 1860-62. 8

ginale, xar \\<>w> sic nuncupation philologice
vri>\riparixas elucubratum a Themidis alum-
no. Eleutheropoli, [Lugd. Bat.] 1678. 8

De stolatse virginitatis jure lucubratio acade-
mica. Lugd. Bat., 1680. 8

- De fornicatione cavenda admonitio ; sive, ad-
hortatio ad pudicitiam et castitatem. Editio
nova et ab auctore correcta. s. I. , 1698. 8

BEVERLEY (Jonx), M.A. An account of the

dill'i-ivnt , .M-rvftl in tho senate

huusiM.f tlu- I'niwrsih <>L' Caii>lirid;,v, through-

CbM&rtdta I7H8. 8

Tho polls for the I'h'ction of chancellor of the
I'liivi-rsity "i" ('ain!>ri<l;,'e, on Mar. 20, 1811 ;
aii'l iliai ntathre In I'ailiameut for

the I 'imvrsity, on Mar. 27, 1811.

Cniiihri.lye, 1811. 8

of the prophets, a discourse on the corruptions '
of the Church of Christ. [Matt, xxiii. L"
lid CM!. Beverley, 1831. 8 s

Another copy.

- A letter to his Grace the Archbishop of York,
mi the present corrupt state of the Church of
England. 12th ed. . 1831. 8

- Fifteenth edition. . 1831. 8

- A letter to Lord Henley, on the deficiencies
of his plan of Church reform.

Beverley, 1833. 8

- A letter to his Royal Highness the Duke of
Gloucester, Chancellor, on the present corrupt
state of the University of Cambridge.

London, 1833. 8

- Reply to Professor Sedgwick's letter, in the
" Leeds Mercury," concerning the present cor-
rupt state of the University of Cambridge.
2d ed. London, 1834. 8

BEVERLEY (THOMAS). Evangelical repentance
\into salvation not to be repented of, upon 2
Cor., vii. 10. And as most seasonable ; short
considerations on Heb. , xii. 26. Whereunto
is adjoined a discourse on death-bed repent-
ance, on Luc., xxii. 39. London, 1693. 8

BEVEROVICIUS(JoHAXNEs). Epistolicaquses-
tio de vitre termino, fatali, an mobili ? Cum
doctorum responsis. Secunda editio.

Lugd. Bat., 1636. 4

- Another copy.


BEZA (THEODORUS). De hsereticis a civili ma-
gistratu punicndis libellus, adversus Martini
Bellii farraginem, et novomm academicorum
sectam. [Paris], 1554. 8

- Confessio Christiana fidei, et ejusdem collatio
papisticis hieresibus. (Wants title. )

Geneva, 1559. 8

A brief e and pithy summe of the Cliristian
fayth, made in forme of a confession, with a
confutation of al such superstitious errors as
are contrary thereunto. Translated out of
French by R. F. B. L. Londvn, 1585. 8

- De cojna Domini, plana et perspicua tractatio.

Geneva, 1559. 8

- De coena Domini, adversus Jodoci Harchii
Montensis dogmata, T. Bezae responsio.

Geneva, 1580. 8 I

Dialog! duo de vera communicatione corporis i
et sanguinis Domini, adversus Tilemanni Hes- '
husii somnia. His accessit abstersio aliarum j
calumniarum quibus aspersus est Johannes j
Calvinus ab eodem Heshusio. Persnknu ex-
plicatio controversiaj de c<ena Domini.

Geneva, 1561. 8 .

- Qurcstionum et responsionum Christianarum
libellus. ...Editio tertia. 1 .'',' 1. 8"

Tractuti" .!< |H>!\L,'ainia, in i|iia rt Orlnni

i i" |io|\._'aniia. <-t .MiiiitaiiUtarmn Ml
onnn adversus repetitas miptiaa argument.!
iitur. Geneva, 1573. 8

Another copy.

Another ediaon. Qew/-./, I.V.M. 8

Another edition. 1. 8

ui<> de repudiis et divortiis.

otf, 1573
Another copy.

Anotlier edition. - w, 1591. 8

Another edition. Darentria, 1651. 8

Epistolm theologicte. <! ncme, 1573. 8

Lex Dei, moralis, ceixiiKniialis et politica, ex
libris Mosis excerpta, et in certas classes dis-
tributa. . I, 1677. fol.

Ad repetitionem priinam F. Claudii de Sainctes
de rebus Eucharistise controversis T. Beza;
responsio. <:<H<>V(K, 1577. 8

-te(iu;estiones dueexj)licat;e : una, sitne
contagiosa : altera, an et quatenus sit Chris-
tianis per secessionem vitanda.

Geneva-., 1579. 8

De hypostatica duarum in Christo naturavum
unione et ejus eftectis, placida et Christiana
disceptatio Theodori Bezie...cum D. Johanne
Pappo. Geneva, 1579. 8

Histoire ecclesiastique des EGLISES REFORMEES
au royaume de FRANCE. 1580

Histoire ecclesiastique des Eglises r^form^es
au royaume de France. (Edited by Th. Mar-
zdal.) 3tom. Lille, 1841, 42. 8

Les vrais pourtraits des homines illustres en
piet^ et doctrine. .. .Avec les descriptions de
leur vie et de leurs faits plus memorables.
Plus, quarante quatre emblemes Chrestiens.
Traduicts du latin de Theodore de Beszr.

s. I., 1581. 4

T. Bezae pro corporis Christi veritate, adver-
sus ubiquitatis commentum, et Guilielmi Hol-
deri convitia, responsio. Addita est responsio
altera, adversus putidissimas Jacobi Andruif
calumnias. Geneva, 1581. 8

- Tractationes theologicje. Editio secunda.
3 torn. Geneva, 1582. fol.

- Another copy.

- De praedestinationis doctrina et vero usu trac-

tatus absolutissima Adjecta sunt aliquot

loca ex libello D. Lutheri de servo arbitrio
adversus Erasmum desumpta.

Geneva, 1582. 8

- Editio secunda. Geneva, 1583. 8

- Acta colloquii... inter Jacobum
Th. B. 1587

- Tractatus piiis et moderatus de vera excom-
municatione, et Christiano presbyterio, jam-
pridem pacis conciliandte causa, Cl. V. Joan.
Erasti, M. D. centiim maniiscriptis thesibus
oppositus, et nunc primum cogente necessitate
editus. Geneva, 1590. 4

- Propositions and principles of Divinitie, pro-
pounded and disputed in the universitie of
Geneva, by certain students of Divinitie there,
under M. Theod. Beza and M. Anthonie FAIUS,
profcssoi-s of Divinitie. . . .Translated out of the
Latine into English. />/;/(., ir>91. 4



Apologia pro justificatione per unhia Christi
viva fide apprehensi justitiam gratis imputa-
tam. Adverstis aiionymi scrip toris tractatum,
clam nuper ab Antonio quodam Lescalio edi-
tuni et public^ postea impudentissime spar-
sum, s. I., 1592. 8

- Ad tractationem de ministrorum evangelii gra-
dibus, ab Hadriano Saravia Belga editam Th.
B. responsio. s. I., 1592. 8

Another copy.

- Traicte des vrayes, essensielles, et visibles
marques de le vraye Eglise catholique.

s. I, 1592. 8

- Annotationes majores in Novum Dn. nostri
Jesu Christi Testamentum. 2 part.

s. I., 1594. 8

- Poemata varia. Omnia ab ipso auctore in
unum nunc corpus collecta et recognita.

Hanovice, 1598. 16

- Novum Testamentum Gr. 1559. See BIBLES

- Les Pseaumes de David mis en rime Frangoise
par Clement MAROT et Th. de Beze. 1561.

- La Sainte Bible... avec annotations, par M.
Jean CALVIN et Th. de B. . 1563. See BIBLES

- Psalmorum Davidis...libri quinque. Argu-
mentis et Latina paraphrasi illustrati. 1580.

- Novum Testamenum Latinum. 1582. See

Testamenti Veteris Biblia Sacra... quibus ad-
junximus Novi Testamenti Libros, ex Graeco
sermone a T. B. in Latinum versos. 1596.

- Codex Th. Bezse Cantabrigiensis. See BIBLES
-GREEK. 1. 1793

- *Historia de vita, moribus, doctrina, et rebus
gestis Theodori Bezse, scripta Gallice per H.
BOLZEC ; et Latine reddita per P. Theveiiinum :
accessit de vita Bezse cento ; itemque de here-
ticis ac de religione poematia.

Ingolstadil, 1584. 8

- *De vita et moribus Theodori Bezse Authore

Jacobo LAING^EO, Doctore Sorbonico. 1585

- *De vita et obitu clarissimi viri, D. Theodori
Bezse Vezelii \]sxoftvvp.uriov. Autore Antonio
FAYO. Geneva, 1606. 4

legis Mosaicse abrogatione commentatio.

Gottingce, 1824. 4

- Another copy.

BIBLE. The doctrine of the Bible ; or rules of
discipline : briefly gathered through the whole
course of the Scripture, by way of question
and answer. Bristol, 1783. 12

- The reasons for revising by authority our
present version of the Bible, briefly stated,
and impartially considered.

Cambridge, 1788. 8

- La Bible mutile'e par les Protestants, ou de*-
monstration de la divinite* des Ecritures re-

jete"es par la Heforme. Seconde edition.

Toulouse, 1847. 8 D
- Companion to the Bible. A new edition.

London, s. a. 12


Biblia Hebraica, Samaritana, Chaldaica, Grse-
ca, Syriaca, Latina, Arabica. Quibus textus
originales totius Scrip turse Sacrse, quorum
pars in editione Complutensi, deinde in Ant-
verpiensi Regiis sumptibus extat, nunc inte-
gri, ex manuscriptis toto fere orbi qusesitus
exemplaribus, exhibentur. [Cura Guid. Mich.
le JAY.] 9 torn.

Lutetice, Parisiorum, Excudebat Antonius Vi-
tre, Regis, Regince. Kagentis, et Cleri Gallicani
Typographies, 1645. fol.

[Le Jay's, or the Paris Polyglott. It consists
of the Complutensian and Antwerp Poly-
glotts, with the addition of a Syriac and Ara-
bic version of the greatest part of the Old,
and of the whole of the New, Testament. The
first printed edition of the Samaritan Penta-
teuch appeared in this Polyglott.]

Biblia Sacra Polyglotta, complectentia textus
originales, Hebraicum, cum Pentateucho Sa-
maritano, Chaldaicum, Grsecum, versionum-
que antiquarum, Samaritanse, Grsecse LXXII.
Interp. , Chaldaicte, Syriacse, Arabicse, JEthio-
picse, Persicse, Vulg. Lat. quicquid comparari
poterat. Cum textuum, et versionum ori-
entalium translationibus Latinis. Ex vetus-
tissimis MSS. undique conquisitis, optimisque
Exemplaribus impressis, summaque fide coUa-
tis. Quaa in prioribus Editionibus deerant
suppleta. Multa antehac inedita, de novo
adjecta. Omnia eo ordine disposita, ut tex-
tus cum versionibus uno intuitu conferri pos-
sint. Cum Apparatu, Appendicibus, Tabulis,
Variis Lectionibus, Annotationibus, Indicibus,
&c. Opus totum in sex tomos tributum.
Edidit Brianus WALTONUS, S. T. D.
Londini, imprimebat Thomas Roy croft* 1657.


[Nine languages are used in this Polyglott ; yet
there is no one book in the whole Bible print-
ed in so many. " In the New Testament, the
Four Gospels are in six languages ; the other
books, only in five ; those of Judith and the
Maccabees, only in three. The Septuagint
version is from the edition printed at Rome,
1587, which exhibits the text of the Vatican
manuscript. The Latin is the Vulgate of
Clement VIII. The Chaldee paraphrase is
more complete than in any former publica-
tion. There is an interlineary Latin version
of the Hebrew text ; and some parts of the
Bible are printed in Ethiopic and Persian,
none of which are found in any preceding
Polyglott. Both of the New College Library
copies have the loyal Preface.]
- Another copy.

Biblia Sacra Grsece, Latine & Germanice.

Opera Davidis WOLDERI. 7 parts. 2 vol. ;


MIl'.LKS rol^CL'HT

l.ound :

llii,l<nr<ii, Jacvbi'- . CMltdebat.

... f,,l.

[The Hamburgli Puly,! ;! It consists of thn. v
languages : (livek (tnuii the- Sept uau'int v.-r
sion of Venice, 1518); Latin ii.t' \\lii.-l:
are two versions the Vulgate and that of
Pagninus) ; and German (of which the ver-
sion is that of Luther, 1545. ]
Biblia Sacra, Ebraice, Chaldaice, Grreco, La-
tine, (iinnaiiice, Italice, studio et labori
Elite HUTTERI. Noribergce, 1599. fol.

[The Old Testament part of Mutter's Polyglott,
which, in all the copies, extends only to the
end of lluth. Six languages are used in all
the copies ; but instead of the Italic, some
have the French ; some, the Sclavonic ; and
some, the Saxon. The Hebrew, Chaldee,
Greek and Latin versions were printed from
the Antwerp Polyglott. The German is the
version of Luther ; the French and Italian,
the Genevan ; the Sclavonic, that of Wit-
temberg ; and the Saxon is from the German
of Luther. The New Testament is in two
volumes, and in twelve languages. The title,
preface, and first leaf of Genesis are, in this
copy, supplied in MS.]


- Hexaplorum ORIGENIS qu*e supersunt [Heb.,
Gr., et Lat.], multis partibus auctiora quam a
F. Nobilio et J. Drusio edita fuerint. Ex
manuscriptis et ex libris editis eruit et notis
illustravit Bernard, de Montfaucon. Acce-
dunt opuscula qusedam Origenis anecdota, et
ad calcem lexicon Hebraicum...itemque lexi-
con Gnecum. 2 torn. Parisiis, 1713. fol.

- Psalterium trilingue. [Heb., Gr., et Lat.]
2 torn. (MS. title). Basilice, 1545. 8

- The book of Jonah in four Semitic versions,
viz., Chaldee, Syriac, ^Ethiopic, and Arabic,
with corresponding glossaries by W. WRIGHT.

London, 1857. 8


- Oratio Dominica... plus centum linguis, versio-
nibus, aut characteribus reddita et expressa.
Editio novissima. Londini, 1713. 4 C

- Apocalypsis sancti Johannis ex MS. exemplari
e bibliotheca Jos. Scaligeri deprompto, edita
charactere Syro, et Ebrseo, cum versione La-
tina, et notis : opera et studio Ludovici de
DIEU. Lugd. Bat., 1627. 4



- Biblia Sacra Hebraica cum punctis. 4 torn.
Ctirist. Plant 'mi. Ante. 32G. A. C. 1566. 16

- Biblia Sacra Hebraica MENASSEH BEN ISRAEL,
sine punctis. Amstel. , 1630. 8

- Sacra Biblia Hebraea, ex optimis editionibus
diligenter expressa, et forma, literis ver-


simin<|iic distinction*.- coiuineiidata ; studio et
labore .l"h. <;.<.[ i, 1'alatini, lin-

guur. Oriental. ]>ropagatoris. 2 torn.

*niiii>tibH* et typi Ni**> '

[This edition is formed principally frmn tin-
quarto of U. Stephens, which lia.s been col-
lated with tin- second of Bouiberg, ani

1. nosseh ben Israel.]

- Biblia Hebraica sine punctis. Versibus, ca-
pitihus et sectionibus interstincta, imtisquu
Masoretanini quas Ktri et Ktif appellant, in-
structa. Ad Leusdcnianam editiomni ador-
n:ita. Amstel. et Ulti-<ij<-<-f., 1701. 12

Biblia Hebraica, secundum ultitnam editi' :
Jos. Athise, a Johanne Leusden denuc .
nitam, recensita atque atl Masoram, et correc-
tiores Bombergi, Stephani, Plantini, alioruin-
que editiones, exquisite atlornata vai
notis illustrata ab Everardo van der HOOGHT,
V.D.M. Editio longe accuratissima. 2 torn.

Amstel. ct M/,,,;,^., 1705. 8
[Formed on the basis of the Athias edition of
I'i<)7. At the end of 2 Chronicles, the prin-
cipal variations of the Bomberg, Plantin,
Athias, and other editions, as observed by
Van der Hooght, are added.]

Another copy.

Editio nova, recognita, et emendata, a Judah
D'ALLEMAND. 2 torn. Londini, 1822. 8

[Editio altera], recognita, et emendata, a Ju-
dah D'ALLEMAND. Londini, 1834. 8

Biblia Hebraica cum punctis.

Amstel., 1710-11. 12

Biblia Hebraica, ex aliquot manuscriptis et
compluribus impressis Codicibus, item Ma-
sora tarn edita quam manuscripta, aliisque
Hebrseorum criticis diligenter recensita... Sin-
gulis denique columnis selectae variantes lec-
tiones subjiciuntur : Cnra ac studio Jo. Heinr. ex parte opera sociorum.
Halce Magdeburg. Typis et twnpt&nu Or-
phanotrophei, 1720. 8
[Founded upon the Jablonski edition of 1099,

and compared with five MSS. from the Li-
brary at Erfurth, and twenty other editions.]

Biblia Hebraica Manualia, ad Hooghtianam,
et optimas quasque editiones recensita, atque
cum brevi lectionum Masorethicanim, Kethi-
ban et Krijan, resolutione ac explicatione, ut
et cum Dictionario omnium vocum Veteris Tes-
tamenti Hebraicarum et Chaldaicarum... edita
a Johanne SIMONIS, Histor. S. et Antiq. Prof.
2 torn. Amstel, 1753. 8

Editio secunda. 2 torn. Halce, 1767. 8

Vetus Testamentum Hebraicum, cum variis
lectionibus. Edidit Benjaminns KENNICOTT,
S. T. P. JEdis Christi Canonicus, et Bibliotheca-
riiis'Iladclivianus. 2tom. Oxonii, 1776, 80. fol.

Biblia Hebraica, olim a Christiano Reineccio
edita et ad optiniorum Codicum et editionum
fidem recensita et expressa, nunc denuo ad fi-
dem recensionis Masoreticae cum variis lec-
tionibus ex ingenti Codicum copia, a B. Ken-




nicotto et J. B. de Rossi collatorum edidenint
D. Jo. Christoph. Joannes
Henricus MEISNER. 2 torn.

Lipsice, 1793. 8

- Biblia Hebraica digessit et graviores lectionum

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