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the failure of the late expedition to the coasts
of France. London, 1758. 8

The expedition against Rochefort fully stated
and considered, in a letter to the Right Hon.
the author of the Candid reflections on the re-
port of the general officers, &c. By a country
gentleman. London, 1758. 8

ROCHES (FRANCOIS DE), Pastor of the Church of
Geneva. Defense du Christianisme, ou pre-
servatif contre un ouvrage [par M lle Hubert]
intitule Lettres sur la religion essentielle a
I'homme. 2 torn.

Lausanne et Geneve, 1740. 8










ROCHETTE ( ). * A warning to Protest-
ants ; or, Popery always the same. Being a
true account of the martyrdom of the Rev. Mr.
Rochette, a Protestant minister, and of three
noblemen who were executed with him, for
their religion, at Thoulouse in France, Feb.
19, 1762. *. I., [1762]. 12

ROCK (DANIEL), D.D. Hierurgia ; or the holy
sacrifice of the mass, with nutca and disserta-
tions elucidating its doctrines mid ci -n. monies,
and numerous illustrative plates, &c. In two
parts. 2 vol. London, 1833. 8

historicarum ad textum Herodiani, tertia.

ritrajvcti, 1641. 4

RODGERS (JOHN), D.D., Pastor of the Wall-
Street and Buck churches, New York. * Me-
moir of the Rev. J. R. By Samuel Miller,
D.D. Abridged from the original edition of
1813. Philadelphia, 1840. 12

Another copy.

RODON (DAVID DE), Professor of philosophy in
the Royal college at Nismes. The funeral of
the mass, written originally in French by M.
de R. With an answer to what Mr W. C. has
since published by way of reply, in a discourse
intitled Missa triumphans...A distinct answer
is also given to the chief arguments us'd by
the Bishop of Meaux, in his Exposition of the
doctrine of the Catholic Church to prove our
Saviour's corporeal presence in the Eucharist ;
and to the primitive authorities cited for that
purpose in the Nubes testium. The whole is

clos'd with a letter to the Rev. Mr S 1. By

Robert Hill, M.A. London, 1716. 8

A new edition. [Without the answer to Missa
triumphans and the letter to the Rev. Mr
S 1.] [Translated by S. A.]

Edin., 1836. 8

ROE (PETER), A.M., Rector of St Mary's, Kil-
/: n in/. Christ an example for the imitation of
..youth. A sermon. Dublin, 1830. 12

ROHR (JOHN FREDERICK), Chaplain in chief to
the Archduke of Weimar. A historico-geogra-
phical account of Palestine in the time of
Christ : or, the Bible student's help to a
thorough knowledge of Scripture. Translated,
with notes and corrections, from the German,
by the Rev. David Esdaile. [Bib. Cab. Vol.
xliii.] Edin., 1843. 8

theologica de generatione Filii, et morte fide-
lium temporali, qua suas de iis theses plenius
explicat, et contra Campegii Vitringa objec-
tiones defendit. 'Franeguerce, 1689. 4

Dissertatio theologica altera de generatione
Filii, et morte fidelium temporali, opposita
Epilogo... Campegii Vitringa.

Franequerce, 1690. 4

Kort en eenvoudig Berigt van het Verschil
over de Geboorte des Soons en tydelicke Dood
der Geloovige. Opgesteld van H. A. R.

Amsterdam, 1691. 4

Dissertationes philosophic^ : De theologia na-
turali duae : de ideis innatis una, cl. Gerardi
de Vries diatribce opposita.

Franequerce, 1700. 8

Another copy.

- Explicatio catecheseos Heidelbergensis. Opus
postumum. Trajecti ad Rhenum, 1728. 4

* Judicium ecclesiasticum, quo opiniones quse-
dam cl. H. A. R. synodice damuata; sunt,
laudation a professoribus theologia; in acadc-



mia Lugd. Batava, [i. e. J. a Marck, Fr. Fa-
bricio, J. Wesselio, T. H. vander Honert].

Lugd. Batav., 1723. 4

Commentarius in principium Epistolse ad
Ephesios. [Ejusdem brevis Epistolte S. Pauli
ad Colossensis exegesis.] Quo etiam contine-
tiir demonstratio divinitatis scriptorum Pauli.
2 torn. Trajecti ad Rhenum, 1731. 4

ROGER (CHARLES), Dundee. A collation of the
sacred Scriptures. The Old Testament from
the translations of John Rogers, the Bishops,
the Genevan, and present authorized version :
the New Testament from Wiclif, Rogers, the
Rhemes, or Roman Catholic, translated 1582,
the Genevan, the present authorized, and Gil-
bert Wakefield, 1795 ; with a historical ac-
count of all the English versions, and also an
account of the more ancient MSS. and edi-
tions, and memoirs of the principal translators.
Dundee, 1847. 4

Another copy.

ROGERS (DANIEL), B.D., Minister of Wethers-
field, Essex. A practicall catechisme, or a
view of those principall truths of the word,
which most directly tend to life and godlinesse.
Divided into three parts... The 3d ed.

London, 1640. 4

Naaman the Syrian his disease and cure. Dis-
covering lively to the reader the spiritual
leprosie of sinne and selfe-love, together with
the remedies, viz. selfe-deniall and faith...

London, 1642. fol.

ROGERS (EZEKIEL), of Rowley, Yorkshire, bro-
ther of the preceding. The chiefe grounds of
Christian religion, set down by way of cate-
chizing. Lwidon, 1642. 8
ROGERS (HENRY), Professor in the Independent
college, Birmingham. Essays, selected from
contributions to the Edinburgh review. 2 vol.
London, 1850. 8

The eclipse of FAITH. 1852

A defence of The eclipse of FAITH. 1854

Selections from the correspondence of R. E. H.
GREYSON [Pseud.], edited by the author of
" The eclipse of faith." 2 vol.

London, 1857. 8

ROGERS (JOHN), Minister at Dedham, in Essex.
A treatise of love. London, 1629. 12

The doctrine of faith ; wherein are practically
handled twelve principall points, which ex-
plaine the nature and use of it. 3d ed.

London, 1629. 12

A godly and fruitful exposition upon all the
first Epistle of Peter. [Wants title.]

London, 1650. fol.

ROGERS (JOHN), Minister at Purleiyh in Essex.
Ohel or Beth-shemesh. A tabernacle for
the sun : or Irenicum evangelicum. An idea
of Church discipline, in the theorick and prac-
tick parts;. which come forth first into the
world as bride-groom and bride, hand in hand ;
by whom you will have the totum essentiale
of a true Gospel-Church state, according to
Christs rules and order, left us when he as-
cended. In which you may finde the hidden
mystery of whole Christ, in head, neck, and I

body. Hidden in former ages from the sons
of men. Eph. 3. 4, 5. Published for the
benefit of all gathered Churches, more espe-
cially in England, Ireland, and Scotland.

London, 1653. 4

ROGERS (JOHN), D.D., Canon residentiary of
Wells. A discourse of the visible and invisi-
ble Church of Christ. In which it is shewn,
that the powers claim'd by the officers of the
visible Church, are not inconsistent with the
supremacy of Christ as head ; or with the
rights and liberties of Christians, as members
of the invisible Church. London, 1719. 8

Another copy.

A review of a discourse of the visible and in-
visible Church of Christ. Being a reply to Mr
Sykes's answer to that discourse.

London, 1721. 8

The necessity of divine revelation, and the
truth of the Christian revelation asserted ; in
eight sermons. To which is prefix'd, a pre-
face with some remarks on a late book [by
Anthony Collins] intitled, The scheme of li-
teral prophecy considered, &c.

London, 1727. 8

* A letter to the Rev. Dr Rogers on occasion
of his eight sermons concerning the necessity
of divine revelation, and the preface prefixed
to them. To which is added, a letter printed
in the London Journal, April 1, 1727, with an
answer to the same. [By Anthony COLLINS.]

London, 1727. 8 d

A vindication of the civil establishment of re-
ligion : wherein some positions of Mr Chand-
ler, the author of Literal scheme, &c. and an
anonymous letter on that subject are occasion-
ally consider'd. With an appendix contain-
ing a letter from the Rev. Dr Marshal, and an
answer to the same. London, 1728. 8

Another copy.

Nineteen sermons on several occasions. Pub-
lish'd from the originals, and never before
printed. To which is prefix'd, the author's
life, with an eulogium written by John Bur-
ton, D.D. London, 1735. 8

Twelve sermons preached upon several occa-
sions. 3d ed. London, 1744. 8

Fifty-six sermons preached on several occa-
sions ; to which are added two tracts : I. Rea-
sons against conversion to the Church of Rome.
II. A persuasive to conformity, addressed to
the dissenters. To which is prefixed, the life
of the author, written by John Burton, D. D.
New edition. 2 vol. Oxford, 1819. 8

ROGERS (JOHN). Antipopopriestian ; or, an

attempt to liberate and purify Christianity

from Popery, Politikirkality, and Priestrule.

London, 1839. 12

Anti- Popery ; or, Popery unreasonable, un-
scriptural, and novel. A new edition [of An-
tipopopriestian] altered and amended.

London, 1840. 12
Another copy.

ROGERS (NEHEMIAII), Vicar of Messing, Essex,
and prebendary of Ely. Christian curtesie :
or St Paul's ultimum vale. Delivered in two



sermons on 2 Cor. 13. 11 at St Margarets on
Fish-Street-hill in London.

London, 1621. 4

The true convert : or, an exposition upon the
xv. chapter of St Luke's Gospell, containing
three parables. The lost sheep. The lost
groat. The lost sonne. London, 1632. 4

The figg-less figg-tree : or, the doome of a bar-
ren and unfruitful profession lay'd open. In
an exposition upon that parable... Luke, 13.
6, 7, 8, 9, 10. London, 1659. 4

ROGERS (SAMUEL). The pleasures of memory ;
with some other poems. 7th ed.

London, 1795. 8

Poems. London, 1812. 8

Italy. A poem. London, 1830. 8
ROGERS (THOMAS), M.A., Chaplain to Bishop

Bancroft, and Rector of Hominyer. A treatise
upon sundry matters contained in the Thirty-
nine articles of religion, which are professed
in the Church of England.

London, 1639. 4

Another edition. London, 1661. 4

Another edition. Edited for the Parker So-
ciety, by the Rev. J. J. S. Perowne, M.A.

Cambridge, 1854. 8

Another copy.

A pretious book of heavenly meditations : call-
ed a private talke of the soule with God.

London, 1640. 12

ROGERS (TIMOTHY), A.M., Minister of a con-
gregation in Old Jewry, London. A discourse
concerning trouble of mind, and the disease of
melancholy. In three parts. . .2d ed. To which
are annexed, letters from several divines, re-
lating to the same subject.

London, 1706. 8

Third edition, to which is prefixed a life of the
author. London, 1808. 12

ROGERUS (JACOBUS). Disputatio physica spe-
cialis, de insularum generatione, prima.

Ultrajecti, 1650. 4

ROGET (PETER MARK), M.D. Animal and
vegetable physiology considered with refer-
ence to natural theology. [Bridgewater Trea-
tises, v.] 2 vol. 3d ed. London, 1840. 8

Thesaurus of English words and phrases, clas-
sified and arranged so as to facilitate the ex-
pression of ideas, and assist in literary compo-
sition. 2d ed. London, 1853. 8

ROHAN (HENRI, Due de). Interets et niaximes
des PRINCES. 1666

ROLLIN (CHARLES), Rector of the university of
Paris. Histoire ancienne des Egyptiens, des
Carthagenois, des Assyriens, des Babyloniens,
des Medes et des Perses, des Macedoniens, des
Grecs. 13 torn. 14 partt. Nouvelle Edition.
Paris, 1737-40. 12

Translated from the French. 8 vol. 12th ed.

London, 1813. 8

Sixteenth edition. 6vol. Edin., 1S28. 8

The Roman history from the foundation of
Rome to the battle of Actium, that is to the
end of the Commonwealth. [Contimied and
completed by Crevier.] Translated from the
French. 16 vol. Dublin, 1740-50. 12

The method of teaching and studying the belles
K -t t res; or, an introduction to languages, pi >et i \ ,
rhetoric, history, moral j >hili >sc >phy , phys
\\ith reflections on taste, and instructions with
regard to the eloquence of the pulpit, the bar,
and the stage... Translated from the French.
4vol. 10th ed. /:/./., 1773. 12 J

ROLLIN (MARTIN). Me'moire historique sur
1'etat ecclesiastique des Protestans Fran caw,
depuis Franjois I. er jusqu' a Louis XV 111.

Paris, 1818. 8

ROLLOCK (ROBERT), Principal of the university
of Edinburgh. The select works of R. R. Re-
printed from the original editions. Eilited
[for the Wodrow Society] by William M. Gunn.
2vol. Edin., 1844, 49. 8 J

Another copy.

In Epistolam Sancti Pauli Apostoli ad Colos-
senses, commentarius. '/ ncvce, 1602. 8

Lectures upon the first and second Epistles of
Paul to the Thessalonians. [Imperfect.]

Edin., 1606. 4

In Evangelium secundum S. Joannem, com-
mentarius. s. L, 1608. 8

ROMAINE (WILLIAM), A.M. , Lecturer of St l>n-
stan's in the West, London. The works of the
late Rev. W. R. 8 vol. London, 1796. 8

Another edition. 8 vol. London, 1821. 12

New edition. Edin., 1840. 8

A practical comment on the 107th Psalm.
3d ed. London, 1756. 8

The knowledge of salvation precious in tho
hour of death, proved in a sermon, [on Luke,
ii. 29, 30] preached January 4, 1759, upon the
death of the Rev. Mr James Hervey.

London, 1759. 8

Twelve discourses upon the law and the Gos-
pel. Preached at St Dunstan's church in the
West, London. 2d ed. London, 1769. 8

A new edition. London, 1836. 12

A treatise upon the life of faith. 9th ed.

London, 1817. 12

Treatises upon the life, walk, and triumph of
faith. With an introductory essay by Thomas
Chalmers, D.D. 2 vol. Glasgow, 1822. 12

Second edition. Glasgow, 1824. 12
ROMANCES. Three early English metrical ro-
mances. With an introduction and glossary.
Edited [for the Camden Society] from a MS.
in the possession of J. I. Blackburne, Esq.
M.P., by John Robson. London, 1842. 4

ROMANISTS. Lectures on the points in con-
troversy between Romanists and Protestants.
By the Hon. and Rev. B. W. Noel [and others].
London, 1836. 8

ROMAN CATHOLICISM. Roman Catholicism
in Spain. By an old resident.

Edin., 1855. 8

Catholic question : a copious series of import-
ant documents, of permanent historical inte-
rest, on the re- establishment of the Catholic
hierarchy in England, 1850, 51.

London, 1851. 8

into the moral and political tendency of the



religion called Roman Catholic.

London, 1790. 8

ROMAN CATHOLICS. A request to Roman
Catholics to answer the queries upon these
their following tenets. I. Their divine ser-
vice in an unknown tongue. II. Their taking
away the cup from the people. III. Their
withholding the Scriptures from the laicks.
IV. The adoration of images. V. The invo-
cation of saints and angels. VI. The doctrine
of merit. VII. Purgatory. VIII. Their
seven sacraments. IX. Their priests inten-
tion in baptism. X. The limbo of unbaptized
infants. XI. Transubstantiation. XII. The
propitiatory sacrifice of the mass. XIII. Pri-
vate masses. XIV. The sacrament of penance.
XV. The sacrament of marriage, with the
clergies restraint therefrom. XVI. Their sa-
crament of extream unction. XVII. Tradi-
tion. XVIII. That thread-bare question,
Where was your Church before Luther }
XJX. The infallibility of the Pope with his
councils. XX. The Pope's supremacy.
XXI. The Pope's deposing power. XXII. Their
uncharitableness to all other Christians. By
a moderate son of the Church of England ;
[ GOURDON]. 4th ed. London, 1687. 4

Another copy.

A speech, intended to have been delivered in
the imperial parliament, in bringing in a bill
for the benefit of the Roman Catholics of Ire-
land. Together with a copy of the said bill.

Dublin, 1804. 8

The character of the Irish Roman Catholics,
illustrated by historical facts and public re-
cords. London, 1813. 8

Memorial recommending the establishment of
a mission to the Roman Catholics of Ireland.

Dublin, 1825. 8

Report from the select committee appointed to
report the nature and substance of the laws
and ordinances existing in foreign states, re-
specting the regulation of their Roman Catho-
lic subjects, in ecclesiastical matters, and their
intercourse with the See of Rome, or any other
foreign ecclesiastical jurisdiction ; with an ap-

> pendix. Also, supplementary papers relating
to the above.

Reprinted [London'], 1851, 52. fol.

ROMANS, EPISTLE TO THE. The thirteenth

chapter to the Romans vindicated from the

abusive senses put upon it. [By William

FLEETWOOD.] London, 1710. 8

ROME. Histories Augustas scriptores vi. yElius

Spartianus, Vulc. Gallicanus, Julius Capito-

linus, Trebell. Pollio, .^Elius Lampridius, Fla-

vius Vopiscus. Cum integris notis Isaaci

Casauboni, Cl. Salmasii et Jani Gruteri. 2 torn.

Lugd. Batav., 1671. 8

Rome a la mode, or the true sentiments of the
Court and Cardinals there concerning religion
and the Gospell, as they are delivered by Car-
dinal Palavicini in his History of the council
of Trent. Written originally in French by
one of that communion ; and now translated
into English. London, 1678. 8'

Correspondance de Rome. Recueil des allocu-
tions, bulles, encycliques brefs et autres actes
du saint-siege apostolique, decre'ts des sacre'es
congregations Romaines, &c. , suivi d'une table
alphabetique. Annies 1848, 1849, et 1850.

Paris, 1852. 8

ROME, CHURCH OF. The difference between the
Church and court of Rome, considered : in
some reflections on a dialogue entituled, A
conference between two Protestants and a Pa-
pist. By the author of the late Seasonable
discourse ; [William LLOYD]. 2d ed.

London, 1674. 4

The root of Romish rites and ceremonies ;
showing that the Church of Rome hath bor-
rowed the most part of her ceremonies from
the Jews and ancient Pagans ; and that from
this spring proceeded the Jubilee.

Amsterdam, 1682. 16

A discourse concerning the necessity of refor-
mation, with respect to the errors and corrup-
tions of the Church of Rome. The first part.
[By Nicholas STRATFORD.] London, 1685. 4

Reflections upon the devotions of the Roman
Church. With the prayers, hymns, and les-
sons themselves, taken out of their authentic
books. Also two digressions concerning the
reliques and miracles in Mr Cressy's late
Church-history. [By John PATRICK.] The
2d ed. With an appendix.

London, 1686. 8

A collection of discourses lately written by
some divines of the Church of England against
the errours and corruptions of the Church of
Rome. Edin., 1687. 8
[The above discourses were written by Teni-

son, Sherlock, Hascard, Patrick, Cave, Wil-
liams, Stanley, Freeman, Tillotson, Payne,
and Goodman ; and are reprinted in Gibson's
' ' Preservative. "]

The case stated between the Church of Rome
and the Church of England. Wherein is shew-
ed that the doubt and the danger is in the
former, and the certainty and safety in the
latter communion. [By Charles LESLIE.]

London, 1713. 8

Another copy.

Second edition. London, 1713. 8

Correction and comfort to the Church of Rome :
or, a dissertation, wherein it is proven, that
they were right and wrong as to the feast of
Pentecost : but that they charge the Virgin
Mary with a capital crime when they place her
purification on the second of February.

Edin., 1731. 8

Roma antiqua et ruens, or the conformity
of ancient and modern ceremonies, shewing
from indisputable testimonies, that the cere-
monies of the Church of Rome are borrowed
from the Pagans. Translated from the French.
[By Abraham Du Pre.] London, 1732. 8

Authentic reports of the two great Protestant
meetings held at Exeter Hall, London, on June
20 and July 11, 1835, to prove to Protestants
of all denominations, by authentic documents,
the real tenets of the Church of Rome, as now



held by the Roman Catholic Bishops and priests
of Ireland. London, 1836. 8

The testimony of history against the Chun h
of Rome. FKQaddpht*, 1S4'J. It;

Claims of the Churoh of Rome, considered
with a view to unity. [By E. S. Arru.v AI;I>

London, 1848.

RONALD (DAVID), Minister of the United Aasoci-

uti'tiynod, Saltcoats. The elements of Christian

harmony. A sermon, preached at the opening

of the United Associate Synod, in Edinburgh,

October 5, 1835. Edin., 1835. 8

RONGE (JOHN). An die Katholischen Lehrer.

Altenburg, 1845. 8

Rechtfertigung seiner selbst. S 1 * Auflage.

Jena, 1845. 8

ROOKE (JOHN). Geology as a science, applied
to the reclamation of land from the sea, the
construction of harbours, the formation of rail-
roads, and the discovery of coal, with an as-
sumed outline map of the granite formation of
the earth. 2d ed. With a dissertation on
geology. London, 1840. 12

ROOS (MAGNUS FREDERIC), A.M., Superintendent
and Prelate in Lustnau and Anhausen. An
exposition of such of the prophecies of Daniel,
as receive their accomplishment under the
New Testament. Together with a comparison
between them and the Apocalypse, as explain-
ed by the late Dr Bengelius. Translated from
the German, by Ebenezer Henderson.

Edin., 1811. 8*

Another copy.

ROPER (HENRY ISAAC). Romanism in Rome.
A lecture. London, 1852. 8

ROSCOE (WILLIAM). The life and pontificate of
LEO the Tenth. 1815

ROSE (DANIEL), Minister of Dingwall. Sermon
[from Ps. cxii. 6] upon the death of George
Mackenzie, of Pitlundy, Esq...

Inverness, 1821. 8

ROSE (Right Hon. GEORGE). A brief examina-
tion into the increase of the revenue, com-
merce, and manufactures of Great Britain,
from 1792 to 1799. With an introduction by
the Irish editor. Dublin, 1799. 8

- Second edition. London, 1799. 8

ROSE (GusTAv), Professor of mineralogfy in the
university of Berlin. Elemente der Krystal-
lographie. Berlin, 1833. 8

ROSE (HEINRICH), Brother of the preceding, and
Professor of chemistry in the university of Ber-
lin. Handbuch der Analytischen Chemie.
4te Auflage. 2 Bande. Berlin, 1838. 8

Translated from the German, by John Grif-

lin. London, 1831. 8 Handbiach der Analytischen
Chemie. 2 Biinde. Braunschweig, 1851. 8

Gediichtnissrede auf Berzelius gehalten in der
offentlichen Sitzung der Akademie de Wis-
senschaften in Berlin am 3. Juli 1851.

Berlin, 1852. 4

ROSE (HENRY JOHN), B.D., Rector of Houghton
Conquest, Bedfordshire. History of the Chris-
tian Church. By Alfred LY ALL., .and H. J. R.


ROSE (FlKw), Minuter of Nairn. A. gcnc-a
cal deduction of (lit- family nf [Rose of] Kilra-
v.a-k, written in 1683-4, by Mr H. R., con-
tinued by the It-v. l,a hlan Shaw, minister of
Elgin in 1753. With illustrative <!..< unii-nts
from the family charter - room, and notes.
[Edited for the Spalding Clubby Cosmo Innes. ]

./;/., 1848. 4*

ROSE (Hur.n), Minister at Nairn. Meditations
on several interesting subjects.

/*/;., 17C2. 12

ROSE (Huon JAMES), B.D., Princijxil <>f King's
college, London. The state of Protestantism
in Germany, described; being the substano-
of four discourses preached before the univer-
sity of Cambridge in 1825. 2d ed.

London, 1829. 8

Another copy.

Christians the light of the world : A sermon,
preached at Chelmsford, July 25, 1834, at the
visitation of the Right Hon. and Right Rev. the
Lord Bishop of London. London, 1834. 8 U

An apology for the study of divinity : being
the terminal divinity lecture delivered in
Bishop Cosin's library, before the Bishop, the
Dean and Chapter, and the university of Dur-
ham. London, 1834. 8

The commission and consequent duties of the
clergy : in a series of discourses preached be-
fore the university of Cambridge, in April,
1826. 4th ed. London, 1847. 8

A new general biographical dictionary, pro-
jected and partly arranged by the late Rev.
H. J. R. 12 vol. London, 1853. 8

ROSE (LEWIS), A.M. An humble attempt to put
an end to the present divisions in the Church
of Scotland, and to promote her usefulness.
With an appendix, containing at full length
all the Acts of Assembly, and Parliament, and
other official documents, necessary as proof sand
illustrations of the constitution of the Church
as established by law. Glasgow, 1840. 8

Another copy.

ROSE (WILLIAM STEWART). Letters from the
North of Italy. Addressed to Henry Hal lam,
Esq. [Introduction signed, W. S. R.] 2vol.
London, 1819. 8

ROSENKRANZ (KARL). Encyclopadie der
theologischen Wissenschaften.

Halle, 1831. 8

Ltis), Professor of Oriental languages in the uni-
versity of Leipsw. Institutiones ad fundamen-
ta linguae Arabicae. Accedunt sententiae et
narration es Arabicae una cum glossario Ara-
bico-Latino. Lipsice, 1818. 4

Scholia in Vetus Testamentum. Part i.-viii.

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