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ter in Dundee. The duties of the Christian
pastor. A sermon preached Dec. 11, 1811.

Edin., 1812. 8

An essay on the salvation of all dying in in-
fancy : including hints on the Adamic and
Christian dispensations. Edin., 1823. 12

Third edition. Glasgow, 1844. 8

A familiar survey of the old and new cove-
nants, including a summary view of the Pa-
triarchal and Levitical dispensations.

Edin., 1824. 12

Another copy.

Second edition. Glasgmv, 1843. 8

Letters, chiefly practical and consolatory : de-
signed to illustrate the nature and tendency
of the Gospel. 2 vol. 3d ed.

Edin., 1825. 12

A compendious view of the original dispensa-
tion established with Adam, and the mediato-
rial dispensation established through Christ :
designed to illustrate their connexion and ana-
logy. 2d ed. Edin., 1826. 12

Another copy.

The way of salvation. A discourse, the sub-
stance of which was preached at a meeting of
Sabbath school scholars in Dundee, on the 22d
April, 1829. 2d ed. Dundee, 1830. 12

RUSSELL (GEORGE ELIZA). * Report of jury
trial, the Rev. David Dobbie, pursuer; against
Sir William JOHNSTON, and G. E. R., de-
fenders. 1861

RUSSELL (JAMES). An account of the murder
of Archbishop Sharpe ; [with The secret and
true history of the Church of Scotland, by
James KIRKTON]. 1817

RUSSELL (JAMES), M.D., Professor of surgery
in the university of Edinburgh. A letter ad-
dressed to the treasurer of the Royal Infirmary
of Edinburgh. Edin., 1818. 8

Remarks on the utility and importance of cli-
nical lectures on surgery. Addressed to the
Presidents and Fellows of the Royal college of
surgeons of Edinburgh. Edin., 1824. 8

RUSSELL (JAMES), M.D., son of the preceding.
A letter to the President of the Royal college
of surgeons, on the late proceedings of that
body, regarding homoeopathic practitioners.
2d ed. Edin., 1851. 8

RUSSELL (JOHN), Bishop of Lincoln, Lord Chan-
cellor. Two speeches for opening Parliament ;
[with Grants, &c. from the Crown in the reign
of EDWARD V.]. 1854

RUSSELL (JOHN FULLER), B.C.L., Incumbent of
St James's, Enfield. The judgment of the
Anglican Church (posterior to the Reforma-
tion) on the sufficiency of holy Scripture and
the authority of the Catholic Church in mat-
ters of faith, as contained in her authorized
formularies, and illustrated by the writings of
her elder masters and doctors. With an in-
troduction, notes, and appendix, by J. F. R.
London, 1838. 8

RUSSELL (MICHAEL), LL.D., D.C.L., Bishop of
Glasgow and Galloway. View of the system
of education at present pursued in the schools
and universities of Scotland. With an appen-
dix, containing communication relative to the
university of Cambridge, school of Westmin-
ster, the Perth academy ; together with a more



detailed account of the university of St An-
drews. Edin., 1813. 8

Nubia and Abyssinia : comprehending their
civil history, antiquities, arts, religion, litera-
ture and natural history. [Edin. Cab. Lib.,
vol. xii.] 2d ed. AWm., 1833. 8

View of ancient and modern Egypt ; with an
outline of its natural history. [Ibid., vol. iii.l
3d ed. Edin., 1838. 8 d

The historical evidence for the apostolical in-
stitution of Episcopacy : A sermon, preached
7th March, 1830, at the consecration of the
Right Rev. James Walker, D.D. 3d ed.

/;/;/<,, 1839. 8

RUSSELL (Lady RACHEL). Letters of Lady
R. R. ; from the manuscript in the library at
Wooburn Abbey. To which are prefixed, an
introduction, vindicating the character of Lord
Russell against Sir John Dalrymple, &c., and
the trial of Lord William Russell for high
treason, extracted from the state trials. 6th ed.
London, 1801. 8

* The biography of Lady Russell. By Mrs
Child. [Stud. Cab. Lib., vol. iii.]

Edin., 1836. 8

RUSSELL (THOMAS). The annuity tax, or, Edin-
burgh Church rate, opposed to the law of God,
and therefore not binding on man. 2d ed.

Edin., 1836. 12

Government scheme of education. Speech of
Mr R. in the Edinburgh town council, April
6, 1847. [Edin., 1847.] 8

RUSSELL (WILLIAM), LL.D. The history of
modern Europe, with an account of the decline
and fall of the Roman empire, and a view of
the progress of society from the rise of the mo-
dern kingdoms to the peace of Paris, in 1763 ;
in a series of letters from a nobleman to his
son. New edition, continued to the death of
William IV. of England. 4 vol.

London, 1837. 8

RUSSELL (WILLIAM S.). Guide to Plymouth,
and recollections of the pilgrims.

Boston, 1846. 12

RUSSIA. Description de toutes les nations de
1'empire de Russie, ou Ton expose leurs moeurs
et manieres de vivre, leurs religions, usages,
habitations, habillemens, et autres particula-
rites remarquables. Seconde collection, qui
contient les nations Tartares e'tablies dans cet
empire. Traduite de 1'Allemand.

St Petersburg, 1776. 4

The mission and destiny of Russia, as deli-
neated in Scripture prophecy. By the author
of " The coming struggle;" [David PAE].

London, 1853. 8

Recollections of Russia during thirty-three
years' residence. By a German nobleman.
Revised and translated, with the author's
sanction, by Lascelles Wraxall.

Edin., 1855. 8

scriptores veteres Latini, CATO, VARRO COLTJ-
MELLA, PALLADIUS. Quibus nunc accedit
VEGETIUS de mulo-medicina et Gargilii MAR-
TIALIS fragmentum...Adjectaj notas virorum

clariss. lexicon rei rusticao curante
Jo. Matthia Gesnero. 2 torn.

Liptiv, 1735. 4

Another edition. 4 vol.

Biponti, 1787, 88. 8

RUTGERSIUS (JOANNES). {Poemata] quse qui-
dem colligi potuerunt ; [cum Poematt. N.
HKIXSII]. 1653

RUTHERFORD (ALEXANDER C.), Minister of the
Gospel, Falkirk. Remarks on a lecture deli-
vered by Mr Collins of Glasgow in the parish
church of Falkirk, on 23d October 1837 ; in
favour of the scheme for erecting four addi-
tional churches in that parish : including an
address to the inhabitants of Grangemouth,
Bainsford, Lauriston, and Camelon. 2d ed.
Falkirk, 1837. 8

A universal atonement proved from the nature
of the Gospel offer. In four letters to the
Rev. William Fraser, Alloa.

Edin., 1841. 8

Strictures on the entire correspondence, be-
tween the four Congregational Churches in
Glasgow ; and the five Congregational Churches
at Hamilton, Bellshill, Bridgeton, Cambus-
lang, and Ardrossan, on the doctrines of elec-
tion, and the influence of the Holy Spirit in
conversion. Edin., 1845. 8

Morisonianism examined and set aside ; and
the United Presbyterian view of the doctrine
of atonement stated and defended. Third
thousand. Glasgow, 1860. 12

RUTHERFORD (ROBERT), Minister of the Gospel
at Castletoun. A Scripture CATECHISM; or,
questions on the Assembly's shorter catechism.
Bequeathed by the author for the use of the
parish of Castletoun, in Liddesdale, and the
Protestant dissenting congregation of Long-
framlington, in Northumberland.

Kelso, 1794. 12

Another copy.



RUTHERFORD (WALTER). A letter to the Rev.
John Lee, D.D. Edin., 1832. 8

Muirkirk. A view of ancient history; includ-
ing the progress of literature and the fine arts.
2 vol. London, 1788. 8

of Essex. A vindication of the right of Pro-
testant Churches to require the clergy to sub-
scribe to an established confession of faith and
doctrines. Cambridge, [1766]. 8

*An examination of Dr Rutherforth's argu-
ment respecting the right of Protestant Churches
to require the clergy to subscribe to an estab-
lished confession of faith and doctrines. Where-
in is considered the tendency and force of the
argument. By a clergyman of the Church of
England ; [Benjamin DAWSON]. 2d ed.

London, 1766. 8

RUTHERFURD (ANDREW), afterwards Lord
Rutherfurd, one of the Senators of the college of
justice. Speeches delivered by the Hon. Fox
MAULE, and A. R. 1843



Professor of divinity in the university of St An-
drews. Exercitationes apologeticte pro divina
gratia, in quibus vindicatur doctrina ortho-
doxa de divinis decretis, et Dei turn eeterni
decreti, turn gratiae efficacis operationis, cum
hominis libertate consociatione et subordina-
tione arnica. Adversua lacobum Arminium
ejusque asseclas, et leauitas, imprimis vero
Fran. Suarezium, Gabri. Vasquezium, Lodov.
Molinam, Leonard. Lessium, Pet. Fonsecam et
Robertum Bellarminum. Amstel., 1636. 8

Another edition. Franekerce, 1651. 8

A peaceable and temperate plea for Pauls Pres-
byterie in Scotland, or a modest and brotherly
dispute of the government of the Church of
Scotland, wherein our discipline is demon-
strated to be the true apostolick way of divine
truth, and the arguments on the contrary are
friendly dissolved, the grounds of separation
and the independence of particular congrega-
tions, in defence of ecclesiasticall Presbyteries,
Synods and Assemblies, are examined and
tried. London, 1642. 4

Another copy.

Another copy.

Another copy.

Lex Rex : the Law and the Prince. A dispute
for the just prerogative of King and people.
Containing the reasons and causes of the most
necessary defensive wars of the kingdom of
Scotland, and of their expedition for the ayd
and help of their dear brethren of England.
In which their innocency is asserted, and a
full answer is given to a seditious pamphlet,
intituled, Sacro-sancta Regum Majestas, or
the sacred and royall prerogative of Christian
kings ; under the name of J. A. , but penned
by Jo. Maxwell the excommunicate P. Prelat.
With a scriptural confutation of the ruinous
grounds of W. Barclay, H. Grotius, H. Arni-
sseus, Ant. de Domi. P. Bishop of Spalato, and
of other late anti-magistratical royalists ; as,
the author of Ossorianum, D. Fern, E. Sym-
mons, the doctors of Aberdeen, &c. In xliv.
questions. [Published anonymously.]

London, 1644. 4

Another copy.

Another edition. [Presb. Armoury.]

Edin., 1843. 8

Another copy.

Another copy.

- The due right of Presbyteries, or, a peaceable
plea for the government of the Church of Scot-
land, wherein is examined, 1. The way of the
Church of Christ in New England, in brotherly
equality, and independency, or co-ordination,
without subjection of one Church to another.
2. Their apology for the said government,
their answers to thirty and two questions are
considered. 3. A treatise for a Church cove-
nant is discussed. 4. The arguments of Mr
Robinson in his justification of separation are
discovered. 5. His treatise, called, The peo-
ples plea for the exercise of prophecy, is tryed.
G. Diverse late arguments against Presbyte-

riall government, and the power of Synods are
discussed, the power of the Prince in matters
ecclesiastical modestly considered, and divers
incident controversies resolved.

London, 1644. 4
Another copy.
Another copy.
Another copy.

A sermon [on Dan. vi. 26] preached to the
Hon. House of Commons : at their late solemne
fast, Wednesday Janu. 31, 1643.

London, 1644. 4
Another copy.

A sermon [on Luke, viii. 22 ; Mark, iv. 38 ;
Matth. A r iii. 26] preached before the Right
Hon. House of Lords in the Abbey church at
Westminster, Wednesday the 25. day of June,
1645. Being the day appointed for a solemne
and publique humiliation. London, 1645. 4
Another copy.
Another copy.

The tryal and triumph of faith : or, an expo-
sition of the history of Christs dispossessing
of the daughter of the woman of Canaan. De-
livered in sermons ; in which are opened, the
victory of faith ; the condition of those that
are tempted ; the excellency of Jesus Christ
and free grace ; and some speciall grounds and
principles of Libertinisme and Antinomian er-
rors, discovered. London, 1645. 4
Another edition. Glasgow, 1743. 8
Another edition. With an introductory essay.

Edin., 1827. 12

Another edition. [Wants title.] 8

Another edition. Edin. , 1845. 8 3

Another copy.

The divine right of Church-government and
excommunication : or a peaceable dispute for
the perfection of the holy Scripture in point
of ceremonies and Church government ; in
which the removal of the Service-book is jus-
tifi'd, the six books of Tho. Erastus against
excommunication are briefly examin'd : with
a vindication of that eminent divine Theod.
Beza against the aspersions of Erastus, the ar-
guments of Mr William Pryn, Rich. Hooker,
Dr Morton, Dr Jackson, Dr John Forbes, and
the doctors of Aberdeen, touching will-wor-
ship, ceremonies, imagery, idolatry, things in-
different, an ambulatory government ; the due
and just power of the magistrate in matters of
religion, and the arguments of Mr Pryn, in so
far as they side with Erastus, are modestly
discussed. To which is added, a brief trac-
tate of scandal ; with an answer to the new
doctrine of the doctors of Aberdeen, touching
scandal. London, 1646. 4

Another copy.
Another copy.

Christ dying and drawing sinners to himselfe.
Or, a survey of our Savio\ir in his soule-suffer-
ing, his lovelynesse in his death, and the effi-
cacie thereof. In which some cases of soule-
trouble in weake believers, grounds of submis-
sion under the absence of Christ, with the
Sowings and heightnings of free grace, are



opened. Delivered in sermons on the Evan-
gel according to St John, chap. xii. vers. 27.
28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33... London, 1G47. 4 6
Another copy.

Another edition. A'./m., 1727. 8

A survey of the spirituall Anti-christ. Open-
ing the secrets of Familisme and Antinomuin-
isme in the antichristian doctrine of John
Saltmarsh, and Will. Del, the present preach-
ers of the army now in England, and of Ro-
bert Town, Tob. Crisp, H. Denne, Eaton, and
others. In which is revealed the rise and
spring of Antinomians, Familists, Libertines,
Swenck-Feldians, Enthysiaste, <tc. The mind
of Luther a most professed opposer of Antino-
niiuns, is cleared, and diverse considerable
points of the Law and the Gospel, of the spirit
and letter, of the two covenants, of the nature
of free grace, exercise under temptations,
mortification, jiistification, sanctification, are
discovered. In two parts.

London, 1648. 4
Another copy.

Disputatio scholastica de divina providentia,
variis praelectionibus, quot attinet ad summa
rerum capita, tradita S. theologiae adolescen-
tibus candidatis in inclyta academia Andrea-
politana, in qua adversus Jesuitas, Arminia-
nos, Socinianos, de dominio Dei, actione ip-
sius operos& circa peccatum, concursu primse
causse, prjedeterminatione et contenditur et
decertatur. Adjectse sunt disquisitiones me-
taphysicte de ente, possibili, dominio Dei in
entia, et non entia, et varise quaestiones quee
ad uberiorem et exquisitiorem cognitionem
doctrines de providentia diving imprimis con-
ducunt. Edinburgi, 1649. 4

Another copy.

Another edition. Edinburgi, s. a. 4

A free disputation against pretended liberty
of conscience. Tending to resolve doubts
moved by Mr John Goodwin, John Baptist,
Dr Jer. Taylor, the Belgick Arminians, Soci-
nians, and other authors contending for law-
lesse liberty, or licentious toleration of sects
and heresies. London, 1649. 4

Another copy. [Wants title and part of con-

The covenant of life opened : or, a treatise of
the covenant of grace, containing something
of the nature of the covenant of works. The
soveraignty of God. The extent of the death
of Christ. The nature and properties of the
covenant of grace. And especially of the cove-
nant of suretyship or redemption between the
Lord and the Sonne Jesus Christ. Infants
right to Jesus Christ, and the seale of bap-
tisme. With some practicall questions and
observations. Edin., 1655. 4

Another copy.

A survey of the survey of that summe of
Church - discipline penned by Mr Thomas
Hooker, late pastor of the church at Hartford
upon Connecticot in New England. Wherein
\the way of the Churches of N. England is now
re-examined : arguments in favour thereof

winnowed ; the principles of that way dis-
cussed ; and the reasons of moat seeming
strength and nerves, removed.

London, H;:.H. 4

Joshua redivivus, or Mr R.'s letters, divided
hi two parts... s. 1., 1064. 8
Sixth edition. Edin., 1761. 8

The letters and life of the Rev. S. R. Edited
by the Rev. Charles Thomson. 2d ed. 2 vol.

London, s. a. 12

Examen Arminianismi. Recensitum et edi-
tutn a Matthia Netheno.

Ultrajecti, 1668. 8

Another copy.

The last and heavenly speech and departure
of John Viscount KENMUIR. 1703

Christ's napkin : or a sermon [on Rev. xxi.
4-8] preached in Kirkudbright, at the com-
munion, May 12th, 1633. Edin., 1734. 8

The door of salvation opened.

Edin., 1749. 8

* The life of S. R. With an appendix. By
Thomas Murray, F.A.S.E. Edin., 1828. 12

Another copy.

RUTHVEN (JOHN), Earl of Gowrie.* A history
of the life and death of John, Earl of Gowrie.
With preliminary dissertations. By the Rev.
James Scott. Edin. , 1818. 8

RUTLAND. Rutland papers. Original docu-
ments illustrative of the courts and times of
Henry VII. and Henry VIII. selected from
the private archives of His Grace the Duke of
Rutland. By William Jerdan, F.S.A. [Cam-
den Society.] London, 1842. 4

RUTLEDGE (THOMAS), A.M. The proper use
and application of riches, recommended. A
sermon, preached at Salters-Hall, April 15,
1791. London, 1791. 8

RUYSCH (GERARDUS). Disputatio politica do
successione. Quam...sub prsesidio...D. Berck-
ringeri...publice defendere conabitur G. R.

Ultrajecti, 1645. 4

RYAN (EDWARD), D.D., Prebendary of St Pa-
trick's, Dublin. The history of the effects of
religion on mankind, in countries ancient and
modern, barbarous and civilized...

London, 1788. 8

Third edition. Edin., 1806. 8
RYDE. The church and the chapel : or thoughts

suggested by the present state of religion in
Ryde. London, 1841. 12

RYDER (ARTHUR GORE), D.D., Head master of
the Erasmus Smith grammar school, Tipperary.
The scriptural doctrine of acceptance with
God, considered in reference to the Neologian
hermeneutics, in six lectures, preached before
the university of Dublin in 1863, on the foun-
dation of the late Mrs Anne Donnellan.

Dublin, 1865. 8

RYDER (DUDLEY), Earl of Harrowby. Sub-
stance of the speech of D. R. , on moving for
the recommitment of a bill for the better sup-
port and maintenance of stipendiary curates,
18th June, 1812. With documents.

London, 1812. 8



RYDER (HENRY), D.D., Bishop of Lichfield and
Coventry. A sermon [on Heb. xi. 4] preached
for the benefit of St Mary's school, in Leices-
ter. Reprinted, Serampore, 1815. 8

RYLAND (JOHN), D.D., President of the Baptist
college, Bristol. * Letters [of Greville EWING
and Dr R.] respecting a passage in Ryland's
memoirs of the Rev. Andrew Fuller. [1816]

Pastoral memorials : selected from the manu-
scripts of the late Rev. J. R. With a memoir
of the author. [By his son, J. E. Ryland.]
2 vol. London, 1826, 28. 8

RYLE (J. C.), Rector of Helmingham, Su/olk.
Baxter and his times. A lecture delivered be-
fore the Young men's Christian association, in
Exeter Hall, Feb. 1, 1853.

London, [1853]. 8

Expository thoughts on the Gospels. With
the text complete, and many explanatory
notes. St Luke. 2 vol.

Ipswich, 1858, 59. 8

RYMER (THOMAS), of Grays-Inn. The tragedies
of the last age, consider'd and examin'd by the
practice of the ancients, and by the common
sense of all ages, in a letter to Fleetwood Shep-
heard, Esq. Part i. 2d ed.

London, 1692. 8

A short view of tragedy ; its original, excel-
lency, and coiTuption. With some reflections

on Shakespear, and other practitioners for the
stage. London, 1693. 8


RYNINK (JANUS H.). Exercitatio philologica
quarta ad Car. Frid. Houbigant prolegomena
in Scripturam sacram cap. iii.

Trajecti ad Rhenum, 1765. 4

RYSSEN (LEONARDUS A v ) De prsedestinationo
dissertatio. In qua Reformatorum sentential
ab imis fundamentis ad summum gradum us-
que ordine demonstrantur. Contra Remon-
strantes, Jesuitas, <fcc. prsesertim vero contra
scriptum Arnoldi Poalenburgii in Cl. Spanhe-
mium. Gorichemi, 1660. 8

Veritas secundum pietatem de lusu alese. A
Gulielmo Amesio, Lib. 2. Medullse cap. 11
solide defensa, et nunc ab impugnationibus
Thonue Gattakeri vindicata.

Ultrajecti, 1660. 12

Synopsis impurse theologise Remonstrantium,
cum response ad epistolam Arnoldi Poelen-
burgii. Ultrajecti, 1661. 8

Summa theologise elencticse completa. Et di-
dacticse quantum suflicit. Impressio nova ad
usum juventutis academicae in Scotia.

Edinburgi, 1692. 8

Another copy.

Another copy.

F. TURRETTINI compendium theologise. 1731



S. (C. C.), t. e. Christoph. Christophorus SAN-

S. (D.). Funff und viertzig wee, aus den Pro-

pheten von dem wortlin ve genant, was es

B. L.

s. L, 1524. 4

[Wants title.] 4

bedeut, &c. u. j_i. a. *., j.u^.

S. (D.), i. e. David STEWART, Earl of Buchan.

S. (F.), i. e. Francis SHERRIFF

S. (GA i. e. George SANDYS.

S. (G.), i. e. George SMITH.

S. (H.), i. e. Henry STUBBE.

S. (I.). The Quakers queries.

S. (J.), i. e. John SAGE.

S. (J.). An answer to a book called, A letter
from a parochial Bishop to a prelatical gentle-
man, wherein the Presbyterians in Scotland
are proved to be a schismatick party, and the
primitive GOVERNMENT of the CHURCH by
Bishops is vindicated. 1715

Some reflections upon the preface, and some
paragraphs of a book called, A treatise con-
cerning the sanctifying of the Lord's Day. To-
gether with an exact answer to its postscript.
Wherein the answer to the parochial Bishop's
Letter is vindicated, and the primitive GO-
VERNMENT of the CHUKCH by Bishops is far-
ther established. 1717

An apology for the true Church of Scotland ;
being a short reply to a book published by
J. W. (of late Presbyterian preacher at Bre-
chin, but now at Dundee) called, An apology
for the Church of Scotland, against the accu-
sations of Prelatists and Jacobites ; and parti-
cularly the Reflections of J. S. late incumbent
at Forfar. Whereby the hainous and un-
churching crime of schism is farther fixed upon
the Presbyterian party in Scotland, and the
ancient and apostolick government of the
Church by Bishops is farther confirmed.

Edin., 1719. 8

S. (J. A.). Atheisms of geology. Sir C. Lyell,
Hugh Miller, &c. confronted with the rocks.
London, 1857. 8
S. (L.). Meditations ; or, remains of L. S.

London, 1834. 8

S. (L. D.). Papisme et Je'suitisme. Lettres de
Rome. Traductionlibredel'Italien. Deuxieme
Edition. Paris, 1858. 12

S. (M.). A view of the five Books of Moses : com-
prehending an explanation of types, with re-
ferences : prophetical passages with their ful-
filment ; features of character observable in
each remarkable person, &c. &c.

Knaresbrough, 1820. 8

Another copy.

S (Mrs). Extracts from the diary and cor-
respondence of the late Mrs S , who died

29th April, 1829. Glasgow, 1832. 12

S. (N.). The judgment of the foreign reformed
Churches concerning the rites and offices of
the Church of England. London, 1690. 4

S. (P.). A vindication of conformity to the
liturgy of the Church of England. In a
letter written to a person of quality, where-
in satisfaction is given to certain queries sug-
gested by a non-conformist.

York, 1668. 8

S. (PH.), LL.D. The witchcraft of the Scrip-
tures : a sermon preach'd on a special occasion.
London, 1736. 8

S. (R.), i. e. R. SKINNER.

S. (R.). A letter [against the Test acts] to a per-
son of quality, occasioned by the news of the
ensuing parliament. s. I. et a. 4

S. (T.). The sincere Popish convert : or, A brief
account of the reasons which induced a person
who was some years since seduced to the Ro-
mish Church, to relinquish her communion,
and return into the bosom of the Church of
England. Wherein the Holy Scriptures are
clearly proved to contain all things which are
necessary to be believed and practised by Chris-
tians, in order to their salvation ; and are
justly vindicated from those odious imputa-
tions which the Papists profanely cast upon
them. With an epistle to the Rev. and learn-
ed Dr Stillingfleet, Dean of St Pauls.

London, 1681. 4

S. (T. P. A. P. O. A. B. I. T. C. O.). These
initials stand for ' ' the precentor and prebend-
ary of Alton-Borealis, in the church of Sarum,"
i. e. Arthur Ashley SYKES.

S. (W.), i. e. William SHERLOCK.

S. (W.). Some remarks upon a late pamphlet,
entituled, An answer to the Scots Presbyte-
rian eloquence. Wherein the innocency of the

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