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SEYLER (GEORGIUS). Dissertatio exegetica in
Epistolae Pauli ad Romanes caput quartam,
quam . . .ut summos in philosophia honores rite
adipiscatur. . .publice defendet auctor G. S.

Halce, 1824. 4

SEYMOUR (E. H.). Remarks, critical, conjec-
tural, and explanatory, upon the plays of
Shakspeare ; resulting from a collation of the
early copies, with that of Johnson and Ste-
vens, edited by Isaac Reed, Esq. Together
with some valuable extracts from the MSS. of
the late Right Hon. John, Lord Chedworth.
2 vol. London, 1805. 8

- domination in Ireland. Two letters, the one
from the Rev. M. H. S. to the Bishop of Lon-
don, the other from the Rev. W. B. STONEY
to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland.

JJdin., 1835. 12

Another copy.

A pilgrimage to Rome ; containing some ac-
count of the high ceremonies, the monastic in-
stitutions, the religious services, the sacred
relics, the miraculous pictures, and the gene-
ral state of religion in that city. 4th ed.

London, 1851. 12

Certainty unattainable in the Roman Church.
A consideration bearing upon secession to
Rome. London, 1851. 12

Mornings among the Jesuits at Rome. 4th ed.

don, 1851. 12

SEYMOUR (Lord WEBB). An account of obser-
vations, made by Lord W. S. ami 1'.
Playfair, upon some geological appearan
(ili-n Tilt, and the adjacent country. I
up by Lord W. S. From the Transactions of
tin Royal Society of Edinburgh. (Read 16th
May 1814.) [Edin., 1814.1 4"

SFONDRATUS (CuaBSTiNUs), Cardinal.* Au-
gustiniana Ecclesia; Roinanu; doctrina a Car-
dinalis Sfondrati Nodo extricata, per vaii..s
S. Augustini discipulos. CV/</'<, 1700. 12

Another copy.

unionis non verse inter Graecos et Latinos :
sive concilii Florentini exactissima narratio,
Grsecfe scripta per S. S. Transtulit in sermo-
nem Latinum, notasque ad calcem libri adjecit
Robertus Creyghton. [Gr. et Lat.]

HagcR-Comitis, 1660. fol.

SHAD WELL (Sir LANCELOT), Vice-Chancellor.
Extracts from the judgment delivered by Sir
L. S. on the case of Lady Hewley's charity ;
[with Arguments to prove the divinity of the
Lord Jesus CHRIST]. 1830

SHAFTESBURY, EARL or. See Anthony Ash-

SHAKESPEARE (WILLIAM). An essay on the
writings and genius of Shakespear, compared
with the Greek and French dramatic poete.
With some remarks upon the misrepresenta-
tions of Mons. de Voltaire. [By John DEN-
NIS.] 3d ed. London, 1772. 8

The plays of Shakespeare. Accurately printed
from the text of Samuel Johnson, George
Steevens, and Isaac Reed. With the preface
of Dr Johnson, and a copious glossary. Com-
plete in one volume, with embellishments by
Thurston. London, 1825. 8

The plays of W. S., accurately printed from
the text of the corrected copies left by the late
George Steevens, Esq., and Edmond Malone,
Esq. with Mr Malone's various readings ; a
selection of explanatory and historical notes,
from the most eminent commentators ; a his-
tory of the stage, and a life of Shakspeare, by
Alexander Chalmers, F.S.A. New edition.
8 vol. London, 1837. 8

The family Shakespeare. In one volume ; in
which nothing is added to the original text ;
but those words and expressions are omitted
which cannot with propriety be read aloud in
a family. By Thomas Bowdler. 7th ed.

London, 1839. 8

SHAM FIGHT. The sham fight : or, political
humbug. A state farce, in two acts. As it
was acted by some persons of distinction in
the M...d...n, and elsewhere.

London, 1756. 12

SHAKD (ALEXANDER), A.M., Schoolmaster of
Kirknewton. Letter to the Rev. Mr M 'Far-
Ian, preacher of the Gospel, Greenock, in re-
ply to his circular containing the declaration
of a meeting of probationers in reference to
the Church controversy. E'lin., 1843. 8



SHANKS (ALEXANDER), Minister of the Associate
congregation, Jedburgh. Salvation through
the grace of our Saviour displayed, the doc-
trine of grace illustrated, and righteousness in
all manner of conversation recommended, in
several sermons preached to the Associate con-
gregation of Jedburgh. Edin., 1787. 8

Peace and order recommended to society, in
an address to the Associate congregation of
Jedburgh, from Jerem. xxix. 7.

Edin., 1793. 8

Sermons, chiefly on sacramental occasions.
With a life of the author. Edin. , 1806. 8

SHANKS (ARCHIBALD). Disputatio medica in-
auguralis de dysenteria ; gradu
doctoris...eruditomm examini subjicit A. S.

Edin., 1813. 8

SHANKS (ROBERT), A.M., Minister of the Free
Church at Bvckie. A concise history of the
Eucharist ; [prefixed to translation of Du Mou-
LIN'S Anatomy of the mass]. 1823

Some causes of Protestant alarm stated ; and
the speeches of the Hon. Lord Moncreiff, and
the Rev. Principal Dewar, delivered in the
General Assembly, on Popery, dissected. In
a letter to his Lordship. Edin., 1836. 12

SHARP (DANIEL), D.D. Two discourses [on
Isaiah, iii. 1-4] on the character of Rev.
Thomas Chalmers, D.D.

Worcester, [1847]. 8

SHARP (GRANVILLE). Remarks on several very

important prophecies. In five parts... 2d ed.

London, 1775. 8

Remarks on the tises of the definitive article
in the Greek text of the New Testament, con-
taining many new proofs of the divinity of
Christ, from passages which are wrongly trans-
lated in the common English version. To
which is added an appendix, containing 1. A
table of evidences of Christ's divinity, by Dr
Whitby. 2. A plain argument from the Gos-
pel history for the divinity of Christ, by the
former learned editor, [Dr Burgess]. 3d ed.

London, 1803. 12

Three tracts on the syntax and pronunciation
of the Hebrew tongue ; with an appendix,
addressed to the Hebrew nation.

London, 1804. 12

The case of Saul, shewing that his disorder
was a real spiritual possession, and proving:.,
that actual possessions of spirits were gene-
rally acknowledged by the ancient writers
among the heathens as well as among the Jews
and Christians... To which is added, a short
tract, wherein the influence of demons are far-
ther illustrated by remarks on 1 Tim. iv. 1-3.

London, 1807. 8

Remarks on an important passage (viz. Matt,
xv'i. 18) which has long been perverted by the
Church of Rome, in support of her vain and
baneful pretensions to a superiority, or su-
preme dominion, over all other Episcopal
Churches. London, 1812. 12

: The law of passive obedience, or Christian sub-
mission to personal injuries : wherein is shewn,
that the several texts of Scripture, which com-

mand the entire submission of servants or
slaves to their masters, cannot authorize the
latter to exact an involuntary servitude, nor,
in the least degree, justify the claims of mo-
dern slaveholders. s. I. et a. 8

* Memoirs of G. S., composed from his own
manuscripts, and other authentic documents
in the possession of his family and of the Afri-
can institution. By Prince Hoare. With ob-
servations on Mr S.'s Biblical criticisms by the
Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of St Davids.

London, 1820. 4

SHARP (JOHN), D.D., Archbishop of York. A
discourse concerning CONSCIENCE. 1684, 85

A sermon [on Phil. iv. 8] preach'd June 28.
1691. at St Giles's in the Fields. 2d ed.

London, 1707. 8

A sermon [on Titus, iii. 1] preach'd before the
Lords spiritual and temporal in parliament as-
sembled, in the Abbey-church at Westminster,
Jan. 30. If U. London, 1710. 8

* The life of J. S. To which are added, se-
lect, original, and copies of original papers, in
three appendixes. Collected from his diary,
letters, and several other authentic testimo-
nies, by his son, Thomas Sharp, D.D. Edited
by Thomas Newcome, M.A. 2 vol.

London, 1825. 8

SHARP (RICHARD). Letters and essays in prose
and verse. 3d ed. London, 1834. 8

SHARP (THOMAS), M.A., Minister of the Gospel
in Leeds. Divine comforts, antidoting inward
perplexities of mind. In a discourse on Psalm
xciv. 19. With some short remarks upon the
author. London, 1700. 8

SHARP (THOMAS), D.D. , son of Archbishop Sharp,
and Archdeacon of Northumberland. Two dis-
sertations concerning the etymology and Scrip-
ture-meaning of the Hebrew words Elohim and
Berith. London, 1751. 8

SHARPE (DANIEL). Description of the fossil
remains of Mollusca found in the chalk of Eng-
land. Part ii. Cephalopoda. [Paktjontogra-
phical Society.] London, 1854. 4

SHARPE (GREGORY), LL.D., Master of 'the Tem-
ple. The want of universality no objection to
the Christian religion. Being the substance
of a discourse preached at the Temple church,
Nov. 10th, 1765. London, 1766. 8

SHARPE (JOHN). Present peerage of the British
empire ; with a new and comprehensive list of
the daughters of the nobility who have been
married to commoners. London, [1832]. 8

SHARPE (SAMUEL). Critical notes on the au-
thorized English version of the New Testa-
ment. Being a companion to the author's
New Testament translated from Griesbach's
text. London, 1856. 8

SHAW (DUNCAN), D.D., one of the ministers of
Aberdeen. A dissertation on the conduct of
the Jewish SANHEDRIM. 1769

A comparative view of the several methods of
promoting religious instruction, from the ear-
liest down to the present time ; from which
the superior excellence of that recommended
in the Christian institutes, particularly from




the illustration of Scripture history and cha-
racters, is evinced and demonstrated. 2 vol.
Londtm, 177i. 8

The history and philosophy of Judaism : or, a
critical and philosophical analysis of the .) c\v ish
religion. From which is offered a vindication
of its genius, origin, and authority, and of its
connection with the Christian, against the ob-
jections and misrepresentations of modern in-
fidels. Edin., 1787. 8

Another copy.

The centurion : or the declaration made by the
Roman centurion, in favour of Jesus, at the
foot of the cross, considered as an argument
for the dignity of our Lord's character, and the
truth of his religion. AV/'/i., 1793. 8

SHAW (FERDINANDO), M.A. The validity of
baptism administered by dissenting ministers.
To which is added, a vindication of it.

London, 1716. 8

SHAW (GEORGE), M.D. General zoology, or

systematic natural history. Continued by

James Francis Stephens. 14 vol. 28 parts.

London, 1800-1820. 8

SHAW (JOHN). Experiments on the develop-
ment and growth of the fry of the salmon,
from the exclusion of the ovum to the age of
six months. Head before the Royal Society
of Edinburgh... and published in the Edin-
burgh New philosophical journal for January
1838. Edin., 1838. 8

SHAW(RoBERT), D. D., Minister of tJie Free Church
at Whitbum. The new theology examined,
and some important truths vindicated.

Edin., 1843. 12

An exposition of the confession of faith of the
Westminster Assembly of divines. With an
introductory essay by the Rev. William M.
Hetherington, LL.D. Edin., 1845. 8

Another copy.

Another copy.
Another copy.

SHAW (SAMUEL), M.A., Minister of Long-What-
ton, Leicestershire. Immanuel : or, a discovery
of true religion, as it imports a living principle
in the minds of men. With a discourse con-
cerning communion with God.

Edin., 1774. 12

SHAW (THOMAS), D.D., Regius professor of Greek
in the university of Oxford. Travels, or obser-
vations relating to several parts of Barbary and
the Levant. 2d ed. London, 1757. 4

Third edition, corrected, with some account of
the author. 2 vol. Edin., 1808. 8

SHAW (WILLIAM), A.M. An analysis of the
Galic language. 2d ed. Edin., 1778. 8

Another copy.

Another copy.

A Galic and English [and English and Galic]
dictionary. Containing all the words in the
Scotch and Irish dialects of the Celtic, that
could be collected from the voice, and old
books and MSS. 2 vol. London, 1780. 4

SHAW (WILLIAM), D.D., Rector of Ckelvey, So-
merset. A sermon [on John, xviii. 3] preached
...June 28th, 1810. London, [1810]. 8

SHEDD (WILLIAM G. T.), D.D. A history .f

Christian doctrine. 2vol. /.'/<'/.., isiio. 8

SHEFFIELD, EARL or. -See John Baker HOL-


SHEIL (JAMES), D.D., Roman Catholic Bishop.
A plain and rational account of the Catholic
faith : or, the sum of a conference between
three brothers, a Catholic, Protestant, and
Presbyterian. To which is annexed, an ap-
pendix , proving that the reformed Churches are
destitute of any lawful ministry. First Ame-
rican edition, revised and corrected from the
seventh Dublin edition. Albany, 1814. 8

SHELDON (D. N.), D.D. Sin and redemption : a
scries of sermons, to which is added an oration
on moral freedom. 2d ed. Boston, 1856. 12

SHELDRAKE (T.). Useful hints to those who
are afflicted with ruptures ; on the nature,
cure, and consequences of the disease ; and on
the empirical practices of the present day.

London, 1803. 8

SHENSTONE (WILLIAM). The works in verse
find prose of W. S. : most of which were never
before printed. 2 vol. London, 1764. 8

The poetical works of W. S. With the life of
the author, and a description of the Leasowes.
Cooke's edition. London, s. a. 12

Select works of W. S. [British poets, vol. xli.l

Edin., 1773. 12*

(THOMAS), Pastor of the Church of Christ at
Cambridge, New-England. Theses Sabbaticse.
Or, the doctrine of the Sabbath : wherein the
Sabbaths I. Morality. II. Change. III. Be-
ginning. IV. Sanctincation, are clearly dis-
cjissed. London, 1649. 4

Another copy.

Another edition. London, 1650. 8

A treatise of liturgies, power of the keyes, and
of matter of the visible Church. In answer
to the Reverend servant of Christ Mr John
Ball. Londoti, 1653. 4

The parable of the ten virgins opened and ap-
plied : being the substance of divers sermons
on Matth. xxv. 1-13... [In two parts.]

Reprinted, s. I., 1695. fol.

Another edition.

Reprinted. Aberdeen, 1838. 12

The sincere convert ; and the sound believer.
To which are added, the saint's jewel ; and
the soul's invitation unto Jesus Christ. A new
edition, with notes. Paisley, 1812. 12

Another copy [of the sound believer].
SHEPHERD (EDWARD JOHN), Rector of Luddes-

down. The history of the Church of Rome,
to the end of the Episcopate of Damasus,
A. D. 384. London, 1851. 8

A first letter to the Rev. S. R. Maitland; D.D.
on the genuineness of the writings ascribed to
Cyprian, Bishop of Carthage, on the inter-
course between the Churches of Rome and
Africa. London, 1852. 8

A second letter to the Rev. S. R. Maitland,
D.D. on the Cyprianic councils.

London, 1852. 8



A third letter to the Rev. S. R. Maitland,
D.D. on the Roman supremacy.

London, 1852. 8

- A fourth letter to the Rev. S. R. Maitland,
D.D. ; showing that the Cyprianic writings
were not earlier than the close of the fourth
century. London, 1853. 8

A fifth letter to the Rev. S. R. Maitland, D.D.
on the genuineness of the writings ascribed to
Cyprian, Bishop of Carthage.

London, 1853. 8

SHEPHERD (JopN), M.A., Curate of Padding-
ton. A critical and practical elucidation of
the morning and evening prayer of the Church
of England. London, 1796. 8

SHEPHERD (Lady MARY). Essays on the per-
ception of an external universe, and other sub-
jects connected with the doctrine of causation.
London, 1827. 12

SHEPHERD (RICHARD), D.D., Archdeacon of
Bedford. The ground and credibility of the
Christian religion : in a course of sermons
preached before the University of Oxford, at
the lecture founded by the Rev. John Bacap-
ton, M.A. London, 1788. 8

SHEPHERD (THOMAS), M.A. Some considera-
tions on Mr Bennets defence of his discourse
on schism. 2d ed. London, 1703. 8

SHEPPARD (G. W.). Sunshine in the work-
house. London, 1860. 8

SHEPPARD (JOHN). An inquiry on the duty
of Christians with respect to war ; including
an examination of the principle of the London
and American peace societies. In a series of
letters. London, 1820. 8

Thoughts chiefly designed as preparative or
persuasive to private devotion. 3d ed.

London, 1825. 12

The divine origin of Christianity, deduced
from some of those evidences which are not
founded on the authenticity of Scripture.
2 vol. London, 1829. 12

Two discourses occasioned by the deaths of the
Rev. E. C. Daniell, of Frome, and the Rev.
R. Burton, of Digah. London, 1829. 12

Essays designed to afford Christian encourage-
ment and consolation. 2d ed.

London, 1834. 12

An autumn dream : thoughts in verse, on the
intermediate state of happy spirits. To which
are appended, collections from various authors,
on the "separate state," and on the immate-
riality of mind ; with a dissertation concern-
ing the mind of the lower animals.

London, 1841. 12

A lecture on Christian missions to the heathen,
delivered April 26, 1843. London, 1843. 8


SHEPPARD (WILLIAM). The peoples priviledge
and duty guarded against the pulpit and
preachers incroachment. And their sober jus-
tification and defence of their free and open
exposition of Scriptures : wherein is briefly
and very plainly shewed that Christians, that
are not preachers in office, not onely may, but
ought freely to expound Scripture one to an-

other : and this without any prejudice to the
preachers office. London, 1652. 4

SHERBORNE (THOMAS). * The claims of the
Catholic Church to be regarded as the true
Church of Christ, briefly investigated ; in
a series of letters addressed to the clergy of
the Catholic Church ; and more especially
to the Rev. T. S., Kirkham.

London, 1816. 8

tic works of R. B. S. With a memoir of the
author. London, s. a. 12

Captain O'Blunder : or, the brave Irishman.
A farce... London, 1771. 12

SHERIDAN (THOMAS), A.M. A course of lec-
tures on elocution : together with two disser-
tations on language ; and some other tracts
relative to those subjects. A new edition.

London, 1781. 8

SHERLEY (Sir ANTHONY). The three brothers ;
or, the travels and adventures of Sir A., Sir
Robert, and Sir Thomas Sherley, in Persia,
Russia, Turkey, Spain, &c.

London, 1825. 8

SHERLOCK (THOMAS), D.D., Bishop of London.
The works of Bishop Sherlock. With some
account of his life, summary of each discourse,
notes, &c. by the Rev. T. S. Hughes, B.D.
5 vol. London, 1830. 8

Another copy. Vol. i.-iii.

A sermon [on Acts, vii. 25] preached at the
Temple church, Nov. 20, 1715.

London, 1715. 8

A sermon [on Luke, ix. 54, 55] preached be-
fore the Right Hon. the Lord Mayor, alder-
men, and citizens of London... on Nov. 5th,
1712. London, 1717. 8

Remarks upon the Lord Bishop of Bangor's
[B. HOADLY] treatment of the clergy and con-
vocation. 1717

The answer to a letter sent [by A. V., i. e.
A. A. Sykes] to the Rev. Dr S. &c. relating
to his sermon preach'd before the Lord Mayor,
Nov. 5th, 1712. To which are added, some
observations upon the account the Bishop of
Bangor has given of his intended answer to
the Representation. London, 1717. 8

Third edition. London, 1717. 8

* Remarks upon Dr Sherlock's answer to Mr
Sykes. London, 1718. 8

Some considerations occasioned by a postscript
from the Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of Ban-
gor [Hoadly] to the Dean of Chichester [Sher-
lock] offered to his Lordship.

London, 1717. 8

Another copy.

* Remarks upon Dr Sherlock's Considerations
ofler'd to the Lord Bishop of Bangor.

, London, 1718. 8

The condition and example of our blessed Sa-
viour vindicated : in answer to the Bishop of
Bangor's charge of calumny against the Dean
of Chichester. London, 1718. 8

Another copy.

The Lord Bishop of Bangor's defence of his
assertion, viz. that the example of our Lord



i& much more peculiarly fit to be urged to
slaves than to subjects, considered.

London, 1718. 8

Another copy.

A vindication of the corporation and test acts.
In answer to the Bishop of Bangor's reasons
for the repeal of them. To which is addt <1, a
second part, concerning the religion of oaths.

London, 1718. 8

Another copy.

Second edition. London, 1718. 8

* Dr Sherlock's Vindication of the test act
examin'd, and the false foundations of it ex-
posed. In answer to so much of his book
against the Bishop of Bangor, as relates to the
Protestant dissenters. London, 1718. 8

An answer to the Lord Bishop of Bangor's late
book, entituled, The common rights of sub-
jects defended, &c. London, 1719. 8

Another copy.

The use and intent of prophecy, in the several
ages of the world : in six discourses, delivered
at the Temple church in April and May, 1724.
To which are added, three dissertations. I. The
axithority of the second Epistle of St Peter.
II. The sense of the antients before Christ,
upon the circumstances and consequences of
the fall. III. The blessing of Judah, Gen.
xlix. London, 1725. 8

Second edition. London, 1726. 8

Fifth edition. With a fourth dissertation on
Christ's entry into Jerusalem.

Londmi, 1749. 8

Several discourses preached at the Temple
church. London, 1754. 8

The trial of the witnesses of the resurrection
of Jesus ; with the sequel of the trial. [Chris-
tian literature. First series.]

Edin., 1839. 8

[And with Christian Literature Evidences.]

Edin., 1841. 8

Another copy.

SHERLOCK ( WILLIAM), D.D. , Dean of St Paul's.
A discourse concerning the knowledge of
Jesus Christ, and our union and communion
with him, &c. 2d ed. London, 1674. 8

Third edition. To which is annexed a defence
and continuation ; with a particular respect to
the doctrine of the Church of England, and
the charge of Socinianism, and Pelagianism.

London, 1678. 8

Another copy.

A practical discourse of religious assemblies.
2d ed. London, 1682. 8

A letter to Anonymous, in answer to his three
letters to Dr Sherlock about church commu-
nion. [Signed W. S.] London, 1683. 4

A resolution of some cases of conscience which
respect CHURCH-COMMUNION. 1685

A vindication of a passage in Dr Sherlock's
sermon preached before the Hon. House of
Commons, May 29. 1685. from the remarks
of a late pretended remonstrance, by way
of address from the Church of England, to
both Houses of Parliament.

London, 1685. 4

A discourse concerning a judge of CUM;
8IE8 in matters of religion.

Antlier edition. Edited by Ii>l>ert P>tts.
.MA Reprinted, London, 1851. 8 J

A vindication of the doctrine of the holy and
; nnity, and the incarnation nf
tin- Son of God. Occasioned by the brief
notes on the creed of St Athanasius, and tho
brief history of the Unitarians, or Socinians,
and containing an answer to both.

London, 1690. 4
Another copy.

Third edition. >lon, 1694. 4

A defence of Dr Sherlock's notion of a Trinity
in Unity, in answer to Animadversions [by Dr
Robert South] upon his \ indication of the
doctrine of the holy and ever blessed Trinity.

London, 1694. 4

The case of the allegiance due to soveraign
powers stated and resolved, according to Scrip-
ture and reason, and the principles of the
Church of England, with a more particular
respect to the oath, lately enjoyned, of alle-
giance to their present Majesties, K. William
and Q. Mary. London, 1691. 4

Another copy.

Second edition. Reprinted. Edin., 1691. 4
* Remarks upon Dr Sherlock's book, intituled,
The case of the allegiance due to soveraign
princes, stated and resolved, &c. [By Samuel
JOHNSON.] 2d ed. London, 1690. 4

Another copy.

Second edition. Reprinted. Edin. ,1691. 4
A vindication of The case of allegiance due to
soveraign princes, in reply to an answer to a
late pamphlet, [by Thomas Wagstaff] intituled,
Obedience and submission to the present go-
vernment demonstrated from Bishop Overal's
Convocation-Book ; with a postscript in an-
swer to Dr Sherlock's Case of allegiance, &c.

London, 1691. 4

*Dr Sherlock's two Kings of Brainford brought
upon the stage. In a congratulatory letter to
Mr Johnson. Occasioned by the Doctor's vin-
dication of himself, in taking the oath of allegi-
ance to their Majesties after the time, indulg'd
by the law, was expired. London, 1691. 4
The present state of the Socinian controversy,
and the doctrine of the Catholick Fathers con-
cerning a Trinity in Unity. London, 1698. 4
A practical discourse concerning a future judg-
ment. 6th ed. London, 1704. 8
A discourse concerning the divine providence.
4th ed. Edin., 1754. 12
A new edition. Edin., 1776. 8
A discourse concerning the happiness of good
men, and the punishment of the wicked in the
next world, &c. ...New edition.

Edin., 1776. 8
A practical discourse concerning death.

Edin., 1779. 12

A brief discourse concerning the notes of the
Church ; with some reflections on Cardinal
Bellarmine's notes ; [Notes of the Church, as

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