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Fairbaim. [Bib. Cab., vol. xiii. and xiv.]
2 vol. Edin., 1836. 8

theologica, qua satisfactionis Jesu Christi ne-
cessitatem, veritatem, et certitudinem, infini-
tumque pretium argumentis theologicis e sacra
Scriptura, et ubi opus erat, etiam philosophicis
scientifice adstruit J. F. S.

Tubingce et Lipsiw, 1755. 4
Another copy.

tatio theologica, de bonis operibus eorumque
meritis, erroribus Bellarmini...opposita.

Tubingce, 1624. 4

STEINKOFF (C. F. A.), D.D. A letter address-
ed to Robert Haldane, Esq. containing some
remarks on his strictures relative to the conti-
nent, and to continental Bible societies.

London, 1826. 8

STEINWEHR (W. B. A. de). Pro ingenio Ger-
manorum, temere iis a Gallorum, Germano-
rumque nonnullis, ac per grande nefas adjudi-
cato oratio. Francofurti, 1750. 8

STEITZ (GEORG EDUARD). Die Privatbeichte
und Privatabsolution der LTitherischen Kirche
aus den Quellen des xvi. Jahrhunderts, haupt-
sachlich aus Luthers Schriften und den alten
Kirchenordnungen, dargestellt von G. E. S.
Frankfurt a. M., 1854. 8

STENGELIUS (GEORGIUS), Professor of theology
in the university of Ingolstadt. Scarabseus, hoc
est, Jacobus Reihing Araneorum parens, qui
de justificatione hseretice docens suopte testi-
monio, et reipsa immundus, internisque sordi-
bus plenus, et imputatione externreque injus-
titise rectorio vanus esse ostenditur.

Ingolstadii, 1625. 4

STENNETT (JOSEPH), Baptist minister in Lon-
don. An answer to David Russen's book, en-
titul'd, Fundamentals without a foundation,
or a true picture of the Anabaptists, &c. To-
gether with some brief remarks on Mr James
Broorne's letter annexed to that treatise.

London, 1704. 8

STENNETT (SAMUEL), D.D., Grandson of the

above, and minister of the Baptist church Little

Wyld Street, Lincoln's- Inn- Fields, London.

Discourses on personal religion. 2 vol. 2d ed.

London, 1772. 12

Discourses on the parable of the sower.

London, 1786. 12

Sermons on the divine" authority and various
use of the holy Scriptures...

London, 1790. 8

Discourses on domestic duties.

Edin., 1800. 12

of tJie first Henry Stephens. Vita C. S. per
Mich. Maittaire; p. 164. vol.i. Hist. Stephano-
rum per M. MAITTAIRE. 1709

Index librorum qui ex ejus officina prodierunt ;
p. 32. vol. ii. Hist. Stephanorum per M. MAIT-
TAIRE. 1709

STEPHANUS (HENRICUS), the second, son of
Robert Stephens. Concordantise Grsecolatinse
Testamenti Novi. Editio secunda.

[Geneva], 1624. fol.

Vita H. S. per M. Maittaire ; p. 5. vol. i.
Hist. Stephanorum per M. MAITTAIRE. 1709

Index librorum qui ex ejus officina prodierunt ;
p. 1. vol. ii. Hist. Stephanorum per M. MAIT-
TAIRE. 1709

Apologie pour Herodote. Ou traits' de la
conformite des merveilles anciennes avec lea
modernes. Nouvelle Edition : faite sur la
premiere : augmente'e de tout ce que les poste-
rieures ont de curieux, et de remarques : par
M. Le Duchat. 3 torn. La Haye, 1735. 8

STEPHANUS (PAULUS), -Son of the preceding.
Vita P. S. per M. Maittaire ; p. 527. vol. i.
Hist. Stephanorum per M. MAITTAIRE. 1709

Index librorum qui ex ejus officina prodierunt ;
p. 62. vol. ii. Hist. Stephanorum per M. MAIT-
TAIRE. 1709

STEPHANUS (ROBERTUS), Son of the first Henry
Stephens. Biblia...cum Latina interpretatio-
ne. 1540, 1555. See BIBLES LATIN. A.

NovumTestamentum(Gr.). 1546,1549,1550,
1551. See BIBLES GREEK. F.

Ad censuras theologorum Parisiensium, qxu'bus
Biblia a Roberto Stephano typographo regio
calumniose notarunt, eiusdem R. S. responsio.

s. I, 1552. 8

Vita R. S. per M. Maittaire ; p. 13. vol. i.
Hist. Stephanorum per M. MAITTAIRE. 1709

- Index librorum qui ex ejus officina prodierunt ;
p. 10. vol. ii. Hist. Stephanorum per M. MAIT-
TAIRE. 1709

Thesaurus linguae Latinae. Editio nova. 4vol.

Londini, 1734, 35. fol.

STEPHEN (JAMES). England enslaved by her
own slave colonies. An address to the electors
and people of the united kingdom.

London, 1826. 8

Second edition. London, 1826. 8
STEPHEN (Sir JAMES), K.C.B. Essays in eccle-
siastical biography. 2 vol. 2d ed.

London, 1850. 8

of the Rev. Rowland Williams, D.D., in the
Arches Court of Canterbury.

London, 1862. 8

STEPHEN (THOMAS), Medical librarian, King's
college, London. The history of the Church of
Scotland, from the Reformation to the present
time. 4 vol. London, 1843-45. 8

1 The book of the constitution ; or, the rights,


7.. I


privileges, and liberties of every British sub-
ject : as embodied in the constitution of his
country. Containing a full account of the rise,
progress, and present construction of the three
Estates of the realm, King, Lords, and Com-
mons ; of the various courts of jurisdiction ;
and of those Acts by which the liberties or
rights of the subject are affected.

Glasgow, s. a. 8


STEPHENS (HENRY), M.A., Fellow of Merion
college, Oxford. A sermon [on Prov. xvi. 7]
preach'd before the university of Oxford, at
St Mary's, August 19, 1708. Being the day
of thanksgiving for our deliverance from the
late invasion, and for the victory obtain'd near
Audenard. London, 1708. 8

STEPHENS (JOHN L.). Incidents of travel in
Egypt, Arabia-Petrwa, and the Holy Land.

/;./;., 1839. 8

Incidents of travel in Greece, Turkey, Russia,
and Poland. AW.'/i., 1839. 8

STEPHENSON (ROWLAND). A plan for the di-
minution of poor rates in country parishes, by
classification and distribution of labour.

London, 1820. 8

STERNE (LAURENCE), M. A., of Jesus college, Cam-
bridge, and prebend of York. The works of
L. S. With a life of the author written by
himself. Vol. i.-vii. Edin., 1803. 12

The sermons of Mr YORICK [Pseud.]. 2 vol.

London, 1769. 12

STERNHOLD (THOMAS). The Booke of Psalmes
collected into English meeter, by T. S. and
John HOPKINS, and others. See BIBLES

STERRY (PETER), Fellow of Emmanuel college,
Cambridge. A discourse of the freedom of the
will. London, 1075. fol.

STEUART (DAVID). The historical remembran-
cer ; or, an epitome of universal history : in-
cluding a chronological list of battles, sieges,
revolutions, discoveries, inventions, eminent
men, &c. &c. from the earliest period to the
year 1814. Illustrated with a chart of British
and foreign history. Edin. , 1814. 12

STEUART (SiR JAMES), Bart. An inquiry into
the principles of political economy : being an
essay on the science of domestic policy in free
nations. In which are particularly consider-
ed population, agriculture, trade, industry,
money, coin, interest, circulation, banks, ex-
change, public credit, and taxes. 2 vol.

London, 1767. 4

STEUART (ROBERT). A letter to the Moderator
of the General Assembly of the Church of Scot-
land, on the settlement of the patronage ques-
tion. Edin., 1841. 8

Another copy.

STEUART (WALTER), of Pardovan. Collections
and observations methodiz'd ; concerning the
worship, discipline, and government of the
Church of Scotland. In four books.

Edin., 1709. 4

Another copy.

Another edition. To which is added, the fonn

of process in the judicatories of the Church of
Scotland. As also, An abridgment of the Acts
of parliament relating to the Church of
hind from the Reformation to the present tiuu-.
Arbroath, 1802. 8

Another edition. [Part i. of Compendium of
the laws of the CHURCH OF SCOTLAND.] 1830

of theology at Tiibingen. Tiibinger Zeitschrift
fiir Theologie. Unter Mitwirkung mehrerer
Gelehrten, namentlich der Mitglieder der
evangelisch-theologischen Fakultiit D. Kern,
D. Baur, D. Schmid, herausgegeben von
D. J. C. F. S. Jahrgang 1831. Erstes Heft.

/i0en[1831.] 8

Vorlaufig zu Beherzigendes bei Wurdigung
der Frage iiber die historische oder mythische
Grundlage des Lebens Jesu, wie die canon-
ischen Evangelien diesses darstellen, vorgehal-
ten aus dem Bewusstseyn eines Glaubigen, der
den Supranaturalisten beigezahlt wird, zur
Beruhigung der Gemuther.

Tiibingen, 1835. 8 C

Kurzer Bescheid auf Herrn Dr. Dav. Friedr.
Straussens Streitschriften H. I. Aus Tiibiii-
ger Zeitschrift fur Theologie 1837. H. 2. be-
sonders abgedruckt. Tubingen, 1837. 8

STEVEN (WILLIAM), M.A., Junior minister of
tlie Scottish Church, Rotterdam. The history
of the Scottish Church, Rotterdam. To which
are subjoined, notices of the other British
Churches in the Netherlands ; and a brief view
of the Dutch ecclesiastical establishment.

Edin., 1833. 8

Another copy.

Another copy.

A brief view of the Dutch ecclesiastical esta-
blishment ; showing the past and present orga-
nization of its several judicatories ; with an
appendix, containing the general regulations
for the government of the Reformed Church
in the Netherlands ; the acts of that Church
affecting the British Presbyterian congrega-
tions in Holland ; and other important papers.
3ded. Edin., 1839. 8

Alexander. An opera. 3d ed.

s. I, 1770. 12

STEVENS (Captain JOHN). An historical ac-
count of all taxes, under what denomination
whatsoever, from the Conquest to the death
of King George the First. 2d ed. , to which
is added, a table of the principal transactions
in each king's reign. London, 1733. 8

STEVENS (MARIA). Sympathy, as exhibited in
the person, character, and government of our
Lord Jesus Christ. London, 1830. 12

* Brief memoir and account of the spiritual
labours of the late Mrs S. By her sister.

London, 1841. 8

Letters to various friends. Edited by her
sister. London, 1842. 12

STEVENS (ROBERT), D.D., Dean of Rochester.
Sermons on our duty towards God, our neigh-
bour, and ourselves, and on other subjects.
3d ed. London, 1815. 8'



STEVENSON (ANDREW), Writer in Edinburgh.
The history of the Church and State of
Scotland, from the accession of King Charles I.
to the year 1649. To which is prefixed, an
abstract of the state of religion in Scotland,
from the earliest ages of Christianity to the
year 1625. Complete in one volume.

Edin., 1840. 8

Another copy.

The small success of the Gospel in purifying
the hearts and lives of men, accounted for,
from the neglect of discipline and training, in
domestic, civil, and ecclesiastical society. A
sermon [on Jerem. viii. 22] preached June 5,
1772. Edin., 1772. 8

STEVENSON (GEORGE), D.D., Minister of the
Gospel, A yr. A dissertation on the atonement.
In three parts. 2d ed. Edin., 1817. 12

Another copy.

- Third edition. Edin., 1851. 12

- A plea for the covenanted Reformation in Bri-
tain and Ireland. In three parts. 2d ed.

Glasgow, 1824. 8

A treatise on the offices of Christ.

Edin., 1834. 8

Another copy.

- Second edition. Edin., 1845. 8
Another copy.

Another copy.

Another copy.

STEVENSON (JOHN), D.D., Vicar of Patnx-
bourne, Kent. Christ on the cross : an exposi-
tion of the twenty- second Psalm.

London, 1841. 12

Another copy.

STEWARD (GEORGE). The principles of Church
government, and their application to Wesleyan
Methodism. With appendices.

London, 1853. 8


STEWART (ALEXANDER), D.D., Minister of Mou-
lin, and afterwards of Canongate, Edinburgh.
Account of a late revival of religion in a part
of the highlands of Scotland. In a letter to the
Rev. David Black. 2d ed. Edin., 1800. 12

Third edition. Edin., 1802. 12

- Elements of Gaelic grammar. In four parts.
2d ed. Edin., 1812. 8

Another copy.

Sermons : to which is prefixed, a memoir of
his life, including letters. Edin., 1822. 8

Memoirs of the late Rev. A. S. To which are
subjoined a few of his sermons. 2d ed.

Edin., 1822. 8

[The same work as the preceding, with a dif-
ferent title.]

Hints on faith and hope. By A. S., D.D. ,
and John BROWN, D.D. With a memoir of
Dr Stewart, and notes, by Dr Brown.

Edin., 1845. 16

STEWART (ALEXANDER), Minister of the Free
Church, Cromarty. The tree of promise ; or,
the Mosaic economy a dispensation of the
covenant of grace. With a biographical notice.

Edin., 1864. 8

and conquer"; or diplomacy and the CHURCH

STEWART (C. S.), M.A., Chaplain in the United
States' navy. The private journal of the Rev.
C.S.S.,late missionary to the Sandwich Islands.
Abridged from the American edition, published
at New York, 1828. Dublin, 1830. 12

STEWART (DAVID), Earl of Buchan. Essays on
the lives and writings of Fletcher of Saltoun,
and the poet Thomson : biographical, critical,
and political. With some poems of Thomson's
never before published. By D. S. Earl of
Buchan. London, 1792. 8

STEWART (DAVID), Major-General. Sketches
of the character, manners, and present state
of the highlanders of Scotland ; with details
of the military service of the highland regi-
ments. 3d ed. 2vol. Edin., 1825. 8

STEWART (DuGALD), Professor of moral philo-
sophy in the university of Edinburgh. The col-
lected works of D. S. Edited by Sir William
Hamilton, Bart. 11 vol.

Edin., 1854-60. 8

Elements of the philosophy of the human mind.
3 vol. London, 1792-1827. 4

Vol. iii. To which are annexed, additions

to volume first. London, 1827. 4

Second edition [of vol. i. and ii.]

London and Edin., 1802, 16. 8

Third edition. 2 vol. [Vol. ii. 2d ed.]

Edin., 1808, 16. 8

Another edition. With references, sectional
heads, synoptical table of contents, and trans-
lations of the numerous Greek, Latin, and
French quotations, &c., by the Rev. G. N.
Wright, M.A. London, 1843. 8

Account of the life and writings of William

A short statement of some important facts,
relative to the late election of a mathematical
professor in the university of Edinburgh ; ac-
companied with original papers, and critical
remarks. With postscript. Edin. , 1805. 8

* An examination of Mr Dugald Stewart's
pamphlet, relative to the late election of a
mathematical professor in the university of
Edinburgh. By one of the ministers of Edin-
burgh. [J. INGLIS.] 2d ed. Edin.,1806. 8

Outlines of moral philosophy. For the use
of students in the university of Edinburgh.
3ded. Edin., 1808. 8

Fifth edition. Edin., 1829. 8

Sixth edition. With a memoir of the author.

Edin., 1837. 8

Philosophical essays. Edin., 1810. 4

Third edition. Edin., 1818. 8

Another copy.

The philosophy of the active and moral powers
of man. 2vol. Edin., 1828. 8

Dissertation first [prefixed to the Encyclopaedia
Britannica] : exhibiting a general view of the
progress of metaphysical, ethical, and political
philosophy since the revival of letters in Eu-
rope, s. I. et a. 4
[See also under ENCYCLOPAEDIA.]


STEWART (ELIZABETH)." The Magdalene: or
the history of E. S. ., s. a. 12

STEWART (Fix i. LAY), Minister of the Ordinal
Burgher Associate Synod, Pollockshawt. Two
discourses on occasion of the death of the late
Rev. Alexander Turnbull. . .Glasgow. By F. S. ,
and the Rev. William MACKRAY.

Glasgow, 1834. 8

STEWART (Sir JAMES), of Goodtrees.Jvs Po-
PULI vindication. li;r.:i

The index or abridgement of the Acts of par-
liament and convention, from the first parlia-
ment of King James I. holden the 26 Maii,
anno 1424. to the fourth session of the first
parliament of Her Majesty Queen Anne, con-
cluded the 25 March 1707, before the union
of the two kingdoms of Scotland and England :
revised and compleated. With the Act ratify-
ing and approving the Treaty of union of the
two kingdoms, verbatim subjoined.

Win., 1707. 12

Another copy.

STEWART (JAMES), Minister at Anderston.
The banners of Britain displayed, to assemble
her brave warriors, and to chastise the inso-
lence of her foes. A sermon [on Ps. xx. 5].
Glasgow, 1803. 8

STEWART (JAMES), Aberdeen. The Church in-
dependent in her jurisdiction : an address de-
livered to his congregation on December 19,
1842. Aberdeen, 1843. 8

Another copy.

STEWART (JAMES), Missionary to Africa from
the Fnc Church. A synopsis of structural and
physiological botany ; presenting an outline
of the forms and functions of vegetable life.

London, s. a. 4

Botanical diagrams, illustrating the element-
ary tissues ; nutritive organs ; reproductive
organs ; inflorescence ; and general classifica-
tion of plants. Arranged by J. S.

London, s. a. fol.

Limpsfield, Surrey. A selection of Psalms and
hymns, adapted to the service of the Church
of England : revised for the use of Percy cha-
pel, Charlotte Street, Fitzroy Square. 3d ed.
London, 1820. 12

Thoughts on the importance of special prayer
for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. 2d ed.

London, 1822. 8

The state of the metropolis ; or the importance
of a revival of religion in London.

London, 1823. 8

A practical view of the Redeemer's advent.
In a series of discourses. London, 1825. 8

Second edition. London, 1826. 8

Sermons principally designed to strengthen the
faith and increase the devotedness of Christians
in the present remarkable era. 2d ed.

London, 1829. 8

Letter written to a friend of the late W. M.
Forster, Esq. in consequence of the melancholy
loss of the Rothsay Castle steamer. 4th ed.

London, 1831. 12
- Urgent reasons for united earnest prayer for

the outpouring of the Holy Spirit at tlii.-
ful time. Two sermons, preached at St 1 {ride's
church, Liverpool, on New Year's day, 1848
Lmulon, 1843. 8

STEWART (JOHN), D.D. A sermon preached
in Gloucester-street chapel, Livtrpul. in o>n
sequence of the lamented death of Her Royal
Highness Princess Charlotte Augusta of Wales.

. [ 1817]. 8

STEWART (JOHN). Lecture on 'total absti-
nence. Glasgow, 1839. 12

STEWART (JOHN), Minuter of ti ./,.

Ardrossan. Address to pastor and people, on
the occasion of the induction of the Rev. Pa-
trick Robertson, to the Free High church,
Kilmarnock, January 28, 1858.

Saltcoats, 1858. 8

STEWART (MATTHEW), S.T.D., Professor of
mathematics in the university of Edinburgh.
Propositiones geometrical, more veterum de-
monstrate, ad geometriam antiquam illustran-
dam et promovendam idonese.

y,v;/<>/im/i, 1763. 8

STEWART (ROBERT). Grain Ghaelach, agus
Bheurla-Ghaelach. Duneidin, 1802. 12

STEWART (ROBERT), Viscount Castlereagh.
Substance of the speech delivered by Lord
Viscount Castlereagh May 25th, 1810, upon
Mr Grattan's motion for a committee to take
into consideration the Roman Catholic peti-
tions : To which are annexed, copies of the
original documents therein referred to.

London, 1810. 8

Another copy.

STEWART (ROBERT). The Gospel salvation en-
forced on the consideration of sinners.

Perth, 1838. 12

of the Free Church at Leghorn. The tent and
the khan : a journey to Sinai and Palestine.

Edin., 1857. 8

STEWART (W. C.). The practical angler, or the
art of trout- fishing, more particxilarly applied
to clear water. Edin., 1857. 8

STEWART (W. GRANT). The popular supersti-
tions and festive amusements of the highland-
ers of Scotland. Edin., 1823. 12

STEWARTON CASE. Report of the pleadings
of Patrick Robertson, Esq. Dean of Faculty,
and Andrew Rutherfurd, Esq. in the process
of suspension and interdict, William Cuning-
hame, Esq. and others, heritors of the parish
of Stewarton, against the Presbytery of Irvine.
June and July 1842. Edin., 1842. 8

Another copy.

The law of the land regarding the independent
jurisdiction of the Church of Scotland, as ex-
pounded in the opinions of the minority of the
Scottish Judges... in the Stewarton case.

Edin., 1843. 8
STICKNEY (SARAH), afterwards Sarah Stickney


STIER (RUDOLF), D.D., Chief pastor andsnpcr'<,>-
tendent of Schkenditz. The words of the Lord
Jesus. Translated from the second revised
and enlarged German edition, by the Rev.


William B. Pope, London. [Clark's For.
Theol. Lib.] 8 vol. 1855-58. 8

- The words of the risen Saviour, and comment-
ary on the Epistle of St James. Translated
from the German, by the Rev. William B.
Pope. [Ibid.] Edin., 1859. 8

quinta ad Car. Fr. Houbigant prolegomena
in Scripturam sacram cap. iii. . . .

Trajecti ad Rlienum, 1767. 4

STILLING (HEINRICH). Theobald, oder der
Schwarmer. 2 Band.

Frankfurt und Leipzig, 1785. 8

tracts relating to natural history, husbandry,
and physick. To which is added the calendar
of flora. 3d ed. London, 1775. 8

Worcester. Works. Vol. xx. [Wants title.]


Irenicum. A weapon- salve for the Churches
wounds, or the divine right of particular forms
of Church-government : discussed and exa-
mined according to the principles of the law
of nature, the positive laws of God, the prac-
tice of the Apostles, and the primitive Church,
and the judgment of reformed divines...

London, 1661. 4

Another copy.

Second edition. With an appendix concerning
the power of excommunication in a Christian
Church. London, 1662. 8

Another edition. London, 1681. 8

- Origines sacrae, or, a rational account of the
grounds of Christian faith, as to the truth and
divine authority of the Scriptures, and the
matters therein contained.

London, 1663. 4

Third edition. London, 1664. 4

- Fourth edition. - London, 1675. 4

Eighth edition. To which is now added part
of another book upon the same subject, writ-
ten A. D. MD. cxvu. Publish'd from the author's
own manuscript. London, 1709. fol.

A rational account of the grounds of Protest-
ant religion : being a vindication of the Lord
Archbishop of Canterbury's [Laud] Relation
of a conference, &-c. from the pretended an-
swer by T. C. Wherein the true grounds of
faith are cleared, and the false discovered ; the
Church of England vindicated from the impu-
tation of schism ; and the most important par-
ticular controversies between us and those of
the Church of Rome thoroughly examined.

London, 1665. fol.

Another copy.

Another copy.

A reply to Mr J[ohn] S[ergeant] his third ap-
pendix, containing some animadversions on
the book, entituled, A rational account of the
grounds of Protestant religion.

London, 1666. 8

A discourse concerning the idolatry practised
in the Church of Rome, and the hazard of sal-
vation in the communion of it : in answer to
some papers of a revolted Protestant. Wherein

a particular account is given of the fanaticisms
and divisions of that Church.

London, 1671. 8

Second edition. London, 1671. 8

- An answer to several late treatises, occasioned
by a book entituled, A discourse concerning
the idolatry practised in the Church of Rome,
and the hazard of salvation in the communion
of it. The first part. London, 1673. 8

Another copy.

Sermons preached on several occasions, to
which a discourse is annexed concerning the
true reason of the sufferings of Christ. Where-
in Crellius his answer to Grotius is considered.

London, 1673. fol.
Another copy.

A defence of the Discourse concerning the ido-
latry practised in the Church of Rome, in an-
swer to a book [by Thomas Godwin] entituled,
Catholics no idolaters. The two first parts.

London, 1676. 8

A relation of a conference held about religion,
at London, the third of April, 1676. By E. S.,
D.D. and Gilbert BURNET, with some gentle-
men of the Church of Rome.

London, 1676. 8
Another copy.

The unreasonableness of separation : or, an
impartial account of the history, nature, and
pleas of the present separation from the com-
munion of the Church of England. To which
several late letters are annexed, of eminent
Protestant divines abroad, concerning the na-
ture of our differences, and the way to com-
pose them. 2d ed. London, 1681. 4
Third edition. London, 1682. 4
* A continuation and vindication of the De-
fence of Dr Stillingfleet's Unreasonableness of
separation : in answer to Mr Baxter, Mr Lob,
&c. Containing a further explication and de-
fence of the doctrine of Catholic communion.
A confutation of the groundless charge of
Cassandrianism. The terms of Catholic com-
munion, and the doctrine of fundamentals
explained. Together with a brief examination
of Mr Humphrey's Materials for union. By
the author of the Defence ; [Thomas LONG].

London, 1682. 8

Origines Britannicse, or, the antiquities of the
British Churches. With a preface concerning
some pretended Antiquities relating to Bri-
tain, in vindication of [William Lloyd], the
Bishop of St Asaph. London, 1685. fol.

Another copy.

A new edition. London, 1840. 8

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