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lyma et ejus doctrina ccelesti : ex aiiditis e
ccelo. Quibus praemittitur aliquid de novo
ccelo et nova terra. Londini, 1758. 4 r

From the Latin of E. S.

London, 1841. 8'

* A catalogue of the theological works of the
Hon. E. S. , lately translated into English from

the original Latin. With various other reli-
gious tracts, by esteemed authors.

Manchester, [1810]. 8

Another copy.

Arcana coelestia. The heavenly arcana which
are contained in the holy Scriptures or word
of the Lord unfolded, beginning with the Book
of Genesis. Together with wonderful things
seen in the world of spirits, and in the heaven
of angels. 12 vol. [Vol. vi., vii., viii., x.,
2d ed. ; vol. ii. , iii., ix., 3d ed.]

London and Manchester, 1812-40. 8

Index to the Arcana coelestia ; or heavenly
mysteries contained in the sacred Scriptures.
I. Of words, names, and subjects. II. Of
passages of Scripture. Translated from the
original Latin of E. S. A posthumoiis work
of the author. 2d ed. London, 1833. 8

The Apocalypse revealed, wherein are dis-
closed the arcana there foretold, which have
hitherto remained concealed. Translated from
the Latin. 2 vol. A new edition.

London, 1832. 8

The Apocalypse explained, according to the
spiritual sense ; in which are revealed the ar-
cana which are there predicted, and have been
hitherto deeply concealed. Translated from
a Latin posthumous work of E. S. 6 vol.
[Vol. i.,iii., 2d ed.] London, 1834-40. 8

The four leading doctrines of the New Church,
signified, in the Revelation, chap. xxi. by the
New Jerusalem ; being those respecting the
Lord, his divine and human natures, and the
divine Trinity ; the sacred Scripture ; faith ;
and life. Translated from the Latin. With
an introductory preface, and an account of the
author. London, 1834. 8

The four leading doctrines of the New Jeru-
salem ; as also, a treatise on the New Jeru-
salem, and its heavenly doctrine, as revealed
from heaven. Translated from the Latin. A
new edition, with an introduction, by James
Macara. Edin., 1836. 12

The true Christian religion ; containing the
universal theology of the New Church, fore-
told by the Lord in Daniel, vii. 13, 14, and in
the Apocalypse, xxi. 1, 2. Translated from
the Latin. 6th ed. London, 1837. 8

The Coronis, or appendix, to the true Chris-
tian religion : treating of the four Churches
on this earth since the creation of the world,
and of their periods and consummation ; of the
New Church about to succeed them, which
will be truly Christian, and the crown of the
preceding Churches ; of the advent of the Lord
to that Church, and of his divine auspices
therein to eternity. And of the mystery of
redemption, with a brief continuation, &c.
Translated from a posthumous Latin MS. of
E. S. London, 1843. 8

A brief exposition of the doctrine of the New
Church, which is meant by the New Jerusa-
lem in the Apocalypse. Translated from the
Latin. Loiidon, 1840. 8

A summary exposition of the internal sense of
the prophetic books of the word of the Old



Testament, and also of the Psalms of David.
From a Latin posthumous work of E. 8.

London, 1840. 8

On the earths in our solar system, which are
called planets ; and on the earths in the starry
heavens ; with an account of their inhabitants,
and also of the spirits and angels there ; from
what has been heard and seen. From the
Latin. London, 1840. 8

An account of the last judgment, and the Ba-
bylon destroyed : shewing that all the predic-
tions in the Apocalypse are at this day ful-
filled : being a relation of things heard and
seen. From the Latin. London, 1841. 8

On the white horse, mentioned in the Apoca-
lypse, chap. xix. ; with references from the
Arcana coalestia, on the subject of the word,
and its spiritual or internal sense. From the
Latin. London, 1841. 8

The delights of wisdom concerning conjugial
love : after which follow the pleasures of in-
sanity concerning scortatory love. A new edi-
tion. [From the Latin.] London, 1841. 8

Angelic wisdom concerning the divine love
and the divine wisdom. Translated from the
Latin. London, 1843. 8

Concerning heaven and its wonders, and con-
cerning hell : being a relation of things heard
and seen. Translated from the Latin.

London, 1843. 8

On the intercourse of the soul and the body ;
which is supposed to be effected either by phy-
sical influx, or by spiritual influx, or by pre-
established harmony. From the Latin.

London, 1844. 8

Angelic wisdom concerning the divine provi-
dence. Translated from the Latin.

London, 1844. 8

Popery adjudged ; or, the Roman Catholic
Church weighed in the balance of God's word,
and found wanting. Extracted from the works
of E. S. With an introduction and appendix.

Boston, 1854. 8

* Swedenborg's writings and Catholic teach-
ing ; or, a voice from the New Church porch,
in answer to a series of articles on the Sweden-
borgians by the Vicar of Froome-Selwood, in
the Old Church porch. London, 1858. 12

* An affectionate address to the clergy of the
united kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland,
on the theological writings of the Hon. E. S.
By a clergyman of the Established Church ; ]
[John CLOWES]. Manchester, s. a. 8

Another copy.

SWEETSER (WILLIAM), M.D. Mental hygiene ;
or, an examination of the intellect and pas-
sions, designed to illustrate their influence on
health and the duration of life.

New York, 1843. 12

taries upon Boerhaave's Aphorisms concerning
the knowledge and cure of diseases. Trans-
lated from the Latin. 18 vol.

Edin., 1776. 12

SWIFT (JONATHAN), D.D., Dean of St Patrick's,
Dublin. The works of the Rev. J. S. Ar-

ranged by Thomas Sheridan, A.M. With
notes historical and critical. A new edition ;
corrected and revised by John Nichols, F.S. A.
19 vol. London, 1808. 8

SWINBURNE (HENRY). The courts of Europe
at the close of the last century. Edited by
Charles White. 2 vol. London, 1841. 8

SWINDELL (HENRY), of Borrowsash, Derbyshire.
The institutions of Christianity, briefly con-
sidered, as the great, gracious, and happy ap-
pointments of the common salvation ; ami di-
verse prayers, compiled for a family or single
person, on general and special occasions. To
which is prefixed, a preface; asserting the ex-
cellence of the Christian religion, and the ex-
pedience of its rights and ordinances. Pub-
lished by H. S. Burton-upon-Trent, s. a. 8
[Forming vol. i. of Mr S.'s compilations.]

Vol. ii. Certain doctrines teaching duties

and devotions according to godliness...

Loughborough, 1794. 8 3

SWINFIELD (RICHARD DE), Bishop of Hereford.
A roll of the household expences of R. de S.,
during part of the years 1289 and 1290. Edit-
ed [for the Camden Society] by the Rev. John
Webb, M.A. London, 1854. 4

Vol. ii. Abstracts, illustrations, glossary,

and index. [Ibid.] London, 1855. 4

SWITZERLAND. Hedendaagsche Historic of
tegenwoordige Staat van Switzerland en Italic.
2 Deels. Amsterdam, 1760, 61. 8

Sketches of Switzerland. By an American.
2 vol. Philadelphia, 1836. 12


SYDENHAM (THOMAS), M.D. Opera universa.
...Editio novissima. Lugd. Batav., 1754. 8

Newly made English from the original. By

John Swan, M.D. 5th ed.

London, 1769. 8

SYDOW (ADOLPHE), Minister of the United Evan-
gelical Church of Prussia. Die Schottische
Kirchenfrage mit den darauf bezxiglichen Do-
cumenten. Potsdam, 1845. 8

Translated into English. London, 1845. 8

- Another copy.

SYKES (ARTHUR ASHLEY), D.D., Prebendary of
Winchester. The innocency of error, asserted
and vindicated. In a letter to... By Eugenius
PHILALETHES. [Pseud.] The 2d ed., corrected.
With a preface in answer to the Remarks, &c.
lately made upon it. London, 1715. 8

The 3d ed., very much corrected and improved
by the author. London, 1729. 8

A vindication of The innocency of error, &c.
from the misrepresentations of the Lord Bp.
of Oxford [Dr Potter] in his late charge, and
the defence of it. London, 1720. 8

Another copy.

The external PEACE of the CHURCH, only at-
tainable by a zeal for Scripture in its just lati-
tude, and by mutual charity. 1716

An answer to the Non- juror's charge of SCHISM.


A letter to the Rev. Dr Sherlock, one of the
committee of Convocation, appointed to draw



up a representation concerning the Bishop of
Bangor's Preservative and Sermon. Compar-
ing the dangerous positions and doctrines con-
tained in the Doctor's sermon, preach'd Nov.
5, 1712, with those charged upon the Bishop
in the late report of the committee. [Signed
A. V.] London, 1717. 8

Another copy.

A second letter to the Rev. Dr Sherlock, being
a reply to his Answer, &c. Proving the doc-
trines maintained by the Doctor in his Ser-
mon Nov. 5. 1712, to be the same with those
charged upon the Bishop of Bangor, as perni-
cious, in the late Report of the committee.
With an appendix relating to a passage or two
in Dr Snape's Second letter to the Lord Bishop
of Bangor. To which is added, a postscript
to the Rev. Dr Sherlock, Dean of Chichester.
By... Benjamin [HOADLY] Lord Bishop of Ban-
gor. London, s. a. 8
Second edition. London, s. a. 8
A third letter to the Rev. Dr Sherlock, being
an answer to his Considerations offered to the
Bishop of Bangor. With an appendix, in vin-
dication of a passage in the former letter
against Dr Snape. London, 1717. 8
Another copy.

A fourth letter to the Rev. Dr Sherlock, being
an answer to his late book, entitled, the Lord
Bishop of B.'s defence of his assertion consi-
der'd. London, 1718. 8

Another copy.

The difference between the kingdom of Christ,
and the kingdoms of this world. Set forth in
a sermon preached at the Archdeacon's visita-
tion, in Cambridge, December 13, 1716.

London, 173 7. 8

Some remarks on Mr Marshall's defense of our
constitution in Church and state. With an
appendix. Containing a brief inquiry into the
meaning of those words of the 20th Article,
The Church hath authority in controversies
of faith. London, 1717. 8

The Dean of Chichester's conduct considered,
in his Remarks upon the Lord Bishop of Ban-
gor's treatment of the clergy and convocation :
his Vindication of the corporation and test
acts : and, The condition and example of our
blessed Lord vindicated. London, 1718. 8
The authority of the clergy and the liberties
of the laity stated and vindicated. In answer
to Mr Rogers's Discourse of the visible and in-
visible Church of Christ. London, 1720. 8
A letter to the Right Hon. the Earl of NOT-
TINGHAM. Occasioned by a late motion made
by the Archdeacon of London, at his visitation
for the city clergy to return their thanks to
his Lordship for his answer to Mr Whiston.


The case of subscription to the xxxix. articles
considered. Occasioned by Dr WATERLAND'S
Case of Arian subscription. 1721

A reply to Dr WATERLAND'S Supplement to
the case of Arian subscription. Being a de-
fence of the case of subscription to the xxxix.
articles. 1722

The consequences of the present conspiracy to
the Church and State, considered, in a ser-
mon [on Psalm xxxv. 20] preach'd at the cha-
pel in King-Street, near Golden Square ; upon
November 5, 1722. London, 1722. 8

An essay upon the truth of the Christian reli-
gion ; wherein its real foundation upon the
Old Testament is shewn. Occasioned by the
Discourse [by Anthony Collins] of the grounds
and reasons of the Christian religion.

London, 1725. 8 U

Another copy.

A sermon [on 1 Sam. ii. 25] preach'd at the
assizes held at Brentwood in Essex, August 7,
1728. Before the Right Hon. the Lord Chief
Justice Eyre, and Mr Baron Hale.

London, 1728. 8

An answer to the remarks upon Dr CLARKE'S
exposition upon the Church-catechism. 1730

A defence of the Answer to the remarks upon
Dr CLARKE'S exposition of the Church-cate-
chism. 1730

The true foundations of natural and revealed
RELIGION asserted. 1730

A dissertation on the eclipse mentioned by
Phlegon. Or, an enquiry whether that eclipse
had any relation to the darkness which hap-
pened at our Saviour's passion.

London, 1732. 8

A defence of the dissertation on the eclipse
mentioned by Phlegon : wherein is further
shewn that that eclipse had no relation to the
darkness which happened at our Saviour's pas-
sion : and Mr Whiston 's Observations are par-
ticularly considered. London, 1733. 8

An enquirv into the meaning of DEMONIACKS
in the New Testament. By T. P. A. P. O.
A. B. I. T. C. O. S. [Pseud.]

Ltmdon, 1737. 8

A farther enquiry into the meaning of DEMO-
NIACKS in the New Testament. 1737

The principles and connexion of natural and
revealed religion, distinctly considered.

London, 1740. 8

Another copy.

An enquiry how far PAPISTS ought to be treat-
ed here as good subjects. 1746

An essay on SACRIFICES. 1748

The Scripture doctrine of the redemption of
man by Jesus Christ. In two parts. In the
former of which, the principal, if not all the
texts relating to this subject, are produced,
and the meaning of each text, where neces-
sary, is examined and explained. In the lat-
ter, the doctrine of our redemption is set forth
in xlviii. propositions. London, 1756. 8

Another copy.

* Memoirs of the life and writings of A. A. S. ,
D.D. By John Disney, D.D.

London, 1785. 8

SYLLACIUS (NICOLAUS). De insulis Meridiani
atque Indici maris nuper inventis. With a
translation into English by the Rev. John
Mulligan, A.M. New Yo-rk, 1859. 4

SYLVEIRA (JOANNES DA). Commentarii in tex-
tum evangelicum. 6 torn. [Tom. i., ed. 6ta-




torn, ii., iii., iv., ed. 5**; torn, v., ed. 4<*;
torn, vi., ed. 2<>a.] Lugduni, 1679-97. fol.

Commentaria in Acta Apostolorum, cum qua-
darn apologia Carmolitana. Editio secunda.

Lugduni, 1687. fol.

Commentarii in Apocalypsim B. Joannis Apos-
toli. In quo multa tractantur de sacrosancta
Euchariatia : de beatissima Yirgine Maria ; ac
duodecim Apostolis. 2 torn. Editio tertia.

Lugduni, 1687, 94. fol.

Opuscula varia. Lugduni, 1687. fol.

tian's race and patience describ'd, urg'd, and
encourag'd in several sermons from Heb. xii.
First part. London, 1702. 8

SYLVIUS ^ENEAS), Piccolomini. Sec Pius II.

SYM (ANDREW), D.D. Uzziah and Hezekiah : a
discourse, on the power of civil magistrates in
matters of religion. Glasgow, 1843. 8

Another copy.


SYMBOLS. The book of symbols : or a series of
essays, illustrative and explanatory of ancient
moral precepts. London, 1844. 8


SYMES (MICHAEL), Major in the 76th regiment.
An account of an embassy to the king-
dom of Ava, sent by the Governor-General
of India, in the year 1795.

London, 1800. 4

SYMINGTON (ANDREW), D.D., Professor of di-
vinity to the Reformed Presbyterian Church.
Introductory lecture on the principles of the
second Reformation. [Lect. on second Re-
form.] Glasgow, 1841. 12

Another copy.

The headship of Christ over the nations.
[Ibid.] Glasgow, 1841. 12

Another copy.

Unity of the heavenly Church Influence
which the prospect of it should exercise. [Es-
says on Christian UNION.] 1845

Elements of divine truth : a series of lectures
on Christian theology to Sabbath-school teach-
ers. Edin., 1854. 8

SYMINGTON (WILLIAM), D.D., Prof essor of theo-
logy to the Reformed Presbyterian Church. The
salvation of Israel. A discourse [on Rom. x.
1] delivered on Sabbath, Sept. 25, 1825, in be-
half of the Annandale Jewish society.

Dumfries, 1825. 8

Second edition. Paisley, 1830. 12

Popery the mystery of iniquity.

Glasgow, 1839. 12

Another copy.

Another copy.

Another edition. Edin., 1830. 12

The character and claims of the Scottish mar-
tyrs. 2d ed. Paisley, 1833. 12

On the atonement and intercession of Jesus
Christ. 2d ed. Edin., 1834. 8

Another copy.

Another copy.

The necessity of atonement.

Philadelphia, 1838. 12

Another edition. [Presb. Tracts, vol. ii.]

n.v.i./. '/./.;, i84o. rj

On the intercession of Jesus Christ.

Philadelphia, 1838. 12

Another edition. [Presb. Tracts, vol. ii.]

Philadelphia, 1840. 12

The nature, extent, and results of the atone-
ment. [Presb. Tracts, vol. ii.]

7'/. ;/./. //./.;.i, 1840. 12

[These three tracts contain the whole of what
Dr S. has written on Intercession, in the
work entered immediately before, and all
which is included in the same work on Atone-
ment, except the Proof of atonement, extend-
ing from p. 84 to p. 199.]

The rebuilding of Jerusalem : a discourse [on
Nehem. ii. 17-20] delivered at the opening of
the Reformed Presbyterian Synod, Glasgow,
April 20th, 1835. Glasgow, 1835. 8

Another copy.

Another copy.

Messiah the Prince : or, the mediatorial do-
minion of Jesus Christ. 2d ed.

Edin., 1840. 8

Another copy.

Another copy.

The nature and obligation of public vows ;
with an explanation and defence of the British
covenants. [Lect. on second Reform.]

Glasgow, 1841. 12

Another copy.

Another copy.

The first pious youth. A sermon [on Matt,
xxiii. 35] to students and young men. Preach-
ed... Feb. 12, 1843, by desire of the University
missionary association. Edin. , 1843. 8

Another copy.

The souls under the altar, or the opening of
the fifth seal : a discourse [on Rev. vi. 9-11]
delivered at Wigtown, Sept. 24, 1848 ; in aid
of a fund for erecting a monument in honour
of the martyrs whose ashes repose in the
churchyard of that parish.

Glasgow, 1848. 8

Marriage with a deceased wife's sister contrary
to the word of God. Glasgow, s. a. 8

SYMONDS (JOSEPH), Pastor of an English con-
gregation at Rotterdam. The case and cure of
a deserted soul. Or, a treatise concerning the
nature, kindes, degrees, symptomes, causes,
cure of, and mistakes about spiritual desertion.

Edin. , 1642. 12

SYMONDS (RICHARD). Diary of the marches of
the Royal army during the great civil war ;
kept by R. S. Now first published from the
original MS. in the British Museum. Edited
[for the Camden Society] by Charles Edward
Long, M.A., Trin. Coll., Cambridge.

London, 1859. 4

SYMPATHIZERS. A word to the sympathiz-
ers ! ! or, truth versus blasphemy.

Edin., 1841. 12

SYMPATHY. Christian sympathy : a collection
of letters addressed to mourners. 3d ed.

London, 1824. 12

SYMSON (ANDREW), Minister of God's word.



Lexicon Anglo- Greece -Latinum Novi Testa-
menti. Or, a complete alphabetical concord-
ance of all the words contained in the New
Testament, with English, Greek, and Latine ;
in three distinct tables... London, 1658. fol.

' H TV; Kom/^f Ai*d^x.Yi; 'SufAtpuytct : or, an al-
phabeticall concordance of all the Greek words
contained in the New Testament...

London, 1658. fol.

SYMSON (ANDREW), M.A., Minister of Kirkin-

ner. De gestis illustrissimi herois Gulielmi

Valise Scotia! olim custodis, collectanea varia.

Quorum pleraque nunc primum e manuscriptis

in lucem prodeunt. Edinburgi, 1705. 16

[The above was edited and printed by A. S.,

and contains the following. 1. Prolegomena.

2. Patricii Pantiri Valliados lib. iii. cum

pra?fationedeeo,ejusdemquescriptis. 3. Ano-

nymi Valliados libri vi. 4. Relationes Ar-

naldi Blair, Capellani Guil. Wallse militis.

5. Commentarius in Relationes Arnaldi Blair.]

Tripatriarchicon ; or, the lives of the three
Patriarchs Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Ex-
tracted forth of the sacred story, and digested
into English verse. Edin., 1705. 8

SYMSON (ARCHIBALD), Pastor of the church at
Dalkeith. A sacred septenarie, or, a godly
and fruitfull exposition of the seven Psalmes
of repentance... Serving especially for the di-
rection and comfort of all such, who are either
troubled in minde, diseased in body, or perse-
cuted by the wicked. London, 1688. 4

SYMSON (PATRICK), Minister at Stirling. The
historic of the Church, since the dayes of our
Saviour Jesus Christ, untill this present age.
Divided into foure bookes...3d ed.

Loiidon, 1634. fol.

SYNAXARIA. B<o< aytuv tx. TJJ '

Msef/^ov reCTtnvov E-TrtaxoTrov Kvfyav si;
x.ot>qv utyihiia.v. [By NlCEPHORUS Callistus.]

Venice, 1621. 4

SYNESIUS, Bishop of PtoUmais.De regno. Ad
Arcadium Imperatorem. Interprete Dionysio
Petavio Soc. Jes. Presb. [Gr. et Lat.] [Pa-
trolog. cursus, accurante J.-P. Migne, torn.
Ixvi.] Parisiis, 1859. 8

Dio, vel de ipsius vita) institute. [Ibid.]

Calvitii encomium. [Ibid.]

De providentia liber, sive ^gyptius. [Ibid.]

De insomnias liber. [Ibid.]

Epistolse. [Ibid.]

Homiliae. [Ibid.]

Catastasis, dicta in maximam barbarorum ex-
cursionem, pnefecto Gennadio, ac duce Inno-
centio. [Ibid.]

Constitutio. [Ibid.]

Ad Paeonium sermo de dono Astrolabii. [Ibid.]

Hymni. [Ibid.]

SYNGE (EDWARD), D.D., Archbishop of Tuam.-^
The works of the most Reverend Dr E. S.
4 vol. London, 1740, 43. 12

A gentleman's RELIGION. 1698

The divine authority of Church-government,
and Episcopacy, stated and asserted, upon
principles common to all Christians. In a
sermon [on 1 Tim. v. 17] at the consecration
of the Right Rev. Father in God, Doctor
Peter Brown... Preached at the College chapel,
April 2, 1710. London, 1710. 8

SYNODS. Report of a committee of the Synod
of Glasgow and Ayr on the right of provincial
Synods of the Church of Scotland to be re-
garded as incorporated bodies.

Glasgow, 1830. 8

SYRIA. Report on the commercial statistics of
Syria. By John Bowring.

London, 1840. fol.

SZABAD (EMERIC), Secretary under tlw national
Hungarian government of 1849. Hungary past
and present : embracing its history from the
Magyar conquest to the present time. With
a sketch of Hungarian literature.

Edin., 1854. 8

SZADURSKI (G. M. B. LEON), Lieut, of the
horse artillery of the Polish guards. An epi-
tome of the history of Poland. In three parts,
with illustrations. Glasgow, 1842. 8

cerse loci communes de Deo et homine cum
confessione de Trinitate, perpetuis tabulis ex-
plicati et scholasticorum dogmatibus illustrati.
Prremissa est historica commonefactio, de Ec-
clesiaj Palingenesia spius repetita. Editio
quarta. Cum... vita auctoris.

Basilea, 1599. fol.


T. Sugar monopoly. London, 1827. 4

T. Tee-totalism defended, its foundation on
Scripture manifested, and the charge brought
against it by X. Y. refuted. By T.

ftiyby, 1839. 8

T. (A.), Blacksmith, Inverary. A letter from a
blacksmith, to the ministers and elders of the
Church of Scotland ; in which the manner of
public worship in that Church is considered,
its inconveniences and defects pointed out,
and methods for removing them humbly pro-
posed. Well worthy the most serious consi-
deration of Christians of all denominations.

[Reprinted] Edin., 1826. 8
- * The modes of Presbyterian Church- worship
vindicated ; in a letter to the blacksmith. By
a Presbyter of Ireland. A new edition.

Edin., 1826. 8

* A reply to the arguments adduced by the
Irish Presbyter, in his letter to the Inverary
blacksmith. By the author of the Letter to
J. A. Haldane, on his sermon upon the late
fires, the musical festival, &c. &c. &c.

Edin., 1826. 8

T. (A. B. D. M.). Bibliotheque Angloise, ou his-
toire litteraire de la Grande Bretagne, par M.
D. L. R., [i. e. Michael de LA ROCHE],
A. B. D. M. T. et Armand de LA CHAPELLE.


T. (F.), i. e. Robert FLEMING.

T. (G.). Notee philologicoe et grammatics; in Eu-
ripidis tragoedias ; e variis virorum doctorum
commentariis maxima ex parte selectee, et tex-
tui Matthiaeano accommodate. In usum pne-
lectionum acadernicarum et scholarum. 2 torn.
Londini, 1828. 8

T. (I.), i. e. Isaac TAYLOR.

T. (J.). * Faith triumphant, exemplified in the
death of Mrs T. . . . London, 1771. 12

T. (S.), i. e. William FLEETWOOD.

torique et critique sur 1'institution canonique
des Eveques. Paris, 1811. 8

Histoire critique de 1'Assemble'e ge'nerale du
Clerge de France en 1682, et de la declaration
des quatre articles qui y furent adopte's, suivie
du discours de M. L'abbe FLEURY sur les li-
bertes de 1'Eglise Gallicane ; avec des notes.

Paris, 1826. 8

TABERD (J. L.). Dictionarium Anamitico-Lati-
num. Per P. J. PIGNEAUX et J. L. T. 1838
TABERNACLISM. Tabernaclism ; or, a dia-
logue between a country gentleman and one of
his work-people, who had been led away from
the Church, under the pretext of hearing the
Gospel and attending evangelical preachers.

Ghtsgow, 1802. 12

TACITUS (C. CORNELIUS). Opera omnia quw
extant. I. Lipsius denuo castigavit, et :
suit. Liujditni, 1581

Another edition. Justus Lipsius postrennun

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