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sion of sins, and thanksgiving. With an ex-
cellent exhortation to forsake the world, and
a perswasion not to fear death. 50th ed.

London, 1720. 12

THENIUS (OTTO), Th. D. Die Blicher Samuels.
Eiklart von Dr O. T. [Exeget. Handb. zum
Alt. Test., Vierte Lieferung.]

Leipzig, 1842. 8

Die Biicher der Konige. Eiklart von Dr
O. T. [Ibid., Neunte Lieferung.]

Leipzig, 1849. 8

Die Klaglieder. Erklart von Dr O. T. [Ibid.,
Sechzehnte Lieferung.] Leipzig, 1855. 8

Idyllia, Greece et Latine. Poetis ex Latin is
illustrata, notulis quibusdam interjectis opera
et studio Thomae Martin, A.B.

Londini, 1760. 8

Theocritus, BION, MOSCHUS and TYRT^EUS ;
translated from the Greek. By the Rev. R.
Polwhele. To which are added, dissertations
and notes. 2 vol. New edition.

London, 1811. 8



Tln-ocritu>. >-t Latin*.-.
Accedunt vironun doctorum aniinailvi r
srhi.lia, indices et M. yKmilii l'i>rti Li-.\i<-..n
Doricmn. 2 ti'in. -Uni, iSL'lt. 8

Decem eidyllia, Latinis pleraque nuineris a
C. A. Wetstenio reddita, in usum aiulitoruni
cum notis edidit, i-jusdcmque Adoniazuaaa
uln rioribus adnotationibua inatruxit L. C.
ValckeiiuLT. [(Jr. et Lat.]

Lugd. Eatav., 1773. 8

< ; r' Pynu. Opera onmia. Quorum plurima
(Ir.-i-ce, qusedam etiam Latine mine primum
prodeunt : Groeca cum manuscriptis exempla-
ribua diligenter collecta, Latins versiones ad
( ; r;i corum normam exactee et recognitse. Cura
et studio lacobi Sirmondi. 5 torn. [Tom. v.
nuuc primum in luceni editua cura et studio
Joannis Garnerii.]

Lutetice Parisiorum, 1642, 84. fol.

De providentia sermones x. [Gr.]

Roma, 1545. 8

Duo inaignes sermones sive libelli. [Ad calc.
op. J. DALL^I ' La foy fonde'e sur les saintes
Escritures,' Latinfe ex Gallico reddita.] 1600

Theodoriti et EVAGRII Scholastic! historia ec-
clesiastica. Item excerpta ex historiis PHILO-
STORGII et THEODORI Lectoria. Henricus Va-
lesius Gneca ex MSS. codicibus emendavit,
Latink vertit, et annotationibus illustravit.
[Gr. et Lat.] Parisiis, 1673. fol.

Historia ecclesiastica. [Cum Hist, eccles. Eu-
SEBII.] 1544, 1570

A new translation from the original : with a

memoir of the author, an account of his writ-
ings, and the chronology of the events record-
ed. [Vol. v. of Greek Eccl. Hist, of the first
six cent.] London, 1843. 8

Another copy.


historia ecclesiastica. Item excerpta ex his-
toriis Philostorgii et Theodori lectoris. 1673

Historia ecclesiastica. [Cum Hiat. eccles. Eu-
SEBII.] 1544, 1570

THEODORUS, Bishop of Mopsuestia. Commen-
tarius in duodecim Prophetas minores. [Gr.
et Lat.] [Patrolog. Cursus, accurante J.-P.
Migne, torn. Ixvi.] Paris, 1859. 8

Fragmenta in Vetus Testamentum. [Ibid.]

Commentariorum in Novum Testamentum
quie reperiri potuerunt. Collegit, disposuit,
emendavit Otto Fridolinus Fritzsche. [Ibid.]

Fragmenta dogmatica. [Ibid.]
THEODORUS, Studita. Epistolse, aliaque scrip-

ta dogmatica, Sirmondo interprete. [Cum
opp. SIRMONDI.] 1696

THEODOSIUS, Imperator. Codex Theodosi-
anua cum perpetuis commentariis Jacobi Go-
thofredi. Prsemittuntur chronologia accura-
tior chronicon historicum et prolegomena, sub-
jiciuntur notitia dignitatum, prosopographia,
topographia index rerum et glossarium nomi-
cum. Opus posthumum diu in foro et schola
desideratum, recognitum et ordinatum ad usum
Codicia Justinianei opera et studio Autoiiii

Marvillii. Editio nova cullata cum antiquis-

Binio codice M.S. \\ um-l.

lit ruui ivcognita .-iiicinlat;i \ :irnu iiini|Ut

vat i< >nilnis aucta (jxiil)U8 adjecit HU;I.

i-. i' i'. t; i,,m. ^MMB, IT:;;. fi.

TIIKuDMSH S, ZVipoWa. 8l*ri<m, niu-
iln.ili) illustrata et succincte demonstratu per
la. Barrow. [Cum ARCH I.MKHIS "p]>.J

It. 75. 4

THEOLOGY. La th^ologie r^elle vulgaiivmcnt
ditu La th^ologie Germanique. Avec qiiclijucs
autres traitea de memo nature ; une lettre et
un catalogue sur lea ^crivaina myatiquea. Une
preface apolog^tique sur la the'ologic m\ st i<|i-,
avec la nullitd du jugement d'un Prot
sur la meme theologie myatujuu.

Amsterdam, 1700. 12

Theologia Germanica : which setteth forth
many fair lineaments of divine truth, and
saith very lofty and lovely things touching a
perfect life. Edited by l)r Pfeitfer from the
only complete manuscript yet known. Trans-
lated from the German by Susanna A\ ink-
worth. With a preface by the Rev. Charles
Kingsley, and a letter to the translator by the
Chevalier Bunsen, D.D. 3d ed.

London, 1857. 8

Brief e das Studium der Theologie betreffend.
4 Theil. Weimar, 1780, 81. 8

A summary of a new, conciliating, aelf-inter-
preting, consistent, undeviating, and intelli-
gible system of theology, deduced exclusively
from the tenor and scope of the sacred writ-
ings, and as such, constituting what Bacon
calls emanations from Scripture. With a short
statement of objections and answers.

Edin., 1824. 8

Views in theology. Nos. ii., iii., iv., v.

Nev: YorL; 1824-1829. 8

THEOPHILANTROPES. Annde religieuse des
Theophilantropes, ou adorateurs de Dieu tt
amis des hommea ; recueil de discours et ex-
traits sur la religion et la morale universellea,
pour etre lua pendant le coura de 1'annee, soit
dans les temples publics, soit dans les families.
Publie par 1'auteur du Manuel des Theophi-
lantropes. 4 torn. Amsterdam, 1798. 12
THEOPHILUS, Bishop of Antioch in Syria.
Libri iii. ad Autolycum Greece, ad ndern codi-
cis MS. Bodleiani, et ex parte Regii Parisiens.
Denuo recogniti, et pluribus in locis castigati,
versione Latina, frequenter emendata, notis-
que turn aliorum turn suis instructi a Jo.
Christoph. Wolno. [Gr. et Lat.]

Iht.nljurrji, 1724. 8

The three books of Theophilus to Autolycus.
Translated by Rev. Marcus Dods, A.M. [Antu-
Nicene Christ. Lib.] Edin., 1867. 8 a

plea against absolvers. Or, a modest dis-
course, shewing why those who in England
and Scotland took the solemn league and cove-
nant, cannot judge their consciences discharged
from the obligation of it, by any thing hereto-
fore said by the Oxford men ; or lately by Dr
Featly, Dr Gauden, or any others. In which



also several cases relating to promissory oathes,
and to the said covenant in special, are spoken
to, and determined by Scripture, reason, and
the joynt suffrages of casuists. Contrary to
the indigested notions of some late writers ;
yet much to the sense of the Rev. Dr Sander-
son. London, 1661. 4
THEOPHRASTUS. Characteres ethici, ex re-
censione Petri Needham, et versione Latina
Isaaci Casauboni. [Gr. et Lat.]

Glasguce, 1758. 8

- The characters of T. ; [with the works of J.
de LA BRUYERE]. 1766

Characterum ethicorum capita duo hactenus
anecdota qu?e ex cod. MS. Vaticano sseculi
xi. Graece edidit Latine vertit pnefatione et
adnotationibus illustravit Johannes Christo-
phorus Amadutius. Parmce, 1786. 4

Ilf< iav \iduv /3</3A/oK. Theophrastus's History
of stones. With an English version, and
notes, including the modern history of the
gems described by that author ; and of many
other of the native fossils. To which are add-
ed two letters : I. On the colours of the Sap-
phire And Turquoise. II. Upon the effects of
different menstruums on copper. Both tending
to illustrate the doctrine of the gems being
coloured by metalline particles. The 2d ed. ;
enlarged by the addition of a Greek index of
all the words in Theophrastus. Also observa-
tions on the new Swedish acid, and of the
stone from which it is obtained ; and with an
idea of a natural and artificial method of fos-
sils. By Sir John Hill. London, 1774. 8

THERAPEUTES. The healing art the right
hand of the Church ; or, practical medicine an
essential element in the Christian system.

Edin., 1859. 8

THESAURUS. Thesaurus theologico philologi-
cus, sive sylloge dissertationum elegantiorum
ad selectiora et illustriora Veteris et Novi Tes-
tamenti loca ; a theologis Protestantibus in
Germania separatim diversis temporibus con-
scriptarum. Secundum ordinem utriusque
Testamenti Librorum digesta. 2 torn.

Amstel., 1701, 2. fol.

Thesaurus novus theologico-philologicus, sive
sylloge dissertationum exegeticarum ad selec-
tiora atque insigniora Veteris et Novi Instru-
menti loca ; a theologis Protestantibus maxi-
mam partem in Germania diversis temporibus
separatim editarum, nunc vero secundum se-
riem librorum, capitum et commatum diges-
tarum, junctimqtie recusarum, additis indici-
bus necessariis, ex musseo Theodori Hasaei et
Conradi Ikenii. 2 torn.

Lugd. Batav., et Amstel., 1732. fol.

Thesaurus historic ecclesiasticse, sive clarissi-
morum virorum dissertationes selectfe quas ad
methodum instit. H. E. D. Pauli Delsignore
collegerunt et digesserunt duo canonici reg.
Lat. S. Petri ad vincula urbis. Periodus pri-
ma a Christo nato ad Constantinum M. 6 torn.

Roma, 1838-41. 8

THEVENOT (JEAN DE). Voyages de Mr. de T.

en Europe, Asie et Afrique. Troisieme e'di-
tion. 5 torn. Amsterdam, 1727. 12

THIEBAUT ( ). Home'lies sur les Epitres

des dimanches et des fetes principales de
I'anne'e. 4 torn. Metz, 1766. 8

Homelies sur les Evangiles des dimanches et
des fetes principales de 1'annee. Nouvelle
e'dition. 3 torn. Metz, 1768. 8

in ihrer Beziehung zur Chemie...

Leipzig, 1840. 8

Pocket- dictionary of the English and German
[German and English] language.

Leipzig, s. a. 12

THIERSCH (FRIEDRICH). Griechische Gram-
matik vorziiglich des Homerischen Dialectes.
Dritte Auflage. Leipzig, 1826. 8

Translated from the German, with brief re-
marks by D. K. Sandford. Edin., 1830. 8

THIERSCH (HENRY W. J.). The history of the
Christian Church. Translated from the Ger-
man. [By Thomas Carlyle.] Vol. i.

London, 1852. 8

THIRLWALL (CONNOP), D.D., Bishop of St Da-
vids. A history of Greece. [Lardner's Cy-
clopaedia.] 8 vol. London, 1835-1848. 8

A letter to" the Rev. Rowland Williams, D.D.,
Vice-Principal of St David's College, Lampe-
ter ; in answer to his " earnestly respectful "
letter to the Lord Bishop of St Davids. 2d ed.

London, 1861. 8

THODEY (SAMUEL). The honour attached to
eminent piety and usefulness. A sermon
preached at Cambridge, Nov. 20, 1836, on oc-
casion of the death of the Rev. Charles Simeon.
London, 1836. 8

Professor of theology at Halle. Die Lehre von
der Siinde und vom Versohner, oder die wahre
Weihe des Zweiflers. Dritte Auflage.

Hamburg, 1830. 8

Hints on the importance of the study of the
Old Testament. [Bib. Cab., vol. ii.]

Edin., 1833. 8

Exposition of St Paul's Epistle to the Romans :
with extracts from the exegetical works of the
Fathers and reformers. Translated from the
original German, by the Rev. Robert Menzies.
2 vol. [Ibid., vol. v. and xii.]

Edin., 1833, 36. 8

Exposition, doctrinal and philological, of
Christ's sermon on the mount, according to
the Gospel of Matthew ; intended likewise as
a help towards the formation of a pure biblical
system of faith and morals. Translated from
the original German, by the Rev. Robert
Menzies. 2 vol. [Ibid., vol. vi. and xx.]

Edin., 1834, 37. 8

Die Glaubwiirdigkeit der evangelischen Ge-
schichte, zugleich eine Kritik des Lebens Jesu
von Strauss, fur theologische und nicht theo-
logische Leser dargestellt. Zweite Auflage.

Hamburg, 1838. 8

Another copy.

Vermischte Schriften grosstentheils apologeti-
schen Inhalts. 2 Theil. Hamburg, 1839. 8



The nature and moral influence of heathen-
ism, especially among the Greeks and !! .nrm ;.
vu-ufil in tlie light of Christianity. [Trans-
lated from the German.] [Bib. Cab., vol.
xxviii.] AV/H., 1840. 8

Sermons on various occasions. [Translated
from the German.] [Ibid., vol. xxviii.]

l-'lui., 1840. 8

Stunden Christlicher An'lacht. Ein Erbau-
ungs buch von Dr A. T.

Hamburg, 1840. 8

Remarks on the life, character, and style of
the Apostle Paul. Designed as an introduc-
tion to the study of the Pauline Epistles.
[Translated from the German.] [Bib. Cab.,
vol. xxviii.] .,1840. 8

* Sketch of the life and character of A. T., by
Professor E. A. Park. [Ibid., vol. xxviii.]

/;./</(., 1840. 8

A commentary on the Epistle to the He-
brews. Translated from the German, by
James Hamilton, M.A. With an appendix,
comprising two dissertations by the same
author, translated by J. E. Ryland. 2 vol.
[Ibid., vol. xxxviii. and xxxix.]

Edin., 1842. 8

A selection from the university sermons of
A. T. Translated from the German. [By
Adeliza Manners.] London, 1844. 8

A translation and commentary of the Book of
Psalms, for the use of the ministry and laity
of the Christian Church. Translated from the
German, with a careful comparison of the
Psalm-text with the original tongues. By
the Rev. J. Isidor Mombert.

London, 1856. 8

Light from the cross : sermons on the passion
of our Lord. Translated from the German.
[ByR. L. B.] Edin., 1857. 8

Commentary on the sermon on the mount.
Translated from the fourth revised and en-
larged edition, by the Rev. R. Lundin Brown,
M.A. [Clark's For. Theol. Lib.]

Edin., 1860. 8

Commentary on the Gospel of St John. Trans-
lated from the last German edition, by Charles
P. Krauth. [Ibid.] Edin., i860. 8

The two students Guido and Julius ; or, the
true consecration of the doubter. Translated
from the seventh German edition. [By James
Martin.] London, s. a. 8

THOM (DAVID), Minister of the Scotch church,
Rodney Street, Liverpool. Remarks on a series
of charges recently preferred against him, be-
fore the Rev. the Presbytery of Glasgow, by
certain individuals connected with the manage-
ment of the said church. With a copious ap-
pendix. Liverpool, 1825. 8

* Short reply to the Rev. D. T.'s pamphlet,
entitled, Remarks on a series of charges, <S:c.
[by John GILLIES], comprehending some ob-
servations on the evidence taken at Liverpool ; j
accompanied with all the papers laid before '
the Presbytery of Glasgow, in the late refer- j
ence between Mr T. and the trustees of the St j
Andrew's church, Rodney Street, Liverpool.

And the evidence taken by, and proceedings
of, said Presbytery ; with an appendix.

, 1825. 8

Memorial regarding the theological points of
his case. 5. 8

* An expostulatory letter to the Rev. D. T.,
on some important topics, connected with his
public ministry. By a moderate Calvinist.

/on, 1825. 8

The miracles of the Irving school shown to be
unworthy of serious examination.

,don, 1832. 8'

Three questions proposed and answered, con-
cerning the life forfeited by Adam, the resur-
rection of the dead, and eternal punishment.
2d ed. London, 1635. 8"

j THOM (GEORGE), Cape of Good Hope. A narra-
tive of the last sickness and death of Mr
Richard Shepherd, merchant at the Cape of
Good Hope ; in a letter to Joseph Reyner.
! London, 1816. 8

I THOM (JOHN HAMILTON). The practical im-
portance of the Unitarian controversy. A lec-
ture delivered in Liverpool, Feb. 12, 1839.

Liverpool, 1839. 8

Christianity not the property of critics and
scholars ; but the gift of God to all men. A
lecture delivered in Liverpool, Feb. 26, 1839.

Liverpool, 1839. 8

The unscriptural origin and ecclesiastical his-
tory of the doctrine of the Trinity. A lecture
delivered in Liverpool, March 26, 1839.

Liverpool, 1839. 8

THOM (WILLIAM), Minister of Govan. The works
of the Rev. W. T. Glasgow, 1799. 12

An enquiry into the causes of the decline of
religion. A sermon [on 2 Tim. iv. 10] preach-
ed at Glasgow, April 14th, 1761. 2d ed.

Glasgow, 1761. 8

THOMAS (JosiAH), M.A., Archdeacon of Bath.
Strictures on subjects chiefly relating to the
established religion and the clergy. In two
letters to his patron from a country clergyman.
2d ed. London, 1809. 8

THOMAS (L.). La confession Helve"tique.
Etudes historico-dogmatiquessur le xvi e siecle.

Geneve, 1853. 8

THOMAS (ROBERT), Minister of Abdie. The
cause of truth, containing, besides a great va-
riety of other matter, a refutation of errors in
the political works of Thomas Paine, and
other publications of a similar kind. In a se-
ries of letters, of a religious, moral, and poli-
tical nature. Dundee, 1797. 12

jurisprudentise divinaj libri tres. In quibus
fundamenta juris naturalis secundum hypo-
theses illustris Pufendorifii perspicue demon-
strantur, et ab objectionibus dissentientiiim,
potissimum D. Valentini Alberti, liberantur,
fundamenta itidem juris divini positivi uni-
versalis primum a jure naturali distincte se-
cernuntur et explicantur. Editio septima, in
qua...accesserunt: I. ProgrammaGermanicum
hypotheses Albertinas expendens. II. Quses-
tio de definitione favorabilium et odiosorum



cum clariss. Placcio ventilata. III. In pro-
gramma, definitionem substantise hactenus
quaesitam sistens, cum thesibus excerptis ex
his libris, ad disputandum publice propositis,
atque indice duplici.

Halce Magdeburgicce, 1730. 4

Historia contentionis inter Imperium et Sa-
cerdotium breviter delineata usque ad secu-
lum xvi. Cum appendice supplementorum ad
cap. 17. Cantel. circa praecognita jurisprud.
Eccles. de jure summarum potestatum circa
sacra, et monitorum necessariorum de metho-
do, et aliis supplements continuationis histo-
ricse. In usum auditorii Thomasiani.

Halce, 1722. 8

Orationes academicse, I. De jurisprudentiae |
corpore, anima, cadavere, sceleto, spectro.

II. Cur prorectoratum antea recusatum susce-
perit ? III. An sapientem deceat magistra-
tum gerere ? Adjunctae stint notae et obser-
vationes, partim dicta ex historia philosophica
illustrantes, partim miseriam et crassas reliqui-
as Papatus politici in academiis Protestantium,
remoto velamine ostendentes, una cum sum-
mariis singxilarum orationum et notarum.

Halce, 1723. 8

- Programmata Thomasiana, et alia scripta si- j
milia breviora conjunctim edita, cum notis
hinc inde de novo adjectis.

Halce et Lipsice, 1724. 8

THOMASIUS (G.), Professor of theology in the
university of Erlangen. Christi Person und
Werk. Darstellung der evangelisch-luther-
ischen Dogmatik vom Mittelpunkte der Chris-
tologie aus. 3 Theil. 4 Abtheil. Zweite
Auflage. [3 ter Th. 2*e Abtheil. l*e Aufl.]
Erlangen, 1856-62. 8

THOMASON (THOMAS T.), M.A., Chaplain to the
East India Company. * The life of the Rev.
T. T. T. By the late Rev. J. Sargent, M.A.
2d ed. London, 1834. 8

THOMASSIN (Louis), Professor of divinity at
Saumur. Ancienne et nouvelle discipline de
1'Eglise touchant les benefices et les beneti-
ciers. Scavoir, les Evesques, Archevesques,
Primats, Archidiacres, Archiprestres, Curez,
Chapitres, Congregations, Abbaycs. Divisee
en quatre parties, selon les quatre ages de
1'Eglise. Terminez a Clovis, a Charlemagne,
a Hugues Capet, et a nostre siecle. Chaque
partie contenant quatre livres. Ou il est
traitte', I. De Forigine, progres, droits, privi-
leges, obligations des beneficiers. II. De leur
vocation, election, confirmation, cession, trans-
lation, irregularitez, commandes, dispenses.

III. Des biens temporels de 1'Eglise. IV. De
la distribution, et du saint usage de ces biens.
Le tout examine' par les saints Peres, les con-
ciles et les hiatoriens du temps. 3 torn.

Paris, 1678-1681. fol.

Vetus et nova Ecclesise disciplina circa benefi-
cia et beneficiaries... Accedit tractatus bene-
ficiarius Fr. Caesarii Marise Sguanin pro in-
demniter salvandis juribus sanctae matris Ec-
clesiae quoad beneficia ecclesiastica. 3 torn.

. 9 Lib. [10 vol.] Editio postrema, cum Pari- i

siensi accuratissime collata.

Magontiaci, 1787. 4

Glossarium universale Hebraicum, quo ad He-
braicse linguae fontes linguae dialecti pene om-
nes revocantur. Parisiis, 1697. fol.

Traitd dogmatique et historique des Edits, et
des autres moiens spirituels et temporels, dont
on s'est servi dans tous les temps, pour e'tablir,
et pour maintenir I'mute" de 1'Eglise Catho-
lique. Divisd en deux parties. La 1. depuia
le commencement de 1'Eglise jusqu' au ix.
siecle. La 2. depuis le ix. siecle jusqu' au
dernier. Avec un supplement, par un pretre
de la meme congre'gation. Pour r^pondre a
divers ecrits se"ditieux et particulierement a
1'Histoire de 1'Edit de Nantes, qui comprend
les huit derniers regnes de nos Rois. 3 torn.

Paris, 1703. 4

THOMASSY (R.). Jean Gerson, et le grand
schisme d'Occident. Seconde Edition.

Paris, 1852. 12

THOMPSON (CHARLES). Travels through Tur-
key in Asia, the Holy Land, Arabia, Egypt,
and other parts of the world : giving a parti-
cular and faithful account of what is most re-
markable in the manners, religion, polity, an-
tiquities, and natural history of those coun-
tries. With a curious description of Jerusa-
lem, as it now appears, and other places men-
tioned in the holy Scriptures...

Glasgou; 1798. 8

THOMPSON (GEORGE). An address, &c. upon
the subject of an anti-slavery mission to the
United States of America : delivered before
the ladies of Edinburgh... llth Nov. 1833.

Edin., 1834. 8

Free Church of Scotland and American
slavery. Substance of speeches delivered in
the Music Hall, Edinburgh, during May and
June 1846, by G. T. and the Rev. Henry C.
WRIGHT. With an appendix, containing the
deliverances of the Free Church on the sub-
ject of slavery, 1844, 1845, and 1846, and other
valuable documents. Edin., 1846. 8

* The Free Church and her accusers in the
matter of American slavery ; being a letter to
Mr G. T. , regarding his recent appearances in
this city. Edin., 1846. 8

THOMPSON (JoHx), M.D. On the judgment
in Matthew xxv. As conclusive of Messiah's
personal advent in his millennial kingdom.

London, 1828. 4

THOMPSON (JOSEPH P.), Pastor of the Broad-
way Tabernacle church. The fugitive slave
law ; tried by the Old and New Testaments.
[Reprinted from the New Englander for Nov.
]850.] New York, 1850. 8

Christianity essential to liberty. A sermon,
in aid of Hungary, Nov. 27, 1851.

New York, 1851. 8

the hospital of St Mary-tJie- Virgin, Newcastle-
on-Tyne. Christian theism : the testimony of
reason and revelation to the existence and cha-
racter of the Supreme Being. 2 vol.

London, 1855. 8



THOMSON (ADAM), Minister f ihe Ag-
gregation, < :<. Sermons occasioned l>y
the sudden death of the Rev. iVu-r Thomson,
late minister of the Scotch church, Leeds. To
w li it-li is prefixed a memoir of his life.

L 1807. 12

The might and mastery of the Established
Church laid low : a review and refutation of
the principal arguments of the Rev. Drs Inglis
and Chalmers in vindication of ecclesiastical

APPEAL from Scotland. 1834

The Church and the Voluntaries : two letters
addressed to George Buchan of Kelloe, occa-
sioned by the attacks made from the hustings
at Greenlaw, against Voluntary churches... by
him and Sir H. P. H. Campbell, Bart., Jan.
1835. 2ded. Edin., 1835. 8

The claims of dissenters on the government
of the country : a letter addressed to the
Right Hon. Lord Melbourne.

Edin., 1836. 8

Patronage ; or, the weapons of Churchmen
turned against themselves, &c. The third of
a series of lectures delivered in Edinburgh...
8th Feb. 1837. Edin., 1837. 12

Another copy.

THOMSON (ALEXANDER), of Banchory. Indus-
trial schools ; their origin, rise, and progress,
in Aberdeen. Aberdeen, 1847. 8

Facts from Rome ; or, Popery at head-quar-
ters. Aberdeen, 1851. 8

Another copy.

Remarks on Professor Baden Powell's views
respecting the recent origin of man upon the
earth, and the skeleton found in excavating
Mickleton tunnel. (From the Edinburgh
New philosophical journal, April 1856.)

[Edin., 1856.] 8

Punishment and prevention.

London, 1857. 8

Another copy.

Scottish Episcopacy past and present.

London, 1860. 8

THOMSON (ALEXANDER), A.M., Professor in the
theological institution of the Congregational
Union of Scotland. On the temptations to
error in connection with the study of theology
at the present time. An address delivered at
the opening of the session of the Congrega-
tional theological institution at Glasgow, 1852.
Glasgow, 1852. 12

THOMSON (ANDREW), D. D., Minister of St
George's church, Edinburgh. A letter to the
Rev. Principal Hill, on the case of Mr John
LESLIE. 1805

An address to Christian parents on the reli-
gious education of their children.

Edin., 1812. 8

Second edition. Edin., 1815. 12

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