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The genuine character of the Gospel stated
and illustrated. A sermon [on Mark, xvi. 15J
preached before the Edinburgh missionary so-
ciety, on Tuesday the 18th of April, 1815.

Edin., 1815. 8

Another copy.

res, expository and practical, on select
] i minus of Scripture. li vol.

/:>/;,.., 1K10. K J

"The word of God not bound." A M-rumu
[on 2 Tim. ii. 9] preached in St George's church,
K.linl.iii-h, on' .July G, 1817, for the U-u.
the naval and military Bible society.

/:./;,..', 1817. 8

The ultimate and universal prevalence of the
Christian religion : A sermon [on Is. xi. 9J
preached In-fore the Society in Scotland for
pi "legating Christian knowledge ... June 5,
1817. Edin., 1817. 8

Sermons on infidelity. /</., 1821. 12

Another copy.
Sermons on hearing the word preached.

:,., 1825. 12
Another copy.

The young warned against the enticement of
sinners, in two discourses on Prov. i. 10.
3ded. Edin., 1825. 12

Report of a speech delivered by the Rev. A. T. ,
in the new church of Dumfries, 18 Sept. 1826.
To which are prefixed, introductory remarks
on the Christian duty of continuing to unite
for the circulation of the holy Scriptures.

Dumfries, 1826. 8

The resurrection of believers, and Christ the
author of it : A sermon [on John, xi. 25, 26]
preached in St Cuthbert's church, on Sabbath,
August 19, 1827, being the Sabbath immedi-
ately after the funeral of the late Sir H. Mon-
creiff Wellwood, Bart. D.D. 2d ed.

Ed**., 1827. 8

Third edition. Edin.,18SfJ. 8

Another copy.

A letter to the Right Hon. Lord Bexley, con-
taining strictures on the speech delivered by
his Lordship at the meeting of the Kent auxi-
liary Bible society, held at Maidstone, Oct.
10, 1826. Edin., 1827. 8

Another copy.

A letter to the editor of the Christian Obser-
ver, on his treatment of the Edinburgh Bible
society, and the Bible society and Apocrypha
controversy. Edin., 1827. 8

John Campbell, Esq., of Carbrook, called to
account for certain calumnious accusations and
gross mis-statements... regarding the Apocry-
pha and Bible society controversy.

Edin., 1827. 8
Another copy.
Sermons on various subjects.

Edin., 1829. 8
Another copy.

Second edition. Edin., 1830. 8

Dr Thomson's two last letters to the editor of
the Perthshire Courier, exposing the inconsist-
encies of Mr Esdaile, and his doctrine of two
standards of the Bible ; with remarks on the
conduct of the editor, and the notes of " a cor-
respondent," respecting two standards of the
pound weight and of the word of God.

Edin., 1829. 8
Another copy.
The doctrine of universal pardon considered



and refuted, in a series of sermons, with notes,
critical and expository. Edin., 1830. 12

Another copy.

Second edition. Edin., 1831. 12

Substance of the speech delivered at the meet-
ing of the Edinburgh society for the abolition
of slavery, Oct. 19th, 1830. Edin., 1830. 8

Sermons and sacramental exhortations. [With
memoir.] Edin., 1831. 8

- Another copy.

THOMSON (ANDREW), D.D., Minister of the
United Presbyterian church, Broughton Place,
Edinburgh. Historical sketch of the origin of
the Secession Church. Edin., 1848. 8

THOMSON (CHARLES), North Shields. Letter to
the Rev. Henry Grey, on certain passages con-
tained in the Letters of Anglicanus.

Edin., 1828. 8

Second edition. Edin., 1828. 8

Second letter to the Rev. Henry Grey ; con-
taining strictures on his newspaper letters, re-
specting the pamphlet of Anglicanus.

Edin., 1828. 8

Sydenham, * Memoirs of the life of the Right
Hon. Charles, Lord Sydenham. With a nar-
rative of his administration in Canada. Edited
by his brother, G. Poulett Scrope. 2d ed.

London, 1844. 8

THOMSON (EDWARD A.), Minister of Free St
Stephen's church, Edinburgh. The last blessing
of the Bible. A valedictory discourse, preach-
ed on Sabbath, the 25th Sept. 1859.

Dundee, 1859. 8

THOMSON (GEORGE). A compendious view of
the connection between Church and State,
from Cobbett, Apollonius, King William's
character, Messrs Wilson of Perth, and Gibb
of Edinburgh. Also the sentiments of the
New and Old Light compared ; together with
observations on the Antibtirgher new testi-
mony. Glasgow, 1806. 8

THOMSON (HENRY), D.D., Penrith. Discourses
on passages selected from the Book of the Acts
of the Apostles. London, 1822. 8

THOMSON (JAMES), Minister at Elgin. A. ser-
mon [on Ps. cxxvi. 3] preached at Elgin on
Thursday the 17th February 170, being the
day appointed for solemn thanksgiving to
almighty God for the many and great suc-
cesses of the arms of Her Majesty and her
high allies, throughout the last year.

Edin., 1709. 4

THOMSON (JAMES). The works of J. T. 4 vol.

Edin., 1768. 12

The seasons. With his life by Mr Murdoch,
an essay on the plan and manner of the poem,
by J. Aiken, M.D., and a complete glossary
and index. London, 1802. 8

THOMSON (JAMES), Minister at Quarrelwood.
Theological discourses on important subjects,
doctrinal and practical. 2 vol.

Paisley, 1808, 9. 8

THOMSON (JOHN), Minister of the Gospel at
Kirkintilloch. Stedfastness in the faith ex-
plained and recommended. A sermon preached

at Cumbemauld, 4th July, 1774, after the
celebration of the sacrament of the Lord's Sup-
per, from 1 Cor. xvi. 13. With an appendix
enlarging the design of the sermon.

Glasgow, 1774. 8 3

Another copy.

Another copy.

Another copy.

The Presbyterian covenanter defended in his
political principles ; and the impostor con-
victed. Being a defence of the sacred Scrip-
tures, law of God and Christian liberty, par-
ticularly of the Presbyterian covenanters and
martyrs, from the injurious claims and im-
putations of the Reformed Presbytery, and
of an unscriptural invective, both as to matter
and manner, by John Thorburn, minister...
entitled, Vindicise magistratus.

Glasgow, 1774. 8

An epitome of religion, agreeable to Scripture
and reason : wherein the doctrines of faith and
Christian morality are represented ; and par-
ticularly the social and relative duties of the
Christian in the family, Church and State.

Glasgow, 1796. 8

An apology for Seceders. Glasgow, 1798. 8
THOMSON (JOHN), M.D., Minister of St Cle-
ment's chapel, Aberdeen. On the religious edu-
cation of the rising generation. A sermon [on
Exod. ii. 9] preached in the West church of
Aberdeen, on Sabbath evening, Sep. 20, 1807.

Aberdeen, 1807. 8

Another copy.

THOMSON (JOHN), M.D. Reply to Rae's Nar-
rative. Edin., 1812. 8

A Lock hospital recommended to the inhabit-
ants of Edinburgh. Edin. , 1818. 8

Observations on the preparatory education of
candidates for the degree of Doctor of medi-
cine, in the Scottish universities ; humbly re-
commended to the consideration of His Ma-
jesty's commissioners for visiting the universi-
ties and colleges of Scotland. 1826.

Edin., 1826. 8

Additional hints respecting the improvement
of the system of medical instruction followed
in the university of Edinburgh ; humbly sub-
mitted to the consideration of the patrons and
professors of that institution... 1826.

Edin., 1826. 8

THOMSON (JOHN). * Reply to several letters
addressed to J. T. , respecting the election of
a minister for the chapel of St George's in the
Fields. Glasgow, 1824. 8

THOMSON (JOHN), Minister of Free Greyfriar's
clmrch, Aberdeen. The public worship of God
illustrated and enforced in its different prac-
tical bearings. Glasgow, 1835. 8
- The nature and import of the sacrament of
baptism, and the duties connected with the
reception of it. 2d ed. Montrose, 1845. 8
THOMSON (JOHN), Minister of Free St George's
church, Paisley. Religious indifference in re-
lation to doctrine, practice and personal piety :
a lecture to young men, delivered... 23d De-
cember, 1855. Paisley, 1856. 12 a


THOMSON - T 1 1 1 ) 1 i NO I K E .

THOMSON (ROBERT). Courage in defence of
our country, as united with dependence on di-
vine aid, recommended, in a sermon preached
before the Arbroath volunteers, Feb. 1805.

Arbroath, 1805. 8

THOMSON (ROBERT), Writer in Edinburgh.
The Gospel history, from the text of the four
Evangelists, in a connected series, with notes,
critical and explanatory. 2d ed.

Edin., 1811. 8

THOMSON (THOMAS), Minister of the Relief con-
gregation, St James' Place, E<Iinbin-tjh. Ser-
mons on important subjects. Revised and
corrected for the press by the Rev. James Scott.

Edin., 1822. 8

THOMSON (THOMAS), M.D., Regius professor of
chemistry in the university of Glasgow. Re-
marks on the Edinburgh Review of Dr Thom-
son's system of chemistry ; by the author of
that work. Edin., 1804. 8

An attempt to establish the first principles of
chemistry by experiment. 2 vol.

London, 1825. 8

An outline of the sciences of heat and elec-
tricity. London, 1830. 8

- A system of chemistry of inorganic bodies.
7th ed. 2 vol. London, 1831. 8

Outlines of mineralogy, geology and mineral
analysis. 7th ed. 2 vol. London, 1836. 8

- Chemistry of animal bodies. Edin. , 1843. 8
THOMSON (WILLIAM), A.M., Minuter of Ochil-

tree. A treatise on the atonement of Christ.

Air, 1797. 8

Remarks on a letter, on the subject of the
libel for error of doctrine, raised against the
Rev. J. RITCHIE. 1810

The New Testament translated from the Greek.

THOMSON (WILLIAM), D. D., Archbishop of
York. An outline of the necessary laws of
thought ; a treatise on pure and applied logic.
2d ed. London, 1849. 8

- The atoning work of Christ, viewed in relation
to some current theories, in eight sermons,
preached before the University of Oxford, in
the year 1853, at the lecture founded by the
late Rev. John Bampton, A. M.

Oxford, 1853. 8

THOMSON (WILLIAM A.), D.D., Minister of the
Free Church, Perth. Reply to an anonymous
pamphlet, circulated under the title of Apo-
crypha. 2d ed. Edin., 1826. 8

Another copy.

A compend of the charges and proofs of the
delinquencies of the British and Foreign Bible
society ; with remarks and inferences.

Edin. , 1829. 8

THOMSON (WILLIAM M.), D.D., Missionary in
Syria and Palestine. The Land and the Book ;
or, biblical illustrations drawn from the man-
ners and customs, the scenes and scenery of
the holy land. London, 1859. 8

THORBURN (DAVID), M.A., Minister of South
Leith Free church. The divine origin of
TITHES. 1841

- The divinely prescribed method for the sup-

port of the clergy, the ordinances of religion,
and the poor. Writt.-ii fur, ami partially read
at, the monthly conference of the Free Pres-
bytery of Edinburgh, Wednesday, Sept. 2,
I sir..' Edin., 1847. 8

The constitution of the Deacons' court : being
the substance of remarks read at a meeting of
the Leith district association of brethren ; and
published in compliance with the request of
its members. Edin., 1847. 8

The sustentation fund of the Free Church of
Scotland ; being a plea for a return to the
principles on which the fund was established.

, 1852. 8 J

Historical review of the legislation of the Free
Church of Scotland on the subject of the sus-
tentation fund for the Christian ministry.

Edin., 1855. 8

Another copy.

THORBURN (JoHN^ Pentland. Vindiciie ma-
gistratus : or, the divine institution and right
of the civil magistrate vindicated : against the
...doctrine of John Thomson, maintained... in
a pamphlet intituled. The Presbyterian cove-
nanter displayed in his political principles, and
the impostor detected. To which is subjoined
by way of appendix, a vindication of the con-
stitution of the Reformed Presbytery, and of
the character, ministerial mission and autho-
rity of the Rev. Mr John M'Millan, Senior,
deceased, from the groundless cavils of Mr
W. W. and Seceders. By his son.

Edin., 1773. 8'

Another copy.

THORBURN (JOSEPH), Minister of the Free
Church, Inverness. [Letters] to the Rev.
Charles Fraser, officiating priest in the Roman
Catholic chapel, Aberdeen. [Letters i. and
iii.] Aberdeen, 1831. 8

THORBURN (THOMAS). Diagrams exhibiting,
comparatively, the strength of the various re-
ligious denominations. As shewn by the (1)
number of churches, (2) number of ministers,
(3) attendance. Made up from the census re-
turns, 1851 ; and other relative subjects.

Edin., 1855. 8

Danorum rebus gestis Secul. iii. et iv. Poe'ma
Danicum dialecto Anglosaxonica. Ex biblio-
theca Cottoniana Mussei Britannici edidit ver-
sione Lat. et indicibus auxit G. J. T.

Havnue, 1815. 4

THORN (Major WILLIAM), Deputy Quarter-Mas-
ter-General to tJie forces in Java. Memoir of
the conquest of Java ; with the subsequent
operations of the British forces, in the Oriental
Archipelago. To which is subjoined, a sta-
tistical and historical sketch of Java... with
an account of its dependencies.

London, 1815. 4

THORNDIKE (HERBERT), A.M., Prebendary of
Westminster. Two discourses, the one of the
primitive government of Churches, the other
of the service of God at the assemblies of the
Church. Now enlarged with a Review.

Cambridge-, 1650. 8'



Another edition [of the primitive government
of Churches, and without the Review]. Edit-
ed by the Rev. David Lewis, M.A.

London, 1841. 8

Another copy.

A discourse of the right of the Church in a
Christian State. A new edition by the Rev.
J. S. Brewer, M.A. London, 1841. 12

mances. The early English metrical romances of
Perceval, Isumbras, Eglamour, and Degravant.
Selected from manuscripts at Lincoln and Cam-
bridge. Edited [for the Camden Society] by
James Orchard Halliwell. London, 1844. 4

THORNWELL (JAMES H.), D.D., Professor of
sacred literature and the evidences in South Ca-
rolina college. The apocryphal books of the
Old Testament proved to be corrupt additions
to the word of God. The arguments of Ro-
manists from the infallibility of the Church,
and the testimony of the Fathers in behalf of
the Apocrypha, discussed and refuted.

New-York, 1845. 12

The rights and the duties of masters. A ser-
mon [on Coloss. iv. 1] preached at the dedica-
tion of a church, erected in Charleston, S. C.,
for the benefit and instruction of the coloured
population. Charleston, S. C., 1850. 8

Report on the subject of slavery, presented to
the Synod of South Carolina... Nov. 6, 1851,
adopted by them, and published by their order.

Columbia, S. C., 1852. 8

Discourses on truth. Delivered in the chapel
of South Carolina college.

New York, 1859. 12

The elder question. (Extracted from the
Southern Presbyterian review.) s. I. eta. 8

THORP (GEORGE), D.D., Canon of Canterbury.
The fifth note of the Church examined ; viz.
The succession of bishops ; [Notes of the
Church, as laid down by Card. BELLARMINE,
examined and confuted, p. 127]. 1839

THOUGHTS. Secrets thoughts of a Christian,
lately departed. [By Ambrose SERLE.]

London, 1813. 8

Hours of thought. Edin.,1835. 12

Thoughts on some subjects of interest to the
children of God. London, 1842. 12

THRELFALL (Miss).* The case of Miss T. and
her slaves. s. I. et a. 4

cra. Lutetice, 1599. 12

Historiarum sui temporis ab Anno Domini
1543, usque ad annum 1607, libri cxxxviii
Accedunt commentariorum de vita sua libri
sex hactenus inediti...[Cum continuatione ab
anno 1608 ad annum 1618.] 4 torn.

Francofu.rti, 1625-28. fol.

Historia concilii Tridentini, Pio IV. Pontifice
Romano, inde a sessione xvii. ad finem usque
celebrati. In operum Thuani editione prima,
aliisque sequentibus nonnullis omissa ; nunc
vero ex MS. et Aurelianensi editione plene et
accurate eruta, et seorsum impressa. [Cum
Anatome concilii Tridentini per J. H. HEID-
EGGERVM.] 1672

* The life of Thuamis, with some account of
his writings, and a translation of the preface
to his history. By the Rev. J. Collinson,
M.A. London, 1807. 8

THUCYDIDES. Thucydides, Greece et Latine.
Accedunt indices, ex editione Wassii et Du-
keri. 6 torn. Edinburgi, 1804. 8

De bello Peloponnesiaco libri octo, Greece, ad
editionem Dukeri expressi.

Oxonii, 1815. 8

Another edition. Ad optimorum librorum
fidem, ex veterum notationibus recentiorum
observationibus recensuit, argumentis et adno-
tatione perpetua illustravit, indices et tabulas
chronologicas adjecit, atque de vita auctoris
prsefatus es't Franciscus Goeller. 2 torn.

Londini, 1835. 8

sor of botany in the university of Upsal.
Voyages au Japon, par le Cap de Bonne-Espe'-
rance, les iles de la Sonde, &c. Traduits,
redige's et augmente's de notes considerables
siir la religion, le gouvernement, le commerce,
1'industrie et les langxies de ces differentes
contries, particulierement sur le Javan et le
Malai ; par L. Langles ; et revus, quant a la
partie de 1'histoire naturelle, par J. B. La-
marck. 4 torn. Paris, an. iv. [1796]. 8
Poems on several occasions. 2d ed. : several
poems being added. London, 1822. 12

THYSIUS (ANTONIUS), Professor of theology in
the university of Leyden. Sj'nopsis purioria
theologiee, disputationibus quinqtiaginta dua-
bus comprehensa, ac conscripta per J. POLY-




Carmina, libri tres, cum libro quarto Sulpiciee
et aliorum. Novis curis castigavit Chr. C.
Heyne. Editio tertia. Lipsice, 1798. 8

Electa ex OVIDIO et Tibullo. 1831
TICKNOR (GEORGE), Smith professor in Harvard

university. Remarks on changes lately pro-
posed or adopted, in Harvard university.
2d ed. s. I, 1825. 8 U

TIEFTRUNK (JOANN. HENR.), Professor in the
university of Halle. Dilucidationes ad tft'eore-
ticam religionis Christian* partem ita ut li-
belli a S. F. N. Morus V. C. editi et epitome
theologiae Christianas, inscripti potissimum ra-
tio sit habita scripsit J. H. T. 2 vol.

Berolini, 1793. 8

TILBORCH (STEPHANUS). Disputatio physica
specialis de nitri pulvere, tertia.

Ultrajecti, 1652. 4

TILENUS (DANIEL). Consideratio sententire
Jacobi Arminii de prfedestinatione, gratia Dei,
et libero arbitrio hominis...Prsemissa epistolia
tria : Davidis Parei ad authorem. Authoris
ad D. Pareum. M. Abrahami Sculteti ad eun-
dem. Francofni-ti, 1612. 8"

Parrenesis ad Scotos, Genevensis discipline
zelotas. Lnndini, 1620. 8

Another copy.



* Scoti TW Tu;toj<70f Paraclesis contra Dan it -1 is
Tileni Silesii Pammcsin. Ad ScotosGc-n. \ . n-
sis discipline zelotaa conscriptam. Cuius para
prima eat, de Episcopali Ecclesise regimine.

s. I., 162.'. t

Another copy.

Arnica collatio de gratite et voluntatia huma-
nse concureu invocatione et quibnsdam an-
nex is, instituta inter D. T. et Johannem
CAMEROM M. / . /.' . l<; - _'2. 4

TILLARD (J.). A reply to Mr Warburton's ap-
pendix, in his second volume of The divine
legation of Moses. Together with a few ob-
servations on his writings, and occasional re-
flections on some useful subjects.

London, 1742. 8

moires pour servir a 1'histoire ecclesiastique
des six premiere siecles. Justifiez par les cita-
tions des auteurs originaux. Avec une chro-
nologie oil Ton fait uu abrege* de 1'histoire ec-
cldsiastique et profane ; et des notes pour
eclaircir les difficultez des faits et de la chro-
nologic. 16 torn. [Tom. vii., viii., ix., xiii.,
2d<> e d.] Paris, 1693-1712. 4

Histoire des Empereurs, et des autres princes
qui ont regnd durant les six premiers siecles
de 1'Eglise, de leurs guerres centre les Juifs,
des ecrivains profanes, et des personnes les
plus illustres de leur temps. Justified par
les citations des auteurs originaux. Avec des
notes pour eclaircir les principales difficultez
de 1'histoire. 6 torn. [Tom. 6 me l e ed.]

Parts, 1720-38. 4

The history of the Arians and of the council
of Nice, made good by citations from original
authors : with a chronological table containing
an abridgment of the principal things in the
history, placed according to the order of time ;
and with notes clearing the difficulties of facts
and chronology. Translated into English by
Thomas Deacon. London, 1721. 8

phical magazine : comprehending the various
branches of science, the liberal and fine arts,
agriculture, manufactures, and commerce.
Vol. xiv.-xxviii., xxx.-xxxii.

London, [1802-1808]. 8

TILLOTSON (JOHN), D.D., Archbishop of Can-
terbury. The works of Dr J. T. To this edi-
tion is now first prefix'd the life of the author,
compiled chiefly from his original papers and
letters. By Thomas Birch, 1C. A. 3 vol.

London, 1752. fol.

Another edition. [Without the life.] Vol.
i.-xi. London, 1757. 8

The rule of faith : or an answer to the treatise
of Mr I. S. [i. e. John Sergeant] entituled,
Sure-footing, &c. To which is adjoined a re-
ply to Mr I. S. his 3d appendix, &c. By Ed-
ward Stillingfleet, B.D. London, 166(3. 8 3

Discourses. Published from the originals by
Ralph Barker, D.D. 14 vol. [Vol. i., 4th
ed., ii.-vii., 3d ed, viii.-x., xii., 2d ed.]

London, 1702-1704. 8

Of evil speaking. A sermon [on Tit. iii. 2]

preached before the Queen at Whitehall...
I'i'.'I. 4th -d. "Ion, 1707. 8

A sermon [on Mutt. vii. 12] preach'd at the-
morning exercise, at Cripple-Gate, about the

ir 1660. London, 1709. 8

( >f the nature of regeneration, and its necessity,
in order to justification and salvation. [Five
sermons on Gal. vi. 15] London, 1736. 8

* The life of Dr J. T. Compiled chiefly from
his original papers and letters. By Thomas
Birch, M.A. London, 1753. 8

TILLY (WILLIAM), D.D., Rector of Albury and
tlnilinijtnn, < >.'-fordihire. The sins and vices of
im-ii's lives, the chief cause of their ignorance,
and corrupt opinions in religion. A sermon
[on John, iii. li)J preached before the univer-
sity of Oxford, at St Mary's, Dec. llth, 1709.
London, 1710. 8

TIM^EUS, Sophista. Lexicon vocum Platoni-

carum. [Gr.] Ex cod. MS. Sangermanensi,

nunc priinum edidit, atque annotationibus il-

lustravit David Ruhnkenius. Editio secunda.

Lugd. Batav., 1789. 8

TIMPLERUS (CLEMENS), Professor of phihsoj.1- ;/
in the sclwol of Steinfurt. Physicpe seu philo-
sophise naturalis systema methodicum, in tres
paries digestum...Partt. i., ii.

Hanovia, 1607, 9. 8

TINDAL (MATTHEW), LL.D., Fellow of All Sonls
college. Four DISCOURSES. 1709

The rights of the Christian CHURCH asserted.

A defence of the rights of the Christian
CHURCH. 1709

PRIESTCRAFT in perfection. 1710
[The above work has been ascribed also to An-

thony COLLINS.]

CHRISTIANITY as old as the creation. 1730

* Remarks on a late book entitled, "Chris-
tianity as old as the creation," with regard to
ecclesiastical antiquity. By a priest of the
university of Cambridge. There is added also
an appendix, defending the Lord Bishop of
London's account of the stoical fate against a
late writer. By the same author.

Cambridge, 1732. 8

TINDAL (NICHOLAS), Nephew of the preceding,
and rector of Alverstoke, Hampshire. The his-
tory of England, from the Revolution to the
accession of George II. 2 vol. 2d ed.

London, 1751. fol.

[The above is a continuation of the History of
England, written in French by Paul de RA-
PIN THOYRAS, and translated with additional
notes by N. T.]

TINUS). Codex Ephrsemi Syri rescriptus.
1843. See BIBLES GREEK. G.

Novum Testamentum Greece. 1849. See

Vetus Testamentum Gr. juxta LXX. inter-
pretes. 1850. See BIBLES GREEK. C.

Synopsis evangelica ex quatuor Evangeliis or-
dine chronologico conciimavit prsetexto brevi
commentario illustravit ad antiques testes ap-



posito apparatu critico recensuit Constantinus !
Tischendorf. Lipsice, 1851. 8

Anecdota sacra et prof ana ex Oriente et Occi-
deiite allata sive Notitia codicum Grsecorum, \
Arabicorura, Syriacorum, Copticorum, Hebrai- ;
corum, .JSthiopicorum, Latinorum, cum ex- j
cerptis multis maximam partem Grsecis et tri- ,
ginta quinque Scripturarum antiquissimarum
speciminibus. Edidit M. F. C. T.

Lipsice, 1855. 4 j

- Monuments sacra inedita. 1855, 57, 00. See

Notitia editionis codicis Bibliorum Sinaitici
...Accedit catalogus codicum nuper ex Oriente
Petropolin perlatorum. Item Origenis Scho-
lia in Proverbia Salomonis partini nunc pri-
mum partim secundum atque emendatius edi-
ta. Edidit M. F. C. T. Lipsice, 1860. 4

Bibliorum codex Sinaiticus Petropolitanus.

Novum Testamentum Siiiaiticum. 1863. See

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