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liament : with an appendix, containing re-
marks on the letter of the Right Hon. Edmund
Burke, on the Revolution in France. [Ibid.]


A dialogue between an associator and a well-
informed Englishman, on the grounds of the
late associations, and the commencement of a
war with France. [Ibid.] 1796

Remarks on the conduct, principles, and pub-
lications, of the association at the Crown and
Anchor, in the Strand, for preserving liberty
and property against republicans and levellers.
[Ibid.] 1796

An essay on the life, character, and writings,
of Dr Samuel Johnson. [Ibid.] 1796

TOWGOOD (MICAIAH), Dissenting minister at
Exeter. A dissent from the Church of Eng-
land, fully justified, and proved to be the
genuine and just consequence of the allegiance
which is due to Jesus Christ, the only law-
giver in the Church : being the dissenting gen-
tleman's Letters, &c. in answer to the Letters
of the Rev. Mr White, on that subject. The
9th ed. : to which is prefixed a preface, vindi-
cating the sentiments and character of the au-
thor from some recent misrepresentations.

Cambridge, 1804. 8

The fifteenth edition. To which is added
a large appendix, illustrative of the history,
principles, and present state of the Presbyte-
rian Church, particularly that of Ireland.

Newry, 1816. 12

Another copy.

Tracts on important subjects ; historical, con-
troversial, and devotional.

Harlow. 1812. 8

7 in;


An essay towarfls attaining a tme idea of tlie
character and feign of King Charles the First,
and the causes of the civil war... 3d ed. [Col-
lection of tracts, ut supra.] 1812
The baptism of infants a reasonable service ;
founded upon Scripture, and undoubted apos-
tolic tradition : in which its moral purposes
and use in religion are shewn, lit hud. [Ibid.]


Dipping not the only scriptural and primitive
manner of baptizing. And supposing it were,
yet a strict adherence to it not obligatory on
us. [Ibid.] 1812

High flown Episcopal and priestly claims fm ly
examined : in a dialogue between a country
gentleman and a country vicar : wherein Church
authority, confirmation, absolution ; the burial
of the dead, the power of Bishops to give the
Holy Ghost, and of priests to forgive sins ; the
consecration of churches and church-yards, and
bowing toward the altar and the East ; are
particularly considered. To which is prefixed
a serious admonition to those who are pressed
to come to confirmation : and some remarks
on a book lately published, entitled, Short in-
structions for them that are preparing for con-
firmation, &c. [Ibid.] 1812
A calm and plain answer to the enquiry, Why
are you a dissenter from the Church of Eng-
land 1 Containing some remarks on its doc-
trine, spirit, constitution, and some of its of-
fices and forms of devotion. By the author of
the dissenting gentleman's Letters to White.
Being a summary view of the arguments con-
tained in those letters. [Ibid.] 1812
The dissenters' apology : or their principles
and conduct justified, from the groundless and
severe censures lately set forth against them
by the editor of Dr Warren's Sermons : in
which the nature of schism, Church authority,
and civil establishments of religion is consi-
dered : and the memory of their fathers purged
from the odium there cast upon them. [Ibid.]


Spanish cruelty and injustice : a justifiable
plea for a vigorous war with Spain ; and a ra-
tional ground for hopes of success : being a
collection from authentic authors, of their
inhuman barbarities exercised upon Pagans,
Jews, Mahometans, and Christians. [Ibid.]


Afflictions improved : a sermon [on Eccles. vii.
14] preached at Credit on in Devon, Aug. 21,
1743. Being the Lord's Day after the dread-
ful fire which consumed the greatest part of
that large and populous town : to which is
prefixed a short account of that terrible con-
flagration. 2d ed. [Ibid.] 1812
Recovery from sickness : a present to one
raised from a dangerous disorder : containing
serious reflections, resolutions and devotions,
suitable to that occasion. 3d ed. [Ibid.]


The grounds of faith in Jesus Christ briefly
stated ; and shewn to be a solid foundation
for peace and joy unspeakable- : with an ear-

nest recommendation of Catholic Christianity,
and the communion of saints. (Ihid.J 18J2

T<>\\NK (JoH.s). A critical inquiry into the
opinions and practice >f the ancient philoso-
phers concerning the nature of the Soi i..


sceptic saved and saving others ; or memorials
of C. G. T. By Samuel Martin.

Ion, 1857. 8

T< > \VNLEY (JAMES), D.D. Illustrations of bib-
lical literature, exhibiting the history and fato
of the sacred writings, from the earliest period
to the present century ; including biographical
notices of translators, and other eminent bibli-
cal scholars. 3 vol. London, 1821. 8

TOWNSEND (GEORGE), D.D., Canon of Dur-
ham. The accusations of history against the
Church of Rome, examined in remarks on the
principal observations in Mr Charles Butler's
work, " Book of the Roman Catholic Church."
With a supplementary letter to Mr Butler,
containing a reply to his " Vindication" of
that work, point by point, throughout. A new
edition. London, 1826. 8

Review of a pamphlet, entitled, " Declaration
of the Catholic Bishops, the vicars apostolic,
and their coadjutors, in Great Britain," para-
graph by paragraph. To which is added, an
appeal to the Roman Catholic laity, who signed
" an address to their Protestant fellow coun-
trymen," founded upon that Declaration.

London, 1827. 8

The Holy Bible arranged in chronological or-
der. 1834. See BIBLES ENGLISH. A.

The doctrine of the atonement to be taught
without reserve ; or, the clergy warned against
the errors of a publication, entitled, "Tracts
for the times, No. 80. Ad clerum :" A charge
to the clergy of the peculiar of Allerton and
Allertonshire, at the visitation, August 15,
1838. London, 1838. 8

Ecclesiastical and civil history philosophically
considered, with reference to the future re-
union of Christians. The first three.books,
comprising the period from the ascension of
our Lord to the death of Wycliffe. 2 vol.

London, 1847. 8

TOWNSEND (JOHN), Minister of the Gospel, Ja-
maica How, Bermondxey. Nine discourses on
prayer. London, 1799. 8

Hints on Sunday schools and itinerant preach-
ing ; in a letter to the Bishop of Rochester.

London, 1801. 8

TOWNSEND (JOSEPH), A.M., Rector of Pewsey,
Wiltshire. Every true Christian a new crea-
ture. A treatise on 2 Cor. v. 17. To which
is added, three dialogues between a minister
and one of his hearers ; on the true principles
of religion, and salvation for sinners by Jesus
Christ. By the same author, s. 1, 1769. 12
TOWNSON (THOMAS), D.D., Archdeacon of Eich-
mond. Discourses on the four Gospels. ..To
which is added, an inquiry concerning the
hours of St John, of the Romans, and of some
other nations of antiquity. 2d ed. To which



is subjoined, a sermon on the manner of our
Saviour's teaching. Oxford, 1788. 8

A discourse on the evangelical history, from
the interment to the ascension of our Lord and
Saviour Jesus Christ. To which is prefixed,
an account of the author. London, 1793. 8

TRACTATUS. Tractatus theologico-politicus.
[By B. SPINOZA.] Cui adjunctus est Philoso-
phia S. Scripturse interpres. [By L. MEYER.]
Ab authore longe emendatior. s. I. , 1674. 8

Tractatus de arte bene vivendi beneque mo-
riendi. B. L. Rothomagi, s. a. 12

TRACTS. A second collection of tracts, proving
the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ,
the only true God ; and Jesus Christ the Son
of God, him whom the Father sanctified and
sent, raised from the dead and exalted. And
disproving the doctrine of three almighty and
equal persons, spirits, modes, subsistences, or
somewhats in God ; and of the incarnation.

London, 1692, 93. 4

Tracts for the times. No. i. [Containing
articles on the present position of the Church,
May 3, 1839 ; interlocutor pronounced by the
Court of Session against the Presbytery of
Auchterarder ; judgment of the House of
Lords, 2d and 3d May ; the independence of
the Kirk.] Edin., 1839. 8

Another copy.

Tracts for the times. By members of the uni-
versity of Oxford. 5 vol.

London, 1840. 8

A series of tracts on the doctrines, order, and
polity of the Presbyterian Church in the United
States of America. Embracing several on prac-
tical subjects. 2 vol. Philadelphia, 1842. 12

Another copy.

Tracts for priests and people. By various
writers. First series. Cambridge, 1861. 8

Collection of Gaelic tracts. [Religious tract
society, Glasgow.] s.l.eta. 12

Volume of Gaelic tracts. [Ibid.]

s. I. et a. 12


TRACY (JOSEPH). History of the American
Board of commissioners for foreign missions.
Compiled chiefly from the published and un-
published documents of the Board. 2d ed.

New- York, 1842. 8
TRAGGIA (JOACHIM). Orationes Latinse.

Caesar- Augusta, 1783. 8

TRAIL (WILLIAM), A.M., Minister of Free Tron
church, Glasgoio. Unseen realities ; or,
glimpses into the world to come.

Glasgow, 1860. 8

TRAILL (ROBERT), A.M., Minister of the Gospel,

London. The works of the late Rev. R. T.

4 vol. Glasgow, 1795, 96. 8

- A new edition. 4 vol. Edin., 1810. 8

Select practical writings of R. T.

Edin., 1845. 8

Another copy.

A vindication of the Protestant doctrine con-
cerning justification, and of its preachers and
professors, from the unjust charge of Antino-

mianism. In a letter to a minister in the
country. 3d ed. Edin., 1734. 8

Another edition. Perth, 1828. 8
TRAILL (WALTER), Minister of Lady parish, Ork-
ney. * Proceedings of the Presbytery of North
Isles, and Synod of Orkney, relative to Mr
W. T., and appealed against by Mr T. to the
General Assembly. Edin., 1838. 8


the TRINITY and tran substantiation compared.
[By Edward STILLINGFLEET.] 1687

TRANSYLVANIA. Brevissimum compendium
principatus Transylvanici historise ab anno
1526 usque ad annum 1703. Cum variis docu-
mentis et diplomatibus. s. L, 1710. fol.

TRAPP (JOHN), Vicar of Weston-upon-Avon.
A commentarie or exposition upon the Pro-
verbs, Ecclesiastes, and the Song of Songs.
[Wants title.] [London, 1650.] 4

TRAPP (JOSEPH), D. D. , Grandson ofthepi-eceding,
and rector of Harlington, Middlesex. A pre-
servative against unsettled notions and want
of principles in religion. In several discourses
upon select subjects. London, 1715. 8

The real nature of the Church or kingdom of
Christ. A sermon [on John, xviii. 36] preach'd
at the church of S. Martin in the Fields May
19. and at that of St Olave Old Jewry, and St
Martin Ironmonger Lane, June 2. 1717. In
answer to the Bishop of Bangor's Sermon upon
the same text. With a postscript, in answer
to his Lordship's Letter to Dr Snape ; so far
as it affects the said sermon.

London, 1717. 8

Third edition. London, 1717. 8
TRAUTMANN(J. B.). Die ApostolischeKirche.

Neue Ausgabe. Stuttgart, s. a. 8

TRAUTWEIN (GREGORIUS). Vindiciarum ad-
versus Justini Febronii de abusu et usurpa-
tione summse potestatis pontificias librum sin-
gularem liber singularis. Auctore Jo. Georgio
Antonio de VIGILIBUS. [Pseud.] Pars prima.
Cui accedit Nomenclator Febronianus, &c.

Augusta Vindel. et (Eniponti, 1765. 4

Pars secunda. Auctore Gregorio Trautwein.

Cui accedit Syllogismus Antif ebronianus prag-
maticus, sive dissertatio de Isidoriana collec-
tione decretalium RR. PP. ante Siricium Pa-
pam. Augustce Vind. et (Eniponti, 1765. 4

TRAVELS. Travels in France during the years
1814-15, comprising a residence at Paris dur-
ing the stay of the Allied armies, and at Aix,
at the period of the landing of Bonaparte.
2ded. 2vol. [By A. ALISON.]

Edin., 1816. 8

LINE dilucida explicatio. 1574

TRAVIS (GEORGE), A.M., Archdeacon of Chester.
Letters to Edward Gibbon. 3d ed.

London, 1794. 8

TREASON. Treason discovered ; or, The black-
book opened... London, s. a. 4*

TREASURY. The Christian treasury. Vol. i.-
vii. Edin., 1846-52. 8



TREATY. A general collection of treatys, de-
clarations of war, manifestos, and other puli-
lick papers, relating to peace and war, anumi,'
the potentates of Europe, from 1048 to the
present time. ..To which is pretix'd, an histori-
cal account of the French King's breach of the
most solemn treatys. London, 1710. 8

Extracts from the treaties between Great Bri-
tain and other kingdoms and states of such
articles as relate to the duty and conduct of
the commanders of His Majesty's ships of war.

London, 1792. 4

Treaty of amity, commerce, and navigation,
between His Britannic Majesty and the United
States of America, conditionally ratified by the
Senate of the United States, at Philadelphia,
June 24, 1795. To which is annexed, a co-
pious appendix. Philadelphia, 1795. 12

TREBECK (ANDREW), D.D., Rector of St George,
It'', / Square. A sermon [on 2 Sam. i. 14]
preach'd before the Hon. House of Commons,
at St Margaret's Westminster, on Friday, Jan.
30, 1746-7. London, [1747]. 4

TREFFRY (RICHARD). A treatise on the Chris-
tian Sabbath. London, 1838. 12

A treatise on secret and social prayer.

London, 1841. 12

TREFFRY (RICHARD), Jun. An inquiry into
the doctrine of the eternal Sonship of our Lord
Jesus Clirist. London, 1837. 12

Another copy.

Second edition. London, 1839. 12

Another copy.

Third edition. London, 1849. 12

Another copy.

Another copy.

Letters on the atonement. London, 1839. 12

The infidel's own book : a statement of some
of the absurdities resulting from the rejection
of Christianity. 3d ed. London, 1845. 12

* Memoir of the Rev. R. T. , Jun. : including
extracts from his correspondence. To which
are appended select remains, consisting of
sketches of sermons, essays, and poetry. By
his father. London, 1839. 12

Jansenists : their rise, persecutions by the Je-
suits, and existing remnant. A chapter in
Church history. London, 1851. 8

An account of the printed text of the Greek
New Testament ; with remarks on its revision
upon critical principles. Together with a col-
lation of the critical texts of Griesbach, Scholz,
Lachmann, and Tischendorf , with that in com-
mon use. London, 1854. 8

Another copy.

An introduction to the textual criticism of the
New Testament, by the Rev. T. H. HORNE,
B.D. The critical part re-written and the re-
mainder revised and edited by S. P. T. 1856

TRELCATIUiS (LUCAS), Jun., Professor of theo-
logy in the university of Leyden. Opuscula
theologica omnia. Lugd. Batav. , 1614. 8

Scholastica et methodica locorum communium
S. theologiae institutio, didactice et elenctice in
epitome explicata...Accesait huic Index erro-

rum Ecclesue Romance una cum nntid<

iv. tomis Diaput.-itii'imm K"l>rrti I'.rll.-iniiini,

Conra<l" \"i;>rioauctore. A mstel.< 1 ti.M. !'_'

TRELEINIE (PHIL. ), pseud., i.e. ! unr.

d'une Polonaise pour servir a 1'histoire de la
Pologne, depuis 1764 jusqu' a 1830. 2 torn.

Paris, 1841. *

theology at Heidelberg. Testamenti \
Biblia sacra. 1596. See BIBLES LATIN. A.

TRENCH (FRANCIS), Perpetual curateofM ./<-/./<'.<,
Reading. Christ, the true physician. A ser-
mon. Reading, s. a. 8

Christ, the blessed peace maker. A sermon.

Reading, a. a. 8

Christ preached in the history of Naaman the
Syrian. A sermon. Reading, s. a. 12

Scotland, its faith and its features ; or, a visit
to Blair Athol. 2 vol. London, 1846. 8

TRENCH (JAMES), Superintendent of the 1,
burgh city mission. * Memoirs and remains of
the Rev. J. T. By Andrew Thomson, D.D.

Edin., 1855. 12

Another copy.

shop of Dublin. Notes on the parables of our
Lord. 3d ed. London, 1847. 8

Eighth edition. London, 1860. 8

Notes on the miracles of our Lord. 2d ed.

London, 1847. 8

Sixth edition. London, 1858. 8

Exposition of the sermon on the Mount, drawn
from the writings of St Augustine, with ob-
servations, and an introductory essay on his
merits as an interpreter of holy Scripture.
2d ed. London, 1851. 8

English : past and present. Five lectures.

London, 1855. 8

On the authorized version of the New Testa-
ment : in connexion with some recent pro-
posals for its revision. London, 1858. 8

Second edition. London, 1859. 8

The Hulsean lectures for M.DCCC.XLV. and
M.DCCC.XLVI. 4th ed. Cambridge, 18^9. 8

Sermons preached in Westminster Abbey.

London, 1860. 8

Commentary on the Epistles to the seven
Churches in Asia. Revelation, ii. iii.

London, 1861. 8

TRENCK (FREDERICK, Baron). The life of Fre-
derick, Baron Trenck. Written by himself,
and translated from the German. 2 vol.

London, 1788. 12

TRENT. Canones, et decreta sacrosanct! cecu-
menici- et generalis concilii Tridentini sub
Paulo III., Julio III., Pio IIIL, Pontificibus
Max. celebrati, juxta exemplar authenticum
Romae M.D.LXIIII. editum. Praeter nomina
et subscriptiones patrum, variantes etiam lec-
tiones et notas Chiffletii, accesserunt varia ad
disciplinam EcclesiaeBelgicae pertinentia, opera
et studio Judoci Le Plat.

Antverjnce, 1779. 4

Another edition. Paris, 1823. 12

Another edition. Li}>sUe, 1837. 8



Editio tertia. Lipsice, 1846. 8

Translated by the Rev. J. Waterworth. To

which are prefixed, essays on the external and
internal history of the council.

London, 1848. 8

Another copy.

Another copy.

The canons and decrees of the council of
Trent. With a supplement, containing the
condemnations of the early reformers, and
other matters relating to the council. Lite-
rally translated into English. By Theodore
Alois Buckley, B.A. London, 1851. 8

Acta concilii Tridentini a Gabriele PALEOTTO
descripta. 1842

- Catechismo, cioe istruttione, secondo il de-
creto del concilio di Trento, a' parochi, publi-
cato per comandamento del Santiss. S. N.
Papa Pio V. et tradotto poi per ordinQ di S.
Santita in lingua volgare dal reuerendo padre
frate Alesso Figliucci, de 1'ordine de' predica-

In Venetia, appresso Aldo Minutio, M.D.LXVII.


Catechismus ex decreto concilii Tridentini, ad
parochos, ante quidem Pii V. Pont. Max:
iussu conscriptus, nunc autem in iiii. libros,
certaque capita distributus, et summarijs capi-
tum, pluribusque ad marginem Scripturarum
ac Patrum testimonijs illustratus, nihil interim
prorsus in textu addito, imminuto aut mutato
mandato et authoritate Reuerendiss. in Christo
Patris S. R. I. Principis et Domini, Dn. loan-
nis ex Comitibus de Hoya, Episcopi Monaste-
riensis, necnon Osnaburgensis et Paderbornen-
sis Ecclesiarum administratoris perpetui, &c.
editus. Colonue, M.D.LXXII. 4

Another edition. Sincerus et integer, men-
disque iterum repurgatus, opera P. D. C. H. P.

Lugduni, 1682. 12

Another copy.

Editio nova ad usum seminariorum.

Parisiis, 1831. 12

Another edition. Ad editionem Romse A.D.
MDLXVI. publici juris factam accuratissime ex-
pressus. Lipsice, 1843. 8

Translated into English by John Donovan,

D.D. Borne, 1839. 8

Translated into English, with notes, by

Theodore Alois Buckley, B.A.

London, 1852. 8

TRESCHOW (N.). Lovgivnings-Principier eller
om Staten i Forhold til Religion, Seeder og
Cultur. Christiania, 1820. 8

- Lovgivnings-Principier eller om Staten i For-
hold til offentlig Velstand, Nseringsveie, Han-
del, Fattigvsesenet, samt Penge- og Skatte-
Vsesenet m. m. Christiania, 1821. 8

TREVELYAN. Trevelyan papers prior to A.D.
1558. Edited [for the Camden Society] by
J. Payne Collier. London, 1857. 4

Part ii. A.D. 1446-1643. Edited [for the

Camden Society] by J. Payne Collier.

London, 1863. 4

TREVELYAN (C. E.). A treatise on the means
of communicating the learning and civilization

of Europe to India. [From the Bengal Hur-
karu.] Calcutta, 1834. 12

TREVERN(J. F. ~M..) Bishop of Strasburg. Dis-
cussion amicale sur 1'Eglise Anglicane, et en
general sur la Reformation, dediee au clerge
de toutes les communions Protestantes, et re-
digee en forme de lettres. 3 torn. Troisieme
Edition. Pans, 1829. 8

TRIBBECHOVIUS (ADAMUS), Professor of sacred
and civil history in the university of Kiel. Ex-
ercitationes ad Baronii Annales, continuatae
ubi desiit Jo. Casaubonus ; [cum Disquisitioni-
bus anti-Baronianis, per C. KORTHOLTUM].



theology in the university of Ley den. Trina
Dei gratia, nimirum, electionis, sanctificationis,
conservationis, explicata, conlirmata, vindica-
ta, et argumentis, exceptionibus, atque cavil-
lationibus Remonstrantium synodicis opposita.
Amstel, 1636. 8

Dissertatio theologica de civili et ecclesiastica
potestate. Et utriusque ad se invicem, turn
subordinatione, turn co-ordinatione. Occasi-
one libelli Vedeliani, De Episcopatu Constan-
tini Magni. Amstel., 1642. 12

Antapologia, sive examen atque ref utatio to-
tius Apologise Remonstrantium. Ubique ipso
Apologise textu inserto, ita ut cum et sine ipsa
legi possit. Opus posthumum.

Amstel., 1664. 4

Another copy.

of the preceding, and professor of Hebrew anti-
quities at Leyden. Diatribe de secta Karseo-
rum ; [part. ii. Syntagm. trium. script, illustr.
de tribus JUD^EORUM sectis]. 1703

Dissertationum theologicarum et philologica-
rum sylloge : ut et orationum academicarum.
Quibus accedit oratio f unebris in ejusdem obi-
tum. [Per Joannem Marckium.] Editio de-
nuo recognita, et hinc inde ab auctore ipso
annotationibus aucta. Delphis, 1728. 4

TRIGONOMETRY. Elements of plane trigono-
metry, with their application to mensuration
and surveying. Edin. , 1820. 8

A syllabus of a course of lectures upon trigo-
nometry, and the application of algebra to
geometry. 2d ed. Cambridge, 1836. 8

TRIMMER (JOSHUA). Practical geology and
mineralogy ; with instructions for the qualita-
tive analysis of minerals. London, 1841. 8

TRIMMER (SARAH). The guardian of educa-
tion, a periodical work ; consisting of a prac-
tical essay on Christian education, founded
. immediately on the Scriptures, and the sacred
offices of the Church of England : memoirs of
modern philosophers, and extracts from their
writings ; extracts from sermons and other
books relating to religious education ; and a
copious examination of modern systems of edu-
cation, children's books, and books for young
persons ; conducted by Mrs T. Vol. i.-iv.

London, 1802-1805. 8

Sacred history, selected from the Scriptures ;



with annotations and reflections. 5th ed.
<; rot, Lowlon, 1800. TJ

TRIMNELL (CHARLES), D.D., Bislwp of Nor-
mV/i, <tfti-rn-it>-<l.i <>f ll'inchester. An account
of the proceedings between the two Houses of
CONVOCATION which met October the 20th,
1702. 1704

A sermon [on Ps. xx. 6] preach'd before the
House of Lords, at the Abbey- church in West-
minster, Feb. 17. 1708. Being the day ap-
pointed for a publick thanksgiving, A.<-.

London, 1709. 8

I'm! M.D. at Leyden. Twenty practical ser-
mons, entitled the Philanthropic monitor.

London, 1793. 8

A sermon on the defence of our country, [from
2 Sam. x. 12]. London, 1798. 8

Sermons on the parables of our blessed Lord
and Saviour Jesus Christ. Barnet, 1816. 8

Another copy.

TRINITARIANS. An address to the members
of the Church of England, and to Protestant
Trinitarians in general, exhorting them to turn
from the false worship of three persons, to the
worship of the one true God. 2d ed.

London, 1788. 8

TRINITY. The doctrine of the Trinity and
TRANSUBSTANTIATION compared, as to Scrip-
ture, reason, and tradition, in a new dialogue
bo tween a Protestant and a Papist. The second
part. Wherein the doctrine of the Trinity is
shewed to be agreeable to Scripture and rea-
son, and transubstantiation repugnant to both.
[By E. STILLINGFLEET.] London, 1687. 4

The doctrine of the blessed Trinity stated and
defended. By some London ministers. [The
Rev. Mr Tong, Rev. Mr Robinson, Rev. Mr
Smith, and Rev. Mr Reynolds.]

London, 1719. 8

An account of all the considerable books and
pamphlets that have been wrote on either side
in the controversy concerning the Trinity, since
the year 1712. In which is also contained, an
account of the pamphlets writ this last year on

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