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each side by the dissenters, to the end of the
year 1719. [ByT.HERNE.] London, 1720. 8

The Scripture- Trinity intelligibly explained :
or, an essay towards the demonstration of a
Trinity in unity, in answer to Dr Waterland
and Dr Clarke. By a divine of the Church of
England. London, 1720. 8

A sober appeal to a Turk or an Indian, con-
cerning the plain sense of Scripture, relating
to the Trinity. Being an, answer to Dr I.
Watts' late book, intitled, The Christian doc-
trine of the Trinity, or Father, Son, and Spi-
rit, three persons and one God, asserted and
proved by plain evidence of Scripture, without
the aid or incumbrance of human schemes.
The 2d ed. To which are added, I. Remarks
on Dr Watts' three Dissertations relating to
the doctrine of the Trinity, published in 1724.
II. A sober appeal to all that have read the
New Testament, whether the reputed orthodox
are not more justly chargeable with preaching

a new Gospel, than reputed Ariana. III. A t<> Dr Waterland's Animadversions upon
some passages in the Sober appeal. [By Mar-
tin TOM K i .vs.] London, 1748. 8 J

A new essay with relation to the doctrine of
the Trinity. Lmidon, 1749. 8

A letter to the mayor and corporation of Deale,
in Kont, in relation to their opinion upon the
Trinity. London, 1752. 8

A vindication of the doctrine of the Trinity
from the exceptions of a late pamphlet [by
Bishop Clayton] entitled, An essay on Spirit,
Arc. By a divine of the Church of England ;
[Thomas RANDOLPH]. In three parts.

"..;/ rd, 1753, 54. 8

Another copy.

Outline of the Scripture evidence for the Tri-
nity... Glasyoiv, 1831. 12

The Christian layman : or, the doctrine of the
Trinity fully considered, and adjudged accord-
ing to the Bible. By a Christian layman.

Mobile, 1840. 12

TROLLOPE (FRANCES). Belgium and Western
Germany in 1833 ; including visits to Baden-
Baden, Wiesbaden, Cassel, Hanover, the Harz
mountains, &c. &c. 2 vol. 2d ed.

London, 1835. 12

TROLLOPE (WILLIAM), M.A., of Pembroke col-
lege, Cambridge. Analecta theologica : a cri-
tical, philological, and exegetical commentary
on the New Testament : adapted to the Greek
text ; compiled and digested from the most
approved sources, British and foreign : and so
arranged as to exhibit the comparative weight
of the different opinions on disputed texts.
2 vol. New edition. London, 1842. 8

TROMMIUS (ABRAHAM), Pastor at Grroningen.
Concordantise Greecse versionis vulgo dicfce
LXX. interpretum, cujus voces secundum or-
dinem elementorum sermonis Gneci digestre
recensentur, contra atque in opere Kircheriano
factum fuerat. Leguntur hie praeterea voces
Graecse pro Hebraicis redditse ab antiquis om-
nibus Veteris Testament! interpretibus, quo-
rum nonnisi fragmenta extant, Aquila, Sym-
macho, Theodotione et aliis, quorum maximam
partem nuper in lucem edidit Domnus Ber-
nardus de Montfaucon. 2 torn.

Amstel. et Trajecti ad Rhenum, 1718. fol.

Another copy.

TRONCHAY ('MICHEL). Histoire abrege'e de
1'abbaye de PORT- ROYAL. 1710

TROPES. Divine eloquence, or, an essay upon
the tropes and figures contained in the holy
Scriptures. [By Cornelius NORWOOD.]

Berwick, 1792. 12

TROQUEER. The case of the elders and heri-
tors of the parish of Troqueer, callers of Mr
J. R. probationer. Given in to the General
Assembly, 1734. .EtHn.,1734. 8

TROTTER (JOHN). Travels in Phrenologasto.
By Giovanni Battista BALSCOPO. [Pseud.]
Translated from the Italian.

London, 1829. 8

TROTTER (WILLIAM).* The justice and for-
bearance of the Methodist new connexion con-



ference, as they were illustrated in the case of
W. T. London, 1841. 8

TROUGHTON (JOHN), Fellow of St John's col-
lege, Oxford. Lutherus redivivus : or the Pro-
testant doctrine of justification by faith onely,
vindicated. And a plausible opinion of justi-
fication by faith and obedience proved to be
Arminian, Popish, and to lead unavoidably
into Socinianism. 2 parts.

London, 1677, 78. 8
Another copy.

TRUMAN (JOSEPH), B.D. A discourse of na-
tural and moral iinpotency. 2d ed.

London, 1675. 8

A new edition, with a biographical introduc-
tion, by Henry Rogers. London, 1834. 8

The great propitiation : or, Christ's satisfac-
tion, and man's justification by it upon his
faith ; that is, belief of, and obedience to, the
Gospel. Reprinted from the edition of 1672.

London, s. a. 8

TRUSLER (JOHN). Chronology ; or, the histo-
rian's vade-mecum. Wherein every remark-
able occurrence in the English history, from
the descent of Julius Caesar, to the present
time : as well as most of the principal events
of ancient and other histories, are alphabeti-
cally recorded ; with the dates affixed... Toge-
ther with a chronological list of the most emi-
nent men in all ages of the world. . .8th ed.

London, 1776. 12

Fourteenth edition. [Brought down to the
present year.] Vol. ii. London, 1792. 12

TRUTH. The law of truth : or, the obligations
of reason essential to all religion. To which
are prefixed, some remarks supplemental to a
late tract, entitled, Divine rectitude. [By
John BALGU Y. ] London, 1733. 8

- Truth without novelty ; or, a course of scrip-
tural instruction for ^very Sunday in the year,
principally designed for Sunday schools. By
the author of " The guiding star, and other
tales." In two parts.

Reading, 1836, 37. 8

Truth, what is it ? and opinion, what is it not ?

Edin., 1840. 8

Important truths. London, s. a. 12
TRYPHIODORUS. Ilii excidium ; [cum Bib-

liotheca historica DIODOBI Siculi]. 1578




TUCH (FRIEDRICH). Kommentar iiber die Ge-
nesis. Halle, 1838. 8

TUCKER (Miss). Abbeokuta; or, sunrise within
the tropics : an outline of the origin and pro-
gress of the Yoruba mission. 4th ed.

London, 1854. 8

TUCKER (ABRAHAM). The light of nature pur-
sued. 2d ed. Together with some account
of the life of the author, by Sir H. P. St John
Mildmay, Bart. 7 vol. London, 1805. 8

Third edition. 2 vol. London, 1834. 8
TUCKER (JosiAH), D.D., Dean of Gloucester.

An apology for the present Church of England
as by law established, occasioned by a petition
laid before parliament, for abolishing subscrip-
tions, in a letter to one of the petitioners.
2d ed. Gloucester, 1772. 8

Letters to the Rev. Dr Kippis, occasioned by
his treatise, entituled, A vindication of the
Protestant dissenting ministers, with regard
to their late application to parliament.

Gloucester, 1773. 8

TUCKNEY (ANTHONY), D.D., Regius professor of
divinity in the university of Cambridge. The
balme of Gilead, for the wounds of England :
applyed in a sermon [on Jerem. 8. 22] preach-
ed at Westminster, before the Hon. House of
Commons, at the late solemne fast, August
30. 1643. London, 1643. 4

Forty sermons upon several occasions. Pub-
lished according to his own copies. By his
son Jonathan Tuckney, M.A.

London, 1676. 4

Prselectiones theologicse : nee non determina-
tiones qusestionum variarum insignium in scho-
lis academicis Cantabrigiensibus habitse ; qui-
bus accedunt exercitia pro gradibus capessen-
dis. Amstel., 1679. 4

Eight letters which passed between Dr Which-
cote, and Dr T., on several very interesting
subjects. [With Moral and religious aphor-
isms, by Dr WHICHCOTE.] 1753

TUKE (HENRY). The duties of religion and mo-
rality as inculcated in the holy Scriptures ;
with preliminary and occasional observations.
4th ed. York, 1812. 8

DEN. Case, James Farquharson of Inver-
cauld, and others, heritors or inhabitants of
the united parishes of Tullich, Glenmuick, and
Glengairden, appellants. The Right Hon.
Charles Hallyburton, Earl of Aboyne, patron,
and Mr George Brown, preacher of the Gos-
pel, presentee to the said parishes, respond-
ents. Respondents case. To be heard at the
bar of the Venerable Assembly 1791.

s. I. et a. 4

pal of Edmund Hull, Oxford. Prsecipuorum
theologiae capitum enchiridion didacticum :
cum appendicula practica de Coena Domini.
Quibus accessit Symboli apostolici, et Preca-
tionis dominicse expositio. Editio tertia.

Londini, 1673. 8

Justificatio Paulina sine operibus ex mente
Ecclesise Anglicanse, omniumque reliquarum
quse Reformatee audiunt, asserta et illustrata.
Contra nuperos novatores. Accessit disserta-
tiuncula de sensu Pauli, Rom. 7. a comrn. 14.

Oxonice, 1674. 4
Another copy.

TULLOCH (JOHN), D.D., Principal, and prima-
rius professor of theology, St Mary's college, St
Andrews. Theism : the witness of reason and
nature to an all-wise and beneficent Creator.

Edin., 1855. 8

Theological tendencies of the age : an inaugu-
ral lecture, delivered at the opening of ISt



Mary's college, on Tuesday, the 28th Novem-
ber, 1864. 2ded. , ls.V>. ,s

The theological faculties of the Scottish uni-
versities in connection with university refor

A letter to H. M. university commissioners
for Scotland. ffcftft., 186& 8

Leaders of the Reformation, Luther, Calvin,
Latimer, Knox. ./m., 1859. 8

Another copy.

Another edition. ,1860. 8
verbial philosophy : a book of thoughts and
arguments originally treated. Nineteenth
thousand. London, 1850. 8

Probabilities : an aid to faith. A new edi-
tion ; with notes. London, 1851. 8

TURBERVIL (HENRY). A manual of contro-
versies : clearly demonstrating the truth of
Catholick religion by texts of holy Scripture,
councils of all ages, Fathers of the first 500
years, common sense and reason. And fully
answering the principal objections of Protest-
ants and all other sectaries. The 4th ed. To
which is added the author's last controversial
piece in verse, with several sentences out of
the Fathers. Collected by J. D.

London, 1686. 12


VAulne.* The life of M. T. ; written by the
Marquis of Condorcet ; and translated from
the French. London, 1787. 8

TURKS. Libellus de ritu et moribus Turcorum
ante Ixx. annos seditus. Cum prsefatione Mar-
tini Luttheri. Norinbergce, M.D.XXX. 8

TURNBULL (ALEXANDER), Minister of the Asso-
ciate Synod, Glasgow. Old light better than
the pretended new : An enquiry into the con-
sistency of a Narrative and Testimony adopt-
ed May 1, 1804, by the General ASSOCIATE
SYNOD. 1806

Addresses, delivered to the Associate congre-
gation, Campbell Street, Glasgow, on the pro-
posed union between the two large bodies of
the Secession Church. Glasgow, 1820. 8

TURNBULL (JOSEPH), A. B. The laws of
Christ : being a complete digest of all the pre-
cepts contained in the New Testament, with
comments and devout meditations on each
topic of duty. London, 1832. 12

TURNBULL (ROBERT). The pulpit orators of
France and Switzerland : sketches of their
character, and specimens of their eloquence.
Glasgow, s. a. 8

TURNER (ALEXANDER), D.D., Minister of Port
of Menteith. Popery corrupts Christian ordi-
nances, defacing those that are, and inventing
such as are not, in the word.

Glasgow, 1836. 8

Character of modern Popery illustrated in the
authorized publications of Maynooth, and the
Roman Catholic book society of Dublin ; Po-
pery, its spirit unchanged, its aspects always
changing. [Lect. on Protest.] s. I. eta. 12' J

TURNER (B. N.), M.A. Candid suggestions;
in eight letters to S. .aim- .Knyns : <m the it -
spectivo subjects of his Disquisitions, lately
published : with some remarks on the answerer
of his seventh di.siiuisition, respecting the prin-
ciples of Mr Locke. [ London^ 1782. 1 "-

tions moral and philosophical, on natural and
iled religion. To which are added, expo-
sitions on select passages of Scripture, and
other discourses. London, 1775. 8

TURNER (EDWARD), D.D. , Professor of chemistry
in the university of London. Elements of che-
mistry ; including the recent discoveries and
doctrines of the science. 5th ed.

London, 1834. 8

TURNER (J. H.). Theory of the divine nature.
Cambridge, 1855. 8
- Another copy.

TURNER (JOHN), D.D., Vicar of Greenwich.
An essay on ecclesiastical authority : in which
the pretence of an independent power in the
Church, to a divine right in the election of
Bishops ; to the invalidity of lay deprivations ;
to the inseparable relation of a Bishop to his
see ; to an obligation of continuing communion
with the deprived Bishops ; and several other
things relating to the non-jurors separation
from our Church, are particularly and impar-
tially examined. London, 1717. 8

Eight sermons [on the wisdom of God in the
redemption of man, as delivered in holy Scrip-
ture] preached at the lecture founded by the
Hon. Robert BOYLE. 1739

TURNER (PETER). Comhchruinneacha do Dh'
Grain Taghta Ghaidhealach...

Duneidionn, 1813. 8

TURNER (SAMUEL H.), D.D., Professor of He-
brew in Columbia college, New York. A com-
panion to the Book of Genesis.

New- York and London, 1841. 8

The Epistle to the Hebrews in Greek and Eng-
lish. 1852. See BIBLES GREEK. I.

The Epistle to the Ephesians in Greek and
English. 1856. See BIBLES GREEK. I.

TURNER (SHARON). The history of the Anglo-
Saxons from the earliest period to the Norman
conquest. 6th ed. 3 vol.

London, 1836. 8

The sacred history of the world, attempted to
be philosophically considered, in a series of
letters to a son. New edition. [Vol. i. , 7th
ed.] 3 vol. London, 1839-41. 8

Another copy.

TURNER (WYLLYAM). The huntyng and fynd-
yng out of the Romish fox : whiche more than
seven yeares hath been hyd among the By-
shoppes of England, after that the Kyngis
Hyghnes, Henry VIII. , had commanded hyrn
to be dryven out of hys Realme. Amended
and curtailed : with a short account of the
author prefixed, by Robert Potts, M. A.

Reprinted, Cambridge, 1851. 8

ANNES DE). Reuerendissimi cardinalis, tituli
sancti Sixti domini iohannis de Turrecremata,



expositio breuis et vtilis super toto psalterio.
G. L.

Mogutie impressa Anno domini M. CCCCLXXIIIJ.
tercio Idus septembris p petru Schoyffer de
gernszhem. fol.

TURRETTINUS (FRANCISCUS), Professor of divi-
nity at Geneva. De satisfactione Christ! dis-
putationes. Adject* sunt ejusdem duae dis-
putationes ; I. De circulo pontificio. II. De
concordia Jacob! et Paul! in articulo justifica-
tionis. Genevce, 1666. 4

Another copy.

Another edition. Genevce, 1667. 4

Another edition. Lugd. Batav., 1696. 4

Another copy.

Another copy.

Another copy.

Another edition.

Trajecti ad Ehenum, 1701. 4

Another edition.

Trajecti ad Ehenum, 1734. 4

Another edition. Edin., 1848. 8

Another copy.

De necessaria secessione nostra ab Ecclesia
Romana, et impossibili cum ea syncretismo,
disputationes. Accessit ejusdem disputatio-
num miscellanearum decas. Editio altera.

Genevce, 1688. 4

Another edition. Lugd. Batav., 1696. 4

Another copy.

Another copy.

Another edition.

Trajecti ad EJienum, 1701. 4

Another edition.

Trajecti ad Ehenum, 1734. 4

Another edition. Edin., 1848. 8

Another copy.

Institutio theologiae elencticse, in qua status
controversise perspicue exponitur, prsecipua
orthodoxorum argumenta proponuntur et vin-
dicantur, et fontea solutionum aperiuntur.
3 partt. Genevce, 1680-83. 4

Editio nova. Cui accessit oratio de vita et
obitu authoris. Genevce, 1688, 90. 4

Another copy.

- Another edition. Lugd. Batav. , 1696. 4

Another copy.

Another copy.

Another edition.

Trajecti ad Ehenum, 1701. 4

Another copy.

Another edition.

Trajecti ad Ehenum, 1734. 4

- A new edition. 3 torn. Edin., 1847. 8

Another copy.

Compendium theologize didactico-elencticae, ex
theologorum nostrorum institutionibus theo-
logicis auctum et illustratum... Memorise ju-
vandse causa conscriptum a Leonardo RIISSE-
NIO. Cum catalogo haereticorum tarn veterum
quam recentiorum una cum prsecipuorum eo-
rum dogmatum epitome. Editio posterior.

Amstel, 1695. 4

Another copy.

Another edition.

Luijd. Batav., Ainstd., Ultrajcdl, 1731. 4

the preceding, and professor of divinity at Ge-
neva. Opera omnia theologica, philosophica
et philologica. 3 torn.

Leovardice et Franequerce, 1774-76. 4

Nubes testium pro moderate et pacifico de re-
bus theologicis judicio, et instituenda inter
Protestantes concordia. Prsemissa est brevis
et pacifica de articulis fundamentalibus disqui-
sitio... Genevce, 1719. 4

Another edition.

Francofurti et Lipsite, 1720. 4

Union sincere, et sans retours des Luthe'riena
avec des Calvinistes, proposee par les plus ce-
lebres docteurs de 1'une, et de 1'autre commu-
nion : avec un examen succinct des articles
fundamentaux de la religion. Par Henri Fiot.
Traduit du Latin de J. A. T.

Londres, 1726. 4

In Pauli Apostoli ad Romanos Epistolae capita
vi. prselectiones criticse, theologicse, et con-
cionatorise. Opus posthumum.

Lausannce et Genevce, 1741. 4

Cogitationea et dissertationes theologicse. Qui-
bus principia religionis, cum naturalis, turn
revelatse, adstruuntur et defenduntur...

Genevce, 1737. 4

Orationes academicse. Quibus multa ad scien-
tiarum incrementum, Christianas veritatia il-
lustrationem, pietatia commendationem, pa-
cemque Christianorum pertinentia continen-
tur. Genevce, 1737. 4

Compendium histories ecclesiasticse a Christo
nato usque ad annum 1700. Cum continua-
tione ad praesens usque tenipus editum a Joh.
Simonis. Halce Magdeb. , 1750. 8

Magdeburgenses centuriatores pro canonibus
Apostolorum et epistolis decretalibus Pontifi-
cum apostolicorum, libri quinque.

Colonice, 1573. 4

origine mundi, usque ad annum, a Christo
nato, MDXCVIII. epitomae libri decem. Cum
brevibus notis, duplici item accessioiie uaque
ad annum MDCXLII. Editio ultima.

Ultrajecti, 1718. 8

TURTON (THOMAS), D.D., Regius professor of
divinity at Cambridge. A vindication of the
literary character of the late Professor Person,
from the animadversions of Thomas Burgess,
D.D., Bishop of Salisbury, in varioua pub-
licationa on 1 John, v. 7. By CRITO CANT-


Cambridge, 1827. 8

The text of the Engliah Bible aa now printed
by the universities, considered with reference
to a report by a sub-committee of dissenting
ministers. Cambridge, 1833. 8

Thoughts on the admission of persons without
regard to their religious opinions to certain
degrees in the universities of England. 2d ed.

Cambridge, 1835. 8

Natural theology : considered with reference
to Lord Brougham's Discourse on that subject.

Cambridge, 1836. 8



The Roman Catholic doctrine of the Eucharist
considered in reply to Dr Wiseman's arguim-nt
from Scripture. Cambridge, 1837. 8

Observations on the Rev. Dr Wiseman's Reply
to Dr Turton's Roman Catholic doctrine of
the Eucharist considered.

Cambridge, 1839. 8

TUSSER (THOMAS). Five hundred points of
good husbandry, as well for the champion or
open country, as for the woodland or several ;
together with a book of huswifery. Being a
calendar of rural and domestic economy, for
iviiy month in the year; and exhibiting a
picture of the agriculture, customs, and man-
ners of England, in the sixteenth century. A
new edition, with notes, georgical, illustrative,
and explanatory, a glossary, and other im-
provements. By William Mavor, LL.D.

London, 1812. 8

TITTY (WILLIAM), M.A., Minister of Totteridge,
ll< i-fj'<>r<lxltiiY. Canticum morientis cygni, or
the last dying note of Stephen the first Gos-
pel-martyr. Opened and improved in a ser-
mon [on Acts, 7. 59] preached at Alhallows
Barking London, 17. Septemb. 1658. At the
funeral of Mr Andrew Bassano, gentleman ;
and since in some particulars enlarged.

London, 1659. 4

the Free Tolbooth church, Edinburgh. The
atonement of Christ the hope of his people.
2ded. Edin., 1843. 12

- The sacrament of baptism ; its nature, design,
and obligations. 2d ed. Edin., 1845. 12

- Am I a Christian indeed ? An address to the
congregation of Free Tolbooth church.

j-:<n,i., 1846. 12

Calvin and Servetus : the reformer's share in
the trial of Michael Servetus historically as-
certained. From the French [of M. A. Ril-
liet] : with notes and additions.

.,1846. 8

- Another copy.

- "He being dead yet speaketh." A sermon
[on Heb. xi. 4] preached in the territorial
church, West Port, Edinburgh, on June 0,
1847, being the Sabbath immediately following
the death of Thomas Chalmers, D.D. 2d ed.

Edin.. 1847. 8 C

- Seed time and harvest ; or, sow well and reap
well. A book for the young.

London, 1852. 8

- Glad tidings ; or, the Gospel of peace. A se-
ries of daily meditations for Christian disciples.

London, 1853. 8

TWESTEN (AUG. DETL. CHR.), Prof essor of theo-
logy in the university of Berlin. Vorlesungen
iiber die Dogmatik der Evangelisch-Luther-
ischen Kirche, nach dem Compendium des
Herrn Dr W. M. L. de Wette. 2 Bande. [2*
Band, vierte Aufl.] Hamburg, 1837, 38. 8
TWISS (TRAVERS), D.C.L., Commissary-General
of the diocese of Canterbury. The Letters apos-
tolic of Pope Pius IX. considered with refer-
ence to the law of England and the law of
Europe. [With an appendix containing the

Letters apostolic, and ninny < .flier important
ili.riiiiu-iits. | London, 1851. 8 J

TWISSK (WILLIAM), D. D., f'r<>l-.,-nf,,r of fit,-

Westminster assembly of divines. A dim
of D. lacksons vanitie. Or a ptTs|.r<.-tivi:
glasse, whereby the admirers of D. lacksons
profound discourses, may see the vanitie and
\vt aknesse of them, in sundry passages, and
especially so farre as they tend to the under-
mining of the doctrine hitherto received.

s. I, 1631. 4

Dissertatio de scientia media tribus libris ab-
soluta, quorum prior Gabrielem Penottum ad
partes vocat in suo Libertatis human:'- pri-
pugnaculo : et ad quindecem capita posteriora
libri tertii responsionem exhibet : posteriores
duo Francisco Suaresio oppositi sunt, duosque
libros ejus De scientia Dei inscriptos refellen-
dos suscipiunt. I. Alterum de scientia futu-
rorum contingentium absoluta. II. Alterum
de scientia f uturorum contingentium conditio-
nata.. ArnJiemii, 1639. fol.

Of the morality of the fourth commandement,
as still in force to binde Christians. Delivered
by way of answer to the translator of Doctor
Prideaux his lecture, concerning the doctrine
of the Sabbath. Divided into two parts.
1. An answer to the prefacer, 2. A considera-
tion of D. Prideaux, his lecture.

London, 1641. 4

Another copy.

The Christian Sabbath defended : against a
crying evil in these times of the Antisabita-
riiins of our age : wherein is shewed that the
morality of the fourth commandement is still
in force to bind Christians unto the sanctifica-
tion of the Sabbath day. London, 1652. 4
[The above work is in all respects the same as

the preceding, except in its having a different
title page. At the end of all the copies are
the Theses de Sabbato, and the Defensio the-
sium de Sabbato, by Dr LAKE, Bishop of Bath
and Wells.]

V indicia} gratiae, potestatis ac providentin;
Dei, hoc est, ad examen libelli Perkinsiani de
pnedestinationis modo et ordine, institutum a
Jacobo Arminio, Responsio scholastica, tribus
libris absoluta. Una cum digressionibus ad
singulas partes accomodatis, in quibus illus-
triores in hoc negotio quaestiones fusius per-
tractantur et accurate discutiuntur, veritasque
ad versus Bellarminum, Didac. Alvarez, Gabr.
Vasques, aliosque turn Papistas turn Pelagi-
anos asseritur : nee non opiniones nonnullre
modernorum quorundam theologorum modeste
examinantur. Editio ultima...

Amstel., 1648. fol.

The riches of God's love unto the vessells of
mercy, consistent with his absolute hatred or
reprobation of the vessells of wrath. Or an
answer unto a book intituled Gods love unto
mankind, manifested by disproving his abso-
lute decree for their damnation. In two
bookes, the first being a refutation of the said
booke, as it was presented in manuscript by
Mr Hord unto >?ir Nath. Rich. The second



being an examination of certain passages in-
serted into Mr Hords discourse, (formerly an-
swered) by an author that conceales his name,
but was supposed to be Mr Mason, Rector of
Andrews-Undershaft in London. Whereunto
are annexed two tractates of the same author in

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