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pseudonymis]. [Hamburgi, 1708.] fol.

VINES (RICHARD), Minister at Weddington, War-
('iV/.Wc'/v. The impostures of seducing spirits
discovered ; in a sermon [on Ephes. iv. 14, 15]
before the Right Hon. the Lord Mayor and
court of Aldermen of the city of London, at
their anniversary meeting on Tuesday in Easter
weeke, April 23. 1644. at Christ-Church.

Loiidon, 1644. 4

The happinesse of Israel. As it was set forth
in a sermon [on Deut. 33. 29] preached to both
the Hon. Houses of Parliament... at Christ-
Church, London, upon a solemne day of
thanksgiving, March 12th 1644.

London, 1645. 4

- The authours, nature, and danger of heresie.
Laid open in a sermon [on Jerem. 4. 21, 22]
preached before the Hon. House of Commons
at St Margarets Westminster, upon Wednes-
day the tenth of March 1646. being set apart
as a solemne day of publike humiliation to
seeke Gods assistance for the suppressing and
preventing of the growth and spreading of er-
rours, heresies, and blasphemies.

London, 1647. 4

A treatise of the institution, right administra-
tion, and receiving of the sacrament of the
Lords-Supper. Delivered in xx. sermons at

St Laurence- Jury, London. 2d t-.l.

/ ../... ir, ( ,o. 4

- Another edition. London, 1677. 8

VINET (ALEXANDER), D.D., Professor of (I,.

at Lausanne. Discours sur quelques uujets
religieux. Secoude Edition. Paris, 1832. 8

Nouveaux discours sur quelques sujets n-li-
gieux. Troisieme e'dition. Paris, 1848. 8

Essais de philosophic morale, et de morale re-
ligieuse, suivis de quelques essais de critique
lit tenure. -,1837. 8

Essai sur la manifestation des convictions re-
IL'iuuses et sur la separation de TEglise et de
1'Etat envisagee conimu consequence ne'cessaire
et comme garantie du principe.

Paris, 1842. 8

Translated from the French, by Charles

Theodore Jones. /;./,/., 1843. 8

Vital Christianity ; essays and discourses on
the religions of man and the religion of God.
Translated, with an introduction, by the Rev.
Robert Turnbull. Edin., 1846. 8

Etudes eVangeliques. Paris, 1847. 8

Nouvelles dtudes ^vangeliques.

Parts, 1851. 8

Etudes sur Blaise Pascal. Para, 1848. 8

Theologie pastorale ou throne du minis tere
e'vange'lique. Deuxieme e'dition.

Paris, 1854. 8

Translated from the French.

Edin., 1852. 8

Another copy.

L'dducation, la famille et la soci^te".

P.'/-/*, 1855. 8

Homiletics ; or, the theory of preaching.
Translated from the French. 2d ed. Edited,
with copious notes, by Rev. A. R. Fausset,
M.A. /;./'., 1858. 8

luta ac compendiosa de peccatis summula.

Parism, 1530. 8

VIOLETTE (J. H. M.). Dictionnaire des ana-
lyses chimiques, ou repertoire alphab^tique des
analyses de tous les corps naturels et artifi-
ciels depuis 1'origine de la chimie jusq' a nos
jours, avec 1'introduction du nom des auteurs
et des recueils ou elles ont &t6 inse're'es. Par
J. H. M. V., et P. J. ARCHAMBAULT. 2 torn.

Pan's, 1851. 8

VIREL (MATHEW). A learned and excellent
treatise, containing all the principall groundes
of Christian religion : set downe, by way of
conference, in a most plaine and familiar man-
ner : Written first in French, by Master M. V. :
after, translated into Latine : and then into
English, for the \ise of our countreymen. The
sixt and last impression . London, 1603. 8

V1RETUS (PETRXJS), Minister of the Reformed
Clmrch at Lyons. De commvnicatione fide-
livm, qvibvs cognita est veritas Euangelii,
cum Papistaru ceremoniis, ac preesertim cum
Baptismo, nuptiis, missa, funeribus et exe-
quiis, Libellus apprime vtilis.
Geneva?, ex officina loannis Crispini. M.D.LI.


The principal points which are at this day in



controuersie, concerning the holy Supper of
lesus Christe, and of the Masse of the Remain
Church, and of the resolution of them, set
forth by that worthy and godly learned Pastor
in Christes Church, M. Peter Viret. Trans-
lated out of the French into English by I[ohn]

Imprinted at Lmidon by Christopher Barker,
1579. 8

- SATYRES Chretienes de la cuisine papale. 1857
VIRGILIUS MARO (Publius). Bvc. Geor. ^Eneis

P. Virgilii Maronis Mantvani doctiss. virorvm
notationibvs illvstrata opera, et. indvstria lo.
A. Meyen Bergizomii Belgse.

Ven. apvd Aldvm, cloloLXXX. 8

Opera, cum Servii commentariis, exactiori
cura suse integritati restitutis. Habes item
lo. Pierii Valeriani castigationes, et varietates
lectionis in totum Virgilium ex antiquioribus,
et probatioribus codicibus decerptas. Acce-
dunt prseterea in omnia Virgilii opera Stepha-
ni Doleti annotatiunculse, loca obscura eluci-
dantes, ac doctissimi commentarii vicem fun-
gentes. Additis variis quibusdam lo. Muso-
nii viri qua eruditissimi lucubrationibus, quas
inspexisse haud quaquam pigebit : una cum
indice eorum quse a Servio notatu digna expo-
nuntur, locupletissimo.

Brixice, apud Ludovicum Britannicum,
M.D.XLVI. fol.

Opera. Interpretatione et notis illustravit

Carolus Ruaeus, S. J ad usum serenissimi

Delphini. Juxta editionem novissimam Pari-
siensem. Londini, 1696. 8

Another edition. Londini, 1804. 8
Bucolica, Georgica, et ^Eneis. Ex recensione

Alexandri Cuningamii. Edinburgi, 1743. 12

Opera, cum integris et emendatioribus com-
mentariis Servii, Philangyrii, Pierii. Acce-
dunt Fulvii Ursini, Georgii Fabricii, Francisci
Nansii, Joh. Musonii, Tanaquilli Fabri, et
aliorum, ac pra?cipue Nicolai Heinsii notes
nunc primum editse : quibus et suas in omne
opus animadversiones, et variantes in Servium
lectiones addidit Petrus Burmannus. Post
cujus obitum interruptam editionis curam sus-
cepit et adornavit Petrus Burmannus Junior.
4 torn. Amstel., 1746. 4

- Bucolica, Georgica, et ^Eneis, illustrata, or-
nata, et accuratissime impressa. 2 torn.

Londini, 1750. 8

- Bucolica, Georgica, et ^Eneis. Ex editione
Petri Burmanni. 2 torn.

Glasgitce, excudebat Andreas Foulis, 1778. fol.

- Publius Virgilius Maro.

Londini, Gulielmus Pickering, 1835. 8

- The works of Virgil : translated into English
verse by Mr Dry den. 3 vol. 7th ed.

London, 1748. 12

Translated into English verse, by the Right

Hon. Richard, Earl of Lauderdale. 2d ed.
2 vol. London, s. a. 12

- Georgieonim libri quatuor. The Georgicks of
Virgil, with an English translation and notes.
By John Martyn, F.R.S. 2d ed.

London, 1746. 8

Traduites en vers Francais par J. Delille ;

avec les notes et les variants. [Lat. and Fr.]

Paris, 1811. 8

Virgils pastorals translated into English prose ;
as also his Georgicks, with such notes and re-
flexions as make him appear to have wrote
like an excellent farmer. To which is added,
an appendix, shewing Scotland's chief and
principal worldly interest. By James Hamil-
ton, schoolmaster in East-Calder.

Edin., 1742. 16

Virgil's ^Eneis, translated into Scottish verse,
by the famous Gawin Douglas, Bishop of Dun-
keld. A new edition. Wherein the many
errors of the former are corrected, and the de-
fects supply'd, from an excellent manuscript.
To which is added a large glossary, explaining
the difficult words : which may serve for a dic-
tionary to the old Scottish language. And to
the whole is prefix 'd an exact account of the
author's life and writings, from the best histo-
ries and records. Edin., 1710. fol.

Another copy.

The first six books of Virgil's JEneid. Trans-
lated into blank verse, by Alexander Strahan.

London, 1753. 8

VIRGINIA. Minutes of the Evang. Lutheran

Synod and Ministerium of Western Virginia

and adjacent parts. Convened atZion'schurch,

Floyd Co. Virginia, on the 21st of May, 1842.

Baltimore, 1842. 8

VIRTUE. Some thoughts concerning virtue and
happiness. In a letter to a clergyman. [By
Thomas NETTLETON.] London, 1729. 8

Another copy.

Discourses on the deceitfulness of humane vir-
tues. [Probably from the French of Jacques
Esprit.] [Wants title.] 8

The cardinal virtues ; an allegorical essay. To
which is added, the death of Morven, in the
style of Ossian. By a student of divinity.

Berwick, s. a. 8

VISCONTI (Le nonce), Secret minister of Pins
VI. at the Council of Trent. Lettres, anec-
dotes et memoires historiques BUT le concile de
Trent raises au jour en Italien et en Franjais,
par J. AYMO^. 2 torn.

Amsterdam, 1719, 39. 12

Another copy.

des antiques du Musee Royal, commence'e par
feu M. le Chr. V. ; continue'e et augmentee
de plusieurs tables, par M. le C te de Clarac.

Paris 1820 8

VISHNUSARMA. The Hitopadesha: a collec-
tion of fables and tales in Sanscrit. With the
Bengali and the English translations revised.
Edited by Lakshami Narayan Nyalankai.

Calcutta, 1830. 8
VISITANT. The ministerial visitant.

Edin., 1824. 12
VISITS. Visits to " The religious world."

London, 1829. 8

tutiones juris natiirae et gentium in usum sere-
nissimi Principis Christiani Ludovici Marchi-



onis Brandon burgici, &c. &c. ad metli'>ilinu
HI'S < irotii ci>usrript;o, et auctse aJohnnnu
Jacolm Vitriario. Accedit Johannis Francisci
Mri'Mi Historic juris naturalis, synopsis juris
naturalis et gentium jvxte dttttplnuun Kl>nr-
orum, utet specimen jnrisprndentue hi.stnrir.-i

'/../././. /;,/,!,., 17:54. 8

V IT RING A (CAMPKOIUS), Atj/5 .<>"/ <>f <l'<i-'-nii\i <tt
Ffaneker. Archisynagogus observationibus
nuris illustratus : quibus veteris Synagogie
constitutio tota traditur, inde deducta Episco-
porum Presbyterorumque primce Ecclesise ori-
gine. l'\' i ncquerce, 1685. 4

Epilogus disputationis, non ita pridem a se
habitae, de generatione Filii, et morte fidelium
t( mjiorali, in quo fidem Ecclesiae de his arti-
culis porro adstruit ex verbo Dei, eandemque
tuetnr contra Dissertationem, illi novissime
oppositam. Franequeroe, 1689. 4

Aphorismi, qxiibus fundamenta sanctfe theolo-
giae comprehenduntur : secunda hac editione
quibusdam in locis aucti et testimoniis S. Scrip-
turae confirmati. In usum scholarum priva-
tanim C. V. Franeqwrce, 1690. 8

Doctrina Christianas religionis, per aphorismos
summatim descripta. Editio sexta. Cui mine
accedit 'f-Korvnuais theologies elencticae. In
usum scholarum domesticarum C. V. Curante
Martino Vitringa, qui praefationem, prolego-
mena, et adnotationes adjecit,- nee non analysin
v. cl. Theodori Scheltingae. Part, i.-viii. ,
torn. ii.

Arnhemia. et Lwjd. Batav., 1761-1786. 4

De Synagoga vetere libri tres : quibus turn de
nominibus, structura, origine, prsefectis, mi-
nistris, et sacris Synagogarum, agitur ; turn
praecipue, formam regiminis et ministerii ea-
rum in Ecclesiam Christianam translatam esse,
demonstratur : cum prolegomenis.

Franequerce, 1696. 4

The Synagogue and the Church, being an at-
tempt to show that the government, ministers,
and services of the Church, were derived from
those of the Synagogue. Condensed from the
original Latin work of Vitringa, by Joshua L.
BERNARD, A.M. London, 1842. 8

Another copy.

Sacrarum observationum libri quatuor...

Franequerce, 1700. 4

Libri septem, in quibus de rebus varii argu-

menti, et utilissimae investigationis, critice et
theologice, disseritur ; sacrorum imprimis Li-
brorum loca multa obscuriora nova vel clariore
luce perfunduntur. 2 torn. Editio ultima.

Amstcl, 1727 . 4

' Avx2/<n; Apocalypsios Joannis Apostoli, qua
...qvue Meldensis Praesul Bossuetus hujus Li-
bri commentario supposuit, et exegetico Pro-
testantium systemati in visis de Bestia ac Ba-
bylone mystica objecit, sedulo examinantur.
Editio altera. A mstel, 1719. 4

Commentarius in Librum prophetiarum Je-
saise . . . C um prolegomen is . Pars prior. Insertse
sunt open notitiae gentium exterarum, Babylo-
niorum, Philisteorum, Moabitarum, Syrorum
Damascenorum, ^Egytiorum, Arabum Cuscha -

, ft Tyriiirum : et tabula
antii|ii:i- .Moabitidis, ad ]>ri>j>lii-tiaiu
gente, caj). \v. i-t \\i. i-.inj,n-lifn>.;iiii. i
nitrlligeiidam. Editio nova. Priviuittitur
la i ula ti. i funebris, in memoriam cl. aiut..i,s
habita a Albert n Srhultena.

Leovarditf, 1724. fol.

Pars posterior. Accedit huic torno index lo-
cuplus et accuratus, tuin l-icdrum >Scri|ptur.-i-
sacne vocumque et phritsium, Hebriearum et
Grsecarum, qute per occasionem in commenta-
rio exponuntur aut luce aliqua perfunduntur :
turn rerum pnecipuarum, utroque toino c. .11-
tentarum. Leovardicf, 1724. fol.

- Another copy [of both parts].
VITRINGA (CAMPEQIUS), Fil., Professor of <{',,-;.
nity at Franeker. Opuscula : epitome theolo-
giaa naturalis : theses tlieologicas : et dute dis-
])iitationes academic3 de notione Spiritus 8.
restricta ad Filium, et de progressu causarum
secundarum in intin it um. Accedunt Hermanni
Venema tres disputationes criticae contra Arte-
monium [i. e. Crellium] Initii Euangelii Johan-
nis restituti auctorem. Leovardict, 1735. 8

Another copy.

VITRINGA (HORATIUS), Brother of the preceding.
Animadversiones ad Commentar. de He-
braismis N. N. [Cum Commentario de He-
braismis Novi Testament!, per Johannem

VITRUVIUS (M.) Pollio. De architectura libri
x. ad Augustum Ciesarem accuratissime con-
script!, et locis quamplurimis hac editione
emendati. Adiunctis nunc primum Gulielmi
Philandri Castilionii Galli, civis Rom. caetiga-
tionibus atque annotationibus in eosdem longe
doctiss. ad Franciscum Valesium Galliarum
Regem. Una cum lib. ii. Sex. lulii FRONTINI
De aquaaductibus urbis Romse, et Nicolai Cu-
SANI Dialogo de staticis experimentis, cum
Grseco pariter et Latino indice, dispositione
copiaque elaboratissimo.

Argentorati, ev officina Knoblochiana, per
Greorginm Machceropieum, mense Aiujiwto,
anno M.D.L. 4

VITUS (STEPHANUS). Apologia, in qua Synodus
Dordracena et reformata fides ab iniquis cri-
minationibus, quibus cum alii, turn vero maxi-
me doctiss. celeberr. Joh. Laur. Moshemius,
in eruditissima consul tatione, quam Johannis
Halesii Epistolis praemisit, pio sacrse inter
Protestantes pacis negotio temere intercesse-
mnt, vindicatur. Appendicis loco illustriora
quaedam genuinae Eccles. Luther, testimonia
ex J. Pandochei consensu orthodoxo proferun-
tur, ex quibus perspicuum est, Lutheranos
schismaticos paci ecclesiasticae obniti non
posse, nisi tueantur, et vere Lutheranam Ec-
clesiam, et ipsos, quibus Symbolicis utuntur,
libros in fidei et salutis fundamento errare.

Cassellis, 1726. 8

Vindiciae, in quibus ea, quae in Apologia Sy-
nodi Dordracenae ad pacis inter Protestantes
commendationem dicta sunt, ab iis vindicantur
defendunturque, qtise alii aliis aequius iniqui-
usve opposuere. Cassellis, 1728. 8



delabrvm avrevm Eccl. S. Dei. In iv. paries
diuisum...Editio decima tertia.

Colonice, 1606. 4

omnes ipsivs Ivcvbrationes, quotquot unquam
in lucem editas uoluit, complectuntur : prseter
commentarios in Angustinum De ciuitate Dei,
quorum desiderio si quis afiiciatur, apud Fro-
benium inueniet. 2 torn.

Basilece, MDLV. ful.

De disciplinis libri xx. in tres tomos distincti.

Colonice, M.D.XXXVI. 8

De disciplinis libri xii. Septem de corruptis
artibus ; quinque de tradendis disciplinis.

Lugd. Batav., 1636. 12

VIVIAN (THOMAS), A. B. Three dialogues be-
tween a minister and one of his parishioners,
on the true principles of religion, and salva-
tion by Jesus Christ. London, s. a. 12

VOETIUS (GiSBERTUs), Professor of theology and
Oriental languages at Utrecht. Desperata causa
Papatus, novissime prodita a Cornelio Janse-
iiio...Ubi imprimis niagiia ilia prejudicia de
reformatorum vocatione, successione, et seces-
sione funditus subruuntur. Prsemissa etiam
velitatione de magia, aliisque abominationibus
Papatus. Amxtel., 1635. 4

Disputatio de idololatria indirecta et participa-
ta. Proposita in academia Ultrajectina 21. 28.
Maji et 14. lunij 1642. Ultrajecti, 1643. 12

Theologus paradoxus retectus et refutatus.
Sive Samuelis Maresii Exercitationes aliquot
academicse, opposite duodecim paradoxis et
plus sequo virulentis disputationibus, ex pro-
f esso contra ipsum habitis in lyceo,
authore et prseside G. V. ; cujus centum asser-
tiones lubricse, periculosse et plane paradoxoe,
bona fide referuntur et confutantur.

Groninyce, 1649. 12

Selectse disputationes theologicae. 5 torn. [To
torn. v. are added Dissertatio de termino vitse,
et Exercitatio de prognosticis cometarum.]

Ultrajecti, 1648-1669. 4

Another copy.

Exercitia et bibliotheca studiosi theologise. N
Editio secunda. Ultrajecti, 1651. 12

Another copy.

- Disceptatio de lusu alese, a censuris vindicata.

Ultrajecti, 1660. 12

- Politica ecclesiastica. 2 partt. 4 torn.

AnuteL, 1663-1676. 4 C

- Another copy.

- Another copy.

VOETIUS (JOHANNES). Compendium juris juxta
seriem Pandectarum, adjectis differentiis juris
civilis et canonici. Luyd. Batav., 1707. 8

VOETIUS (PAULUS). Disputationum philosophi-
caruni prima, contineiis positiones logicas.

Ultrajecti, 1640. 4

Disputationum philosophicarum quarta, de
sublunaribus vita carentibus.

Ultrajecti, 1640. 4

Disputationum philosophicarum septima, de
entis disjunctis affectionibus et ejus divisioni-
bus. Ultrajecti, 1640. 4

of Potter Heigham, Norfolk. The principal
objections against the doctrine of the Trinity,
and a portion of the evidence on which that
doctrine is received by the Catholic Church,
reviewed, in eight sermons preached before the
University of Oxford, in the year 1837, at the
lecture founded by the late Rev. John Bamp-
ton, M.A. Oxford, 1837. 8

VOGHT (FREIHERR VON). Ueber manche noch
nicht genug gekannte Vortheile der griinen
Bediingung... Hamburg, 1834. 8

VOGT (KARL). Neoplatonismus und Christen-
thum. Untersuchungen iiber die angeblichen
Schriften Dionysius des Areopagiten, mit
Riicksicht auf verwandte Erscheinungen. Er-
ster Theil. Neoplatonische Lehre.

Berlin, 1836. 8

Statistik des preussischen Staates fur Freunde
der Wissenschaft, Geschaftsmanner und ho-
here Unterrichts Anstalten. Dritte Ausgabe.

Halle, 1835. 8


VOLKMAR (GTJSTAV). Die Religion Jesu, und
ihre erste Entwickelung nach dem gegenwar-
tigen Stande der Wissenschaft.

Leipzig, 1857. 8


Comte de). Travels in Syria and Egypt, dur-
ing the years 1783, 1784, and 1785. Revised
and corrected by the author, and enlarged
with an abstract of two Arabic MSS. contain-
ing much new and interesting information re-
specting the history, population, revenues,
taxes, and arts of Egypt. Translated from
the French. 2 vol. Perth, 1701. 12

The ruins : or a survey of the revolutions of
empires. Translated from the French. 4th ed.

London, 1798. 12

CEuvres completes. 71 torn.

Gotha, 1785-90. 8

CEuvres. Nouvelle Edition. Tome 4.

Amsterdam, 1739. 8

The age of Louis XIV. Translated from the
French. 2 vol. Glasgow, 1753. 12

The general history and state of Europe, from
the time of Charlemain [to the age of Lewis
XIV.] With a preliminary view of the Ori-
ental empires. 6 parts. 3 vol.

London, 1754-57. 8

Annals of the empire, from the reign of Charle-
magne. 2 vol. London, 1755. 12

The history of the war of seventeen hundred
and forty one. In two parts.

London, 1756. 8

- The Newtonian philosophy compared with that
of Leibnitz. Translated from the French.

Glasgow, 1764. 8

Another copy.

History of the Russian empire under Peter the
Great. Translated from the French.

Edin., 1769. 12

A treatise on religious toleration. Occasioned


Yul.CNTAKIi:- 7OS8H S.

by the execution of the unfortunate John
Galas; unjustly condemned :m<l ln-okeii upon
the wheel at Toulouse; for the 8ui>i>.st<l mur-
der of his own son. Translated from tin-
French, by the translator of Eloisa, Erniliu.s,

to /:./;/.., 1777. 12^

Chef-d'oeuvres dramatiques ; [avec les Chef-
d'ceuvres drainatiques de CORNEILLE]. 1782

Siecle de Louis XIV., auquel on a joint un
pre'cis du siecle de Louis XV. Nouvelle Edi-
tion. 3 torn. Lausanne, 1784. 12

Translated from the late Geneva edition,

with notes critical and explanatory, by R.
Griffith. 2vol. JDowbm, 1T79. 80. 8

Histoire de Charles XII. Roi de Suede.

Edimbourg, 1789. 12

Translated. Edin., 1812. 12

Histoire de Charles XII. Soigneusement revue
par Gabriel Surenne, F.A.S.E.

Edimbourg, 1848. 12

Histoire de Charles XII. et Histoire de Russie
sous Pierre le Grand. Paris, 1843. 8 C

An essay on the manners and spirit of nations,
and on the principal occurrences in history,
from Charlemagne to Lewis XIII. 4 vol.

s. I. et a. 8

VOLUNTARIES. The dissenters and voluntary
Churchmen ; or, reflections on the principles
and conduct of Voluntaries. By a probationer
of the Church of Scotland. Edin., 1835. 8

Another copy.

The Voluntaries in Belfast. Report of the
discussion on civil establishments of religion,
held in Belfast, March, 1836, between J. Rit-
chie, D. D. , Edinburgh ; Rev. John Alexan-
der, Belfast; Rev. Mr M'llwaine, Ohio; Rev.
H. M'Intyre, and H. Cooke, D.D., Belfast.

Belfast, 1836. 8

Second edition. Belfast, 1836. 8
VOLUNTARY CHURCH. A catechism on the

Voluntary Church association, by a member of
the Church of Scotland. Edin., 1833. 12

Report of the speeches delivered at the public
meeting of the Voluntary Church association,
held in Broughton Place church, 29th Janu-
ary, 1833. Edin., 1833. 12!

A report of the proceedings and speeches at the
Voluntary Church meeting which was held at
Jedburgh, 27th May, 1835. Jedburgh, 1835. 12

Report of the proceedings and speeches at the
annual public meeting of the Voluntary Church
association, 1834. Edin., 1835. 12 |

First annual report by the Scottish central
board, for extending the principle of Volun-
tary Churches, and vindicating the rights of !
dissenters. 2d ed. Edin., 1835. 12

The Edinburgh Voluntary Churchman. Nos.
i.-xii. Ed**., 1835, 36. 12

Vol. ii. No. 3, October, 1836.

EdiH., 1836. 8

Report of the speeches delivered at the great
soiree, held 28th Nov. 1838, in the Assembly
rooms, Edinburgh, under the superintendence
of the Edinburgh association for promoting
Voluntary Church principles. 2d ed.

Edin., 1838. 12

The Established Church and the Vohmtaiy
question : a dialogue ;uii<>iii,' three oiimti -\ im n.

quillitate dialogus. "//, 17.M

VOPADEVA. Vopadeva's MugdhaU.ll.a h, -

rausgegeben und erklart von < >tt" P.olitlingk.

N/ /V/, ,-.,//,,,, 1847. '

VORAGINE (JACOBUS DE). Jacobi a Voragine
Legend a aurea vulgo historia Lombardica dic-
ta. Ad optimorum librorum iidem recensiiit
Dr Th. Gncsse. Editio secunda.

Liptia, 1860. 8

VORSTIUS (CONRADUS), Professor of theology at
Ley den. Tractatus theologicus de Deo, sive
de natura et attributis Dei, omnia fere ad hanc
materiam pertinentia (saltern de quibus utili-
ter et religiose disputari potest) decein dispu-
tationibus, antehac in illustri schola Stein-
furtensi, diverso tempore, publice habitis, bre-
viter et methodic^ comprehendens. Accesse-
runt etiam seorsum annotationes, hactenus
quidem imperfectae, nunc autem demiim per-
fectae, ad uberiorem eorum exegesin, quae in
thesibus hand satis explicata esse videbantur.

fmrti, 1610. 4

Commentarius in omnes Epistolas apostolicas,
exceptis Secunda ad Timotheum, ad Tituin,

' ad Philemonem, et ad Hebraeos.

Amster., 1631. 4

Index errorum Ecclesiae Romanse una cum an-
tidoto ; [cum Scholastica et methodica locorum
communium S. theologiae institutione, per L.

VORSTIUS (JOHANNES), Librarian to the Duke of
Brandenburg. De Hebraismis Novi Testa-
menti commentarius. Accessere praeter ejus-
dem cogitata de stylo N. T. et diatriben de
adagiis N. T., Horatii VITRING.E animadver-
siones ad commentar. de Hebraismis N. T.
curavit Joh. Frider. Fischerus.

Lipsice, 1778. 8

tory at Amsterdam. Opera. 6 torn.

Amstel, 1685-1701. fol.

Historia? de controversiis, qu83 Pelagius ejus-
que reliquiae moverunt, libri septem.

Lugd. Batav., 1618. 4

Theses theologicse et historicae de varijs doc-
trinae Christianas capitibus, quas olim dispu-
tandas proposuit in academia Leidensi. Edi-
tio iterata et emendata. Oxonice, 1631. 4

Editio tertia. Haga-Comitis, 1658. 4

Responsio ad judicium Herm. Ravenspergeri
de libro ab H. Grotio pro catholica fide de
satisfactione Christi scripto adversus Faust.

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