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titled, The religious Establishment in Scot-
land examined upon Protestant principles.
Addressed to the author of that book.

Edin., 1774. 8

Another copy.

Another copy.

Essays and sermons, on doctrinal and practi-
cal subjects. Edin., 1782. 8

Reasons against excluding from sealing ordi-
nances such as scruple to ask a certificate from
one who has been ordained in the parish to
which they belong, in opposition to the de-
clared inclination of the parish.

Edin,, 1835. 8

WALKER (THOMAS). The whole proceedings on
the trial of an indictment against T. W. , W.
Paul, S. Jackson, J. Cheetham, 0. Pearsall,
B. Booth, and J. Collier ; for a conspiracy to
overthrow the constitution and government,
and to aid and assist the French... April 2.
1794. Manchester, 1794. 8

AY ALKER ( WILLIAM), B.D., Master of the Free
school at Grrantham. A modest plea for infants
baptism. Wherein the lawfulness of the bap-
tizing of infants is defended against the Anti-
paedobaptists : and the infants need for it,
benefit by it, capableness of it, and right unto
it, is fairly shewn from grounds of Scripture,
the tradition of the Church, and the institu-
tion of Christ : with answers to objections.
By W. W. Cambridge, 1677. 12

WALL (CHARLES WILLIAM), D.D. , Professor of
Hebrew in the university of Dublin. An exa-
mination of the ancient orthography of the
Jews, and of the original state of the text of
the Hebrew Bible. 2 parts. 2 vol.

London, 1835, 40. 8

WALL (WILLIAM), D.D., Vicar of Shoreham,
Kent. The history of infant baptism. In two
parts. The first, being an impartial collection
of all such passages in the writers of the four
first centuries as do make for, or against it.
The second, containing several things that do

lu:lj) to illustrate the said history. 3d ed.
[!' vol.] London,, 1720. 8

A defence of the history of infant l>:ij>tism
iiu'.-iinst the reflections of Mr Gale and others.
\\ n!i an appendix taining the additions
and alterations in the third edition of the his-
tory of infant- baptism, that are most material.

London, 1720. 8

The history of infant-baptism. Together with
Mr Gale's Reflections, and Dr Wall's D :

A new edition, by the Rev. Henry Cotton,
D.C.L. 4vol. <h-ford, 1836. 8

Brief critical notes, especially on the various
readings of the New Testament Books. With
a preface, concerning the texts cited therein
from the Old Testament : as also concerning
the use of the Septuagint translation.

London, 1730. 8

Critical notes on the Old Testament, wherein
the present Hebrew text is explained, and in
many places amended, from the ancient ver-
sions, more particularly from that of the
LXXII To which is prefix'd, a large intro-
duction, adjusting the authority of the Maso-
retic Bible, and vindicating it from the objec-
tions of Mr \Vhiston, and the author of the
Grounds and reasons of the Christian religion.
2 vol. London, 1734. 8

WALLACE. A letter on burgh reform. By Wal-
lace. Eilln., s. a. 12

WALLACE (BARBARA). Meditation on death.

JMm.,[1838]. 12

the Free Church, Barr. Pastoral address to
the parishioners of Barr. 2d ed.

Ayr, 1843. 4

WALLACE (J. A.), Minister of the Free Church,
Hawick. Reasons for concurring in the reso-
lutions of the convocation, in an address to
his parishioners. s. I. , 1842. 12

The seven Churches of Asia.

London, 1842. 8

Pastoral recollections. To which is added a
discourse preached before the first General
Assembly of the protesting Church of Scot-
land. London, 1843. 8

Pastoral recollections. Third series.

/;./;., 1864. 8

Testimonies in favour of the principles and
procedure of the Free Church of Scotland.
With introductory notice by the Rev. J. A. W.

Edin., 1844. 8

" The chariot of Israel and the horsemen
thereof :" A discourse [on 2 Kings, ii. 11, 12]
delivered in the Free church at Hawick, after
the funeral of Thomas Chalmers, D.D.

Edin., 1847. 8

Attitudes and aspects of the divine Redeemer.

Edin., 1864. 8

WALLACE (R.). A dissertation on the true age
of the world, in which is determined the chro-
nology of the period from creation to the
Christian era. London, 1844. 8 C

WALLACE (ROBERT), D.D., one of the ministers
of Edinburgh. A dissertation on the numbers
of MANKIND. 1753



WALLACE (ROBERT), F.G.S. Antitrinitarian
biography : or sketches of the lives and writ-
ings of distinguished Antitrinitarians ; exhi-
biting a view of the state of the Unitarian
doctrine and worship in the principal nations of
Europe, from the Reformation to the close of
the seventeenth century : to which is prefixed
a history of Unitarianism in England during
the same period. 3 vol. London, 1850. 8

WALLACE (WILLIAM), LL.D., Professor of ma-
tJiematics in tJie university of Edinburgh. A
geometrical treatise on the Conic sections ;
with an appendix, containing formulae for
their quadrature, &c. Edin., 1837. '8

Geometrical theorems and analytical formulae,
with their application to the solution of cer-
tain geodetical problems. And an appendix,
containing a description of two copying instru- !
ments. Edin., 1839. 8 |

WALLER (EDMOND). Poems, &c. Written \
upon several occasions, and to several persons.
7th ed. London, 1705. 8

Letters supposed to have passed between M.
de ST EVREMOND and Mr W. 1770

WALLIN (BENJAMIN), Minister of a Baptist con-
gregation at Maze Pond, London. The folly of
neglecting divine institutions. An earnest ad-
dress to the Christian, who continues to re-
frain from the appointments of the Gospel.
2d ed. London, 1758. 8

WALLIS (JOHN), D.D., Savilian professor of geo-
metry at Oxford. The doctrine of the blessed
Trinity briefly explained, in a letter to a friend.
London, 1690. 4

Another copy.

A second letter concerning the holy Trinity.
Pursuant to the former from the same hand ;
occasioned by a letter (there inserted) from one
unknown. London, 1691. 4

- Another copy.

An explication and vindication of the Athana-
sian creed. In a third letter, pursuant of two
former, concerning the sacred Trinity. To-
gether with a postscript, in answer to another
letter. London, 1691. 4

- Another copy.

- * An answer to Dr Wallis's three Letters con-
cerning the doctrine of the Trinity.

London, 1691. 4

A fourth letter concerning the sacred Trinity ;
in reply to what is entituled, An answer to Dr
Wallis's three letters. London, 1691. 4

Another copy.

Another copy.

A fifth letter, concerning the sacred Trinity ;
in answer to what is entituled, The Arians vin-
dication of himself against Dr Wallis's fourth
letter on the Trinity. London, 1L91. 4

A sixth letter, concerning the sacred Trinity ;
in answer to a book entituled, Observations on
the four letters, &c. London, 1691. 4

Another copy.

A seventh letter, concerning the sacred Tri-
nity ; occasioned by a second letter from W. J.

London, 1691. 4

Another copy.

An eighth letter concerning the sacred Tri-
nity ; occasioned by some letters to him on
that subject. London, 1692. 4

Three sermons concerning the sacred Trinity.

London, 1691. 4

A defence of the Christian Sabbath. In an-
swer to a treatise of Mr Tho. Bampfield plead-
ing for Saturday-Sabbath. Oxford, 1692. 4

Part the second. Being a rejoinder to Mr

Bampfields Reply to Dr Wallis's discourse
concerning the Christian-Sabbath.

Oxford, 1694. 4

mens du Synode des Eglises Wallonnes des
Provinces-Unies des Pays-Bas. Faits con-
formement a la discipline re9ue dans ces Pro-
vinces, et imprimis par ordre du Synode as-
semble a Bergen-op-Zoom, en Mai 1792.

Rotterdam, 1793. 4

Declaration Chretienne et sincere de plusieurs
membres de FEglise de Dieu et de Jesus-
Christ, tou chant les justes raisons et motifs
qui les obligent a n'avoir point de communion
avec le Synode dit Walon. s. 1. et a. 12

WALPOLE (HORACE), Fourth Earl of Orford.
A catalogue of the royal and noble authors of
England, with lists of their works. A new
edition. 2vol. Edin., 1792. 12

Correspondence of H. W. with George Mon-
tague, Hon. H. S. Conway, Rev. W. Cole,
Lady Hervey, Richard West, Gray, the poet,
Countess of Ailesbury, Rev. Mr Birch, Hon.
G. Hardinge, Earl of Strafford, John Chute,
David Hume, Lady Craven, Rev. W. Mason,
Mrs Hannah More, &c. New edition, with
numerous illustrative notes, now first added.
3 vol. London, 1837. 8

WALPOLE (ROBERT), M. A. Memoirs relating
to European and Asiatic Turkey, and other
countries of the East ; edited from manuscript
journals by R. W. 2d ed.

London, 1818. 4

Travels in various countries of the East ; being
a continuation of Memoirs relating to Euro-
pean and Asiatic Turkey, &c. Edited by the
Rev. R. W. London, 1820. 4

WALSH (ROBERT). An appeal from the judg-
ments of Great Britain respecting the United
States of America. Part first : containing an
historical outline of their merit, and wrongs as
colonies, and strictures on the calumnies of
British writers. London, 1819. 8

WALSH (ROBERT), LL.D. An essay on ancient
coins, medals, and gems, as illustrating the
process of Christianity in the early ages.
2d ed. London, 1828. 12

WALSH (THOMAS).* The life and death of Mr
T. W., composed in great part from the ac-
counts left by himself. By James Morgan.

London, 1762. 12

WALSH (THOMAS), Capt. 93d regiment. Journal
of the late campaign in Egypt : including de-
scriptions of that country, and of Gibraltar,
Minorca, Malta, Marmorici and Macri ; with
an appendix, containing official papers and
documents. London, 1863. 4



WALSWEER (MATTHIAS). Analysis logica va-
riorum textuum tain \'. (|U;uu S". 'IVstann-nti.
lM.r,,,w;.i. 1U53. 12

WALTER (FERDINAND). Manuel du droit eccle'-
siastique de toutca les confessions Clnvticiiiu *.
Traduit de rAlluinand par A. de Roquemont.

y./rw, 1840. 8

WALTER (RICHARD), M.A. A voyage round the
world, in the years MDCCXL., i., n., in., iv.,
by George Anson, afterwards Lord ANSON...
Compiled from his papers and materials by
R. W. 16th ed. London, 1781. l-

[The account of Anson's voyage was in reality
the work of Benjamin Robins, author of Ma-
thematical tracts, Are.J

WALTHER (DAVID). Some notice of Professor
Baden Powell's essay on the study of the evi-
dences of Christianity. <b-ford, 1861. 8


Ellipses Hebraic ex editione Schoettgenii,

denuo edidit et observationes novas cum du-

plici indice adjecit Johannes Henricus Pratje.

Lipsw, 1782. 8

WALTON (BRIAN), S.T.D., Bishop of Chester.
Biblia Sacra Polyglot ta. 1657. /b'ee BIBLES


In Biblia Polyglotta prolegomena. Prrefatus
est Jo. Aug. Dathe. Lipsm, 1777. 8

Another edition. Recognovit Dathianisque et
variorum notis suns immiscuit Franciscus
Wrangham, A.M. 2 torn.

Cantabrigice, 1828. 8

* Memoirs of the life and writings of the Right
Rev. B. W. editor of the London Polyglot
Bible. With notices of his coadjutors in that
illustrious work ; of the cultivation of Oriental
learning, in this country, preceding and dur-
ing their time ; and of the authorized English
version of the Bible, to a projected revision of
which Dr W. and some of his assistants in the
Polyglot were appointed. To which is added,
Dr W. 's own vindication of the London Poly-
glot. By the Rev. Henry John Todd, M.A.
2 vol. London, 1821. 8


WALTON (ISAAK). The lives of Dr John Donne,
Sir Henry Wotton, Mr Richard Hooker, Mr
George Herbert, and Dr Robert Sanderson.
New edition. 2 vol. Oxford, 1805. 8

Second edition. With notes, and a life of the
author, by Thomas Zouch, D.D.

York, 1807. 8

The complete angler ; or, contemplative man's
recreation : being a discourse on rivers, fish-
ponds, fish, and fishing. In two parts : the
first written by Mr I. W. ; the second by
Charles COTTON. With the lives of the au-
thors ; and notes historical, critical, supple-
mentary and explanatory ;.by Sir John Haw-
kins, Knt. London, 1808. 8

WALWOOD (JOHN). A sermon upon the diffi-
culty of conversion ; [with Rulers sins the
causes of national judgments. By Patrick

WANDERER. The wanderer; a tale.

Edin., 1819. 12

WAR^EUS (JACOBUS), Equet auratus. Stf. S!r

James WARK.
WARBURTON fj< ./ the Gotptl,

'/'/. i7, ( ;,/,,,-.- \\ :i oivt-naiit < iod, or,

an account of some of tin I,. .;<! '* ilralings, in
l>r\ iiluice and grace, with J. \V. li parts.
3d ud. [Part ii., 2d ed. ]

M 1840. 12


cester. The works of the Right K< v. W. \V.
A new edition. To which is prefixed a dis-
course, by way of general preface, containing
some account of the life, writings, and charac-
ter of the author, by Richard Hurd, D.D.
12 vol. London, 1811. 8

The divine legation of Moses demonstrated.
To which is prefixed an account of the life,
writings, and character of the author, by
Richard Hurd, D.D. A new edition. 2 vol.

London, 1837. 8

*A brief examination of the Rev. W. War-
burton's Divine legation of Moses. By a so-
ciety of gentlemen. [By T. MORGAN.]

London, 1742. 8

* An examination of Mr Warburton's second
proposition, in his projected demonstration of
The divine legation of Moses, in which the
faith of the ancient Jewish Church, touching
the doctrine of a future state, is asserted
and cleared from the author's objections... To
which is added, an appendix. Containing
considerations on the command to Abraham, to
offer up his son Isaac. [By Henry STEBBINO.
See Collection of tracts.] London, 1744. 8

Remarks on several occasional reflections : in
answer to the Rev. Dr Middleton, Dr Pococke,
The master of the Charter House, Dr Richard
Grey, and others ; serving to explain and jus-
tify divfirs passages in The divine legation,
objected to by those learned writers. To
which is added, a general review of the argu-
ment of The divine legation, as far as is yet
advanced : wherein is considered the relation
the several parts bear to each other, and to the
whole. With an appendix, in answer to a late
pamphlet [by Henry Stebbing, D.D.] entitled,
An examination of Mr W.'s second proposi-
tion. London, 1744. 8

Faith working by charity to Christian edifica-
tion. A sermon [on 2 Pet. i. 5-7].

London, 1738. 8

A vindication of Mr Pope's Essay on man from
the misrepresentations of M. de Crousaz. In
six letters. London, 1740. 16

A sermon preached at St James's church, West-
minster. London, 1745. 8

Julian. Or a discourse concerning the earth-
quake and fiery eruption, which defeated that
emperor's attempt to rebuild the temple at
Jerusalem. In which the reality of a divine
interposition is shewn ; the objections to it are
answered ; and the nature of that evidence
which demands the assent of every reasonable
man to a miraculous fact, is considered and
explained. London, 1750. 8

Another copy.



The principles of natural and revealed religion
occasionally opened and explained ; in a course
of sermons. Dublin, 1753. 8

The alliance between Church and State : or,
the necessity and equity of an established re-
ligion and a test law demonstrated. In three
books. 4th ed. London, 1766. 8

Letters from a late eminent Prelate [Warbur-
ton] to one of his friends, [Hurd]. 2d ed.

London, 1809. 8

WARD (EDWARD), M.A., Minister of Tver, Bucks.
The substance of a sermon, preached in Iver,
Bucks, April 28, 1833, on occasion of the death
of the Bight Hon. Lord Gambier.

Uxbridge, [1833]. 8

WARD (JOHN), Minister of the Gospel in Ipswich.
God judging among the gods. Opened in a
sermon [on Ps. Ixxxii. 1] before the Hon.
House of Commons assembled in parliament,
upon the solemn day of monethly fast, March
26. 1645. London, 1645. 4

WARD (JOHN). The young mathematician's
guide : being a plain and easy introduction to
the mathematicks. In five parts... To which
is now first added, a supplement containing
the history of logarithms, and an index to the
whole work. London, 1740. 8

WARD (JOHN), LL.D. Dissertations upon seve-
ral passages of the sacred Scriptures.

London, 1761. 8

WARD (NATHANIEL). The simple cobbler of
Aggawamm in America. Willing to help 'mend
his native country, lamentably tattered, both
in the upper-leather and sole, with all the
honest stitches he can take. And as willing
never to bee paid for his work, by old Eng-
lish wonted pay. It is his trade to patch
all the year long, gratis. Therefore I pray
gentlemen keep your purses. 4th ed. [By
Theodore de LA GUARD.] [Pseud.]

London, 1647. 4

WARD (SAMUEL), S.T.D., Master of Sidney col-
lege, Cambridge. Opera nonnulla, viz. deter-
minationes theologicae, tractatus de justifica-
tione, prselectiones de peccato originali. Edita
a Setho Wardo, S.T.D. Londini, 1658. fol.

Sermons and treatises. With memoir by the
Rev. J. C. Ryle, B.A. (Reprinted from the
edition of 1636.) Edin., 1862. 8

WARD (THOMAS). England's reformation. A
poem. In four cantos. To which is prefixed
a life of the author. Manchester, 1815. 8

WARD (WILLIAM). Short grounds of CATE-
CHISME : delivered by way of question and an-
swer, with plaine proofes for the answers set
downe at large. Cambridge, 1627. 8

WARD (WILLIAM), Baptist missionary at Seram-
pore. The design of the death of Christ ex-
plained ; and its influence, in constraining
Christians to " live to him who died for them,"
enforced : [in a sermon from 2 Cor. v. 14, 15].
London, 1820. 8

Farewell letters to a few friends in Britain and
America, on returning to Bengal in 1821.

London, 1821. 12

A view of the history, literature, and mytho-

logy of the Hindoos : including a minute de-
scription of their manners and customs, and
translations from their principal works. A
new edition arranged according to the order of
the original work printed at Serampore. 3 vol.
London, 1822. 8

A plain account of conversion, and of the
doctrines contained in St Paul's Epistle to the
Romans. London, s. a. 8

WARD (WILLIAM GEORGE), M.A., Fdlow of Bal-
liol college, Oxford. The ideal of a Christian
Church considered in comparison with exist-
ing practice, containing a defence of certain
articles in the British critic in reply to remarks
on them in Mr Palmer's ' Narrative.' 2d ed.
London, 1844. 8

WARDEN (D. B.), Consul for the United States
at Paris. A statistical, political, and histori-
cal account of the United States of North
America ; from the period of their first colo-
nization to the present day. 3 vol.

Edin., 1819. 8

WARDEN (JOHN), Minister of the Gospel at Gar-
gunnock. A practical essay on the sacrament
of baptism ; wherein the doctrine of that di-
vine ordinance is opened and explained ; the
controversies concerning it are stated and de-
termined ; several questions of great moment
are proposed, and answered ; practical obser-
vations from each particular head are noticed ;
the constitution and practice of the Establish-
ed Church of Scotland vindicated ; and the
Christian improvement of this valuable privi-
lege is pointed at. Edin., 1724. 8

Another copy.

A system of revealed religion, digested under
proper heads, and composed in the express
words of Scripture ; containing all that the
sacred records reveal, with respect to doctrine
and duty. Revised and published by his son
the Rev. John Warden, minister of the Gos-
pel in Canongate. London, 1769. 4

WARDLAW (GILBERT), A.M. Experimental
evidence a ground for assurance that Christi-
anity is divine. Glasgoiv, 1849. 8

WARDLAW (RALPH), D.D., Independent minis-
ter in Glasgoiv. Discourses on the principal
points of the Socinian controversy. 2d ed.

Glasgow, 1815. 8

Fourth edition. London, 1828. 8

Fifth edition. London, 1837. 8

Unitarianism incapable of vindication : a reply
to the Rev. James Yates's Vindication of Uni-
tarianism. London, 1816. 8

An essay on benevolent associations for the
relief of the poor : of which the substance was
read to the Literary and commercial society of
Glasgow, April, 1817. Glasgow, 1818. 8

Another copy.

The duty of imitating departed worth : a ser-
mon occasioned by the lamented death of the
late Robert Balfour, D.D., preached in... Glas-
gow, Oct. 25th, 1818. Glasgow, 1818. 8

Another copy.

Lectures on the Book of Ecclesiastes. Vol. i.

Glasgow, 1821. 8



The divino dissuasion to the young, against
the enticements of sinners : a sermon [on Prov.
i. 10-19]. Glasgow, 1825. 8

Man responsible for his belief. Two sermons
[on John, iii. 18, 19J occasioned by a passage
in the inaugural discourse of Hertry Brougham,
Esq. M.P. on his installation as Lord Rector
of the university of Glasgow, April 6, 1825.

Glasgow, 1825. 8

" Christ the first fruits :" a sermon [on 1 Cor.
xv. 23] preached in Nile Street chapel, Glas-
gow, on the afternoon of Lord's Day, Sept. 21,
1828, on occasion of the lamented death of
Mrs Greville Ewing. Glasgow, 1828. 8

Another copy.
Another copy.

Two essays : I. On the asstirance of faith.
II. On the extent of the atonement, and uni-
versal pardon. Glasgow, 1830. 12
Another copy.
Discourses on the Sabbath.

Glasgow, 1832. 12
Another copy.

Sermon. Civil establishments of Christianity
tried by their only authoritative test, the word
of God. Glasgow, 1833. 8

Exposure exposed : a statement of facts rela-
tive to West George Street chapel, Glasgow,
in refutation of the falsehoods of Anglo-Sco-
tus ; with remarks. Glasgow, 1834. 8

Speech at the public meeting in Glasgow, for
the separation of Church and State, March
6th, 1834. With the memorial to Earl Grey,
and the petition to parliament, adopted at the
meeting. Glasgow, 1834. 12

Christian ethics : or, moral philosophy on the
principles of divine revelation. 3d ed. [Con-
gregational lecture.] London, 1837. 8
Fourth edition. London, 1844. 8
Another edition. London, 1852. 8
The importance of the Church controversy,
and the spirit and manner in which it ought
to be conducted : a lecture, delivered in...
London, March 13th, 1838.

Glasgow, 1838. 8

National Church establishments examined : a
course of lectures delivered in London, during
April and May 1839. Ninth thousand.

London, 1839. 8

The principle of Christian communion : a ser-
mon, preached in West George Street chapel,
Glasgow, Sept. 4th, 1842. Glasgow, 1842. 8
Lectures on female prostitution : its nature,
extent, effects, guilt, causes, and remedy.

Glasgow, 1842. 8

"The end," the time of divine interpretation ;
and the duty and peace of " waiting for it ; "
a sermon [on Dan. xii. 13] preached in West
George Street chapel, Glasgow, on Lord's Day,
August 4th, 1843, on occasion of the lamented
death of the Rev. John Morell Mackenzie,
A. M. , who perished in the wreck of the steamer
" Pegasus," on the morning of 20th July, 1843.
With a documentary appendix.

Glasgow, 1843. 12
Second edition. Glasgow, 1843. 8

The sentiments and conduct of dissenters to-
\vunl their non-intni.sioii oivtlnvn in tin.- Estab-
lished Church, in a speech delivered at the
anim.-il meeting of the Congregational union
of Scotland, held at Aberdeen, 6th April I si: 1 ..

, 1843. 8 J

Another copy.

Discourses on the nature and extent of the
atonement of Christ. Third thousand. *

Glasgow, 1844. 8

* Review of Dr Wardlaw's work on the nature
and extent of the atonement. Extracted from
the Scottish Presbyterian, for November, 1843.

Glasgow, 1844. 1 _

Reviewers reviewed : or, remarks on the re-
views in the United Secession and Scottish
Presbyterian magazines, of "Discourses on
the nature and extent of the atonement of
Christ." Being the prefatory matter to the
new edition of that work. Glasgow, 1844. 8

A catholic spirit : its consistency with con-
scientiousness. [Essays on Christian UMON. j


A dissertation on the scriptural authority, na-
ture, and uses of infant baptism. 3d ed. With
an appendix, containing strictures on the views
advocated by Dr Halley, in his volume en-
titled "The sacraments," on John's baptism,
and on the scriptural requisites to Christian
baptism. Glasgow, 1846. 8

Another copy.

Congregational Independency in contradistinc-
tion to Episcopacy and Presbyterianism : the
Church polity of the New Testament.

Glasgow, 1848. 8'

Another copy.

On miracles. Edin., 1852. 8

Systematic theology. Edited by James R.
Campbell, M.A. 3 vol.

^m.,1856, 57. 8

* Memoirs of the life and writings of R. W.
By William Lindsay Alexander, D.D.

Edin., 1856. 8

Second edition. Edin., 1856. 8
WARE (HENRY), D.D. Letters addressed to

Unitarians and Calvinists, occasioned by Dr
Wood's Letters to Unitarians. 2d ed.

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