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London, 1761. 8

Remarks on the beauties of poetry.

London-, 1762. 8

WEBB (JAMES). Sermons on several important
subjects, adapted both to the family and the
closet. London, 1785. 8

WEBB (JOHN), of Butleigh, Somersetshire. Vin-
dication of Stone- Heng restored in answer to
Dr Charleton's reflections ; [with The most
notable antiquity of Great Britain vulgarly
called Stone Heng, on Salisbury Plain, restored
by Inigo JONES]. 1725

WEBB (RICHARD), Preacher at Rodbourgh, in
Glocestershire. A key of knowledge for cate-
chizing children in Christ. Easily opening
the foure doores of Gods sanctuar-y for all
well-disposed persons to enter therein. In
forme of a dialogue. Whereunto are annexed
most profitable additions tending to disswade
from the reigning sinnes of this age.

London, 1622. 8

Breslau. Blicke in die Zeit, in Hinsicht auf
National-Industrie und Staatswirthschaft, mit
besonderer Beriicksichtigung Deutschlands,
und vornehmlich des Preussischen Staats...

Berlin und Stettin, 1830. 8

tarum Latinorum uno volumine absolutum.
Cum selecta varietate lectionis et explicatione
brevissima edidit G. E. W.

Francofurti, ad Mcenum, 1833. 8

WEBER (MICHAEL), Professor of theology, Wit-
temberg. CONFESSIO Augustana et responsio
pontificia seu confutatio quae vulgo dicitur.
Utramque . . . codice Dessaviensi ex scriptam
cum prolegomenis et epilogomenis...typia red-
dendam curavit M. W.

Vitebergce, 1810. 8

WEBSTER (ALEXANDER), Minister of the Tol-
booth church, Edinburgh. Divine influence the
true spring of the extraordinary work at Cam-
buslang and other places in the West of Scot-
land, illustrated. ' Edin., 1742. 8

WEBSTER (C.), Pastor of the First Associate
Presbyterian congregation, Philadelphia. The
nature and instrument of regeneration.

Philadelphia, 1843. 12

Another copy.

WEBSTER (CHARLES), D.D., Physician to the
forces in the West Lidies. Sermons : including
his sermon on public worship and instruction,
preached at the opening of St Peter's chapel :
with an occasional prayer. London, 1811. 8

WEBSTER (DANIEL). Speech in defence of the
Christian ministry, and in favor of the reli-
gious instruction of the young. Delivered in
the Supreme Court of the United States, Feb.
10, 1844. Washington, 1844. 8

WEBSTER (JAMES), one of the ministers of Edin-
burgh. A discourse demonstrating that the



government of the Church, which is of divine
right, is fixed, and not ambulatory. In answer
to an Essay for peace, by union in judgment,
about Church government in Scotland, written
by a nameless author, [Francis Grant).

Edin., 1705. 4

Another copy.

Libel against Mr John Simson, professor of
divinity in the university of Glasgow, given in
to the very Rev. the Presbytery of Glasgow.

s. I, [1715]. 8

Select sermons preach'd on several texts, more
especially on Romans, vi. 23.

Edin., 1723. 8

The wicked life, and fatal but deserved death
of Haman, Ahasuerus's prime minister. A
sermon preached before the Lord Provost at
Edinburgh, 30th September, 1740.

Edin., 1740. 8

WEBSTER (JOHN). The works of J. W. : now
first collected, with some account of the author,
and notes. By the Rev. Alexander Dyce.
4 vol. London, 1830. 8

WEBSTER (THOMAS), B.D., Rector of St Botolph,
Cambridge, and vicar of Oakington. God glo-
rified in his faithful ministers. A sermon
preached at Cambridge Nov. 20, 1836, on oc-
casion of the death of the late Rev. Charles
Simeon, M.A. London, 1836. 8

WEBSTER (WILLIAM), M.A. -The Greek Testa-
ment with notes. 1855. See BIBLES GREEK.

WEDDELL (H. A.), M.D. -Voyage dans le Nord
de la Bolivie et dans les parties voisines du
Pdrou, ou visite au district aurifere de Tipu-
ani. Paris, 1853. 8

marnock. David's testament opened up in
fourty sermons upon 2 Samuel, 23. 5. Where-
in the nature, properties, and effects of the
covenant of grace are clearly held forth.

Glasgow, 1721. 8

WEDDERSPOON (PATRICK), one of the ministers
at Westkirk near Edinburgh. Sermons preach-
ed on several subjects and occasions. To which
are prefixed a preface, and a small piece of the
author's private devotion. Edin., 1733. 8

WEED (HENRY R.), D.D. Questions on the
confession of faith and form of government of
the Presbyterian Church in the United States
of America. Philadelphia, 1842. 12

WEEDE (EVERARDUS DE). Disputatio proble-
matica sexta, de elementis.

Rhtno-Trajecti, 1643. 4

WEEMS, or WEMIUS (JOANNES), de Craigtoune.
B*(7/A(i)f VKCQ ox,r,, sive de regis primatu libellus ;
in quo summa regis secundum Deum authori-
tas, cum in civilibus turn in ecclesiasticis, su-
pra et populum et cleros, probatur.

Edinburgi, 1623. 4

WEEMSE (JOHN), of Lathocker, Preacher of
Christs Gospell. The workes of Mr I. W.
3 vol. [Vol. i. wants title.]

London, 1636. 4

The Christian Synagogue. Wherein is con-
tained the diverse reading, the right poynting,

translation, and collation of Scripture with
Scripture. With the customes of tlio Ho-
brewes and proselytes, and of all those nations,
with whom they were conversant. Digested
into three bookes. The first, shewing the
meanes both inward and outward, to attaine
to the knowledge of the sense of the whole
Scripture. The second, vnfolding the true
sense of the Scripture it selfe, as abo teaching
the right way of gathering doctrines from any
text of Scripture. The third, teaching tho
true manner of confirmation, illustration, and
application of doctrine, rightly gathered from
the true sanse of Scripture. 2d ed.

London, 1623. 4

WEEVER (JOHN). Ancient fvnerall monvments
within the vnited monarchic of Great Britaine,
Ireland, and the islands adiacent, with the
dissolued monasteries therein contained : their
founders, and what eminent persons haue
beene in the same interr'd. As also the death
and bvriall of certaine of the Bloud Royall ;
the nobilitie and gentrie of these kingdomes
entombed in forraine nations. A worke re-
uiuing the dead memprye of the Royall pro-
genie, the nobilitie, gentrie, and comunaltie,
of these His Maiesties dominions. Intermixed
and illustrated with variety of historicall ob-
seruations, annotations, and briefe notes, ex-
tracted out of approued authors, infallible re-
cords, lieger bookes, charters, rolls, old manu-
scripts, and the collections of iudicious anti-
quaries. Whereunto is prefixed a discourse
of funerall monuments. Of the foundation and
fall of religious houses. Of religious orders.
Of the ecclesiasticall estate of England. And
of other occurrences touched vpon by the way,
in the whole passage of these intended labours.
London, 1631. fol.

WEGELINUS (THOMAS). Oratio de V. Paulis
Romanis per diversa temporum intervalla Pon-
tificibus : eorum vitam et res gestas breviter
complectens, prout ea Pontificii historici mo-
numentis assignata reliquerunt. Habita Tu-
bingse publice, anno superiori 1608. Junii 23.
Nunc recognita et edita una cum discursu do
Pontificatu generali, praemisso.

Argentorati, 1609. 4

of theology at Kiel. Institutiones theologiaa
Christianse dogmaticse Scholis suis scripsit, ad-
dita dogmatum singularum historia et censura
J. A. F. W. Editio sexta. Hake, 1829. 8

Dicta probantia Veteris et Novi Testamenti,
quse in singulis Institutionum theologise Chris-
tianse dogmaticse a S. V. Wegscheidero scrip-
tarum paragraphis allegata sunt, secundum
editionem earum sextam separatim typis et
Latine conversa. Halce, 1831. 8

Editio septima. Hate, 1833. 8

Another copy.

Editio octava. Lipsice, 1844. 8
WEIGHT (GEORGE). Departed ministers the

objects of Christian remembrance. A sermon
on the death of the Rev. Rowland Hill, A.M.,
delivered at Surrey chapel, April 28th, 1833.



To which is added an account of his last illness
and death. London, 1833. 8

WEIGHTS. Report of the committee appointed
by the Hon. the Lord Provost and magistrates,
Dean of Guild, and Deacon Convener, of Glas-
gow, to construct and verify duplicates of the
imperial standards of weights and measures
for that city, &c. &c. Glasgow, 1826. 8

WEIR (DANIEL). History of the town of Green-
ock. Greenock, 1827. 8

WEIR (JOHN), Minister of the English Presbyte-
rian Church, at Islington. Romanism; eight
lectures for the times... London, 1851. 12

WEISIUS (CHRISTIANUS). Systema Psalmorum
metricum a Francisco Hare nuper adornatum
delineat C. W. ; [cum Preelectt. R. LOWTH de
sacra poesi Hebrseorurn]. 1815

philologica, quam defendent Georgius Godo-
fredus ZEMISCH et C. S. W. 1758

WEISS (BENJAMIN), Missionary to the Jews, at
Algiers. New translation of the Book of
Psalms. 1852. See BIBLES ENGLISH. C.

The Song of Songs unveiled. 1859. See

WEISS (Cn.). Histoire des re^ugie's Protestants
de France depuis la revocation de 1'Edit de
Nantes jusqu' a nos jours. 2 torn.

Paris, 1853. 12

Professor of theology in the university of Tubin-
gen. Introductio in memorabilia ecclesiastica
histories sacrae Novi Testamenti, maxime vero
seculorum primorum et novissimorum, ad ju-
vandam notitiam regni Dei et Satanse, cordis-
que humani salutarem, plana et facili methodo
...concinnata. Praemittitur dissertatio de prse-
cipuis quibusdam impedimentis scribendae le-
gendyeque cum fructu historiae ecclesiasticas
una cum characteribus selectis singulorum se-
culorum, et notitia autorum classicorum et
celebrium recessaria. 2 partt.

Stuttgardice, 1718, 19. 4

Another edition.

Hake Magdeburgicce, 1745. 4

Another copy.

- Schediasmata academica sive disputationes va-
rii argumenti, nostrorum maxime temporum
controversiis absque studio partium expenden-
dis accommodates. Tubingte, 1725. 4

Institutiones theologiae exegetico-dogmaticse,
quibus, praemissa plerorumque dictorum pro-
bantium juxta exegesi : dogmatibus inde con-
firmatis : additisque porismatibus practicis :
in selectis aphorismis, lectores juniores ad
meditationem rerum gravissimarum, atque ad
insigniores religionis controversias prasparan-
tur. Tubingce, 1739. 4

Another copy.

forma theologiae biblicae, his temporibus acco-
modatae, sive examen locorum eorum, quos
novi Gentiles falsitatis, superstitionis, ab-
surditatis postulare solent, secundum seriem
Librorum sacrorum, mentemque Patrum, in-
terpretum ac criticorum. Sxunmatim scripsit,

et discipulis explicavit J. A. W. 3 torn.

Augusts, 1785. 8

WEITBRECHT (Mrs). Missionary sketches in

North India, with references to recent events.

London, 1858. 8

WELCH (Jon*). See John WELSH.

WELCHMAN (EDWARD), M.A., Archdeacon of
Cardigan. XXXIX. Articuli Ecclesise Angli-
canae, textibus e sacra Scriptura deproinptis
confirmati, brevibusque notis illustrati. Ad-
jectis insuper nominibus auctorum locisque in
quibus doctrina in Articulis contenta fusius
explicatur. Editio secunda, cui accedit appen-
dix de doctrina Patrum. Oxonii, 1714. 8

Editio sexta. Oxonii, 1738. 8

Concentus veterum, sive appendix ad xxxix.
articulos Ecclesiee Anglicanse, in qua ejusdem
Ecclesise doctrina Patrum antiquissimorum
testimoniis confirmatur. Oxonii, 1713. 8

WELD (ISAAC), D.D. A sermon preached at
Eustace Street, 26 Jan. 1766, on occasion of
the death of the Rev. John Leland, D.D.

London, 1766. 8

WELDON (ROBERT), Rector of Stony-Stanton,
Leicestershire. The doctrine of the Scriptures,
concerning the origin all of dominion. Where-
in God's perpetuall propriety in the soveraignty
of the whole earth, and the Kings great char-
ter for the administration thereof, are justified
by authoritative records in both the Testa-
ments. And sundry of the chiefe arguments
reduced into forme, ready for the present exa-
mination of those who (in this great cause)
desire the truth. [London], 1648. 4

WELINDER (P. P.), Pastor of WinsUff." La-
gen och Loftet." Predikan pa forsta Bone-
dagen 1852, hallen i AVemmerlofs och Rorunis
Kyrkor, jemte en kort forklaring ofwer Rom.
8: l-4.,samt ettbref tillenunderlagenfangen
sjal. Andra Upplagan. Lund, 1853. 8

WELLES (JOHN), of Beccles, in the county of Suf-
folk. The soules progresse to the celestiall
Canaan, or heavenly Jerusalem... Divided into
two parts. The first part treateth of the di-
vine essence, quality and nature of God, and
his holy attributes : and of the creation, fall,
state, death, and misery of an unregenerated
man, both in this life and in the world to
come : put for the whole scope of the Old
Testament. The second part is put for the
summe and compendium of the Gospell, and
treateth of the incarnation, nativity, words,
works, and sufferings of Christ, and of the
happinesse and blessednesse of a godly man in
his state of renovation, being reconciled to
God in Christ. Collected out of the Scrip-
tures, and out of the writings of the ancient
Fathers of the primitive Church, and other
orthodoxall divines. London, 1639. 4

WELLESLEY (ARTHUR), Duke of Wellington.
Selections from the despatches and general
orders of Field Marshal the Duke of Welling-
ton. By Lieu . Colonel Gurwood.

London, 1841. 8

* Military memoirs of Field Marshal the Duke
of Wellington, by Captain Moyle Sherer.




- vi'l. [Lardner's Cab. Lili. )

/,,/,./, 1830, 32. 8

* The life of His Grace Arthur, Duke, Mar-
quis, and Earl of Wellington, with odious de-
tails and delineations historical, political, and
military, of the various important services in
which he has been engaged in Flanders, In-
dia, Ireland, Denmark. Spain, Portugal, and
France. Together with civil and political
illustrations of the Spanish affairs, and of the
occurrences in di He rent quarters of the Penin-
sula ; and of the recent events in France. In-
cluding numerous interesting professional anec-
dotes, not only of his brethren in arms, but
also of the great generals opposed to him in
various parts of the world... By Francis L.
Clarke. 3 vol. London, s. a. 8

WKLLESLEY (RICHARD), Marquess Wellesley.
A letter to the government of Fort St George,
relative to the new form of internal govern-
ment, established at Fort St George ; and to
the provision of goods, on account of private
merchants, through the agency of the commer-
cial officers of the company. Dated 19th July,
1804. ' London, 1812. 8*

Authentic correspondence and documents, ex-
plaining the proceedings of the Marquess Wel-
lesley, and of the Earl of Moira, in the recent
negotiations for the formation of an adminis-
tration. 5th ed. London, 1812. 8

Letter to the Court of directors of the East In-
dia company on the trade of India, dated Fort
William, 30 Septr. 1800. London, 1812. 8

* Memoirs and correspondence of the most
noble Richard, Marquess Wellesley. Compris-
ing numerous letters and documents, now first
published from original MSS. By Robert
Ilouiere Pearce. Vol. ii., iii.

London, 1846. 8


WELLS (DAVID A.), of tlie Lawrence scientific
school, Cambridge. The annual of scientific
discovery ; or, year-book of facts in science
and art, exhibiting the most important dis-
coveries and improvements in mechanics, use-
ful arts, natural philosophy, chemistry, astro-
nomy, meteorology, zoology, botany, mineral-
gy> g e lgy > geography, antiquities. Together
with a list of recent scientific publications ; a
classified list of patents ; obituaries of eminent
scientific men ; an index of important papers
in scientific journals, reports, &c. Edited by
D. A. W. and George BLISS, Jr.

Boston, 1850. 12

WELLS (EDWARD), D.D., Rector of Cottesbach,
Leicestershire. Examination of the Remarks
[by James Peirce] on his letter to Mr Peter
Dowley. Part i. In a letter to a dissenting
parishioner. Oxford, 1706. 8

Part ii. Sect. i. In a letter to the Re-
marker. Oxford, 1706. 8

Letter to the Remarker, in reference to his
Remarks on the Dr's Letter to a dissenting
parishioner. Orford, 1706. 8

Letter to a dissenting parishioner, in reference

to tin Kemnikd on his first letter to the same.
n.f.,,-,1. I7nl. 8

Some animadversions on Mr I'.arkti

to Dr Wells's Letter to a dissenting parish-
ioner. , '. I7"7. K J

Theses against the validity of I'rtsl>\ t-ii;m
ordination proved to horn good. And Mr
I Vi rce's theses for the validity of Presbyterian
ordination proved not to bold good. Numb. i.

<../</, 1707

Numb. ii. Wherein is more especially ami

largely shewn the ambiguity of the word l'r>-<-
byters, and the fallaciousness of the arguments
drawn by the Dissenters frmii the ambiguity
of the said word. '"rd, 1707. 8*

Numb. iii. Wherein is considered Mr

Peirce's Letter the viith. (being designed as
an answer to Numb. ii. ) and also is more espe-
cially and largely shewn the fallaciousness of
the Dissenters arguments drawn from the pro-
miscuous use of the words Bishops and Pres-
byters in the New Testament.

Oxford, 1707. 8

The duty of being grieved for the s : ns of
others. Briefly set forth in a sermon preached
in St Martin's church in Leicester, April 26,
1710. At the visitation of the Rev. the Arch-
deacon of Leicestershire... London, 1710. 8

An help for the more easy and clear understand-
ing of the holy Scriptures ; being the twelve
lesser Prophets, explained. Oxford, 1723. 4

An historical geography of the Old and New
Testament. 2 vol. Oxford, 1809. 8

WELLS (JOHN). The practical Sabbatarian : or,
Sabbath - holiness crowned with superlative
happiness. London, 1668. 4

WELSH (DAVID), D.D., Professor of divinity ./
Church history in the New college, Edinburgh.
Letter to the author of a tract, intitled,
"State of the Edinburgh churches Tory
church building scheme." Edin., 1835. 12

Another copy.

The limits and extent of the right of private
judgment : being the substance of a sermon
[on Rom. xiv. 5], preached in the church of
St Giles, on Thursday, May 18, 1843.

Edin., 1843. 8

Another copy.

Second thousand. Edin., 1843. 8

Elements of Church history. Vol. i. Com-
prising the external history of the Church
during the first three centuries. [All pub-
lished.] Edin., 1844. 8

Another copy.

Another copy.

Another copy.

Another copy.

Another copy.

- Another copy. [Wants pp. 257-272, and 337-
352, inclusive, and index.]

Another copy. [Wants pp. 33-48, 65-81, 145-
161, 225-248, 257-272, 289, 290, 303-352,
400-416, 433-479, inclusive.]

[The three preceding entries contain the proofs,
and first and second revises, with Dr Welsh's



Sermons on practical subjects. 2d ed.

Edin., 1844. 12

Another copy.

Sermons. With a memoir by A. Dunlop, Esq.
Advocate. Edin., 1846. 8

Another copy.

WELSH, or WELCH (JOHN), Minister of thel
Gospel at Ayr. Popery anatomized, or a
learned, pious, and elaborat treatise ; wherein
many of the greatest and weightiest points of
controversie, between us and Papists, are !
handled ; and the truth of our doctrine clearly !
proved : and the f alshood of their religion and
doctrine anatomized, and laid open, and most
evidently convicted and confuted by Scrip-
ture, Fathers, and also by some of their own
Popes, Doctors, Cardinals, and of their own
writers. In answer to Mr Gilbert Brown,
priest. The 2d ed. To which is annexed, A
discovery of the bloody, rebellious, and trea-
sonable principles and practices of Papists, in
dissolving oaths, committing treasons, raising
warrs and commotions, and using unparalleled
cruelties toward Protestants. By Matthew
CRAFORD. Glasgow, 1672. 8

Another copy. [Wants title.]

An alarm to the backsliding children in the
West of Scotland. Being the subject of a
sermon upon John, xx. 27, 28.

Glasgow, 1741. 8

Another copy. [Wants title.]

Thirty five sermons... all preached in the year
1605, a little before his imprisonment and
banishment to France ; with the history of his
life, and two prophetical letters written by
himself. [Forming part i. of Miscellany ser-
mons.] Edin., 1744. 4

Another copy.

Letter of Mr J. W., while he was under sen-
tence of death, for declining the jurisdiction
of a civil court, in an ecclesiastical matter.
With a short introduction. Edin., 1839. 8

The great Gospel sumonds, to close with Christ,
under the pain of the highest rebellion against
the God of heaven ; being the substance of a
preface and sermon at Hemphlar-bank in the
parish of Lanrick Feb. 20. 1676.

s. I. et a. 4

Another copy.

The Churches paradox : or, the substance of
a sermon [on Zech. xiv. 6, 7] preached at the
place of Cambusnethen in a barn, in the parish
of Cambusnethen in Clydsdale.

s. I. et a. 4

* The history of Mr J. W. [By James KIRK-
TON.] 1726

* Life of J. W. : including illustrations of the
contemporary ecclesiastical history of Scotland
and France. By the late Rev. James Young.
With a biographical sketch of the author. [By
James Anderson.] Edin., 1866. 8

WELSH (ROBERT), LL.D. An historical account
of Constantinople ; [with Constantinople, and
the scenery of the seven Churches of Asia
Minor, illustrated. By Thomas ALLOM].

s. a.

WELSTED (LEONARD). The scheme and con-
duct of providence, from the creation to the
coming of Messiah. London, 1736. 8

WELWOOD (ANDREW). Meditations, repre-
senting a glimpse of glory ; or, a Gospel dis-
covery of Emmanuel's land. Whereunto is
subjoined, a spiritual hymn, intituled, the
dying saint's song ; and some of his last let-
ters. Edin., 1797. 12

WELWOOD (JAMES), M.D. A vindication of
the present great Revolution in England ; in
five letters pass'd betwixt J. W. and Mr John
March, vicar of Newcastle upon Tyne. Occa-
sion'd by a sermon preach'd by him on Janu-
ary 30. 168|. before the Mayor and aldermen,
for passive obedience and non-resistance.

London, 1689. 4 3

Reasons why the PARLIAMENT of SCOTLAND
cannot comply with the late King James.


Memoirs of the most memorable transactions
in England, for the last hundred years pre-
ceading the Revolution in 1688. A new edi-
tion. Glasgow, 1749. 16

WEMYSS (THOMAS). Job and his times, and a

new version of that most ancient poem. 1839.


A key to the symbolical language of Scripture,
by which numerous passages are explained and
illustrated. Founded on the symbolical dic-
tionary of Daubuz, with additions from Vi-
tringa, Ewaldus, and others. [Bib. Cab. , vol.
xxvi.] Edin., 1840. 8

Biblical gleanings ; or, a collection of passages
of Scripture that have been generally con-
sidered to be mistranslated in the received
English version. With proposed corrections,
also the important various readings in both
Testaments, and occasional notes interspersed,
with a view to the illustration of obscure and
ambiguous texts. With several other matters,
tending to the general elucidation of the sacred
writings. York, s. a. 8

WENCKSTERN (Giro VON). Des Siebenten
Rheinischen Provincial-Landtages Verhand-
lungen iiber die wichtigsten Fragen unserer
Zeit, gesammelt, herausgegeben und verlegt
von O. von W. (In Commission bei W.
Langewiesche in Barmen.)

Barmen, 1844. 8

German grammar, with practical exercises.
6th ed. London, 1814. 12

Practical German grammar, in which each rule
is systematically, clearly, and concisely ex-
plained. And immediately followed by pro-
per exercises, for the use of English students D. Boileau. 10th ed.

London, 1840. 12

of theology and philosophy at Anhalt. Chris-
tianas theologian libri ii. methodice dispositi,
perpetua prajceptorum succinctorum et per-
spicuorum serie explicati, et prsecipuarum om-
nium controversiarum, qua? in Ecclesiis et


WEKKN1 ELSI1 - \\ !

scholia theologicis liodio agitantur, compen-
diosa et logica tractatione ita illustrati ct tein-
perati ut et adultioribus S. S. theologies stu-
diosis et novellia tironibus commode inser-
viant. AmM., KWJ. 12

Editio novissima. Amstel., 1646. 12

Another copy.

Exercitationes theologicte vindices, pro theo- ;
logia Christiana M. F. Wendelini, opposite
Johannis (Jc-rhardi Collegio Antiwendeliniano ;
aliisque rocentium Lutheranorum scriptis or-
thodoxiam infestantibus ; quibus omnes et
singuhe controversiie theologicaj inter ortho-
doxos et Lutheranos hactenus agitatae plene,
solidfe et logicfc discutiuntur, doctrinseque or-
ihodoxte veritas et sinceritas adversus omnes
insultus, instantias, cavillationes et criminatio-
nes perspicuk et nervosfe asseritur, omnesque

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