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anecdotes, from the best authorities. To which
are added, a particular account of his death
and funeral ; and extracts from the sermons,

which were preached on that occasion. Com-
piled by the Rev. John Gillies, D.D.

London, 1772. 8

Another edition. Falkirk, 1798. 12

* The life and times of the Rev. G. W. By
Robert Philip. London, 1837. 8

* Sketches of the life and labours of the Rev.
G. W. To which are added, two discourses
preached in the year 1739. Edin., s. a. 12

Middle Temple. The social evil practically
considered. A paper read at the meeting of
the Lay and clerical union.

London, [18581. 12

WHITEHURST (JOHN), F.R.S. An inquiry
into the original state and formation of the
earth, to which is added an appendix on the
strata in Derbyshire. London, 1778. 4

WHITELEY (HENRY). Verbatim reprint of a
pamphlet, entitled. Three months in Jamaica,
in 1832 : comprising a residence of seven
weeks on a sugar plantation.

London, s. a. 12

Another copy.

WHITELEY (JOSEPH), A.B. An essay on the
necessity of a Redeemer. Leeds, 1783. 8

An essay on Jesus Christ, considered as an
example to mankind. Cambridge, 1783. 4

STRODE). Essays, ecclesiastical and civil.
[Wants title.] London, 1706. 8

Memorials of the English affairs : or, an his-
torical account of what passed from the begin-
ning of the reign of King Charles the First to
King Charles the Second his happy restaura-
tion. A new edition. Containing the pub-
lick transactions, civil and military : together
with the private consultations and secrets of
the Cabinet. London, 1732. fol

WHITELOCKE (Sir JAMES), Father of tlie pre-
ceding. Liber famelicus of Sir J. W., a judge
of the court of King's Bench in the reign of
James I. and Charles I. , now first published
from the original manuscript. Edited [for the
Camden Society] by John Bruce.

London, 1858. 4

WHITER (WALTER), M. A. , Fellow of Clare Hall,
Cambridge. Etymologicon universale : or,
universal etymological dictionary : on a new
plan. In which it is shewn, that consonants
are alone to be regarded in discovering the
affinities of words, and that the vowels are to
be wholly rejected ; that languages contain the
same fundamental idea ; and that they are de-
rived from the earth, and the operations, acci-
dents, and properties, belonging to it. With
illustrations drawn from various languages :
the Teutonic dialects, English, Gothic, Saxon,
German, Danish, &c. &c. Greek, Latin,
French, Italian, Spanish. The Celtic dialects,
Gaelic, Irish, Welsh, Bretagne, &c. &e. The
dialects of the Sclavonic, Russian, &c. &c.
The Eastern languages, Hebrew, Arabic, Per-
sian, Sanscrit, Gipsey, Coptic, &c. &c. 3 vol.
Cambridge, 1822, 25. 4

WHITFIELD (THOMAS), Minister at Great Ya,-



mouth, Norfolk. A discourse of liberty of
conscience, wherein the arguments on both
sides are so equally laid together in the bal-
lance, that the indifferent reader may without
difficulty judge whither side weighs the heavier.
London, 1649. 4

WHITGIFT (JOHN), D.D., A rchbishop of Ca ,//-
bury. The works of J. \V. The first portion,
containing the Defence of the Answer to the
admonition, against the Reply of Thomas Cart-
wright : Tractates i.-vi. Edited for the Par-
ker Society, by the Rev. John Ayre, M.A.

Cambridge, 1851. 8

The second portion, containing the Defence

of the Answer to the Admonition... Tractates
vii.-x. [Ibid.] Cambridge, 1852. 8

The third portion, containing the Defence

of the Answer to the Admonition... Tractates
xii. -xxiii., sermons, selected letters, &c.
[Ibid.] Cambridge, 1853. 8 C

* The life of J. W. Written by Sir George
Paule. To which is added a treatise intituled
Conspiracy for pretended reformation, written
in the year 1591. By Richard COSIN, LL.D.

London, 1699. 8

WHITING (NATHAN). Bible history, illustrated
by engravings, or the manners and customs of
the ancients. New-Haven, s. a. 12

WHITLEY (JOHN), D. D. The doctrine of
atonement and sacrifice, evinced from the
Scriptures, and confirmed from the sacra-
ments : errors considered ; and difficulties of
theists and infidels answered.

London, 1836. 8

WHITLOCK (JOHN), M.A., Minister of the Gos-
pel at St Maries, Nottingham. The upright
man and his happy end : opened and applyed
in a sermon [on Ps. 37. 37] preached at the
funerals of the Hon. Francis Pierrepont... on
the 18th of March 1657, in the parish church
of Holm Pierepont in Nottinghamshire...

London, 1658. 4

Another copy.


WHITMORE (WILLIAM W.).* Extract of a
letter addressed to W. W., in reply to the
erroneous statements of the late J. Marryat,
on the subject of slavery in the East Indies,
by the author of a pamphlet entitled ' ' East
and West India sugar." London, s. a. fol.

WHITTAKER (GEORGE), A.M., Master of the
grammar-school in Southampton. Latin exer-
cises ; or, exempla propria : being English
sentences, translated from, the best Roman
writers, and adapted to the rules in s}-ntax ;
to be again translated into the Latin language.
10th ed. London, 1832. 8

WHOLE DUTY OF MAN. The works of the
learned and pious author of The whole duty of
man. L. P. Oxford, 1704. fol.

WHYTE (ADAM). Political preaching : or the
meditations of a well-meaning man, in a ser-
mon lately published ; in a letter addressed to
the Rev. Mr William Dun, minister of Kirk-
intilloch. Glasgow, 1792. 8

WHYTEHEAD (ROBERT), M.A. The warrant

of faith : or, a handbook to the canon and
inspiration of the Scriptures.

London, 1864. 8

WHYTOCK (GEORGE), Minister of the Attociate
congregate ith. A defence of cove-

nanting against the attacks made thereon in u
late publication, entituled, A dissertation on
the nature and genius of the kingdom of
Christ... By Patrick Hutchison, A.M.

Glasgow, 1780. 16

A short vindication of Presbyterial Church-
government : containing a summary view of
the evidence in support of it from MriptvN ;
together with an examination of the principal
arguments of the Independents against it.

Edin., 1799. 12

Another copy.

A short vindication of Presbytery : with twelve
essays on the Church. Edited by the Rev.
Thomas M'Crie. .,1843. 8

Another copy.

Another copy.

de la statue miraculeuse de la Tres-Sainte
Vierge Marie, honored dans I'e'glise de N. D.
de Finisterre a Bruxelles sous le titre de
Notre- Dame de bon-succes.

Bruxelks, 1854. 8

WICKES (JOHN WIGHT), M.A., domestic chap-
lain to the Duke of Cumberland. *The judge-
ment delivered, Dec. llth, 1809 by the Right
Hon. Sir John Nicholl...upon the admission
of articles, exhibited in a cause of office pro-
moted by Kemp against Wickes, Clerk, for
refusing to bury an infant child of two of his
parishioners, who had been baptized by a dis-
senting minister. London, 1810. 8

Another copy.

A sermon [on Prov. xix. 21] preached at the
parish church of St Michael, Queen-Hithe,
London, on Wednesday, March 7, 1798; being
the day appointed for a general fast. . .

London, 1798. 4

A letter addressed to the Rt. Rev. Spencer,
Lord Bishop of Peterborough, in answer to an
appeal made to the ' ' Society for defending the
civil rights of the dissenters," relative to the
important question of church burial by the
established clergy. Stamford, s. a. 8

WICKHAM (J. A.), of Frome, Somerset. A sy-
nopsis of the doctrine of baptism, regenera-
tion, conversion, &c. and kindred subjects, by
the Fathers and other writers from the time
of our Saviour to the end of the fourth cen-
tury. Witli a preface by the Rev. H. D.
Wickham, M.A. London, 1850. 8


LYFFE (JOHN), D.D. The New Testament,
translated out of the Latin Vulgat. 1731.

The New Testament translated from the La-
tin, in the year 1380. To which are prefixed
Memoirs of the life of Dr W. By the Rev.



Dialogorum libri quatuor, quorum primus di-
vinitatem et ideas tractat. Secundus univer-
sarum rerum creationem complectitur. Ter-
tius de virtutibus vitiisque ipsis contrariis co-
piosissime loquitur. Quartus Romaiue Eccle-
sise sacramenta, ejus pestiferam dotationem,
Antichristi regnum, f ratrum fraudulentam ori-
ginem atque eorum hypocrisim, variaque nos-
tro oevo scitu dignissima, graphics perstringit,
quse ut essent inventu facilia, singulorum
librorum, turn caput, turn capitis summam
indice prsenotavimus. Auctus est denique
liber, catalogo prsecipuorum de Wiclefo nostro
scriptorum, quern vita ex optimis fontibus,
germanico idiomate depicta, sequitur.

Francofurti et Lipsice, 1753. 4

The last age of the Church. Now first printed
from a manuscript in the university library,
Dublin. Edited with notes, by James Hen-
thorn Todd, D.D. Dublin, 1840. 4

An apology for Lollard doctrines, attributed
to Wicliffe. Now first printed from a manu-
script in the library of Trinity college, Dub-
lin. With an introduction and notes, by
James Henthorii Todd, D.D. [Camden So-
ciety.] London, 1842. 4

Tracts and treatises of J. de W. With selec-
tions and translations from his manuscripts,
and Latin works. Edited for the Wyclifte
Society, with an introductory memoir, by the
Rev. Robert Vaughan, D.D.

London, 1845. 8

Another copy.

Wicklieffes Wicket faythfully overseene and
corrected after the originall and first copie,
with an epistle to the reader by [MJyles [C]o-
verdale. To which is added the Artycles
wherefore Johan Fryth died ; and a short life
of J. Wickliffe, by Thomas James, formerly
keeper of the Bodleian library, at Oxford.
Edited by Robert Potts, M.A.

Cambridge: reprinted, 1851. 8 C
. * The history of the life and sufferings of the
Rev. and learned J. W. Together with a col-
lection of papers relating to the said history,
never before printed. By John Lewis, A.M.
London, 1720. 8 C

A new edition. Oxford, 1820. 8

- * The life of J. W. With an appendix, and
list of his works. Edin., 1820. 8

- * The life and opinions of John de Wycliffe,
illustrated principally from his unpublished
manuscripts ; with a preliminary view of the
Papal system, and of the state of the Protest-
ant doctrine in Europe, to the commencement
of the fourteenth century. By Robert Vaughan.
2 vol. London, 1828. 8

licus Anglus. Responsio apologetica. Ad li
bellum cuiusdam doctoris theologi, qui eius
pro iure Principum apologiam tanquam fidei
Catholicse aperte repugnantem, atque ethni-
cismum sapientem, falsb, indocte, et seditiose
criminatur. Cosmopoli, 1612. 8

Last reioynder to Mr Thomas Fitz-herberts
Reply concerning the oath of allegiance, am

the Popes power to depose princes : wherein
all his arguments, taken from the lawes of
God, in the Old and New Testament, of na-
ture, of nations, from the canon and ciuill
law, and from the Popes Breues, condemning
the oath, and the Cardinalls decree, forbidding
two of Widdringtons bookes are answered :
also many replies and instances of Cardinall
Bellarmine in his Schulckenius, and of Leonard
Lessius in his Singleton are confuted, and di-
uers cunning shifts of Cardinall Peron are dis-
couered. s. I, 1619. 4

WIDOWS FUND. Memorial by the general
collector, to the trustees for managing the
fund established for a provision to ministers
widows, &c. in Scotland. Edin., 1800. 8

Prospectus of a plan for establishing in Scot-
land a general fund, for securing provision to
widows, sisters, &c. and insuring capital sums
on lives. To be called the Scottish widows
fund, and Equitable assurance society.

Edin., 1812. 12

Deed of constitution of the Scottish widows'
fund and Life assurance society.

Edin., 1834. 8

- Minutes of the annual meeting of contributors
to the Widows fund, held at Belfast, July 2,
1835. Belfast, 1835. 8

WIESINGER (Lie. AUGUST). Biblical com-
mentary on St Paul's Epistles to the Philip-
pians, to Titus, and the First to Timothy.
(In continuation of the work of Olshausen.)
Translated from the German by the Rev. J.
Fulton, A.M. [Clark's For. Theol. Lib.]

Edin., 1851. 8

WIGANDUS (JOHANNES), Professor of divinity
at Jena. De sacramentarijsmo, dogmata et
argumenta ex quatuor Patriarchis sacramen-
tariorum, Carlstadio, Zwinglio, CEcolampadio,
Calvino potissimum et quibusdam aliis. Item
De schismate sacramentario, quasi in unum
corpus redacta. Lipsice, 1585. 4

De Stancarismo dogmata et argumenta cum
solutionibus, qiiibus prsemissa est inethodus
de mediatione Christi. Lipsice, 1585. 4

WIGGERS(G. F.), D.D., Professor of tlieology in
the university of Rostock. An historical pre-
sentation of Augustinism and Pelagianism
from the original sources. Translated from
the German, with notes and additions, by Rev.
Ralph Emerson. Andover, 1840. 8

Another copy. [Wanting pp. 17-24.]

of divinity in Harvard college. A letter to the
Rev. Mr George Whitefield, by way of reply
to his answer to the college testimony against
him and his conduct. To which is added the
Rev. President's (Edward Holyoke) Answer
to the things charg'd upon him by the said
Mr Whitefield, as inconsistences.

Boston, N. E., 1745. 4

WIGHT (SARAH). * The exceeding riches of
grace advanced by the Spirit of grace, in an
empty nothing creature, viz. Mrs S. W. , lately
hopeles and restles, her soule dwelling far
from peace or hopes thereof. Now hopefull,



ami joyfull in the Lord, (that hath caused
light to shine out of darknes ; that in and by
this earthen vessoll, holds forth his own etcr-
nall love, and the glorious grace of Jesus
Christ, to the chiefest of sinners). Who de-
sired that others might hear and know, what
the Lord had done for her soul, (that was so
terrified day and night :) and might neither
presume, nor despair and murmure against
God, as she hath done. Published for the
refreshing of poor souls, by an eye and ear-
witnes of a good part thereof, Henry Jesse,
[or Jacie] a servant of Jesus Christ. The
3d ed. London, 1648. 8

WIGHTMAN (Mrs CHARLES). Haste to the
rescue ; or, work while it is day. With pre-
face by the author of "English hearts and
English hands." Twelfth thousand.

London, 1860. 8

WIGHTMAN (JOHN), Minister of Kirkmahoe.
Practical lectures on the two Epistles of Paul
to the Thessalonians. Edin., 1834. 12

WIGHTMAN (ROBERT). * Information for
R. W. and others, against the Earl of Hope-
ton, s. I., 1730. 4


merly vicar of East Farleigh, now a priest in
the Church of Rome. Reasons for submitting
to the Catholic Church. A farewell letter to
his parishioners from a clergyman of the Estab-
lished Church. Fifth thousand.

London, 1851. 16

ther of the preceding, Archdeacon of the East
Riding, and Canon of York. Church courts
and Church discipline. London, 1843. 8

The doctrine of holy baptism : with remarks
on the Rev. W. Goode's ' Effects of infant
baptism.' London, 1849. 8

The doctrine of the incarnation of our Lord
Jesus Christ in relation to mankind and to the
Church. 2d ed. London, 1849. 8

A sketch of the history of Erastianism : to-
gether with two sermons on the reality of
Church ordinances, and on the principles of
Church authority. London, 1851. 12

An inquiry into the principles of Church au-
thority ; or, reasons for recalling my subscrip-
tion to the Royal supremacy.

London, 1854. 8

WILBERFORCE (SAMUEL), D.D., Brother of tlie
preceding, and Bishop of Oxford. A history of
the Protestant Episcopal Church in America.

London, 1854. 12

WILBERFORCE (WILLIAM), Father of the pre-
ceding. A practical view of the prevailing re-
ligious system of professed Christians, in the
higher and middle classes in this country, con-
trasted with real Christianity. 2d ed.

London, 1797. 8

Another edition. With an introductory essay,
by the Rev. Daniel Wilson, D.D.

Glasgow, 1826. 12

Another copy.

Another edition. Glasgmv, 1838. 8

Another edition. From a late London cli-
tinii. New York, t. a. 12*

An appeal to the religion, justice, and huma-
nity of the inhabitants of the British t-mpirv,
in behalf of the negro slaves in the West In-
dies. A new edition. -Am, 1823. 8

*The life of W. W. By IUH sons, Robert
Isaac Wilberforce, M.A., and Samuel NVilbcr-
force, M.A. 5 vol. 2d ed.

don, 1839. 8

WILCOCK (JAMES). A challenge sent to Master
E. B. a semi-separatist from the Church of
England. Now published by the author
J. \V. London, 1641. 4

WILCOCKS (THOMAS), A. M. The works of
T. W. ; containing an exposition vpon the
whole Booke of David's Psalmes, Solomon's
Prouerbs, the Canticles, and part of the 8.
chapter of S. Pavl's Epistle to the Romans.

London, 1624. fol.

W T ILCOX (DANIEL), Preacher of the Gospel at
Monkwell Street, London. Sixty- four practi-
cal sermons... To which are added, the confes-
sion of faith delivered at his ordination to the
ministry ; and a discourse on the duty of hold-
ing fast the form of sound words. 3 vol.
[Vol. i. and ii., 2d ed.] London, 1744. 8

WILDE (JOHN), Professor of civil law in the uni-
versity of Edinburgh. An address to the lately
formed Society of the friends of the people.

Edin., 1793. 8

WILDE (W. R.), M.R. I. A. Narrative of a voy-
age to Madeira, Teneriffe, and along the shores
of the Mediterranean, including a visit to Al-
giers, Egypt, Palestine, Tyre, Rhodes, Tel-
niessus, Cyprus, and Greece. With observa-
tions on the present state and prospects of
Egypt and Palestine, and on the climate, na-
tural history, and antiquities of the countries
visited. 2d ed. Dublin, 1844. 8

WILKINS (DAVID), S.T.P., Archdeacon of Suf-
folk. Novum Testamentum ^Egyptum. 1716.

Quinque Libri Moysis. 1731. See BIBLES

WILKINS (JOHN), D.D., Bishop of Chester.
Ecclesiastes, or, a discourse concerning the
gift of preaching as it falls under the rules of
art. 2d ed. London, 1646. 4

Eighth edition. London, 1704. 8

An essay towards a real character, and a phi-
losophical language. London, 1668. fol.

Of the principles and duties of natural reli-
gion : two books. To which is added, a ser-
mon preached at his funerals, by William
LLOYD, D.D., Dean of Bangor.

London, 1678. 8

Another copy.

Seventh edition. London, 1715. 8

Eighth edition. London, 1722. 8

Sermons preached upon several occasions.
Never before published. London, 1682. 8

A discourse concerning the gift of prayer,
shewing what it is, wherein it consists, and
how far it is attainable by industry. With
divers useful and proper directions to that



purpose, both in respect of matter, method,
expression. Whereunto is added, Ecclesiaates :
or, a discourse concerning the gift of preach-
ing. 8th ed. London, 1704. 8
WILKINSON (HENRY), B.D., Divinity reader in
Magdalen Hall, Oxford. Babylons ruine,
Jerusalems rising. Set forth in a sermon [on
Zech. i. 18-21] preached before the Hon. House
of Commons, on the 25 Octob. being the day
appointed for the monthly fast, solemnly to
be observed. London, 1643. 4

The gainefull cost. As it was delivered in a
sermon [on 1 Chron. xvi. 24] preached before
the House of Lords, Nov. 27.

London, 1644. 4

man body and its connexion with man, illus-
trated by the principal organs.

London, 1851. 8

ners and customs of the ancient Egyptians,
including their private life, government, laws,
arts, manufactures, religion, agriculture, and
early history ; derived from a comparison of
the paintings, sculptures, and monuments still
existing, with the accounts of ancient authors.
5 vol. 3d ed. London, 1847. 8

WILKINSON (M.), Missionary. Sketches of
Christianity in North India.

London, 1844. 8

WILKINSON (WATTS), B.A., Tuesday morning
lecturer at St Bartholomew Exchange. Twenty
four sermons. London, 1841. 12

Another copy.

Testament with notes. 1855. See BIBLES

WILKS (MARK). History of the persecutions
endured by the Protestants of the South of
France, and more especially of the department
of the Gard, during the years 1814, 1815,
1816, &c. Including a defence of their con-
duct, from the Revolution to the present
period. 2 vol. London, 1821. 8

Tahiti : containing a review of the origin,
character, and progress of French Roman Ca-
tholic efforts for the destruction of English
Protestant missions in the South Seas. Trans-
lated from the French of M. W.

London, 1844. 8

Nursling, near Southampton. Christian es-
says. 2 vol. London, 1817. 8

Correlative claims and duties ; or, an essay on
the necessity of a Church Establishment in a
Christian country, for the preservation of
Christianity among the people of all ranks and
denominations and the means of exciting and
maintaining among its members a spirit of
devotion, together with zeal for the honour,
stability, and influence of the Established
Church... London, 1821. 8

An essay on " the signs of conversion and un-
conversion in ministers of the Church." 3d ed.

London, 1830. 16

The duty of prompt and complete abolition of

colonial slavery, a sermon [on Gen. xlii. 21]
preached... September 26, 1830, with a letter
to His Grace the Archbishop of Canterbury,
and an appendix of Episcopal testimonies.

London, 1830. 8

A Church Establishment lawful, scriptural,
and necessary. Six dialogues between the
rector of Oakenvale, and Mr Granger, one of
his parishioners. London, 1832. 12

WILL. An essay on the freedom of will in God
and in creatures, and on various subjects con-
nected therewith. London, 1732. 8

WILLARD (EMMA). A system of universal his-
tory, in perspective. Illustrated by a chrono-
logical picture of nations, or perspective sketch
of the course of empire, in a series of maps,
giving the progressive geography of the world.
Philadelphia, 1843. 8 3

History of the United States, or, republic of
America. Philadelphia, 1843. 8

WILLCOLKES (Dr). The united new and much
admired system of arithmetic and mental cal-
culations, of Dr W. and Messrs T. and T. W.
Fryer ; being the result of many years' study.
7th ed. Derby, 1840. 12

WILLES (THOMAS), M.A., Minister of the Gospel
in the city of London. Kccigol xcthtTrot. A word
in season, for a warning to England : or a
prophecy of perillous times open'd and ap-
ply'd. Wherein the signes of bad times, and
the means of making the times good, are re-
presented as the great concernment of all good
Christians in this present age. First exhibited
in a sermon [on 2 Tim. 3. 1] preached in the
abby at Westminster, July 5. 1659. and since
enlarged and published. London, 1659. 8

WILLET (ANDREW), Rector of Childesley, Cam-
bridgeshire. Synopsis Papismi, that is, a ge-
nerall viewe of Papistrie : wherein the whole
mysterie of iniquitie, and summe of Antichris-
tian doctrine is set downe, which is maintained
this day by the Synagogue of Rome, against
the Church of Christ, together with an anti-
thesis of the true Christian faith, and an an-
tidotum of counterpoyson out of the Scrip-
tures, against the whore of Babylons filthy
cuppe of abominations : deuided into foure
bookes or centuries, that is, so many hundreds
of Popish heresies and errors. Now this se-
cond time perused... London, 1594. 4

Third edition. Divided into five bookes, or
centuries. London, 1600. fol.

Tetrastylon Papisticum, that is, the foure prin-
cipall pillars of Papistrie, the first conteyning
their raylings, slanders, forgeries, untruthes :
the second their blasphemies, flat contradic-
tions to Scripture, heresies, absurdities : the
third their loose arguments, weake solutions,
subtill distinctions : the fourth and last the
repugnant opinions of new Papistes with the
old : of the new one with another ; of the
same writers with themselves : yea of Popish
religion with and in itselfe. Compiled as a
necessarie supplement or fit appertinance to
the authors former worke, intituled Synopsis
Papismi... London, 1596. 4 d




Hexapla in C.ncsin, that is, a sixfold com-
mentarie upon Genesis : wherein six severall
translations, that is, the Septuagint, ami the
Chalde, two Latine, of Hierome, and Treine-
lius : two English, the Great Bible, and the
Geneva edition are compared, where they

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