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differ, with the originall, Hebrew, and Pag-
nine, and Montanus interlinearie interpreta-
tion : together with a sixfold use of every
chapter, shewing 1. The method or argument :
2. the divers readings : 3. the explanation of
difficult questions and doubtfull places : 4. the
places of doctrine : 5. places of confutation :
6. morall observations ... Divided into two
tomes... The third time revised.

London, 1632. fol.

Hexapla in Exodum, that is, a sixfold com-
mentary upon the second Booke of Moses
called Exodus... Wherein in the divers read-
ings those translations are compared together :
1. The Chalde : 2. The Septuagint : 3. The
Vulgar Latine : 4. Pagnine : 6. Montanus :
6. lunius : 7. Vatablus : 8. The great English
Bible : 9. The Geneva edition : 10. And the
Hebrew originall maketh the 10th. Divided
into two parts... London, 1633. fol.

Hexapla in Danielem : that is, a sixfold corn-
men tarie upon the most diuine prophecie of
Daniel : wherein according to the method pro-
pounded in Hexapla upon Genesis and Exo-
dus, six things are observed in every chapter
...Divided into two bookes... [Title in manu-

[London] and Cambridge, 1608, 10. fol.

Hexapla : that is, a sixfold commentarie vpon
the most diuine Epistle of the holy Apostle
S. Paul to the Romans : wherein according to
the authors former method sixe things are
obserued in euery chapter...Diuided into two
bookes... Cambridge, 1611. fol.

Another copy.

WILLETT (JOHN), M.A., Fellow of Wadham col-
lege. The nature and mischiefs of hypocrisy.
A sermon [on Ps. Ixxviii. 57] preach'd at the
assizes... at St Mary's church in Oxford, July
15, 1708. London, 1708. 8

WILLIAM HENRY, Prince of Orange, after-
wards William III., King of England. * A
memorial for His Highness the Prince of
Orange, in relation to the affairs of Scotland :
together with the Address of the Presbyterian
party in that kingdom to His Highness ; and
some observations on that address. By two
persons of quality. London, 1689. 4

The laws and Acts made in the first parliament
of. ..William and Mary. ..[Scots Acts.]

Edin., 1690. 12

The laws and Acts made in the first session of
the first parliament of... William... [Ibid.-]

Edin., 1695. 12 U

The laws and Acts made in the sixth session
of the first parliament of... William... [Ibid.]

Edin., 1696. 12

The laws and Acts made in the seventh session
of the first parliament of. ..William. ..[Ibid.]

Edin., 1698. 12

The laws and acts made in the eighth and
ninth sessions of the first parliament <>f...\\ il-
liam...[lbid.] . K.M8. 12

The act of the parliament of Scotland, for tho
security <>f tin- kingdom, as it is voted and
past in this present parliament and lii-s iv.-niy
for the royal assent. With a short account
of it, and some few remarks.

London, 1703. 4

Act for security of the kingdom. As it is
voted and approved by the Right Hon. the
Estates of parliament, at Edinburgh, the 13th
August, 1703. /;./;/,., 1704. 4 J

A collection of State tracts, published on occa-
sion of the late REVOLUTION in 1688. And
during the reign of King William III. 3 vol.

London, 1705-1707. fol.

Act of parliament ratifying the confession of
faith and settling Presbyterian Church govern-
ment at the Revolution, anno 1690. Likewise
the act rescinding the act of supremacy. The
act restoring Presbyterian ministers. Two
acts recissory rescinding all the persecuting
acts and laws made against the suffering Pres-
byterians from the Restoration to the Revolu-
tion. With some remarks upon the same. By
George Paton. Glasgow, 1747. 8

Anno primo Willielmi et Marise. An act for
establishing the coronation oath.

s. I. et a. 4

Copy of a signature for a new bank.

s. 1. et a. 4

Act of parliament for erecting a bank in Scot-
land. . 1. et a. 4

WILLIAM IV., King of Great Britain and Ire-
land. An act to amend the representation of
the people in Scotland. With notes and illus-
trations... by a member of the Scottish bar.

Edin., 1832. 8

Another copy.

WILLIAMS (DANIEL), D.D., Preacher at Salters'
Hall. Man made righteous by Christ's obe-
dience : being two sermons at Pinners Hall.
With enlargements, &c. Also some remarks
on Mr Mather's postscript, &c.

London, 1694. 12

* An apology for the ministers who subscribed
only unto the stating of the truths and errours
in Mr Williams' book. Shewing, that the
Gospel which they preach, is the old everlast-
ing Gospel of Christ. [By William LORIMER.]

London, 1694. 4

Gospel truth stated and vindicated. Wherein
some of Dr Crisp's opinions are considered.
And the opposite truths are plainly stated and
confirmed. 3d ed. A large postscript is now
added for clearing sundry truths objected
against, &c. London, 1698. 12

Another copy.

A new edition, carefully revised, and collated
with the intermediate additions, the several
texts of Scripture, and the other authorities
referred to, by William Stevens.

London, 1830. 12

The answer to the Report, &c. [by Stephen
Lobb] which the united ministers appointed



their committee to draw up, as in the preface.
Also letters of the Right Rev. the Bishop of
Worcester, and the Rev. Dr Edwards, to Mr
Williams ; against whom their testimony was
produced by Mr Lob. And animadversions
on Mr Lob's Defence of the Report.

London, 1698. 8

Practical discourses on several important sub-
jects...^ which is prefixed, some account of
his life and character. 2 vol.

London, 1738. 8

Another copy.

Discourses on several important subjects.
3 vol. [Forming vol. iii., iv., v. of his Dis-
courses.] London, 1750. 8

Tractatus selecti, ex Anglicis Latine versi et
testamenti sui jussu editi. Quibus pnefixa
est narratiuncula de auctoris vita et scriptis.

Londini, 1760. 8

WILLIAMS (EDWARD), D.D., Principal of the
Independent academy at Rotheram. Antipse-
dobaptism examined : or, a short and impar-
tial inquiry into the nature and design, sub-
jects and mode of baptism, including, also, an
investigation of the nature of positive institu-
tions in general, and occasional strictures on
human ceremonies in matters of religion. Con-
taining, in particular, a full reply to Mr
Booth's Psedobaptism examined. 2 vol.

Shrewsbury, 1789. 8

Another copy.

An essay on the equity of divine government,
and the sovereignty of divine grace. Wherein,
particularly, the latitudinarian hypothesis of
indeterminate redemption, and the Antino-
rniaii notion of the divine decrees being the
rule of ministerial conduct, are carefully exa-
mined. London, 1809. 8

Another edition. London, 1813. 8

Another copy.

- Third edition. London, 1825. 8

A defence of modern Calvinism : containing
an examination of [Tomline] the Bishop of
Lincoln's work, entitled a Refutation of Cal-
vinism. London, 1812. 8

Another copy.

- The Christian preacher ; or, discourses on
preaching, by several eminent divines, Eng-
lish and foreign ; revised and abridged, with
an appendix on the choice of books. 2d ed.

London, 1809. 12

Fourth edition, to which is added, a second
appendix, containing a further list of books,
with characteristic notices.

London, 1824. 12

- Fifth edition. London, 1843. 12 s

* Memoirs of the life and writings of the late
Rev. E. W., with an appendix, including re-
marks on important parts of theological science.
By Joseph Gilbert. London, 1825. 8

WILLIAMS (JOHN), D.D., Bishop of Chichester.
The case of Lay COMMUNION with the Church
of England considered. 1684

A vindication of the case of indifferent things
used in the WORSHIP of God. 1684

Twelve sermons preach'd at the lecture found-

ed by Robert Boyle, Esq. ; concerning the
possibility, necessity and certainty of divine
revelation. 2d ed. To which are added,
three sermons, I. Of Scripture being a rule :
preach'd at a meeting of the clergy in Lewes
in Sussex. Not before printed. II. Of justi-
fication, reprinted : preach'd at a meeting of
the clergy at Chichester. III. Of a propitia-
tion : preach'd before the late King in the
Passion- week. Not before printed.

London, 1708. 8

[And [without the additions] in a collection

of sermons preached at the Hon. Robert
BOYXE'S Lecture.] 1839

The third note of the Church examined, viz.
Uninterrupted duration ; [Notes of the Church,
as laid down by Cardinal BELLARMINB, exa-
mined and confuted, p. 97]. 1839

WILLIAMS (JOHN), Mineral engineer. An ac-
count of some remarkable ancient ruins, lately
discovered in the highlands, and Northern
parts of Scotland. In a series of letters to
G. C. M. Edin., 1777. 8

The natural history of the mineral kingdom.
In three parts. 2 vol. Edin., 1789. 8

Second edition. With an appendix, contain-
ing a more extended view of mineralogy and
geology. By James Millar, M.D. 2 vol.

Edin., 1810. 8

WILLIAMS (JOHN), LL.D. A free enquiry into
the authenticity of the first and second chap-
ters of St Matthew's Gospel : with a new pre-
face, containing an account of some MSS. in
the British Museum ; and a dissertation on
the original language of that Gospel. 2d ed.
London, 1789. 8

WILLIAMS (JOHN), A.B., Rector of Begelly, Pem-
brokeshire. Twenty sermons on miscellaneous
subjects. 2d ed. London, 1811. 12

Another copy.

WILLIAMS (JOHN), D.D. The compassion of
Christ for the multitude. A sermon [on Matt.
ix. 36] preached before the London missionary
society, May 11, 1821. London, 1821. 8

WILLIAMS (JOHN), of the London missionary
society. A narrative of missionary enterprises
in the South Sea islands ; with remarks upon
the natural history of the islands, origin, lan-
guages, traditions, and usages of the inhabit-
ants. Tenth thousand. London, 1838. 8

* Memoirs of the life of the Rev. J. W. , mis-
sionary to Polynesia. By Ebenezer Prout.
Second thousand. London, 1843. 8

WILLIAMS (J. FRED. LAKE). An historical
account of inventions and discoveries in those
arts aChd sciences, which are of utility or orna-
ment to man, lend assistance to human com-
fort, a polish to life, and render the civilized
state, beyond comparison, preferable to a state
of nature ; traced from their origin ; with
every subsequent improvement. 2 vol.

London, 1820. 8

WILLIAMS (PHILIP), D.D., President of at
John's college, Cambridge. Some observations
addressed to [Conyers Middleton] the author
of the Letter to Dr WATERLAND. 1733



WILLIAMS (ROGER), of Providence, in New-Eng-
land. The bloudy tenent of persecution for
cause of conscience discussed : and Mr Cot-
ton's Letter examined and answered. Edited
for the Hanserd Knollys Society by Edward
Bean Underbill. London, 1848. 8

Another copy.

* Life of R. W. , founder of the State of Rhode
Island. By William Gammell, A.M.

Boston, 1846. 8

WILLIAMS (S. WELLS). The middle kingdom ;
a survey of the geography, government, edu-
cation, social life, arts, religion, &c. of the
Chinese empire and its inhabitants. 3d ed.
2 vol. York, 1853. 12

WILLIAMS (THOMAS). A vindication of the
Calvinistic doctrines of human depravity, the
atonement, divine influences, &c. In a series
of letters to the Rev. T. Belsham : occasioned
by his ' ' Review of Mr Wilberf orce's treatise. "
With an appendix addressed to the author of
" Letters on hereditary depravity."

London, 1799. 8

Another copy.

The Song of songs, which is by Solomon. A
new translation. 1801. See BIBLES ENG-

The moral tendencies of knowledge : a lecture,
delivered before the city Philosophical society,
...Spitalfields. London, 1815. 8

An historic defence of experimental religion,
and the doctrine of divine influences, from the
authority of Scripture, and the testimony of
the wisest and best men, in all ages and coun-
tries. A new edition. London, 1825. 12

Popery unmasked : being a fair representation
of the chief errors of the Church of Rome.
Extracted from their own writers ; and con-
trasted with suitable quotations from the holy
Scriptures. To which is added, a slight sketch
of Popish cruelties and absurdities. A new
edition. London, 1828. 8

W I LLIAMSON (DAVID), Minister of the Gospel at
the West-kirk, Edinburgh. A sermon [onPsahn
2. 10] preached before His Grace the King's
commissioner, and the Estates of Parliament :
June the loth 1690. Edin., 1690. 4

A sermon [on Ps. 102. 13, 14] preached in Edin-
burgh at the opening of the General Assembly
of this National Church of Scotland, upon the
10th day of March 1703. Edin., 1703. 4

WILLIAMSON (DAVID), Whitehaven. Lectures
on civil and religious liberty : with reflections
on the constitutions of France and England ;
and on the violent writers, who have distin-
guished themselves in the controversy about
their comparative goodness ; and particularly
on Mr Burke and Mr Paine. To which are
added, two sermons [on Gen. xlix. 18] on the
"Influence of religion on the death of good
men." London, [1792]. 8

WILLIAMSON (JACOBUS). Disputatio niedica
inauguralis de ictero ; gradu doc-
toris...eruditorum examini subjicit J. W.

LJinbtirgi, 1818. 8 J

WILLIAMSON (JAMES), B.D., Prebendary of

/.<'(. <,..';(, itil'l !<(<. r ,.f II'l'/H'-M/l, Xortilillltl''

shire. The truth, inspiration, authority, and
end of the Scriptures, considt ivd and u
ed, in eight sermons, preached In f<.rc the Uni-
versity of Oxford, in the year 1793. At tht*
Keture founded by the late Rev. John Bani]>-
ton, A.M. Oxfonl, 17'CJ. 8

WILLIAMSON (JOHN). Remarks on the print-
id case of Professor [John] SIMSON. 1727

WILLIAMSON (JoHN), Shoemaker. *A correct
account of J. W. for starving and beating hia
wife to death ; [with God's revenge against
murder ; or the tragical histories and horrid
cruelties of Elizabeth BROWNRIOG]. *. a.

WILLIAMSON (JOHN). Select remains of
J. W., who died at Dumfries, December, 1826,
aged sixteen years ; with an account of his life.
By William Symington. Edin., 1827. 12

WILLICH (A. F. M.), M.D. Lectures on diet
and regimen : being a systematic inquiry into
the most rational means of preserving health
and prolonging life : together with physiolo-
gical and chemical explanations, calculated
chiefly for the use of families, in order to
banish the prevailing abuses and prejudices in
medicine. 3d ed. London, 1800. 8

WILLIS (ARTHUR), M.A., one of the assistant
masters of the Royal grammar school, Shrews-
bury. An elementary Hebrew grammar. To
which is added, a selection of Hebrew sen-
tences, with a lexicon and references to the
grammar. For the use of Shrewsbury school.
London, 1834. 8

WILLIS (JAMES), Vicar of Sopley. The poor
laws of England. The various plans and opi-
nions of Judge Blackstone [and others] stated
and considered, with proposed amendments of
easy execution, to give effect to the present
laws and to the views of government.

London, 1808. 8

Another copy.

WILLIS (JOHN), B.D., Vicar of Ridge, Herts.
Actions of the Apostles : translated from the
original Greek. 1789. See BIBLES ENGLISH.

WILLIS (MICHAEL), D.D., Principal of John
Knox's college, Toronto. Walking with God,
and its happy issue : a sermon [on Gen. v. 24]
preached in Glasgow, 14th October 1827, on
occasion of the death of his father, the Rev.
William Willis. With extracts from his diary.
Glasgov-, 1827. 8

The religious question, involved in the pro-
posed concessions to Roman Catholics, con-
sidered in a discourse, the substance of which
was delivered in Glasgow, 22d Feb. 1829.

Glasgow, 1829. 8

Another copy.

A discourse on national establishments of
Christianity : illustrating their consistency
with the spiritual nature of Christ's kingdom,
their warrant from the word of God ; and
their necessity to the safety of states.

Glasgow, 1833. 12

Another copy.

Second edition. Glasgow, 1833. 12



Popery the enemy of public morals. Penance
atones for all sins ; therefore sin is gain, if its
wages can purchase absolution. Indulgences.
Oaths not binding, the end justifies the means,
murder justified by service to the Church.

Glasgow, 1836. 8

Remarks on the late union between the Church
of Scotland and Associate Synod : in opposi-
tion to certain statements of the Dean of Fa-
culty. With the documents pertaining to the
union. Glasgow, 1840. 8

Another copy.

Another copy.

WILLIS (RICHARD), D.D., Bishop of Winchester.
A sermon [on Prov. xxiv. 21] preached be-
fore the House of Lords, in the Abbey-church
of Westminster, January 30, 17H- Being the
anniversary of the martyrdom of King Charles
the First. 2d ed. London, 1716. 8

WILLIS (WILLIAM), Greenock. Ministerial faith-
fulness recommended, particularly in the ad-
mission of young men to the holy ministry, in
a sermon preached in... Edinburgh, April 24th
1798. Together with a letter, respecting the
rise, progress, and present state of the mourn-
ful confusion in the Secession, occasioned by
the proposed alterations in the Formula.

Glasgow, 1798. 8

Another edition. Glasgoiu, 1817. 8

A smooth stone from the brook. Or, an hum-
ble attempt to prevent backsliding from the
principles of the covenanted Church of Scot-
land, in some letters to the Rev. George Law-
son. Glasgow, 1799. 8

An address to the Rev. Messrs Pirie, Kidston,
Hall and Peddie ; containing some remarks
upon a petition to the Lords of Council and
Session, by J. Bulloch, &c. with the concur-
rence of these ministers for themselves and
others. Glasgow, 1799. 8

- Little Naphtali : or, historical sketches con-
cerning the present melancholy apostacy in the
Secession. With very important expostula-
tions with apostates. Glasgoiv, 1800. 8

Another copy.

A view of Mount Calvary from the Mount of
Transfiguration. Being three sermons [on
Luke, ix. 30, 31]. Stirling, 1822. 8

WILLISON (JOHN), Minister of the Gospel at
Dundee. The whole works of the Rev. J. AV.
4vol. Edin., 1797-99. 8

A letter from a parochial Bishop to a prelati-
cal gentleman in Scotland, concerning the


An apology for the CHURCH OF SCOTLAND.


Five sermons preached before and after the
celebration of the Lord's Supper.

Edin., 1722. 8

The duty and advantage of religious societies
proven from Scripture and reason... in two
letters ; from the Rev. J. W. and the Rev.
John BONAR, Torphichen. To which are sub-
joined two letters anent the life of faith ; one
by the Rev. Joseph Belcher... the other from
Doctor Joseph Hall. Edin., 1743. 8 J

A fair and impartial Testimony, essayed in
name of a number of ministers, elders, and
Christian people of the Church of Scotland,
unto the laudable principles, wrestlings and
attainments of that Church ; and against the
backslidings, corruptions, divisions and pre-
vailing evils, both of former and present times.
And namely, the defections of the Established
Church, of the nobility, gentry, commons,
Seceders, Episcopalians, &c. Containing a
brief historical deduction of the chief occur-
rences in this Church from her beginning to
the year 1744, with remarks ; and humble
pleadings with our mother, to exert herself to
stop defection, and promote reformation. At-
tested and adhered to by sundry ministers.

Edin., 1744. 8

Another copy.

Another edition. Glasgow, 1765. 8

A sacramental CATECHISM : or, a familiar in-
structor for young communicants. Plainly
unfolding the nature of the covenant of grace,
with the two seals thereof, Baptism and the
Lord's Supper. Wherein especially the sacra-
ment of the Lord's Supper is fully and dis-
tinctly handled, both in a doctrinal and prac-
tical manner. With many cases of conscience
relative thereto, intermixed and resolved... To
which are added, an action sermon on Rev.
xxii. 17, and sacramental speeches before, at,
and after serving the tables ; taken from the
author's manuscripts since his death.

Edin., 1762. 12

An example of plain catechising upon the As-
sembly's shorter CATECHISM. 5th ed.

Glasgow, 1764. 12

Eidear-theanguichte gu Gaidhlic Albannach.

Dun-Eadain, 1773. 12

Eadar-theanguichte gu' Gaidhlic Albannach

le P. MacPharlain. Duneadain, 1799. 12

Another copy.

The mother's CATECHISM for the young child : . . .
Together with forms of prayer and graces, both
before and after meat, for children. To which
are added, hymns, composed for the use of
young persons. Edin. , 1811. 8 a

The afflicted man's companion ; or, a directory
for families and persons afflicted with sickness
or any other distress... With a collection of the
dying words of many choice and eminent
saints... To which are added, the dying words
of the author, written .by himself, and found
among his papers after his death.

Edin., 1825. 12

Another edition. With a biographical sketch
of the author. Edin., s. a. 8

Another copy.

A sacramental directory, or a treatise concern-
ing the sanctification of a Communion-Sab-
bath...^ which are added meditations and
ejaculations proper for communicants before,
in time of, and after partaking of the holy
sacrament, found among the author's papers.

Dumfries, 1838. 8

Sacramentivl meditations and advices, for the
use of communicants, in preparing their hearts



and exciting their affections on sacramental
occasions ; and a Christian directory, consist-
ing of forty Scripture directions proper for all
those intending heaven : also Scripture songs
for /it Hi's travellers : with an appendix, con-
taining a lecture on the institution of the
Lord's Supper, a preparation sermon, and an
action sermon. Aberdeen, 1841. 12"

A treatise on the sanctification of the Sabbath.

Edin., 1841. 12

WILLISTON (SETH), Missionary from Connecti-
cut. An address to parents, upon the import-
ance of religiously educating their children.

Reprinted, Greenock, 1802. 12
WILLM (JOSEPH), Inspector of the academy of
Strasbourg. Histoire de la philosophic Alle-
mande depuis Kant jusqu'a Hegel. 4 torn.

Paris, 1846-49. 8

WILLS. Wills and inventories, from the regis-
ters of the commissary of Bury St Edmund's
and the Archdeacon of Sudbury. Edited [for
the Camden Society] by Samuel Tymms, trea-
surer and secretary of the Bury and West
Suffolk Archaeological institute.

London, 1850. 4

Wills from Doctors' Commons. A selection
from the wills of eminent persons proved in
the Prerogative court of Canterbury, 1495-
1695. Edited [for the Camden Society] by
John Gough Nichols and J. Bruce.

London, 1863. 4

WILLSON (JAMES M.), A.M. Bible magistracy :
or, Christ's dominion over the nations ; with
an examination of the civil institutions of the
United States. Philadelphia, 1842. 12

WILLSON (JAMES R.), A.M., Minister of the
Reformed Presbyterian congregation, Newburgh,
New- York. The subjection of kings and na-
tions to Messiah. A sermon [on Ps. Ixxii. 11]
preached on Monday, Dec. 6, 1819, immedi-
ately after the dispensation of the Lord's Sup-
per, in the Reformed Presbyterian church, in
the city of New- York. Paisley, 1820. 8

A sermon on civil government [on Exod. xx.
12], preached at Coldenham, Feb. 11, 1821.

Paisley, 1821. 8

An historical sketch of opinions on the atone-
ment, interspersed with biographical notices
of the leading doctors, and outlines of the sec-
tions of the Church in North America, from
the introduction of Christianity into that
country, to the year 1817. With translation
of Francis Turrettine on the atonement.

Reprinted, Paisley, 1827. 12
ticles exemplified in sentences designed for
Latin exercises. 10th ed. London, 1779. 8
WILMOT (JOHN), Earl of Rochester. * Some
passages of the life and death of John [WIL-
MOT] Earl of Rochester. Written at his desire
by Gilbert Burnet. To which is subjoined, a
further account of his conversion, and peni-
tential sentiments, by Robert PARSONS.

London, s. a. 4

Another edition. With a sermon preached
at the funeral of the said Earl, by the Rev.

Robert PARSONS, A.M. To this edition JH
prefixed, an account of the life and writings of
the Earl of Rochester, by Dr Samuel .I..IIN
SON. London, ,

A new edition. Lortdon, 1805. 12

* An account of the life and writings of tho
Earl of Rochester. By Dr Samuel JOHNSON ;
[prefixed to Some passages in the life of John
[ \\ i I.MOT] Earl of Rochester. By G. Burnet ].


* Conversion of the Earl of Rochester.

Philadelphia, 1841. 12

WILSON (ANDREW), M.D., Kelto. _ Practical
observations on the action of morbid sympa-
thies, as included in the pathology of certain
diseases... Edin., 1818. 8

WILSON (ARTHUR), Secretary to the Earl of
Essex. The history of Great Britain, being
the life and reign of King James the First,
relating to what passed from his first accesse

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