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either an abridgment or an improvement of
what Dr Cudworth ofl'er'd to that purpose in
his True intellectual system of the universe.
Together with an introduction, in which,
among accounts of other matters relating to
this treatise, there is an impartial examination
of what that learned person advanc'd touching
the Christian doctrine of a Trinity in unity,
and the resurrection of the body.

London, 1706. 4

WISEMAN (NICHOLAS), D.D., Cardinal. Lec-
tures on the principal doctrines and practices
of the Catholic Church, delivered at St Mary's,
Moorfields, during the Lent of 1836. 2 vol.
London, 1836. 12

Second edition. London, 1844. 12

Three lectures on the Catholic Hierarchy.
Lecture i., delivered in St George's, South-
wark, on Sunday, Dec. 8th, 1850.

London, 1850. 8

An appeal to the reason and good feeling of
the English people on the subject of the Ca-
tholic Hierarchy. Tenth thousand.

London, 1850. 8

The Papal and Royal sxtpremacies contrasted.
A lecture delivered in St George's Catholic

church, Southwark, on Sunday, the 12th of
May 1850. London, [1850]. 8

Convents. A review of two lectures on this
subject by the Rev. M. Hobart Seymour.

London, [1852]. 8

Essays on various subjects. 3 vol.

London, 1853. 8

Twelve lectures on the connexion between
science and revealed religion. Delivered in
Rome. 2 vol. 5th ed. London, 1853. 8

* Cardinal Wiseman and the canon law of
Rome... Lecture by a minister of the Church
of Scotland. For the Edinburgh young men's
Protestant society. Edin., 1852. 8

WISHART (GEORGE), M.A., one, of the ministers
of Edinburgh. The case of offences against
Christianity considered. A sermon [on Matt,
xviii. 7] preached in the High church, Edin-
burgh, Jan. 4, 1742. Edin., 1742. 8

Another copy.

Times of publick distress times of trial. Being
the substance of some sermons [on Dan. xii.
10] preach'd in the Tron church of Edinburgh,
in the month of November 1745, on occasion
of the present rebellion. Edin., 1745. 8

Another copy.

Principal of the university of Edinburgh. A
sermon [on 1 Tim. vi. 20] preached before the
Synod of Lothian and Tweeddale at Edin-
burgh, May 5, 1702. Edin., 1702. 4

Two sermons on Jeremiah, 30. 7. preached at
Leith, December 8th, 1706. Edin., 1707. 4

Theologia, or discourses of God : delivered in
cxx. sermons. 2 vol. Edin., 1716. 8

Another edition. Paisley, 1787. 8

Charity the end of the commandment ; or,
universal love the design of Christianity. A
sermon [on 1 Tim. i. 5J preached for the bene-
fit of the charity school in Crutched Fryars,
1731. Edin., 1731. 8

Discourses on several subjects.

London, 1753. 12

Another copy.

Five sermons preached before and after the
celebration of the Lord's Supper.

Edin., s. a. 8
WITCHCRAFT. A collection of rare and curious
tracts on witchcraft and the second sight : with
an original essay on witchcraft.

Edin., 1820. 12
WITHAM (HENRY T. M.), of Lartington. Ob-
servations on fossil vegetables, accompanied
by representations of their internal structure,
as seen through the microscope.

Edin., 1831. 4

The internal structure of fossil vegetables
found in the carboniferous and oolitic deposits
of Great Britain, described and illustrated.

Edin., 1833. 4

WITHERBY (WILLIAM). Hints, humbly sub-
mitted to commentators, and more especially
to such as have written elaborate dissertations
on the prophecies of Daniel and the Revelation
of St John. London, 1821. 8 U



wmiKK>l'"N WITS ITS.

arrangement of British plants, according to
tin- latest improvements of the Linnean sys-
ti-iu ; with an easy introduction to the study
of botany. The 7th ed. : including the most
recent discoveries, and numerous enlarged an-
notations illustrative of the vegetable economy.
By William Withering, LL.D. 4 vol.

London, 1830. 8

WITHERSPOON (JOHN), D.D., Minister t
Paisley, and afterwards President of Princeton
college, New Jersey. The works of J. W.
Containing essays, sermons, &c. on important
subjects... together with his lectures on moral
philosophy, eloquence and divinity ; his
speeches in the American Congress ; and many
other valuable pieces, never before published
in this country. 9 vol. Edin., 1804, 5. 12

Another copy.

The absolute necessity of salvation through
Christ. A sermon [on Acts, iv. 12] preached
before the Society in Scotland for propagating
Christian knowledge, in Edinburgh, Jan. 2,
1758. To which is subjoined, a short account
of the present state of the Society.

Edin., 1758. 8

The charge of sedition and faction against
good men, especially faithful ministers, con-
sidered and accounted for. A sermon [on
Acts, xvii. 6] preached in the Abbey-church
of Paisley, Sept. 7th, 1758. At the ordina-
tion of Mr Archibald Davidson.

Belfast, 1759. 8

Seasonable advice to young persons : a sermon
on Psalm i. 1, preached in... Paisley, Feb. 21st,
1762. To which is prefixed, an authentic nar-
rative of the disorderly and riotous meeting,
on the night before the celebration of the
Lord's Supper in that place, which gave occa-
sion to the discourse. Glasgow, 1762. 8

Ecclesiastical CHARACTERISTICS. 1763

New edition ; with an introductory preface ;
[by Alexander Dunlop]. Edin., 1842. 8

Another copy.

A serious apology for the ecclesiastical CHA-

The dominion of Providence over the passions
of men. A sermon [on Ps. Ixxvi. 10] preached
at Princeton, on the 17th of May, 1776. Be-
ing the general fast appointed by the Congress
through the United Colonies. To which is
added, an address to the natives of Scotland,
residing in America. 2d ed., with elucidating
remarks. Reprinted, Glasgow, 1777. 8

Another copy.

An essay on justification, and a treatise on
regeneration. To which is prefixed, some ac-
count of the life of the author.

Edin., 1815. 12

WITNESSES. A cloud of witnesses for the
royal prerogatives of Jesus Christ, or the last
speeches and testimonies of those who have
suffered for the truth in Scotland, since the
year 1680. With a copious appendix. A new
edition. Edin., 1810. 12

Another edition. With an introductory essay
by the Rev. Stewart Bates, D.D. ; and an ap-

pendix, containing the Qia-ensferry paper,
Torwood excommunication. ,

<;/,.:/", 1H4-J. !-
- Another coj.v.

WITSIUS (HERMANNUS), Professor of r,ni t !f>i
successively at Franeker, Utrecht, awl Leyden.
De oeconomia fuederum Dt-i cum lnnumibus,
libri quatuor. 1<>77 1

Editio tertia. Trajecti ad. Rliennm, 1694. 4

Another copy.

Another copy.

Another copy.

Faithfully translated from the Latin and

carefully revised, by W. Crookshank, D.D.
To which is prefixed, the life of the author.
2vol. Edin., 1803. 8

Another edition. Edin., 1804. 8

Another edition. London, 1822. 8

A new edition. London, 1837. 8

Ad Ulricum Huberum dissertatio epistolica...
Addita est oratio de prsestantia veritatis evan-
gelicffi. Trajrrtiadlihvnnm, 1687. 8

Dissertationes duse de Theocratia Israelitarum,
et de Rechabitis ; [with GODWIN'S Moses and

Miscellaneorum sacrorum libri iv. Quibus de
Prophetis et prophetia, de Tabernaculi Levi-
tici mysteriis, de collatione sacerdotii Aaronis
et Christi, de Synedriis Hebrreorum, de iv.
bestiis Danielis, de cultu Molochi, de seculo
hoc et futuro, de sensu Epistolarum Apocal yp-
ticarum, de schismate Donatistarum, diligenter
et prolix e disseritur.

Trajecti ad Rhenum, 1692. 4

Editio secunda. Liu/d. Batav., 1695. 4

Another copy.

Editio tertia.

Herbonux Nassomorum, 1712. 4

Tom us alter. Continens xxiii. Exercita-

tiones, maxima ex parte historico- et critico-
theologicas ; nonnullas in Ultrajectina, alias
in Leidensi academia, studiosse juventuti ex-
hibitas. Quibus accesserunt animadversiones
irenicaj ad controversias quasdam Anglicanas ;
ut et orationes quinque.

Amstel. et Ultrajecti, 1700. 4

Another copy.

Editio secunda.

Herbomce Nassomorum, 1712. 4

^Egyptiaca, et AexvAo. Sive de ^Egyptia-
corum sacrorum cum Hebraicis collatione libri
tres. Et de decem tribubus Israelis liber sin-
gularis. Accessit diatribe de legione fulmina-
trice Christianorum, sub imperatore Marco
Aurelio Antonino. Editio secunda.

Amstel., 1696. 4

Another copy.

Another copy.

Exercitationes sacrse in symbolum quod Apos-
tolorum dicitur. Et in Orationem Domini-
cam. Editio tertia. Amstel., 1697. 4

Another copy.

Another copy.

Sacred dissertations on what is commonly
called the Apostles' Creed. Translated from
the Latin, and followed with notes, critical



and explanatory, by Donald Fraser. 2 vol.

Edin., 1823. 8

Another copy.

Sacred dissertations on the Lord's Prayer.
Translated from the Latin, with notes by the
Rev. William Pringle. [Bib. Cab., vol. xxiv.]

Edin., 1839. 8

Meletemata Leidensia. Quibus continentur
prselectiones de vita et rebus gestis Pauli
Apostoli. Nee non dissertationura exegetica-
rum duodecas. Denique commentarius in
Epistolam Judas Apostoli.

Lugd. Batav., 1703. 4

Another copy.

Conciliatory, or irenical animadversions, on
the controversies agitated in Britain under the
names of Antinomians and Neonomians ; faith-
fully translated from the Latin, and followed
with notes by the Rev. Thomas Bell.

Glasgoiv, 1807. 8

An essay on the efficacy of baptism. Trans-
lated by William Marshall ; [with Popery in
the full corn, the ear, and the blade, by Wil-
liam MARSHALL]. 1852

On the character of the true divine : an inau-
gural oration, delivered at Franeker, April 16,
1675. Translated by the Rev. John Donald-
son. With a prefatory note by the Rev. Wil-
liam Cunningham, D.D. Edin., 1856. 8

la vie et de la mort des deux illustres freres C.
et J. de W. Enrichie de plusieurs memoires,
qui n'avoient point paru jusques ici, et qui
seront tres propres pour e'claircir et confirmer
la ve'rite des faits historiques. 2 torn.

Utrecht, 1709. 12

WITT (JEAN DE). The true interest and politi-
cal maxims of the republic of Holland... Trans-
lated from the original Dutch. To which is
prefixed, (never before printed) historical me-
moirs of the illustrious brothers Cornelius and
John de Witt. By John Campbell.

London, 1746. 8

WITTE (GILLES DE). Augustinus Iprensis, vin-
dicatus ; atque e damnatione Romanorum Pon-
tificum ; Urbani VIII., Innocentii X., Alex-
andri VII., et dementis XI., ereptus et eru-
tus : sive Apologeticus Cornelii Jansenii : in
quo controversies Jansenianse prima elementa
et principia statuuntur ; ejusdem historia
dogmatica et critica ad hoec usque tempora
texitur ; remedia malis praesentibus idonea
proponuntur ; ac denique futiles argutiae ad-
versarii cujusdam novissimi, discordiam Jan-
senii ab Aurelio Augustino commonstrare co-
nantis, succincte et dilucide refutantur : per
^Egidium ALBANUM. [Pseud.]

s. L, 1711. 4

WITTE (PETRUS DE), Minister at Leyden. Cate-
chizing upon the HEIDELBERGH catechisme of
the reformed Christian religion. Published
after precedent inspection and approbation of
the Rev. Classis of Hoorn, by P. de W. And
now after the sixtieth impression, translated
for the English Reformed Congregation in
Amsterdam. Amsterdam, s. a. 8

WITTEN (HENSTINGXTS). Memorise theologorum
nostri seculi clarissimorum renovatse, [decades
sex], curante M. H. W.

Francofurti, 1674, 5. 8

Another copy.

tus Sancti, personae divinae, ejusdem cum
Patre et Filio essentise, contra C. C. S[andii]
Problema paradoxum, An non per Sp. Sanc-
tum sanctorum Angelorum genus intelligi
possit '? asserta et defensa.

Lugd. Batav., 1678. 8

Causa Spiritus Sancti victrix, demonstrata a
C. W. Lugd. Batav., 1682. 8

Theologia pacifica, in qua varia problemata
theologica inter reformatos theologos agitari
solita ventilantur, simul usus philosophies Car-
tesianas in diversis theologiae partibus demon-
stratur, et ad dissertationem celeberrimi viri
Samuelis Maresii, de abusu philosophies Car-
tesianas in rebus theologicis et tidei, modeste
respondetur. Editio tertia. Accedit ejusdem
appendix ad Theologiam pacificam.

Lugd. Batav., 1683. 4

WITTMAN (WILLIAM), M.D., of the Royal ar-
tillery. Travels in Turkey, Asia-Minor, Sy-
ria, and across the desert into Egypt during
the years 1799, 1800, and 1801, in company
with the Turkish army, and the British mili-
tary mission. To which are annexed, obser-
vations on the plague, and on the diseases
prevalent in Turkey, and a meteorological
journal. London, 1803. 4

WIX (SAMUEL), M.A., Vicar of St Bartholomew
the Less, London. Reflections concerning the
expediency of a council of the Church of Eng-
land and the Church of Rome, being holden
to accommodate religious differences, and to
promote the unity of religion.

London, 1818. 8

WODROW (JAMES), A.M., Professor of divinity
in tJie university of Glasgow. * Lif e of J. W.
Written by his son Robert Wodrow, A.M.,
minister of the Gospel at Eastwood.

Edin., 1828. 12

Another copy.
Another copy.

WODROW (ROBERT), Minister of the Gospel at
Eastwood. The history of the sufferings of
the Church of Scotland, from the Restauration
to the Revolution : collected from the publick
records, original papers, and manuscripts of
that time, and other well attested narratives.
2 vol. Edin., 1721, 22. fol.

Another edition. With an original memoir
of the author, extracts from his correspond-
ence, a preliminary dissertation, and notes, by
the Rev. Robert Burns, D.D. 4 vol.

Glasgow, 1828-30. 8

Another copy.

Another copy.

The correspondence of the Rev. R. W. Edited
[for the Wodrow Society] from manuscripts in
the library of the Faculty of Advocates, Edin-
burgh, by the Rev. Thomas M'Crie. 3 vol.

Edin., 1842, 43. 8



WODROW (ROBERT). Tlie past history and fu-
ture destiny of Israel, as unfolded in the eighth
;ni(l succeeding chapters of the Book of Daniel.
With a preliminary essay by the Rev. John
G. Lorimer. Glasgmv, 1844.

WODROW SOCIETY. Publications of the
Wodrow Society. 24 vol.

K<Un., 1842-49. 8 C

Another copy.

The miscellany of the Wodrow Society : con-
taining tracts and original letters, chiefly re-
lating to the ecclesiastical affairs of Scotland
during the sixteenth and seventeenth centu-
ries. Selected and edited [for the Wodrow
Society] by David Laing. \ ol. i. [All pub-
lished.] Edin., 1844. 8
[For other publications issued by the Wodrow

Society, see under BIOGRAPHY, R. BLAIR,

WOHLER (F.). Grundriss der unorganischen

Chemie. 5* Auflage. Berlin, 1838. 8


tamentum Graecum. 1786. See BIBLES


Notitia codicis Alexandrini cum variis ejus
lectionibus omnibus. Recudendam curavit
notasque adjecit M. Gottlieb Leberecht Spohn.

Lipsice, 1788. 8

WOLDE (LEONARDUS VAN). Dissertatio anti-
quaria de testamentifactione Hebneis veteri-
bus ignota, quam . . . praeside Sebaldo Ravio,
publice defendet L. van W.

Trajeeti ad Rlienum, 1760. 4
WOLDER (DAVID), Pastor of St Peter's, Ham-
burg. Biblia Sacra Grace, Latine et Germa-
nice. 1596. See BIBLES POLYGLOTT. A.
WOLF, or WOLFE (J. ROBERT). The Messiah
as predicted in the Pentateuch and Psalms ;
being a new translation and critical exposi-
tion of these ancient oracles.

London, 1855. 8

A practical Hebrew Grammar, with progres-
sive instructive exercises to every rule ; and a
reading book. London, s. a. 8

Another copy.

tiones sacrse in Novum Testamentum, seu an-
notationes theologico-criticae in voces pleras-
que N. T. ordine alphabetic, et dicta prreci-
pua tarn Veteris quam Novi Fcederis. Editae
ex occasione uberius supplejidi Sacram criti-
cam Edvardi Leigh...

Fiensburgi et Lipsice, 1717. 4

WOLFE (CHARLES), A.B., Curate of Donough-

inore. Remains of the late Rev. C. W. With

a brief memoir of his life. By the Rev. John

A. Russell. 2d ed. London, 1826. 8

- Eighth edition. London, 1842. 12

WOLFERDUS (MICHAEL). Dissertatio theolo-
gica, exhibens...meritorum Christi ad salutem
electorum necessitatem.

Franekerce, 1654. 12

WOLFF (CHRETIEN), Professor of philosophy at
3[arbnrg. Logique, ou reflexions sur les

do I'entundement humain, et BUI- i> nr
1> _M 1 1 UK- usage dans la connoissance de la verite.
'I'raduite de rAllcmand, sur la v., ft
it viiu sur toutes les suivantes. [Par Jean dc-s
Champs.] Berlin, \~'M. 8'

WOLFF (ERNST). En Dansk og Engelsk Ord-
1><'L,'. London, 1779. 4

WOLFF (JOSEPH), LL.D., Incumbent of Linih-
c-tK/c, Yorkshire, and formerly missionary to
the Jews. Missionary journal and nu-moir of
the Rev. J. W. : comprising his first [and
second] visit to Palestine in the years 1821
and 1822 [and in the years 1823 and 1H24J.
Written by himself. Edited and revised by
John Bayford. 3 vol. [Vol. i., 2d ed.J

London, 1827-29. 8

Researches and missionary labours among the
Jews, Mohammedans, and other sects, during
his travels between the years 1831 and 1834,
from Malta to Egypt, Constantinople, Arme-
nia, Persia, Khorossaun, Toorkestaun, Bok-
hara, Balkh, Cabool in Affghanistaun, the
Himmalayah mountains, Cashmeer, Hindoo-
staun, the coast of Abyssinia, and Yemen.

London, 1835. 12

Journal of the Rev. J. W. ; in a series of let-
ters to Sir Thomas Baring, Bart. Containing
an account of his missionary labours from the
years 1827 to 1831 ; and from the years 1835
to 1838. London, 1839. 8

WOLFF (ODIN). Fuldstamdigt Fransk og Dansk
[Dansk og Fransk) Lexicon... 2 Deel.

Kiobenhavn, 1824. 8

WOLFIUS (JAC. GABR.). Institutions juris-
prudentias ecclesiasticfe, in usum tractatus
Brunnemanniani de jure ecclesiastico, ador-
natae... Lipsice et Berolini, 1713. 8

WOLFIUS (JOHANNES). Opera omnia theologi-
co- historico- politica. [Editio secunda. 2 torn. J
Hemipoli, 1672. fol.

Oriental languages at Hamburg. Curse philo-
logicse et criticae in iv. SS. Evangelia et Actus
Apostolicos, quibus integritati contextus Gntci
consulitur, sensus verborum ex prsesidiis phi-
lolog. illustratur, diversae interpretum senten-
tiae summatim enarrantur, et modesto examini
subject* vel approbantur vel repelluntur. Edi-
tio tertia. Hamburgi, 1739. 4

Curse philologicee et criticae in iv. priores S.
Pauli Epistolas...Accedit, appendicis loco, ex-
aineii locorum aliquot Paulinorum, a L. M.
Artemonio [S. Crellio] nuper temere et infeli-
citer solicitatorum. Editio secunda.

Hamburgi, 1737. 4

Curae philologicse et criticae in x. posteriores
S. Pauli Epistolas... Editio secunda.

Hamburgi, 1738. 4

Curse philologicae et criticae in SS. Apostolo-
rum Jacobi, Petri, Judas, et Joannis Episto-
las, hujusque Apocal. Accedunt in calce quse-
dam ex Photii Amphilochiis adhuc non editis
cum interpretatione et notis. Editio secunda.

Hamburgi, 1741. 4

Another edition [of the four previous worksj.
5 torn. Bunilea:, 1741.



WOLLASTON (WILLIAM), M.A-, of Sidney col-
lege, Cambridge. The religion of nature deli-
neated. London, 1725. 4
- Seventh edition. Glasgoiv, 1746. 8

Another copy.

Seventh edition. To which is added, a pre-
face containing a general account of the life,
character, and writings of the author. Also
a translation of the notes into English.

London, 1750. 8

\VOLLEBIUS (JOHANNES), Professor of theology
in the university of Basle. Compendium theo-
logise Christiame, accurata methodo sic ador-
natum, ut sit ad SS. Scripturas legendas, ad
locos communes digerendos, ad controversias
iutelligendas, manuductio. Editio nova.

Amstel., 1642. 12

- Faithfully translated into English, and in
some obscure places cleared and enlarged, by
Alexander Boss. 3d ed. To which is ad-
joyned, after the alphabetical table, the ana-
tomy of the whole body of divinity, delineated
in xiv. short tables, for the help of weak me-
mories. London, 1660. 12

Novi Foaderis acroamatico-dogmatica certissi-
mis defecatse philosophise principiis corrobo-
rata eximiisque omnium theologies Christianas
partium usibus inserviens. Lipsice, 1736. 4

WOLPHIUS (JOANNES), Professor of theology at
Strasburg. In secundi quatuordecim ultima
capita Libri Regum commentarii ; [cum Corn-
men tt. Petri MARTYRIS in Libros Regum].


WOLSEY (THOMAS), Cardinal. *Life of Car-
dinal Wolsey. By John Gait. 3d ed. , with
additional illustrations from Cavendish's Life
of Wolsey, and other sources. [Bogue's Euro-
pean Library.] London, 1846. 8

Opera omnia ; exegetica, didactica et polemica.
2 torn. [Forming part of the BIBLIOTHECA
FratrumPolonorum.] Irenopoli, 1656. fol.

WOMEN. The laws respecting women, as they
regard their natural rights, or their connec-
tions and conduct ; in which their interests
and duties as daughters, wards, heiresses,
spinsters, sisters, wives, widows, mothers, le-
gatees, executrixes, &c. are ascertained and
enumerated : also, the obligations of parent
and child, and the condition of minors. The
whole laid down according to the principles of
the common and statute law, explained by the
practice of the courts of law and equity, and
describing the nature and extent of the eccle-
siastical jurisdiction... In four books.

London, 1777. 8

Woman's mission. 7th ed. London, 1840. 8

Bishop of St Davids. Beaten oyle for the
lamps of the sanctuarie ; or the great contro-
versie concerning set prayers and our liturgie,
examined in an epistle to a private friend :
with an appendix that answers the paralell,
and the most materiall objections of others
against it. Unto which are added some use-

full observations touching Christian libertie,
and things indift'erent. London, 1641. 4

The examination of Tilenus before the triers ;
in order to his intended settlement in the of-
fice of a public preacher in the common- wealth
of Utopia. Whereunto are annexed the te-
nents of the Remonstrants touching those five
articles voted, stated, and imposed, but not
disputed, at the Synod of Dort. Together
with a short essay (by way of annotations)
upon the fundamental theses of Mr Thomas
Parker. [Published under the signature of
N. N.] London, 1658. 12

- Another edition. [In A collection of tracts
concerning PREDESTINATION.] 1719

Arcana dogmatum Anti-REMONSTRANTiUM.


Suffragium Protestantium. Wherein our go-
vernours are justifyed in their impositions and
proceedings against dissenters. Meisner also
and the verdict rescued from the cavils and
seditious sophistry of the Protestant Recon-
ciler, [Daniel Whitby]. London, 1683. 8

WOOD (ANTHONY A V )M.A. Athenae Oxonienses.
An exact history of all the writers and Bishops
who have had their education in the most an-
tient and famous university of Oxford, from
the fifteenth year of King Henry the Seventh,
A.D. 1500, to the author's death in November
1695. Representing the birth, fortune, pre-
ferment, and death of all those authors and
Prelates, the great accidents of their lives, and
the fate and character of their writings. To
which are added, the Fasti, or annals, of the
said university. 2 vol. The 2d ed., very
much corrected and enlarged, with the addi-
tion of above 500 new lives from the author's
original manuscript. London, 1721. fol.

* The lives of those eminent antiquaries John
LELAND, Thomas HEARNE, and A. a W.


WOOD (EPHRAIM). Quakerism unveiled : truth
prevalent : in two letters ; addressed to the
members of the Society of Friends, Liverpool :
to which are added, fifteen propositions ; with
hints on the present negociation ; or, the way
to a true and lasting peace.

Liverpool, 1815. 8

WOOD (JAMES), Professor of tlieology in St An-
drews. A little stone, pretended to be out of
the mountain, tried, and found to be a coun-
terfeit. Or an examination and refutation of
Mr Lockyers lecture, preached at Edinburgh,
anno 1651, concerning the mater of the visible
Church: and afterwards printed with an ap-
pendix for popular government of single con-
gregations. Together with an examination,
in two appendices, of what is said on these
same purposes in a letter of some in Aberdene,
who lately have departed from the communion
and government of this Church.

Edin., 1654. 4

Another copy.

WOOD (JAMES), D.D., Master of St John's col-
lege, Cambridge, and dean of Ely. The prin-
ciples of mechanics : designed for the use of

Wool) WooDD.

students in the university. 7th ed.

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