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AMERICA, AMERICANS. Antiquitates Ame-
ricanae sive scriptores septentrionales rerum
ante-columbianarum in America. Edidit So-
cietas regia antiquariorum septentrionalium.
Hafnice, 1837. 4

The Americans. By an American in London ;
[Calvin COLTON]. London, 1833. 12

Statistics of the United States of America, as
collected and returned by the marshals of the
several judicial districts, under the thirteenth
section of the Act for taking the sixth census ;
corrected at the department of State. June 1,
1840. Published by authority of an Act of
Congress, under the direction of the Secretary
of State. Washington, 1841 . fol.

Sixth census or enumeration of the inhabitants
of the United States, as corrected at the de-
partment of the State, in 1840.

Washington, 1841. fol.

Compendium of the enumeration of the inha-
bitants and statistics of the United States, as
obtained at the department of State from the
returns of the sixth census...

Washington, 1841. fol.

Epistle of Peter, the Epistles of John and
Judas, and the Revelation ; translated from
the Greek. 1854. See BIBLES ENGLISH. E.'

Acts of the Apostles ; translated from the
Greek. 1858. See BIBLES ENGLISH. E.

The Epistles of Paul to the Thessalonians ;
translated from the Greek. 1858. See BIBLES

AMERICAN MISSIONS. Report of the Ame-
rican Board of commissioners for foreign mis-
sions, compiled from documents laid before the
Board... 1830. Boston, 1830. 8

AMICUS. A voice from the eldership, on the
coming vote of the United Associate Synod, on

the atonement question. By Amicua.

Edin., 1845. 8

versio Graeca Pentateuchi. 1790, 91. See

Novum Testamentum Greece. 1816-1832. See

AMYRAULT (MOYSE). Six livres de la vocation
des pasteurs. Saumur, 1649. 8

ANACREON. Odaria, ad textus Barnesiani fi-
dem emendata. Accedunt varize lectiones cura
Edvardi Forster, A.M. Londini, 1802. 8

Is. li. 2, 3] occasioned by the death of the
Rev. William Carey, D.D. of Serampore, Ben-
gal ; delivered in Charlotte chapel, on the
evening of the 30th November, 1834.

London, 1834. 8

ANDERSON (JOHN), Minister at Dumbarton.
A letter to a friend concerning Mr CALDER'S
late paper entitled, A return, &c., and the
Continuation thereof. 1712

successively Bishop of Chichester, Ely, and Win-
chester. A pattern of catechistical doctrine,
and other minor works. [Lib. of Anglo-Cath.
Theol.] Oxford, 1846. 8

Another copy.

Responsio ad apologiam Cardinalis Bellarmini,
quam nuper edidit contra prsefationem monito-
riam Jacobi regis. [Ibid.] Oxonii, 1851. 8

Tortura Torti sive ad Matthaei Torti librum
responsio. [Ibid.] Oxonii, 1851. 8

Opuscula quaedam posthuma. Accedit in
opera ejus Latina index copiosissimus. [Ibid.]

Oxonii, 1852. 8

Ninety-six sermons. Published by His Ma-
jesty's special command. [Ibid.] 5vol. [Vol.
i., a new edition.] Oxford, 1853-1865. 8

Two answers to Cardinal Perron, and other mis-
cellaneous works. [Ibid.] Oxford, 1854. 8

ANGLIC ANUS. View of the character, posi-
tion, and prospects of the Edinburgh Biblo
society, in seven letters ; to which are added,
remarks explanatory and illustrative of the
preceding view, in an eighth letter. By An-
glicanus. 2d ed. , with corrections and addi-
tions by the author: Edin.,IS2S. 8
[The 2d ed. , although printed, was never pub-
lished ; having been suppressed by the inter-
ference of the Edinburgh Presbytery, on a
complaint by Dr Thomson that the eighth
letter was worse than the original seven.]
ANNE, Queen of Scotland, England, France, and
Ireland. The laws and acts of parliament of
...Anne... [Scots acts.] Edin., 1702. 12

The laws and acts of parliament of... Anne...
[Ibid.] Edin., 1703. 12

The laws and acts made in the second session
of the first parliament of... Anne... [Ibid.]

Edin., 1704. 12

The laws and acts made in the third session of
the first parliament of... Anne... [Ibid.]

Edin., 1705. 12 3

considered. 1744




| Al -IT.M-IV


ANTHOLOGY. The English anthology,
lected by Joseph RirsoN.l 3 vol.

London, 17!':'., '.'. .s

ANTHONY -ULRICK, Duke of Bnrx.swi.K-
WOLFENBUTTEL. Fifty reasons or m<>m<>.
which induced the Duke of linmswii-k to ab-
jure Lutheranism, and embrace the Roman
Catholic religion. To which is added an ap-
pendix, consisting of three valuable papers.

London, 1822. 12

ANTIQUARIES. Transactions of the Royal
Society of antiquaries of Scotland. Vol. i.

Klin., 1792. 4

ANTIQUITY. L'antiquite' des terns re"tablie et
d^f endue centre les Juifs et les nouveaux chro-
nologistes. [Par Paul PEZRON.]

Pom, 1687. 4

Remains of Christian antiquity. With expla-
natory notes. [Edited by Sir David DALRYM-
PLE, Lord Hailes.] 3 vol.

Edin., 1776-80. 8

Disquisitions concerning the antiquities of the
Christian Church. [By Sir David DALRYMPLE,
Lord Hailes.] Glasgow, 1783. 8 C

APOSTLES. Didascalia Apostolomm Syriace.

Lipsice, 1854. 8

ARCHELAUS, Bishop of Mesopotamia. Dispu-
tatio adversus Manicheum ; [ad calc. Hist,
ecclesiast. SOCRATIS]. 1668


versa et Hebraica, cum Latina interpretatione.

ARISTOPHANES. Nubes. [Gr.] Ex editione
Hermanni. [With MS. notes by John Mack-
intosh.] Glasguce, 1821. 12

ARISTOTELES. De coelo libri iv. De genera-
tione et corruptione libri ii. [Gr.] Ad opti-
morum librorum fidem accurate editi. Editio
stereotypa. Lipsice, 1831. 8



ARNAULD (ANTOINE), Doctor of the Sorbonne.
Defense de Mr. A. centre la Reponse au livre
des vrayes et des fausses idees.

Cologne, 1684. 12

L'esprit de Mr. A., tire* de sa conduite, et
des ecrits de luy et de ses disciples, particu-
lierement de 1'Apologie pour les Catholiques.
[Par Pierre JURIEU.] 2 torn.

Deventer, 1684. 12

ARNISuEUS (HENNINGUS). De subjectione et
exemptione clericorum. Item de potestate
temporali Pontificis in principes ; et denique
de translatione imperii Rom. Commentatio
politica opposita scriptis eorum, qui in his
controversiis contra Sereniss. Regem M. Bri-
tannise, et florentiss. rempubl. Venetorum dis-
putarunt, potissimiim verb libris Robert. Bel-
larmini. Fnmcofurti, 1612. 4

De autoritate principum in populum semper
inviolabili. Seu quod nulla ex causa subditis

fas sit contra legitimum principcin anna ni"-
vere, o.inmuntatio politica i]>jn..sita Buditiosis
qinmmdam scriptis, qui onm.-m prinripum
inaji'.staUiiii Hulijiciunt censura- K]ih(iri)ruiii i-t
populi. >n<;,jnrti, Itil'J. 4

ARNOT (Hooo), Advocate. An essay on >'-

THING. IT' 1 .")

ARROTT (JAMKS), Surgeon. Remarks on the
present mode of chimrgical attendance in the
Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh.

Edin., 1840. 4

ARTHUR (JOHN), Ilili-n.ilugh. An examina-
tion and refutation of the unscriptural prin-
ciples and sentiments advocated by Mr Erskine,
in his essay to " Extracts of letters to a Chris-
tian friend." 2d ed. J>ndee, 1830. 12

ARTHUR (MICHAEL), Minister of the Gospel at
Peebles. The Scripture- doctrine of the eter-
nal generation of Christ, as the Son of God,
vindicated : in answer to a late treatise in-
titled, The true Sonship of Christ investigated,
&c. Edin., 1778. 8

articles of the Church of England. [In Arme-
nian.] Smyrna, 1845. 12

ASSISTANTS. Examination of the overture
anent the powers of ordained assistants and
successors, transmitted to the consideration of
Presbyteries, by the late General Assembly.

Glasgow, 1806. 8

ASSOCIATE SYNOD. Act of the General As-
sociate Synod, concerning an acknowledgment
of sins, profession of faith, and engagement to
duties ; adapted to the present time ; together
with an Act respecting the power of the civil
magistrate in matters of religion.

Edin., 1799. 8

Overture respecting the formula of covenant-
ing. Drawn up by a committee of the Gene-
ral Associate Synod ; and now printed for the
consideration of the members of said Synod.

Glasgow, 1818. 8

Basis of union, agreed upon by the United
Associate Synod of the Secession Church, Sep-
tember 13, 1820 ; together with the formula
for ordination. J-^lin., 1820. 8

Address by a committee of the Associate Sy-
nod, to the inhabitants of the highlands and
islands of Scotland, respecting a resolution
formed by said Synod, to provide for them a
more abundant supply of preachers, in their
native tongue. Edin., 1820. 8"

Address of the United Associate Synod to the
people under their charge, occasioned by the
late union of the two larger bodies of Seceders.

Glasgow, 1820. 8

Summary of p-inciples of the United Secession
Church, agreed upon Sept. 14, 1820.

Edin., [1820]. 12

Draught of a testimony, printed by order of
the United Associate Synod, for the use of
ministers and Sessions. Glasgow, 1823. 8

Testimony of the United Associate Synod of
the Secession Church. In two parts, histori-
cal and doctrinal. Printed by order of Synod.
2d ed. '/,'-/;/,., 1828. 8



- Third edition. Edin., 1831. 12

Fourth edition. Edin. , s. a. 12

Proceedings of the United Associate Synod in
the case of the memorials on the state of doc-
trine in the Secession Church. May 1845.

Edin., 1845. 12

ASTIUS (FRIDERICUS). Lexicon Platonicum
sive vocum Platonicarum index. 3 vol.

Lipsice, 1855-58. 8

ASTRONOMY. Astronomy. [In Armenian.]

Smyrna, 1841. 12

ASTRUC (JEAN), M.D. Conjectures sur les me-
moires originaux dont il parait que Moyse s'est
servi pour composer le livre de la GENESE.


ATHANASIUS, Saint, Archbishop of Alexandria.
Opera omnia quse extant vel quse ejus no-
mine circumferuntur, ad MSS. codices Galli-
canos, Vaticanos, &c. nee non ad Commilini-
anas lectiones castigata, multis aucta : nova
interpretatione, praefationibus, notis, variis
lectionibus illustrata : nova sancti Doctoris
vita, onomastico, et copiosissimis indicibus
locupletata, opera et studio monachorum or-
dinis S. Benedicti e congregatione S. Mauri,
novissimis nunc curis emendatiora, et quarto
volumine aucta ; accurante et recognoscente
J.-P. Migne. [Gr. et Lat.] 4 torn. [Patro-
log. Cursus, torn, xxv.-xxviii.]

Paris, 1857. 8

ATHENAGORAS. The writings of JUSTIN Mar-
tyr and Athenagoras. [Ante-Nicene Christ.
Lib., vol. ii.] 1867

ATWA-NATWA-BIBEK. Atwa-Natwa-Bibek.

s. 1. et a. 8

AUBERLEN (CARL AUGUST). The divine reve-
lation : an essay in defence of the faith. To
which is prefixed a brief memoir of the author.
Translated from the German by the Rev. A. B.
Paton, B.A. [Clark's For. Theol. Lib.]

Edin., 1867. 8

AUDIN (J.-M.-V.). Histoire de la vie, des
ouvrages et des doctrines de LUTHER. 1845

Histoire de la vie de CALVIN. 1845

AUGUSTINUS, (AURELIUS), Saint, Bishop of
Hippo. Opera quae reperiri potuerunt omnia.
Per theologos Lovanienses ex vetustissimis
manuscriptis codicibus ab innumeris mendis
vindicata. Illustrata prseterea emditis cen-
suris et locupletata multis homiliis, et aliquot
epistolis eiusdem S. Augustini, antea non edi-
tis. 10 torn. Colon. Agripp., 1616. fol.

AUSTIN (WILLIAM). Hsec homo : wherein the
" excellency of the creation of woman is de-
scribed ; by way of an essay.

London, 1639. 12

AVENTINUS (JOANNES). Annalium Boiorum
libri vii. Ex autenticis manuscriptis codicib.
recogniti, restituti, aucti, Nic. Cisneri diligen-
tia atque fide. Basilece, 1580. fol.


B. (E.), i. e. Edmund BOHUN.

B. (G.). An Fhior Bhunart ; no beagan earran-
nan sonruichte d'an Sgriobtuir . . . Le G. B.
Eadar theangaichte o'n bheurla.

Duneidin, 1838. 12

BACK (JACOBUS DE). Dissertatio de corde ; [cum
Exercitatt. de motu cordis, per G. HERVEIUM].


BACON (FRANCIS), Baron of Verulam, Lord Chan-
cellor of England. * Account of the Novum
Organon. 2 parts. s. 1. et a. 8

BADELEY (EDWARD), Barrister at law. Sub-
stance of a speech delivered before the judi-
cial committee of the Privy Council, on Mon-
day the 17th and Tuesday the 18th of Decem-
ber, A.D. 1849, upon an appeal in a cause of
Duplex Querela, between the Rev. George
Cornelius Gorham, clerk, appellant, and the
Right Rev. Henry, Lord Bishop of Exeter,
respondent. With an introduction.

London, 1850. 8

BAELIUS (PETRUS), Professor of philosophy at
Rotterdam. Ad Theodorum J. ab Almeloveen
epistola de scriptis adespotis ; [ad calc. op.
PLACCII de anonymis et pseudonymis].

[Hamburgi, 1708.] fol.

BAILLIE (ROBERT), Principal of the university of
Glasgow. The unlawfullnes and danger of
limited PRELACIE. 1641

BAIRD (WILLIAM). Report of the trial... at the
instance of James Beaumont Neilson...and
others, against W. B. aud company... for in-

fringement of the hot- blast patent...

Edin., 1843. 4

BAL^EUS, Syrus. Opera selecta, edidit J. Jose-
phus OVERBECK. 1865

BALFOUR (Sir JAMES), ofDenmyln. Letters and
State papers during the reign of King James
the Sixth. Chiefly from the manuscript collec-
tions of Sir J. B. [Edited for the Abbotsford
Club by James Maidment.] Edin., 1838. 4

BALGUY (JOHN). A letter to a DEIST concern-
ing the beauty and excellency of moral virtue.


A second letter to a DEIST. 1731

BALL (RICHARD). Horae sabbaticae ; or, the
sabbatic cycle the divine chronometer : a dis-
sertation to prove the original sabbatic ordi-
nance to be perpetual but not legal.

London, 1853. 8

BALLANTINE (WILLIAM), Minister of the Gos-
pel at Elgin. Observations on confessions of
faith of human composition, the independency
and discipline of Christian Churches, weekly
communion in the Lord's Supper, Church
meetings, &c. &c. Edin., 1804. 12

BALLERINIUS (PETRUS). De vi ac ratione
primatus Romanorum Pontificum et de ipso-
rum infallibilitate in definiendis controversiis
fidei liber singularis, in quo utrumque deduci-
tur et constituitur ex principiis concessis ab iis
ipsis adversariis, contra quos disputatio futura
est. Textum recognovit et edidit E. W. West-
hoff. Monastciii Wcstplwlorum, 1845. 8


BALLOU (ADIN). The true scriptural doctrine
of the second Advent ; an effectual antidote to
Millerism, and all other kindred errors.
( \ mmunity press, (Hopedale) Milford, Mast.,

1843. 8

BALMER (ROBERT), D. D., Professor of theo-
logy, United Secession Church. Stan-incuts
on certain doctrinal points, made, October 5,
1843, before the United Associate Synod, at
their request, by their two senior professors,
I!. B. and John BROWN, D.D.

Edin., 1844. 12

Darpan., Calcutta, s. a. 8"

Bilush. Serampore, s. a. 8

BANDHU (BHAOIRATH). Chaitaiiya Sangita.

Calcutta, 1251, A.H. 8


BANK. An enquiry into the depreciation of
Irish Bank paper, its effects and causes, and a
remedy proposed. Dublin, 1804. 8

BANNATYNE (GEORGE). Ancient Scottish
poems. Published from the MS. of G. B.
JIDLXVIII. Edin., 1770. 8

BANNATYNE CLUB. The anatomic of hu-
mors, and The passionate sparke of a relenting
minde, by Simion GRAHAM E. 1830

Hymns and sacred songs, by Alexander HUME.


Collection of ancient Scottish PROPHECIES, in
alliterative verse. 1833

A diary of public transactions and other occur-
rences, chiefly in Scotland, from January 1650
to June 1667. By John NICOLL. 1836

Catalogue of the library at Abbotsford. [By
J. G. COCHRANE.] 1838

The ./Eneid of "V IRGIL translated in Scottish
verse by Gawin Douglas, Bishop of Dunkeld.


Registrum Episcopatus Glasguensis. See GLAS-
GOW. 1843

Leven and Melville papers, 1689-1691. See
George MELVILL. 1843

Liber S. Marie de DRYBURGH. 1847

Carte monialium de Northberwic. See NORTH-

Liber S. Thome de ABERBROTHOC. 1848, 56

Original letters relating to the -ecclesiastical
affairs of Scotland, chiefly written by, or ad-
dressed to His Majesty King JAMES the Sixth.

- Concilia SCOTI.E. 18C6

Royal letters, charters, and tracts, relating
to the colonization of New Scotlai d, and the
institution of the order of Knight Baronets
of NOVA SCOTIA. 1867

Adversaria, notices illustrative of some of the
earlier works edited for the Bannatyne Club.
[Edited for the Bannatyne Club by David
Laing.] EJin., 1867. 4

The Bannatyne Club. Lists of members and
the rules, with a catalogue of the books print-
ed for the Bannatyne Club since its institution
in 1823. [Prepared by David Laing.]

i., 1867. B c

[Ari-K.N: iv

; BAPTISM, BAPTIST. Dissenters, and other
unauthoriz'd baptisms null and void, by tho
articles, canons and rubricks of tin- Church of
England. In answer to a pamphlet, call'd
The judgment of the Church of England, in
the case of Lay-baptism, and Dissenters bap-
tism. By the author of Lay baptism invalid ;
[R. LAWRENCE]. <lon, 1712. 8 J

The Baptist hand-book for 1864, comprising
all that formerly appeared in the " Baptist
manual" published by the Baptist Union of
Great Britain and Ireland.

London, 1864. 8


BARBOUR (JOHN), Archdeacon of Aberdeen.
The Bruce ; and Wallace; published from two
ancient manuscripts preserved in the library
of the Faculty of Advocates. With notes,
biographical sketches, and a glossary. [By
John Jamieson.] 2vol. Edin., 1820. 4

BARGRAVE (JOHN), D.D., Canon of Canter-
bury. Pope Alexander the Seventh and the
college of Cardinals. With a catalogue of Dr
Bargrave's museum. Edited [for theCamden
Society] by James Craigie Robertson, M.A.

London, 1867. 4

BARKSTEAD (Col. JOHN). The speeches, dis-
courses, and prayers of Col. J. B. , Col. John
Okey, and Mr Miles Corbet ; upon the 19th
of April, being the day of their suffering at
Tyburn. Together with an account of the
occasion and manner of their taking in Hol-
land : as also of their several occasional
speeches, discourses, and letters, both before,
and in the time of their late imprisonment.

s. L, 1662. 4

BARLOW (W T ILLIAM), D.D., Bishop of Rochester.
The svmme and svbstance of the conference,
which it pleased his excellent Maiestie to hauo
with the Lords, Bishops, and other of his cler-
gie, (at which the most of the Lordes of the
Councell were present) in his Maiesties Priuy-
Chamber, at Hampton Court. lanuary 14.
1603. Whereunto are added, some copies,
(scattered abroad,) vnsauory, and vntrue.

London, 1604. 4

BARO (PETRUS), S.T.D. Summa trium de prae-
destinatione sententiarum. Cum D. Johannis
Piscatoris ad earn notis : et D. Francisci Ju-
NII ad eandem disquisitione : ac denique D.
Guilihelmi WHITAKERI prselectione adversus
universalem gratiam : et concione de prjedes-
tinatione, divinie gratiae constantia ac certitu-
dine salutis. Quibus accedunt Assertiones
orthodoxae seu ARTICULI Lambethani : appro-
bati ab Archiepiscopis aliisque Angliae Episco-
pis Anno 1595. JJardrovici, 1513 [1613J. 8

BARRINGTON (JOHN SHUTE), 1st Viscount Bar-
rington. An answer to some queries in a
paper [by John Sladen] intituled, Reasons
offered against pushing for the repeal of the
corporation and TEST-ACTS. 1732

BARRY. The Barry persecution ; with a brief
answer to the question, " Are Sabbath fune-
rals unlawful ?" Dundee, 1842. 8

BARTH (C. G.), D.D. A brief history of tho




Church of Christ. From the German of the
Rev. C. G. B. London, s. a. 12

BASILICUS. Thoughts on the scriptural expec-
tations of the Christian Church, by Basilicus.
London, 1826. 8

BASILIUS MAGNUS, Saint, Archbishop of Ccesa-
rea. Opera omnia quse extant, vel quse sub
ejus nomine circumferuntur, ad MSS. codices
Gallicanos, Vaticanos, Florentines et Angli-
cos, necnon ad antiquiores editiones castigata,
multis aucta : nova interpretatione, criticis
praefationibus, notis, variis lectionibus illus-
trata, nova sancti Doctoris vita et copiosissi-
mis indicibus locupletata. Opera et studio
monachorum ordinis Sancti Benedicti e con-
gregatione S. Mauri. Accurante et recognos-
cente J.-P. Migne. [Gr. et Lat.] 4 torn.
[Patrolog. Cursus, torn, xxix.-xxxii.]

Paris, 1857. 8

la visibilite, 1'autorite de 1'Eglise et la verite^
renverse'es par la Constitution de Clement XI.

BASTIDE (PHILIPPUS). Dissertatio de antiqua
ordinis Suncti Benedicti intra Gallias propa-
gatione ; [cum Prsefationibus in acta Sancto-
rum ordinis S. Benedicti, per J. MABILLON].





BATT (CHARLES WILLIAM). A dissertation on
the message from JOHN THE BAPTIST to our
Saviour. 1788

BAUR (FERDINAND CHRISTIAN), Professor of theo-
logy in the university of Tubingen. Vorlesun-
gen liber die christliche Dogmengeschichte.
Herausgegeben von Ferd. Fr. Baur. Erster
Band. Zweite Abtheil.

Leipzig, 1865, 66. 8

Paulus, der Apostel Jesu Christ! Seia Leben
ui.d Werken, seine Briefe und seine Lehre.
Ein Beitrag zu einer kritischen Geschichte des
Urchristenthums. Nach dem Tode des Ver-
fassers besorgt von Dr Eduard Zeller. 2 Theile.

Leipzig, 18C6, 67. 8

BEARD (CHARLES), B.A. Port Royal; a contri-
bution to the history of religion and literature
in France. 2 vol. London, 1861. 8



BEER. Report from select committee [of the
House of Commons] on the sale of beer : with
the minutes of evidence.

[London], 1833. fol.

Minutes of evidence taken before the select
committee of the House of Lords to whom was
referred the Bill intituled An act for regulat-
ing the sale of beer and other liquors on the
Lord's day ; together with an appendix.

[London], 1848. fol.

Report from the select committee of the House
of Lords appointed to consider the operation
of the Acts for the sale of beer, and to report

thereon to the House ; together with the mi-
nutes of evidence, and an appendix and index
thereto. [.London}, 1850. fol.

BEGG (JAMES), D. D. , Minister of the Free Church,
Edinburgh. History of the Act of Queen Anne
1711 restoring Church patronage in Scotland.
[Select anti-patronage library.]

Edin., 1842. 8

OMAR). Commeiitarius in Coranum, ex codd.
Parisiensibus Dresdensibus et Lipsiensibus edi-
dit indicibusque instruxit H. O. Fleischer.
Fascicc. i., iii. [Fascic. i. wants title.]

Lipsiae, 1845. 4

| BELL (BENJAMIN). Observations on the mode
of attendance of the surgeons of Edinburgh ou
the Royal Infirmary. Edin. , 1800. 4

BELL (JOHN), Surgeon in Edinburgh. Unto the
Right Hon. the Lords of Council and Session,
the petition of J. B. and Charles Bell [against
Lord Balmuto's interlocutor].

Edin., [1801]. 4

BELL (THOMAS BLIZARD), Minister of the Free
Church, at Leswalt. Observations on biblical
subjects. With a memoir. Edin. , 1867. 8
tion of the preface to Bellendenus [written in
Latin by Samuel PARR] : containing animated
strictures on the great political characters of
the present time. [By William Beloe.]

London, 1788. 8
BELLIUS (MARTINUS), pseud., i. e. fcebastianus


BELLSHILL. Letters from the Congregational
Church, Bellshill, under the pastoral care of
F. Ferguson : to the four Congregational
Churches in the city of Glasgow, under the
pastoral care of Rev. Dr Wardlaw, Messrs
Russell, Thomson, and Ingram.

Glasgow, 1844. 12

BENNET (THOMAS), D.D., Vicar of St Giles\
Cripplegate, London. A defence of the Dis-
course of schism ; in answer to those objec-
tions, which Mr Shepherd has made in his
three Sermons of separation, &c. 4th ed.

London, 1716. 8

An answer to Mr Shepherd's Considerations
on the Defence of the discourse of schism.
4th ed. London, 1716. 8

BENTLEY (RICHARD), D.D., Regius professor of
divinity, Cambridge. A dissertation upon the
Epistles of Phalaris, Themistocles, Socrates,
Euripides; &c. and ^Esop's fables ; [with Re-
flections upon ancient and modern learning,
by William WOTTON]. l(ji7

BERENGERIUS. * Anonymi de Berengerii
heeresiarchee damnatione multiplici, commen-
tariolus ; [cum Scriptt. vet. de tide Catholica
quinque opusculis quse P. F. CHIFFLETIUS e
MSS. cod. eruit]. 1656

BERINGTON (SIMON). The adventures of
Signor Gaudentio di LUCCA. I860

HENRI). Studies of nature. Translated by

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