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Serampore, 1251, A.H. 8

Lilamrita. Calcutta, s. a. 8

GOSWA'MI (Rup). Lalit Madhab.

Calcutta, s. a. 8

FRANCOIS). Histoire abrege'e des JESUITES.


GOUGE (WILLIAM), D.D., Rector of St Ann's,
Blackfriars, London. A commentary on the
whole Epistle to the Hebrews. Being the
substance of thirty years' Wednesday's lectures
at Blackfriars, London. Before which is pre-
fixed a narrative of his life and death. 3 vol.
[Nichol's series of Commentaries.]

Edin., 1866,67. 4

GOURDON ( ). A request to ROMAN CATHO-

LICKS. 1687

politics, history, and rhetoric, at Utrecht.
Syntagma variarum dissertationum rariorum,
quas viri doctissimi superiore seculo elucubra-
runt. Ex musseo J. G. G.

Ultrajecti, 1702. 4

GRAHAM (JOHN), Kilmarnock. Irenicum re-
viewed ; a reply to Dr Heugh's ' ' Inquiry into
the real amount of the differences alleged to
exist in the Synod of the Secession Church,
on the atonement, and doctrines connected
with it." Edin., 1845. 12

GRAHAME (SIMION). The anatomy of humors,
and The passionate sparke of a relenting
minde. [Printed for the Bannatyne Club.]

Edin., 1830. 4

GRAMMAR. Tartar and Russian grammar
[with vocabulary]. Petersburg, 1801. 4

Tartar and Russian grammar.

Petersburg, 1814. 4

Another copy.

GRANT (Mrs ANN). LETTERS from the moun-
tains. 1807

GRANT (Sir FRANCIS), Lord Cullen, one of tJie
Senators of the College of Justice. A brief
account of the nature, rise, and progress of
the societies for reformation of MANNERS.


Reasons in defence of the standing laws
about the right of presentation in patronages.
[Select anti-patronage library.]

Edin., 1842. 8

GRANT (WILLIAM), Lord Prestongrange, one of
the Senators of the College of Justice. Remarks
on the state of the Church of Scotland with
respect to patronages, and with reference to a
bill now depending before parliament, [1736].
[Select anti-patronage library.]

Edin., 1842. 8

GRAY (ANDREW), Minister of the Gospel in Glas-
gow. Great and precious promises, or, some

sermons concerning the promises, and the
right application thereof : whereunto are add-
ed some other concerning the usefulness of
faith, in advancing sanctification : as also,
three more concerning the faith of assurance.
The last impression. Edin., 1678. 12

GRAY (ANDREW), D.D., Minister of Abernethy.
A delineation of the parables of our blessed
Saviour. To which is prefixed, a dissertation
on parables, and allegorical writings in general.
2d ed. Edin., 1814. 8

GRAY (ANDREW), Minister of Free West church,
Perth. The College question.

Perth, 1850. 8

GRAY (JAMES), Minister of the Associate Synod of
Original Seceders, Brechin. The last charge of
an ascending Redeemer ; or, the duty of Chris-
tians in promoting the spread of the Gospel,
explained and enforced. A sermon on Mark,
xvi. 15. With an appendix on missionary
measures, containing observations and sugges-
tions addressed chiefly to Seceders.

Edin., 1819. 8

GRAY (JAMES). * Letter to Bailie G., chairman
of the meeting of Secession elders of Edin-
burgh and vicinity, held in Rose Street church,
6th March 1845. By a dissentient elder.

Edin., 1845. 12

GRAY (THOMAS). Poems. [British poets, vol.
42.] Edin., 1773. 8 3

dress delivered at the anniversary meeting of
the Geological society of London, on the 21st
of February, 1834. " London, 1834. 8

GREENWOOD (THOMAS), M.A., Barrister-at-
law, and reader of history in the university of
Durham. Introductory lectures on the study
of history, delivered before the university of
Durham. London, 1835. 8

The encyclical letter of our lord Pope Gre-
gory XVI. to all the Patriarchs, Primates,
Archbishops, and Bishops, issued May 8, 1844.
Translated into English by Sir Culling Eard-
ley Smith, Bart. With the Latin text, and
the authorised Italian translation appended.
London, 1844. 8

GREGORY (DAVID), Savilian professor of astro-
nomy at Oxford. Astronomise physicae et geo-
metricse elementa. Oxoniw, 1702. fol.

GREGORY (JAMES), M.D., Professor of the prac-
tice of physic in the university of Edinburgh.
Memorial to the managers of the Royal Infir-
mary. Edin., 1800. 4

Another copy.

Additional memorial to the managers of the
Royal Infirmary. Edin., 1803. 4

Review of the proceedings of the Royal Col-
lege of Physicians in Edinburgh, from 1753 to
1804, both inclusive ; with respect to separat-
ing the practice of medicine from the practice
of pharmacy, and preventing any of their own
Fellows or licentiates residing in Edinburgh,
from keeping an apothecary's shop, or prac-
tising pharmacy, by himself, his copartners, or
his servants. Edin., 1804. 4 J



Censorian letter to the 1'ivsiiluit :iml

of the Royal College of Physicians in Edin-
burgh. JO!*, l *<;,. i

Another copy.

Protest by Dr Gregory [against the admonition
with respect to keeping secret the proceedings
of the Royal College of Physicians. With
relative documents]. [Edin., 180C, 7.] 4

Protest by Dr G., against the resolution of the
Royal College of Physicians, and their vote of
censure on him, 26th Nov. 1806. [Containing
also Letters to Dr Charles Stewart, note to
Drs Spens and Hope, and protest by Dr
Thomas Brown against the vote of censure.]

[Edin., 18^.] 4

* Narrative of the conduct of Dr James Gre-
gory, towards the Royal College of Physicians
of Edinburgh, drawn up and published by
order of the College, in consequence of the
various printed papers circulated by him rela-
tive to their affairs. /;.///(., 1809. 4

Another copy.

Dr Gregory's defence. [Wants title.] 4
GREY (HENRY), D.D. , Minister of Free St Mary's,

Edinburgh. Remarks relative to his connec-
tion with the letters of Anglicanus : with a
reply to Mr Haldane's professed " Exposure
of personal misrepresentations, doctrinal here-
sies, and important mis-statements, respecting
the Bible society." Edin., 1828. 8

Reviews in the case of the Rev. Dr A. THOM-
SON, and the Rev. H. G. [1828]

GRIFFITHS (A. F.). Bibliotheca Anglo-poeti-
ca ; or, a descriptive catalogue of a rare and
rich collection of early English poetry : in the
possession of Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme,
and Brown. Illustrated by occasional extracts
and remarks, critical and biographical. [Ad-


| Arri

vertisement signed A. F. G.

ondon, 1815. 8

GR( i' rs HOFSTEDE DE), Profe f tl<- -

/(/(/ <i( drnninii' a. Kncvfli'i-ii-dia thoologi
Christiani. In s ( holarum suarum usum bre-
viu-r delineate, aP. H. deG. et L. G. I'AIM.AI .
Editio altera. Groninga, 1844. 8

GROVE (HK.VRY), of Taunton.Tlie evidence for
our Saviour's RESI I:I;KIIH>N considered.

GURTLERUS (NicoLAUs), Professor <./

at Franeker. Systema theologi:t- prophetic;!-.
Editio secunda.

Trajecti ad Ehenum, 1724. 4

tus ; [cum Historia Papatusper J. H. HEIDEO-
GERUM]. 1084

GULICHIUS (ABRAHAMUS). ...Theologia pn-
phetica de rebus Veteris Testament!. Accedit
necessaria prst-fatio, in eaque hermeneutica
sacra bipertita, artis prseceptiones de ratione
interpretandi, turn S. Scripturam universe,
turn speciatim prophetias, summatim expli-
cans. Amstd., 1675. 4

GUPTA (DiNA DAYAL). Durgabhaktichinta-
mani. Calcutta, s. a. 8

GURNEY (JOSEPH JOHN). Puseyism traced to
its root, in a view of the Papal and hierarchi-
cal system, as compared with the religion of
the New Testament. 3d ed.

London, 1845. 8

GUTHRIE (G. J.), F.R.S. On some points con-
nected with the anatomy and surgery of ingui-
nal and femoral herniae... London, 1833. 4

GUTHRIE (THOMAS), D.D., Minister of Free St
John's church, Edinburgh. Manse fund of the
Free Church of Scotland. Speech at the great
public meeting held in the City Hall, Glas-
gow, on the 9th July, 1845.

Glasgow, 1845. 8

A plea on behalf of drunkards and against
drunkenness. Edin., 1850. 8


H. (J.), i. e. J. HORSIHOLD.

H. (J.). A defence of the people's right, from
Acts, 14. 23. against the cavils of the continua-
tor of the Enquiry. Edin., 1733. 8

A short synopsis of the arguments for the peo-
ple's right to elect their priests and other spi-
ritual judges under the Old Testament.

Edin., 1734. 8

A second synopsis ; wherein some of the chief
New Testament arguments for the people's
right of election are adduced ; and proved to
be fully demonstrated. Edin., 1734. 8

A third synopsis ; containing some of the chief
arguments for popular election from the sacred
Epistles. Edin., 1734. 8

H. (J.), i. e. John HUTCHINSON.

H. (T.), i. e. Thomas HOBBES.

HABERT (Luoovicus). Compendium theolo-
gife. s. L, 1714. 8

HJERETICI, HERETICS. A discourse con-
cerning the laws, ecclesiastical and civil, made
against hereticks, by Popes, Emperors, and

Kings, provincial and general councils, ap-

? roved by the Church of Rome ; shewing
. What Protestant subjects may expect to
suffer under a Popish prince acting accord-
ing to these laws. II. That no oath or pro-
mise of such a prince can give them any just
security that he will not execute these laws
upon them. With a preface against perse-
cuting and destroying hereticks. By a cor-
dial friend to the Protestant religion now by
law established in these realms. Now repub-
lished, with an introduction.

London, 1723. 8

tour through the Northern counties of Scot-
land and the Orkney isles, in autumn 1797.
Undertaken with a view to promote the know-
ledge of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Edin., 1798. 12

* A letter to J. A. H. , on his sermon upon
the late fires, the musical festival, &c. &c. &c.
By a layman. Edin., 1825. 8




HALDANE (ROBERT). Letters to Mr Ewing,
respecting the tabernacle at Glasgow, &c.

Edin., 1809. 8

Exposure of the Rev. Henry Grey's personal
misrepresentations, doctrinal heresies, and im-
portant mis-statements, respecting the Bible
society, as contained in the Letters of Angli-
cauus. [Eight pages supplied in MS.]

Edin., 1828. 8

Review of the sixteenth annual report of the
Glasgow Auxiliary Bible society.

Edin., 1829. 8

Review of the last report of the Glasgow Auxi-
liary Bible society, and particularly of the
appendix as containing an apology for the Earl
Street committee's proceedings regarding Dr
Leander van Ess ; with an exposure of the
conduct of that committee, in the appointment
of Mr Greenfield to be superintendent of trans-
lations. Edin., 1830. 8

The duty of paying tribute enforced ; in letters
to the Rev. John Brown, occasioned by his
resisting the payment of the annuity tax.

Edin., 1838. 8

On the purposed desecration of the Sabbath,
by the directors of the Edinburgh and Glas-
gow railway. Edin., 1842. 12

HALIFAX, LORD.* Letter from Italy to Lord

H., in the year 1701. [By Joseph ADDISON.]

[London, 1701.] 12

HAMILTON. Correspondence between the Con-
gregational Church in Hamilton, under the
pastoral care of Mr John Kirk, and the four
Congregational Churches in the city of Glas-
gow, under the pastoral care of Dr Wardlaw,
Messrs Russell, Thomson, and Ingram.

Glasgow, [1844]. 12

HAMILTON (ROBERT), M.D. * Letters, &c. to
Dr R. H., in refutation of the erroneous and
heretical doctrines concerning the gifts of the
Holy Spirit being still attainable, the abroga-
tion of the moral law and Christian Sabbath,
publicly taught and maintained by him, and
the whole of his extraordinary system proved
to be absurd and unscriptural. By an advo-
cate for truth. Edin., 1830. 8

HAMILTON (ROBERT), M.D. The natural his-
tory of the amphibious Carnivora, including
the walrus and seals, also of the herbivorous
Cetacea, &c. Illustrated by thirty- three plates,
with memoir ... of Peron. [Nat. Lib. , vol.
xxiii.] Edin., 1839. 8

The natural history of British fishes. Vol. i.
Illustrated by ,thirty-six coloured plates, with
...memoir of Rondelet. [Ibid., vol. xxxvii.]

Edin., 1843. 8 d

HAMILTON (WILLIAM), D. D. , Minister of Strath-
blane. * A defence of the students of pro-
phecy, in answer to the attack of the Rev.
Dr H. London, 1828. 8

HANSENIUS (PETRTJS), Professor of theology at
Copenhagen. De vera vi et ratione decreti
Hierosolymitani Act. Apost. cap. xv. dispu-
tatio. Hal(R, 1794. 8

HARDMAN (EDWARD), Curate of Westport.
The Church, an address to the Roman Ca-

tholic inhabitants of the parish of Westport.
Dublin, 1827. 12

FIXE, ArchbisJiop of Paris. Histoire du Roy
Henry le Grand. Amsterdam, 1664. 12

HARDY (NATHANIEL), D.D. , Archdeacon of Lewes
and Dean of Rochester. The First general
Epistle of St John the Apostle, unfolded and
applied. [Nichol's series of Commentaries.]

Edin., 1865. 4

HARDY (THOMAS), D.D., Professor of divinity in
the university of Edinburgh. The PATRIOT.
Addressed to the people, on the present state
of affairs in Britain and in France. 1793

HARKNESS (WALTER), M.D. Memorial for Dr
W. H. [and others] against Colin Lauder.

[Edin., 1802.] 4

Memorial for Dr W. H. [and others] against
Mr Thomas Hay. [Edin., 1802.] 4



HARRIS (GEOROE). A letter to the Rev. Gavin
Struthers, on his refusal to meet Mr H. at a
funeral ; with additional remarks, addressed
to the inhabitants of Glasgow. To which is
added, the proceedings of the town council of
Edinburgh, on the election of a Unitarian
Christian as a member of that body.

Glasgow, 1830. 12

HARRIS (WILLIAM), D.D. Remarks on the his-
tory of the TEST. 1733

Some remarks upon the Plea for the sacra-
mental TEST. 1736

Brief remarks upon The dispute adjusted,
about the proper time for applying for a re-
peal of the Corporation and TEST acts. 1736

The case of the Corporation and TEST acts
considered. 1736

HARTLEY (DAVID), M. A. Theory of the hu-
man mind, on the principle of the association
of ideas ; with essays relating to the subject
of it. By Joseph PRIESTLEY, LL.D.

London, 1775. 8

Another copy.

HARVARD. Fortieth annual report of the Pre-
sident of Harvard College to the overseers, ex-
hibiting the state of the institution for the aca-
demical year 1864-65. Cambridge, 1866. 8

HARVEY (ALEXANDER), Minister of the Belief
Church, Glasgow. Report of the public dis-
cussion on Church extension and endowment,
between the Rev. A. H., and David MAIT-
LAND MAKGILL, at Anstruther, Fifeshire, on
the evenings of the 2d and 3d of October,
1838. Edin., 1838. 8

HASSIA (HENRICUS DE). Tractatus; [cum Opp.
J. GERSONII]. 1706

HAY (THOMAS), M.D. Memorial for T. H. ;
against James Bryce, and others.

[Edin., 1802.] 4

HAYES (CHARLES). A critical examination of
the holy Gospels according to St MATTHEW,
and St LUKE. 1738

HAYUS (JOANNES), Dalgattiensis. De rebus Ja-
ponicis, Indicis et Peruanis epistolae recen-
tiores. Autvoyrite, 1605. 8




HF.ARXE (THOMAS). * The lives of those emi-
nent antiquaries John LELAND, T. H. and
Anthony a WOOD. 177-'

HEARTS. English hearts and English hands ;
or, the railway and the trenches. By the au-
thor of the Memoirs of Captain Hedley Vicars ;
[Caroline MARSH]. Eighth thousand.

London, 1858. 8

HENDERSON (ALEXANDER), one of the ministers
of Edinburgh. Sermons, prayers, and jMilpit
addresses. Edited from the original IMS. l>\
the Rev. R. Thomson Martin.

Edin., [18671. 8

Professor of theology at Berlin. Commentary
on the Gospel of St John. Translated from
the German. 2 vol. [Clark's For. Theol.
Lib.] Edin., 1865. 8

HENRICUS, Ariminensu. Tractatusde quatuor
virtu tibus cardialibus editus et expositus ad
Cities Venetos per frem Henricu Ariminensem.
[Argentorati, M.CCCC.LXXII.] fol.
[The above work is printed in Gothic charac-
ters, without signatures and pagination. It
contains 147 foil., and is preceded by an al-
phabetical table of 10 foil. , by Thomas Dor-
niberg, completed by him in the year 1472.]

HENRIETTA MARIA, Queen to Charles I.* A
great discovery of the Queen's preparation in
Holland, to assist the King in England. [Re-
prints of rare tracts, &c. by M. A. Richardson. ]
Newcastle, 1843. 8

HENRYSON (ROBERT). The moral fables of
R. H. Reprinted from the edition of Andrew
Hart. [Edited for the Maitland Club by
David Irving, LL. D.] iVi'it., 1832. 4

HERALD. The missionary herald. Vol. xviii.-
xxix. Boston, 1822-43. 8

The Scottish Christian Herald. [First and
second series.] 6vol. Edin., 1836-41. 8

HEREDITARY-RIGHT. Queries to the new
Hereditary-right-men. [Wants title.] 4

HEREFORD, BISHOP of. See Richard de S WIN-

HEREFORD (C.). The history of SPAIN. 1793

HERMAS, Saint. The pastor of Hennas. [Ante-
Nicene Christ. Lib., vol. i.] din.,1867. 8

HERMINJARD (A.-L.). Correspondance des
Reformateurs dans les pays de langue Fran-
?aise recueillie et publiee avec d'autres lettres
relatives a la Reforme et des notes historiques
et biographiques. Prospectus et specimen.

'f, s. a. 8

HERNE (THOMAS). An account of all the con-
siderable books and pamphlets that have been
wrote on either side in the controversy con-
cerning the TRINITY, since the year 1712.


HERODOTUS. ' laro^iav VPOTV. [With MS.
notes by John Mackintosh.] Glasgow, s. a. 12

HERRIES, LORD. Historical memoirs of the
reign of Mary Queen of Scots, and a portion
of the reign of King James the Sixth. [Edited
for the Abbotsford Club by Robert Pitcairn.]

Edin. , 1836. 4


LL.D., Professor of divin it </ in th> /'/ Cliun-h
culli'tje, Glasgow. The history of Home. \\ nli
an account of the statistics of Rome. From
the Encyclopaedia Britannica.

IM., 1839. 12

The apologetics of the Christian faith. With
an introductory notice by Alexander Duff,
D.D. Edin., 1867. 8

HEUGH (HUGH), D.D., Minister of tl* United
Presbyterian Church, Glasgow. Irenicum : an
inquiry into the real amount of the differences
alleged to exist in the Synod of the Secession
Church, on the atonement, and doctrines con-
nected with it. Glasgow, 1845. 12

* Our harmony, our tendencies, and what
ought the Synod of the Secession Church to
do at its approaching meeting ? A letter to
the Rev. H. H. By a member of the Synod.

Edin., 1845. 12


HIGHWAYS. Report from the select commit-
tee on the highways of the kingdom : together
with the minutes of evidence taken before
them. A',/;,,., 1819. 8

HILDEBRANDUS (JOACHIM). Oratio de funda-
tione academi* Julise ; [cum Historia originis
ac progressus scholarum inter Christianos, per
G. G. KEUFFEL]. 1743

HILL (GEORGE), D.D., Principal of St Mary's
college, St Andrews. The confederacy against
Britain : a sermon [on Isaiah, viii. 12, 13, 14]
preached at St Andrews, Thursday, Feb. 18,
1808, being the day appointed for a general
fast. Edin., 1808. 8

HILL (Sir JOHN), M.D. A review of the works
of the Royal Society of London ; containing
animadversions on such of the papers as de-
serve particular observation. In eight parts ;
under the several heads of arts, antiquities,
medicine, miracles, zoophytes, animals, vege-
tables, minerals. 2d ed. London, 1780. 4

HINDMARSH (ROBERT), Minister of the New
Jemsalem temple, Salford. A reply to the
third critique, in the Intellectual repository,
No. ix. and the fourth, in No. x. new series,
upon the answer to certain allegations, &c.
respecting the " Trial of the spirits," and the
vindication of the writings of .Emamiel Swe-
denborg. ,tderland, 1826. 8


HIPPOLYTUS, Saint. The refutation of all
heresies : translated by the Rev. J. H. Macma-
hon, M. A. With fragments from his comment-
aries on various Books of Scripture : translated
by the Rev. S. D. F. Salmond. [Ante-Nicene
Christ. Lib., vol. vi.] Edin., 1868. 8

HISTORY. An universal history from the ear-
liest account of time to the present. [With
a volume of additions.] 8 vol.

London, 1740-1750. fol.

The modern part of the universal history.
16 vol. London, 1759-1765. fol.

HITCHCOCK (EDWARD), D.D., Professor of che-
mistry and natural history in Amherst collegi'.
The inseparable trio. A sermon [on Ps.




xxxii. 12, Is. v. 13, John, viii. 36] delivered

before... the legislature of Massachusetts, at

the annual election, Wednesday, Jan. 2d, 1850.

Boston, 1850. 8

HODGE (CHARLES), D.D., Professor in the theo-
logical seminary, Princeton, New Jersey.
Commentary on the Epistle to the Romans.
New edition, revised, and in great measure
rewritten. Edin., 1864. 8

HOG (JAMES), Minister at Carnock. The cove-
nants of REDEMPTION and grace displayed.


The controversie concerning the MARROW of
modern divinity. Considered. 1721-22

HOME (HENRY), Lord _K"ames. Essays on the
principles of MORALITY and natural religion.


HOMERUS. The Iliad, translated from the
Greek by Alexander Pope. 3 vol. [British
poets, vol. 23-25.] Edin., 1773. 8

The Odyssey, translated from the Greek by
Alexander Pope. 3 vol. [British poets, vol.
26-28.] Edin., 1773. 8

HONEST DUG. The ignoble interruption of
the liberal and tranquil pursuits of Honest
Dug : to which is added, a most true and mi-
raculous conversion of Mr Andrew Calvin :
By Honest Dug. Edin., 1806. 8

Leeds. The three Reformations: Lutheran,
Roman, Anglican. 2d ed. London, 1847. 8

HOOPER (JOHN), Rector of Albury, Surrey.
The advent ; or, the revelation, appearing,
and coming of the Lord. London, 1848. 12

HOPKINS (WILLIAM), Vicar of Bolney, Sussex.
The trinitarian controversy reviewed : or,
a defence of the Appeal to the common sense
of all Christian people, &c. Wherein every
particular advanced by the Rev. Dr M'DoN-
NELL in his Sincere Christian's answer to the
Appeal, is distinctly considered. By the au-
thor of the Appeal. 1760

HORNER (LEONARD). Address delivered at the
anniversary meeting of the Geological society
of London, on the 20th of February, 1846.

London, 1846. 8

rich. Opera omnia in septem tomos distri-
buta, quorum lus De templis, II. De festis,
III. et IV. Historise sacramentarise pars prior
et posterior, V. Concordia discors, VI. De

monachis, VII. Historia jesuitica. Editio
nova : et prsefixa est ejusdem vita, per J. H.
Heideggerum. [3 vol.]

Genevce, 1678, 81. fol.



HOWE (JOHN), M.A. The whole works of the

Rev. J. H. [Edited by John Hunt.] 8 vol.

London, 1810-22. 8

HOWEL (LAWRENCE), A.M. Synopsis canonuni
SS. Apostolorum, et conciliorum oecumenico-
rum et provincialium, ab Ecclesia Graeca re-
ceptorum ; nee non conciliorum, decretorum,
et legum Ecclesise Britannicse et Anglo- Saxo-
nicse. Una cum constitutionibus tarn provin-
cialibus (sc. a Stephano Langton ad Henricum
Chichleium) quam legatinis, &c. in compen-
dium redactis... Londini, 1708. fol.

HUGHES (WILLIAM), Eector of Hinton. The
man of sin : or a discourse of POPERY. 1677

HUGONOTS. The Protestant Reformation in
France ; or, history of the Hugonots. By the
author of "Father Darcy," &c. [Anne MARSH].
2 vol. London, 1847. 8

HUIE (JAMES A.). The mutual connection of
Christ and his people : a sermon [on John, x.
27, 28] preached in the West chapel, Wooler,
on Sabbath 8th April 1855. On occasion of
the death of William Jobson, Esq., formerly
of Chillingham, Newtown. Wooler, s. a. 12

HUME (ALEXANDER), Minister of Locjie. Hymns

and sacred songs. Reprinted from the edition

of Waldegrave, 1599. [Printed for the Ban-

natyne Club.] Edin., 1832. 4

[The above contains also "Ane afold admoni-

tioun to the ministerie of Scotland. " Printed

from a manuscript in the Advocates' Librarv.]

HUNTER (AGNES). Summons, Miss A. H.
against the Presbytery of Edinburgh, and
others. Edin., 1844. 4

* Defences for the Rev. the Presbytery of
Edinburgh [and others] to the summons at the
instance of Miss A. H. Edin. , [1844]. 4

Revised condescendence for Miss A. H. , pur-
suer, and revised answers thereto for the Rev.
the Presbytery of Edinburgh [and others], de-
fenders. " [Edin., 1845. J 4

- Reclaiming note for Miss A. H. , in the action
of declarator at her instance against the Rev.
the Presbytery of Edinburgh [and others].

[Edin., 1846. J 4


IBN ABD-EL-HAKEM. History of the con-
quest of Spain. Translated from the Arabic ;

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