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HEADRICK (JAMES). View of the mineralogy,
agriculture, manufactures and fisheries of the
island of Arran. With notices of antiquities,
and suggestions for improving the agriculture
and fisheries of the highlands and isles of
Scotland. Edin., 1807. 8

la mineralogie ; ou connoissance des eaux, des
sues terrestres, des sels, des terres, des pierres,
des mineraux, et des me'taux : avec une de-
scription abregee des operations de me'tallur-
gie. Ouvrage posthume de M. J. F. H., pub-
Ed sous le titre de Henckelius in mineralogia
redivivus, et traduit de I'Allemand. Tome i.

Pom, 1756. 12

the journal of a residence in that island,
during the years 1814 and 1815. Containing
observations on the natural phenomena, his-
tory, literature, and antiquities of the island ;
and the religion, character, manners, and cus-
toms of its inhabitants. With an introduc-
tion and appendix. Illustrated with a map
and engravings. 2d ed. Edin., 1819. 8

HERON (ROBERT). Observations made in a
journey through the Western counties of Scot-
land, in the autumn of M.DCC.XCII. Relating
to the scenery, antiquities, customs, manners,
population, agriculture, manufactures, com-
merce, political condition, and literature of


these parts. 2 vol. 2d ed. Newly illus-
trated by thirteen views of the most remark-
able scenery, and an accurate table of the
roads, and map of Scotland.

Perth, 1799. 8

HIBBERT (SAMUEL), M.D. A description of
the Shetland islands, comprising an account
of their geology, scenery, antiquities, and
superstitions. With a geological map, plates,
&c. Edin., 1822. 4

- History of the extinct volcanos of the basin
of Neuwied, on the Lower Rhine. With
maps, views, and other illustrations.

Edin., 1832. 8

BINDE (HEXRY YOULE), M.A. Report on a
topographical and geological exploration of
the Canse route between Fort William, Lake
Superior, and Fort Garry, Red River ; and
also of the valley of the Red River, North of
the 49th parallel, during the summer of 1857.
Made under instructions from the provincial
secretary of Canada. Toronto, 1858. 8

HITCHCOCK (EDWARD), LL.D., Professor of
chemistry and natural history in Amherst col-
lege. Elementary geology. 2d ed. With an
introductory notice, by John Pye Smith, D.D.
Amherst, 1841. 12

HOLLAND (JOHN). The history and descrip-
tion of fossil FUEL. 1835

ANDRE DE). A geognostical essay on the su-
perposition of rocks, in both hemispheres.
Translated from the original French.

London, 1823. 8

BUTTON (JAMES), M.D. Theory of the earth,
with proofs and illustrations. In four parts.
2vol. -EWm.,1795. 8

BUTTON (WILLIAM), F.G.S. The fossil flora of
Great Britain. By John LINDLEY and W. H.


ICELAND. An historical and descriptive ac-
count of Iceland, Greenland, and the Faroe
islands ; with illustrations of their natural
history. Maps by Wright, and engravings by
Jackson and Bruce. [Edin. Cab. Lib.]

Edin., 1840. 8


JAMESON (ROBERT), Regius professor of natural
history in the university of Edinburgh. System
of mineralogy, comprehending oryctognosie,
geognosie, mineralogical chemistry, mineralo-
gical geography, and oaconomical mineralogy.
3 vol. Edin., 1804-1808. 8

- Third edition. Edin., 1820. 8

A mineralogical description of the county of
Dumfries. Edin., 1805. 8

Mineralogical travels through the Hebrides,
Orkney and Shetland islands, and mainland
of Scotland, with dissertations on peat and

kelp. Illustrated with maps and plates. 2 vol.

Edin., 1813. 4

A treatise on the external, chemical, and phy-
sical characters of minerals. 3d ed.

Edin., 1817. 8

Manual of mineralogy : containing an account
of simple minerals, and also a description and
arrangement of mountain rocks.

Edin., 1821. 8

Mineralogy according to the natural history
system, forming the article under that head in
the seventh edition of the Encyclopaedia Bri-
tannica. Edin., 1837. 8

JOHNSTON (GEORGE), M.D. A history of Bri-
tish zoophytes. Edin. , 1838. 8

JOURDAN (ANT.-JACQ.-L.). Dictionnaire rai-
sonne, e'tymologique, synonymique et poly-
glotte, des termes usite's dans les sciences natu-
relles, comprenant 1'anatomie, Fhistoire natu-
relle et la physiologie ge'ne'rales, 1'astronomie,
la botanique, la chimie, la geographic physique,
la geologic, la mineralogie la physique et la
zoologie. 2 torn. Paris, 1834. 8

JOURNAL. The Edinburgh philosophical jour-
nal, exhibiting a view of the progress of dis-
covery in natural philosophy, chemistry, na-
txiral history, practical mechanics, geography,
statistics, and the fine and useful arts. 14 vol.
[Vol. i.-x. conducted by Dr Brewster and
Professor Jameson ; vol. xi.-xiv. conducted by
Professor Jameson.] Edin., 1819-1826. 8

The Edinburgh New philosophical journal,
exhibiting a view of the progressive improve-
ments and discoveries in the sciences and the
arts. Conducted by Robert Jameson. Vol.
i.-xxxii. Edin., 1826-1842. 8

The magazine of natural history, and journal
of zoology, botany, mineralogy, geology, and
meteorology. Conducted by J. C. Loudon,
F.L.S. Vol. i.-ix. London, 1829-1836. 8


Litteratur der Geognosie. Halle, 1840. 8

KIRWAN (RICHARD), LL.D. Elements of mi-
neralogy. 2d ed. 2 vol.

London, 1794, 96. 8

thodi ostracologicse sive dispositio naturalis
cochlidum et concharum in suas classes, genera
et species, iconibus singulorum generum a?ri
incisis illustrata. Accedit lucubratiuncula de
formatione, cremento et coloribus testarum
quse sunt cochlidum et concharum, turn com-
mentariolum in locum Plinii Bist. Nat. Libr.
ix. cap. xxxiii. de concharum differentiis. De-
nique sciagraphia methodi ad genus serpen-
tium ordinate digerendum.

Lugd. Batav., 1753. 4

KNIGBT (JOSEPH), F.B.S. On the cultivation
of the plants belonging to the natural order of
Proteese, with their generic as well as specific
characters and places where they grow wild.

London, 1809. 4


K MCHT (\Vii.UAM), LL.D., 7V../.-.v..i -f
pkHotOft} in (lie institution of Belfast. Facts ;
uiiil nl>scr\ utions towards forming anew tlu-Mi-v
cf the earth. JKdin., 1818. 8


LAKE SUPERIOR. Report on the exploration
of the country between Lake Superior and the
Red River settlement. Printed by order of
the Legislative Assembly. Toronto, 1858. 8

LAMARCK (J. B. DE). Histoire naturelle des
animaux sans vertebres, pre'sentant les carac-
teres gendraux et particuliers de ces animaux,
leur distribution, leurs classes, leurs families,
leurs genres, et la citation des principales
especes qui s'y rapportent ; pre'ce'de'e d'une
introduction offrant la determination des ca-
racteres essentiels de 1'animal, sa distinction
du ve'ge'tal et des autres corps naturels, entin
1'exposition des principes fondamentaux de la
zoologi&. Tom. v.-vii. Paris, 1818-22. 8

LAMOUROUX (J.), Professor of natural history
to tlie Royal academy of Caen. Exposition
me'thodique des genres de 1'ordre des poly-
piers, avec leur description et celle des prin-
cipales especes, figure'es dans 84 planches ; les
63 premieres appartenant a 1'histoire naturelle
des zoophytes 1'Ellis et Solander.

Paris, 1821. 4

LANDALE (DAVID), Coal-engineer. Report on
the geology of the East of Fife coal-field, with
map and sections. s. 1. et a. 8

LANDT (G.). A description of the Feroe islands,
containing an account of their situation, cli-
mate, and productions ; together with the man-
ners, and customs, of the inhabitants, their
trade, &c. Illustrated with a map and other
engravings. Translated from the Danish.

London, 1810. 8


round the world : which was performed in the
years 1785, 1786, 1787, and 1788, by M. de
La Peyrouse ; abridged from the original
French journal of M. de La P. which was
lately published by M. Milet-Mureau, in obe-
dience to an order from the French govern-
ment. To which are added : a voyage from
Manilla to California, by Don Antonio MATJ-
RELLE : and an abstract of the voyage and dis-
coveries of the late Captain G. VANCOUVER.

Edin., 1798. 12

LAURANCE (JOHN). Geology in 1835 ; a popu-
lar sketch of the progress, leading features,
and latest discoveries of this rising science.
Illustrated with diagrams and engravings on
wood. London, 1835. 12

LECOQ (H.). Ele'mens de gdologie et d'hydro-
phie, ou resume des notions acquises sur les
grandes lois de la nature ; f aisant suite et serv-
ant de complement aux Ele'mens de geogra-
phic physique et de mete'orologie. Avec huit
planches gravees. 2 torn. Paris, 1838. 8

(K.\ui. OAMUB Kini.i: *
feswr of mineralogy
Naturgeschichte des Mim -r.ilr. -k-hs.
buch fur OHi-ntlklu' Ynrtra^c besonders auch
in Gymnasien und Realschulen, so wie /HIM
Si'llistudium. Erste Abtheilung : Oryktogno-
sie. Mit neun Stcindruck-Tafeln. /
Auflage. //.,./,//,,/, is:;:$. s'

Zweite Abtheilung: Geologie und Geogno-

sie. Mit vier schwarzen und zwei ilhiininir-
ten Tafeln. Zweite Auflage.

//. i.lelberg, 1831. 8

Ge'ologie des gens du monde. Traduite de
1'Allemand sous les yeux de 1'auteur par P.
Griinblot et P. A. Toulousan. 2 torn.

Paris, 1839, 40. 8

LINDLEY (JOHN), Ph. D., Professor of botan >i in
the university of London. The fossil flora of
Great Britain ; or, figures and descriptions of
the vegetable remains found in a fossil state in
this country. By J. L. ; and William HUT-
TON. 3 vol. London, 1831-37. 8

LINDESAY (ROBERT), of Pitscottie. The history
of Scotland; from 21 February, 1436... to
March, 1565. In which are contained accounts
of many remarkable passages altogether differ-
ing from our other historians ; and many facts
are related, either concealed by some, or omit-
ted by others. To which is added a continua-
tion, by another hand, till August 1604.

Min., 1728. fol.

transactions. Vol. xlviii.-liv., Ivi., Iviii.-
Ixxii., Ixxv.-lxxxviii., xci., xcii., xcvii.-cxi.
[Wanting vol. xlix. part 1 ; all the plates in
vol. 1. part 2, from 19 to 35 ; pp. 136-153 of
vol. Iviii. ; all the plates of vol. Ixii. , pp. 218
to 227 of vol. Ixiii ; vol. cix. part 1 ; and vol.
cxi. part 2.] London, 1754-1821. 4 3

LUC (J. A. DE}, Professor of philosophy and geo-
logy at Gottingen. An elementary treatise on
geology : determining fundamental points in
that science, and containing an examination of
some modern geological sysltms, and particu-
larly of the Huttonian theory of the earth.
Translated from the French manuscript, by
the Rev. Henry de La Fite, M.A.

London, 1809. 8


MACAULAY (KENNETH), Minister ofArdnamur-
chan. The history of St Kilda. Containing
a description of this remarkable island ; the
manners and customs of its inhabitants ; the
religious and pagan antiquities there found ;
with many other curious and interesting par-
ticulars. London, 1764. 8

MACAULAY (JAMES), M.A. Essay 011 cruelty
to animals. Edin., 1839. 8

MACCULLOCH (JOHN), M.D. A description of
the Western islands of Scotland, including the
Isle of Man : comprising an account of their
geological structure ; with remarks on their
agriculture, scenery, and antiquities. 3 vol.


[Vol. iii. contains plates and maps, with ex-
planations.] London, 1819. 8 and 4
- A geological classification of rocks, with de-
scriptive synopses of the species and varieties,
comprising the elements of practical geology.
London, 1821. 8

A system of geology, with a theory of the
earth, and an explanation of its connexion
with the sacred records. 2 vol.

London, 1831. 8

of natural history in Marischal college, Aber-
deen. A manual of geology.

London, 1840. 8

MACKENZIE (WILLIAM). The history of Gal-
loway, from the earliest period to the present
time. 2 vol. Illustrated with maps.

Kirkcudbright, 1841. 12 C

MACKINTOSH (D.), Lecturer on geology. A. key
to geology : being a cursory view of the pre-
sent state of discovery regarding the structure
and revolutions of the earth.

Edin., 1839. 8

MAMMATT (EDWARD), F.G.S. A collection of
geological facts and practical observations, in-
tended to elucidate the formation of the Ash-
by coal-field, in the parish of Ashby-de-la-
Zouch and the neighbouring district ; being
the result of forty years' experience and re-
search. Illustrated by a map and profiles,
coloured sections of the stratification, and one
hundred and two plates of vegetable fossils,
after drawings taken from nature, by Robert
Ironmonger. London, 1836. 4

MANTELL (GIDEON), F.R.S. The geology of
the South-East of England.

London, 1833. 8

wonders of geology ; or, a familiar exposition
of geological phenomena ; being the substance
of a course of lectures delivered at Brighton.
From notes taken by G. F. Richardson. 2 vol.
London, 1838. 8

MAURELLE (Don ANTONIO). A voyage from
Manilla to California ; [with A voyage round
the world, by J.-Fr. Galaup de LA PEYROUSE].


MENAGERIE. The tower menagerie : com-
prising the natural history of the animals con-
tained in that establishment ; with anecdotes
of their characters and history. Illustrated by
portraits of each, taken from life, by William
Harvey ; and engraved on Wood by Branston
and Wright. [Wants 10 pages of the intro-
duction.] London, 1829. 8

MEYER (HERMANN VON). Neue Gattungen
Fossiler Krebse aus Gebilden vom Bunten
Sandstein bis in die Kreide. Mit vier Tafeln
Abbildungen. Stuttgart, 1840. 4

MILNE (DAVID), F.R.S.E. Memoir of the Mid-
Lothian and East-Lothian coal-fields.

Edin., 1839. 4

A geological survey of Berwickshire.

s. I. et a. 8

MOHS (FREDERICK), Professor in the mining aca-
demy of Freiberg. Treatise on mineralogy, or

the natural history of the mineral kingdom.
Translated from the German, with consider-
able additions, by William Haidinger. 3 vol.

Edin,, 1825. 8

MONTGOMERY (WILLIAM), younger of Cloak.
Outlines of the geology of Renfrewshire and
the North of Ayrshire. s. I. et a. 8

MUNSTER (GEORG, Graf zu). Beitrage zur
Petrefacten-kunde mit xviii. nach der Natur
gezeichneten Tafeln unter Mitwirkung der
Herren Hermann von Meyer und Professor
Rudolph Wagner. Bayreuth, 1839. 4

The Silurian system, founded on geological re-
searches in the counties of Salop, Hereford,
Radnor, Montgomery, Caermarthen, Brecon,
Pembroke, Monmouth, Gloucester, Worcester,
and Stafford ; with descriptions of the coal-
fields and overlying formations. In two parts.
London, 1839. 4 C

Siluria. The history of the oldest known rocks
containing organic remains, with a brief sketch
of the distribution of gold over the earth.

London, 1854. 8 C

MURRAY (JOHN), M.D. A comparative view of
the Huttonian and Neptunian systems of geo-
logy : in answer to the Illustrations of the
Huttonian theory of the earth, by Professor


professor of mineralogy and geology to the aca-
demy of Geneva. Voyage en Ecosse et aux
iles Hebrides. 3 torn. Geneve, 1821. 8"


D'). Introduction a la geologic. Premiere
partie des elements d'histoire naturelle ine;r-
ganique, contenant des notions d'astronomie,
de metdorologie et de mineralogie. 3 me edi-
tion, avec un atlas de 3 tableaux et 17 planches.
, Bruxelles, 1838. 8

Elements de geologic. Seconde partie des
Elements d'histoire naturelle inorganique. 3 e
Edition. Bruxelles, 1838. 8


PAGE (DAVID), F.G.S. Introductory text-book
of geology. 3d ed. Edin., 1857. 8~

PARKINSON (JAMES). Outlines of oryctology.
An introduction to the study of fossil organic
remains ; especially of those found in the Bri-
tish strata : intended to aid the student in his
inquiries respecting the nature of fossils, and
their connection with the formation of the
earth. With illustrative plates. 2d ed. With
the author's latest corrections.

London, 1830. 8-



I'AYKN (Av>i:i.MK). Me'moires sur Us

lop, taux. I !_'. 4

I'KTIVi. i'.s). Musei Petiveriani centu-

ri:i prima, r.iMoia natur;i- coin inrii> : \\7.. ani-

nialia, i'ossilia, plantas, ox variis imindi plagifl

advt-cta, online digesta, et nominilnis pn.priis

A.H/<'/II, l(i'.5. 8

I'illLLil'S (.JOHN), F.R.S., 7 W. ./ ../ ;/

//* A / , LmtiloH. A treatise on uro-

logy, forming the article under that head in
the seventh edition of the Encyclopaedia Bri-
tannica. /,'// .',*., 1837. 8

Another copy.

An index geological map of the British isles ;
constructed from published documents, com-
munications of eminent geologists, and per-
sonal investigation by J. P., and engraved by
J. W. Lo\\ i \. 8. I. et a.

PHILLIPS (WILLIAM), F. L. S. Outlines of the
geology of England and Wales. By the Rev.
W. D.'CONYUEARE, and W. P. 1822

- Outlines of mineralogy and geology, compre-
hending the elements of those sciences ; in-
tended principally for the use of young per-
sons. 4th ed. London, 1820. 8

An elementary introduction to mineralogy :
comprising a notice of the characters and ele-
ments of minerals ; with accounts of the places
and circumstances in which they are found.
4th ed., considerably augmented, by Robert
Allan. .London, 1837. 8

wards the North pole undertaken by His Ma-
jesty's command, 1773. London, 1774. 4

I '1 N KERTON (JOHN). Petralogy. A treatise
on rocks. 2 vol. London, 1800. 8

PLAYFAIR (JOHN), Professor of natural philoso-
phy in tlie university of Edinburgh, Illustra-
tions of the Huttonian theory of the earth.

Edin., 1802. 8

- * A comparative view of the Huttonian and
Neptunian systems of geology : in answer to
the Illustrations of the Huttonian theory of
the earth, by Professor Playfair. [By John
MriuiAY.] ' 'Edin., 1802. 8

PONTOPPIDAN (ERICH), Bishop of Bergen.
The natural history of Norway ; containing a
particular and accurate account of the tem-
perature of the air, the different soils, waters,
vegetables, metals, minerals, stones, beasts,
birds, and fishes ; together with the disposi-
tions, customs, and manners of living of the
inhabitants : interspersed with physiological
notes from eminent writers, and transactions
of academies. In two parts. Translated from
the Danish original of E. P. Illustrated with
copper plates, and a general map of Norway.
London, 1755. fol.


the island of Arran, from original survey.
Illustrated by engravings. Glasyow, 1841. 8

REILHAN (B. M.), Professor in the university of

'. Gaea Norwegica. Von
\\-rfa.s.scru li< rausgegeoen von 15. M. K
KINI.S Ili-it. Mit vier TatVln.

t'l is:>,.s. fol.

11 HIM) ( WILLIAM). Elements of geology and
physical geography, illustrative of the past
and present condition of the globe.

. 18:57. 8'

The age of the earth considrn-d u'.-olo^ieally
and historically. Edin.. L838. I-'

RICHARDSON (Sir JOHN), M.D. Fauna I;.,-
reali- Americana ; or the zoology of tin- North-
ern parts of British America : containing de-
scriptions of the objects of natural history col-
lected on the late Northern land expeditions,
under command of Captain Sir John Frank-
lin, R.N. By J. R., surgeon and naturalist
to the expeditions. Assisted by William
Swainson, Esq. F.R.S., and the Rev. William
Kirby, M.A. Illustrated by numerous plates.
London, 1829. 4

Part third. The fish. London, 1836. 4

ROBERTS (GEORGE). An etymological and ex-
planatory dictionary of the terms and lan-
guage of geology ; designed for the early stu-
dent, and those who have not made great pro-
gress in that science. London, 1839. 8"

ROGET (PETER MARK), M.D. Animal and vege-
table physiology considered with reference to
natural theology. [Bridgewater treatises. v.J
2 vol. London, 1834. 8 d

ROOKE (JOHN). Geology as a science, applied
to the reclamation of land from the sea, the
construction of harbours, the formation of
railroads, and the discovery of coal. With an
assumed outline map of the granite formation
of the earth. London, 1838. 12

ROZET (CLAUDE- ANTOINE). Cours e'le'mentaire
de ge'ognosie, fait au ddpot gene'ral de la guerre.

Paris, 1830. 8


Prof essor of mathematics and natural philosophy
at Zurich. Specimen lithographiae Helvetica;
curiosse, quo lapides ex figuratis Helvetica
selectissimi 8eri incisi sistuntur et describun-
tur. Tiguri, 1702. 8 C

Herbarium diluvianum collectum a J. J. S.
Editio novissima. Lugd. Batav., 1723. fol.

SCILLA (AUGUSTINUS). De corporibus marinis
lapidescentibus quse defossa reperiuntur, ad-
dita dissertatione Fabii COLUMNS De glosso-
petris. [Avec 28 planches.] RonuK, 1747. 4 1 "

SERRES (MARCEL DE), Professor of mineralogy
and geology to the Faculty of sciences of Mont-
pellier. De la cosmogonie de Moise, compare'e
aux faits geologiques. Paris, 1838. 8

Essai sur les cavernes a ossements et sur les
causes qui les y ont accumule's. Troisieme
e'dition. Paris, 1838. 8

SMITH (JOHN PVE), D.D., Divinity tutor in tl,,
Protestant dissenting college of Homerton. On
the relation between the holy Scriptures and



some parts of geological science.

London, 1839. 8


THEOPHRASTUS. History of stones. With
an English version, and notes, including the
modern history of the gems described by that
author ; and of many other of the native fos-
sils. To which are added, two letters : I. On
the colours of the sapphire and turquoise.
II. Upon the effects of different menstruums
on copper. Both tending to illustrate the doc-
trine of the gems being coloured by metalline
particles. The 2d ed. ; enlarged by the addi-
tion of a Greek index of all the words in Theo-
phrastus. Also observations on the new Swe-
dish acid, and of the stone from which it is
obtained ; and with an idea of a natiiral and
artificial method of fossils. By Sir John Hill.
London, 1774. 8

TOWNSON (ROBERT), LL.D. Tracts and obser-
vations in natural history and physiology.
With seven plates. London, 1799. 8

TROIL (UNO VON), D.D., Chaplain to the King
of Sweden. Letters on Iceland : containing
observations on the civil, literary, ecclesiasti-
cal, and natural history ; antiquities ; volca-
nos, basaltes, hot springs ; customs, dress, j
manners of the inhabitants, &c. &c. made,
during a voyage undertaken in the year 1772, !
by Joseph Banks, assisted by Dr Solander, Dr ;
J. Lind, Dr Uno von Troil, and several other ,
literary and ingenious gentlemen. To which ;
are added the letters of Dr Ihre and Dr Bach
to the author, concerning the Edda and the
Elephantiasis of Iceland : also Professor Berg-
man's curious observations and chemical exa-
mination of the lava and other substances pro-
duced on the island. With a new map of the
island, and a representation of the remarkable
boiling fountain called by the inhabitants Gey-
ser. London, 1780. 8


URE (DAVID), A.M., Preacher of the Gospel
The history of Rutherglen and East Kilbride.
Published with a view to promote the study of
antiquity and natural history. Illustrated
with plates. Glasgow, 1793. 8


VANCOUVER (GEORGE). Abstract of the voy-
ages and discoveries of Captain G. V. ; [with
A voyage round the world, by J.-Fr. Galaup
de LA PEYROUSE]. 1798


fessor of chemistry and mineralogy in the poly-
technic school of Carlsruhe. Handbuch der
gesammten Mineralogie in technischer Bezie-
hung zum gebrauche bei seinen Vorlesungen
und zum selbststudium mit besonderer Beruch-
sichtigung der mineralogischen Verhaltnisse
des Grossherzogthums Baden. 2 Bande.

Carlsruhe, 1829, 32. 8

WALKER (JOHN), D.D., Professor of natural
history in the university of Edinburgh. Essays
on natural history and rural economy.

London, 1812. 8

of chemistry in the university of Upsal. Sys-
tema mineralogicum, quo corpora mineralia in
classes, ordines, genera et species, suis cum
varietatibus divisa, describtmtur, atque obser-
vationibus, experimentis et figuris seneis illus-
trantur. 2 torn. Holmice, 1772, 75. 8

WERNER (ABRAHAM GOTTLOB), Professor of mi-
neralogy at Freyberg. New theory of the for-
mation of veins ; with its application to the
art of working mines. Translated from the
German. To which is added, an appendix,
containing notes illustrative of the subject ;

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