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,'deen, 1844. 4'

Extracts from Ihe council register of tin- Imr^h

vr-K-rn, i.v- mi':.. _' rol |Kdi;
tlie Spolding Club by John Stuart. J

Aberdeen, 1844, 48. 4

Registnim Episcopatus AWi'l'-mnsis. Ec-

Cathedralis Alicrdonensis regesta qu
extant in unum collecta. Vol. i. ami ii.
[Edited for the Spalding Club by Cosmo In-
nes.] , 1845. 4

Selections from the records of the Kill
sion, Presbytery, and Synod of Aberdeen.
[Edited fur the Spalding Club by John Stuart.]

Aberdeen, isn;. 4

Illustrations of the topography and antiquities
of the shires of Aberdeen and Banff. Vol. ii.
[Edited for the Spalding Club by Joseph Ro-
bertson, and forming Vol. ii. of the " Collec-
tions" entered above.] Aberdeen, 18-1',

Fasti Aberdonenses. Selections from the
records of the University and King's Col-
lege of Aberdeen. 1494-1854. [Edited for
the Spalding Club by Cosmo Innes.]

Aberdeen, 1854. 4

Generall demands concerning the late COVE-
NANT ; propounded by the ministers and pro-
fessors of divinitie in Aberdeene. 1638

Aberdeen Hall. Report of debate on the Col-
lege question, in the General Assembly of the
Free Church of Scotland, on Wednesday, 28th
May, 1853. Revised by the speakers.

Bdm,, 1853. 8

The Aberdeen Voluntary Churchman. No.
xix. Aberdeen, 1835. 8


EARL of. See George Hamilton GORDON.
ABERNETHY (JOHN), Bishop of Caithness.

A Christian and heavenly treatise. Containing
physicke for the soule : very necessary for all
that would injoy true soundnesse of minde,
and peace of conscience. London, 1622. 4
ABERNETHY (JOHN), Presbyterian Minister at
Dublin. Discourses concerning the being and
natural perfections of God. Dublin, 1740. 8

Another copy.

Sermons on various subjects. With a large
preface, containing the life of the author. [By
Dr Duchal.] 4 vol. London, 1748, 51. 8

Scarce and valuable tracts and sermons occa-
sionally published by J. A. ; now collected to-
gether. London, 1751. 8

ABJURATION, OATH OF. The case of an oath
of abjuration considered. London, 1702. 4

A letter to a friend, concerning the oath of
abjuration. [By George RIDPATH.] (Wants
title.) 1712. 4

The oath of abjuration displayed in its sinful
nature and tendency, in its inconsistency with
Presbyterian principles and covenants ; the
security it affords to the Church of England...
Being the copy of a letter sent to one of the


jurant ministers of the Presbytery of Dum-
blane. s. I, 1713. 4

ABJURATION, OATH OP. The Scotish dove,
with an olive branch : or, peace and unity be-
twixt jurant and non-jurant, about the oath of
abjuration. By a lover of the Church's peace
and unity, Edin., 1732. 8

Another copy.

iwme of FIRDOUSEE. The Shah Nameh : an
heroic poem. Containing the history of Persia
from Kioomurs to Yesdejird ; that is, from the
earliest times to the conquest of that empire
by the Arabs. Carefully collated with a num-
ber of the oldest and best manuscripts, and
illustrated by a copious glossary of obsolete
words and obscure idioms : with an introduc-
tion and life of, the author, in English and
Persian ; and an appendix, containing the in-
terpolated episodes, &c. found in different ma-
nuscripts. By Turner Macan. 4 vol.

Calcutta, 1829. 8

and the Greeks of the present day. Translated
by authority. Edin., 1855. 8


ABRAHAM Bar Ghyiah, Rabbi. On the ma-
thematical and technical chronology of the
Hebrews, Nazarites, Mahommetans, &c. Edit-
ed by H. Filipowski. [Hebrew Antiq. Soc.]
London, 1851. 8


true history of the Jacobites of Egypt, Lybia,
Nubia, &c. , their origine, religion, ceremonies,
laws, and customs. Whereby you may see how
they differ from the Jacobites of Great Britain.
Translated by a person of quality [Sir E. Sad-
leir] from the Latin. London, 1692. 4


ACCOMMODATION. The case of the Accommo-
dation lately proposed by the BISHOP of DUM-
BLANE [Robert LEIGHTON] examined. 1671

ACCUM (FREDRICK). Elements of crystallogra-
phy, after the method of Haiiy.

London, 1813. 8


ACHERY (Luc D'). Spicilegium ; sive collectio
veterum aliquot scriptorum qui in Gallise bib-
liothecis delituerant...Nova fidem
MSS. codicum, quorum varias lectiones S.
Baluze, ac E. Martene collegerunt, expurgata,
per L. F. J. de La Barre. 3 torn.

Parisiis, 1723. fol.

ACKERMANN (C.). The Christian element in
Plato, and the Platonic philosophy, unfolded
and set forth. Translated from the German by
Sam. Ralph Asbury, B.A. With an introduc-
tory note by W. G. T. Shedd, D.D.

Edin., 1861. 8

ACLAND (HUGH DYKE). A compendious his-
tory of the Vaudois ; [with the translation of
the glorious recovery by the Vaudois of their
valleys, by Henri ARNAUD.] 1827

ACRuEUS. God's laws versus corn laws. A Let-

ter to the Ai'chbishop of Canterbury, from a
dignitary of the English Church.

London, 1846. 8

ADAM. A theological systeme upon that pre-
supposition, that men were before Adam. The
first part. [By Isaac PEYRERIUS.]

London, 1655. 8

Men before Adam. Or a discourse upon the
12th, 13th, and 14th verses of chap. v. of the
Epistle of Paul to the Romans, by which are
proved, that the first man was created before
Adam. [By Isaac PEYRERIUS.]

London, 1656. 8

ADAM (ALEXANDER), LL.D. Roman Antiqui-
ties. 4th ed. Edin., 1797. 8

Fifth edition. London, 1801. 8

Ninth edition. London, 1822. 8

Classical biography. 2d ed. London, 1802. 8

A summary of geography and history, both
ancient and modern. 6th ed. London, 1824. 8

- The principles of Latin and English grammar.
8th ed. Edin.,lS13. 8

ADAM (JOHN). *Memoir of J. A., late mission-
ary at Calcutta. London, 1833. 12

ADAM (JOHN), Minister of the Free Church, Aber-
deen. The testimony ever borne by the true
Church of Scotland to the Headship of Christ.
Aberdeen, 1858. 8

ADAM (ROBERT), B.A. The religious world dis-
played ; or, a view of the four grand systems of
religion ... and of the various existing denomina-
tions, sects, and parties in the Christian world.
To which is subjoined, a view of deism and
atheism. 3vol. Edin., 1809. 8

A new edition. 2 vol. London, 1823. 8
ADAM (ROBERT), M.A., Edinburgh. An affec-
tionate reply to an affectionate address to the
clergy of the united kingdom of Great Britain
and Ireland, on the theological writings of the
Hon. Emanuel Swedenborg. Edin. , 1815. 8

ADAM (THOMAS), Rector of Wintringham. A pa-
raphrase on the first eleven chapters of St Paul's
Epistle to the Romans. London, 1771. 8

A new edition. Glasgow, 1815. 12

Christ's riches : a Sermon [on Rev. iii. 18.1

York, [1772.] 8 d

Evangelical sermons. London, 1781. 8

Private thoughts on religion, and other sub-
jects connected with it ; by T. A. To which is
prefixed, a short sketch of his life and charac-
ter. London, 1803. 12

Another edition. With an introductory essay
by the Rev. Daniel Wilson, A.M.

Glasgow, 1823. 12

An exposition of St Matthew's Gospel , with suit-
able lectures and prayers. London, 1822. 8

ADAMS (GEORGE), Sen. , Mathematical inst-rument
maker. A treatise describing the construction
and use of new celestial and terrestrial globes.
30th ed. London, 1810. 8

ADAMS (JAMES), F.R.S.E. The pronunciation
of the English language vindicated from im-
puted anomaly and caprice : in two parts. With
an appendix, on the dialects of human speech
in all countries, and an analytical discussion


and vindication of the dialect ..f Scotland.

. 17i'.. K

\I> \M^ I.I..MN .. D.D., 1 ''I/'',

\;i !>.-,.- iv concerning Mn-murther.
Win-rein is endeavoiirM t<> |>r<>\e, that it is un-
lawful a.-cnnliii!,' tn natural iirim-i|.les. With
s.>me u hat is pretended fnnn
the aaiil principles, l.\ tin- ant In >r of a treatise,
intituled, Uiatlianat"s, ami utlirrs.

../on, 1700. 8

A sermon [on Jer., iii. 15], preached. ...June
6, 1708, at the consecration of William [Fleet-
wood] Lord Bishop of St Asaph.

A./i, 1708. 4

ADAMS (JOHN). The flowers of modern travels.
4th i>d. :; \.>l. / irim, i::. 12

ADAMS (JOHN QUINCY). Letters on the masonic
institution. Boston, 1847. 8

ADAMS (NEHEMIAH), D.D., Boston. The power
of Christian gratitude. A sermon, preached
Sept. 11, 1855, before the American board of
commissioners for foreign missions.

n*ton, 1855. 8

ADAMS (THOMAS), Rector of St Sennet's, Lon-
don. The works of T. A. : being the sum of
his sermons, meditations, and other divine
and moral discourses. With memoir by
Joseph Angus, D.D. 3 vol.

Edin., 1861, 62. 8

An exposition upon the second Epistle general
of St Peter ; revised and corrected by the Rev.
James Sherman.

London, 1842. 8

ADAMS (WILLIAM), D.D., Archdeacon of Llan-
daff. An essay in answer to Mr Hume's essay
on miracles. London, 1752. 8

Third edition, with additions.

London, 1767. 8

The nature and obligation of virtue. ...With
an appendix, containing notes on the same sub-
ject. [2d ed.] London, 1768. 8

- A treatise on confirmation ; [with the Church
catechism explained, by the Rev. J. LEWIS.]


ADAMSON (HENRY). The muses threnodie ; or,
mirthful mournings on the death of Mr Gall.
...To this new edition are added explanatory
notes and observations ; King James's charter
of confirmation ; an account of Gowrie's conspi-
racy. Compiled from authentic records. By
J. Cant. Perth, 1774. 12

ADAMSON (JAMES), D.D., Cape Town, South
Africa. What ought England to do with re-
spect to Church patronage in Scotland ?

Edw,., 1840. 8

ADAMSON (JOHN), Preacher of the Gospel Con-
tendings for the kingdom of light ; being a
copy of a true dispute betwixt Mr John STEEL
and Mr J. A. 1715

ADAMSON (Rev. JOHN). Christ's burial solem-
nized, with an eye to his resurrection. Being
a sermon preached at the sacrament of Dalzel,
1713, immediately after that Act of Assembly ;
Abjuration no ground of separation.

. I. et a. 4

An alarming sound to sinfull sleepers. Being

a sermon pivaehed in tin- parneh nf Hliind, at
tin- time i>f jriu-ral apostacy <Jnd. | Heb..
xii !_'. i:t. | 8. I, 1715. 4'

ADAMSON (L.\i KKM-K), D.D. Srnn'.n-*.

/:</;/<., 1838. 8"

ADA.MSON (lVri:i. K). . I ,.-/,/,;,/,.,/, / St .1,,-
.// -9. A. MELVINI Muste et P. A. Vita.


Poetarum Scotorum muste same... per A. .J"N
STONUM et P. A. IT-'.*

ADA.MI S (Mi M ni"i:). Vit;r < Irrman.Tiiiii phi-
losophomni, (pii seculo superior! , et quod ex-
currit, jihildsophicis ac humanioribus literis
clari floruemnt. //./;</, //,-,/,, Hi 15. 8

Vit.-r < M ] iiiaimnim tlieologonun, qui superiori
seculo ecclesiam Christivoce script u<|iie propa-
ganint et annum usque
1618 deducfce. fnmeofitrti, l ;::$. 8

Another copy.

ADDINGTON (STEPHEN), D.D. Peace the end
of the perfect and upright man. A sermon, oc-
casioned by the death of the Itev. \V. Ford...
preached. .".Feb. 2, 1783. To which is added, the.
oration at his interment, by Joseph Barber.

London, 1783. 8

The life of Paul the apostle. ...With critical
and practical remarks on his discourses and
writings. London, 1784. 8

ADDISON (Rt. Hon. JOSEPH). Remarks on se-
veral parts of Italy, &c., in the years 1701,
1702, 1703. London, 1705. 8

The freeholder, or political essays. 7th ed.

Glasgow, 1746. 12

Another copy.

The evidences of the Christian religion ; to
which are added several discourses against
atheism and infidelity. Edin., 1806. 12

Another edition. Oxford, 1827. 12

The resurrection, a poem. 6th ed. s. I. eta. 8
ADDRESS. An address to the serious and can-
did professors of Christianity. [On the use of
reason in matters of religion, c.]

Edin., 1789. 12

A compassionate address to the Christian
world ; divided into six sections.

Edin., 1700. 12

A solemn address to careless sinners, relative
to their eternal interests. By a minister of the
gospel. Edin., 1795. 12

Another edition. Edin., 1797. 12

The last address of a clergyman in the decline
of life, to the people under his care, on the duty
of reading and studying the Scriptures.

Aberdeen, 1814. 8

An address to the people of Scotland respect-
ing Scriptural interpretation, ecclesiastical esta-
blishments, and other political and religious
subjects presently agitated. By one of them-
selves. Edin., 1837. 8

A plain practical address to the ladies of
Scotland, concerning their Church. [By Miss
TOUGH.] Edin., 1840. 8

A simple address to the people of Scotland,
on the present emergency of her religious free-
dom. By a true friend to religious liberty.

Edin., 1843. 8


ADDRESS. Address to the congregation of the
Free High Church, by the elders of the con-
gregation. Edin., 1843. 8

Address to the members of the General As-
sembly, and to the ministers of the Church of
Scotland generally. [By J. C. COLQUHOUN.]
Glasgow, s. a. 8

ADGER, ( ), D.D. The Christian doctrine

of human rights and of slavery, in two articles,
from the Southern Presbyterian Review for
March, 1849. Columbia, S. C., 1849. 8

ADOLPHUS (JOHN). Biographical memoirs of
the French Revolution. 2 vol.

London, 1799. 8

ADONIBEZEK. Adonibezek : or, the answer.

Bath, s. a. 8

ADRIANUS (HUGO ALISIUS). Theses physicse de
sensibus. Harderoviei, 1612. 4

terrse sanctre et biblicarum historiarum, cum
tabulis geographicis sere expressis.

ColonifK Agrippince, 1628. fol.

ADULTERY. A treatise concerning adultery
and divorce. London, 1700. 4

ADVENT. The time of Christ's second coming
identified with the day of judgment : being a
concise view of the direct scriptural evidence in
support of this doctrine. By the author of
" Millenarianism indefensible."

Paisley, 1833. 12

- The kingdom of heaven ; or, the future reign
on earth of the Son of Man ; according to its
prophetic delineation contained in the ii. and
vii. chap, of the Book of Daniel.

London, 1833. 12

The second advent. Edin., s. a. 12

The blessings of the Lord's second advent :
six lectures delivered at St Thomas Church,
Winchester, during Lent 1850, by members of
the Winchester prophetical investigation so-
ciety. With a preface by the Rev. W. Wilson,
D.D., Canon of Winchester. London, s. a. 12

ADVENTURER. The Adventurer. [By John

HAWKESWORTH and others.] New ed. 3 vol.

London, 1823. 12

ADVICE. Religious and Christian advice to a
daughter. Written by a lady.

London, 1714. 8'

Advice to pious Christians in times of schisms
and apostasys. 2d ed. London, 1748.

Pastoral advice to young persons, in order to
their being confirmed by the Bishop. By a
Minister of the Church of England. 10th ed.

London, 1762. 12

Pastoral advice to a young person lately con-
firmed by the Bishop. 9th ed.

Londoii, 1765. 12

Advice from a father to a son, just entered
into the army, and about to go abroad into
action : in seven letters. London, 1776. 8

Another copy.

Advice to a young Christian on the import-
ance of aiming at an elevated standard of piety.
By a village pastor. With an introductory essay
by the Rev. Dr Alexander of Princeton.

New York, 1842. 12

ADVICE. A paper of advices to the King
[Charles I.] which were lately to be presented
to him at Newcastle, by the malignant faction.
[Reprints of rare tracts, &c. by M. A. Rich-
ardson.] Newcastle, 1843. 8

ADVOCATE. The Protestant Advocate. [1813-
1816.] 4vol. London, 1813-1816. 8

The Scottish Advocate of scriptural principles
in religion, morals, and politics. Edited by a
member of the Reformed Presbyterian Synod.
Vol. i. Edin., 1834:. &

The Jewish Advocate. Nos. i. , iii. , iv.

London, 1840. 12
^EMILIUS (ANTONIUS). Disputatio philosophica
de materie prima. Lugd. Bdtav. , 1610. 4

II., Pope.

JESCHINES. DEMOSTHENIS et ^Eschinis opera.


AESCHYLUS. ^schylus. Recensuit Jacobus
Scholefield, A.M. Editio secunda.

Cantabrigice, 1830. 8

Another copy.

Prometheus vinctus. [Gr.] Edited by Th.
Morell. Londini, 1767. 8

Translated by Thomas Morell.

London, 1773. 4

^ESOP, the Phrygian. Fabularum ^Esopicarum
collectio, quotquot Graece reperiuntur. Acce-
dit interpretatio Latina. [By J. Hudson.]

Oxonice, 1718. 8

Selectiores ^Esopi Fabulae, et LUCIANI Samosa-
tensis dialogi. ISOCRATIS orationes duse, ad
Demonicum et Nicoclem. CEBETIS Thebani
Tabula : nee non GALENI Pergameni suasoria
ad artes oratio. [Gr. et Lat.] Edin., 1747. 8

AFFLICTION. Remarks on sanctified afflictions.
Originally printed in the Gospel Magazine for
1771. Edin., 1793. 12

An essay of afflictions, and the Christian's
comportment in them. s. 1. et a. 8

AFFRE (DENIS- AUGUSTE), Archbishop of Paris.
Traitd de la propriete des biens ecclesiastiques.

Paris, 1837. 8

De 1'appel comme d'abus son origine, ses pro-
gres, et son etat present, suivi d'un ecrit sur
1'usage et Tabus des opinions controversies
entre les Gallicans et les Ultramontains.

Paris, 1845. 8

* Histoire de la M. D. A. Affre...par
M. 1'Abbd Em. Castan. Paris, 1855. 12

AFRICA. Codex CANONUM Ecclesise Africanae.


- Report of the committee of the society for the
relief of distressed settlers in South Africa :
with the resolutions passed and speeches de-
livered at a general meeting held at Cape
Town, 17th Sept. 1823. Cape Toivn, 1823. 8

History of the civilization and christianization
of South Africa, from its first settlement by
the Dutch, to the final surrender of it to the
British. Edin., 1832. 12

A manual of instruction for the South African
college. Science. Part i.

Cape Town, 1838. 16

On the American scheme of establishing colo-

.nil UN

.il.litied ill ' .luiiirs

-</. Vex-

-anografi. M : 30. 8

AGASSI/ ,. I'riiu'i].

L A. MM fl i.n. / IS. 8

Hililio^rajihia /oologia: et (it-olo^

l.\ 1 1 .xhtml. Vol. ii. ami iii.


itgfl : a ; Is II). 8

\i ,i ; ..l.niv). The Bo.

moirs <f an illustrious prim-ess ; interspersed
with singular anecdotes <>f ;
connected with the court of AMi. ... Concisely
abridged from Mr Agg's new work, "The Book

. 1813. 12
A<;iS. Agis; atragedy. [Bv .John HOME.]

. 17r>8. 12

AGNEW rSir ANDREW), Bart. * Memoirs of the

lit".' of Sir Andrew Agnew, Bart. By Thomas

M'Crie, D.D., LL.D. London, 1851. 8

AGNEW (DAVID C. A.), Minister of the Free

i'iuii-,-h nt ll'i'itott. The working-man's week.

1850. 8

Englishmen introduced to the Free Church of
Scotland. !>, 1851. 8

- Protestant lectures and addresses to the people.
Delivered in Wigton. 7;./;/i., 1857. 8

The soul's business and prospects familiarly dis-
cussed in several sermons. London, 1863. 8

AGNEW (JOHN HOLMES). A manual of the Chris-
tian Sabbath, embracing a consideration of its
perpetual obligation, change of day, utility and
duties. With introductory essay by Dr Miller
of Princeton. Philadelphia, 1842. 12

Another copy.

AGRICOLA (GEORGIUS). De re metallica libri
xii...Ejusdem de animantibus subterraneis
liber. Basika, 1C21. fol.

AGRICULTURE. Report on national agricul-
tural schools for the year 1853. . . .By Dr Kirk-
patrick. Dublin, 1854. 8

philosophia libri tres. s. I. , 1551. 4

- Another edition. Parisiis, 1567. 8

De incertitudine et vanitate scientiarum de-
clamatio. Colonice, 1584. 8

sex. Antuerpice, 1613. fol.

AGUR. An illustration of Agur's prayer. Prov. ,
xxx. 8, 9. Edin., 1797. 12

AIKIN (ANNA L^ETITIA), afterwards A. L. BAR-


AIKIN (ARTHUR). A dictionary of chemistry and
mineralogy, with an account of the processes
employed in many of the most important che-
mical manufactures. To which are added, a
description of chemical apparatus, and various
tables. By A. A. and C. R. AIKIN. 3 vol.
London, 1807-14. 4

AIKIN (C. R.). A dictionary of chemistry. By
Arthur AIKIN, and C. R. A. 1807-14.

AIKIN (JOHN), M.D. An essay on the applica-
tion of natural history to poetry.

Tnrrin//foji, 1777. 8


:' all ages, renditions,

ami , IS. Chielly eomposed 1.-.

[The other authors of the work u

LL.D., Mr Nicholson, Rev. T. Morgan,
William .Johnston, and others. | lo vol.

.. 4
AIKIN < Li 01 ). Memoirs of the o.nrt of o.

l>eth. 4tli rd. ' vol. Limdnn, I81'.i. ,s
Al K 1 N ( KOI;I.KT). Recipes of great impr-.M -m.-ni.
in the mode of curing all kinds of meat, fi.-Oi.

. lXL'i. S'

AIKMAN (JAMES). The cenotaph, a poem.

/:./;,(., 1821. 12

DISAPPOINTMENT: and other p- 1824

The history of Scotland, translated from the.
Latin of G. BUCHANAN. With notes and a con-
tinuation, by J. A. 1829-32

Annals of the persecution in Scotland from the
Restoration to the Revolution. Edin., 1842. 8

An historical account of covenanting in Scot-
land, from the first band in Mearns, 1556, to
the signature of the grand national Covenant,
1638. Edin., 1848. 8

AINSLIE (ANN MARIA). Letters from the dead to
the living ; and moral letters. Edin. , 1812. 8

AINSLIE (JOHN), Land Surveyor. A comprehen-
sive treatise on land surveying. With a treatise
appended on trigonometrical surveying, level-
ling, and railway engineering, by W. GAL-
BRAITH. Edin., 1842. 4

AINSLIE (ROBERT), W,-\t.-r 1<> //..- N; ; ,/M /.Rea-
sons for the hope that is in us : a series of
essays on the evidences of natural and revealed
religion, the immortality of the soul, and other
important subjects. Edin., 1831. 8

AINSLIE (WHITELAW), M.D. An historical
sketch of the introduction of Christianity into
India, and progress and present state in that
and other eastern countries ; preceded by a
brief account of the religious opinions of some
of the heathen philosophers before and after the
coming of Christ. s. L, 1835. 8


Annotations upon the book of Psalmes. 2d ed.

s. L, 1617, 18. 4

A reply to a pretended Christian plea for the
anti-christian Church of Rome : published by
Mr Francis Johnson, anno 1617. s. I. , 1620. 4

Annotations upon the five bookes of Moses,
the booke of the Psalmes, and the Song of
Songs, or Canticles. [Imperfect at the end].

Londo-,1, 1627. fol.

Another edition. With a memoir of the au-
thor. 2 vol. Glasgow, 1843. 8

An arrow against idolatry, taken out of the
quiver of the Lord of Hosts.

Nova Selgia, 1640. 8

Two treatises. The first, Of the communion
of saints. The second, entitled, An arrow
against idolatry, &c. To this edition is pre-
fixed some account of the life and writings of
the author. Edin., 1789. 12

Another copy.

AINSWORTH (ROBERT). Dictionary, English


and Latin [and Latin and English]. A new edi-
tion... By Thomas Morell, D.D.

London, 1773. 4

AINSWORTH (ROBERT). Another copy.

AIRAY (HENRY), D.D., Provost of Queen's Col-
lege. Lectures upon the whole Epistle of St
Paul to the Philippians. [Nichol's series of
Commentaries]. Edin., 1864. 4

AITCHISON (DAVID), M.A., Archdeacon of Ar-
gyll and the Isles. The truth with boldness :
being strictures on two lectures on Prelacy by
the Rev. Robert Burns, D.D. [In two parts.]
Glascjmv, 1841. 8 d

AITCHISON (THOMAS). A Sermon [from Lev.,
xix. 30] on the Sabbath. Edin., 1822. 8

AITKEN (ANDREW), Overton. Three ESSAYS...
by a cultivator of the ground. 1830

AITKEN (MARK), Minister of the Free Church at
Dyke. The special duties of the office-bearers
and members of the Free Church in her pre-
sent emergency. Elgin, 1844. 8

AITKEN (WILLIAM). The potato rescued from
disease. Edin., 1837. 16

AITON (JOHN), D.D, Minister of Dolphington.
The life and times of Alexander HENDERSON ;
giving a history of the Second Reformation of
the Church of Scotland, and of the Covenanters,
during the reign of Charles I. Edin. , 1836. 8"

AITON (THOMAS). The original constitution of
the Christian Church : wherein the extremes
on either hand are stated and examined. To
which is added an appendix, containing the
rise of the Jure Divino Prelatists ; and an an-
swer to their arguments, by Episcopal divines.

Edm., 1730. 8

Another copy.

- Another copy.

AITON (WILLIAM), Sheriff-Substitute of Lanark-
shire. A history of the rencounter at Drum-
clog, and battle at Bothwell Bridge, in the
month of June 1679 ; with an account of what
is correct and what is fictitious in the " Tales
of My Landlord" respecting these engage-
ments ; and reflections on political subjects.

Hamilton, 1821. 8


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