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ausdem 19 Psalm. [B. L.]

Regenpurg, 1G02. 4
HAM (J. ELLIOT), Commander, R.N.-
Narrativi'of tlu- i-xprditi<>n t> China, fnun the
coiimu'iK-i im-iit of the war to tin- i
),i-ri..d. L'v.l. London, 1842. 8

BINGHAM (JOSEPH), M.A., Rector of Hcadbourn
n'<u//n/, JJ'H,,f Jiiic. The works of .J. 15.
2vol. Lonil",,, 17 _'(;. fi'l.

Origines ecclesiastics ; or, The antiquit:

the Christian Church, and other works. With
tin- quotations at length, in the original lan-
guages, and a biographical account of the au-
thor. [Edited by J. R. Pitman.] 9 vol.

London, 1840. 8

Another copy. [With vol. i. supplied from
the edition of 1852.]

Another edition. 9 vol. London, 1843-45. 8"
BINGHAM (RICHARD), Jim., M.A. Sermons,

doctrinal, practical, and experimental.

London, 1835. 8

BINNEY (THOMAS). The ultimate object of the
evangelical dissenters avowed and advocated.

London, 1834. 8

Another copy.

Conscientious clerical nonconformity. A dis-
course, delivered at Chadwell Street Chapel,
Pentonville, April 15, 1839, on occasion of its
re-opening for the use of Ridley H. Herschell,
a converted Jew. 3d ed. London, 1839. 8

Lights and shadows of Church life in Austra-
lia : including thoughts on some things at
home. To which is added, Two hundred years
ago : then and now. 2d ed.

London, 1860. 8

The men of Glasgow and the women of Scot-
land. Reasons for differing from the Rev. Dr
Symington's view of the Levitical marriage
law. London, s. a. 8

BINNIE (WILLIAM), M.A. The spiritual juris-
diction of the Church. With an appendix on
the Cardross case, &c. London, 1860. 8

BINNING (HUGH), Minister of Govan.The

works of Mr H. B To which is prefixed the

life of the author. 2d ed. Glasgow, 1768. 4

Another copy.

Another edition. Edited by the Rev. M.
Leishman, D.D. 2d ed. Edin., 1845. 8

An usefull case of conscience, learnedly and
accuratly discussed and resolved. Concerning
associations and confederacies with idolaters,
infidels, hereticks, malignants, or any other
known enemies of truth and godlinesse.

[London], 1693. 4

Another edition ; [with Faithful witness-bear-
ing exemplified, by John HOWIE.] 1783

The common principles of Christian religion
clearly proved, and singularly improved.
6th ed. Glasgow, 1718. 12

Heart humiliation : or, miscellany sermons.

Glasgow, 1725. 12

An essay upon Christian love. With an in-
troduction by the Honourable Augusta Mac-
kenzie 1844 12

BINSFELDIUS (PETRrs), S.T.D. Enchiridion
theologise pastoralis...Nuperadditionibus qui-

busdam, opera Francisci Sylvii...Accessit Rhe-
torica concionaiuli i HORGI.*:.

/' . i ;:;:. 12

BIOGRAPHY. Biographia Britannica. 6 vol.
I..,,-!..!,, 1717 i.e.. f,,].

Sccmid filinn : with com-dions, c-nl
incuts, anil the ailditinn of m-w lives ; by An-
druw Kirns, D.D. Vols. i.-iv.

l.< .ndn, 1778-89. fol.

Biographia Presbyteriana. [Containing the
lives of Pudt n, Semple, Welwood, Ca;.
Cargill A. Smith (by Patrick WALKER). MM
Renwick (by the Rev. Alex. SHIELDS). |

L. P. /;./;,-., IHLT. 8

Lives of eminent persons... Published under
the superintendence of the society for the dif-
fusion of useful knowledge. London, 1833. 8

Biographie universelle anoicnne et moderne...
Nouvelle Edition... Par une socie'te' de gens de
lettres et de savants. 21 torn.

-lies, 1843-1847. 8

Select biographies. Edited for the Wodrow
S( >ciuty, chiefly from manuscripts in the library
of the Faculty of Advocates. By W. K.
Tweedie, D.D. 2vol. Edin., 1845, 47. 8

A dictionary of contemporary biography : a
handbook of the peerage of rank, worth, and
intellect. London and Glasgow, 1861. 8

BION, Smyrna-us. Idyllia, Greece et Latine...
...opera et studio Thomse Martin ; [una cum
Idyll. THEOCRITI.] 1760

Translated from the Greek, by the Rev. R.

Polwhele ; [with the Idylls of THEOCRITUS.]


Another edition. Accedunt...animadversiones,
scholia, indices, et M. ^-Emilii Porti Lexicon
Doricum ; [una cum Idyll. THEOCRITI.] 1829

Bionis et MOSCHI fragmenta. [Greece.] Illus-
trabat et emcndabat Gilbertus Wakefield.

Londini, 1795. 8

the civil warres of England betweene the
houses of Lancaster and Yorke. Englished
by... Henry, Earle of Monmouth. 2 vol.

London, 1646. fol.

BIOT (JEAN-BAPTISTE). Traite" de physique ex-
pe'rimentale et mathe'matique. 4 torn.

Paris, 1816. 8

BIRCH (ANDREAS). Varise lectiones ad textum
Act. App. Epp. catholicarum et Pauli e codd.
Graecis MSS. bibliothecse Vaticanse, Barberi-
nse, Augustinianorum Eremitarum Romee, Bor-
gianas Velitris, Neapolitan* regire, Laurentia-
na3, S. Marci Venetorum, Vindobonensis Cse-
sarise et Havniensis regite, collectse et editse
ab A. B. Hai-nuK, 1798. 8

Varies lectiones ad textum Apocalypseos ex
codd. Gnecis MSS. bibliothecae Vaticanae, Bar-
berinae, Borgianne Velitris, Laurentianae atque
S. Marci Venetorum, collectse et editae ab
A. B. Havnice, 1800. 8

BIRCH (EDWAKD), B. A. Remarks on socialism.

Lmidon, s. a. 12

BIRCH (THOMAS), D.D.- Memoirs of the reign
of Queen Elizabeth from the year 1581, till
her death... From the original papers of... .An-



thony Bacon... and other manuscripts... 2 vol.
London, 1754. 4

BIRD (EDWARD), B.A. Some account of the
great religious awakening now going on in the
United States. London, 1858. 8

BIRD (GEORGE). Hints for the revival of scrip-
tural principles in the Anglican Chxirch.

London, 1842. 8

BIRD (GOLDING), M.D. *Biographical sketch of
the late Dr G. B....By John Button Balfour,
M.D. Edin., 1855. 8 C

BIRKS (T. R.), Rector of Kelshall, Herts. First
elements of sacred prophecy : including an
examination of several recent expositions, and
of the year-day theory. London, 1843. 12

- The four prophetic empires, and the kingdom
of Messiah : being an exposition of the first
two visions of Daniel. London, 1844. 8

- The Christian state : or, the first principles of
national religion. London, 1847. 8

- Horse evangelicse ; or, the internal evidence
of the gospel history. Being an inquiry into
the structure and origin of the four Gospels,
their historical consistency, and the character-
istic design of each narrative.

London, 1852. 8

- Truth and life in the Church at home, in their
influence on the work of foreign missions.

Dublin, 1855. 12

The Bible and modern thought.

London [1861]. 12

- The exodus of Israel : its difficulties examined
and its truth confirmed. With a reply to re-
cent objections. 2d ed. London, 1863. 8

chemical, and geological researches on the in-
ternal heat of the globe. Vol. i.

London, 1841. 8

BISCOE (RICHARD), M. A., Prebendary of St
Paul's. The history of the Acts of the holy
Apostles confirmed from other authors... and
considered as full evidence for the truth of
Christianity : with a prefatory discourse upon
the nature of that evidence.

Oxford, 1829. 8

BISHOP. The proceedings and tryal in the case
of William [Sancroft] Archbishop of Canter-
bury, and William [Lloyd] Bishop of St Asaph,
Francis [Turner] Bishop of Ely, John [Lake]
Bishop of Chicester, Thomas [Ken] Bishop of
Bath and Wells, Thomas [White] Bishop of
Peterborough, and Jonathan [Trelawny] Bi-
shop of Bristol, in the Court of King's Bench at
Westminster., anno 1688. London, 1716. 8

The sameness of Bishops and Presbyters, as to
order, tho' not as to dignity, no less briefly
than clearly proved ; and likewise that laymen
are as essentially the Church as clergymen ;
having as much authority to declare the tradi-
tions of the Church, and consequently to de-
termine controversies. With a defence of Uni-
versities against the Pope and Bishops... in a
letter from a Doctor of the Sorbonne to the
Bishop of Autun. Translated from the French.

London, 1717. 8

A view of the elections of Bishops in the pri-

mitive Church : wherein is shewed, what were
the several shares of the Bishops, inferior clergy,
and people in these elections ; as also of the
emperors after they became Christians : and the
nature of the Church, its unity and govern-
ment, are likewise explained. By a presbyter
of the Church of Scotland. [James DUNDASS. ]

Edin., 1728. 8

The reformed Bishop : or, xix. articles, ten-
dered by <pix/of, a well-wisher of the pre-
sent government of the Church of Scotland
(as it is settled by law). [By James GORDON.]

s. 1., 1679. 12 d

Another copy.

BISHOP (THOMAS), D. D., Minister of St Mary's,
Ipswich. The errors and absurdities of the
Arian and Semiarian schemes, and especially
the polytheism and idolatry by which they have
corrupted the Christian faith : represented in
eight sermons, preached... in the years 1724
and 1725, at the lecture founded by Lady
Moyer. To which is added, Concio ad cle-
rum...habita, 1725. London, 1726. 8

BISSE (PHILIP), D. D., Bishop of St David's, and
afterwards of Hereford. A sermon preach'd
before the Honourable House of Commons,
at St Margaret's, Westminster, March 15,
17$. 2d ed. London, 1710. 8

BISSE (THOMAS), D. D. A defence of episcopacy.

A sermon [on Heb. v. 4] preach'd before the

University of Oxford on Trinity Sunday, 1708.

London, 1708. 8

BISSET (JAMES), D. D. Speech in the Synod of
Aberdeen, on the motion to exclude the quoad
sacra ministers. Edin. , 1843. 8

BISSET (JOHN). Christ the covenant of the
people. Two sermons, with five discourses at
the tables serving ; and the discourse after the
tables, on Isaiah, xliii. 6. Edin. , 1757. 8

- Discourses... To which are added five sermons.

Edin., 1763. 8

[A letter containing an answer to an apology
for the hearers of Mr Whitefield.] [Wants
title.] 8

BISSET (ROBERT), LL. D. Sketch of democracy,

London, 1796. 8


London, 1835. 8

- The office and obligations of the messenger of
God. A sermon preached in the parish church
of Alton, April 18th, 1836. London, 1836. 12

uno Deo, Patre, Filio, ac Spiritu Sancto, mys-
terium pietatis, contra Johannis Crellii, de uno
Deo Patre, libros duos, breviter defensum.

Liiyd. Bat., 1639. 4

Another copy.

BLACK (ADAM). The Church its own enemy,
being an answer to the pamphlets of the Rev.
Dr Chalmers. Particularly to his aspersions
on the town-council of Edinburgh.

Edin., 1835. 8

Another copy.

View of the financial affairs of the city of Edin-
burgh, with suggestions for a compromise with
the creditors. Edin., 1835. 8


*Mr Adam Black called to account for his
misdemeanours, in reference to the old church
vacancv, A. (.-. Ju ;i letter, addressed to liiiu l>v
acitixiiu. ,1841. *

BLACK (ALEXANDER), D. D. The exegetical
study of the original Scriptures considered in
connection with the training of theological
students. In a letter to the Rev. Thomas
M'Crie, D. D. , LL. D. , 1866. 8

BLACK (DAVID), Minister of

burgh. Sermons on death. Kdin. , 1806. 12

Sermons on important subjects. To which is
prefixed an account of the life and character
of the author. .,1808. 8

- Second edition. . ]Sli. h

BLACK (JOSEPH), M. D. Lectures on the ele-
ments of chemistry, delivered in the Univer-
sity of Edinburgh... Published from his manu-
scripts, by John Robison, LL.D. 2 vol.

Edin., 1803. 4

BLACK BOOK. The black book : an exposition
of abuses in Church and State. A new edition,
with an appendix. London, 1835. 8

BLACKADDER (JOHN). Sermons on Psalm
cxxvi. 1, 2. s. I. et a. 8

BLACKADER (JOHN), Lieut. Col. *The life
and diary of Lieut. Col. J. B. ...By Andrew
Crichton. Edin., 1824. 8

Select passages from the diary... of the late
J. B...Now first published from his own ma-
nuscripts... To which is prefixed an account of
the life... of the writer. With a preface by
John Newton. Edin., 1806. 12

BLACKALL (OFSPRING), D. D., Bishop of Exe-
ter. The works of O. B...With a preface giv-
ing some account of the author, by William
[Dawes] Archbishop of York. 2 vol.

London, 1723. fol.

Fourteen sermons. Second edition.

London, 1706. 8

The way of trying prophets. A sermon [on
1 John, iv. 1] preach'd before the Queen, at
St James's, Nov. 9. 1707. 3d ed.

London, 1707. 8

Practical discourses upon our Saviour's sermon
on the mount. 8 vol. London, 1717-18. 8

The sufficiency of a standing revelation, &c. ;
[eight sermons preached at the Hon. Robert
Boyle's lecture, 1?$ J. 3 7 : >'

BLACKAJVIORE (A.). Ecclesise primitivse noti-
tia : or, a summary of Christian antiquities.
To which is prefixed, an index hereticus. There
is also added, a brief account of the eight first
general councils. 2d ed. 2 vol.

London, 1722. 8

BLACKBTJRNE (FRANCIS), Archdeacon of Cleve-
land. Works theological and miscellaneous.
With some account of the life and writings of
the author, by himself, completed by his son.
7 vol. Cambridge, 1804. 8

A short historical view of the controversy con-
cerning an intermediate state, and the separate
existence of the SOUL. 1765

The CONFESSIONAL ; or, a full and free inquiry
into the right of establishing confessions of
faith in Protestant churches. 1767


of York. The blessedness of suli

a for righteousness sake. A BI rmon [on

Matt. v. 10-12] pr- .iv her Majesty

.James's Cliaj.jK-1 : Dec. IN;, 17(18. Being

Si Stephen'* martyrdom. /."/<'//!, 1 1709.] 8

A sermon preach'd before tlu- Hmi. House of

iions at St Margaret's, Westminster, Ja-
nuary yiJth, 17',a. Being the day of the mar-
tyrdom of King Charles I. London, 1716. 8
BLACKIE (J. I:T), Professor of Greek,

. On subscription to

articles of faith : a plea for the liberties of tlio
Scottish Universities ; with special reference
to the Free Church professors.

1843. 8

On the studying and teaching of languages :
two lectures delivered in the Marischal col-
lege of Aben I .,1852. 8

On the living language of the Greeks, and its
utility to the classical scholar. An introduc-
tory lecture delivered... 1853. .Edin., 1853. 8

On the advancement of learning in Scotland :
a letter to the Right Hon. the Lord Provost
and Town Council of Edinburgh.

Edin., 1855. 8

To the Honourable the Town Council of Edin-
burgh, and the very learned the Senatus Aca-
demicus, anent the remodelling of the Greek
classes, the representation and petition of
J. S. B. Edin., 1857. 8

which is prefixed, an account of the life, cha-
racter, and writings of the author, by the Rev.
Mr" Spence. 2d ed. London, 1756. 4

BLACKMORE (Sir RICHARD), M.D. The poeti-
cal works of Sir R. B To which is pre-
fixed the life of the author. London, s. a. 12

mentaries on the laws of England. In four
books. The sixteenth edition... With notes by
John Taylor Coleridge. 4 vol.

London, 1825. 8

The seventeenth edition... With notes and ad-
ditions by Edward Christian. 4 vol.

London, 1830. 8

BLACKWALL (ANTHONY), M.A. An introduc-
tion to the classics... With an essay on the na-
ture and use of those emphatical and beautiful
figures which give strength and ornament to
writing. 2d ed. London, 1719. 12

Fourth edition. London, 1728. 12

The sacred classics defended and illustrated :
or, An essay humbly ofl'er'd towards proving
the purity, propriety, and true eloquence of
the writers of the New Testament. In two
parts. London, 1725. 4

The second edition. In three parts. 2 vol.

London, 1727, 31. 8

- Third edition. 2 vol. London, 1737. 12

BLACKWELL (GEORGE). Mr George Blackwell
(made by Pope Clement 8. Archpriest of Eng-
land) his answeres upon sundry his exami-
nations : together with his approbation and
taking of the oath of allegiance.

London, 1C07. 4



BLACKWELL (THOMAS), D.D., Principal of
Marischal College, Aberdeen. Ratio sacra : or,
An appeal unto the rational world, about the
reasonableness of revealed religion.

Edin., 1710. 8

- Schema sacrum : or, A sacred scheme of na-
tural and revealed religion.

Glasgmv, 177V. 8

- Another edition. Glasgoiv, 1781. 12
Another edition. Aberdeen, 1841. 12
BLACKWELL (THOMAS), LL.D., Principal of

Marischal College, Aberdeen, and son of the pre-
ceding. An enquiry into the life and writings
of HOMER. 1736

BLACKWOOD (WILLIAM). Hypocrisy unveiled
and calumny detected : in a review of Black-
wood's Magazine. [By Prof. Macvey NAPIER
and others.] 3d ed. Edin., 1818. 8

the Free Church, Edinburgh. David, King of
Israel, the divine plan and lessons of his life.

Edin., 1856. 8

- Bible history, in connexion with the general
history of the world. London, 1859. 8

BLAIKIE (Rev. ). Accusation of the Pres-
bytery of Auchterarder against Mr Blaikie,
with his answers to it. As likewise, the ar-
ticles of charge extracted by the Synod of
Perth and Stirling from the foresaid answers,
together with his defences.

s. I. [1736]. 4

BLAIR (ADAM). History of the Waldenses.
2vol. Edin., 1832, 33. 8

BLAIR (DUNCAN). Marbh-Rann do'n Urramach
Jain Ceanaideach. Duneidin, 1843. 12

BLAIR (HUGH), D.D. Sermons. 5 vol. ; [va-
rious editions.], London, 1791, 94, 1801. 8

- Another edition. 5 vol.

London, 1798-1801. 8

- Aireamh Thaghta de Shearmoinibh. Air an
Eadar-theangachadh gu Gaelic le P. Mac-
Pharlain. Lhin-Eudainn, 1812. 8

- Lectures on rhetoric and belles lettres. To
which is prefixed a life of the author. 3 vol.

London, 1817. 8 U

- Another edition. Edin., 1819. 8
- *An account of the life and writings of H. B. ,

D.D. By the late John Hill, LL.D.

Edin., 1807. 8

BLAIR (JAMES), M.A., Sector of Williamsburg,
Virginia. Our Saviour's divine sermon on
the mount... explained : and the practice of it
recommended in divers sermons and discourses.
4 vol. To which is prefixed a paraphrase on
the whole sermon on the mount, and a preface
by Dr Waterland. 2d ed.

London, 1740. 8

BLAIR (JOHN), LL.D. - Lectures on the canon
of the Scriptures. Comprehending a disserta-
tion on the Septuagint version.

London, 1785. 4

BLAIR (ROBERT). -Memoirs of the life of Mr R.
B. , minister of the gospel some time at Ban-
gor in Ireland, and afterwards at St Andrews
in Scotland. In two parts. The first part
wrote by himself, and the second by Mr Wil-

liam Row, some time minister of the gospel at
Ceres. Edin., 1754. 16

Another copy.

Another copy.

Another edition. Edited for the Wodrow
Society, from the original manuscript, by
Thomas M'Crie, D.D. Edin., 1848. 8

BLAIR (ROBERT). The grave. A poem. 6th
ed. To which is added an Elegy written in a
country church-yard, by Mr GRAY.

Edin., 1761. 12

Another edition. With evening contempla-
tions in a college, by Mr [John] DUNCOMBE.

Glasgow, s. a. 16

Another edition [of The grave] ; illustrated by
twelve etchings executed from original de-
signs. To which is added, a life of the author.

London, 1813. 4

BLAIR (ROBERT), M.D. Scientific aphorisms ;
being the outline of an attempt to establish
fixed principles of science, and to explain from
them the general nature of the constitution
and mechanism of the material system, and
the dependence of that system on mind.

Edin., 1827. 8

BLAIR (WILLIAM). Prostitutes reclaimed and
penitents protected : being an answer to some
objections made against the principle and ten-
dency of the London Female Penitentiary ;
with" observations on licensed brothel-houses,
and on the means of discouraging prostitution.
London, 1809. 8

BLAIR (WILLIAM), M. A. The revival of Popery,
its intolerant character... and unceasing usur-
pations : detailed in a series of letters to Wil-
liam Wilberforce, Esq. M.P.

London, 1819. 8
Another copy.

BLAKE (THOMAS), M.A., Pastor of Tamworth.
Vindicise foederis, or, A treatise of the cove-
nant of God entered with man-kinde, in the
several kindes and degrees of it.

London, 1653. 4

The covenant sealed ; or, a treatise of the
sacraments of both covenants, polemicall and
practicall. Especially of the sacrament of the
covenant of grace... Together with a brief an-
swer to Rev. Mr Baxter's apology in defence
of the Treatise of the Covenant.

London, 1655. 4

BLAKEMORE (RICHARD). A letter to the
Right Honourable Charles B. Bathurst, M.P.,
on the subject of the poor laws.

London, 1819. 8

of Romish controversy : being a complete re-
futation of the creed of Pope Pius IV.

Edin., 1851. 12
- Another copy.

Protestant catechism ; or, Popery refuted and
Protestantism established by the Word of God.
Sixth thousand. Edin., 1855. 12

BLAKEY (ROBERT), Ph. D. An essay towards
an easy and useful system of logic.

London, 1834. 12
BLAKHAL (GILBERT). A brieffe narration of



the services done to three noble ladyes, by G.
I! , j.r.-ist <-f tin- Scots mission in Frui.
tlu- Low Countries, ;md in Scotland. lolll
' [Edited for the Spalding Club, by John
trt. J Aberdeen, 1844. 4

III. A N< ' (AuousTiNUS LB), pseud . , . e. Jac. Hyac.


i;l, \NC (Luoovicus). See L. LB BLANC.
BLANC (L'Abbe' p. s.). Cours d'histoire eccle'-
siastiipu'... Introduction a l\ tmK- de 1'histoire
eccle*siasticiue. S 1861. 8

Cours d'liistoire eccle'siastique. 2 torn.

/'.-/;*, 1851. 8

BLANC (THEODORE DE). Principes contre les
Sociniens. 2 torn. Hambourg, 1718, 19. 8 C

Another copy.

BLANCARDUS (NicoLAUs). Historiie Romanre
epitome. '. Jlntnr., 1648. 12

BLANCO (MANUEL). Flora de Filipinos.

Manila, 1837. 4

BLAND (HARCOURT). The Apocalyptical his-
tory contained in the Book of Revelation,
solved upon an entirely new and consistent
principle. Glasgow, 1858. 8

BLAND (MILES), D.D. Geometrical problems,
deducible from the first six books of Euclid.
3d ed. Cambridge, 1827. 8

Annotations on the historical books of the New
Testament. 2 vol. Cambridge, 1828, 29. 8

BLAND (PETER). Resolved upon the question.
Or, A question resolved concerning the right
which the King hath to Hull, or any other
fort.... Wherein is likewise proved, that nei-
ther the setling of the militia as tis done by
the Parliament, nor the keeping of Hull by
Sir John Hotham, nor any other Act that the
Parliament have yet done is illegall, but ne-
cessary, just, and according to that power
which the law hath given them.

London, 1642. 4

BLAYNEY (BENJAMIN), D.D., Regius Professor
of Hebrew at Oxford. -Jeremiah and Lamenta-
tions. A new translation. 1784. See BIBLES

Zechariah : a new translation ; with notes,
critical, philological, and explanatory. 1797.

A Theodicy ; or, vindication of the divine
glory, as manifested in the constitution and
government of the moral world. 9th ed.

New York, 1853. 8

An essay on liberty and slavery.

Philadelphia, 1856. 12

BLEEK (FRIEDRICH). Der Brief an die He-
braer erliiutert durch Einleitung, Ueberset-
zung und fortlaufenden Commentar. 2 Ab-
theilung. Berlin, 1828, 36. 8

BLINSHALL (JAMES), D.D., Minister at Dim-
dee. The evidence of the future publication
of the Gospel to all nations : A sermon [on
Matt. xxiv. 14.] Edin., 1780. 8

Another copy.

BLISS (GEORGE). The annual of scientific dis-
covery ; by David A. WELLS and G. B. 1850
BLOCQUIUS (JACOBUS). Disputationum meta-

j'hysicarum secundie, do en to, pars alt-

. 4


deration* on the Bible society question.

London, 1828. 8

London. A charge delivered to the rlergy of
tin; diocese of London, at the visitation in
October 1842. 5th ed. London, 184.

Three sermons on the Church, preached in the
parish church of St James, \\fstiiiinstc-r, dur-
ing Lent, 1842. -Ion, 1842. 8

BLOMFIELD (E.).-The life of Jesus Christ ;
with a history of the first propagation of the
Christian religion, and the lives of the most
eminent persons mentioned in the New Testa-
ment. BMpoy, 1809. 4

BLONDEL (DAVID). Esclaircissements familiers

de la contravene de 1'eucharistie, tirez de la

parole de Dieu, et des escrits des SS. Peres.

QueviUy, 1641. 8

Another copy.

De la primaute' en 1'Eglise. Geneve, 1641. fol.

Apologia pro sententia Hieronymi de Episco-
pis et Presbyteris. Amstel., 1646. 4

Another copy.

De formulae regnante Christo in veterum mo-
numentis usu, justas pro regibus maxim is Phi-
lippo I. & II. summaque regum omnium po tes-
tate, vindicias complexa diatribe.

Amstel, 1646. 4

Traitte' de la creance des Peres, touchant 1'estat
des ames apres cette vie. Et de 1'origine de la
priere pour les morts, et du purgatoire. A 1'oc-
casion de 1'escrit attribue' aux Sibylles ; qui est
icy examine'. Charenton, 1651. 4

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