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Tractatus de jure plebis in regimine ecclesias-
tico ; [cum commentario H. GROTII de imperio
summarum potestatum circa sacra.] 1661


BLONDUS (FLAVIUS.) De Roma triumphante
lib. x...Romae instauratae libriiii. De origine
ac gestis Venetorum liber. Italia illustrata. . .
Historiarum ab inclinato Rom. Imperio, de-
cades iii. BasilecK, 1559. fol.

BLOOD. The Blood of the Lamb and the union
of saints. London, s. a. 12

BLOOM (JOHN HAGUE). Pulpit oratory in the
time of James the First, considered, and prin-
cipally illustrated by original examples.

London, 1831. 8

censio synoptica annotationis sacrce, being a
critical digest and synoptical arrangement of
the most important annotations on the New
Testament, exegetical, philological, and doc-
trinal. 8 vol. London, 1826-28. 8

The Greek Testament, with English notes.

1843, 50

BLORE (EDWARD), F. S. A. The monumental
remains of noble and eminent persons, com-
prising the sepulchral antiqiiities of Great Bri-
tain. London, 1826. 8

BLOUNT (CHARLES). The oracles of reason, con-
sisting of a vindication of Dr Burnet's Archseo-


logise, Moses's description of the original state

of man, &c. : by C. B. , Mr GILDON , and others.

London, 1693. 12

BLOUNT (THOMAS), of the Inner Temple. No
A<Z,XO>I. A law dictionary interpreting such
difficult and obscure words and terms as are
found either in our common or statute, an-
cient or modern laws. 2d ed.

London, 1691. fol.

Boscobel : or the compleat history of... Charles
II. most miraculous preservation after the
battle of Worcester. 4th ed.

Edin., 1709. 16

BLUHME' (B.), A new methodical spelling and
reading book of the French language, preceded
by rules for pronunciation.

Glasgoiv, 1841. 12'

BLUNT (HENRY), M.A., Hector of Streatham.
Two discourses upon the trial of the spirits.
3d ed. London, 1834. 12

Discourses upon some of the doctrinal articles
of the Church of England. 4th ed.

London, 1835. 12

Lectures on the histoiy of St Paul. 2 parts.

London, 1835, 36. 12

- Lectures upon the history of our Lord and
Saviour Jesus Christ. 3 parts.

London, 1835, 36. 12

- A practical exposition of the Epistles to the
seven Churches of Asia. 2d ed.

London, 1839. 12

BLUNT (JOHN JAMES), B.D., Margaret Professor
of Divinity, Cambridge. The veracity of the
Gospels and Acts of the Apostles, argued from
the undesigned coincidences to be found in
them, when compared with each other, and
with Josephus. 2d ed. London, 1831. 8

- Undesigned coincidences in the writings both
of the Old and New Testament, an argument
of their veracity : with an appendix, contain-
ing undesigned coincidences between the Gos-
pels and Acts, and Josephus. 8th ed.

London, 1863. 8

Sketch of the Reformation in England, loth
ed. London, 1854. 8

A history of the Christian Church during the
first three centuries. London, 1856. 8

The right use of the early Fathers ; two series
of lectures delivered in the University of Cam-
bridge. London, 1857. 8

BLYTH (GEORGE). Reminiscences of missionary
life, with suggestions to Churches and mission-
aries. 2d thousand. Edin., 1851. 8

BOAK (BARCKOFT), B.A. A brief account of the
origin and nature of the connexion between
the British government and the idolatrous sys-
tems of religion prevalent in the island of Cey-
lon, and of the extent to which that connexion
still exists. Colombo, s. a. 12

BOARDMAN (HENRY A.), D.D., Philadelphia.
The vanity of a life of fashionable pleasure.
A sermon [on 1 Tim. v. 6.]

Philadelphia, 1839. 12

A treatise on the Scripture doctrine of original
sin. With explanatory notes.

Philadelphia, 1839. 12

Is there any ground to apprehend the exten-
sive and dangerous prevalence of Romanism
in the United States I A lecture delivered in
the Walnut Street Presbyterian church, Phila-
delphia, December 27, 1840.

Philadelphia, 1841. 12

The prelatical doctrine of the apostolical suc-
cession examined : with a delineation of the
High-Church system. Philadelphia, 1844. 12

Another copy.

Another copy.

- The Bible in the family ; or, hints on domestic
happiness. Edin., 1853. 8

BOATSWAIN'S MATE. The boatswain's mate ;
or, an interesting dialogue between two Bri-
tish seamen. 3d ed. London, s. a. 12

The quarter-master ; or, the second part of
the boatswain's mate. 2d ed.

London, s. a. 12

The sailors on shore ; or, the third part of the
boatswain's mate. London, s. a. 12

Jack Tars at Plymouth ; or, the fourth part
of the boatswain's mate. London, s. a. 12

BOCCACCIO (GIOVANNI). II Decamerone recor-
retto in Roma, emendato secondo 1'ordine del
S. Concilio di Trento, et riscontrato in Fi-
renze con testi antichi et alia sua vera lezione
ridotto da' deputati di loro Alt. Ser.
Firenze, nella stamp, di Filip. e Jac. Giunti, e
fratelli. 1573. 4

Annotazioni e discorsi sopra alcuni luoghi del
Decamerone del Boccaccio, fatti da' deputati
sopra la correzione di esso Boccaccio stampato
1'anno 1573. Firenze, Giunti, 1574. 4


BOCHART (SAMUEL). Opera omnia ; hoc est
Phaleg, Chanaan, et Hierozoicon...Quibus ac-
cesserunt dissertationes varise operis Joh.
Leusden et Pet. de Villemandyrecensitae. Edi-
tio quarta [curante Hadr. Relando]. 3 torn.
Lugd. Batav., 1712. fol.

Another copy.

Geographia sacra, cujus pars prior Phaleg de
dispersions gentium. . . ; pars posterior Chanaan
de coloniis et sermone Phcenicum agit.

Francofurti ad Mcenum, 1681. 4

BODE (JOHN ERNEST), M.A. The absence of
precision in the formularies of the Church of
England, scriptural and suitable to a state of
probation. In eight sermons preached before
the University of Oxford, 1855, at the lecture
founded by the late Rev. John Bampton, M.A.
Oxford, 1855. 8


BODLEY (Sir THOMAS). Reliquiie Bodleian ;
or, some genuine remains of Sir T. Bodley.
Containing his life, the first draught of the
statutes of the public library at Oxford (in
English), and a collection of letters to Dr
James, &c. Published from the originals in
the said library. [By Thomas HEARNE.]

London,, 1703. 8

BOECKH (AUGUSTUS). The public economy of
Athens. To which is added, a dissertation on
the silver mines of Laurion. Translated by




George Cornowall Lewis, Esq. A.M. 2d ed.

London, 1842. 8

BCEHME (CHRIST. FRID.). Epistola Pauli ad

Romanes. Edidit C. F. B. 1806. See BIBLES


tationes juris ecclesiastici antiqui ad Plinium

Secunduin et Tertullianuin genuinas origines

prsecipuarum materiarum juris ecclesiastic! de-

nionstraiites. Secunda editio.

Hate, 1729. 8

Another copy.

Another copy.

Jus ecclesiasticum Proteetantium, usum ho-
diernum juris canonici juxta seriem decreta-
lium ostendens et ipsis reruin argumentis illus-
trans. Tertia editio. 6 torn. [Tom. iv., v.
ed. 2da.] Hake, 1730-36. 4

- Editio quinta. [Tom. ii., iii., iv. ed. 4ta ;
torn. v. ed. 2da.]

Hate Magdeb., 1736-56. 4

Corpus JURIS CANONICI... J. H. B. recensuit.


Jus parochiale ad fundamenta genuina revo-
catuin, a spuriis principiis purgatum, atque
ita adornatum ut jus ecclesiasticum Protes-
tantium illustrare et usum modernum libri
tertii decretalium quoad prcecipuas materias
ostendere queat. Editio sexta.

Hate Magdeb., 1760. 4

Another copy.

Institutions juris canonici turn ecclesiastici
turn pontificii ad methodum decretalium nee
non ad fora Catholicorum atque Protestan-
tium composite. Editio quarta.

Hate Magdeb., 1760. 8

Another copy.

BCEHMERUS (GUILIELMUS), Professor of Tlieo-
logy at Berlin. Isagoge in Epistolam a Paulo
Apostolo ad Colossenses datam theologica, his-
torica, critica. Accesserunt enarratio cap. i.
Coloss. v. 1-14 et excursus, quos vocant, epis-
tolam spectantes tres. Berolini, 1829. 8

BO3HRINGER (FRIEDRICH). Die Kirche Christi
und ilire Zeugen. 2 Band.

Zurich, 1856, 58. 8

mise ; cum tabulis aeneis. 2 torn.

Lugd. Batav., 1732. 4


RINUS). De consolatione philosophise libri v.

Amstel., 1668. 32

Translated into English. By Robert Dun-
can. Edin., 1789. 8

BOETHIUS (HECTOR). Scotorum historise a pri-
ma gentis origine, cum aliarum & rerum &
gentium illustratione non vulgari. . .Quae omnia
impressa quidem sunt Jodoci Badii Ascensii
typis et opera, impensis autem...Hectoris Boe-
thii Deidonani a quo sunt & condita & edita.
[Paris], 1526. fol.

Another copy.

The description of Scotland, written. . .by H. B.
in Latine... translated... by John Bellenden...
and now finally done into English by R. H.

1585. fol.

BOGAN (ZACHARY), M. A. A view of the threat*
and punishments recorded in the Scriptures,
alphabetically composed. With soiuu brief ob-
servations upon several! text*.

,-,/. n ;.-,:. 8

BOGERMANNUS (JoHAUinw). Ad Scripti...
I ( ugonis Grotii. . .partes priores duas, in quibus
tractat causam Vorstii et Remonstrantium, an-
notationes...Addita est sententia...F. JTMI
de Synod is et Synodalibus judiciis, Magistra-
tusque in talibua jure atque officio : desumpta
ex, disputationibus ejus adversns Bellarminum.

kerce, 1614. 4

Leovarduf, 1614. 4

BOGIE (B. D.), B.A. The crisis; or, the
approaching grand religious revolution, and
the fall of the national Churches.

London, 1836. 12'

The crisis is come : or, the crisis of the Church
of Scotland ; the apostacy in the Church of
England ; and the fall of the Church of Rome.
With an appendix, containing the speeches and
decision of the House of Commons on the pe-
tition of the Church of Scotland.

Edin., 1843. 8

BOGUE (DAVID), D.D. -A sermon [on Matt. vi.
19], preached before the correspondent board
in London of the society in Scotland for propa-
gating Christian knowledge, March 30, 1792.
London, 1793. 8

Discourses on the millennium.

London, 1818. 8

An essay on the divine authority of the New
Testament. 5th ed. London, 1820. 12

Another edition. London, s. a. 12

Another edition. New York, s. a. 12

The history of Dissenters, from the Revolution
to the year 1808. By D. B. and James BEN-
NETT. 2d ed. By James Bennett, D.D. 2
vol. London, 1833. 8

Another copy.

* Memoirs of the life of the Rev. D. B., D.D.
. . .By James Bennett, D. D. London, 1827. 8



BOHUN (EDMUND). The general history of the

Reformation, written in Latin by John SLEI-

DAN : Englished, with a continuation to the

end of the council of Trent, in the year 1562.

London, 1689. fol.

BOILEAU (JACQUES), Doctor of the Sorbonne.
Histoire des Flagellans....Traduite du La-
tinde M. L' Abbs' Boileau. [Par L'AbW
Granet. ]
Seconde eMition. Amsterdam, 1732. 12


vres de N. B.-D. Avec des dclaircissemens

historiques, donnez par lui-meme. Nouvelle

Edition revue, corrige'e, et augmente'e. 4 torn.

Amsterdam, 1717. 12

Another copy.

BOLD, or BOLDE (SAMUEL), Vicar of Shapwiclce,
in Dorsetshire. A sermon [on Gal. iv. 29]
against persecution, preached March 26, 1682,
being the fourth Sunday in Lent, and the time
when the brief for the persecuted Protestants



in France was read in the parish church o
Shapwicke. 2d ed. London, 1682. 4<

- An examination of Dr Comber's scholastica'
history of the primitive and general use o:
liturgies in the Christian Church.

London, 1690. 4

A second examination of Dr Comber's scholas-
tical history of the primitive and general use
of liturgies in the Christian Church, during
the greatest part of the fourth century.

London, 1691. 4

BOLEYN (ANNE).* Memoirs of the life of A.
B. By Miss Benger. 2 vol.

London, 1821. 8

BOLINGBROKE (HENRY). A voyage to the
Demerary, containing a statistical account of
the settlements there, and those on the Esse-
quibo, the Berbice, and other contiguous rivers
of Guayana. London, 1807. 4

BOLINGBROKE, Viscount. See Henry ST

BOLLANDUS (JOANNES), S. J. Acta sanctorum
quotquot toto orbe coluntur, vel a Catholicis
scriptoribus celebrantur, et Latinis et Grsecis
aliarumque gentium antiquis monumentis, col-
legit, digessit, notis illustravit J. B. ; [conti-
nuata per Godefr. Henschenius, D. Papebro-
chium, C. Janningum, J. B. Sollerium, J.
Pinium, J. Stillingum, C. Suyskenuni, C.
Byeum, et alios.] 52 torn.
Antwerp., BruxelUs, et Tongerloce, 1643-1694.


Richard SIMON.

BOLSEC (HIEROSME HERMES). Historia de vita
Theodori BEZJS. 1584

- La vie, mort et doctrine de Jean CALVIN.
Ensemble la vie de Jean LABADIE. 1664

BOLTON (ROBERT), B.D.- Instructions for a
right comforting afflicted consciences, with
speciall antidotes against some grievous temp-
tations. [On Prov. xviii. 14.]

London, 1631. 4

Some generall directions for a comfortable
walking with God. [On Gen. vi. 8, 9.] 4th ed.

London, 1634. 4

Fifth edition. London, 1638. 4

- A three-fold treatise : containing the saint's
sure and perpetuall guide [on Ps. cxix. 105] ;
selfe-enriching examination [on 1 Cor. xi. 28] ;
soule-fatting fasting [on 2 Chron. xx. 23]. Or,
meditations, concerning the word, the sacra-
ment of the Lord's Supper, and fasting.

London, 1634. 4

- Another copy.

- The foure last things, death, judgement, hell,
and heaven [on Is. xxvi.] With his Assise-
sermon [on 1 Cor. i. 26], and notes on Justice
Nicolls his funerall. Together with the life
and death of the author. Published by E.
Bfagshawe]. 3d ed. London, 1635. 4

Fourth edition. Hereunto is added the ser-
mon [on Philip, i. 23, 24] on Mr Bolton's fu-
nerall, by M. Nic. Estwick.

London, 1639. 4

- A short and private discourse betweene Mr

Bolton and one M. S. concerning usury. Pub-
lished by E. B[agshawe]. London, 1637. 4

Helps to humiliation [on Acts, ii. 37]. Pub-
lished before his death. 4th ed.

London, 1637. 4

A discourse about the state of true happinesse,
delivered in certain sermons [on Psalm i.] in
Oxford and at St Paul's Cross. 7th ed.

London, 1638. 4

Meditationes in diebus Dominicis de vita fu-
tura. [Wants title.] London, 1628. 4

Meditations of the life to come.

London, 1639. 4

A cordiall for Christians in the time of afflic-
tion. A sermon [on Mic. vii. 8, 9.]

London, 1640. 4

BOLTON (SAMUEL). The true bounds of Chris-
tian freedome Whereunto is annexed a dis-
course of the learned John Cameron's, touch-
ing the threefold covenant of God with man,
faithfully translated by S. B.

London, 1645. 8

BOLZEC (HIERONYMUS). See Hierosme Hermes

BONAMICUS (LAZARUS). Carmen de vita rus-
tica ; [cum Hortorum lib. iv. per Renatum
RAPINUM.] 1672


BONAR (ANDREW A.), Minister of the Free
CJiurch, Glasgow. Narrative of a mission of
inquiry to the Jews from the Church of Scot-
land in 1839. [By A. A. B. and R. M.
M'Cheyne.] Edin., 1842. 8

Fourth thousand. Edin. , 1843. 8

A commentary on the Book of Leviticus, expo-
sitory and practical. With critical notes.

London, 1846. 8

Second edition. London, 1847. 8

Redemption drawing nigh. A defence of the
pre-millennial advent. London, 1847. 8

The Church of Scotland's duty to the masses.

Edin., 1857. 8
BONAR (ARCHIBALD). Sermons, chiefly on devo-
tional subjects. 2vol. Edin., 1817. 8

Another copy.

Genuine religion the best friend of the people.
5th ed. With a memoir of the author.

Glasgow, 1822. 12
BONAR (HORATIUS), D.D., Minister of the Free
Church, Kelso. Can we remain in the Church ?
A brief statement of the proceedings of the
late Convocation. With a summary of the
reasonings on which their resolutions were
founded. Kelso, 1843. 12

The schools of the Prophets ; or, training for
the ministry. Edin., 1844. 12

Prophetical landmarks ; containing data for
helping to determine the question of Christ's
pre-millennial advent. London, 1847. 8

The coming and kingdom of the Lord Jesus
Christ : being an examination of the work of
the Rev. D. Brown, on the second coming of
the Lord. Kelso, 1849. 8

Truth and error ; or, letters to a friend, on
some of the controversies of the day. 3d ed.

Edin., 1860. 12


BONAi; (.I.'HN) The duty and advantage of
religions societies. two letters ; iioia tin-
Rev. John \\ n.i.isoN and tin- IN \ . .). I'.. 17-W

Observations on the conduct and eharar'

.1 l |i\s Isi V1UOT. 17-".(l

-New edition. /:</;>!., 1822. 12

The nature and necessity of a religious educa-
t it >n. A sermon [on Eph. vi. 4J preached
January G, 1752. /:.//,<., 1752. 8

BONAR (JOHN), D.D. The recent proceedings of
the Church of Scotland, authorized by the law
of the land. [Stirling Tracts, No. iv.]

N/.Y/.Y,./, 1842. 8

Reasons for religious people taking a livi-ly in-
terest in the present position of the Church of
Scotland. [Stirling Tracts, No. vi.]

(Mf, 1842. 8


BOND (JOHN), LL.D. Ortus occidentalis : or, a
drawing in the west ; as it was delivered in a
sermon [on Is. .\\\. !>j before the House of
Commons upon their day of thanksgiving for
several victories in the west.

London, 1645. 4

Pope. *Histoire du differend d'entre le Pape
Boniface VIII. et Philippe le Bel, Roy de
France. [Par Simon VIGOK.]

Paris, 1655. fol.

* Histoire des de'melez du Pape Boniface VIII.
avec Philippe le Bel, Roi de France. [Par feu
A. BAILLET. Mise a\i jour par le P. Le Long,
de I'Oratoire, qui y a ajoute" les pieces servant
de preuves.] Paris, 1718. 12

* Histoire de Boniface VIII. et de son siecle.
Par Louis TOSTI. 1854

NORMAND DE). The reformers before the Re-
formation. The fifteenth century. John Huss
and the council of Constance. Translated from
the French by Campbell Mackenzie, B.A. 2
vol. Edin., 1844. 12

- Another copy.

Another copy.

BONNELL (JAMES), Accountant-General of Ire-
land. * The exemplary life of J. B. By W.
Hamilton, archdeacon of Armagh. 3d ed.

London, 1707. 8

BONNER (JAMES). A new plan for speedily in-
creasing the number of bee-hives in Scotland.

E<lln., 1795. 8

BONNET (CHARLES). Philosophical and critical
inquiries concerning Christianity... Translated
by John Lewis Boissier. London, 1787. 8

Second edition. London, 1791. 8
BONNET (P. L. A.) The family of Bethany :

or, meditations on the eleventh chapter of the
gospel according to St John. Translated from
the French. With an introductory essay, by
the Rev. Hugh White, curate of St Mary's,
Dublin. London, 1838. 16

BONNYCASTLE (JOHN). An introduction to
astronomy. 6th ed. London, 1811. 8

A treatise on plane and spherical trigonometry.
3d ed. London, 1818. 8

Elements of 6th ed.

Ion, 1818. 8

An introduction to algebra. Ifxh ed.

1831. 12
BOOG (ROBERT), D.D.- Discourses.

. 1824. 8

BOOTH (ABRAHAM). The works of A. 15., with

some account of his life ami writings. 3 vol.

/...i<./.,,i,'l813. 8

Another copy.

Select works, consisting of glad tidings to
perishing sinners, the reign of grace, and death
of legal hope-. Lon-l-.-. !.-".!. 12

Pii-doliaptism examined, on the principles, con-
cessions, and reasonings, of the most learned
]>;edobaptists. London, 1784. 12

Third edition ; with replies to the arguments
and objections of Dr Williams and Mr Peter
Edwards. 3vol. /...,/./, 1829. 8

Another copy.

The reign of grace, from its rise to its consum-
mation. New edition. London, 1795. 12

Another edition. With an introductory essay,
by Thomas Chalmers, D.D.

<:t,i*gaw, 1827. 12

The death of legal hope the life of evangelical
obedience. 6th ed. Edin., 1823. 18

Pastoral cautions ; an address to Mr Thomas
Hopkins, when ordained pastor of the Church
of Christ. London, 1826. 12

* Essay on the life and writings of Mr A.
B. By William Jones.

Liverpool, 1808. 8

BOOTH (DAVID). Introduction to an analytical
dictionary of the English language.

Edin., 1806. 8

BOOTHROYD (B. ). Biblia Hebraica, or the He-
brew Scriptures of the Old Testament without
points, s. a. See BIBLES HEBREW. A.
BOPP (FRANCisctrs.) Nalus MAHA-BHARATI epi-
sodium. 1832

BORGER (ELLAS ANNEUS.) Oratio de modesto
ac prudenti sacrarum literarum interprete.

lAigd. Bat., 1808. 4

Disputatio de mysticismo.

Hagce Comitiim, 1820. 8

BORGIA (C^SARE). The lives of Pope Alexan-
der VI. and his son Caesar Borgia ; by Alex-
ander GORDON. 1729

BORGIA (FRANCISCUS). Rhetorica concionandi;
[cum Enchirid. theol. pastoral, a Petro Bixs-
FELPIO]. 1637

VI., Pope.

BORLAND (FRANCIS). The history of Darien.

Glasgow, 1779. 8

BORNIUS (HENRI crs). Disputatio philosophic*
continens positiones miscellaneas.

Ultrajecti, 1637. 4

BORNMEISTER (SIMON). Pharus geographica
Hispanise, Gallise, et Italise.

Norimberg<R, 1672. 8

BORRER (DAWSON). A journey from Naples
to Jerusalem, by way of Athens, Egypt, and
the peninsula of Sinai, including a trip to the
valley of Fayoun ; with a translation of M.



Linant de Belief ond's Memoire sur le lac Moe-
ris. London, 1845. 8

BORROW (GEORGE). The Zincali ; or, an ac-
count of the gypsies of Spain. With an origi-
nal collection of their songs and poetry, and
a copious dictionary of their language. 2 vol.
2d ed. London, 1843. 12

- The Bible in Spain ; or, the journeys, ad-
ventures, and imprisonments of an English-
man, in an attempt to circulate the Scriptures
in the Peninsula. London, 1843. 8

Another copy.

BORROWS (WILLIAM), M.A., Minister of St
Paul's Chapel, Clapham. Salvation by Christ
the grand object of Christian missions. A
sermon [on Acts, iv. 12] preached before the
London Missionary Society, May 12, 1820.

London, 1820. 8

BOS (LAMBERTUS). Vetus Testamentum (Gr.)
ex versione Septuaginta interpretum. 1709

Exercitationes philologicse, in quibus Novi Fce-
deris loca nonnulla ex auctoribus Grsecis illus-
trantur et exponuntur, aliorumque versiones
et interpretationes examinantur. Accedit dis-
sertatio de etymologia Grseca. Editio secunda.

Franeqiwrce, 1713. 8

- Ellipses Grsecse. Cum priorum editorum suis-
que observationibus edidit G. H. Schsefer.

Lipsia, 1808. 8

- Another edition. Glasgow, 1813. 8

Inner Temple. Principia : a series of essays
on the principles of evil manifesting themselves
in these last times in religion, philosophy, and
politics. London, 1843. 12

BOSCHI (DoN. A.). A grammar of the Italian
language. 3d ed, Florence, 1846. 12

BOSSANGE (HECTOR). Catalogue . de livres
Frangais, Anglais, Allemaiids,...&c. &c., suivi
de prix courants. Paris, 1845. 8

BOSSU (LE). See LE Bosstr.

and aftenvards of Meaux. (Euvres completes.
...Reproduction textuellc de 1'e'dition de 1815-
1820, de A. Lebel...augmentees de 1'histoire
de Bossuet par le Cardinal de Bausset. 30 torn.

Pan's, 1854. 12

- Discours sur 1'histoire universelle k Mon-
seigneur le Dauphin. [L. P.]

Paris, 1C81. 4

- Another edition. 2 torn. Paris, 1803. 12

Another edition. Paris, 1844. 8

A new edition, with the life of the author.
Translated from the French.

London, 1778. 8

- Conference avec M. Claude sur la matiere de
FEglise. Paris, 1G82. 12

An exposition of the doctrine of the Catholic
Church in matters of controversie. Done into
English [by Jos. Johnston] from the fifth edi-
tion in French. London, 1685. 4

Another edition. London, 1686. 4
Another edition. To which is annexed a pas-
toral instruction on the promises of Christ to
his Church. ' London, 1825. 12

*An exposition of the doctrine of the Church
of England, in the several articles proposed
by M. de Meaux in his exposition of the doc-
trine of the Catholic Church. [By Archbishop
William AVAKE.] [3d ed.] London, 1686. 4
Another 'copy.
Another copy.

* A vindication of the Bishop of Condom's
exposition of the doctrine of the Catholic
Church: in answer to a book entituled "An
exposition of the doctrine of the Church of
England, &c. [by Wake], with a letter from
the said bishop. [By Jos. JOHNSTON.]

London, 1686. 4

*A defence of the exposition of the doctrine
of the Church of England, against the excep-
tions of Monsieur de Meaux... and his vindi-
cator. [By Archbishop William WAKE.]

London. 1686. 4

*A second defence of the exposition of the
doctrine of the Church of England, against the
new exceptions of Monsieur de Meaux and his
vindicator. The 2d part. [By Archbishop

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