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William WAKE.] London, 1688. 4

Another copy.

* An answer to the Bishop of Condom... his ex-
position of the Catholic faith, &c. Wherein
the doctrine of the Church of Rome is detect-
ed, and that of the Church of England ex-
pressed. To which are added, Reflections on
his Pastoral Letter. [By John GILBERT.]

London, 1686. 4

A pastoral letter from the Lord Bishop of
Meaux to the new Catholics of his diocess, ex-
horting them to keep their Easter. . .Translated
out of the French. London, 1686. 4

*A brief discourse of the Real Presence...
Wherein the witty artifices of the Bishop of
Meaux and of...Maimbourg are obviated,
whereby they would draw in the Protestants
to embrace the doctrine of transubstantiation.
2cl ed. London, 1686. 4

Defensio declarationis celeberrimse, quam de
potestate ecclesiastica sanxit Clerus Gallicanus
xix. Martii MDCLXXJQI. 2 torn.

Luxemburgi, 1730. 4
Another copy.

Histoires des variations des Eglises Protes-

tantes. 2 torn. Paris, 1760. 12

Translated from the French. 2d ed. 2 vol.

Dublin, 1836. 8

Premier avertissement aux Protestans sur les
let ires du ministre Jurieu centre 1'Histoiro
des variations : Le Christianisme fldtri, et le
Sociiiianisme autorise par ce ministre.

Paris, 1689. 4

Seconde avertissement : La re'forme convain-
cue d'erreur et d'impiete par ce ministre.

Paris, 1689. 4

Troisieme avertissement : Le salut dans 1'Eglise
Romaine, selon ce ministre ; le fanatisme
dtabli dans la reforme par les ministres Claude
et Jurieu, selon la doctrine des Quakers ; tout
le parti Protestant exclu du titre d'Eglise par
M. Jurieu. Paris, 1689. 4

Quatrieme avertissement : La saintete" et la



c-oncorde du manage Chretien voWea.

Paris, 1690. 4

Cinquii>mo avertiasement : Le fondement dos
empires renverse' par co ministre.

Paris, 1690. 4

Another edition. Tom. iii. et iv.

Paris, 1760. 12

Sermons choiais. Pari*, 1803. 12

Chefs-d'oeuvres oratoires de Bossuet, on recneil
choisi de ses sermons pane"gyriques et oraisons
funebres. 6 torn. S 1803. 12

Super reunione Protestantium cum ecclesia
Catholica tractatus inter J. B. B. et D. Mo-
LANTM. ', 1782. 4

* De la connaissance de Dieu et de soi-meme ;
traite* du libre arbitre, et la Logique, avec un
Essai sur la philosophie de Bossuet.

1 '>,;<,, 1846. 12

*Some account of the life and writings of J. B.
B. By Charles Butler, Esq. London, 1812. 8

*Histoire de Bossuet. . .compose'e sur les manu-
Bcrits originaux : par M. le Cardinal de Baus-
set. Troisieme edition. 4 torn.

Versailles, 1821. 12


BOSSUT (CHARLES). A general history of ma-
thematics. Translated from the French.

London, 1803. 8

BOST (jEAjr-AuousTix). Recherches sur la con-
stitution et lea formes de 1'Eglise Chre'tienne.

e, 1835. 8

Histoire ancienne et moderne de 1'Eglise des
Freres de Boheme et de Moravie, depuis son
origine jusqu'a nos jours. Deuxieme e'dition.
2 torn. Pam, 1844. 8

Translated from the French, and abridged.
With an appendix, continuing the history to
Zinzendorf's death, and a sketch of the pre-
sent state of the Moravian Church. 2d ed.
London, 1838. 12

Memoires pouvant servir a 1'histoire du reVeil
religieux des Eglises Protestantes de la Suisse,
etde la France... 3 torn. Para, 1854-55. 8

Discours prononce's par MM. POZZY, A.B., et
Jn. MONOD. 1858

Saint Pierre n'a jamais 6t6 Pape. Troisieme
Edition. Bmxelles, 1859. 12

BOSTOCK (JOHN), M.D. An elementary sys-
tem of physiology. 3d ed. London, 183G. 8

covenant of the Old South Church in Boston,
Massachusetts. Boston, 1833. 12

BOSTON (MICHAEL), Pastor of the Relief Church,
Falkirk. The nature of Christian liberty ex-
plained, the violations of it marked, and the
weapons by which it ought to be defended
pointed out, in a sermon delivered before the
Belief Synod, May 28, 1776.

Edin., 1777. 8

Discourses. To which is prefixed an account
of the author, by the Rev. William Campbell,
A.M., Dysart. iV-'u., 1787. 8

BOSTON (THOMAS), Minister of Ettrick.The
whole works of T. B. To which is subjoined ;
the Marrow of modern divinity, illustrated !

with many valuable notes by Mr B.

Edin., 17C7. fol.

Anotlu-r ropy.

Select works of T. B. With a memoir of his
lifo and writings. Edited by the Rev. Alex-
ander S. Patterson. , 1844. 8

The everlasting espousals : being a Benin. n
[on HOB. ii. 19] preach'd at the administra-
tion of the sacrament of the Lord's Supper,
August 1714. 3ded. Edin., 17:. 8

Fifth edition. Edin., 174.'.. 8

A view of the covenant of grace from the sa-
civd records.... To which is subjoyn'd, a me-
nu. rial concerning personal and family fasting
and humiliation, presented to saints and sin-
ners. E-lln., 1734. 8

Another copy.

Tractatus stigmologicua Hebrseo-biblicus, quo
accentuum Hebneorum doctrina traditur, va-
riusque eorum, in explananda S. Scriptura,
usus exponitur. Cum pnefatione...Davidi8
Millii. Amstel., 1738. 4

Another copy.

The mystery of Christ in the form of a ser-
vant, briefly enquired into, and practically im-
proved ; in a sermon [on Phil. ii. 7.]

Edin,, 1742. 8

Another edition. Glasgow, 1742. 8

A true description of conversion.

s. I., 1742. 8

[The crook in the lot ; or,] The sovereignty and
wisdom of God displayed in the afflictions of
men, together with a Christian deportment
under them. Being the substance of several
sermons on Eccles. vii. 13, Prov. xvi. 19, and

1 Pet. v. 6. To which are added some ser-
mons on the nature of Church communion,
from 1 Cor. x. 17. Edin., 1745. 8

Another edition. Edin., 1805. 12

Sermons and discourses. 2 vol.

Edin., 1753. 8

An illustration of the doctrines of the Chris-
tian religion, with respect to faith and prac-
tice, upon the plan of the Assembly's shorter
catechism. Comprehending a complete body
of divinity. 3vol. Edin., 1773. 8

A view of the covenant of works. 2d ed.

Berwick, 1790. 12

The distinguishing characters of true be-
lievers....^ which is prefixed, a soliloquy
on the art of man-fishing.

^ Falkirk, 1791. 12

Primitiae et ultima : or, The early labours and
last remains that will meet the public eye.
3vol. Edin., 1800, 1. 12

Sermons... delivered chiefly on communion oc-
casions. To which is added, memoirs of the
lifetime and writings of the author ; abridged
by the Rev. John Brown of Haddington.

2 vol. Glasgow, 1814. 8

Human nature in its fourfold state, of primi-
tive integrity, entire depravity, begun reco-
very, and consummate happiness or misery.
With an introductory essay, by the Rev. David
Young, Perth. Glasgow, 1830. 12

Another edition. London, 1841. 12



Nadur an Duine, 'na staid cheithir-fillte...Air
eadar theangachaclh le G. MacDhonuill.

DunrJEidin, 1811. 8

Another copy.

A memorial concerning personal and family
fasting and humiliation. With prefatory re-
marks and appendix, by the Rev. Alex. Moody
[-Stuart.] Edin., 1837. 12

Another copy.

Memoirs of the life, time, and writings of T.
B. Written by himself. To which are added
some original papers. Edin. , 1813. 8

Another copy.

BOSTON (THOMAS), Minister of the Relief Church,
Jedburgh. Essays on the following theologi-
cal subjects : I. The truth of the Christian

religion proved II. The scriptural doctrine

of the satisfaction of Christ represented.

Falkirk, 1773. 8

Sermons. [Wants title.] 8
BOSTWICK (DAVID), A.M. , Minister of the Pres-
byterian Church, New York. A fair and ra-
tional vindication of the right of infants to the
ordinance of baptism : being the substance of
several discourses from Acts, ii. 39.

Reprinted, Edin., 1766. 8

Fourth edition. Edin., 1787. 12

Self disclaimed, and Christ exalted. A sermon
preached at Philadelphia, before the Reverend
Synod of New York, May 25, 1758.

Philadelphia, 1776. 8

BOS WELL (JAMES). An account of Corsica, the

journal of a tour to that island, and memoirs

of Pascal Paoli. 3d ed. London, 1769. 8

BOTANY. Botany. In four parts. [L. U. K.]

London, 1838. 8

Reports and papers on botany. By Dr Tuc-
carini, Professor Grisebach, Carl Nageli, and
Dr H. F. Link. [Ray Society.]

London, 1846. 8

Reports and papers on botany. [By Mohl,
Nageli, Link, and Grisebach.] Edited by
Arthur Henfrey, F.L.S. [Ray Society.]

London, 1849. 8

BOTTICHER (W.). Die Englischen Apostel ;
ihre Lehre der Wiederkunft Christi.

Berlin, 1848. 8

BOTTOMLEY (SAMUEL), of Scarborough. A

short plea in favor of infant baptism ; and of

administering it by sprinkling. A new edition.

Scarborough, 1822. 8

Another copy. ^

calcul difie"rentiel et de calcul integral. 3me. ed.

Paris, 1826. 8

Translated from the French by R. Blake-
lock, B.A. Cambridge, 1828. 8
BOUCHET (JEAN). Les annales d'Aquitaine.

Poictiers, 1557. fol.

BOUCHIER (BARTON), A.M. My parish ; or,

"The country parson's" visits to his poor.

Second series. London, 1857. 8

BOUE' (A.), Secretary to the Geological Society of

France. Essai gdologique sur 1'Ecosse.

Paris, s. a. 8'

History of the antient Parliaments of France,
or states general of the kingdom. Translated.
2 vol. London, 1754. 8

BOULTER (HUGH), Bishop of Bristol. A sermon
preach'd in the parish church of St Olave,
November 18, 1722. London, 1722. 8

BOURDALOUE (Louis). Sermons sur les mys-
teres. Seconde Edition. 2 torn.

Lyon, 1719. 12

Sermons pour les festes des saints. Troisieme
Edition. 2 torn. Lyon, 1720. 12

Exhortations et instructions Chrestiennes. 2
torn. Lyon, 1721. 12

Sermons pour le Caresme. Cinquieme Edition.
Tom. i., ii., et iii. Lyon, 1723. 12
Sermons pour les Dimanches. 4 torn.

Lyon, 1725. 12

Retraite spirituelle a 1'usage des communautez
religieuses. Lyon, 1727. 12

Sermons pour 1'Avent. Cinquieme Edition.

Lyon, 1727. 12

moires sur PIE VI. et son pontificat. 1799

The modern state of Spain... Translated from
the last Paris edition of 1807. 4 vol.

London, 1808. 8

BOURIGNON (ANTONIA). An admirable treatise

of solid twenty-four letters. (2

parts.) Translated from the French original.

London, 1699. 8

The light risen in darkness. In four parts.
Being a collection of letters written to several
persons, upon great and important subjects...
AVith a large explication of the 24. and 25.
chapters of St Matthew's Gospel. Done out
of the French. London, 1703. 8

Another copy.

The renovation of the gospel-spirit. In three
parts. Shewing the universal apostacy of man-
kind from the spirit and life of our Lord Jesus
Christ. With the sure and infallible means of
retrieving it. Done out of French. To which
is prefix'd, a preface to the English reader.

London, 1707. 8

A collection of letters, written by Mrs A. B.
upon occasion of the many persecutions rais'd
against her, for the sake of the truth. Done
out of French. To which is prefix'd, her con-
fession of faith : with a preface to the English
reader. London, 1708. 8

A warning against the Quakers... Done out of
French. To which is prefixed, a preface to
the English reader. London, 1708. 8

The Academy of learned divines : shewing how
to discern between the truth of God and the
studied opinions of men. [3 parts.]

London, 1708. 8

The confusion of the builders of Babel ; being
a collection of letters showing that they who
ought to build Jerusalem, set themselves most
against the divine truth.

London, 1708. 8

An apology for Mrs A. B. In four parts...
To which are added, two letters from different
hands, containing remarks on the preface to
the Snake in the Grass, and Bourignianism



detected. As alao, some of her own letters.

/.../i.A./i, 1699. 8

BOURN (SAMUEL). Lectures to children an-1
young people in a < 1 method. ..With

a preface shewing the importance of a religious
education. London, 1738. 12

Twenty sermons on the most serious and prac-
tical subjects of the C'hri- tian religion. ..To
which is added, some memoirs of the life of the
author. L'd ed. Lon<ln, 17.~>7. 8

A series of discourses on the principles and
evidences of natural religion and t lie Christian
revelation. And on some proper practical
subjects. 2 vol. London, 1760. 8

BOURNE (G.). A chapter on the effect of the
Reformation in America; [with prize essay on
the effect of the Reformation on civil society
in Europe, by the Rev. W. MACKRAY.] 1846

BOURNE (HENRY). Antiquitates vulgares, with
addenda to every chapter, by John BRAN i>.


BOURNE (VINCENT). The poetical works of
V. B. "'-ford, 1826. 8


BOUTERWEK (FRIEDRICH). Lehrbuch der phi-
losophischeu W T issenschaften. 2 Theil.

G&ttingen, 1815. 8


BOUVIER (JEAN-BAPTISTE). Dissertatio in sex-
turn decalogi prreceptum, ei supplernentum ad
tractatum de matrimonio. Quhita editio.

Cenomani, 1832. 12

A treatise on indiilgences. Translated from
the French. With a preface by the Rev. Fre-
derick Oakeley, M.A. London, 1848. 12

BOWDEN (JAMES). Remains selected from the
MSS. of J. B. Edited by Richard Bowden.

London, 1814. 8

BOWDEN (JOHN), D.D., Professor of belles-lettres

and moral philosophy, New York. Works on

Episcopacy, by J. B. and J. E. COOKE. 2 vol.

New York, 1831. 12

BOWDEN (JOHN WILLIAM), M.A. The life and
pontificate of GREGORY VII. 1840

BOWDLER (Miss). Poems and essays. 2 vol.
4th ed. Bath, 1787. 8

BOWDLER (JOHN), oft he Inner Temple. Reform
or ruin : take your choice ! In which the con-
duct of the king : the parliament, the ministry,
the opposition, the nobility and gentry, the
bishops and clergy, &c. &c. &c. is considered ;
and that reform pointed out, which alone can
save the country. 5th ed.

London, 1798. 8

*Memoir of the late J. B., Esq. ...To which is
added some account of the late Thos. Bowdler,
Esq. By the Rev. Thomas Bowdler.

London, 1825. 8

BOWDLER (JOHN), Jun., of Lincoln's Inn. Se-
lect pieces in verse and prose. 2 vol. 3d ed.
London, 1818. 8

Theological tracts. E<li,i., 1819. 12
BO WEN (GEORGE). Discussions by the sea-side.

Bombay, 1857. 12
BOWER (ALEXANDER). The history of the uni-

versity of Edinburgh. 3 vol.

-.,1817,30. 8*

l'.<>\\ Mi-.u.n). The history of the Popes,

from the foundation of the see of Koine, to the
present time. 7 vol. A.//K/./K, 17."o <;;. 4'

*A dialogue between A rchiha Id and Timothy ;
or, some observations upon the dedication and

preface to the History of the Popes, by A

B- , Esq., which may serve to form a judg-
ment of that undertaking.

Lontlon, 1748. 8

*Six letters from A[rchihal]d B[owe]r to Fa-
ther Sheldon... illustrated with several remark-
able facts, tending to ascertain the authenti-
city of the said letters, and the true character
of the writer. [By Dr John DOUGLAS, Bishop
of Salisbury.] Ion, 17-"'<5. 8

-* One very remarkable fact more, relating to the
conduct of the Jesuits. 1758. 8

Mr B.'s own account of his escape from the
inquisition. To which is annexed, an account
of the charge lately brought against Mi- Bower,
extracted from a pamphlet, entituled, Six let-
ters to Father Sheldon, &c. Edin., 1757. 8

BOWLES (CAROLINE), afterwards Caroline

BOWLES (OLIVER), B.D. Zeale for God's house
quickened : or, a sermon [on John, ii. 17J
preached before the assembly of Lords, Com-
mons, and divines, July 7, 1643.

London, 1643. 4

De pastore evangelico tractatus.

Londini, 1655. 8
- Another edition. Geneva?, 1667. 8

BOWLES (WILLIAM LISLE), M.A. , Canon of Salis-
bury. Vindicias Wykehamicae ; or, a vindica-
tion of Winchester college : in a letter to
Henry Brougham, Esq., occasioned by his let-
ter to Sir Samuel Romilly, on charitable
abuses. London, 1818. 8

BOWLEY (WILLIAM). The Gospels and Acts in
English and Hindusthanf. 1837. See BIBLES

The Holy Bible translated into the Hinduee
language. See BIBLES HINDUWEE. A.

The four Gospels and the Acts of the Apostles.
Altered from Martyn's Oordoo translation.

BOWMAN (JOHN EDDOWES). An introduction
to practical chemistry, including analysis.

London, 1848. 8

BOWNDE (NlOOLAsWp.D. The unbeleefe of
St Thomas the Apostle, laid open for the com-
fort of all that desire to beleeve. With a
comfortable treatise for all that are afflicted
in soule, or bodie, or otherwise.

Cambridge, 1608. 8

BOWYER (THOMAS), M.A. A true account of
the nature, end, and efficacy of the sacrament
of the Lord's Supper : in which is contained
an answer to a book [by Bishop Hoadly] en-
titled, A plain account of the nature and end
of the sacrament of the Lord's Supper.

London, 1736. 8

BOWYER (WILLIAM), F.S.A. Critical conjec-
tures and observations on the New Testament,



collected from various authors. 4th ed.

London, 1812. 4


pezitis, vulgo Longobardis, qui in foederato

Belgio mensas foenebres exercent, dissertatio.

Lugd. Bat., 1640. 8

BO YD (ARCHIBALD), A.M. Episcopacy, ordina-
tion, lay eldership, and liturgies ; considered
in five letters. London, 1839. 8

Episcopacy and Presbytery.

London, 1841. 8

Another copy.

BO YD (HUGH STUART). Reflections on the
atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

Margate, 1817. 8

BOYD (ROBERT), Professor of divinity in the Uni-
versity of Glasgoiv. In Epistolam Pauli Apos-
toli ad Ephesios prselectiones.

Londini, 1652. fol.

BOYD (ZACHARIE). The last battell of the soule
in death. 2 vol. [Imperfect ; blanks sup-
plied in MS.] Edin., 1629. 8
BOYER (ABEL). Le dictionnaire royal, Fran-
cois- Anglois et Anglois-Francois. [le. part.]
Londres, 1764. 4

Nouveau dictionnaire Frangois-Anglois et
Anglois- Fran9ois. 2 torn. Paris, 1785. 4

BOYER (FR.). Les gemissemens d'une ame
vivement touches de la destruction de PORT-
ROYAL. 1713-17

BOYER (PIERRE). A parallel of the doctrine of
the Pagans with the doctrine of the Jesuits,
and that of the Constitution UNIGENITUS issued
by Pope Clement XI. 1726

- The history of the Vaudois... Translated out
of the French by a person of quality.

London, 1692. 12

BOYLE (CHARLES), 4th Earl of Orrery. Dr
Bentley's dissertations on the epistles of Pha-
laris, and the fables of ./Esop, examin'd.
4th ed. London, 1745. 8

BOYLE (JOHN), 5th Earl of Cork and Orrery.
Remarks on the life and writings of Dr Jona-
than Swift. 5th ed. London, 1752. 12
BOYLE (The Hon. ROBERT). The works of the
Hon. R. B. 6 vol. To which is prefixed the
life of the author. London, 1772. 4

The theological works of the Hon. R. B. epi-
tomized. By Richard Boulton. Vols. i. and ii.

London, 1715. 8

Some motives and incentives to the love of
God, pathetically disco^irs'd of in a letter to a
friend. 5th ed. Edin., 1667. 8

- New edition. Edin., 1825. 12

- The excellency of theology, compar'd with
natural philosophy... discours'd of in a letter
to a friend. To which are annex' d some occa-
sional thoughts about the excellency and
grounds of the mechanical hypothesis.

London, 1674. 8

Some considerations touching the style of the
holy Scriptures. 4th ed. London, 1675. 8

A free inquiry into the vulgarly received no-
tion of nature. London, 168|. 12

Disquisition about the final causes of natural
things. London, 1688. 12

A defence of natural and revealed religion :
being a collection of the sermons preached at
the lecture founded by the Honourable Ro-
bert Boyle, Esq. ; (from the year 1691 to the
year 1732). With the additions and amend-
ments of the several authors, and general in-
dexes. See names of the authors. 3 vol.

London, 1739. fol.

An abridgment [by Gilbert BURNET, vicar

of CoggeshalJ] of the sermons preached at the
lecture founded by the Hon. Robert Boyle,
Vol. i.-iii. London, 1737. 8

- *The life of the Hon. R. B. By Thomas Birch,
M.A. &F.R.S. London, 1744. 8

BOYS (EDWARD). Narrative of a captivity and
adventures in France and Flanders ; between
...1803 and 1809. 2d ed. London, 1831. 8

BOYS (JOHN), D.D., Dean of Canterbury. The
workes of J. B. London, 1629. fol.

BOYSE (JOSEPH), Dissenting minister, Dublin.
The works of J. B. 2 vol. London, 1728. fol.

Remarks on a late discourse of William [King]
Lord Bishop of Derry ; concerning the inven-
tions of men in the worship of God.

Dublin, 1694. 4

A clear account of the ancient EPISCOPACY.


A vindication of the true deity of our blessed
Saviour ; in answer to a pamphlet, intitled,
An humble enquiry into the Scripture account
of Jesus Christ, &c. 3d ed. London, 1719. 8

BRACHELIUS (ADOLPHUS). Historia nostri

temporis. Editio ultima. In duas partes di- continuata in annum 1654. 2 torn.

Amstelodami, 1659. 12

BRADBURY (THOMAS), Minister of New Court,
Carey Street, London. The welfare of Israel
considered in two sermons... With a thanks-
giving sermon. London, 1707. 8 U

The son of Tabeal. A sermon [on Isaiah, vii.
5-7] occasion'd by the French invasion in fa-
vour of the Pretender. 2d ed.

London, 1708. 8

Theocracy : the government of the judges,
consider'd and applied to the Revolution, 1688 ;
in a sermon [on Judges, ii. 18].

London, 1712. 8

The ass : or, the serpent. A comparison be-
tween the tribes of Issachar and Dan, in their
regard for civil liberty. London, [1712.] 8

New edition. Edin., 1797. 8

Steddiness in religion, recommended from the
example of Daniel under the decree of Darius :
in a sermon [on Dan. vi. 10]. 3d ed.

London, 1712. 8

The lawfulness of resisting tyrants, argued from
the history of David, and in defence of the
Revolution. With some remarks on Mr Luke
Milbourn's preface and sermon. 2d ed.

London, 1714. 8

Justice and property the glory of a deliverance.
In two sermons [on Nehem. v. 13].

London, 1715. 8

I Hardness of heart, the certain mark of a ruin'd
party : opened in two sermons [on Josh. xi. 20].
London, 1716. 8

! is",


The divino riiflit of kings enquir'd into, and il ; nt Iy tin- lusta of men, but tho ^re-
vealed) will of (iiul, in a sermon [ on l'n>\. \iii.
IT,]. London, 1718. 8

- The repontence of Ninr\ vh considi'r'd ami ap-
1'Iv'd, in two sermons [on Jonah, iii. l-lo).

Lowln,', ITL'l. 8

Sermons concerning offences, rovilings, and
a confession of the faith.

London, 1723. 8

- Remarks on a paper entitled, A letter to Pro-
testant DISSKN i I;KS. 1732.

The Popish doctrine of justification by works,
consider'd ; in a sermon [on Romans, iv. 3].

l.un.lun, 1735. 8

The Cliristian's consolations, in times of trouble
and at death ; or, the Christian's joy in finish-
ing his course exemplified. Illustrated in five
sermons and sundry tracts, by the Rev. Dr
Bradbury, Mess. Hervey, Halyburton, and
Drelincourt. Glasgow, 1790. 12"

- The mystery of godliness, considered in sixty-
one sermons. Wherein the deity of Christ is
proved. 2 vol. Edin. , 1795. 8

- The duty and doctrine of baptism. In thirteen
sermons. With an introduction and notes,
by John B. Romeyn, D.D., and Alexander
M'Leod, D.D. New York, 1810. 12

BRADFORD (JOHN), M.A., Prebendary of St
r.diTs. The writings of J. B., M.A. Edited
for the Parker Society by Aubrey Townsend,
B.D. 2 vol. Cambridge, 1848, 53. 8

Holy meditations upon the Lord's prayer, the
beleife, and ten commaundements. With many
holy and comfortable prayers.

London, 1614. 12

BRADFORD (SAMUEL), Bishop of Carlisle, (/./'/re-
wards of Rochester. The credibility of the Chris-
tian revelation, from its intrinsick evidence; [in
eight sermons preached at the Hon. Robert
Boyle's Lecture for the year 1699 : with a
ninth sermon in reply to an objection.] 1739
BRADLEY (CHARLES), M.A. Sermons, preach-
ed in the parish church of High Wy combe.
2 vol. [Vol. i., 8th ed. ; vol ii., 5th ed.]

London, 1830. 8

- Another edition. London, 1836. 8

Parochial sermons, preached at Glasbury. 6th
ed. London, 1835. 8

Seventh edition. London, 1837. 8 C
Sermons, preached in St James's, Clapliam,

Surrey. 4th ed. London, 1836. 8

- Another copy.

Practical sermons. Vol. i. London, 1836. 12

Second edition. 2vol. London, 1837, 38. 12

Sermons, preached chiefly at the celebration
of the Lord's Supper. 2d ed.

London, 1843. 8 C

BRADSHAW (WILLIAM). Puritanismus Angli-
cantis. 1610. [A Latin translation by W.
AMES of Bradshaw's " English Puritanisme ;
containing the maine opinions of the rigidest
sort of those that are called puritanes in the
realine of England," published anonymously
in 1605.]

Dissertatio de justificationis doctrina, qua via

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