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controversy. Dumfries, 1844. 12

BRYDONE (P.), F.R.S. A tour through Sicily



and Malta. 2 vol. New edition.

London, 1775. 8'

BRYDSON (THOMAS). A summary view of he-
raldry, in reference to the usages of chivalry,
with an appendix respecting such distinctions
of rank as have [place in the British Constitu-
tion. Edin., 1795. 8

Letters on precedence, ecclesiastical and secu-
lar. Being a supplement to a treatise on that
subject. Edin., 1815. 12

BRYSON (JAMES). M. A. Sermons.

Belfast, 1778. 8

BRYSSON (GEORGE). Memoirs of William
VEITCH, and G. B. 1825

BUCANIERS. The history of the Bucaniers of
America... written in several languages, and
now collected into one volume. . .translated into
English. 3d ed. London, 1704. 8

BUCANUS (GUILIELMUS). Institutiones theolo-
gicse, seu locorum communium Christianse re-
ligionis, ex Dei verbo, et prsestantissimorum
theologorum orthodoxo consensu expositorum,
analysis. Bernce Helvetiorum, 1602. 8

BUCER (MARTINUS). In sacra quatuor Euage-
lia, enarrationes perpetuae secundum et post-
remum recognitoe. Quibus inspersi sunt syn-
cerioris theologize loci communes, ad Scriptu-
rarum fidem simpliciter et nullius cum insec-
tatione tractati : adjectis etiam aliquot locorum
tractationibus, et indice copiosissimo.

[Paris], 1553. fol.

- Psalmorum libri quinque ad Hebraicam veri-
tatem traducti, et summa fide, parique diligen-
tia a M. B. enarrati. Ejusdem commentarii
in librum Judicum, et in Sophoniam Prophe-
tam. [Paris], 1554. fol.

The mynd and exposition of that excellente
learned man Martyn Bucer, uppon these wordes
of S. Mathew : Woo be to the wordle by cause
of offences. Faythfully translated in to Eng-
lishe, by a faythfull brother, with certayne ob-
jections and answeres to the same. [B. L.j

Emden, 1566. 8

- The originall of bishops and metropolitans ;
briefely laid downe by M. B. , John RAINOLDES,
and James USSHER. . .Whereunto is annexed, a
geographicall and historicall disquisition touch-
ing the Lydian or Proconsular Asia ; and the
seven metropoliticall Churches contained in it ;
by the said Arphbishop of Armagh. Together
with a declaration of the patriarchicall govern-
ment of the ancient Church ; by Edward BRERE-
WOOD. Oxford, 1641. 4

- De vera Ecclesiarum in doctrina, ceremoniis,
et disciplina, reconciliatione et compositione...
Responsio ad caluirnias Alberti Pighii Cam-
pensis, contra confessionem et apologiam Pro-
testantium nuper vulgatas, et refutatio suggil-
lationis Eccianre, contra acta Ratisponensia.

s. 1. et a. 4

BUCERUS (GERSOMUS). Dissertatio do guber-
natione Ecclesire, maximeque de presbyterio,
et episcopat\i.

Middclburgi Zclandontm, 1618. 4
BUCH (LEOPOLD VON). Travels through Norway

and Lapland, during the years 1806, 1807, and
1808. Translated from the original German,
by John Black. Loixiqn, 1813. 4

BUCHAN (CHARLES FORBES). Drunkenness : a

sermon preached in Glasgow, 8th March, 1840.

Glasgow, 1840. 12

BUCHAN, EARL OF. See David Stewart ERS-


BUCHAN (GEORGE), of Kelloe. Remarks on
duelling ; comprising observations on the argu-
ments in defence of that practice.

Edin., 1823. 8

Historical sketch of the ecclesiastical establish-
ment in Scotland, more particularly with re-
ference to the present statfe and future pro-
spects of the Church of Scotland. To which
are added, remarks on the speech delivered by
Lord Brougham, in the House of Lords, in
the Auchterarder case. Edin., 1840. 8

Another copy.

Letter to the Right Hon. Sir John Campbell,
Her Majesty's Attorney-General, on the late
trial of the Earl of Cardigan : with explanatory
remarks on the subject of duelling, and sug-
gestions as to the means of checking that evil.

Edin., 1841. 8

BUCHAN (Mrs JANE). * The power of divine
grace and truth, as exemplified in the life and
character of Mrs (Jane Brown) Buchan, wife
of the Rev. William Buchan, Hamilton.

s. I, 1854. 8

BUCHAN (WILLIAM), Minister oftlie Free Church,
Hamilton. Mr Gillon, M.P. , called to account
for his misrepresentations of the friends of the
Church of Scotland, generally ; and especially
of the committee of the General Assembly, in
reference to their account of the state of church
accommodation in Hamilton. In two letters,
with an appendix, with Mr Gillon's answers.
Glasgow, 1835. 8

BUCHANAN (C.) Prospectus of a system of
initiatory lessons in drawing ; designed for the
use of young people in our elementary schools.

s. I. et a. 8

BUCHANAN (CLAUDIUS), D.D. Notices of the
present state of the inquisition at Goa ; [with
the history of persecution, by Samuel CHAND-
LER.] 1813

Colonial ecclesiastical establishment ; being a
brief view of the state of the colonies of Great
Britain, and of her Asiatic empire, in respect
to religious instruction. London, 1813. 8

Christian researches in Asia : with notices of
the translation of the Scriptures into the Ori-
ental languages, llth ed. London, 1819. 8

Another edition. To which are prefixed, a
memoir of the author, and an introductory
sketch of Protestant missions in India : with
an appendix, containing a summary of the sub-
sequent progress of missionary operations in
the east. London, 1840. 8

*Memoirs of the life of the Rev. C. B. , D.D. . . .
By the Rev. Hugh Pearson, M.A. 3d ed.
2 vol. London, 1819. 8

Another edition. New York, s. a. 12
BUCHANAN (DAVID). De scriptoribus Scotia




liliri duo, jiiiiu- j.riniuin c.liti. [ Kditcd fi>r the
U.iiiii:itvnc Club, by Dr Irving.]

E.linburgi, 1837. 4

BUCHANAN(DuGALD). Conih-chruinnoacha do
Lat)ilhil>h Spioradail. Glaagho, 1792. 12

Another flit i. .11. />/<'., 1812. 12

Another edition. Inbhirneis, 1813. 12
BUCHANAN (GEOROE). Opera omnia historica,

dironologica, juridica, politica, satii ira, it ]n -
tica, castigata...Curante Thoma Kuddimanno.
Cum indicibus rerum memorabilium et prsefa-
tione Petri Burmanni. 2 torn.

/., 1725. 4

Psalmorum Davidis paraphrasis poetica. 1560.

De jure regni apud Scotos, dialogus.

s. I., 1580. 4

- Another edition. Glasguce, 1750. 12

- Another edition, reprinted from the edition of
1799 ; translated into English by Robert Mac-
farlan, A.M. ; [at the end of Lex, Rex, by
Samuel RUTHERFORD]. 1843

- Another edition. [Wants title.] 12

Et ad calc. var. editt. hist, rerum Scoticarum,
ut infra.

Rerum Scoticarum historia, libris xx. de-


Another copy.

Another copy.
Another edition.

Scotos, dialogus.

Edimburgi, 1582. fol.

Accessit De jure regni aptid
Ultrajecti, 1668. 8

Another edition; ad optimam...Roberti Fre-
barnii editionem expressa...Accesserunt auc-
toris vita ab ipso scripta, ejusdemque dialogus
de jure regni apud Scotos.

Edimburgi, 1727. 12

Another copy.

Translated into English. [By W. Bond].

3ded. Vol. i.,ii. London, 1733. 8

Translated from the Latin of G. B., with

notes, and a continuation to the Union... By
James AIKMAN. 6 vol.

Glasgow, 1829-32. 8

Poemata quse extant.

Amstelcedami, 1687. 16

Another copy.

Satyra in Cardinalem Lotharingum, notis illus-
trata : [cum Commentario in vitam Georgii
BUCHANANI ab ipsomet scriptam.] 1702

The Franciscan friar, a satire : and the mar-
riage ode of Francis of Valois and Mary, sove-
reigns of France and Scotland. Translated
into English verse from the Latin of G. B. by
George Provand. Glasgow, 1809. 8 r

- Poeticum duellum : seu G. EGLISEMMII cum
G. B. certamen. 1739

*Commentarius in vitam G. B. ab ipsomet

scriptam Accessit ejus Satyra in Cardinalem

Lotharingum, notis illustrata.

Edin., 1102. 8'

- *A vindication of Mr G. B. in two parts ;
I. from the vile aspersion cast on him by
Camden ; II. from the horrible ingratitude
he is charged with to Q. Mary.

Edin., 1749. 8
. * Memoirs of the life and writings of G. B.

By David Irving, LL.D. 2d r.l.

/>/;/-., 1817. 8
BUCHANAN (JAMES), D.D., I'rofrsaur of t-
/"</'/, .Y ' . l-'.'liiiliiinjh. Two Bi'iinons.

Christ's kingdom in its n-l.itit.n t<> tin- civil
powers ; and, the Christian ministry in its
missionary functions. /-.'<//' ., 1835. 12

The temple of (od : a sermon, preached at
the opening of Newhuvcii church, :;otli()-t.
l.-o;. Edin., 1836. 12

Second edition. BcKft., I *::;. 12
- Comfort in affliction : a scries of meditations.

2di-.I. /:,/;., 1837. 8

Eighth edition. /:./;., 1840. 8

Improvement of affliction : a practical M<|iu:l
to a series of meditations, entitled, " Comfort
in affliction." 4th i-d. Edin., 1841. 8

The scriptural argument for non-intrusion
considered, with reference to letters by Dr
Muir and Mr Tait. Edin., 1840. 8
Another copy.

Another copy.

Substance of a speech delivered at the forma-
tion of the Leith Church defence association.

Edin., 1842. 8

Another copy.

An address to the people of Scotland, issued
by appointment of the CONVOCATION. 1842

The office and work of the Holv Spirit. 2d ed.

Edin., 1842. 8

Third edition. Edin., 1842. 8

Fourth edition. Edin., 1843. 8

On the " Tracts for the times."

Edin., 1843. 16

Another copy.

Second edition. Edin., 1843. 16

A warning against popery ; being the sub-
stance of a discourse delivered in Free St
Stephen's, Edinburgh. Edin., 1845. 8

Another copy.

A tribute to the memory of Dr Chalmers,
being the substance of a lecture delivered at
the commencement of the present session in
the New CoUege, Edinburgh. Edin. , 1848. 8

A letter to the office-bearers and members of
the Free Church of Scotland, on the College
question. Edin., 1849. 8

Faith in God and modern atheism compared,
in their essential nature, theoretic grounds,
and practical influence. 2 vol.

Edin., 1855. 8

Another copy.

The ' ' Essays and Reviews" examined : a series
of articles contributed to the " Morning Post,"
with preface, introduction, and appendix.

London, 1861. 12

Another copy.

Analogy, considered as a guide to truth.

Edin., 1864. 8

Another copy.

the Western Hebrides : from 1782 to 1790.

London, 1793. 8

A defence of the Scots Highlanders in general,
and some learned characters in particular ;
with a new and satisfactory account of the



Picts, Scots, Fiugal, Ossian and his poems ; as
also of the Macs, Clans, Bodotria, and several
other particulars respecting the high antiqui-
ties of Scotland. London, 1794. 8 r

BUCHANAN (Mosss STEVEN). Disputatio me-
dica inauguralis de ciborum concoctione ;
quam, gradu Doctoris...eruditorum exa-
mini subjicit M. S. B. Edin., 1816. 8 r

BUCHANAN (ROBERT), D.D., Minister of Free
College church, Glasgow. Reply to an attack
on the General Assembly's church accommo-
dation circular. Glasgow, 1835. 8

Speech delivered at a public meeting of the
friends of the Church of Scotland, held in the
Trades' Hall, 8th May, 1835.

Glasgow, 1835. 8

- Popery makes a God of the priest, and slaves
of the people the priest is God, is Christ
claims authority over all the baptized no be-
lief, no hope, no will, but of the priest.

Glasgow, 1836. 8

- Speech on the independence of the Church,
delivered in the General Assembly, on the 23d
May, 1838, with a preface and appendix.

Glasgow, 1838. 8

Another copy.

- God to be obeyed rather than men. A dis-
course addressed to his own people, . . .9th June,
1839. Edin., 1839. 8

- Another copy.

- The Presbyteries of the CHURCH OF SCOTLAND
threatened with imprisonment. 1839

- The ten years' conflict : being the history of
the disruption of the Church of Scotland.
2 vol. Glasgow, 1849. 8

- Another copy.

Another copy.

- The Church of scripture, and the Church of
the disruption. Glasgow, 1859. 8

- Assembly addresses. Edin. , 1860. 8

- The character of popery as illustrated in the
history of Ireland. [Lect. on Protest.]

s. I. et a. 12

BUCHANAN (WILLIAM). Reports of certain
remarkable cases in the Court of Session, and
trials in the High Court of Justiciary.

Edin., 1813. 8

BUCHANAN (WILLIAM), B. A. Reply to the

pamphlet of the Rev. James Gibson, A.M.,

entitled, "Principles of Bible temperance."

Glasgow, 1855. 8



BUCHLERUS (JOHANNES). Thesaurus poeticus

...a P. F. N. Bascio auctus. [Wants title.]

[Colon., 1603?] 8*

BUCHMANN (J.). Symbolique populaire, ou
exposition comparative des doctrines contro-
verse'es entre les Protestants et les Catho-
liques. Traduite de I'Allemand par Jean
Cohen. Paris, 1845. 8

BUCHNERUS (GoDOFREDUs).-.Christianus an-
tiquus, penicillo Clementis Alexandrini, ex

libro i. Piedag. c. vi delineatus, et variis

Patrum coloribua illustratus, Prseside, M.
G. B. Vitcmbergcc, [1687]. 4

BUCK (CHARLES). The practical expositor ; or,
Scripture illustrated by facts, and arranged
for every day in the year.

London, 1813. 12

A theological dictionary, containing definitions
of all religious and ecclesiastical terms ; an
impartial account of the several denominations
which have subsisted in the religious world ;
remarkable transactions and events in ecclesi-
astical history, and a biographical sketch of
writers in theological science. 5th ed.

London, 1821. 8

Anecdotes, religious, moral, and entertaining ;
alphabetically arranged, and interspersed with
a variety of useful observations. 8th ed. ...
[Vols. ii., iii., 6th and 3d ed.].

London, 1824, 25. 12

BUCK (J.), LL.B. A farewell sermon, preached
in the parish church of Hanwell, Middlesex,
March 24, 1833. Chiswick, 1833. 8

BUCK (JAMES), B.D., Vicar of Stradbrook, Suf-
folk. A treatise of the beatitudes ; or, Christ's
happy men. London, 1637. 4

BUCKE (CHARLES). On the beauties, harmo-
nies, and sublimities of nature ; with remarks
on the laws, customs, manners, and opinions
of various nations. 4 vol. London, 1823. 8

On the life, and wri tings... of Akenside, with
some account of his friends.

London, 1832. 8

BUCKERIDGE (JOHN), D.D., Bishop of Roches-
ter. A sermon preached at Hampton Court
before the King's Majestie, the 23. of Septem-
ber, anno 1606. London, 1606. 4

A sermon preached before his Majestie at
Whitehall, March 22, 1617, touching prostra-
tion and kneeling in the worship of God. To
which is added a discourse concerning kneel-
ing at the communion. London, 1618. 4

Another copy.

BUCKINGHAM. Verbatim report of the action
for libel in the case of Buckingham versus
Bankes, tried in the Court of King's Bench,
...19th October 1826. London, 1826. 8



lestine, through the countries of Bashan and
Gilead, east of the river Jordan.

London, 1821. 4

BUCKLAND (WILLIAM), D.D. Geology and
mineralogy, considered with reference to na-
tural theology. [Bridgewater Treatise.] 2vol.
London, 1836. 8

BUCKLER (EDWARD). Certaine queries con-
cerning the lawfullness of imposing, and tak-
ing of the negative oath ; propounded by some
ministers under restraint in the garrison of
Weymouth. And answered by E. B., and P.
I., ministers of Weymouth and Melcomb-
Regis. London, 1647. 4

Christ Church, Oxford. A history of the coun-
cil of Trent, compiled from a comparison of
various writers, with a chronological summary.
London, 1852. 8

l;l D/EUS Bf

BUDJ5U8 (GtTLiELarus). Do aroe, et partibus

. lil.ri quini|iio. -'. 8

BUDD(I! -I L, /.''< - ,/ ll'l,;i. /tooth-

ing, Bates. Infant-baptism the means of na-
tional n format ion aivi.nlin.u' to the doctrine
and discipline of the Established Cliurch.

London, 1827. 12

*A memoir of the Rev. H. B. .. .comprising an
autobiography. London, 1855. 8

cardinalitiee dignitatis, schcdiasma historicum.

Jena, 1603. 12

Elementa philosophise instrumcntalis, sen in-
stitutionum philosophise eclecticie toinus pri-
muB. Editio quinta.

Halce Saxonum, 1713. 8

Editio nona. Halce Saxonum, 1725. 8

Elementa philosophise theoretics, seu institu-
tionnm philosophise eclecticse, tomus secundus.
Editio quarta. Halce, Saxonum, 1713. 8

Editio nona. Halce Saxonum, 1735. 8

Observationes in elementa philosophise instru-
mcntalis, edifae cura et studio Jo. Georgii
\\'alchii. Halce Saxonum, 1732. 8

Historia ecclesiastica Veteris Testament! ab
orbe condito usque ad Christum natum, variia
observationibus illustrata. 2 torn.

Hate Magdeb., 1715, 19. 4

Editio quarta. Halce Magdeb., 1744, 52. 4

Introductio ad historian! philosophise Ebrseo-
rum. Accedit dissertatio de hseresi Valenti-
niana. Ed. nova. Halce Saxonum, 1720. 8

Institutiones theologise dogmaticse, variis ob-
servationibus illustrate. Lipsice, 1724. 4

Compendium institutionum theologiae dogma-
ticse brevioribus observationibus illustratum ;
cura Jo. Georgii Walchii.

Franco/, et Lipsice, 1748. 8

Miscellanea sacra, sive dissertationum aliarum-
que commentationum ad theologiam, historiam
ecclesiasticam, etrecentiores controversias spec-
tantium, collectio. 3 part. Jence, 1727. 4

Another copy.

Institutiones theologise moralis variis observa-
tionibus illustratse. Lipsice, 1727. 4

Isagoge historico-theologica ad theologiam uni-
versam singulasque ejus partes. 2 torn.

L'.psice, 1727. 4

No vis supplementis auctior. 2 torn.

Lipsice, 1730. 4

Epistola apologetica pro Ecclesia Lutherana
contra calumnias et obtrectationes Stephani
Javorskii. Jence, 1729. 4

Ecclesia apostolica, sive de statu Ecclesise
Christiana; sub Apostolis. Commentatio his-
torico-dogmatica. Jence, 1729. 8

Another copy.

Historia juris naturalis, synopsis juris natura-
lis et gentium juxta disciplinam Ebrseorum,
ut et specimen jurisprudentice historicse ; [ad
calc. Institutt. juris naturae per P. R. VITRI-
ARIUM], 1734

' Theses theologicse de atheismo et superstitione,
variis observationibtis illustrate. Quibus suas
annotationes adjecit Joannes Lulofs.

Lwjd. Bat., 1767. 4

Another copy.

JOHN), A.M. A discourse [from Phil,
iii. Klj upon the nature of tl; \\ ivli-

/;./,., 1784. 8

BUDGELL (EUSTACK). Memoirs of the li\vs
and characters of the. illustrious family of the
Boyles ; particularly, of the Lite eminently
learned Charles, Earl of Orrery... With a par-
ticular account of the famous controversy be-

;i the Hon. Mr Boyle, and the R I 1
l!.-iitley, concerning the genuineness of 1'ha-
laris'.s E]Hstles ; also the same translated from
the original (Jivek. With an appendix, con-
taining the character of the Hon. Robert Boyle,
Esq. ; founder of an annual Lecture in defence
of Christianity. By Gilbert Brp.NET, and
others. Likewise his last will and testament.
3d wl. London, 1737. 8

BUEL (SAMUEL), A.M. Rector of Emmuel parish,
'crland. The apostolical system of the
Church defended ; in a reply to Dr Whately
on the kingdom of Christ.

Philadelphia, 1844. 12

BUELL (SAMUEL), D.D. A faithful narrative of
the remarkable revival of religion, in the con-
gregation of East-Hampton, on Long-Island...
in 1764. With some remarks.

Glasgow, 1768. 16

BUFFIER (CLAUDE). CEuvres philosophiques,
avec notes et introduction par Francisque
Bouillier. /W/a, 1843. 12

First truths, and the origin of our opinions,
explained. Translated from the French.

London, 1780. 8


Professor of theology at Wittemberg. EynSend-
brieff widder den newen yrrthumb bey dem
Sacrament des Leybs und Blutts unsers Herrn
Jhesu Christi. Wittemberg, 1525. 4

Epistola J. B. Pomerani ad Anglos.

Wittemberg, 1525. 8

BUHLE(JoH. GOTTLIEB). Geschichte der neuern
Philosophic. 2 Bande.

Gottingen, 1800, 1. 8

BUIST (GEORGE), D.D., Charleston.- Sermons.
2 vol. New York, 1809. 8

gine et permissione mali.

Francofurti et Lipsice, 1724. 8
BULKLEY (CHARLES), Baptist minister in Lon-
don. Notes on the philosophical writings of
Lord Bolingbroke. In three parts.

London, 1753. 8

Observations upon natural religion and Chris-
tianity candidly proposed : in a review of the
discourses lately published by the Lord Bishop
of London [Thomas Sherlock].

London, 1757. 8

Sermons on public occasions.

London, 1761. 8

BULKLEY (RICHARD), D.D. The beginning and
progress of a needful and hopeful REFORMA-
TION in England. 1001



BULL (GEORGE), D.D., Bishop of St David's.
Opera oinnia Latina, edita per Jo. Ernest.
Grabe. Londini, 1703. fol.

The works of G. B. , D.D. collected and revised
by the Rev. Edward Burton, D.D. To which
is prefixed the life of Bishop Bull, by Robert
Nelson. 7 vol. Oxford, 1846. 8

The English theological works of G. B., D.D.

Oxford, 1844. 8

- Harmonia Apostolica, sen, binse dissertationes,
quarum in priore, doctrina D. Jacobi de justi-
ficatione ex operibus explanatur ac defendi-
tur : in posteriore consensus D. Pauli cum Ja-
cobo liquido demonstratur.

Londini, 1670. 4

Translated from the Latin, by Rev. Thomas

Wilkinson, M.A. London, 1801. 8

- Examen censurae : sive responsio ad quasdam
animadversiones [by John Tombes], antehac
ineditas, in libruin cui titulus, Harmonia Apos-
tolica, &c. Accessit apologia pro Harmonia
ej usque authore contra declamationem Thomae
Tullii in libro queni Justificatio Paulina, &c. ,
inscripsit. Londini, 1676. 4

- Defensio fidei Nicsense, ex scriptis, qiue ex-
tant, catholicorum doctorum, qui inter tria
prima Ecclesite Christianas secula floruerunt.

Oxonii, 1685. 4

Translated from the Latin. To which is

prefixed, a memoir of Bishop Bull by the Rev.
T. Rankin. York, 1825. 8

- The answer of Dr B. to a query of the Bishop
of Meaux ; [with several letters which passed
between Dr George HICKES and a popish
priest]. 1705

- *The life of G. B., D.D. With the history of
those controversies in which he was engaged :
and an abstract of those fundamental doctrines
which he maintained and defended in the La-
tin tongue. By Robert Nelson.

London, 1713. 8

Another copy.

BULL (HENRY). Christian prayers and holy me-
ditations, as well for private as public exer-
cise. Collected by H. B. (A. D. 1566). Re-
printed for the Parker Society.

Cambridge, 1842. 16

BULLAR (JOHN). Lay lectures on Christian
faith and practice. Southampton, 1844. 12

BULLET (M.). Discours sur la ve'rite' de la reli-
gion Chre'tienne. Pat-is, 1817. 12

BULLEY (FREDERICK), B.D. A tabular view of
the variations in the communion and baptis-
mal offices of the Church of England from the
year 1549 to 1662. To which are added those
in the Scotch prayer book of 1637. With an
appendix illustrative of the variations.

Oxford, 1842. 8
Another copy.

sanctse authoritate, certitudine, firmitate et
absoluta perfectione, deque episcoporum, . . .
institutione et functione, contra superstitionis
tyrannidisque Romance antistites...libri duo.
Tiguri, apud Chr. Froschoverum, 1538. 4

- In onmes apostolicas Epistola3...comnientarii

...Accesserunt ad finem quoque duo libelli,
alter de testamento Dei unico et oeterno, alter
vero de utraque in Christo natura.

Tiguri, 1549. fol.

Sermonum decades duse. Accessit operi prse-
f atio de certa ratione qua possit iratus peccatis
nostris Deus placari. Accesserunt item vetus-
tissimorum conciliorum et antiquissimorum
orthodoxorum Patrum symbola.

Tiguri, 1549. 4

In Acta Apostolorum commentarii.

Tiguri, 1556. fol.

In Apocalypsim Jesu Christi...conciones cen-
tum. Basilece, 1557. fol.

Translated into English. [B. L.]

London, 1573. 4

Institutio eorum qui propter Dominum nos-
trum Jesum Christum de fide examinantur, et
variis quaastionibus tentantur, Germanice cos-
cripta per H. B., et nunc prinmm in Latinum
sermonem conuersa per Josiam Simlerum Ti-
gurinum. Tiguri, 1560. 8

Ad versus Anabaptistas libri vi. nunc primum
e Germanico sermone in Latinu conuersi, per
Josiam Simlerum Tigurinum. Addita etiam
est Anabaptistarum Apologia in qua causas ex-
ponunt cur no ad ecclesias seu sacras coetus
nostros accedunt, eodem interprete.

Tiguri, 1560. 8

Isaias excellentissimus Dei propheta...exposi-
tus homiliis cxc. Tiguri, 1567. fol.

Jeremias fidelissimus et laboriosissimus Dei
propheta, expositus concionibus clxx. Acces-
sit et his brevis Threnorum explicatio.

Tiguri, 1575. fol.

The Decades of H. B. ,.. .translated by H. I.
Edited for the Parker Society [from the edi-
tion of 1587] by the Rev. Thomas Harding,
A.M. 4 vol. Cambridge, 1849-52. 8

BULLOCK (THOMAS), M.A., Chaplain to the
Bishop of Norwich. The reasoning of Christ

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