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Church reformation fully considered... Re vised
and corrected, with... an appendix concerning
communion under one kind....2d ed.

London, 1758. 8

Essays on the Church. With some reference
to Mr James's work entitled ' ' Dissent and the
Church of England." London, 1833. 16

Our national Church : What is the popular
party to do? Edin., 1833. 8

Essays on the Church. By a layman. 3d ed.

London, 1836. 16

The rock of the Church, and the houses built
on sand : or, a true guide to all travellers in
search of a religion. Dublin, 1836. 8

Scripttiral grounds for a national Church, and
a national profession of Christianity. In a
letter to a friend. By a layman.

Glasgow, 1836. 8

The Christian Church considered in relation
to unity and schism. By the author of Hours
of thought. London, 1838. 12

The New Testament sanction of the national
establishment and spiritual liberty of the
Church of Christ. By a clergyman.

Glasgow, 1840. 8

The Church of the Fathers. [By John Henry
NEWMAN.] 2d ed. London, 1842. 8

Church and State. An allegory.

Cupar, 1843. 12

A crack aboot the Kirk for kintra folk. [By
Norman M'LEOD, D.D.] 7th ed.

Glasgoiv, 1843. 8
Another copy.

A second crack aboot the Kirk for kintra folk.
2d ed. Glasgow, 1843. 8



Another copy.

A third crack about the Kirk, or questions for

the times, answered by modern reformers.

Glasgow, 1843. 8

Focal rabhaidh mu thiomchiol cuis na H-Eag-
lais. A word of admonition regarding the
case of the Church. Air. i., ii.

Glasgow, [1843.] 8

A comparison of established and dissenting
Churches. By a dissenter. Edin. , s. a. 8
Lectures on foreign Churches, delivered in
Edinburgh and Glasgow, May 1845, in con-
nection with the objects of the committee of
the Free Church of Scotland on the state of
Christian Churches on the continent and in
the East. First series. [By Dr Candlish, Dr
Wilson, Bombay, Dr M'Crie, London, Dr
Stewart, Leghorn, Dr Tweedie, Dr M'Farlan,
Greenock, and Dr Lorimer, Glasgow.]

Edin., 1845. 8

Second series, delivered... in 1846. [By Dr
Wilson, Bombay, Dr Forbes, Glasgow, Prin-
cipal Fairbairn, Dr Bryce, Aberdeen, Dr
Tweedie, Dr Hetherington, and Dr Buchanan,
Glasgow.] Edin., 1846. 8

ACCOMMODATION. Statement on church ac-
commodation. By the friendly society of dis-
senters. Glasgow, 1833. 12
Statement relative to church accommodation
in Scotland ; in answer to the representations
in the circular of the Moderator of the General
Assembly, &c. By the Scottish central board
for vindicating the rights of dissenters. 2d
ed. With an appendix containing the circular
referred to. Edin., 1835. 8
Report of the deputation appointed by the
United Associate Synod, to present a memo-
rial to his Majesty's Government on church
accommodation and endowments in Scotland.

Edin., 1835. 8

A letter to the... Lord Provost of Edinburgh
on the question of church accommodation, and
the necessity of an official document to satisfy
the public on the subject. By a Churchman.

Edin., 1835. 12

A full report of the speeches delivered at the
great meeting, held in... Glasgow, to further
and promote the interests of the General As-
sembly's church accommodation scheme, 27th
January, 1837. Glasgow, 1837. 8

ASSOCIATION. Report of the speeches deliver-
ed at the meeting of the young men's Church
association, Edinburgh, 7th Nov. 1834.

Edin., [1834.] 12

First report of the Edinburgh young men's
Church association, with the speeches, deliver-
ed at the annual meeting held in St Andrew's
church, Nov. 12, 1835. Edin., 1835. 12

CATECHISM. Proposed reform of the Church
catechism and order of confirmation. By the
author of An inquiry and suggestions on in-
fant baptism. Brighton, 1851. 8
DEFENCE. Church-defence and anti-patron-
age electoral association. Regulations.

JMin., 1840. 8
Scheme issued by the central Church defence

committee with reference to the provision to
be made for the support of the Gospel, in the
event of a disruption. Edin. , 1842. 4

EXTENSION. Reports [1st, 2d, 3d, 4th, 5th,
and 6th] of the committee of the General As-
sembly of the Church of Scotland on Church
extension... Given in and read [1835-1840] by
Thomas Chalmers, D.D., convener.

Edin., 1835-1840. 8
Another copy [of Reports 1st, 3d, and 4th].

Edin., 1835, 37, 38. 8
Another copy [of Report 4th].

Edin., 1838. 8

Second edition [of Reports 1st, 2d, and 3d].
Edin., 1835-37. 8

Report of the statistical sub-committee of the
General Assembly's Church extension commit-
tee [1836]. [Edin., 1836.] 8
A report of the speeches delivered at the Church
extension meeting, held in the new church,
Dumfries, the 16th Feb., 1837.

Dumfries; 1837. 12

Statement and address by the committee of
the East Lothian Church extension society.

HaMington, 1837. 8

Report made to the General Assembly's com-
mittee on Church extension, by their deputation
to London, April 24, 1838. To which is ap-
pended, " Statement relative to Church exten-
sion in Scotland," drawn up and circulated by
the deputation there. Edin., 1838. 8

Another copy.

Report of the speeches at the great Church ex-
tension meeting, and dinner to Dr Chalmers,
at Haddington,... October 15, 1838.

Berwick-upon-Tweed, [1838.] 12
Report of the speeches delivered at a Church
and school extension meeting, held at Dun-
fermline, Feb. 25, 1839. Edin., 1839. 12
GOVERNMENT. An abstract of certaine acts
of Parlement : of certaine Her Majesties in-
junctions : of certaine canons, constitutions,
and synodals provinciall, established and in
force, for the peaceable government of the
Church, within Her Majesties dominions.

s. I. et a. [1583.] 4

An answer to the two first and principall trea-
tises of a certaine factious libell, put foorth
latlie,... under the title of An abstract of cer-
taine acts of Parlement. [By Richard COSIN,
LL.D.] London, 1584. 4

[See the full title of the work to which this
is an answer immediately above.]
An attestation of many learned, godly, and
famous divines, justifying this doctrine, That
the Church government ought to bee alwayes
with the peoples free consent. [By Henry
JACOB. s. L, 1613. 8 C

Another copy.

Certain briefe treatises, written by divers
learned men, concerning the ancient and mo-
derne government of the Church. Wherein
the primitive institution of Episcopacie is main-
tained, and the lawfulness of the ordination
of the Protestant ministers beyond the seas
likewise defended. Oxford, 1641. 4



- The beauty of godly government in a Church
reformed.... \\lu-ivunto id added, A .short par-

II hctweene the Presbyterian and rivlati;iu
government. . I., lull. 4

A model of the government of the Church
under the Gospel, by Presbyters, pn>v<<l i-
of the Holy Scriptures, to be that one. ..which
is according to the will... of Jesus Christ. Com-
posed by a Presbyterian minister of the city
of London. . lUlii. 4

- Jus divinum rcgiminis ecclesiastic! ; or, The
divine right of Church government asserted

and evidenced by the holy Scriptures By

sundry ministers of Christ within the city of
London. The second edition, corrected and
augmented in many places ; with a brief reply
to certain queries against the ministry of
England. London, 1047. 4

- Another copy.

- Another copy. [Wants title.]

- Another copy.

- Third edition. London, 1654. 4
Another copy.

Propositions [by the Assembly of divines] con-
cerning Church government and ordination of
ministers. Edin., 1647. 4

- CXI. propositions concerning the ministerie
and government of the Church. [Drawn up
by Mr George GILLESPIE, commissioner from
the Church of Scotland to the Westminster
Assembly. ., 1647. 4
A form for Church government and ordina-
tion of ministers, contained in cxi. propositions
propounded to the late Generall Assembly at
Edinburgh, 1647. Together with an Act con-
cerning Erastianisme, Independencie, and li-
berty of conscience. London, 1647. 4
A directory for Church government and or-
dination of ministers to be examined against
the next Generall Assemblie.

Edin., 1647. 4

Complaints concerning corruptions and griev-
ances in Church government. . .By certain peace-
ably affected presbyters of the Church of Eng-
land ; in the name of all the rest of their breth-
ren, s. I, 1660. 4
A brief account of ancient Church government,
with a reflection on several modern writings of
the Presbyterians (the Assembly of divines
their " Jus divinum ministerii Anglicani," pub-
lished in 1654, and Dr Blondel's "Apologia
pro sententiaHieronymi," and others) touching
this subject. [By Abraham WOODHEAD.] 2d
ed. London, 1685. 4
[The authorship of this work is doubtful. By
some it is attributed to Obadiah Walker, who
was educated at Oxford under the tuition of
Abraham Woodhead, and who, along with
him, joined the Church of Rome. By others
it is attributed to R. Holden.]
A letter from a parochial bishop to a prelati-
cal gentleman in Scotland, concerning the go-
vernment of the Church. [By John WILLISON. ]

Edin., 1714. 8
Another copy.
The form of presbyterial Church government,

and of ordination of ministers.

. 1739. 8

The nature of ecclesiastical governnu nt, and
of the constitution of the Church of Scotland,
illustrated. Being a second conK-ivncr on the

I of communion attempted to be i:..
on tin; Church >; Scotl.-iml by a prevailing party
in the < i. !! Assembly. Qltugow, l7->4. 8

An essay on Church x" vt i -iHiu-nt. By a lay-
man of the Church in Scotland.

, 1835. 8

HISTORY. Abre'ge' chronologique de 1'histoire

iastique-.-Depuis la nai&sance de
Christ jusqu' a 1'anm'e 1700. Nouvclle edi-
tion, revue, corrige'e, et augmented. [Par
Philippe MAOQUER.J 2 torn. 1'uris, 1757. 8

LEASES. Report from the select committee on
Church leases ; together with the minutes of
evidence, appendix, and in<!

Ion, 1838. fol.

MEMBERS. The groanings of Church mem-
bers, smitten, wounded, and robbed of their
vail, by the Watchmen ; made evident by the
following proceedings of Church- judicatories,
within design'd. s. 1., 1730. *

QUESTION. The church question. No. i., ii.,
iii. Power of the civil magistrate. By a friend
of the people. [The Rev. W. CHALMERS.]

Ayr, 1843. 8

Another copy.

The merry martyrs ; or, cursory observations
on the Kirk question. By a churchman.

Edin., 1844. 8

RATES. Speeches delivered at the great pub-
lic meeting of the opponents of Church rates in
England, and additional endowments in Scot-
land, held in Glasgow, 19th January, 1837.
By the Rev. Mr Burnet, of London ; Rev. Dr
Wardlaw, Rev. Dr Heugh, and Mr James
Beith. Glasgow, 1837. 12

REFORM. Practical hints on Church reform.
By a Churchman. London, 1835. 8

CHURCH (JOHN), F.M.S. A cabinet of quad-
rupeds, with historical and scientific descrip-
tions. 2 vol. London, 1805. 4

CHURCH (THOMAS), D. D. , Vicar ofBattersea, c / /
prebendary of St. Paul's. An essay towards
vindicating the literal sense of the DEMONIA<
in the New Testament. 1737

A reply to the farther enquiry into the mean-
ing of the DEMONIACKS in the New Testament.


A short state of the controversy about the
meaning of the DEMONIACKS in the New Tes-
tament. 1739

CHURCHILL (CHARLES). Poems. 3 vol.

London, 1776. 18"

Sermons. [Wants title.] [London, 1765.] 8
CHURCHILL (JOHN), Duke of Marlborough.

* Memoirs of John, Duke of Marlborough, with
his original correspondence. . .By William Coxe,
M. A... Archdeacon of Wilts. Second edition.
6 vol. London, 1820. 8

* The military life of John Duke of Marlbo-
rough. By Archibald Alison, F.R.S.

Edin., 1848. 8



CHURCHMAN. The Churchman armed against
the errors of the time. By " The Society for
the distribution of tracts in defence of the
united Church of England and Ireland, as by
law established." 3vol. London, 1814. 8

- Another copy.

- The Churchman, containing historical sketches
of the Church of Scotland, and notices and re-
views, touching the anti-patronage and volun-
tary Church societies. Edin., 1835. 12

Another copy.

Letter to the Rev. William Auld, minister of
the Relief Church, Greenock. [From "A
Churchman."] [Greenock, 1837.] 12

CHURTON (RALPH), M.A., Archdeacon of St
David's. Eight sermons on the prophecies
respecting the destruction of Jerusalem,
preached before the University of Oxford, in
the year 1785, at the lecture founded by the
Rev. J. Bampton, M.A. Oxford, 1785. 8

CHYTR^EUS (DAVID), Professor in the Univer-
sity of Rostock. Oratio de statu Ecclesiarum
hoc tempore in Graecia, Asia, Boemia, <c.

Francofurti, 1583. 8

CIACONIUS (ALPHONSUS). Vitae et gesta sum-
morum Pontificum a Chris to Domino usque
ad Clementem VIII. Necnon S. R. E. Car-
dinalium cum eorundem insignibus.

Romce, 1601. fol.

Usque ad Urbanum VIII. continuatae, A. C. ,

Francisco Cabrera, et Andrea Victorello aucto-
ribus. 2 vol. Romce, 1630. fol.

Parisiis, apud Carolum Stephanum, 1554, 55.


Opera omnia ; praeter hactenus vulgatam Dion.
Lambini editionem, accesserunt D. Gothofredi
note. 4 torn. s. I., 1596. 8

Opera. 10 torn. Lugduni Batavorum. 12

- Epistolae familiares. Venetiis, 1480. fol.

- Epistolae ad Atticum, ad Quintum patrem, et
quae vulgo ad familiares dicuntur, temporis or-
dine dispositae. Recensuit selectisque superi-
orum interpretum, suisque annotationibus il-
lustravit Christianus Godofr. Schutz. 6 torn.

Halce, 1809-12. 8

- Excellentissimi libelli de senectute de amicicia
de somno Scipionis et paradoxa. Cum qui-
busdam versibus positis in epithaphio Cicero-
nis, quorum compositores fuere duodecim sa-
pientes, qui ibidem propriis notantur nomini-
bus. s. 1. [circa 1480.] 8

M. T. C.'s Cato Major, or his discourse of old
age ; with explanatory notes. [Translated by
M. Logan.]

Philadelphia, printed and sold by B. Franklin.

1744. 4

- Essays on old age and friendship. With re-
marks, by William Melinoth.

London, 1807. 8

- In hoc volumine continentur. Rhetoricum ad
C. Hereiinium lib. iv. De inventione lib. ii.
De oratore lib. iii. De claris oratoribus lib. i.
Orator ad Brutum lib. i. Topica lib. i. Ora-
toriae partitiones lib. i. De optimo genere
oratorum pr;efatio quajdam. Post Naugeria-

nam, et Victorianam correctionem emendati a
Joan. Sturmio. Argentorati, 1557. 8

De philosophia pars prima, id est, Academica-
rum quaestionum liber secundus : editionis se-
cundae liber primus. De finibus lib. v. Tusc.
qusest. lib. v. Ex castigatione Joannis Bou-
lierii. Lugduni, 1562. 8

De finibus, libri v. De officiis, libri iii., et ex
operibus philosophicis quaedam excerpta.

JEdiiiburgi, 1807. 12

De officiis. Ex MSS. recensuit Tho. Cockman.
Editio secunda. Oxonice, 1716. 8

Tully's offices in English, by Mr Tho. Cockman.
3d edition. London, 1714. 12

De Finibus bonorum et malorum lib. v. Et
paradox^n lib. i. Emendavit, notisque illus-
travit Tho. Bentley, A.M.

Cantabrigice, 1718. 8

De natura deorum libri tres. Cum notis inte-
gris P. Manucii, P. Victorii, J. Camerarii, D.
Lambini, et T. Ursini. Recensuit, suisque
animadversionibus illustravit ac emaculavit
Joannes Davisius. Accedunt emendationes
01. Joannis Walkeri, A.M.

Cantabrigice, 1718. 8

Another edition. Glasguce, 1741. 8

Done into English. With notes and illus-
trations. London, 1683. 12

Entretiens sur la nature des dieux, traduits
par M. 1'Abbe D'Olivet. Quatrieme e'dition.
2 torn. Paris, 1766. 8

Nouvelle Edition. 2 torn. Paris, 1793. 8

Orationes quaedam selectae, cum interpreta-
tione et notis quas in usum Delphini edidit
P. Carolus Meroville. Quibus pruefigitur vita
Ciceronis per annos consulares digesta. ...Huic
editioni accesserunt dialogi de senectute et de
amicitia. Editio nona. Londini, 1770. 8

Orationes selectae, ad optimam editionem J.
C. Orellii... castigates. Accesserunt dialogi de
senectute, et de amicitia ; necnon somnium
Scipionis ; ex recensione J. A. Ernestii... Edi-
tio nova... Edidit Joannes Davidson, A.M.

Edin., 1836. 12

Another copy.

Translated into English, with notes. By

William Guthrie. 3 vol.

London, 1741, 43. 8

* The life of M. T. C. By Conyers Middle-
ton, D.D. 2 vol. London, 1823. 8

versity of Toulouse. Opera in jus canonicum ;
sc. Quinta compilatio epistolarum decretalium
Honorii III. Pont. Max. nunc recens e tribus
vett. MSS. in lucem data et notis illustrata.
Paratitla in quinque libros decretalium Gre-
gorii IX. Observationes juris canonici in quin-
que libros digestae. Tolosce, 1645. fol.

CIVILIZATION. A short sketch of the rise and
progress of civilization, the arts, literary and
scientific associations, &c. With observations
on the best mode of promoting the society in-
stituted for the encouragement of arts and
sciences in Greenock. Glasgow, 1814. 8

CIVIS. Letter to the citizens of Edinburgh ; in
which the cruel and malicious aspersions of an




" Eye-Witness" are answered, and the con-
duct of the magistrates is placed in its true
li^lit. I',y Civis. .,1819. 8

Preacher of St Mam's rlimrh, St Edmunds-
Imrii. The abuse of God's grace : discovered
in the kinds, causes, punishments, symptoms,
cuivs, (litli-ivnces, cautions, and other practi-
cal improvements thereof. Proposed as a sea-
sonable check to the wanton libt-rtinismo of
the present age. Or/i '/>/, l<i."<9. 4

A sermon preached at St Edmund's Bury, be-
fore the Lord Bishop of Norwich... May 4,
1G86. London, 1686. 4

CLAGETT (WILLIAM), D.D., Preacher of Gray's
Inn. A discourse concerning the operations
of the Holy Spirit ; with a confutation of some
part of Dr Owen's work on that subject. In
three parts. [With an answer to Mr Hum-
frey's animadversions upon the first part.]

London, 1680. 8

A discourse concerning the WORSHIP of the
blessed Virgin and the saints. 1686

An abridgment of the prerogatives of St ANN.


Seventeen sermons. . . .With the summ of a con-
ference, on Feb. 21, 1686, between Dr Clagett
and Father GOODEN, about the point of tran-
substantiation. [Vol. i.] London, 1689. 8

Eleven sermons. . . .And a paraphrase and notes
upon the first, second, third, fourth, fifth,
seventh, and eighth chapters of St John. With
a discourse of Church-Unity, and directions,
how in this divided state of Christendom to
keep within the unity of the Church. [With
a discourse [on Gal. vi. 10] of humanity and
charity ; the whole forming vol. ii. of Dr
Clagett 's sermons.]

London, 1693, 94. 8

The seventh note of the Church examined ;
viz. , The union of the members, among them-
selves, and with the head ; [Notes of the
Church, as laid down by Card. BELLARMINE,
examined and confuted, p. 169]. 1839

The twelfth note of the Church examined ;
viz. , The light of prophecy ; [ibid. p. 285].


CLAGGETT (JOHN). -The divinity of the Son of
God defended : or, a solution of Mr Chubb 's
sophisms, and a detection of the blasphemies
and absurdities contained in his observations
on a book entituled, Arianism anatomized.
AVith a full and clear confutation of all the
arguments contained in the same observations,
and in his Supremacy asserted.

London, 1719. 8

CLAP (THOMAS), Rector of Yale College. A letter
to the Rev. Mr Edwards of North-Hampton,
expostulating with him for his injurious reflec-
tions in his late letter to a friend ; and show-
ing that Mr Edwards, in contradicting the
Rector, plainly contradicts himself.

Boston, N. .,1745. 4

CLAPAREDE (D.), Professor of divinity at Ge-
neva. Considerations upon the miracles of the
Gospel : in answer to the difficulties raised by

Mr John-James Rousseau, in his third letter
from the mountain. Translated from the
I''ivnch by the editors of the Christian's Ma-
gazine. London, 1757. 8

CLAPAREDE (THEODORE). Histoire des Eglises
ivfi.nmVs du pays de Gex. Geneve, 1856. 8

CLAPHAM (HENOCH). His demaundes and an-
,4\\iTus touching the pestilence : methodically
handled, as his time and meanes could permit.

s. I., 1604. 4

Four sermons. With a brief o tract concerning
zeale. . I. et a. 4

The fourth and fifth parts of Salomon's Songe
of Songs. London, [1606.] 4

CLAPHAM (SAMUEL), A.M., Vicar of Clirist's
(/ arch, Hants. Sermons, selected and abridg-
ed, chiefly from minor authors, from Trinity-
Sunday to the twenty-fifth Sunday inclusive.
Adapted generally to the Epistle, Gospel, or
first lessons, or to the several seasons of the
year. Together with eight occasional sermons
on important subjects ; and an earnest exhor-
tation to attend public worship, &c. &c. 3d ed.
London, 1805. 8

CLAPPERTON (HUGH), Capt. B. N. Narrative
of travels in northern Africa, by Major DEN-
HAM, Captain C., and Dr OUDNEY. 1826

Journal of a second expedition into the inte-
rior of Africa, from the Bight of Benin to Soc-
catoo ; to which is added the journal of Rich.
LANDER from Kano to the sea coast.

London, 1829. 4

* Memoir of Captain H. C., by the Rev.
Thomas Nelson ; [with memoir of the late Dr
Walter OUDNEY]. 1830

CLAPPERTON (W.). Le Nouveau Testament.

Revu par W. C. 1843. See BIBLES FRENCH.


CLARISSE (JOANNES). Orationes duse, altera

de theologo vere liberali ; altera de in jus to

theologici studii coutemptu.

Lugd. Bat., 1815. 4

Encyclopaedia theologicae epitome.

Lugd. Batav., 1832. 8

Another copy.

CLARK (ALEXANDER), A.M., Minister at Inver-
ness. Laoidh a Chriosduidh, air dha bhi air
a thurus chum Shioin : mailleri cor thruagh
nan aingidh. Dun-Eidin, 1806. 12

Rights of members of the Church of Scot-
land. A letter to ministers and elders of the
Established Church of Scotland. On the
concurrence of the people who are in full com-
munion with the Church, previous to the in-
duction of parochial ministers.

Inverness, 1831. 8

Another copy.

John Adam the murderer. God righteously
abandoning man ; a sermon, preached in In-
verness, Oct. 16, 1835, after the execution of
John Adam for the murder of his wife.

Inverness, 1836. 8

Mourning for the death of those who sleep in
Christ. A funeral sermon [on 2 Chron. xxxv.



24] 21st Sept. 1838, occasioned by the death
of the Chisholm. Inverness, 1838.

[Seven] Dialogues on the questions present!}
agitated in the Church of Scotland.

Inverness, 1843.

- Another copy [of dialogues i. and iii.].
CLARK (HUGH). Meditations upon the love oi

Christ, in the redemption of elect-sinners.

s. L, 1727. 4
Another edition. s. L, 1740. 8

Mr H. C.'s modest reply to Mr James Web-
ster's letter. [Manuscript title.] 4

CLARK (J.). Just and sober remarks on some
parts and passages of the overtures concerning
Kirk-sessions, &c. Compiled and printed anno
1719, and laid before the R. Presbytery of
Glasgow, March 2, (1720.) s. I, 1720.

CLARK (JAMES). The importance of perseve-
rance in Christian efforts. Edin., 1847. 8

CLARK (JOHN). Memoirs of the late Rev. J.
C., written by himself ; and at his request,
published, with remarks, by William Jay.

Bath, 1810. 8

CLARK (JOHN). * Fragments of college and pas-
toral life : a memoir of the late Rev. J. C. of
Glasgow. By the Rev. John Cairns... Ber-
wick. Edin., 1851. 8

CLARK (JOHN A.), D.D., Eector of St Andrew's
church, Philadelphia. A walk about Zion,
revised and enlarged.

New York, 1843. 12

CLARK (PETER), M.A., of Darners, Mass. The
advantages and obligations arising from the
oracles of God committed to the Church and
its ministry, represented in a sermon preached
in Boston, May 30, 1745.

Boston, N. E., 1745. 4

CLARK (RUTH).*" The single talent well em-
ployed ;" or, the history of Ruth Clark, for
thirty years a servant of the late Rev. Henry
Venn. 10th ed. London, 1835. 12

CLARK (THOMAS G.). The late hurricane ; in
its religious aspects. A discourse preached in
the Free church, Esplanade, on 5th Nov.
1854. Bombay, 1854. 8

- The Olive branch. A discourse preached in
the Free church of Scotland, Esplanade, on
20th July, the day appointed by the Right
Hon. the Governor-General of India as a day
of thanksgiving for the restoration of peace.

Bombay, 1856. 8

CLARK (WILLIAM). Thoughts on the manage-
ment and relief of the poor ; on the causes of
their increase ; and on the measures that may
be best calculated to amend the former, and
check the latter. Bath, 1815. 8

CLARK (WILLIAM BROWN). Voluntary misre-
presentation detected and exposed.

Edin., 1835. 12

CLARKE (ADAM), LL.D. Miscellaneous works.
13 vol. London, 1836, 37. 12

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